The cool toned mercury light is on his body, and the 18-year-old small man, but a nick unpryded face, the fiber is close to the thin body, even if it is determined, it is still hesitating, the boys seem to go The battlefield generally walks into a building.

“That … I want to register …” The boy launched health insurance card and banknotes, the light is that this action makes him full of red, and this place is very embarrassing to most men, especially the other party is a 25-year-old beauty. Nurse.

“Well? The little brother and who come?” Nurse’s sweet voice made the boy’s face be more red. He said in my support: “I … I am myself … My parents are not at home …” The boy is like an argument and is like explanation.

“Well?” Nurse nodded and said: “No one now, please come.” The boy lowed into the clinic. The nurse immediately put the door to the door, in order to protect the privacy of the patient, this is a must This is because this is an urinary clinic.

“Is there any problem with your brother?”

“This … please … Where is the doctor …?” The boy sat on the chair and asked the beauty of the white robe.

“I am a doctor.” The female doctor pointed to the white robe in front of himself, so that the boy identified her name indeed the same name and the name of the clinic.

“That … That … Sato Tree is a woman … I am fine, goodbye!” The boy’s face is swollen to be red, and it will stand up, but I have forgotten the door has been closed by the nurse, “” is a big sound The whole person hit the door panel and fell down.

“The younger brother, okay?” The boy woke up in the call of the female doctor, he lifted his hand to play the forehead and the tip of the pain, and the hand hit a soft and unparalleled sphere.

“Oh, the little brother is colorful.” The female doctor reflected in the chest, but she accidentally smashed the boy’s arm, she spitted his tongue, and let his hand left his own double peak.

“Walking should be careful, panic can be hit, you will hit the wall.” The female doctor has smashed the nose of the boy, and the big boy like this. The mother’s ability in her heart, she is indifferent, she can’t help but want to care for him … and bully him.


“Okay, the little brother, do you have any questions?” Returning to the topic, the female doctor’s face disappeared, replaced by a realistic look.

“I … I … I am embarrassed …”


“Because … because the doctor is a woman.”

“Fool, I am a doctor, you will be relieved.” For this reaction of the boy, the real tree has also seen more, and the man who came to the urologist clinic will see her, most of them will be a period of time. Therefore, she started chatting with the boy to transfer his attention.

The female physician gradually learned about the boy’s life, his parents who were engaged in foreign trade were busy with business. It was difficult for a few days in Japan, but they had to give him to the maid, but the servants were only done after dinner. Only one of his people in the next time face the lonely dark big house.

“Xiao Jing, let go to put the door, no one should come.” The nurse will be in the outstander, maybe it is a few bystanders, the boy’s nervous mood is sluggish, and the female doctor is not lost. Immediately ask for this purpose.

“I … I … there … Chicken Chicken Red Swelling …” The boy said to vomit.

“Hey? Red and swollen. Do you have a wound? Or where is it?” The female doctor pulled the equipment car and said.

“This … is not good …” The boy pressed his trousers, and the red face was resistant to the puzzle of the female doctor.

“I am a doctor, what is embarrassed.” The female doctor pulled down, the faint power of the boy was longer than she, and the dark blue sports pants took a white underwear to be pulled by her.

(Wow!) The female physician has grown up his eyes, and it costs a lot of heart to suppress himself.

The boy’s share is still not long. The little brother wrapped in the foreskin is also beautiful pink, and the adult is filling with an aggressive meat stick. It is soft in the owner’s legs. But the doctor’s surprise is not the case, but the size of the thing is too big for a boy. When there is still no erection, the size of the thing has also surpassed the annexer of the Orientally, a female physician At all, I didn’t want to imagine waiting until he developed completely, the erectous meat stick would have a lot. Regardless of the monster, at least “it” is now safe, the female physician is surprising, letting her professional, the part of the woman, I have seen countless men’s lower body, this is also But just a boy’s genital … There is no big deal, she told himself in her heart. The boy hides his face, like an escaping of the fate of the fate, is generally ashamed to see people, and then wanted to observe the female physician to push down the diagnosis and treatment.

“Don’t move … strange … There is no signs of inflammation without wound … Where are you swollen?” Jumping, but I saw the boy’s stick gradually raised, and the pink packet gradually exposed a bright red meat.

“Ah, this is” swollen “?” The female physician is angry and funny, and it is very stunned to the current failure of the current sex education, but the mood of this worry is not long before the shock is shocked.

(Too …) is too powerful …) The boy’s meat stick has made her unable to master it. She little hand gently pushed, such as the child’s fist, the young glans immediately explored the head, although there is no Western A The black actor’s metamorphosis, but the boy’s meat stick is standing upright, and there is no way because it is huge and soft.

“This is called” erection “, and mature boys will become bigger here if they see pretty girls.”

The female doctor explained that the boy who was originally covered was gradually moved by her, and the hand slowly put down, and the eyes were moved down, but I accidentally saw a beautiful scenery.

The black lace striped by the female doctor was opened by her huge double peak. It reveals a more twist color line under the curve of the fabric. Although the boy still doesn’t understand what is character, but the male instinct It is still driven to the blood that has already been hard to be hard. Holding a constant pulsating meat stem, the female doctor’s eyes are gradually blur, the voice of the speech is sweet and greasy: “Little brother … So why you will become big here …”

“Because … because the physician is born … touch my chicken … and … I saw … there …” was mastered by the “handle” and said.

The female doctor knows what he said from the boy, but she did not cover the chest, and the heart was a strong motherhood that was only because of the boy who was erecting because of his ditch. However, the woman’s mother’s physical ability and the psychological use of the prank seem to be the same group of nerves. At this time, the female physician starts to start before and after, and the happiness of the boy is first experienced. Originally, the surface of the glans is generally stretched soon, and the angularly distinctive rosin is finally unlicensed from the bottom of the foreskin, facing this world.

“Little brother, here … you have to wash it when you take a shower, you see … I have accumulated so much dirt.” The female doctor took a cotton stick with some water, friction on the boy’s meat stick.

With the movement of the female physician, the boy is like a girl’s beautiful show, and when the cotton rod is rubbed down to the glans, the huge amount of the sun suddenly swayed a few times, and a white mucus is unenousable. The speed burst out, quickly flying quickly from the female doctor’s face, “” placed on the door panel of the diagnosis and treatment room.

(Wow, it is very powerful!) The female doctor is shocked, and the jade hand off the cotton rod to the top, the area of ​​the palm is immediately occupied by the subsequent semen. The semen of the ventered is rice, is confused, some are even like a block, and it is very scary. If she instantly changes the gesture, the sleeve of the white sleeves are blurred.

“Ah … pus … ran out …” The boy was scared.

“Fool, this is not a purulent, it is a semen, this thing can make girls … pregnant, born baby 喔.” The female physician looked at the hands full of semen, and then laughed and painted these semen back to the boy. The meat sticks.

“Baby baby …” The boy looks at the mucus sticks of the mucus. It seems that the facts of these “pus” will make life, it seems that they don’t dare to confuse, muttering: “How to live?” Said that the person is unconless, it originally The face of the female physician is immediately red, take the initiative to remove the white robe on the body, and the black lace is stunned under the bottom of the silver lace, and the graceful figure. The female doctor did not unlock the shoulder strap, turned to pull the belt, so that the narrow skirt slipped down along the thighs, then she suddenly felt the enthusiastic sight of the boy, and the gorgeous face shy on the face, could not be opened The tone says: “The younger brother … don’t look at people … You also take off …” The boy took off the top, kicked his trousers, but it was still tightly sticking to the female physician. Beautiful carcass.

When there is only one underwear with black socks, the female doctor suddenly returned, she thought if she had to let the boy see her most privacy part, after all, for a woman who has been a wife, this On behalf of her, she made a “red apricot out of the wall”. But seeing the boy’s face, that is in a puzzled, shocking, a small face that is eager, and the female physician disappears, that once also appeared on her husband, but now I will lose my life. The block is released, let the boy watch their private parts.

“Lead … you see … this is the place where the girl is born. Before walking, hold the mince stick that swells to the fried, and looked at the red lips of the female doctor.

“Want … coming in?” The female physician now doesn’t know what he says, the desire of Bud is full of her inner, and the husband is cold for a long time, the mood is eager to enter the meat stick.

“Enter … Go …” The boy looked at the narrow gap.

“Of course … the baby is so big to come …”

Under the temptation and guidance of a female doctor, the boy will tremble the meat stick on her honey meat, slowly squeezing.

“Ah … ah …” The boy issued a girl-like, the thrill of realizing the feelings made him unfair, trembling, the upper body fluttered directly in the chest of the female doctor, and the meat stick did not enter half.

“Doctor” is good … comfortable … “” Relative to the ecstasy, the female doctor can not be so long, the meat diameter that has not been opened is hard to open by this extra size, bringing her a woman’s opening And even more stronger pain.

“Good comfort] Doctor, …” The boy squatted in the chest of the female doctor, hands holding her full of breasts, did not find that she had painful, but fortunately, the boy reacted fast, she did not yet a head Hitted the wall of the table.

“Doctor, … what happened!” The boy was shocked, holding a female doctor’s hands quite unbounded. Fortunately, he made this, the meat stick wakes up, and the female doctor wakes up.

She frowned, holding her boy with her hands, and suddenly there is a matter of my husband and her husband. Myself and her husband were married. At that time, I still had a hospital’s new psychian, and her husband was a promising surgeon. I thought she had a sweet couple, her husband “Technical” is superb, and her physical teachings have become sensible, but her husband has gradually aliened her a few years.

She thought that she didn’t have a freshness, but later found that it was not such a thing. The husband is originally a personalized fish color, a woman has a negative Han, except for her mother, the hospital’s female physician, nurse, female patient, the pharmacist escaped his claws, even the dean of Qianjin and some A physician’s wife is all.

Also because the wife is not as good as the wife, I am not as good as stealing, my husband actually regards her as an obstacle, and the excuse of “Love Xiaodi” has come here, but she didn’t have a few years. sky. She found himself to be cheated, she found that her feelings between her husband had already been there, but her husband was appreciated in her body, but she was in her heart, but she did not find an explosion point in the past- – until today.

Now, this boy with Jugen has aroused her lust, as if the pain in the open, let her throw her husband’s bag, and accept the boy’s entry.

“Little fool … you are too big … people can’t stand it …” Although the boy is no longer moving, the female physician still feels that there is a faint tingling, maybe I have a little blood, she is thought.

“Next … slowly smoke out … then … then come in …”

“Physician, …” “” ” The sexual desire for both hands finally got a soothing of men, and the other party is still a cute boy who grows like a girl. “Call me really tree …” The female doctor legs with the boy’s ass, twisted his delicate body, hoping that he can bring a bigger pleasure.

“Really … Zhenhu …” The boy is fascinated, but a face is buried in the chest of a female doctor, staring at the pink cutting edge like a child who wants to suck.

“If you want to suck … Just suck it … ah!” The female doctor said yet, the boy has given her milk tip to the entrance, greedily sucking inevitable milk. For boy lacking affection, the mother’s breast is the symbol of the mother, but the mad sucking has made the female doctor smashing together, although she did not flow out of the milk, the prostitution is endless.

“Fast … ah … plug me … with your big meat stick …” The female physician has no image and whether there is anyone present, and scream. The boy stunned, she remembered what she referred to, so she moved before and after the waist, let the meat stick into and out.

“Real tree … so comfortable … ah … I want … Urine …”

“No … can’t … shoot … yet …” The female doctor took the boy, her face with a strong spring, although there was a little stinging, but it was insignificant compared with the pleasure brought by the meat.

It is more than a large weapon in the female physician. It can only enter half of the female doctor. Regardless of whether she can accommodate her giant root, he only wanted to take the meat stick through her body, let the two combine it together.

Under the hard work of the boy, the meat stick finally did not enter her lascap. Every time his her her her her her her her her her her her her her hern is on the snow hip of the female physician, and this is the highest humor.

“Ah … good … I am so powerful … ah … Yeah … Oh … hard … hit … come in … 唔 … let me fly … Let me die … Ah … oh … um …” female physician can not hurt, boys After a few times of failure, I gradually found the trick that didn’t let the meat stick slipped out of the hole. The action also became stably from the mad, but the overall speed increased, but the huge turtle blingently played the function of the evolution, each Take a lot of prostitution at a time, wet a large piece of the plastic pad under the pink hips.

“Good brother … you … the meat stick … too long … ah … it … so thick … people … you want. Well … go … to be by you … get it …” The female doctor took the initiative to meet the boy’s entry, but Suddenly, I found that the boy’s body is awkward. The big meat stick in the depth of the meat is usually tapped with the acupoint, and the rolling heat is more like a machine gun bullet.

After his shot, the climax of the paragraph is immediately swarmed, and the hot spring is swallowed and swallowed. She can’t believe that they will be in a climax by a man. The facts don’t allow her to be relied, and when she is at this time, she has no strength to rely.

“Ah … Real Tree … good, …” The boy is ejaculation, while only pumping the meat stick, continue to adultery the female doctor because of the climax.

“The younger brother … stop … Stop …” The climax of a time is nothing, but she still has other ideas.

“True tree?” The boy stopped, and now a female physician’s sentence is like a sacred.

“This bad child … I am still so hard …” The female doctor touched the boy’s meat stick and asked: “Except for me …

Do you want to do with other girls? “

“I only have a true tree.” At the geese like Lauren, the boy believes that the woman in front of him is his “mother”.

“Fool, if you really want to me, if you don’t have to die …” The female physician really touched the boy of the boy, this thing became bigger after shooting again, and Its owner is more spiritual, and it does not feel fatigue because of ejaculation.

“Ah … I don’t want to die …”

“Little fool …” female physician gently holding his head in the chest, then turned to say to the door: “Cute little quiet … Light is just peeking but addiction? Don’t come in?” After a few seconds A tremorial arm dials the door, and a full body unencare nurses walked in.

It was originally sorted together, and the hair style after the brain became messy, and a slim hair was visible to the pretty face of Hongyun, or hang on the corner of the eye, pink, nurses, collar I opened a few buttons, and the nurse was hanged over her, and the pink bra in the inner rumbled, making her white thread shoulder and half-breast exposed in the air. “Xiao Jing appearance looks so”, I can’t think of it, and I am still working in masturbation …

The female doctor fell in the stone.

“No … no …” The nurse shy low, but the eyes just swept the boy of the boy, she was shocked, and the face was more red, and the head was also lower.

“Otherwise, how do you explain this? And there are those hands …” The female physician said half of the nurses who were red-ladied.

“There is … The child is here … don’t say …” Nurse Xiaoshi, a very fast, crying. “Ping …” The female doctor licked the lips and said: “” Do you see what we do, think it is to run?

The female doctor went to Xiao Jing, and did not cover up the secret of thick semen. Perhaps it was scared by a female physician, and Xiao Jing did not escape.

“Medical … Physician …” was encountered by a female physician, Xiao Jing was shocked, and then like the lamb to be slaughtered, she pushed her to the boy, and she looked at the boy in her boy. Meat stem.

“How, he is very big, you can’t see this or an immature stick …” The female doctor reached out and dialed the boy’s meat, and hypnotized in the small and ear: “If his experience is more If I can’t do it, I will die by him … “

“Doctor … Don’t say …” The nurse gasped, the skin of the chest is also fainting, a pair of tightly legs is sad, like a monster in the body, generally.

Compared to the female physician model, Xiao Jing is clearly smaller, little face, little shoulder, as well as the same small, smashing the chest, overall is very suitable for dressing Big and well-affordable types, because of this reason, Xiao Jing self-study will have a favorite love, after all, no matter what kind of people will not have a delicate, Chu Chu, a beautiful girl.

“Come on …” The female doctor put the quiet on the diagnosis and treatment bed, unlocking her belt, pushing the pink fabric, and pressed the pantyhose with panties and panties. Shame.

“Sure enough, even if you have such a thick fabric, you can also touch another beauty in front of the beauty, but although the boy is still understanding, but only the meat stick that can be driven is hard. Like to blow up.

“True tree younger brother.” The female physician disregarded the opposition of Xiao Jing, the faint fingertips, brushing her black pantyhose, then took the scissors to cut the underwear of her waist, put this powder White cloth took out from the hole of stockings.

“Physician …” Because the female physician whole people are in Xiaoshou, she can only grasp the female arm of the female doctor, and the red face begged her.

“Good beautiful seams … Little quiet or virgin.” The real tree allocated the tender meat between the small stills, let the boy can clearly see the symbol of the laminated wrinkles and female chastity.

“Xiaoyi, you are still very hard, here … follow you …” I heard that the female doctor said that Xiao Jing was just a few times, the boy’s show’s face as if there was a kind of magic, and she made her forgot her A boy who is about to be great is taken away.

“Can … can you?” The boy hesitated, the expression on his face is an unlimited expectation. The feeling of just now is too beautiful, let him instinctively think again.

“Of course you can, Xiao Jing is not against it.” The female doctor is a little surprised by the level of small and quiet resistance, but now it is not studying.

With the last experience, the boy took the initiative to put on his own stick to Xiaochang is about to suffer, regardless of the three seven seconds, it is struggling, “Zi” is full. Such a rude action makes Xiao Jing immediately send an amazing scream, if it is near the business district, no one in the evening, I am afraid that I have to come to the scene of this murder.

“Real tree younger brother, you are too …” The female doctor was scared, and the experienced himself had a pain in his meat stick, or the virgin little quiet, turned to see, Xiao Jing really has dizzy past NS.

However, at this time, the boy couldn’t hear. He just looked at the warm squeezed squeezing in the small static body, and the pleasure brought, blood became a temporary lubricant, but the boy’s line of movement is a small calm Before you wake up, you can get your honey to get used to him. “Ah … hurt … um …?” After Xiao Jing wakes up, it is necessary to attack the boy, but the honey points have passed a strong and beautiful, tearing pain seems to be a dream that is generally only in the impression. Instead, it has never had experienced flesh joy.

“Ah … how to … um … 快 … Key …” Although a sexual knowledge, Xiao Jing never knows this kind of thing is so happy, if you know, you will abandon your people.

In fact, there is a major part of the credit for the female physician. She began to care for her body in the sensitory of her body, and the “heat machine”, which made her so soon. Enter the situation, even if you wake up, she still kisses her neck, kneading her whisper, and makes it a gentle boy can’t do it.

“Tree doctor … kiss … kiss me … ah …” Xiaoshi, the female doctor naturally does not oppose, two beautiful four lips overlap, long time.

Xiao Jing was a little brutal, and this female doctor also knew that the two had not cross the threshold of the physician nursing. The appearance of the boy made this balance collapse, and Xiao Jing finally had a chance to confess the female doctor, and the results obvious It is a successful – although there is a boy who is being crazy.

“It’s so comfortable … ah … I want to shoot …” The boy screamed, the female doctor immediately held the roots of the meat stick, and broke the evolution of the ejaculation with a pain. She chamfully said: “The boy can not only take care of himself, Be sure to let the girl first climax before you can eat, understand. “

The boy naturally does not understand, the real tree teaches him how to control the ejaculation. At this time, she doesn’t know such a teaching, which will make them two sex priests under the boy.

“Ah … God … I … I want … Fly … is … ah … you … Zhen Tree doctor … Fast … Hold me … um, … To catch what is general, the real tree has a circle, the whole person rides to the small and body, the honey points to the honey, the chest is on the chest, while feeling the happiness of the meat stick in the small static body, exchange enthusiasm with her Kiss.

“True tree … I … no … … 要 … 死 … 死 … ah …” Xiao Jing’s body twitched a few times, hot fat, sprinkled again in the boy, the boy was full of mulberry foam.

“Leap … you … isn’t it shot?” The real tree asked.

“Because of the true tree, I don’t want to shoot, so …” The boy replied, wipe it out of the sweat on the forehead.

“Now it can be shot … Xiao Jing is so dead …” Tree said, the words have not finished, the boy’s semen is shining, filled with the virgin, let her The semen semen was baptized and leaked out of the fourth yin.

“You are really a … bad kid …” Looking at the fatigue face of Xiao Jing, I have a comment under the trees: “We turn this way …”

“咦?” The female doctor was shocked, and how he had already shot three times, but his meat rod was still preparing for a state of war. Of course, she would not refuse the boy again.

“Come on … you can … come in … I don’t have …” “Thank you, thank you!” The boy is happy, and the meat stick is in the sake of the female doctor.

“Oh, you are awesome … too comfortable …” “The boy swungs the waist, the giant rigs of Hong Pass, the true tree in the diagnosis, her naked is full of semen, the honey is more red. , The same red and swelling is now accepting the throduction of Jugen, and a large number of white mucus inside is constantly agitating, and the sound of “喳”.

Side of the little quiet, I have been in the past several times, she has a lot of semen, and I have been taken away by the boy before and after a night. It is too big for her. The burden, but the boy who is reddish is still a symbol of the creation of the beasts in her body.

“No … It’s impossible …” The female doctor who was lifted into an insert was really muttered. However, the rest did not come to the twenty-sixth climax, he said before: (A night … I still have such a few tens of times … Squirting is still so much … he … must be sick …)

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