The first chapter I am not willing to me! Zhu Weicheng! Born in a basic salary family! Why is it a bottom salary? I think so. No bad habits! No smoking, no drink, etc. Three good men should have me! The most important thing is that I will place instant noodles! Oh! correct! There is also a fried egg! I am very wonderful, so I am so beautiful, I am eighteen. No girlfriend yet? Is it not awesome? “Ah! Go to the Internet cafe to play! There is no firepower today!” A boy who left the side shouted to Zhu Weicheng. I didn’t show it to see his girl, and the brown pink hair and the latest popular wool roll. It is very beautiful and delicate, it is so beautiful! “Ah! I will not go today, wait until Saturday Sunday holiday and then play again, otherwise it is not happy!” I didn’t hesitate to reject! I will not go to the light bulb! Ah, the egg is not happy to return to a sentence: “Not to say, don’t you call me a small name? How to listen! I can’t help it?” The egg is I played from a young brother! The famous name is Chen Dancheng, I’m called the egg when I was young! I laughed and said, “That’s not a brotherhood? Today, I can’t go, waiting for the holiday, let’s play a day!” Chen Dancheng saw that I didn’t agree, I had to go to the Internet. went! Looking at Chen Dancheng, he gradually walked away, I showed an unwilling! Why do they have a girlfriend, I am not? Where is I worse than them? Fama, Laozi wants to find a girlfriend! I put it hard to pinch the fist, I turned and walked home. In the heart, which girl in the class is still single, ready to start me! In these seventeen years of career, the only thing that makes me is more happy is my family. Dad knows me very much, from a small to big, no matter what I do, as long as I decided, and my father is very negative, my father will not be opposed. Even if I drop out of school, I said why I dropped out of school and said that my father would agree. There is also a beautiful and gentle mother and a very lively and lovely sister! but! Women are all kind, you must believe! Finally, I lived in the fourth floor. I recently added an elevator card. I didn’t send it, I have to climb up. I wonder, is this property deliberate? If the problem is not solved, then it is so anxious plus elevator card. I have to climb the fourth floor with a footprint, but fortunately, if I am on top, I am afraid that I am going to be exhausted. Don’t know that the young people don’t love sports now? Open the door and change the slippers. “Mom! Sister! I am back!” The kitchen wears a gentle voice: “Ah, come back? Go to the meal, first wash your hands!” It is my sister! My sister is two years old, and I will go to China’s most beautiful double decades. My sister has a high height of one meter and seven six, inherited the exquisite face of my mother, especially the pair of chest, the development is too good, and it is very quite, the visual is very close to the F cup. The little hips are also very sexy, and the source of the buttons, this is very appropriate, just don’t know how flexible. The tall figure, the breasts of the F cup, and the small hips, and it seems very cute little face. I … I admit that I am sexually fantasy about my sister, sometimes I can’t wait, we are not a sister. My sister jumped to me and said, “A Cheng! Yesterday, we have to continue! Lost, I have to give me a week of clothes!” Said that I have picked up a small eyebrow, provocatively Look at me. I looked at my sister, I nodded helpless. My sister is a game control, often pulling me to play games. What makes me a headache is that I have to give her a week of clothes, and I will rush me, and my sister will spoiled me. Do you know? That feeling, really! Really cool! You want to think about it, such a big beauty rushed you, do you have any other way in addition to compromise? So for my sister, I have always been painful and happy. In the bathroom, I looked at my cock, just now, my sister’s teasing, gave me, the cock is hard. Don’t look at me, I haven’t adulthood, but I feel that the chicken is still longer than the adult, once it is congestion, I feel eighteen cm! Slowly, I have a peace of mind, sprinkle the urine, and the hard cock is soft, I am trying to go to the fantasy body under the fantasy sister clothes.

Adjust yourself, get out of the toilet. Just met, mother from the kitchen. Mom waist is a full skirt, and my mother is like a sister of mature class, fading unconstrual temperament. The body changed, became a feminine and gentle woman. Such a mother looks more love, don’t look at the mother, two children, the body is still slim. Breast is better than your sister. Mom put the food to the table, turned his head to me: “A Cheng! Go to call your sister to eat! Today, play games, will not be hungry?” I have been staring at my mother, mom and me. Speak, I am awake. “Oh! Well! I am going now.” Can you think about this kind of life? Every day by two big beauty around, I can’t get started, I can only look at it, I can’t take it. But now it is ok, they don’t make a teasing action, I am still more calm. Open your sister’s door, my sister is sitting in the computer desk, wearing a headset, playing the game, I will know that it is the infinite firepower in Varorent continent. Even my sister, my sister, I don’t know, I suddenly want to tease my sister. After I gently walked into my sister, he gave over the body, shouting at the ears of my sister: “Sister! Eat!!! Wood kill! Bad brother! You pay me! Add a week’s clothes! “My mouth smoked, said:” Sister! Mom told you to eat! “The sister glanced at me, said: “Know it! Waiting for this game.” Hey! I have no position at home, my mother and my sister put me the dead. I don’t dare to say, I don’t dare to ask. Can only look at my sister to finish this game. Fortunately, this game is over, and it is pushed to crystal for three or four minutes. As my sister finally hits, I burst the crystal. My sister took a deep breath and took the headset and stood up. My cool station said after my sister: “Sister! This game is over, let’s eat!” My sister glanced at me again, saying: “Don’t forget a week of clothes! Unfortunately my five kill!” I came to the table with my sister, my mother has begun to eat. My mother looked at me and said, “Sit down and eat!” I just sat down, my mother rushed to me: “A Cheng! Let you call your sister, how can I come out so long?” Mom? “Mom Frowning wrinkles. I wrote: “Mom! Not I didn’t call, my sister, she is not going to finish the game. I can’t help!” Mom went to say: “How can I not give her computer? Is it close? Don’t do it well, just don’t do it. Are you afraid of your sister ate you? ………… 」! Although I am fortunate to have such a big beauty to be my sister and mother, but it is also very painful. If I quarrel with my sister at home, my mother will grab me, say that I am a boy, can you keep your sister? Then she is still my sister! Don’t she let me? In short, the two of them are the biggest, I am just a gas package. Mom has never criticized my sister, even if my sister is wrong, my mother will also grab me. Mom usually is very gentle, that is, she will take her the most stringent side to criticize me. I can only suffer silently. Mom said, I should. One meal is finished. After dinner, my mother said: “Who is going to wash the dishes today?” My sister immediately: “Mom! Today, I won’t wash the bowl today!” I resist said: “Yesterday I wash it! How is it today?” Sister? ” Proudly said: “You lost to me last time! Have to help me brush a week!” I sighed a sigh: “I wash, I wash!” The only thing I understand my father, I still work in the field, I can’t work. Often go home! I feel that my life is more dark! It is not dominated by yourself. Wash the bowl and take a shower. Back to your bedroom, lying down in bed. Really comfortable! Body and spirit are relaxing, I am near the college entrance examination, every day is very tired, come home, but also suffer from my mother and my sister. Only lying on the bed can make me some peace of mind and relaxation, I am different from other boys. They all like to play games, but I don’t like it, I prefer it or “Island Country Action Film”.

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