Although we are not saying very experience, it is also two experiences. Once, it is me and one of my classmates. At that experience, it should be said that my classmate, he is very foreign, full of easy to take the crush So some of the opportunities of some affair are quite a lot.

In the white, you can have a close-time bed, have a heart and blood circulation, I will mention me, ask me if I am interested to follow the courage, find two digits once, then 4p, it is really easy and very blood, But the actual thing is coming, but it is skinny, which is very nervous.

The result is even more surprised. The object is actually the school girl, although it is not familiar, but it will not be completely do not greet the kind, maybe because he is in the school girl, he is full of food, so compare Below, I certainly become more strange, but I think this is not a focus.

The focus is, the process is now very clear, we are a holiday, other roommates are not there, the two schoolmates have recently, they have already said before, confirm that other roommates will not come back today, so they want to say Here, you have a simple shining clothing and toiletries.

Because it is too nervous, I don’t know what to say, so I am very stupid, I actually said: “咦? Let’s come to play mahjong is good?” My classmates almost cut me, when did this rottenism.

However, afterwards, I have to play this one, because many topics and steps can be talked, for example, what kind of self-touching, the school girl will start ask some boys to masturbate how will it be, then will of course Will change our boys asking some, and then talk to the posture, talk about sexual experience, talk about objects. . . and many more.

When the first bird northerly wind, everyone knows that it is impossible to play the second bird, because there is a business office, my classmates began to start, so, whoever, who put it first A good, anyway, only four games are not bad, saying that it is fast at that time, my classmates have even three.

And there is a self-touch inside, so I also recruited the pool of fish, but the other two have won one of the more cute school girls.

After the three pieces, she did she chose to take off the jacket, and then when everyone took the underwear, then took it out from inside, and finally he had a relationship with him, so she said he wants to go to the toilet, put the underwear Take off and put the trousers.

I didn’t stick to my classmates. She said like this. We can only follow her. When you come out from the toilet, I will say that I haven’t taken off me. Out, black has a lace on my classmates on my classmates. My classmates will joke, who told you that you have not wear bright red, it is no wonder that you will lose.

As the fun competition before passion, North Wind is thinking that it is to end, cute school girl north wind, hard to be shameful, the first won me, take off the clothes, two raisins are not afraid, even As soon as I have a self-contained, I have only one of the four poks with my classmates, and I am not afraid of anything. It is another sexy school girl to learn her to the toilet take off.

Although there is a bit of singing, but I don’t stand up, I stood up, I feel the shake inside the clothes, there is no binding of the bra, it is more extraordinary. When the toilet came out, he didn’t say it. The bright red little Ding lost on my face, I was still branded, ready for sexy surprise! ! Call, yes, but I. . . Erect! !

Because of his side, you will have a little bit of small and sexy from the shot from the shot. I want to rush over, take a dress, but I have to live with my animal, and finally put a gun, do it!

My little yang fled, I really want to Lai, but I am this kind of person? I take off the small four corners to the table, throw it on the table.

I was laughed, my four-stranded pants have a small stall, which feels like wet, these two school girls do not penetrate down the table, wow, wow! I am shy, and I am busy covering an important part. Everyone should be imagined, there is an erection to follow the way to cover the way, they should not be the same, they laugh, I am ashamed.

Cute school girl is intentionally pinching my nipple, senior, you are too fast! My face is red, I don’t know if I want to defend or save, hurry to play, let me want to go, let you take off the light, haha, I wish I am also a good card, I think if I think about my classmate It is not meaningful to put a gun, you must Hu Xuemei, think about thinking, my old man, I, I, you

The school girl immediately said, unfair, you just touch it, it is no wonder that there is stinking, because it is straight three times, just take it directly, and then stimulates.

The two school girls are all shawls, no matter how it takes off, it is very good, but the sexual love is of course there is a SOP standard process. How can I first bare the lower body to cover up! So, of course, go back to the top, then the two girls are also very embarrassed. Although they know that they will gamble, but I don’t know who is going safely or how to take it well, tell me that I have to go with my classmates because I have a tacit understanding of the school that is close to each other. Behind, each of them touched the stomach, the hand is getting more and more, they didn’t deliberately resist!

The classmate first pulled the sexy school’s top, wow, wow, I could only say that I would like to have a lot of milk, although the uli is bigger, but it seems that I should be scared now, but my heart is indeed Have this OS, see the chest of the sexy school girl has D or E!

I will slowly let the cute school girl’s upper clothes, very slow, I’ll grasp the left chest, and the other hand slowly solves all the unspeakable, I saw the school girl’s eyes closed. On the top, she is enjoying me to touch the gentleness of the breast, and the top is still not retired.

The classmate cute school girl opened his eyes. My classmate said: Just erect, how to change this is so small, relying on me to find that I forgot that I didn’t wear pants.

The midway of playing cards, because it probably drunk a beer, although there is not much, but it is quite slightly. I will not have to say the next detail, I can only say it is a bit funny and romantic and crazy, at least in the pure era of the university.

It may be because there is a drink of small wine. In fact, there is only one can of the platform. It will slow down the effect of stimulation. Of course, it’s a little bit slightly, you will be soft. Plus, I know that there is this special party in the evening, the old bird has an explanation to handle it in advance, so the excitation can slow down.

I started with my classmates nearly close to myself, and my classmates were the sexy school girl. They were full of surroundings. You said that there is a little bit of belly, I think it is very acceptable. within.

And I mainly attack the cute school, because wearing a buckled shirt, when I stroked her breast, I slowly opened the buckle in the chest, and my sister closed his eyes, so that I have to She left a kiss on her forehead.

A classmate’s sentence: AGG is not erection, how is it so small now? Me

Cute school girl is smiling, this is not a bird, or the chicken is awkward! As a result, four people smiled!

Holding hands on each other, but gossip home often, why should the penis be called a chicken chicken or a small bird?

My classmate said: Why do you want to call abalone? Sexy learning sister frowned, what abalone?

My lovely school girl actually took out: “A people said long as A!” At this time, I started to absorb the cute school sister’s breast, and the school girl suddenly, my classmate said: “So our one Also like A! “

At this time, I had to jump out: “” There is like A! “

Instead, sexy learning sisters are out of sound: “Like A, when I am very like, my little brother is very cute. When I help him take a shower, I will deliberately help him to wash it.”

I said: “I don’t even have a little brother, then you have to wash my classmates.”

The sexy school girl touched the part of my classmate, and then took a super-happened words: “He often washed in me, just washed it in a white into the red, super 尴.”

Oh, we all laughed. Laughing, the movements of each other have not stopped. My classmates have changed to girls to sit on their legs. They feel that they are very tacit understanding. I know that I will kiss each other. I really feel very good for men and girls.

And I will talk to cute school, because I am already bare Tong, the school girl wants to play my baby is also easy, but the school girl will speak soft in my ear, very wave.

If you have just been erect, is it very much looking for me? You touch me so comfortable, don’t stop! Oh ~ um ~ I will wait for you to sit above, you have to have a little longer. . .

I am so vomiting, I mean, I heard these words, the little brother has a fast spit white surrender.

I am very unrestrained: I have a feeling, we go to the bathroom, I will help you wash the fragrance. In fact, the mind is thinking, this way, the sound is like sound, and the sing is good, and I have not taken off my pants. I may go to the underwear. Just a proposal like this, actually very reasonable, so it is very good.

I asked the schoolmates, I didn’t want to go, she tied her eyes, I hugged her side, cute school girls around my neck, because she was full, and she was able to swim in him after hugging. On the way to the bathroom.

After my classmates, cute school sisters said: “I have to touch her ㄋㄟ ㄋㄟ.”

I have to pick up: Of course, I will get you first upgrade!

Into the bathroom, of course, I will not understand this, just to hear the righteousness called bed sound, others should only play with cute school in the bathroom!

How to say, I will enter the bathroom at first, because we can’t wear shoes, just step into the bathroom, just slipping like this, but the sister’s body is light, the situation is still not falling to the ass. Two halves.

We both scared, this time, as long as it is a boys, it should be imagined to hold the girl to the bathroom. Suddenly scare him, the reaction of the little baby must be shortened, and the school girl is scared. Jumping, the hand is over: “” The senior, it is not shocked, I am not scared, what is it scared. “

Her hand is placed on my egg, a bit like holding an ovate.

A little male dignity was trampled, I was deliberately angry, say: You gave me! I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her shoulder, and then the right hand opened her browse, not to be shocked by hand, I have to use my mouth. In fact, my heart is very shy, because when the sister’s line of sight is only five cents from my little baby, I can only take out five centime performances, in fact, I feel super-shaped.

Cute school girl actually made a movement that made me very awkward. She slowly put my left foot, let me step on the toilet, she never squatted in front of me, actually a bit like a drill, my mouth, mouth Even if you have an egg, your tongue is deliberately hooked. It’s a bit for a little bit of ticking, just have to meet and have never touched there.

It should be said that the feeling is very subtle, I think in my heart, which is the martial arts master, which can make the male body to get the sky.

I sent a slightly, A ~ 喔 voice, said with the school girl: “Itchy itchy, oh!” I can’t talk about it!

These three words, because it is really like not cool, but it is impossible to say to the school girl: 喔 ~ Good monster ~ 喔!

The itching pleasure later, I really can’t stand it, I have been telling her, it’s okay!

I said to laugh and say, cute school girls pretended to be completely unheardful, I just ignore me.

Under the anxiety, you will rush out: A ~ I must fart!

The school girl stood now, and the eyes stared at me, not as very fierce, but she didn’t have a expression, after five seconds, she said: You put away, don’t hit!

Haha, I laughed, I am so happy, I said: I am lie to you, I can’t stand it, your expression is so serious, I thought you had to marry, I didn’t care, and I said to me. I put it out!

The school girl didn’t say: it’s evil, then have you feel that there is no feeling of fluttering? I have spurt it out, you still float! You are dirty.

That change, let you come to a fluttering.

I think it is really different when I can talk to the game.

At this time, I just picked up a towel in the bathroom and put her eyes. Cute school girl didn’t say the second sentence, I feel that she is very excited.

After the end, I made her turn for her fart to face me. Then he said to him, but the ass height, she started to call you, what are you doing? What do you want to do!

I am ordered to open the feet, and then open a little.

Because he has been stupid to me, every feet probably only one or two centimeters, I will say, don’t open it, I have to take the thakile bow!

No, you are dirty! [I think, how can I get that, careful you can’t come, it is, but cute school girl, open the feet, and open the angle than the shoulders.

Very good, you guess me to touch it? Who doesn’t know if you have to touch my ass! guessed wrong. Otherwise do you want to touch my ㄋㄟ ㄋ? Not right. Rear. . . Can you touch my sister!

Who is rare. [I thought, how can I not touch your sister, wait for you, don’t ask me, or now? I deliberately issued the sound of the door, and then not sound. After ten seconds, the school girl shouted: Hello! Why don’t you go out, it’s not closed, it’s cold!

At this time, I started to laugh, and then the right hand broke through and gently returned her hair.

She instantly clamped, and then again called, why, is it it, it is itchy!

I am angry: my foot is open. Then I just touch the hair, slip through the chrysanthemum, knead the nipple, use the nails to doodle on him, and repeat these actions, so the fun in the bathroom is like this.

In fact, when playing sex game, the eyes have always been a very particular sense of feelings, but when they play, there will be no moves! It is like this to start with the cute school girl in the bathroom.

After the eyes of the cute school girl, I deliberately went to the private parts of Sao school girl, not in the vagina, it is surrounded by Mao, I feel that he is very itchy, I don’t want me to stop, but who told him just Dear my egg, I can’t stop it, saying that I gave him a punishment, but it is better to say that I have just returned to him.

One hand rosted the small forest in the private place, gently pinked the little raisins with the thumb with the thumb, cute school girls have always used the sound, this time she didn’t say a sensuality, but they were constantly expressing her feelings. The legs are clamped from time to time, and they are turned on by my ordered.

After the clamping, it will call her to open it. The more you play, the more you have, the more the bike is getting higher, and her head has been trapped in the washing station, and I still want to hear it with me, although she can’t see me, but I feel her feelings. I know that I am watching her, so I deliberately stick out the tongue around the lips.

I will laugh at the beginning, and then the sound is getting bigger and bigger. It is getting more and more passion. When I said late, I will be in an instant, cute school sister, back, tell me: Secretary, you can help My kid? I actually saw that the school girl deliberately dial the lips, but the ass talked.

At this time, there is no erection is really a man, but it is straight and straight, not my style! The school girl has a demanding, how can I not comply, and I still like the Yuxi, I feel that the woman’s private part is still very sexy, although some people will not like to taste what, I think if there is Cleaning the action, will be the expression of both sides respect each other.

I put the school girl butt, I squatted, squatting behind the school girl, let the school girl’s little sister face my sight, just ten centimeters in front of my eyes, holding the school girl with two hips, I smoke , Then call the tone, the school sister is tightly clipped, I will open my bunk hips.

I clearly saw the private part of the private parts, I didn’t touch the moist, I can’t wait to extend the tongue, cover up from the bottom of the clitoris, the whole tongue slipped over the outer lip to continue, in the nearby Dosage’s drastic lattice.

The speed is slow and repeated, repeat again, slowly speed up, the tongue is grinding upside down on both sides of the lips, the sharper, the sharper, the sharper, start to attack, cute school girl As my rhythm shouts.

Faile and faster, I suddenly put the tongue straight into the small hole, of course, the tongue is not as good as the little glans, but the contact between the different skin, I use the tongue to swear around the school girl, the school girl is good. Long, A ~~, the students are so comfortable!

I left the lips of the lips, and I only had a feeling, my mouth is good!

I used my little girl with a little tongue. I said: Sick sour, I think the lips become sausage.

Some: I am so hard, but I am really comfortable, I can’t take a towel down.

Can take it down, but you have to give me three times! The school girl pulled down the towel and looked at me: What is the problem, I am afraid that you have no ability! Yes, I have no ability, I only have three times in the past one night, the third time I woke up in the morning, I am very clear in my heart, I am just self-respect. The school girl touched my lips and then touched my two pieces with her two pieces. . . Lips!

The little girl’s lips are so soft, I have a feeling of falling in love with her! Wow, you can’t lose your feelings!

But the skill of the school girl kisses is good to practice, but it is not very oily, it is very. . . very. . . Will not describe, in short, it is very gentle. Suddenly seems like a little couple hit it in the bathroom, and the school girl hugged me, I felt the heartbeat, and in the middle of the two heartbeats. . . Breast, 喔 喔 ~ I think it is shy.

The two of the two people have also come into contact with the fur and fur, rounded and rubbed, and two people have suddenly laugh. The school girl starts to tell me, my senior, I will help you wash?

I thought Idea, I have already met this field, there is washing and didn’t wash it? But I want to be yeah! ?

The sister’s mouth is slightly rising, and it is a bit impressed that she is very charming. How do you want it? What postures do you like to use?

You are sitting on the toilet! The same is a human, I immediately understand the meaning of the school girl, cover the toilet cover, I clean up the toilet cover, sit down, the school girl is not a sitting, but I am squatting in front of me. Help me breathe, I really see the serious appearance of the school girl, the two cheeks are depressed, the feeling, she is very powerful, originally useful to cooperate with the school, I said with my sister, just use your mouth. NS.

I am really afraid that I haven’t started to enter the theme, and I will go directly. The schoolmates helped my thighs, my hands did not take the initiative, but the whole body did not move quietly. Some, you are cute! The school girl contained your brother, saying that the way you could not pronounce: Your little brother is also very cute!

Haha, okay, you can’t sour!

I put the school girl, and the school girl turned the ass to me. I thought she had to face the face, but he was not.

The school girl has just helped the wall, and I used a hand to help the small steel gun and gently hold a small waist, aligned the hole, slowly enter, watch the feeling of small steel guns being swallowed, wow ~ I am exploding !

So I sat down, I quickly slept the position, slowing down too much of the climax.

I have a pair of sisters to fight, because I am sitting on the toilet, lacking flexible, we turn a little before and after moving, to felt a relatively piston, the right hand has passed through a small waist, deliberately playing Small peas.

The school girl is oh ~ 喔 ~ 喔 声, I love my sister’s waves at the time. I have to feel it, I take a break, I will continue to move, I feel that there is no way to take a break, there is no way to come.

At this time, my school girl was helped, I said with the school girl: turn over! The school girl turned, I came up, I didn’t sit in, my school girl took it on my forehead. Hey ~~ We really seem to be a little couple, I told her: That one with you, I think I think Hello happiness, so comfortable and very enjoyable. The school girl laughed and laughed, and the little brother pushed her little brother.

Dear, you see, we stick together! I am very vomiting! Why are you so cute? My little brother spit, this time is true!

So, I took the opportunity to stand, I used to use the train that must be seven or forty-nine days, and the train that can be practiced will be a god. The frankly said that this posture is just a visual feeling, saying that it is better than other postures. However, through the consumption of physical strength, it is necessary to have both hands on both hands, so that the remaining one is easier. So, it is another delay tactics.

I used the train to bring the school girl in front of the mirror, because the bathroom mirror was big, I can see the two people ‘s appearance, I said: Do you have a lot of chaos? You look, you see you so much! The school girl is shy, and you are so bad!

I laughed, the school girl has a new sentence: but I love!

After more than one or two minutes, everyone knows that this posture will be very tired, so I said with the school girl: So tired, I think it!

Sister said: You can’t come again, I will call it! You call A! You call A! I put the school girl down and then still in front of her, and then I deliberately.

What are you doing? Are you don’t want to call! ?

The school girl came to a trick, and the school girl turned to the body. When I grabbed me, I helped my ass, I slipped in, and then pushed up before and after.

Of course, I can not cooperate, but my waist does not listen to the call before and after, I will catch the school girl’s double hips, the cute school girl began to make a madness, waraking, calling, I can’t stop, I am too embarrassing I am moving all this now.

I deeply entered the school sister, smashing ~ ~ 作, this is the biggest sound and light of people in the back style, we are facing the mirror, the school girl has been weak, I am deliberately liked. Looking at myself in the mirror, my eyes are fast, I am so weak, but I am very clear to see my serious appearance, the man’s climax is also a beautiful, a force and beauty feelings. The rear back sprint, no two minutes, I really can’t stand it, I don’t want to endure, I don’t want to play again.

Sister, I am coming, I am coming. This sentence is compared with the sister’s voice, just like the boat drowned in a huge waves, it is small, but it is not important, I am shot. I am shooting again, I will not forget the moment, until I feel that there will be no liquid from my body, until I feel that everything is worth it.

I am willing to will be me. . . My male organs leave his body is satisfied.

Although only a short ten minutes, although there is only three postures, I am very satisfied, I feel tacit, I don’t describe my feelings when I meet the beautiful face and super spicy body.

When I stepped into the bathtub in the bathtub, I watched my classmates and sexy schoolmels ready to enter the bathroom.

They are also a short, watching us: Abu you scream, is it so cool? It is best that only we are still laughing, just have someone crying and calling, not smashing!

The school girl exposes a cute expression. My classmate said: Ok, this is washed it. Said that the sexy schoolmented girl came in, but he grabbed the lovely school girl’s hand and said: Go, we went to the bath. I dare to grab my cute school girl.

I didn’t expect cute school girls and said: Good A good A, so tired, I need to make it well.

Sexy school girl looks at my silk eyes, I feel like I am not waiting, then say: Go, I will help the school to wash Thai bath, how!

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