Thirty years old this year, others have gathered at home with their families, and I can’t accompany your parents at home because of the relationship between work, because today I want to implement flights at night. In fact, I don’t want to go to work at all, I want to ask for a holiday, but when I see the famous name in the event, this unhappy emotion is swept away.

Happy is my colleague, our relationship can’t talk, anyway, it is not to fall in love, but we all like each other, plus all young people, so naturally, I will get together, usually, it will hit it together, I have a meal together, then go to the hotel crazy. Happy is a flight attendant, she is very beautiful, 172cm height, high picking full of slim body, elegant temperament, handsome face.

A pair of eyesight, a pair of full breasts in front of the chest, often trembled; the round butt quilt, and the thighs of the white tender. But really, especially like and happy, that feels really good!

At 6 o’clock in the evening, we took the unit to the airport to go to the airport, and prepared for normal activities. I said to me: “I have just checked it, I’m going to have a few passengers, and you will go to the rear cabin with me.”

“Okay, I will come.”

I replied.

During the process of flying to Haikou, because more guests, the service procedures are complicated, I didn’t harass her, I did my PSP at 3C position, looks like a novel, see Bai Jie, see the heart It is itchy, I want to make love, I can’t help but I jumped out, I haven’t tried it in the plane for so long, I haven’t tried it! Today is just a chance, you must be happy together. When I arrived at Haikou, after a short stay, the captain notified the guests and fly back. Sure enough, a few people, I can’t help but I really want to help me, hehe!

After the plane flying, the steppoint came out to take a service procedure, so I quickly got it, so I went to the back cabin to find a happy. The other two flight attendants in the back cabin are also chatted with them, and they will let the other two girls go to the front of the front, saying that she is tired to sleep. So colleagues also praised the front cabin to find the passenger footage, I also installed the temple to patrol the cabin.

Because it is night flight, the light of the entire cabin is also dimmed. I ran to the backbound workshop, I have a happy to see me, I will fight me: “You are oh, don’t look for me in these few days, is it mm?”

“Which, you can don’t worry, isn’t it a rest recently? I really want to die, my baby.”

I replied.

“Is it true? No oligible person.”

Happy to say.

I saw her charming look, my little DD immediately felt, I really want to put her on the chair immediately.

“Hey, dear, when did I defrace you?”

When I said, I took her to my arms, just touched her fascinating little fart.

“You are bad, it is inexpensive, you have a big ghost.”

Her part of her eyes secretly sneaked to me, I saw it, I want to fire, her face is white in the white, and a pair of water spirits look, I look at me, I, I, I am sitting on the chair. Kiss her soft face, kiss her ear. She is shy to dodge, helpless her soft body has been tight by me, but can’t move.

I kissed her cherry, one hand touched her full breast …


She is shameful, her face is more charming.

I put my hand into her bra, pinch her soft and elastic breasts, and played, kneading her delicate nipple.

Soon, her nipple gradually touched. She is shy and helplessly snuggled on my shoulder.

I strongly bleached the cock, my right hand quietly slipped into the happy uniform skirt, accepted the stockings, caught the inside of her thigh, really soft! I slowly reached into her white underwear.

“Ah … don’t like this …”

Happy and low.

“Ah … um … don’t … shame …”

“Hey, shy? …”

I laughed, and I touched my hand along her slim thigh. “Oh! … Don’t you do this? I have seen it for my colleagues.”

She is ashamed, clamping two rich thighs, dodging my temptation.

I explored her peach blossom hoist, in a gently fruked young clitoris: “Don’t be too loud, will be discovered, I really want you, don’t go to the bathroom.”

After I finished, I took her into the bathroom and looked back to the door. In the extremely tight situation that will be discovered at any time, the bodies of the two people are very sensitive. I squeezed a happy buttock, sucking full of breasts, pulling out their own cock, touched with a happy hand.

“You … so big … so hot!”

Happy light words.

A small toilet is full of two people ‘s rushing and strong spring.

“Help me blow.”

She looked up at me and looked at me. I made it a big mouth to open my chicken in my mouth. The tongue couldn’t hold my glans, and the head was swing up and down. I have already fuck over the meat stick, and I have a temperature in my mouth, I really can’t control myself, I grabbed her hair, I want her to put me. The chicken is swallowed, but my chicken is too long, and the coughing is more coughing.

I slowly separate her legs, her hairy is so thick, black, and crystal water beads hanging on the side, the hole has been opened slightly, the two lips have been separated, there are many water flows out, the clitoris is also because Stimulating and swelling, red. I couldn’t help but touch the tongue. She immediately had a strong reaction. I got on my mouth. I couldn’t hurt my body, and I went to the second, the third …

I screened her two fatty labips with my fingers, revealing her petite little little holes! The little hole is red and tender, revealing her layer of tender meat, I put it in my fingers, I will be soft and soft, and Xiao Sao is tightly clamped with my fingers, my fingers are gently Make up her fat and tender little Sao, her little bunning, a lot of sticky and hot Sao, straight to her delicate ass.

Be happy with the cock, enjoy the soft jade warmth, I finally couldn’t help: “Happy, you put a foot on the toilet.”

I have helped the happy hips from the back, pulling her white underwear to the calf, shaking her big chicken slowly inserting her peach cave, soft and hot, you are so good. When I was in the mouth, I used my hands with my hands with my hands with my hands, I was panting, enjoying my pump, I also looked back with me, then I took her legs and took a old man cart. Combined with the brightestness of the nine, the eight seasons are deep, and the speed is getting faster and more beautiful. Every time they are straightforward, every time there is a strong reaction.

More than 20 minutes, she suddenly hugged me, the body trembled, and the vagina also felt regular contraction, I know that she gave a climax. My speed is faster, her voice is close to hysteria, and the finger is also in my meat, so it is so fast. It was about more than 10 minutes, and her second climax came again.

“Ah … ah …”

There were hundreds of pins, I finally couldn’t help but, the horse’s eyes, the pitch of the piking, the burning semen wrote straight into the happy meas, and she felt the constant convulsions .

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