I am a twenty-five-year-old single high school teacher. I came in this female school to teach for two years. For these as flowers like jade, they are in the young people who are young, can be said to be “can be viewed without dare to play”! Although sometimes it is inevitable to go, but I don’t dare to have any action because it is a teacher’s watch, I have been arrived here …

After school, I am in the office to organize things to get off work. At this time, a female student came in the class called Xiaowen. She liked to ask me on weekdays, and the tall horsetail always exudes a young breath, and pure and lovely The smile is more comfortable, and the eyes are big and clear. When people see people, a clear and innocent look, plus the skin is born and soft and elastic, very popular.

When she took the chemical topic, she came in and asked me. When I was buried, I suddenly heard a crying, looking up, I didn’t know how Xiao Wen didn’t know how it was crying.

“What’s wrong?” I quickly looked up and asked her.

“Teacher … I … I … I don’t want to live …”

“What’s the matter, slowly say to the teacher …”

Looking at her tears, it is really pity, but the men and women are alone, I am afraid of gossip, I have a sorry to stand up, pretending to get off work, no one, no one: “Good … now there will be no people now come in. …… You can rest assured that I will listen to the teacher … “

Xiaowen didn’t care about her family’s single mothers, and all the stress in my heart told me …

Looking at her tears, I cracked her little face, I took her into my aroma, sniffing her faint fragrance, I finally couldn’t help but stick her hair, kiss her eyelashes, pro Her nose, kiss her, beautiful and beautiful lips. I just started to succumb to the intoxicating fragrance in her mouth, but I gradually got a sense of reason, I was more crazy and kissed her, I want to protect her, love her, I want her …

In the hot kisses, I pushed Xiaowen on the desk. I quickly solved Xiaowen white uniform shirt with my left hand, took the shirt and turned it on her pale pink cream. Then use force to open Xiaowen green uniform skirt and go to the private parts of Xiaowen with his fingers.

Xiaowen’s face is red, bright red little mouth slightly, I reached out to her back, solve the bra buck, take off her bra …

A pair of delicate hands holding breasts, light pink small tips, with her snow white tender skin, see that I want to fire, I will play with my hands to play with soft flexible breasts, and use your fingers Pinch two small whey.

Although Xiaowen’s breasts is not too big, but after my gourn, quickly expand, the milk tips began to be hard, and transformed from the original light pink into bright red. I took the body to suck her nipple, squatting her uli and breasts, licked Xiaowen, a big man, unconsciously ……

Next, I pulled her pink triangle pants. Separate Xiaowen’s legs, seeing her small hole, a soft and elongated scrutin, pink big labia is closely closed.

I used my hand to open the big labipings, I saw two slightly open red small labips next to the micro-vaginal mouth, and the bright red vagina was sparkling. I will do my little finger to explore in the hole. She can’t stand at a little bit …

My fingers are slowly moving in the hole, I don’t dare to be too deep, because she is still a woman, how can the first work will be given to my fingers! I slowly pumped, her holes have been flooding, she also sweats, in this closed office, the temperature also rises. In the nasal, her faint fragrance, her mouth gasped, full of red tide, let her original white skin, revealing the rose-like red.

I recovered my fingers, indicating that she was back to me, on the desktop, I held my things from her, and I was struggling to the mouth. She exclaimed, by her voice, I know that she is going to bear more pain, I have to slow down, slowly pumping.

My hands have been sweating. At this time, the palm and her fertile hips are another fresh touch. I put it hard to get her hips, and I am more energetic to hit her little hole. My nose, form a wonderful movement.

In her hole, I feel very pleasant, making my moves more rude, her mouth is in the middle, I will arrive at my limit. I pulled the strong thing from her points. She turned her face and looked at me. She turned around, holding my things with her hands, squatting down, Zhangkou acclaimed it I pumped it before and after, she as a small hole, my east was filled with her mouth.

At this time, I have reached the limit, I can’t stand it, and I can’t stand it, and I will take it to her mouth. She swallowed it and took her hand to wipe his mouth and the lower body. I pulled it on the chair with her …


This day, I suddenly decided to go to Xiaowen’s family to visit, I hope to solve her family problems.

I came to her door, I told the doorbell “咚 … 咚 …”

Xiaowen’s sister ° points Xiaoli wear a light shirt and a shorts opened the door: “Ah … you are …?”

“Hello! I am Xiaowen’s teacher, I will come to family access.” I smiled and said.

“Please come!” Xiao Li took me into the living room, and said: “Xiaowen will be taught, will come back nine o’clock, my mother will work overtime to nine points will come back.”

Then Xiao Li stood up and said: “Teacher, you must have dinner yet! I will get you by it.”

Contain the kitchen.

I started to take the four weeks, I saw a photo frame on the TV, which is Xiao Wen, Xiaoli and my mother’s photo. Xiao Wen is pure and lovely, Xiaoli is more beautiful, and their mother is a standard. Beauty embryo.

Soon, after dinner with Xiaoli, we sat in the living room. From the chat, they knew that their dad had passed very early, and Xiaoli said that her face was sad. Looking at her chu, I felt an arrest in my heart, and I didn’t consciously hold her hand: “Don’t be sad again.”

I immediately found some moments of my move, but there was a desire to be burned. I watched her Clear legs and chest. I finally couldn’t help but push her on the sofa.

“Ah … teacher … no …” can’t talk to her, I have already kiss my double-lips on her mouth, and the hands of her dress will pick up her skirt, and touch her flat with her palms.

My middle fingers slip down the middle part of the share, contacting the warm quarter, making her muscles more tight.

“Reassure, I will make you feel comfortable …” I took my mouth with her ears and then said softly when I was licking my ear.

She bite her lips desperately and suppressed the emergency respiration.

Then, I painted the circle with my fingers on the clitoris, constantly stimulating, even and embraced the finger into the inside of the labipings, a small amount of honey solution is constantly seepping out.

When the feet are supported, only the cracked private parts, bloom the light pink careful flower, open the deep place of the labia, the inner wall imitation is the same, it is shrinking with her wheezing The inner pink mucosa has long been wet.

My face gazing only the top of the crack, bright, small as the pearl clitoris in the yukinuclear foreskin.

Soon, my fingers left, and the generation was my face and nose.

“Ah …” Her screams reflected on the thigh, unconsciously clamping my face.

My face swings around, the nose is constantly stroking, and the heart is full of the aroma of this youth.

Take off her skirt, her legs naturally open to me, I am busy with the clothes, so that I have already thrown into a slight pain. I looked at her, I gently caress her body, let her lower the body gradually wet, and then kissed her lips, so that the hands of her hands and slowly entered her body.

Her private parts are a bit tight, maybe there have been one or two experiences! But it seems that there is not enough love, it is a bit wrong.

I started kissing her lips, her neck, kissed over the red double milk, her 呻 呻 一 一 像 像 像 像 像 侧 轻 侧 侧 侧 侧 像 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧 侧Adventure jungle, I will go to try.

The tongue picked her private parts. She suddenly spoiledly, I stretched the tongue into the touch, she was more full of shaking.

I opened, greedy sucking strong love, the love liquid was like the Yellow River of the decissete, and the whole private part was bonded and wet. I raised my body, once again, it is going deep into the way. The warm meat wall is wrapped in my meat stick, a burst of thermal current is constantly rising from the lower body, and the excitement is constantly rising, and then raised.

I slowly moved back, her face rose into red, his hands grabbed my shoulders, and the nails were in the meat, and there was a constant kneeling in the mouth.

I added a rhythm of sprint, and her voice slowly rose, until the high mountain top; I slowed down, she faintly reduced, sprinkled, and gradually became Yang. I am like the command of the symphony, lead the sexual desire to symphony orchestra, let the passion of the tone of the passion in the airspace of sex, the music is time and Gao Yang, but this is my life, I have heard the most moving symphony.

I feel the excitement of a trembling in the lower body, clamping the muscles, along the spine, straight on the brain, I have done the penis, let the lower body muscles and scream, and the sound of the clouds.

The gasping of our big mouth, the semen is touched, shot, then shot, she rays a few times, and slowly calm down.


Going home, recalling the scene of making love with Xiaoli, can’t help but think about the year …

Just then in the year, I married her in the first day …

She is wearing a pink sleeveless short puzzle, with colorful shorts, gay on white socks with white tennis shoes. A pair of eyes on the face, seeing people, the water spirit, as if it is full of warm smiles. The small nose is slightly rising, the arc of the upper lip is beautifully smirked in the mouth of the new moon. Shape Tingting, only a symptom error can be described. I want to come in from hot sun, cheeks, arms, with a pair of light-sleeved legs, still flourish.

Her name is Xueger … It is my first love … The first date is in the quiet park, I will walk with her under the moonlight …

I really remember her face, panning in the moonlight, like the glory of the teeth; the long eyelashes gently tremble, the lips of the line, the rose petals, like the water is coming, the full chest, fast ups and downs .

Under the moonlight, I can’t help but low, I found the lips of the snow. It’s geothermal, I use the lips to thaw the snow. Put her, my hands gently squandered her waist and back.

Her breathing gradually increased. Suddenly, she left my neck, and the four lips were tight. I felt that she opened her lips, and her wet soft tongue was hot, and the two tongues were lingering.

The nasal floating from the faint fragrance from her, and the heart is faintly swelling, like this beauty knows how to explode.

I have hidden her tight, and I will think that I am not coming to anger, I’m closely to the snow. I don’t think I can’t feel my physiological changes, I can’t help but feel awkward.

For a long time, we finally slowly separated, smile, sat down, and gasped at the atmosphere.

I flustered to adjust the posture, I will appease it in a while, but I still have passion and joy.

That night … Go back to her residence … Wash the bath …

We are wearing a thin shirt, looking at her beautiful face, I have repeatedly embracing with her …

The skin’s touch is clear, isolated on her stockings, stroking her calf, my hand gradually moved to her face, licking her ears, looking at her eyes, I forgot to pick up the glasses kiss her. The forehead, my lips are moving in her face, ear, nose, cheeks ……… I finally kissed her lips.

I know that she won’t refuse me, so I boldly kissed her neck and moved down. She took the initiative to unconsciously buckle, so I kissed her chest, my face was deeply buried in her chest, breathing, a sexual Herring, I was filled with me. Brain.

Her hand pulled my shirt into my chest. My shirt was unlocked by her. I didn’t release her shirt. At this time, she only had a lilac bra covered her double peak. Her obvious cleansing grooved my big nose, I breathe. Difficult!

At this time, we did not agree with the other side of the lower body clothes, she only had a lavender leggings and bra, and I only had a trip. That pants are supported, as if they have to crack.

I took off my underwear and gently took her delicate double milk. The whole body of Xueger creep, at this time, her right hand held my penis, I kissed her white skin, as Japan The girl, the legs are well known, no taste, breasts are very strong. I quickly faded the bra’s bra and small panties, wow!

The pink isaly, I can’t help with the index finger, the nipple is already hard ……

Soon, we were lying on the bed in the bike, and the head of each other came up. The snow with the wet tongue licked my penis, and there was no one place in the penis, including the pill. The technology is completely unlike a virgin, and I also lick her Yinfu. It looks like abalone, especially when I get into the clitoris, the snow can’t help but light, Yinfu is full, obscene There are more vaginals. Time is mature, the body turns 180 degrees, the penis has been talled very long, I used the tongue to lick her nipple, and it seems to be more harder than just now. The sound of snow seems to be loud than just. I opened the thigh of the snow, she had already wet, and I also smashed the clitoris, as if I called me, so I flew straight, so tight!

The snow called, but I was still slowly inserted, pumped, then pumped, my hands didn’t forget to rub the milk room, the sophistication of the snow, and my penis is not Looking back, go forward.

The body of the snow is still strong, and I feel that the penis has already burst.

She seems to feel the expansion of the penis, and the snow closes his eyes, a pair of intoxicated.

At this time, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took the reddish penis toward her trendy face, spraying a semen on her face, pale yellow viscion. She still breathes, she holds my penis, and still grinds, I wiped some mucus on her face, reach it to her mouth, and the snow contains the whole finger, and lick it …

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