I am a manager of the company, and the company is holding a few components, and in people’s opinion, I am a successful person, in the eyes of women, I am a typical diamond king old five. I never contaminated the grass outside, nor did the workers ‘workers’ workers, in front of them, I am a mature and stable person. When the company selects the staff, the man is admitted to the man, and the woman is admitted, because I am a person who is very paying attention to the appearance of the appearance, I want to have a customer care for our company! So every time you admit, the most beautiful lady is often my secretary or the company’s staff! ?

No one knows why this ocean, only my heart is the clearest, my desire is very large, often can’t control my sexual desire, I can’t face a familiar woman to keep a long time. How to send this loneliness and boring night, let me vent my desire? I have to work hard to make money! When my company began to slow down, a chance, in a forum, I saw a few brilliant articles, written very exciting, provoked the most plentiful flame in my heart, until this When I found it just how good, safety, hygiene, and will not fall down in my heart! ?

I used the abundant funds to buy the most expensive pinhole camera from abroad. That is a host, with a few pinhole lenses. The company was founded in the fifth anniversary, I declared the holiday, claiming internal decoration, establishing an image! No one doubts my motivation, everyone is very happy. When decorated, I designed the office into a suite, and I renovated two bedrooms upstairs, and I went four of the women’s toilets in the company, and they were designed in the female bathroom. The luxurious female shower room, in the front and lower ends of each of the respective rails, the reason why it takes such a big effort in the renovation, mainly to cover the pinhole camera, not being discovered!

After working, the employees were stunned by the luxurious decoration, and the female employees were even more exciting! Looking at the female employees, I am excited, my heart is impulsive. I really want to see what their private is in the ocean. What is the difference … I am sitting behind a big work desk, on the table The large screen LCD monitor is open, and five paintings are painted in all, each divided, which means that from her door to kneeling, their body, long phase, close-up, especially facial features of the size All will be clearly displayed on my screen! ?

The first prey appeared on the screen! My surprise discovery is my secretary seedlings! She is a secretary I carefully selected is 29 years old this year. I have been married for three years. (I don’t like unmarried girls, they are just beautiful, no woman’s taste, in my opinion, women’s taste is not only in that mature Confidence, more in their private parts, the difference in taste) has been working for five years here, is a proud woman, anyone is mortal in her eyes, because my character makes she believes that I am a one A good boss, at least a boss, a woman who loves, so I didn’t leave! I looked at her day and slowly ripe, when you were young, I just felt beautiful. After giving birth to the child, I found that her charm was so heavy! In the office in the office, I often secretly looked at her slender legs and exquisite toes when she didn’t pay attention, her feet can go to the current popular foot model! I often imagine how the land is hidden under her skirt? For some reason, I just secretly walk out when she was asleep at noon, drill under her desk, I dare not touch her smell her foot scent to see her little pants, when I imagined Taste the taste there, she is my favorite object! I didn’t expect to see it today!

I can’t stand the friction of the penis in the trousers, and the sure is taken off the pants and look at the screen, watching the goddess in my heart begins to masturbate! On the camera, there is no usual pride on the face of the mature charm, I saw her cheeks, and the eyebrows who carefully trimming almost could have a few! It is such a near distance. I didn’t find the mark left on her face. Her skin is like a smooth red, her double lips are slightly opened, and the lips that are slightly added are so sexy………………………………………………………………………………………………………. … my eyes look down, I can’t help but launch the luxury of God, I have given her such a perfect piece of face, and the long body is told, gave her such a delicate yin! Her haired hair is more, if you don’t score the hair, you can’t see the shape of the labipation, and her hamma is well carefully carefully carefully carefully carefully carefully, and the color is pure, it is not chaotic, and it is long and soft. I seem to be available. There is a fascinating in the vagina, it seems that only my unreasonable is so long, I can’t believe that the seedlings that have been married for three years have such a small vagina. If I can enjoy it, I will make me thrindful. She squatted there, her hands did not think that the ocean on the label was covered on the laborarism of the ocean. The Queuquan water has been in the dense forest. I can’t get it on the screen, and I will separate the hair for her. Let me I saw the mystery inside, but she was finished, I can’t wait to ask her to come over to let me! I didn’t expect this Ocean that I can’t see her labip!

The next day made my happiest date, the company’s women were recorded by my true record, and they were all in the next day or proud, or tradition, or arrogant, or fashion The record did not leave. This is still nothing, there is a day I found that their vagina is also different, I started to separate the gap, the girl group, the young woman group, because the appearance is all the challenge, who is not a vagina long Ok, who is not shiny, who is urinating the movement of the movement, the privacy of these people can’t see it into the condition of me to dismiss women’s employees, find the excuse to remove them, although some people don’t have elegant action or It is a mess of mess to bring me wild impulses, but I still replace the beauty around you, so I have more viewing people, beautiful women … The cheese church has a lot, more important. The church, how do I can realize my ideals in my heart? After the Jin Jinzheng, I got the bottle psychedelic water, colorless and tasteless, and the pharmacy is very good. In order to test the size of the drug, I personally experience, I finally found the medication of this, neither you wake up, nor Will delay the next day! Then, I started to carefully select the first prey and safety time. After careful picking, Miao Miao (she doesn’t say it must be the first choice), after my arrangement, I am going to her duty, get off work, let alone After you cut, as usual, I walked out of the company, but my heart is very!

More than 7 o’clock, I excusefully returned to entertain, and I called the seedlings. I was eating, and then pretending to be in a hurry. Of course, I returned to the company to do an important job, because the guest pretended, and in the dishes Riga has a thirsty medicine, (why? I will know) I have to delay the time, go back to the company, I took out the key ready to prepare, opened the employee lounge, ready for preparation In the cup of the room, it quietly returned to the black light office, opened the monitor, opened the situation in the corridor, anxiously waiting for the return.

More than ten o’clock, Miao Miao appeared in the monitor, it seems to drink some floating, but it is not enough to drunk, and the silver bells have returned in the corridor, hit it in my heart, watching her Anna’s back, The slender jade legs wrapped in stockings, the jade feet in high heels, I started to rub this my furniture …

More than 12 o’clock, I haven’t seen her out of the bath, I know that I have succeeded, I want to wash the dry woman, I want is the original mature taste! I took off the pants and walked out of the office barefoot. The dim light in the corridor shouted, such as a gun-like penis, silent, I came to the room of Miao seedlings, and the trembling hands could not open the door! Because this woman who has reversed my soul is to be my woman today! It’s hard to open the door, and the woman’s unique body of the body is incoming me to get the nostril, the soft breathing makes me boil!

Under the moonlight, the seedlings are long skirts, wearing a neat scattered side beds, and the legs wrapped in the stockings are stretched out from the long group, and the high heels on the feet have not taken off, It is what I think about the ocean. I walked into the face of Miao seedlings. She looked at her in the sleep. When she shook, I saw that Miao Miao did not reflect, her eyes were slightly, long eyelashes Slightly, the red lips are sucking from time to time, and the mouth is like usually closed this, and the seedlings in sleeping dreams have this noble! Make sure she is sleeping, I came to the bed, kneel down, take off the high heels on her feet, will take the foot of the stockings to kiss my mouth, her stockings have the wet smell Slide, but it is really that this is the feet of my ideal woman!

My nostrils come back from the toe to the feet to refresh the taste of the seedlings of the seedlings I have dreamed of, along stockings, my face slowly picks up the long group slide inside the skirt, because she is on the side, I am in her Behind the head and reached the head, the first arrival is the full hip of the seedlings. Her ass, the deep hook smashed the hip portion of half, I have to close the bottom of the hook mark. Holding stockings and pants, rubbing seedlings, the anus and vagina, I want to make it wet before taste! Maybe I am too exhausted, Miao Miao’s body is still moving with my arches, good, I will hold back the hand, slowly take off the seedlings in the skirt. Stockings and small trousers, I only start my body, holding the stockings and trousers just taken from the seedlings, put it on my face friction, pants have a wet marks on the trousers, can vaguely smelling Masant, I am not anxious, slowly slow, I have to enjoy! Looking at the smooth jade leg, neat and white toes, I am squatting, starting another kiss, Miao Miao’s toes, the nail trim is very neat, the nails also have a light oil color, the foot is red, the skin is very soft If you look at it, you know that the usual maintenance is very good, but she didn’t think of her husband, there will be a man to taste this! The toe is put into my mouth, I have a delicate woman’s jade, her feet, not will be filled with my saliva.

I only got up, put the seedlings and turned it over, she “嘤咛” 躺 壹 躺 力 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上One side, the plump chest does not use it because it is lying! My hand stopped a little, gently knead. She seems to be very enjoyable, breathing is more heavy. On the side of the other, I gently kissed her neck, her neck has been red, fever. The little brother has not listened to the hard work. I took her hand and put it in the younger brother. Her body is getting soft, causing in my arms. Let me smoke myself, my hand turned a few laps on my butt, and after kneading a few times, I went deep into the trousers. The small hole has been wet, the finger is everywhere, slipping. My finger just went deep into the way, I feel that she has the legs and seems to be very urgent. The smell is confusing, the clothes are like a rope on the body, the more you want to take off as soon as possible, the more it is not easy to take off. Her hand is covered in the private parts, and the other is only hands on the chest, the eyes are closed, and the face is headed. I am also naked. I kneel in bed, start kissing from her neck, chest … small belly … The strong thigh … The calf … biased the place where the hand was covered.

Her thighs were stranded, and there was regular uniform. Take a hand, show the thick hairy. I am awkward, the movement is accelerated, I fell in her body, I smashed her breast, slipped to my lower abdomen, sucking her little hole, stroke, knead her round butt, she was being It’s just in front of it, and I started to squat …

The meat stick has long been hard, she is lying on the bed, and the hips are lifted. I smiled, I used to pierce her small hole. Her holes are slippery, hot, comfortable than the bathing bath, I didn’t scrap, continue to kiss her. Her body twisted, letting the glans and reaches the purpose of the meat rod. I gently took out, and I fierce again …

I grabbed her legs down and let her two long legs curled up, and the knee is attached to the breast. I can see the meat stick in this ocea. It is also convenient for me to sprint. After the lower body stage, my meat stick began to attack violently … I took her butt, whitening, sprint or continued. After 10 minutes, I gasped, the movement gradually gradually, and the long-lasting sprint made my physical strength faster. But the meat stick is still strong, and the feeling of ejaculation is not so strong. I turned her over, I also lie down and entered it later. This ocean can be accented very deeply to the heart. After entering, I gently twitch, and the nine shallow depths. Hold her back from behind and knead the breast. There is more water flowing out of the small hole. It is also stunning, because it is lying on the side, the physical strength is not large. I pat her ass.

I took the meat stick from behind and gently turned on the mouth and didn’t have an urgent entry. After a few laps, the meat rod has passed a few laps. She started the last sprint. “Oh … um … it is shot …” The meat stick is getting swelling, finally broke out … she seems to be unfinished, her legs are clamped, where is friction. I got two times, the meat stick gradually soft, slipped out of the small hole.

Wipe the body of her two, their respective clothes, look at the table. I didn’t know that I have already pointed to the morning five! The new day begins … Just as the Ocean, I have more time to overtime, more and more company female employees have kissed my tongue, and the anus is played with me. Since the company’s business is improved every day, my foreign affairs activities are getting more and more. The company’s employees have become more and more respected!

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