Liu twist with your fingers while moving my nipples, while licked my earlobe, one hand still kept paddling back into my circle gently to me and said: “I’m helping you, you Yeah, I’ve seen the most beautiful woman, is also the largest woman I’ve ever seen under the water, you know? “

Although I am disgusted him, but he let these few words of love in my heart is pounding non-stop, most women are emotional animals, his few simple words of love for the moment I simply do not have the defense to He said simply fatal.

And most sensitive to me several areas simultaneously attacked, I simply speechless.

“You ah …… …… …… …… I let go I would also like …… …… …… let you shoot …… woo ……”

The reason I closed my mouth is sealed Liu’s mouth suddenly in my mouth.

My mouth closed, to let his tongue into.

But suddenly a nipple pain, he is forced to pinch me, “Woo,” I could not help but opened his mouth, he took the opportunity to put his tongue into the room.

Liu tongue Juanzhu my tongue, I picked up a passive and kiss him, but soon, I was immersed in his kiss them, Liu suck my tongue from time to time, and gently licked my gum, still under my tongue gently round and round, this is the first time in my life so threw himself into a passionate kiss them.

I also hands tightly clasped Liu’s neck, lower body also unconscious on his penis gently rubbing, I had forgotten their own what to do the.

A long long time, Liu’s mouth left my lips, I still reluctantly pondering just pleasure.

Liu and Yin Xiao up at me, he pointed at my buttocks and said: “You look ……”

I looked down, not only the face, even on his neck red again. Originally, I only put out of Aiye thigh manager all wet, and even wool cushion under the buttocks Liu, also deceives a big piece of wet mark.

“Tina Yeah, your husband is generally one week and you love doing it a few times?”

I blushed and said: “two or three times about a week now.”

“What, you stood so beautiful child was two or three times no matter, a week, a pity but, if I, and you have to do two or three times a day, huh, huh!”

“Not ah …… just because he is very busy, so we ……” I was shy to the tri defend them.

Liu then raised his hand, looked at his watch and said: “! Time is about five minutes, it seems I can fuck you up good.”

I anxiously authentic: “Do not ah, Mr. Liu, in five minutes, I will let you shot out!”

“You just are not ever tried, five minutes how can you let me out!”

Tears began to spin in my eyes, how to do, I really do not want to lose your virginity to the goat. Although he has just brought me than A Zhiqiang intense pleasure several times, although each part of my body to his privacy have been touched, seen, however, reason tells me, Azhi is my favorite people, I should be the tri there a person unique.

“However, I have a good way to get both can solve this problem.”

“What is, tell me!” I took Liu’s hand quickly asked.

“Ah, so, you know the place is the most sensitive man in here.” Liu shook my hand on his huge penis on the road.

“Ah, yes ……” I nodded road, I seem to be hearing the tri say this.

“I can not offer you five minutes, I just wait a minute part of the penis is inserted in your vagina inside, as the exposed portions can move with both hands to me. You look a little more rock, I’m sure will soon shot out . “

What, how this can be, this is not the same and insert it?

“Tina, think better, and you agree that either had to wait time is up. I have to at the right time can all be inserted into the go, it would certainly very interesting. And I just put it glans into them, as long as you light light Move, would not stuck too, and that did not go into what is different. “

I looked up and began to pale, my heart doing intense struggle, finally, I decided to choose to insert the glans. This is better than the whole insert better than, say, the tongue is not just Liu also move inside my vagina for a long time yet? Let me also reached a climax. I hesitated a moment and said: “Well, but … I’m afraid … you there too, I’m afraid ……”

Manager Liu smiled and said: “Hahaha, don’t be afraid, wait for the rejoices, you think, however, when a woman can have a child, the woman’s vagina is very stronger, afraid of what Come on it. “But I am still tense. But did not think that if Liu Yi put the glans in the future, he did not follow the agreement.

At this time, Liu Yi has already stood up, I quickly smashed his neck with hands, and the legs clamped his waist. Liu Yi held my butt close to the table, put me on the top: “The posture is not convenient, wait for me to stand, you can use one hand to hold my neck, another manual me, until it comes out, know, I will give you twenty minutes. , How? “

I was nervous and shy nodded. I think that I am going to be in the body, although it is just a glans, but he is so huge, thinking that this is still a touch of exciting.

Just reformed that Azhi, I was full of sinfulness in my heart, but I didn’t expect this kind of sin, but I stimulated me, so that I have become more wet. The lower body has become a wolf.

“I look at the shoes and the skirt, I’m going to take off.” Liu Yi said his self.

After a moment, my feet shoe was taken away, throwing it on the side, showing my two snow whitening pins. He held my two sorrows in his hand, whispered again: “The skirt is yourself and I am coming …”

I strongly believe in the feeling of itch from the foot, the small channel: “The skirt should not take off …”

“Haha, good, then listen to you, but you have to pick the skirt, so you can’t make it inconvenient for a while.”

I had to low my head to the waist, and I was glorious out of the whole. I am closer by Liu, I have grown my waist. I finally came, I thought about it. I closed my eyes and I got his neck with hand. I feel a hot, huge thing touches on my labi. This is the glans of Liu, it is not anxious, but it slides in my labi. So comfortable.

My heart is in dramally, nervous and uneasiness, humiliation and sin, there are shames and pain, and all kinds of different feelings are porn with my heart, and I have flowed up with my Yinshi and my will. More Love liquid, this is enough to fully lubricate the penis that is about to insert into my body.

“I have to come in …”


I feel that the penis of Liu is no longer sliding, standing in my vaginal mouth, slowly plugging in.

“Ah … don’t move … ah … it … it’s too big … Liu Ji … beg … you … ……”

At the front end of the vagina, it seems to be calendered, and the entry part is hot and hard. I don’t know how to describe it. It is a feeling that I feel comfortable and even feels a terrible feeling. I seem to have feelings in heaven and hell. I can’t stand this feeling, I want to stop Liu. This is really terrible.

By Liu was stopped, I took a breath, he suddenly took the penis. When I just felt emptiness, he came in again. He didn’t stop this time, and retired, followed by it, just every time it was more deeper than the previous.

“Ah … stop … ah … I … can’t … stop …”

I am constantly attacked me, my legs are not more open, unconsciously bear.

Finally, when I feel that I can’t support it, Liu was stopped. I am weak, but suddenly thinking that this is not as pain in I imagined, it doesn’t help it.

However, immediately, I feel that my lower body is tight, I don’t know if I wrapped my shame, I wrapped my penis inside, and did not stop. Moreover … and the penis of Liu seems to have entered a one-third of the place in my vagina. Is it not to comply with the promise? Does all insert it?

I am hurried to look down and see “call”, okay, the thick penis below just put it in a glans. Manager Liu’s penis is really too thick. But a glans also account for so much, if all … Then I don’t worry about it.

However, … I have been smirking and thinking about it, what is the difference between Liu Yi’s general plug? I just blame this, I haven’t thought of this, it is now late. What should I do? I am a stupid, obscenity woman, how should I face my husband! My expression was seen by Liu Yi’s unlike, Liu Yi learned: “Tian Na, now you serve me with your hand.”

This damn devil, at this time, I can’t hate his broken dog. My chastity is destroyed in the hand of Liu, but what is the case, what can I still have? I have to mistake it wrong with it. Anyway, I didn’t let him insert it, and I can’t get Aizhi. The sensation of the body is still clearly put into my body. I hate Liu Yiyi, from his neck, and hold his penis, the penis outside, and set up.

This time, I have to let Liu Yuji shot, I have no chance.

Oh, yes, he just said, but also I will move it gently, then cooperate with my hand, he can come out.

No, I can’t do this. And a man from Azhi, making this basic and sexual intercourse. However, if you don’t do it, you will add more … Oh, no matter what it is, I have this.

However, when I tried to sway myself, I found out that this moment was great because of my legs, and the hips were sitting on the table, and I didn’t borrow a place. Instead, because of the actions of me, the penis in the lower body is deeply in.

Manager Liu saw my embarrassment, unrestricted: “Tian Na, why don’t you move?”

“Ah … Liu Yu … you are bad …” When I was inserted, I made me shameless, I was shy: “Still … or you can move it.”

“Oh, ok, since the baby talks, then I will respect the life, but you don’t regret it!”

After finishing, the penis below is can’t wait to slowly move, probably he can’t help it.

At this time, my below, itchy, huge stimuli let the fountain in my vagina uncomfortable, this is really annoying, how can I be so much, ashamed.

“咕唧, 咕唧, 咕 … …” The water is continuously introduced into my ear.

“Hey … um …” I carefully feel the pleasure from the following, I will not be controlled in the mouth. Fortunately, Shandu is still a letter, his penis has not been moved again.

Gradually, I put down my heart, my hands just fell in the neck of the manager, and I was in my heart to go to this happy and indulgent game.


“Na, is it comfortable?”


“Do you make me like this later?”


“咕唧, 咕唧, 咕 … …”

“Ah … you … good … big 喔 … good … comfortable …”

“I am also comfortable, you are tight and hot, will you move, hey … You are a natural esteem, today I finally played you … You lift your legs.” I lifted up. The leg is lying on the table.

Manager Liu put my legs on his shoulder.

At this point, I don’t realize that my danger is coming.

In confused, I felt that he took the penis to my vagina, and he pressed his upper body in me, my legs were forced to press on both sides of my body, become a “V” Glyph.

“Um … how do you not move … shoot …?”

“No, yet early.”

I only heard the “咕” below, and the big penis of Liu was inserted again, and the top is in my heart. I am so comfortable, blurred eyes just see my toes, and a root of it.

From my mouth, I sent a crying.

“Hey … so comfortable … ah … don’t … Liu Yu … you … how do you all put it in ……”

The huge drop of psychology, let my vaginal contracted, tightly wrapped around Liu Yi’s thick and hard penis, even my speech also licks a huge glans who sucked the manager. “Hey …” I found out in an instant.

At the same time, my vagina began to spast, a burst of hot flow was sprayed out, poured on the glans of Liu, on the penis, squeezed my shadow wall, stream on the table. Finally, I heard the manager in about the manager. “Time is here, my Tianna.”

For a long time, my mind gradually recovered, looked at Liu’s manager, the sorrow and anger in my heart, I couldn’t put it out, I couldn’t help but cry. Hard work for so long, and finally gave this big wolf. Azhi, how should I face you.

“Don’t cry, Tianna, what about crying, how to do it? I will see it.” Liu Yi is proud to comfort me.

Yes, my eyes are crying, I will see people. I looked at Liu Yi, hated, and I hated it. “You will not let your …”

The funny is when I say these words, the lower body also insert a huge penis.

Manager Liu did not agreeively: “Hey, how can you say this when you are comfortable? You look at you, you will spray the water under the bottom, harm that I just take it just now.”

I have a red, I think of what I just spurt out when I just had a climax. It is urine, or a love liquid, I can’t figure it out, I still have this situation for the first time.

I was sinking: “Now you should be satisfied, let me go.”

“No, I am still uncomfortable under my bottom, you let me shoot, I will let you go right away.”

Sure enough, I feel that Liu Jumei’s penis is in my body’s pocket, and more is more and more. After the climax, I have just got a feeling of particularly sensitive. I even even had a hard prize in his glans, and every green whisper on the penis of Liu was clearly felt. These are captured by my congestion, transferred to my brain.

I just started shake again, anyway, I have left the big wolf, nor did it care for a while. I thought that the taste of the desire to die, my lower body began to be stupid. I don’t know, I am really impressive to my husband.

I don’t dare to see Liu’s eyes, and only the sound of my own only I will listen to the voice: “Well … You are almost, don’t let others know our business.”

Yi Yi said: “There is no problem, my careful liver Tian Na.”

In an instant, my lower body is passed out, huge, thick, hard, penis, started to teach in my lower body.

I bite my lips, I don’t want to make myself, I can’t help but call it after being plugged by Liu, I don’t, it should be crying, because the pleasure is really too strong. If I don’t do this, I may suffocate the past.

“Hey … plug … death … I ……”

In a short while, Yu Manager pressed my calf to my face, so that my hips are very up, so his penis is deeper, and Liu is pulling the penis to my vaginal mouth, and then inserted again Come in, at this time, I also felt that his scrott was played on my ass, and the glans came into my honesty.

“Hey … Rao … … I … let ………………………

“Hey … Liu … always … I … really … … is … not …… …

“咕唧, 咕, 咕,, 咕 … …”

“,,, 啪 …”

The entire office is full of snoring, water, and my hip meat and the collision of Liu Shao’s thighs.

“Hey … Mom … Mom … Yeah …”

I really can’t stand it. Even my mother also called it. Manager Liu is too powerful. At this time, my mind has no time concept, I don’t know how long it has, I don’t know how many climax I have reached, how much water has flowed out.

“Xiaoyang woman, called Dong Ge!”

“Hey … East` … brother …”

“A good husband!”

“No … … no … you want … ah … I … want … death ……”

Manager Liu is more vigorously moving, and every effort is inserted into my flowers. “Call, you, your little horizon, dare to obey, I kill you!”

“Hey … spare … … I … I … call … stop … stop … Yeah … 呜 …”

“good husband……”

“Hahahaha, this is awkward, and then call me a few times.”

“Good … good … old … public … good … public … … …”

I couldn’t say it clearly, but Liu was not letting me, but more exciting. This is really a experience that makes me happy to die and painful.

“You are a small man, small saga, usually pretend to be tight, haha, now I don’t have it, how can I be so sensual.”

“You … I … no … have … … …”

Manager Liu makes me feel more exciting and more exciting.

Liu Yi suddenly hurriedly breathed the gas, said: “The odor … give me the legs, I … I’m shot!”

I suddenly woke up in my mind, I twisted my body, I want to let his penis out of it, today is my dangerous period, I am eager: “No … don’t shoot it …”

The penis of Liu suddenly rose much, he pressed me, and more stabbed below.

“Hey … hey … ah …” I am sorrow.

The big penis in the vagina begins to have a powerful pulse, the lower body feels a hot liquid, spraying in my heart.

I also take care of a lot, look up, half mouth, the body does not help but bend into a beautiful arc, the vaginal is also returned to a burst of hot flow.

I am a sad woman.

After a long time, Liu Yi pulled out his own penis that has begun. I silently sit up, wear a bra and put the undergarment into my legs.

Liu Yi, etc. I bundled all the buckles of the upper, and then barely, I would like to help me take the shoes, and “Tian Na …”

I didn’t care about him, looked at Liu’s slightly highlighting the lower abdomen, and there was a disgusting thing that was like a soft snake like a soft snake.

Standing on the ground, I made the wrinkles on the skirt, just, the dress behind the dress was very fast. I think of ridiculous move, my face is red.

I thought about it, I wanted to say that Liu was said: “Manager Liu, I have not happened today, just after you will dare … I really will call.”

After that, I never got out of the office of Liu. Just, I didn’t see the smile that Liu’s mouth slowly exposed, otherwise I will regret that I have a smart decision.

Always standing alone, Han Han, she looked at me.

Worse, I just made the voice I made with Liu and Shao, and Han Han must all hear it. What should I do? My heart is like a mess.

“Tian Na, you are really a first beautiful person in the company, even the bed sound is so beautiful.” Han Han also revealed a silk red halo, eye wave water.

“I …” I want to say.

“Hey, you can rest assured, it is a woman, I will not talk, and then, if any woman will meet Liu Shao, will not be a heart!”

I have a red, this is really more and more bad, Han Han she still saw it …

Oh, forget it, I still go.

Distinguished this is not far away, and there is no one to see my wolf.

Suddenly a hot stream passed through my trousers, and I took my thigh rooted. I hurriedly grabbed my own patent, and ran into the toilet. I picked the skirt and put the pants to the legs and sat quietly on the toilet. The semen of Liu, who did not control one drop at this time.

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