On September 30th, the units of our units embarked on the trip. The goal is a well-known small town in Xiangxi. People who read the Shen Congwen novel will know that the beautiful and not known in Xiangxi, there is a pure small river water bend. Extension, there is a clear Xiangfu river, there is a strange hanging foot building and ancient customs, these things attract us.

On the medium-sized car we have, everyone is very happy, because everyone is young, except that the old age of the team has passed 30 and there is a wife’s person, it is me and 5 mm, they are small汝, Xiaohua, Xiaoyan, Xiaolian and Xiaolin (Sorry, all the words of their name) 3 people have a boyfriend.

We said loudly, I proposed that from the beginning, I can only say that the yellow segment is, if anyone can’t say it, the “fragrance” to the opposite sex. Said that I took the lead in saying an old nun and cucumber, everyone laughed and kept, directly, I have to say one next to Xiaolin.

Xiaolin is the most beautiful one in the unit. Chasing her people are row, it is very proud, but it is said that she is open, and the man who is in bed with her, but I have a colored heart to her. I also know that my share is obviously too light compared to a man who goes to bed.

Xiaolin appeared very generous, said a paragraph of the old man and the new lady, she said very crude, even I was a little surprised, Xiaoyan and Xiaolian even red face.

The next is a little, and she is more mature and fascinating than the girl, she is a slight girl, the breast is very large, the skin is white, which makes people have a soft feeling. The poor little 汝 is probably the first time to say that Huang Section, I can’t say it for a long time, I blame the old Chen, give Xiao Yu incense! Old Chen is very mature, saying that this is your young people, or come.

I don’t quit, pulled Xiao Yu, when everyone is in her face, the car is laughing. After that, everyone turned into yellow sections. Several female colleagues were got a lot of oil, and even the young women Xiaohua were pinched on the chest. It’s rare to have a chance, my courage is more and more Big, hands are getting more and more uneasy, I don’t know, this buried a film for my lagoon.

The car arrived at the station, and we lived in the only hotel in the small town. I and the old Chen, Xiao Hua and Xiaoyu, Xiaolin, a small lotus, Xiaolin was alone. After washing and washing, the sky is very late, everyone has slept after each other, and there is no one night.

The next day, we opened the car, according to the tour guide, put the small city a circle, the small town is not big, there is a fresh and extreme beauty, the girl here is like water, let me think of the border city A Xiu, beautiful and beautiful, my heart is burned, I have to start on the female colleague, eat tofu, they feel very good, but I see Xiaolin’s The eyes are blameful, and the women next to it sneaked with the woman, I didn’t put it in my heart.

On the third day, we climbed the Southern Great Wall, and the old Chen tired his tongue spit it out. I have to be young, not often sexual life, so the physical fitness, the dragon is born, let me surprise a few Female colleague, although I always help them all the way, they don’t have the advice, I have to be excited one day, I have not exhausted.

Lao Chen slept early, but I didn’t have a heart to sleep. I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t stay. I opened Xiaolin’s door, I entered the house, I found Xiaoyan and Xiao Yan here, three women are playing cards. I sat down in Xiaolin, seeing them playing cards, Xiaolin suddenly hinds a two girls, Xiao Yu suddenly proposal, A Tao, you are not intended, not as good as you and Xiaolin, we play cards, How about losing a circle to take a piece of clothes?

I am very interested in listening to it, it is really stimulating, and I will join the war group without hesitation.

It’s a back, the first circle, I and Xiaolin have not opened it yet, Xiaolin is open to take off the top, I only put on the T-shirt and shorts, I can’t stand, I also take off the T-shirt, my heart is secret Tooth, not to take off these numbers, they have been addiction.

Which technology seems to be inversely proportional to her beauty, two laps, I will take off the last underwear, I will throw a card, I will go to the door, I don’t win, I don’t win, I still hide. Win. Sudden Xiaolin rushed to the front, one will lock it, say, how, don’t take it back? I looked at Xiaolin in front of him, and only breasts and underwear, she wants to take off, then it is not …

I was pulled back, Xiao Yan and Xiaoyan put me on the chair, Xiao Lin squatted in front of me, pulled my underwear, and pulled down, my red hormible old second morning is already can’t hold it. I got out of the top three MMs at once.

Xiaolin and Xiaoyu have a smile, Xiaoyan did not look at the red face, Xiaolin has a few words in Xiaoyan ear, Xiaoyan went out, I said, hey, sisters, play enough, Take off, I have to go back. Xiaolin put it again, and I grabbed my old two, rush, and play again.

I only feel that my mind has risen, and I suspect that I have heard it wrong. The door opened again, walked in with Xiaohua and Xiaolian, who wearing pajamas, and Xiaoyan, I want to finish this. Xiaohua and Xiaolian don’t know what happened, wait until I look at the Qing Guang, I want to rush out of the door. Xiaolin said, slowly, this kid played in these days, we have to retrieve some today, two are afraid of what, we are 5 to 1, playing this kid.

Xiaohua and Xiaolian have lived, and the red face looked at each other. Finally, it seems to be a great determination, and it is back. I am screaming in my heart, saying, I don’t have a heart, forgive me, don’t Play me again.

Xiaolin didn’t talk, across my legs, slowly took off the cream, gently clamp my old two, her breast is round, fresh red is light red It is not very full but very full, in front of my eyes. She gently rubbed my breast with her hand, and my tongue lick my earlobe, let my second bind on the original basis.

Xiao Yu took off his clothes while she slowed down, and her white skin made me swallowed many times, but when she appeared, I still couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of water, and the skin is very smooth. Plenty and dazzling, the breast is shaped, the cyan blood vessels are clear, her lower body is very long, almost covered all the triangles, she came over, put a legs to step on the back, a Messen In front of my eyes, her size is very fat, clitoris or hidden, and the whole Yin is a very tempting backclory, a few drops of prostitution have quietly wet her hair.

Xiao Yan pressed my head to her legs, I lick her Sao B, and a faint step is full of my mouth, the taste of obscenity makes my old two are very reflected, almost to achieve Explosion limits.

I feel that a little mouth swallowed my dick, and the soft tongue gently agled his neck. After a while, he gave a chaotic diaper, and the strong stimulation almost made me scream.

I am in the past, Xiaolin is the old two, no wonder, there is no experience. At this time, I saw Xiaohua was also stripping clothes. It seems that this mother is inner, I can’t hold it. Her breasts have obvious breastfeeding traces, the teat is large and black, the whole breast is sloppy, like two pockets. But her is extremely rare, and a close slit is hard to see her full picture.

Xiaohua came over, pulled up my right hand, put it in her lower body, I only felt the water in one hand, quickly put the middle fingers into her beauty, smashing, Xiaohua half, good, make me Hand has a full activity space.

Xiaoyan and Xiaolian are about not much. It’s better to take a while, and they are rushing. They are true girls, the skin is like a satin, the breast is very elastic, and it is really good to say. Xiaolin gave the cock to Xiaolian, let her gently swallow, remind her of the big mouth, do not bite to the dick with his teeth, Xiaolian will be skilled, but her tongue is not very flexible, let me have a lot less Fun.

Xiaolin lifted my butt high, straight into the asshole, did not hesitate to rush to the top, I only felt a big crisp, almost collapsed. Xiaoyan put my left hand into her lower body. She also had a beautiful point. The trend of the hairy is very perfect, the hair is not much, but it is very standardized, surrounded by the entire genitals, like an art.

I deliberately embarrassing her, reaching two fingers into her B, just started to break through some difficulties, but then found that there is a hole in the sky, it turned out to be the beauty of the best treasure bottle.

The room is infinitely in the room, I don’t know who called the first voice, for a time, the room is a lotus, Xiaoyong and Xiaohua are the sound of the sound. Xiaoyi gave my head to her B, almost put my head in, I really can’t think of her so strong, Xiaohua has shot once, but still don’t let go. Xiaolin, Xiaoyan Xiaolian took turns from my cock and asshole, Xiaolin even used his fingers into my ass, let me secretly.

I finally couldn’t help it, turned over the chair, pulled up Xiaolian, put her on the bed, the two legs were very open, I found that Xiaolian was a rare giant B, long pussy from The pubescent bones extend alone, and the water has flowed a lot, and the white liquid has a fresh aroma. I pinch the old two in my hand. This damn cannon can scare a lot of MM, today, it finally ushered in the first arduous battle! I took the old two in the little lotus hole, until she was shouted, come, squirting my waist, I pitiful her, pushing the old two, push it in, violently, hit the lotus Body, speech. Xiaolian’s red meat was brought out by the old second, and a burst of obscenity sprayed. I ate her tits, and my madness was mad, Xiaolian screamed, and it took a long time. At this time, several female colleagues have hide next to it, I took out the old two, and I took a target Xiaoyan.

Xiaoyan’s hole is red. It seems that I use my hand to get too hard, but I don’t pity the heart of jade, I am called a snoring in the top, Xiaoyan is painful, she should do love, the number of vaginals It is very powerful, I take care of everything, the small hole is brought in, her body is small, and the man who is 1 meter 75 this height is really weak.

But I will soon find that I am wrong, she seems to have adapted, but the point is laminated like a pumping machine, and there is a lot of tender meat layers in the inside, and I can’t help but Stay to shoot. I take a deep breath, forcibly enabled the Dafa, calm down, wholeheartedly, Xiaoyan, Xiaoyan … what…

… ah ……… The more you call more, finally there is no sound after a burst.

I climbed down from Xiaoyan. The next one is Xiaoyu. She has been anxious, she has turned over, I have turned her, squatting on the bed, then hiding the little threshl next to her body. One of the two acupuncture ports, haha, I first took the dick into Xiaolin, and smashed into the pockets and mixed it, and their prostitutes mixed together. Years, I will last, every time I don’t have the root, I have to go to the most deep, I can’t do it at once, and the spurting is full of full shot on my belly. Get me more wet.

I took a deep breath, only Xiaohua. This time, the big sister, the generous beauty, every time I need to help, I will come out in time, she is peaceful, sincere, I really can’t think of being a chaos, hey, I usually have a lot of sexual fantasies. With her as an object, because I like mature, like they have a little relaxed skin and full breast, as well as their unique taste.

Xiaohua’s vagina is slightly opened, and the pink tender meat is clear, the eyes are small, as if I am looking forward to my entry. I climbed to her, kissed her, her tongue soft, I swayed her breast, they looked like water, I looked at her phenoli, glimmer The obscene is applied to my face. Although her B has been born with a child, but still light red, the small labia is very long, and the whole entrance is tight, only a small mouth of the following small mouth flowing.

I put the tongue into her small hole, gently stir, she finally groaned, I used my fingers into her chrysanthemum eyes, she has never been such experiences, even loudly, lascivious, I am no longer teasing her, I am inserted with the old two, Xiaohua is called, and I work with me.

She is really experienced, not only clamping the vaginal, stimulating my old second, from time to time, I will make my breast, let me get into a meal, I will take me closely with my legs, let my old two maximum possible In the heart of her, her vagina fantasity, my twitching did not have any obstacles, I saw my old second smoke, bringing out a kinky, sent in, heard gently, Xiaohua’s small The labia is perfectly putting my old second pack, and opens out with its entry and out.

I no longer stick to the small China, her breast is moving, the small hole is moving, the soft meat is also a wave of movement, I am rapidly, the temperature of the second is getting higher and higher. I clearly felt that the old two was like a flaming iron rod, and didn’t leave into Xiaohua’s vagina.

At this time, several MMs also recovered, watching us on the side, and they have to come. Xiaolin has a strong interest in my asshole, and then put the tongue into it again.

With my giant, I finally shout in Xiaohua’s body, and the semen was shot like a machine gun bullet. Xiao Hua is mixed, and the two water blended, and we are even greater. Stimulate.

Xiaolin pulled out my old second, swallowed, my second half of the semen was shot into her mouth, huge and still trembled, the old two, the mouth, the mouth of Xiaolin, my heart is angry, Put the head of Xiaolin in the dead, the old two reached her throat, and sent the last column liquid into her esophagus. I hid in bed, hey, served in the service, this is broken my record. Xiaohua’s vagina is still flowing in the prostitution, Xiaoyu and Xiaoyan red face, gently lick her, and absorb the lascivious water. Xiaolin squatted to me, saying that I feel a feeling of humiliation.

Xiaolin grabbed my soft old two saying, we today, one person wants you to shoot once, one person helps you swallow a fine, one person let you lick a b, can forgive you to our disrespectful, by the way Say, just now this time …………

In the room, I came out of my desperate scream ……….

In the next few days, several MMs used me as a toy of all of them. When you play, everyone is working through it. When you eat, you will burn the old Chen and then use it as a gestone. My life is to keep all kinds of pussy, eat all kinds of obscene, bitter tits, can’t operate.

Every place in my body is can’t have ten times. My dick keeps from this mouth to the mouth, from this b to that b, being pulled by different hands, there are several times and even be used into the ass In the case, it is not allowed to bring the cover, Xiaolin this monk, put my asshole as a sugar can, I will soon suck, I really want to give her a mouthful, but I think that she is very amazing B. I didn’t dare to act rash.

Xiaohua is the best one for me. It is really a kind of enjoyment with her, and only she doesn’t smoke my old second when I am ejaculation. Because she knows, I like to shoot inside.

Seven days later, we finally embarked on the return, Xiao Lin warned that I would like this, and everyone is still a good colleague. I just want to forget this a few days like this, so I dare to put a fart again, and I will nod to promise.

Time has come over for more than a month, I can’t help but tell this here, so that I have a heart, there is a comfort, a comfort ………

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