“What did I do wrong?” Nai Nia cried, and Zeng was gentle, and try to comfort her.

“Why do they treat me like this? Not just our class, other classes are the same. That historic teacher also called me to sell, warning I don’t make a harmful family. I don’t go to school!”

Zhilang smiled and touched the hair of love, because he knew the reason for this whole thing. Things are always like this. When someone’s performance is excellent, it will be surrounded by an eye.

Dragon knew why his daughter would be excluded, although his daughter could not understand. But he knew that Nai Nia will always find how much it is.

Naiki just passed her ten-year birthday, which is a memorable event.

In the past few days, he did a birthday party for his daughter, and found that Naja’s misconduct, like deliberately knocked on her, and her skirt. Those bad things also have been made when they were young.

Nai Nia has a very beautiful face, long hair, big and charming eyes, and sexy lips.

Not just the little boy in the same year, love her, even if the adult man can’t pay attention to her existence.

However, the beauty of Naji is still a small thing, and how amazing will be foreseen in the future of this little girl from her mother. When Nai Nia was eight years old, he took care of that: Naiki began to develop.

Of course, all the girls will become a woman, and the chest will begin to grow up, and the mother of Nai Nia has a proud chest in the 12-year-old. Of course, Nai Nia inherited her mother’s excellent inheritance, but her growth seems to exceed her mother, because she just finished her ten-year-old birthday.

This little girl almost frightened her mother. When the winter, Nai Nia was concealed by a thick jacket, but when the summer, the thin uniform could not cover anything.

Nai Ni will complain with his family every month.

Zhi Liang walked his eyes and looked at Naja to unwind her white uniform, showing the huge breast.

“This belt is too tight, I can’t open the hook.” Nana took off the uniform, only to wear the blue lady’s mini student skirt is enough to tell people, but also to say that the breasts that bare burst have brought the bra. The snow-white breasts comes from too small bras, and it is a very uncoordinated picture.

Nai Nia turned to, so that Dad helped her unwind this bra. Zhi Lang looks at the specification written on the cloth: 30DD, apparently this bra is in the last time in Naji.

I still remember that Nai Nia received her first B cup of bra, it was a ridiculous thing.

Because the little girls of the same age do not need bras at all, Naja’s development is too good, she has a proud chest, a plump butt, slender thigh, and other girls, Naja is like a blink. Flowers.

He knows that although Nai Nia is only ten years old, not only those little boys fall in love with her, even if adults can’t pay attention to her tempting double milk.

Unlock Naja’s bra, and the milky chest is like filled with steep balloons, and it is highly high. Nai Nia held a snow-white breast with hands, spoiled to shake the upper body: “Nai Ni wants to buy a new milk.”

Of course, Naja is not immediately getting a new bra soon, but she got my mother’s previous bra, 34ee cup.

************ “You’d better give her some contraceptives.” Doctors warned their husband and wife. “Your daughter is too early, I think you know what I mean.”

Zhirang, of course, knowing the doctor, he remembers how to make a mother in school bus, the mother of Mother, and her sister’s fortune. These two schools have recognized the most beautiful sisters, they are all being opened by him.

The Mengzi pregnant with Naji at the age of 14, and he also made the lucky son when he was 12 years old, and he gave birth to a pair of twin daughters.

No one can imagine, the fourteenth year old girl in pregnant, how tight her vagina is, especially when she is still in a student uniform, when she is inserted.

He didn’t want to let Naji were ten years old, he had already taught a child to take care of a child.

Since Nai Nia put on her mother’s 34ee’s bra, sexy like a small devil. Her white student uniform seems to be buffered by her breasts, with a big opening on the button, you can see her snow white tits, and the black bra. Beautiful colossa. Her uniforms have no way to stuff it into the skirt, and it is highly revealed by her tits.

There is also a student skirt, which is unable to cooperate with Naja’s development, it is unliked. When Nai Nia is bent over the laces, you can see that her mother specially bought her beautiful underwear, white underwear against the Nai Nia’s fat buttocks, and the seductive dividend. Carefully designed underwear, the bottom of the underwear, can be seen, so that the private parts of Nai Nia are full of exquisite.

Nai Nia also knew that her father looked at her butt, she looked at her legs, her father’s eyes were promised.

In her classmates, she passed her father’s legend, and Dad in the heart of Naji was a hero who was unknown.

“Do you know? Nai Ni’s father has a ball so thick!” Yadi is publicized everywhere.

That is of course, Nai Nia knows that in addition to the mother of Yadi, the mother of other students in the class has an legs with Dad.

After a parent meeting, all the ladies were fighting first to wait for the empty classroom on the first floor to wait for love with her father. After that night, the wife in the community has been pregnant at least five. However, Nai Nia didn’t know that Yadi also made love with her Dad and her father.

When Dad, Dad came to the south, the seven-year-old Yadi opened.

The mother of Yadia was a month to do a month. When Yazi woke up every day, her little belly was swollen like a hill, because she was filled with semen in the uterus that she had not developed. However, in the uterus of Yadia’s mother, it must be filled with more semen, because Nana’s father is not in the body of her mother, so the mother of Yadi is also pregnant.

Some female students will borrow their horses to Naja family, after all, her father is so handsome.

Those gods will slip out of bed at night, sneak into the house of Naji, when they come back, they have spilled a lot of semen on the lush or underwear.

Once, Nai Nia couldn’t help but peek, seeing her best friend from the door, the best of her father, the father of Naji, worked hard, her dad, white semen from her. The red swelling hole flows out.

Nai Nia was shocked, until her Dad shot her friend full of semen.

If you don’t have the expected, you will hold a belly like basketball for five months. However, she often tall the big belly to Nai Ni family, and then tied to Naji’s father.

*********** In Naja’s room, Zhilang and Nai Nia were sitting in bed.

Nai Nia broke the silence, “Dad, I am not a bad girl.” She said: “You see, I am so big here.” She put her breast, so that her Dad saw how full of she is.

Zhirang pro-daughter’s cheeks, smiled and said: “This is God gives you the best gift, you should be happy.”

Nai Nia drumd his mouth and said: “But others ridicule, I am a cow.”

Zhi Lang hugged his daughter in his arms: “You have to know, the big chest girl looks particularly sexy!”

Nai Nia is secretly delighted, because her father’s legendary big stick is tightly roaring her lower abdomen.

“Dad, when I took a tram, those bones would deliberately touch my chest. However, I will feel that the chest is very comfortable, the whole body is fever!” She deliberately put the chest, let the two meat balls in Dad’s chest : “Dad, you touched my nipple, my tap will rise, it is very uncomfortable.”

Zhi Lang looked at the daughter to poke the silk pajamas by the silk pajamas: “Naja, Dad can’t go to touch the daughter’s chest, it is not allowed!”

Nai Nia Zhang took a large eye of Water, “Dad is not said that the greater the nah, the more sexy?”

Dad is in the Nai Nai? “Nai Nia put the chest higher, huge breasts waiting for Dad’s caress.

“Naja, if the mother knows, she will kill her father.” Zhi Lang touched his daughter’s head.

“I will never tell my mother.” She said gently in his father’s ear.

Nai Nia unlocked pajamas, the two breasts were like water polo in front of Zhilang’s eyes. Zhi Lang stay there, it is the largest breast in all the girls. Nai Nia took the breast to Dad’s eyes. “Dad, you see my nipple becomes good, because Nana will see that Dad feels hot.”

Just like being hypnotized by the breast, Zhilang’s mouth contains Naja’s pink nipple.

“Dad ~~ Dad ~~” Nai Nia is excited to fainting, her nipple is picked up by Dad’s tongue.

Nai Nia still remembers her classmates whisper telling her, from her seven years old, her father often massages her chest, her father always shot hot hot semen on her breast, so white stone’s breast This white, rising so full. If the chest of Na Nia is also moisturized by Dad’s semen, Nai Nia will have a more beautiful chest.

Nai Nia watched his father’s pants, deliberately sent a schematic: “Dad, your one … that became very big! Is this uncomfortable?”

Just like a lover, Naja is skilled in the father’s pants take off. Nai Nia carefully held his father’s giant jacket with both hands. She used to play this game in the sports room before, so they drove.

“My classmates say that the hot semen is sprayed on the chest will make your grandmother more beautiful. Dad, can you shoot some hot semen in the chest of Naji?”

Naika’s small hand speeds up the big stick of Dad, and then Nai Nia’s little mouth pro-gains the big glans, the glans flowing out of the mucus, wet Nai Nia sexy little lips.

Dad’s glans is too big, and Nai Ni has tried his best to take half of the glans. Zhiang bowed his efforts to give him a great daughter, and felt that Nai Nia was drilled with her tongue with her tongue.

“Hey …” Suddenly exploding a large number of white concentrates from the mouth of Naji, bounced the glans continued to spray a lot of white concentrate, sputtering on the Naja’s cute face, covered from Naji’s forehead to the nose. Thick white liquor.

Zhirang aligned his daughter’s mouth, exhausted a gun, sexy lips immediately covered by white thick mucus.

Of course, Zhilan does not forget the requirements of the love, holding huge meat sticks to the bulls of Nana, “咻 ~~” Huge white water cannonball playing in the breast on the left of Naji, “!” .

“Ah ~~” Nana is scallted by the hot semen.

“咻 ~~ 咻 ~~” A large number of semen is constantly shot from the big glans like the fist, hit it in the breasts of Naji, two rich breasts are constantly being affected by semen, violent shaking.

“Hey … … … …” After a while, Nai Nia’s breasts were like being splashing sugar, covered with thick and hot white semen, and the strong smell of semen is full of little girl. The boudoir.

Nai Nia looked up at his father: “I never thought that there were so many semen of Dad.”

Zhi Liang looked at the daughter’s face with the face of the semen, smiled and said: “You haven’t seen your mother almost drowned by Dad’s semen.”

Nai Nia was pleased to apply mucus on his tits.

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