Cool colors of light mercury in his body, a childlike face, slender too close to the thin body type, even if determined to still hesitant pace, like a teenager to go to war in general went into a building .

“I think that … registered …” juvenile launch insurance card and money, let alone this action he flushed, come to this place for most men, is very awkward, especially the other was a twenty-year-old beauty Nurse.

“?? And who is the little brother ah ah” sound to make sweet nurse teenager’s face becomes redder, he hesitated and said: “I … I myself come … my parents were not at home …” both like teenagers excuse to explain something like a camel he said.

“? Ah” The nurse nodded and said: “Now no one, come now.”

Teenager head down into the exam room, the nurse immediately in accordance with customary door to take in order to protect patient privacy, which is the necessary actions ── because here is the urology clinic.

“Little brother Is there a problem?”

“This … Please … may I ask a doctor where …?” Teenager sitting in a chair, sheepishly asked the beautiful eyes dressed in a white robe.

“I am a doctor ah.” Female doctor, pointing to a white robe himself in front of the breast, so that teenagers do personally to determine her name and the name of the clinic of the same.

“That … that … Masaki Sato is a woman … I’m all right, bye!” Juvenile face red and distended, suddenly stood up Wangwai left, but forgot to shut the door has been on the nurse, after the “bang” slamming the big ring , the people hit the door, fell down.

“Brother, all right?” Juvenile female doctor in a call to wake up, he subconsciously raised his hand going to rub themselves still aching forehead and nose, back of the hand but ran into a very soft ball.

“Oh, little brother lust.” Female doctor holding reflex chest, but he accidentally attached to the juvenile’s arm also hug in which she wittily stick your hand before allowing him to leave his doublet.

“Be careful where to walk, but panic will hit the wall yo, you lovely nose almost hit the flat of it.” Female doctor nodded his slender fingers young nose, big boy like this incited her heart maternal instincts, usually cold she could not help but want to care for him … and bully him.


“Well, little brother Morishita, what is your problem?” Now the question, make fun of his face look female doctor immediately disappeared, replaced by a serious look.

“I … I … I am sorry to say …”


“Because … because the doctor You’re the woman ah.”

“Fool, which I am a doctor, you can rest assured speak.” For this reaction juveniles real tree has seen a lot, will come to the urology clinic she saw a man, most of them will embarrassment of a period of time , so she began to chat and teenagers to divert his attention.

Getting to know young female doctor living conditions, his parents are busy engaged in foreign trade business, which is difficult to have a few days a year in Japan, had to take care of him to the servants, but servants working hours only to do after dinner, the next time you left him alone to face the dark lonely big house.

“Small quiet, come on down to the door, but I’m sure no one came.” Nurses conduct itself out the door, perhaps less because of a spectator, teenager tension obviously a lot of gentle, female physicians see Jibukeshi immediately asked him to come for this purpose.

“I … I … there … penis swelling …” Juvenile said haltingly.

“Oh? Inflamed. Have you found that wound? Or where will the pain?”

“No … not hurt … wounds … I do not know, I did not see …”

“Okay, the pants off, I see if it is inflamed.” Female doctor pulled the car equipment, he said.

“This … is not right …” juvenile pressing crotch, blushing resist the clutches of female physicians.

“I am a doctor yeah, what are embarrassed.” Pull down female physicians, juvenile weak force but after all, than her dark blue sweat pants with white panties drawn together by her on the thigh.

(Wow!) Female physicians widened his eyes, he did not spend a great mind only suppress aloud.

The shares of the teenager yet have not long hair, the little brother wrapped in the foreskin is also a beautiful pink, and the adult is filling with the aggressive meat stick, which is soft in the hands of the owner. But the surprise of the female doctor is not a matter of course, but the size of the thing is too big for a teenager. When there is no erection, the size of the thing has also surpassed the average length of the Oriental, a female physician At all, I didn’t want to imagine waiting until he developed completely, the erectous meat stick would have a lot. Regardless of the monster, at least “it” is now safe, the female physician is surprising, letting her professional, the part of the woman, I have seen countless men’s lower body, this is also But just a little boy’s genitals … Nothing, she told himself in her heart.

The young hands cover his face, and the girl who escaping rape fate is generally ashamed to see people, and then wanted to observe the more female physician push down the diagnosis and treatment.

“Don’t move … strange … There is no signs of inflammation without the wound … Where are you swollen?”

“Ah! Medicine aunt … there … swollen … swollen !!” The young woman suddenly screamed, but the female doctor was scared, but only see the boy’s stick gradually raised, and the pink packet gradually exposed a bright red meat. head.

“Ah, this is” swollen “?” The female physician is angry and funny, and it is very stunned to the current failure of the current sex education, but the mood of this worry is not long before the shock is shocked.

(Too much smoother …) The teenager’s meat stick is rough, she can’t master it. She is gently pushing. If the child’s fist, the huge green glans immediately explore the head, although there is no Western A Black actor’s metamorphosis, but the juvenile meat stick is very standing, and there is no way because it is huge.

“This is called” erection “, and mature boys will become bigger here if they see beautiful girls.

.. “The female physician explained that the boy who was originally covered was gradually moved by her, and the hand slowly put down, and the eyes were moved down, but inadvertently saw a beautiful scenery.

The black lace striped by the female doctor was opened by her huge double peak. It reveals a more twist skin color line under the curve of the cloth. Although the boy does not understand what is sex, the male instinct is It is still driven to the blood that has already been hard to be hard.

Holding a constant pulsating meat stem, the female doctor’s eyes are gradually blur, the voice of the speech is sweet and greasy: “Little brother … So why you will become big here …”

“Because … because of the physician, you can … and … I saw … there …”

The teenager who was mastered the “handle” and said.

The female doctor knows what he is talking about from the sight of the teenager, but she did not cover the chest, and the heart was only a strong motherhood that was only because of the blessing of the blessing of the erection of their ditch.

However, the woman’s mother’s physical ability and the prank are used to use the same group of nerves. At this time, the female physician starts before and after the right hand, and the thrill of the young man is first experienced.

Originally, the surface of the glans is generally stretched soon, and the angularly distinctive rosin is finally unlicensed from the bottom of the foreskin, facing this world.

“Little brother, here … it is also to wash it when you take a shower, you see … I have accumulated so much dirt.”

The female doctor took some cotton waves and rubbed on the juvenile meat stick.

With the actions of the female physician, the teenager is like a girl’s beautiful show, and when the cotton rod is rubbed down below the glans, the huge amount of the sun suddenly swayed a few times, and a white mucus is unenousable. The speed burst out, quickly flying quickly from the female doctor’s face, “” placed on the door panel of the diagnosis and treatment room.

(Wow, it is very powerful!) The female doctor is shocked, and the jade hand off the cotton rod to the top, the area of ​​the palm is immediately occupied by the subsequent semen. The semen of the ventered is rice, is confused, some are even like a block, and it is very scary. If she instantly changes the gesture, the sleeve of the white sleeves are blurred.

“Ah … pus … ran out …” The teenager scared his face change.

“Fool, this is not a purulent, it is a semen, this thing can make girls … pregnant, born baby.”

The female physician looked at himself is full of semen, and then smiled and painted these semen back into the meat sticks that were still not sold.

“Birth baby …” The fact that the teenager looked at the mucus of the mucus, and the facts of these “purulent” will make life, it seems that they don’t dare to confuse, muttering: “How to live?” Said that people are unconless, originally The face of the female physician is immediately red, take the initiative to remove the white robe on the body, and the black lace is stunned under the bottom of the silver lace, and the graceful figure.

The female doctor did not unlock the shoulder strap, turned to pull the belt, so that the narrow skirt slipped down along the thigh, then she suddenly felt the teenager’s enthusiastic sight, the gorgeous face shy, with sweetness The tone says: “The younger brother … don’t look at people! You also take off …”

The teenager took off the top, kicked the trousers, but the eyes were still tightly sticking on a mature carcass of a female physician.

When there is only one underwear with black socks, the female physician suddenly horses, she thinks if she wants to let the teenager see the most privacy part, after all, for a woman who has been a wife, this On behalf of her, she made a “red apricot out of the wall”. But seeing the face of the teenager, that is in a confusion, shocking a hot face, the female physician’s hesitation disappeared, that once also appeared on her husband, but now I will lose my life. The block is released, so that the teenager will watch your own private parts.

“Little brother … you see … this is the place where the girl is born.” There is only a female doctor who has a black sling in the whole body sitting at the table, separating your legs, smiles against the teenager, the teenager is like hypnotism. Before walking, hold the mince stick that swells to the fried, and looked at the red lips of the female doctor.

“Want … coming in?” The female physician now doesn’t know what he says, the desire of Bud is full of her inner, and the husband is cold for a long time, the mood is eager to enter the meat stick.

“Enter … Go …” The teenager looked at the narrow gap.

“Of course … the baby is so big to come …”

Under the temptation and guidance of a female physician, the teenager will tremble the meat stick on her honey meat, slowly squeezing.

“Ah … ah …” The young woman issued a girl, the thrill of realizing the feelings made him all the body, trembling, the upper body fluttered directly in the chest of the female doctor, while the meat stick did not enter half.

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