(1) When I am in the past four, I am in the past, I am bored all day, I am bored at home, more boring for my more boring mom, I will pick with the aunts in the unit every afternoon.

A day in the afternoon, the mother who finished the mahjong saw that the handbag of Lu Yanmei Aunt, who was gave me, and called me to send it. Lu Auntie lived in a small four-in-court opposite my house downstairs, almost two minutes, I got to the door of her house. Originally wanted to press the doorbell, the result instinctively pushed the door, actually pushed, the original gate did not lock. I went in and walked straight, walked through the small court, entered the corridor of the house, just want to call Lu Ayi, but heard a snoring.

“Ah … it is light … Yeah … ask you … people hurt …” Lu Ayi called a good complaint.

“Old Sao … I killed you, let you shout!”

“Ah … ah … don’t …” Lu Ayi is still for mercy.

“肏 … 肏 … 肏 肏 你 老 骚 …”

The husband of Lu Ayi should now be in the field? Is it just right? Just returned, they can be very hungry! I wanted to go to the door of the bedroom. I saw the gap of the door. I saw that Lu Ayi was lying in bed. The hands were tied to the bed, and the two full-filled breasts were in a pair of hands, two wearing black The beautiful legs of the stockings are in the shoulders of the man. Two beautiful feet are stallless, and the man is squatting in bed, and the crotch keeps spherling forward, with his sprint, is Lu Ayi Resentful snoring.

Because of the angle problem, I can’t see the man’s face, but I feel that he is not the husband of Lu Ayi. Just when I was confused, when I was a husband of Lu Ayi, I heard Lu Ayi once again begging: “I beg you … Ah … Bo Kang, don’t shoot in … ah … don’t …”

However, the man named Bo Kang did not pay for mercy on Lu Ayi, still pumping it.

Lu Ayi continued to give mercy, and Bo Kang suddenly bodied forward, after a low, there was a minute, then paid a minute, and then the big cock of the paid. At this time, Lu Ahi looked at the ceiling. The tears could not live down, looked at Lu Aunti, and Bo Kang smiled and laughed. The tears of Lu Ayi said: “Dear, not the first time It is located inside, it’s okay to eat some medicine, I am not cool outside, I don’t cry! “

Lu Ayi didn’t care about him, and still looked at the ceiling. Bo Kang gave Lu Ayi and said: “Dear, today, I have to go.”

“Open my hand, the money in the drawer, take the money, you quickly roll, I don’t want to see you anymore.”

The eyes of Lu Ayi are still crying.

“Good.” Bo Kang once again pro-kids the cheeks of the aunt, then unlocked the rope of Lu Ayi, just when he went down the bed, I saw his face, it turned out that he is a famous one here. “Evil 30”, the outer number is called “six sons”, which is our retired old revolution, the son of the old cadres.

I am giving a aunt, how can I get together with him, see him has taken money, ready to wear clothes, I quickly retreated it, and by the way, the aunt’s hand is hung on the corridor.

After returning home, the mother asked me: “Give a package, how can I have been so long.”

“I met an old classmate on the road and chatted for a while.”

“Oh, let’s eat it.”

(2) After a few days, they launched in my family, after the end, my mother said to Lu Ayi: “Yanmei, take your bag, save my son to send you again.”

“What, when will Huawei send me a package?” Lu Ayi asked.

“You are a pig brain, it is a big day, you gave me, I was still in my sofa, let Huawei sent you home, only a few days, you forgot, pig brain, you!” Mom said that, I suddenly went to the living room. I quickly said: “Yes, Lu Ayi, you can really forget!” After you finish, I will blink your eyes.

Lu Ayi suddenly realized: “Oh, I think it is, 嗬嗬.”

“Yanmei, you are too big, I will forget it, it is really a piggy!”

It is probably not too embarrassed to be too embarrassed to be, Lu Ayi hit it and hurried.

The next afternoon, the mother’s unit should check the account, because the mother is accounting, so the grass is going to have lunch. I didn’t have long after my mom, I received a call from Lu Ayi, saying that I would talk to me. Originally, I would like to say in the phone, but Lu Ayi said that the phone is not very convenient, but also unclear, insisted on talking to me, and said that I will let me go downstairs, she drives me.

After the car, I didn’t turn my corner, I said directly: “Lu Ayi, I saw it, let’s not say, I want to say: I am a person who is not concerned about others. This is also true of the things of Lu Ayi. “

Lu Ayi said: “Huawei, the car is not suitable, or go to a place to speak.”

See Lu Ayi, I haven’t speech it. How long does it take, Lu Ayi’s car has entered a high-end villa community.

In front of a three-story luxury villa, Lu Ayi opened the electric control door, and said to me after driving the car: “Huawei, it is very quiet, let’s talk in the villa.”

“Lu Ayi, is this villa yours?”

“Well!” Lu Ayi nodded.

Entered the villa, the luxury inside made me stunned, but Lu Ayi had a heart to appreciate these, but I took me on the third floor, entered her study, went to the rounded tea relying on the window, Lu Ayi I sat on a bamboo chair and then walked to the beverage cabinet, said: “Huawei, what do you want to drink?”

“No, Lu Ayi, I don’t want to drink anything!”

Seeing me, I don’t want to drink, Lu Ayi took two bottles of pure water, went over, put a bottle of it in front of me, then sat on my opposite.

Lu Ayi didn’t talk, but a while, I will look at the scenery outside the window. I don’t know what Lu Ayi means. I asked: “Lu Ayi, you don’t want to talk to me. ? Why don’t you talk? “

“Huawei, I want to say, but I don’t know how to open. Now you open, I will not be so embarrassed.” Lu Auntie suddenly, continued: “Do you have seen it at the day? “

“Well, Lu Ayi, I saw it! But I have already said, I am not interested in the privacy of others.”

“This, I believe you, because you are a person who doesn’t love it from childhood! However, after seeing me and him, you must think that aunt is a lascivious woman.”

“……….” I don’t think I will see Lu Ayi.

“Don’t talk, the representative is it, but the aunt is not very careful to this. I think you must be very doubtful. Very confused how I will be with a” mixed “.”

I nodded.

“In fact, he is my little uncle.”

“Ah!” Listened to Lu Aunti, I am stunned: “How? He will be your little uncle? Lu Ayi, you are not talking about Tianshu?”

“Of course, it is true, it is true.”

Learn that Lu Aunt said, I really want to know what the reason is, continue to ask: “What is Lu Ai, what is going on? I listen to the clouds!”

“Then I will tell you from the head!”


“In the winter of 1974, my father-in-law, mother-in-law was made into the walked school, entered the labor reform farm. At that time, Shao Shushou just got at the primary school, and sent it to the relatives. Before entering the farm, mother-in-law is already pregnant 6 It is a month, I haven’t been in the year, that is, I have just been a year, my mother-in-law will give birth to a boy. But because the conditions of the labor reform farm are extremely bad, they can’t let the children survive, so, in the father-in-law, mother-in-law People, when the child has just born, I will take it away. In fact, this household is also you know, it is Xie family. “

“Lu Ayi, this Bo Kang is the unique seedlings of Xie family. It is also a lot of people, then say, thank you for your child?”

“Well, their family has no children, should be thank you, did not have birth skills. Because of this, they have always been like this, very popular, after the father-in-law, mother-in-law, once you want to go back to Bokang , But the old lady is very painful. Seeing his father. And Bo Kang lived very well, father-in-law, mother-in-law gave up the idea of ​​going back to Bokang. “

I said: “Then, Bo Kang became” evil “, I am afraid I thank God of the old lady.”

“Yes, it is too pet. Thank you, my grandfather is in the job. He is in the stepfather Huzu, thank you older who want to pack him, Xie Lao Tai is not letting live, and finally, it will be a” evil “, it is completely unable to be there. Last year, Xie Laoli sudden brain has no rescue. After the death, Xie Lao, who had returned, completely tested him, and wrote a letter to his father, and returned to the old home to pension. “

“Thank you, my grandfather didn’t expect it!”

“Well, the old man is good, I feel that the old comrades have entrusted the child to him, and finally become” evils “, they have no face to see people.”

“Later, Bo Kang came back?” I asked.

“Well, come back, I originally wanted to manage him, but he sent a snot with a nose, and when he did the family, I felt that I owe him, so he was very easy to win. The trust of family.

Mongolian, mother-in-law, and your uncle Shao, I can’t get it. However, “evil” like him be better? The ghost believes that at that time, I can’t say anything, I can only look at my father, my mother-in-law and my husband are deceived by him. “

“Lu Ayi, I think you are not convenient to say, how to say that Shao Shu Shi, otherwise it will not be by him …” I realized that I said something wrong, but I haven’t received it back, I am not there. Speech.

“Huawei, there is nothing, it is already true, aunt is not very careless to this.” Lu Ayi said it is easy.

“Ah! Auntie, how do you say this?”

“Aunt is not a huge hustlettery, Bo Kang, many he is not much, less he a lot!”

I asked in confused: “Auntie, do you still have other love?”

Lu Ai nodded and said, “You Shao Uncle’s unit is responsible for coal delivery, all the year round in Qinhuangdao, it will come back for 3 or 4 days, from Qian Qian’s primary school, now for many years, annual This is the case. When Qian Qian elementary school, it is better to send some borsing. Playing mahjong, but at night, the aunt fed asleep. “

“Auntie, you are not easy! How to Shao Uncle has not been tone? Or you can go to Tianjin, Qinhuangdao?”

“He is a business backbone, where others are not playing. I have been there. I haven’t been the same, I don’t know, it is better to play, at least, I can play mahjong.”


“Later, some men saw that I was alone, I started to deliberately approaching me, I don’t exclude them, my love, I am willing, I am together!”

“Auntie, can you be very powerful?”

“Huawei, don’t take a smile, a good woman who is like aunt?”

“Lu Ayi, I didn’t make fun of your mean, I want to say, you are not easy, you can understand this.”

“嗬嗬 …” Lu Ayi smiled helpless.

“Auntie, isn’t you and Bo Kang? I am willing to love?” I asked.

“He is not because I reject him from the beginning to the end, let me go to bed, I am not willing to bed, I am going to bed, because he gave me medicine. He is very despicable, very Despicable. “

“The next medicine? He is also doing too much. What is going on?”

“The husband took him to Qinhuangdao. When he came back, he brought some local aquatic products to his family. After sending me, I took the opportunity to give my cup. Then I can’t own it, I have been with him. In the afternoon, since then, I have to go to bed once again, in addition to being played, I have to give him money, I really can’t slaughter him. “Lu Ayi said to his teeth.

“Auntie, you are talking about it, this kind of thing is not to kill the chop can be solved.”

“Hey, there is no way, if someone else’s words, it is good to say that after all, it is the brother of my husband. There is no good way to talk about it.” Lu Ayi helplessly said.

I accidentally looked at the table, I have been four o’clock, I have been talking about two hours.

“Auntie, I know, I know, I don’t know, I also know, but I still” someone else’s private matter is someone else, let’s go back. “” “I will go so soon.” Ah? “Lu Ayi said,” You know so much aunt, what should I do if I want to be aunt after? “

“Auntie, how?”

“I said that people will change, I can’t guarantee what I will look!”

I don’t know what idea of ​​Lu Ayi, saying: “Lu Ayi, how do you want?”

“Aunt must have something to have you!”

“Take my things? I don’t know what is going to make Aunt want it?” I said.

“Top bed with Auntie, this is the only thing that is the only thing that can be honest?” Lu Ayi said.

I am surprised to say: “What? Auntie? You are my mother’s colleague, how can I be with you? And say, you are really not interested in you, you don’t want to say it with me.”

“Huawei, and you said those things, just a reason, there is another reason, you must also tell you, because this is close to you, and you have to know.”

I strive to calm down my emotions and say: “Auntie, you said, what reason?”

“It’s my daughter, Shao Yipian.”

“Qian Qian? What is the relationship between Qianqian?” I doubt.

“Huawei, I will ask you first, Qianqian likes you from Xiaoyu, you also like Qian Qian, is it true?”


“In the past, you both like to school, even if you like each other, you should also be important as yourself, but now, you will graduate soon, we can talk about your things.”

“Auntie, I am graduating, but Qian Qian? I am still going to school, what is the use of my graduation?”

“You don’t know, Qian Qian is the secondary school. Last year, we are allocated to our unit. Now he is junior college, and it is a salary to go to school.”

“Oh, even two adults can talk about our things, don’t have to go to bed with you?”

“Huawei, after you graduate, you must be engaged with Qian Qian, then get married, after you, I am your mother-in-law.”

“Lu Ayi, then I am your son-in-law, I can’t be with you …”

“But if the son-in-law knows some of the mother-in-law, but the mother-in-law is helpless, if you bully Qianqian, I can’t give Qian Qian, what should I do? So, since you saw me and Bokang sex start, You are equal to owing me, you have to have, and I am going to bed, it is the only way to repay. “

Listening to this logic of Lu Ayi, I feel purely nonsense, I just want to refute Lu Ayi, Lu Ayi has come to me, leaning down, and my shoulders, holding my hands. Cheeks, kisses this forehead and cheek, there is no preparation to Lu Ayi, just muttered: “Ah … Lu Ayi, we can’t …”

“Huawei, oh …” Lu Ayi kissed me together, at that moment, I forgot to close my eyes.

For a long time, when I opened my eyes, Lu Ayi had taken off the shirt and bra, naked the upper body, two full-filled breasts with her breathing and shaking in front of me.

“Huawei, Auntie?” Lu Ayi asked.

“Beautiful … Beautiful … Lu Auntie!” I breathe.

“What are you waiting for?” Said that I put my hand on her breast.

When I touched Lu Ayi’s breast, the lustfully controlled my brain. I kept rubbing her full breast. The feeling like a child. “Ah … ah … Hua Wei, cool, cool me … ah! “

Probably too intoxicated, Lu Ayi gradually succeeded, and finally looked at my body, then looked at me with blurred eyes: “Baby, I want …”

“Lu Ayi … here is not suitable, let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Ok, Huawei, bedroom … next door, you hold me, aunt is really can’t move.”

I took Lu Ayi into the bedroom. After I got a bed, we all quickly took off your clothes.

My big cock has long been a post, the top of Lu Ayi has already lassed the vaginal mouth, no more effort, was swallowed by Lu Ayi. “Ah … Huawei … The cock is big, ah … so cool … ah …”

“Auntie, you are also … Sao is really cool, too comfortable … ah …”

“I hate it … people are not sage … ah …” Lu Ayi is full of blushing.

I said: “No … Sao … is … What?”

“Yes … ah … ah … ah …” Just when Lu Ayi is getting angry, I feel that I am going to shoot, I want to control, but it is fetching, but accelerates thrust speed.

“Ah … ah … aunt … I want … shot … I can’t control … Ah …”

“Shoot … Huawei … shot … all shot … Auntie … Sao … inside … ah …”

“Ah …” My body is in front, the semen fish in the cock is out, the lower abdomen is not stopped, the whole person has a feeling of blindness, and then looks at Lu Ayi, the eyes are close, breathing is gradually gradually It turns evenly, it seems to be enjoying this moment.

When the dick slipped out of the land, Lu Ayi held the dick that I was served and the sophisticated dick, said: “Baby, let’s wash!”

“Ok, aunt!”

“How is it called people aunt!

“Ah, baby, you can’t pay attention.” I pleaded.

“This is similar.”

In the bathroom, Lu Ayi tested the water temperature, opened the shower, and then rushed to me straight, said: “This little bad guy, I thought it was too powerful, I didn’t have to pay for it!”

And I took the bath, rushed on her breast, said “Baby, first time, after all, it is unfamiliar, I will not!”

She symbolizes to hide, said, “I hate it, who is later!”

In this way, we compete for each other, rush each other’s sensitive parts, until it is tired, then we kiss together …

(3) When the training internship in the duty room is coming, it is really uncomfortable at the family. I found a few classmates who came back to practice. After scattered, the sky is already dark, but the night of the evening is very comfortable. I don’t want to go home, I am aimless, I actually walked to the door of my mom.

Into the hospital, I traveled to the rehabilitation center. Going to the door of the head of the nurse, Lu Ayi was holding the chin to sit in front of the desk, seeing me, said: “My little baby, why don’t you stay at home, come here?”

“I have been boring at home, and I don’t know how to get to the hospital at the hospital after drinking wine. So, I came in.”

“It is bored at home, I would rather find classmates, I don’t look for me.” Lu Ayi said dissatisfaction.

I quickly said: “Baby, are you not a duty today? How do I find it? Mom, they can’t go, let me find you? Are you going to open?”

“For your kid, you will talk. For a while, I will arrange my nurse’s live children, I will basically get nothing, baby, don’t leave.” After that, he reached out and grabbed my neck.

“Is it here? Will it be a problem?” I asked.

“No, as long as the door is closed, no one can come.”

“Ok, no problem.”

After giving the nurse, Lu Ayi ran in, after inserting the door, we couldn’t wait to hold together, just when I just took off the Lu Ayi’s bra, Lu Ayi The phone rang, she was a sentence, “I really scaven”, then I looked at the call, I picked the phone: “What are you doing? Isn’t you not yet? How do you call? I am bother you? “

After listening to the answer of the phone, the eyes of Lu Ayi were clear.

Hurry and ask: “Where are you? When?”

After getting the other party’s answer, hurry up the phone, and then said to me, “Little Baby, you hide, our director” will come over, I have said that he doesn’t come tonight, but who I know that he will pay attention, it is already at the door, you can’t get it! “

I quickly took a good clothes, took the bed, salad with shoes, and asked: “Is it still coming? I should go out.” “It’s too late, he immediately went to my door, you hide to hide, no Too long, he will go after it is. “Lu Ayi said anxiously, she brought me to the door of the wardrobe, opened a door with mirror, said to me:” Little baby, grievance Will, this mirror is special, you can see it from inside, wait for me, don’t come out, wait for him to come back, promise me, ok? “

“Well!” I nodded. She kissed me gently, closing the door with mirror.

Lu Ayi said: “Little baby, remember, no matter what happens, you don’t have a sound, otherwise, we will finish, I love you, Qian Qian also loves you, you can’t have something, you can’t make a sound !must”

“Well!” I am very reluctant to answer.

Lu Ayi’s front of the wardrobe, I haven’t come yet, why didn’t I get a special mirror? The door of her office, she remembers the door.

I saw that Lu Ayi didn’t have a door, then I came in a middle-aged man wearing a white coat, and the face was fascinated. I would like to be the director in Lu Ayi, after coming in, I will give it the door. Then plug in insurance.

When Lu Ayi closed at his desk, Lu Ayi quickly returned to the desk, picked up a ballpoint pen, writing paintings on a medical record, seeing that the middle-aged man is fascinated by him, Tao: “Director, isn’t it not available tonight? How come again?”

“Originally, today, I have to eat with the dean. The result is half, the dean took a call, and rushed, and the remaining people didn’t mean anything. After dinner, I grouted.” Director Say it while walking.

“Hey, a group of arrogant. A group of hot posts posted to the cold butt of people.” Lu Ayi said no irony.

After the director has gone to the back of Lu Ayi, bending down, touching the chest of Lu Ayi: “Yan Mei, don’t you talk about the sticks?”

“Take the hand!” Lu Ayi wanted to take the director’s hand, the director is more and more unscrupulous.

Lu Ayi wanted to get rid of the director, he wanted his elbow, and he didn’t want his back to play on the face of the director.

The captain of the color is suddenly invincible, and the Lu Ayi said: “The smell of the scorpion, don’t face the face, when you see how you want to use the cock, now you are in the son, you are a stinky scorpion, you Look at the Laozi, how can you pack you. “

After the director said, Lu Ayi slowly returned to the head, and didn’t even see him, say: “On you, 哼, 想 干?” While talking, the pen is still written in Shasha .

The director saw Lu Ayi’s indifferent, as if he was greatly shame, immediately took out a large scalpel from the pocket of Bai Daze, and his left hand held the chin of Lu Ayi. The right hand took the knife to the neck of Lu Ayi. I have realized that the dangerous Lu Ayi is panicked to go back and ask: “You … you … you … exact ……………………………….

“What do you want to do? Place the old man!” Director ordered.

Lu Ayi stood up, face the director, and the director kicked the seat of Lu Ayi, and then said: “Take the clothes to Laozi, fast!”

In the face of the prostitutes of the director, Lu Ayi didn’t choose, and the clothes were taken away. There was only a bra, triangular panties and long stockings.

Looking at the fear of the fear, I really want to rush out to the dog’s duty, but there is no choice of Lu Ayi, so I can only look at Lu Ayi by this rogue.

The director’s very rude broke the bra snetho, and Lu Auntong full of breasts after losing the bra, like two balloons who have to be discouraged, and suddenly play a lot.

Director reached out to knead this aunt’s breast, “Ah … ah …” Lu Ayi’s painful, Director continued: “Sit to the table, separate two legs.”

Lu Ahisel sat on the table, separated two legs, because too scared, the ball is still holding in his hand, the director saw a cold smile. After putting the surgery knife into the pocket, I took the round pen and sat in the right side of Lu Ayi. The left hand took over the waist of Lu Ayi, hugged the left thigh of Lu Ayi, holding the right hand of the pen Pressing the inside of the right thigh in Lu Ayi, with the eagle bones on the inside of Lu Ayi’s right leg, then draw a circle with a ballpoint pen on the underwear of Lu Ayi. Because the body has been completely controlled by the director, there is almost moving, Lu Ayi, is like electric shock, and the mouth is not going to say: “Ah … ah … Yeah … don’t … don’t … Don’t … Don’t … Don’t … Don’t … …


And the director still is soy-sighing, but also says: “Yanmei, here is the lips, you see, look at it, just here … clitoris here …” Painted circle on the underwear.

Lu Ayi was abducted by the director, looked at Lu Auntie with tears, and said: “Yanmei, do you want me to spare you?”

Lu Ai nodded.

“I want me to spare you, it is easy, as long as you work together, you can! Willing to cooperate?”

Lu Ayi nodded.

“Well, I am willing to cooperate. How can I cooperate? In fact, it is very simple, I am in your underwear, painting there, you tell me the location of your underwear! Willing?”

“Can you … don’t like this … Director …” Lu Ayi said.

“No, you don’t have the right to bargain. Yanmei, I only give you three chances, give you 10 seconds each time, if you can’t answer it or answer the error, I will punish you, if you answer the correct, I will Rao! Listen to it? “

Lu Ayi is still sob. But the director did not pay attention to the sobbity of Lu Ayi. He first used a ballpoint pen on the underwear of Lu Ayi, and then asked: “What is the location here? Yanmei

“Don’t … Director …, … well … it is difficult to love …” Lu Ahui shakes.

“Time, you didn’t answer, it seems that I have to punish you … Yanmei, listen, here is the second chance.”

The ballpoint pen has once again fallen on the underwear of Lu Ayi, and there has been a difficult to say that Lu Auntie, a chance: “Yes … Lips … Director”

“The answer is not very correct, the correct answer should be big labia, only wrong, Yan Mei, it seems that I have to punish you twice today.” The director said.

“Unfair … I am clear … Answer!” Lu Ayi’s painful battle.

“Yanmei, this is the third chance. If you still answer, you have to accept the third punishment. This time you can tell you that it is to make your photo, put it online, this, this, You will be famous, haha, director, said.

“Don’t … Director … don’t!” Lu Ayi did not stop.

The round pen passed the circle on the underwear of Lu Ayi, “Yanmei, what is it here?”

“Ah … Yes, the clitoris … Director …” Lu Ayi is not letting the air, turning his head to look at the Director with the prayers, just like a devout Christian in requesting God’s blessing And the answer is that God finally decided to be born or dead.

I saw that the director slowly replied: “Yanmei, most of it, just a little problem.”

“Director, no problem, beg you, you must be punished twice, please ask you, Director, count me.” Lu Ayi low three sorrows.

“Ok, even if you answer your correct, but, then the next punishment, you have to cooperate, otherwise, I will change attention!”

“Okay, Director, I must work hard to ensure you satisfied!” At this time, Lu Ayi has completely yet.

The director’s hands said that the nipple of Lu Ayi said: “This is right, my little 乖, I am so obsessed, don’t have to suffer so much, haha ​​…”

“Director, ah … ah … a little bit, hurt … ah …”

“Yanmei, standing down, then kneel on the table, put the butt.” The director said.

The director of the Lu Ayi said, tall, a beautiful fatite. The director’s hand is constantly in the arrival of the buttocks of Lu Ayi, and Lu Ayi is a burst. I saw the underwear of Lu Ayi, and the director said: “The underwear has been completely scrapped, can’t wear again, throw it away.” After the finish, I took out the surgery knife, “砰” after two, Lu The aunt’s underwear was cut by the director’s knife, and the director took out the underwear and threw it.

Without the occlusion of underwear, Lu Ayi’s fatty labi is completely exposed. Looking at Lu Ayi’s lips, the director said “Yanmei, Sao Yue is getting more and more beautiful, haha ​​…” said, use his finger to make this land Aunt’s labians.

“… ah …, Director, Ah …”

The director dials the labipings of this land, hand off the clothes, very fast, the director is not hung, and the big cock under the arm is very tall.

Lu Ayi, who had already been obscenity, returned to the director, and then turned back and seemed, it was already preparing for the wind of the director.

At this time, the director opened the drawer of Lu Ayi’s desk, took out a condom from the inside, and set his dick that he had skyrocketing. Then, with two fingers in the anus around Lu Aunt around the circle.

Lu Ayi went back to the beginning: “Director, don’t open the door today, ask you, Director!”

“I don’t want to be embarrassed today, I want to fart, and then said, your arrogance, I have already entered a thousand times, I didn’t let you cool.”

“Director, today is a bit uncomfortable, is it good to change?” Lu Ayi continued to ask.

“Yanmei, you are in accepting punishment, you can’t have you to bargain, do you understand?” The director said coldly.

“Yes, Director, Yanmei no longer dare to bargain.” Lu Ayi has completely abandoned the resistance.

“This is similar.”

After that, the director took out Vaseline from the drawer, first applied it around the anus of Lu Ayi, and then gave him a set of condoms on the big cock, this moment, I couldn’t see the face of Lu Ayi. But I think she must shed tears silently.

“Yanmei, put the leg straight, I want to go in.” Said that he raised the big cock, giving the gantry of Lu Auntie, almost no strength, just plugged in.

“Ah …” Lu Ayi screamed, almost wanted to fall.

Director dragged Lu Ayi’s lower abdomen said: “Said goods, what is installed, it is not all slowed down in the past, and still a bismuth, today I will give you a happy, actually and Laozi, you Sao, oh, it’s a swearing, seeing that I don’t die! “Said, I am crazy.

The rude plug of Director made almost let Lu Ayi lost their consciousness. If the Director has been holding Lu Ayi’s lower abdomen, I am afraid she has already fallen.

“You are a big goods, isn’t it …… Was it before? … Always laugh at Laozi … Can’t you meet you?

Today … Today, Laozi is dead … Today, your huckle eyes … “Director said. I think, the previous director did not have any status in front of Lu Ayi. Today, I have to pay together for the new account.

Crazy pumping makes the director slowly slow down the rhythm. The Director has been a little physical strength. His hand has been consciously placed on the back of Lu Ayi, but Lu Ayi seems to have recovered slowly, already It can support the body.

“Ah … ah! Director, fast … ah … cool … so cool …” Lu Ayi actually actively requested the director to speed up.

After listening to Lu Ayi, after the “fast”, the director seems to have been shameful and humiliate, and the left hand rubbed this aunt’s breast, and the right hand reached into the Yulin of Lu Ayi, “You a Shu, I am … 肏 … You … a … Daxao … “The director is called.

“Ah … cool …, sleep … the old lady …, ah … Director, too cool …” The Lu Aunt who has completely recovered seems to be accepted not to punish, but enjoy. I heard the lascitation of Lu Ayi, I don’t know what Director will do.

“Ah … 肏 … 肏 … 肏 肏 你 你 … ah!” Director killing the body of Lu Ayi, twitching, said: “Ah … Yanmei, I shoot … The chair hooks, ah … 肏 肏 你 你 … “

“Director, it’s too cool … I will die …” Lu Ayi said that she hooks the chair.

The director pulled a chair, and a butt was sitting. At this time, the cock was like a frost, and the 蔫蔫 耷 耷 is between the legs. Lu Ayi is still squatting on the table, the body is a volulted with breathing, the asshole is like a round hole, opposite the director’s face.

Lu Ayi just wants to stand up, he heard the director said: “Yanmei, don’t move, keep this posture.”

In desperation, Lu Ayi looked back at the director and had to obey.

After smoking a smoke, the director gradually recovered, from the cock of the cock, stood up, put the semen in the Lu Ayi did not hit the asshole.

The director sat in the chair again, clicking a smoke, his eyes kept to the air, Lu Ayi did not stop looking back at Director. Looking at the eyes of Lu Ayi, then look at the eyes slowly rising, the semen in the Lu Afi is not stopped, watching all, the smile of the director is so fascinating.

After saving the third smoke, the physical strength of the director also recovered, and Lu Ayi, still squatting on the table: “Xiaoyu, lying down the medical bed chair.”

“Director, what should you do?” Lu Ayi asked.

“Yanmei, no obedience?” Director’s eyebrows and asked.

“Ah, not, not, Director, I am lying.” Said that Lu Ayi lie on a medical bed that is almost 4 meters away from the desk.

I don’t know what this medical bed chair is used. Anyway, the bed chair that is checked with gynecology is almost.

After Lu Ayi lie, the Director adjusted the back of the bed chair to 75 degrees from the ground, and then crossed the two hands of Lu Auntie in the back of the brain, and saw his own hands were tied. Auntie asked: “Director, what are you doing?”

“After you will know!” Director returned to Lu Ayi, and separated the two legs of Lu Ayi and put it on the shelf of the rack next to it.

Lu Ayi’s Sao has been completely exposed to the director. After the director looked at the right hand, he slowly stroked near the big lips. Lu Ayi is a burst of embarrassment, with the continuous intensification of the snoring, the obscenity is slowly overflowing, the director is full of outdoor, and the vulva of Lu Ayi is in the action of the light. Flashing a burst of light.

“Ah … Director, can’t stand it, ah …” Lu Ayi said.

“Wait, you have a big, so you will make you cool!”

After the finger of the director, the vulnerary of Lu Ayi will slowly put the index finger and middle finger into the vagina of Lu Ayi, and then slowly turn it up, two fingers are still moving back and forth, should It’s looking for G point, it looks like a tide of Lu Auntie.

“Ah …” Lu Ayi seems to have been stimulated, an exclamation, and the director’s finger is not touched, I think the Director is to find the G point of Lu Ayi.

“Director, don’t …” Lu Ayi has not finished, the director’s entire right hand suddenly shakes, and Lu Ayi issued a near-scream.

Almost a minute, Lu Ayi is shaking, and the director also shows that this is the ancestors she leaked, and then accelerate the frequency of the right hand jitter, and then tapped out the finger, just took the finger at the director. In an instant, “” has a sound, Lu Ayi spurts a milky white liquid, like a day, the Director is not too, and the spray is full.

“It’s a lot of sorrow, the real fucking, I wanted to spray it, I didn’t expect you to have a sorrow, I didn’t continue to punish, I can’t say it.”

After the tide blows, the whole body is dramatic, this moment I don’t know if it is tortured or enjoy, and I don’t know if he heard the director.

Looking at Lu Ayi, who is still convulsive, the director did not have a strong pity, continue to stretch your fingers, probably got it again, and Lu Ayi had a strong twitching body, shaking more powerful, alive Sieve bles.

Surprisingly, despite the body shaking like a sieve buddha, Lu Ayi always bite his lips and work hard to control this.

After the director saw: “Sao, what is the martial arts, Laozi, let you put it.” Say, the right hand increases the intensity of jitter.

Under the stimulation of the director’s finger, Lu Ayi finally couldn’t hold it, continue to make almost screaming, not long, she is a low 低 … After it is shaking … Half an hour, Director Let Lu Ayi have completed several trends, Lu Ayi almost became a human body fountain, and he saw that Lu Ayi almost disappeared.

Looking at the Lu Auntie in the bed chair, the director exposed a satisfactory smile, wearing clothes, giving Lu Ayi loosened her hands, I thought that the director was going, but I didn’t expect director before leaving the door. Think of the same, so I returned it back, I went to the desk of Lu Ayi, opened the drawer, took a flea from the inside, and then walked to Lu Ayi, put the flea into Lu Ayi’s wet. In a mess, the strength of the controller has been opened to the biggest, then a smoke, leisurely walks out of the duty room …

After determining the director completely left, I quietly came out of the wardrobe. I went to Lu Ayi, whispering: “Baby, baby.”

It’s been a tearful woman’s Lu Auntie to say: “Little baby, I am almost … I feel away, hold me to bed, then hold me, I want to sleep, rest assured … He will come back again. “


Subsequently, I took out the flea from the vagina of Lu Ayi, and washed the Lu Ayi. I had a bloated lower body, and then hugged her bed, all night, she held my arm, although there will be tears in time Streaming, but her face is always a sweet smile …

After “May 1”, the internship is to end. On the afternoon of the school, I received a call from Lu Ayi, she gave me out.

In a cafe, listening to melodious songs, very comfortable. However, I seem to have a great experience with Lu Ayi.

After drinking a cup of coffee, Lu Ayi finally opened: “Little Baby, the day’s day in the duty room, let you laugh!”

After that, Lu Ayi opened his head slightly.

“That’s, how can I?”

“Hey, the kind of scene that day, let you see it, it is too difficult to love.” Lu Ayi’s head is lower “Baby, the director is your love. And, what is the special mirror?” I Hurry up the topic.

“Well! He is my husband. The mirror is also helping to secretly change.”

“What’s going on? Is it for a voyer to voyer?” I asked in confused.

“Yes, in fact, he always likes me. When Qianqian has not lived on boarding school, I can’t agree with him. Later, my family will be alone, plus he chasing me is really hard. I really need it, I will slowly go with him. As for the mirror, it is discovered in it. When asked him, he said, “That is to see me, only to change it. Mirror.””

“So, he is also working hard.”

“Basic is just!”

“Baby, find love, as long as you are willing, others are not so good, but he is too metamorphic. What is he made of you?”

“Dear, as long as you haven’t come out, otherwise … Hey, don’t say it …”

“Baby, other things don’t do, I am strange, how do you find a metamorphosis? Furthermore, since he chased you so hard, how did you act so?”

Lu Ayi said: “In fact, he didn’t have the past before, it was very good for me. It was that day, let you see it. Hey, he is so metappere, even if he chased hard, I will not With him. “

“Ah? I didn’t change the state before, and I met again once, it seems that I am a winning that day!”

“I hate!” Lu Ayi’s face is red.

“Baby, remember that you have said” There are absolutely not to like people to go to bed. Is it that he recently worried too much, is there any venture, is it for you? “

“Almost, mainly, it is a matter of time, he has been active for the vice president, it should be ambition, but things are unexpected, just determine the criminals of the vice president, the leadership of the city, health The leadership of the bureau and our dean are intended to hide him. It is easy to appoint the dean for eating. As a result, the dean has been eaten, and the key moment, the midway, he knows what it means. Lost If you come to find me, I want to seek some comfort. As a result, my ridicule is completely annoyed and the slap is completely irritated. However, no matter what reason, he shouldn’t be so embarrassed to me … “said that Lu Ayi flows out Tears of grievances. I put her hand in her face, gently wiped the tears on my face, saying “Baby, that day is you in the first, I will not say anything, after your director, if you are still as good as you, don’t say it If he is still so bullying you, I will never let him! “

Lu Ayi looked at me and gently kissed my hand and said, “I have this sentence, I am warm in my heart, how, I have done it, I can’t let the baby go out.”

“I don’t have the best, but the premise is that you have to deal, otherwise I will show it!”

I firmly said.

“Don’t worry, if you can’t deal, I dare to be with him?”

“Hey! This is the best.”

“Little baby, you have to go back to school tomorrow, let’s go to the villa.” Lu Aunto said that the chin is full of affection.

“Baby, have you recovered?” I asked.

“Well, if not, people still dare to let you go?”

“Let’s go!”


(4) The hungry Lu Ayi ended the internship, I returned to the school, prepared graduation papers and some related things, because the school is in the field, so I have never returned home before the holiday.

After completing the papers, my four years of college life is over, and I don’t have some empty feelings in my heart.

On the day, because of traffic jams, I got home in the afternoon. After I entered my home, I heard “啦”

Sick, the mother is in the manga, I am going to say hello, when I greeted Lu Ayi, Lu Ayi is full of blush, then the head is low. Next to the king said: “See Huawei, what are you excited? Even if you want to engage, you should be excited to be Qian Qian, you can’t get it.”

Wang Ayi has finished, Joe, aunt, said: “Lao Wang, this is called the mother to see the son-in-law, and then, you will see her and color expression, I have not allowed to pay back this handsome son-in-law!”

Listening to them, I secretly think: you know, Lu Ayi is more than one hundred times more than you.

I saw that they took the Lu Ayi joke, the mother said: “What are you doing two old, what?

Look, Yanmei said by you, the head is not darent. Don’t ink, continue to play! “

What is engaged? What son-in-law? Is Lu Auntie and my mother give me the things of me and Qianqian within two months? This is too fast? I am full of my mind and ask my mom: “Mom, Wang Ayi said what is the meaning of engagement?”

The old mom said that the card said to me: “Huawei is the engagement you and Qianqian. You and Qian Qian have not been very good? Lu Ayi asked Qian Qian, Qian Qian did not show, so I discusted you. Things, I will do it for you, time is July 16. Because you have been busy graduating, I am afraid of you, I don’t ask you, don’t you blame the mother? “

“Don’t blame, don’t blame!” After I finished, I went to the bedroom to open my computer. Walking around and speaks: “It’s all acoustic.”

Playing a night of game, until the family went to work, I slept, I just fell asleep how long, the phone rang, I saw that Lu Ayi, I said that I said: ” Hello, what? “

“Little baby, come out.”

“Just asleep, still sleepy!”

“Go to my house, don’t sleep in your bedroom, then say, my little baby, people miss you!”

Lu Ayi said.

“I just came back yesterday, playing very late, too sleepy, let me take a break, baby, think about me again tomorrow.”

“Little baby, I know you tired, I also want you to take a break, but tomorrow Qianqian is coming back, it is not easy with you! And say, you have Qian Qian, will you see my old woman? “Oh, ok, baby, you wait for me for a while, I will go on.”

I got down the floor, I got on Lu Ayi’s car. After I entered the villa, I just entered the living room, Lu Ayi couldn’t wait to hold my neck, and kiss it together.

Lu Ayi’s incense tongue is like a snake, like a snake, and the kind of measuring is more and more wakeful, and almost even standing hard.

Probably Lu Ayi is observed, saying to me: “Little baby, I know you tired, let’s go to bedroom, you can lying, you can do it.”

When I arrived in the bedroom, I lied in a soft bed, and then looked at Lu Ayi. I have already taken off my clothes. I have two black transparent stockings on the legs. I saw her, and Lu Ayi took a plump breast. Face, say: “Little baby, you are lying well, just need to give me the meat stick.” Edited while using her black silk beauty. My dick.

That feeling is really cool, although I work hard to control myself, and Lu Ayi seems to have seen my mind, with her beauty deliberately in my blunt, spring bag, Lu Auntie It is too tempting, my dick has been a post, although I am very tired, I have been hooked, I don’t know, I have paid my body, and the right hand reached into the vagina of Lu Ayi.

Look at me, Lu Ayi said to me: “Ah … baby, lying down, get more tired, … I sit to you, I will make you cool.”

Lu Ayi took my finger out, kneeling in bed, separating his legs, racking in my lower abdomen, grabbing my penis left hand, touching the tall, then to the mouth, sit down Only listen to “嘤咛”

A, my dick is swallowed by her vagina.

“Ah … little baby … cool, cool dead …” Lu Auntie took it.

Looking at the big breasts of the rolling up and down, listening to her unscrupulous, I closed my eyes slightly, and enjoy this happy moment.

Lu Ayi is still upside down, but I feel that there is a hot liquid flow into the glans.

“Baby, oh … you have something … out …?”

“How do you … how to know, I … ah … I don’t know … Ah … I didn’t feel … arrive, baby …”

“Glags, ah … feel … hot.”

“Ah … I don’t know … ah …, cool …” Lu Ayi closed his eyes, forgetting.

“True … a … Sao, there is something … Streaming, all … I don’t know …”

“Little baby, I am … a … Sao, ah … cool … cool …”

Gradually, the rhythm of Lu Ayi is getting faster and faster, “Oh … little baby … cool! … ah … I have to vent it … vent!” Lu Ayi, a butt, sitting on my waist, Two hands grabbed my arm, extreme pleasure made her soul fly, a thick lascivious water out of the small embarrassment, instant, the glans was surrounded by this hot stream, in this hot flow Under the strong stimulation, the semen fish in the cock have taken out. After the launch is completed, I have been stunned and sleepy.

After waking up, it was already dinner. On the side of Lu Ayi, I took my head and took me with my head. “Little baby, finally woke up, hungry, get up, I am doing it. “

“Baby, I am sleeping in the afternoon, what are you going? Will you always look at me next to?” I asked.

“Hey, I want to see you to sleep, but will your mother agree? They are called to play cards, playing an afternoon, just haven’t come back.”

“You are so hard, baby!”

“Not you are too bad, you are too bad, you can bull me!” Lu Ai said is angry.

“Okay, okay! Baby, will I compensate if you compensate?” I have no compensation.

“This is almost the same!”

Meimei slept, I have dinked for dinner, I suddenly felt a hundred times more spirit.

After packing the tableware, Lu Ayi said to me: “Little baby, restore!”

“Well, restored, feel more comfortable.”

“You are busy for a day, don’t tired? Don’t you rest?”

“Little baby, you are accompanying, with you, I will not be tired!”

“Even if you are not tired, don’t you pick Qian Qian together tomorrow? I don’t go back, my family will definitely disagree.”

“Oh, little baby, stupid, you will not talk to your family today, you can’t open it, go back early, don’t delay, you don’t delay.” Lu Ayi shouted my spring bag. Say.

I took a slap in the buttocks of Lu Ayi: “I am smart, color baby.”

“Ah! It hurts, use so big.” Lu Ayi just wanted to come back, he was held by me.

“Baby, this is just beginning, go to bed, see how I pack you.” Said, I went to the bedroom.

“Ah! Don’t! Little baby, you are bad!” Lu Ayi said.

In the bedroom, I put Lu Ayi on the bed, then turned over, let her kneel in bed, take advantage of her lower abdomen, Lu Ayi Snow White Full butt is tall, separated her. After the legs, Lu Ayi’s lips have long been wet. After the hand is gently stroked, the lower body of Lu Ayi is a trembling.

“Ah … little baby, fast … ah! I can’t stand it … ah! … I want …” Lu Ayi returned to the head, looking at me with my eyes, the snow white hips were not swinging autonomously, waist limbs It’s like a snake.

I took the big chicken in her vaginal, slowly entered.

“Ah … ah … too cool, baby … you … … big dick … cool dead … ah …”

Lu Ayi actually went in so soon, I really understood what is called “30 such as a wolf, forty tiger”.

At the beginning, I was slowly inserted, because the vagina, the vagina, is too cool, I am worried that it is too fast to shoot.

“Little baby, ah … faster … ah, okay?” Lu Ayi continued to ask.

“Baby, come slowly, the fine water is long, your Sao is so cool, if you shoot, isn’t it not so cool?” I said slowly.

“A little bit, … ah … little baby …, shoot, then get up … Ah!, Continue to come …

… “

“Baby, no, do you want me?”

“Take a whole night, … ah, otherwise … ah … all … waste ……”

Lu Ayi said the easily, I listened to cold sweat, said; dare to do what she wants to do?

Lu Ayi kept asking me to be a little, but I tried to control it, I still don’t slow down, I know, if this time speeds up, it is likely to be a trip, so there will be next time. I don’t want to be exhausted by her for a whole night. What’s more, I still want to find a chance to retreat, after all, I have to pick up Qianqian next day, I can’t get lost, I will pick up the fiancee.

Lu Ayi continued to look back, look full of blurring and temptation, and I gradually accelerated the speed ofserting, after all, kneeling for a long time, my knee pressure is big.

“Ah … cool, little baby … cool, big cock … good … powerful … ah …” Lu Ayi’s scorpion gradually became awkward.

“Baby, … ah … you call … too … too … too exaggerated ……”

“Ah, I control … I can’t live … cool … cool … cool dead … ah!” Lu Ayi is like an estrus mother and beast, crazy.

Although the feeling of ejaculation is very strong, I still want to control, the vagina that is helpless, is so cool, my already extruded is not enough to persist.

“Ah …” My belly is tightly roaring her ass, the upper body is pressed in her back, and the hands are dead, grabbing her breasts, the chicken is blowing, and the semen is all diarrhea in the body of Lu Ayi. .

After cleaning the lower body, we lie in bed, I kissed the neck and earlobe of Lu Ayi, Lu Ayi said: “Little baby, don’t make trouble, itchy, rest, see you hard!” After that, Lu Ayi had a relative in my cheek.

“I am not tired, baby, you have a good rest, almost a day of physical activity, don’t rest!” Lu Ayi hugged my arm and said: “Take it, just see you, I will not be tired. ! “

“Baby, don’t you tired?”

“I’m really tired!”

I heard that she didn’t tired, I immediately provoke: “Then you are not tired, let’s continue!”

I didn’t expect Lu Ayi to say excited, “Okay, baby, then do it!”

Originally, I want to fall asleep, then I will open it. But I didn’t expect Lu Ayi, like a love machine, it seems that I don’t know how tired and satisfied, a simple joke, you can let Lu Ai Lai Malays the spirit, really regret it!

Just when I was still regretted for the provokes just now, Lu Ayi had grabbed my cock, kept set, and the cock was gradually standing up in her jade hand.

“Little baby, I want …” Lu Ayi called.

“Ok, baby, I will give you!” I said, I broke my legs and put my big chicken.

“Ah …, little baby, … cool … so cool …”

“It’s good …, baby, you … Sao, squatting … too comfortable …”

This time, I didn’t have a lot of water, which always maintained a relatively high and faster plug-in rhythm, intended to speed up the speed, because I gradually discovered that I did love with Lu Ayi, no matter how fast, as long as she is not fully met, it will still It is not as good as it is not as good as possible, so it is better to save some physical strength as much as possible.

“Ah … little baby, ah … I … I … I have a climax …”

“Higaramid … you climax … I haven’t enough yet, the climax is not … I am going to say that I am speeding the plug speed.

“Ah … ah …” Lu Ayi died grabbed my arm, and after a low, I obviously felt a hot attack to the glans.

Lu Ayi’s climax, she closed her eyes, exhaled with blue, and the vaginal suddenly contracted very tightly, I can’t move my big cock, the feeling is slightly painful, but it is quite cool.

About half a minute, her vagina gradually released, after gaining freedom, still maintaining a high rhythmial plug-in speed, and Lu Ayi has reached a climax in a short period of time. After her third climax, my cock was finally overwhelmed. In the vagina that was gradually released in Lu Ayi …

I didn’t think that such a high-end setting will make Lu Ayi to the extreme, more unexpectedly, Lu Ayi will actually have physical strength after continuous climax, lying in bed is moving, and more precisely, it should be in bed not moving at all.

It’s really “the heart, the flowers are not open, no heart to insert Liu Ying”, Lu Ayi did not imagine so exaggeration, it would be very tired after cooling to the extreme.

After washing the underlying body, he gently kissed her cheeks, then gave her a good quilt, got a good alarm, I left the villa and went home.

On the next day, I saw Qian Qian after I saw Qian Qian. Although we have not seen the reasons why we have been unsatisfactory in the past two years, only two years of time, the little girl in the green naughty in my impression has changed, although Qian Qian in front of him The eyes are still naughty, but there are some charming and more charming, and there is a noble temperament.

Just when I was intoxicated, Qian Qian said: “Hua Wei brother, don’t look, I have never seen it!”

Said by Qian Qian, I realized that I have just lost the loss, I smiled, said: “Qian Qian, give it to me.”

When I put it in the back bouting box, Qianqian got on the car, Dad and my mother got my house.

When I put the first package, Lu Ayi looked at me: “How do you gone yesterday? How do you throw me alone? Do you know? When you are bright, you think of yourself all night. , Afraid of death, I almost cry! “

“Ah? You won’t be so timid? Baby, if I don’t go, I have to be tired!”

“What will not, obviously, so big villa, I am alone in the night, can you be afraid?

Besides, I am the kind of people who don’t have the margin? I don’t know if I will pick up Qianqian today? Can you let you be tired? You are too conscience, I and my daughter are yours, you are still too lifting! “

Lu Ayi almost cried.

“Baby, I am wrong, you can don’t cry, you will be my fault, I have been waiting for this, I must make up for my mistake!” I pleading.

“Okay, you said, wait for this time, you must make up!”

“It’s good to make up, my grandmother, now I am satisfied!”

“This is similar.”

“Hey!” I laughed with a smile. “What is smirked? Hurry up the package in, hurry to get on the bus!” After that, Lu Ayi went to the cab.

Put the bag, go on the car, on the road, and Qian Qian has no sentence, always thinking about: Beauty does not speak, beauty mother and daughter? What is wrong?

(5) The spring banquet is in the first day of the engagement, after dinner, I sent Qianqian to go home, after entering the door, I saw Shao Shu, who had just rushed home from Tianjin.

I saw Shao Shu Shi, Qianqian deliberately dissatisfied: “Dad, people will be engaged tomorrow, how do you go home today?”

I haven’t waited for Shao Shu to answer, Lu Ayi said: “Qian Qian, Dad is not easy to ask the false, it is not too early, but this time, Dad has two holidays, you can accompany us.”

“Mom, I haven’t said yet, you will talk to Dad.”

“Look at your child, your dad is easy to come back once, you said this, don’t you help Dad?”

“This, should I don’t know that your husband and wife love, Dad is coming back, see you excited, go in the eyes!”

Looking at the wife “bullying”, Shao Shu is finally talking: “Qian Qian, this child, is not very small, is our luck? You are willing to us …”

Shao Shu Shi has not finished, Qian Qian said: “You don’t all say it, I know that you love, can’t do it? Hey. Dad, this time, there are two holidays?

“Yes!” Shao Shu said.

“Hey, mother, then you can be blessed, Dad will accompany you!”

Qian Qian said, Lu Ayi said: “This dead girl, see that I don’t hit you, I am mad at me.” Said that Chasing Qianqian is going to fight.

Qian Qian was born back in my foreigner, and he kept saying: “Come, mother, you can’t fight, haha ​​…”

Lu Ayi’s reaction is obviously less than daughter, so unhappy, say to Shao Shu: “Husband, you don’t help me!”

Looking at the play of the mother and daughter, Shao Shu Shiyan took the tea cup and kissed a bit, and then showed a sweet smile.

Although Lu Ayi looked at Shao Shu with blameful eyes, he could not cover up the happiness of his face …

In the engagement banquet, because it is a relatives and elders, there is no so-called guest constellation between each other. After the collective raise toast, everyone is more casual, and laughter is coming.

After we give you the wine, I just sat down, Qian Qian said quietly to me: “Huawei, you see my mother’s expression, not right.”

The expression of Lu Ayi is really not right, because sitting on his right hand is Xie Bo Kang, and Xie Bo Kang’s left hand is always under the table. Even so, I still deliberately ask: “Is it? What happened? I think there is nothing wrong?”

“You watch my mother’s expression, too unnatural, what is it hidden?”

“Will it be uncomfortable?”

“If you are uncomfortable, your mother will definitely say it. It’s not like this?”

“But this is our engagement banquet, and the aunt is not allowed to be hard.”

“Not as uncomfortable, mother is not the kind of hard-supporting person. I think mostly the bastard.”

“He is your second uncle, how do you say that he is a bastard?”

“Hey, last year I finally recognized it, I didn’t just have a two ancestor plus a bastard. After entering the door, I feel that he is not right to see my mother’s eyes, not good for my mother.”

“Qianqian, no matter how the aunt is his sister, would not do it.” “He’s kind of a jerk, what not to do, you look around my mother, my father left, my father always said, joking with everyone laugh, but also kept the clink right hand side is the bastard, and his left hand has been no take up too. you look at her mother, has been left hand under the table, the right hand does not go down when, not that bastard bullying mother ?”

I would like to play the fool charge stunned half-hearted, but I did not expect Qianqian could be so clever. But at this time, even see through the Pok Hong aunt in violation of the land, how can not like him, otherwise the consequences will be terrible. So I said to Qianqian: “Qianqian, even if we know that bastard bully aunt, and now only the default, not here expose his place, but not to speak of Aunt place.”

“Huawei, this I know. Now, the only thing I want to make sure that that bastard is not really bullying mother.”

“Excuse out something, put aside the tablecloth, may be able to see that you really want to see that scene?”

I asked.

“I do not want to see, I’m afraid I can not accept, lift the table. So, Huawei, you help me, please?”

Qianqian looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Well, you have to do this?”

“Ah, I have to know that bastard is not really bullying mother, Huawei, help me.” Qianqian again pleaded.

“Okay.” Then, I deliberately knocked a bunch of keys, just as I bent down to pick up the keys, Qianqian pulled the tablecloth in front of me, I saw Aunt Lu’s legs were forced apart rooms, Pok Hong has been left in her thigh deep in the free. And Aunt Lu’s left hand tightly holding the left arm of Pok, Pok Hong violations but still can not stop her.

Picked up the key, Qianqian asked me: “He really bully mom?”

I nodded. I thought to myself: need evidence? In fact, I would have seen it.

“I must let this bastard pay the price!” Speaking Qianqian cold.

“Qianqian, this thing is your family thing, we must be prudent, not hasty, otherwise, Aunt Lu is too a disadvantage!”

Qianqian nodded his head and said: “ah, Huawei, I know, rest assured, I will be out of!”

After the meal, their relatives are gone after another, bid farewell to relatives, Mom and Dad went home, Shao Shushu to send Qianqian grandparents, and I Qianqian basic right, ready to go to the students .

Went downstairs, upstairs ready to see Aunt Lu, Qianqian asked: “? Mom, how did you and Dad to come along, but also doing ah.”

“We had booked the hotel when not set on, find a friend here to help the busy before drawing on, they helped our favor, but also on your engagement of something nice, it’s not two people discuss to the people package a red envelope, I now send to the people in the past. why do you go in the afternoon? “

“Huawei’s classmates call, we are ready in the past!”

“Oh, then you will go, I’ll go upstairs.”

As we went to the corner of the stairs and saw Aunt Lu went to the corridor, while Xie Bokang the furtive followed behind her.

Qianqian said: “That bastard with her mother, quasi not a good thing, let’s take a look with the past.”

“Go!” Then, I took Qianqian just on the Xiebo Kang.

To the mouth of the corridor, we saw Aunt Lu into an office, and Xiebo Kang took out a cell phone, seems to be sending a message, and then entered the secure channel, and soon, Aunt Lu out, also entered the secure channel. I Qianqian also with the past, into the security channel.

However, we also find a safe passage in how not seen Aunt Lu and Xie Bokang.

“Where will it?” Qianqian asked.

“Strange strange, you do not have a back wall here?” I said to himself.

“Even if there are back to the wall, staggered up to half a minute before and after our mother, how can hear the sound ah!”

I said: “half a minute, in accordance with the aunt downstairs speed, that is up and down a layer of it, we just have to find, no, it will not be out of safe passage.”

“Ah, it is possible, my mother wore high heels heels, stairs should be faster than downstairs, after we came in, the corridor was quiet, my mother mostly upstairs, let’s go upstairs and see!”

I got on the building, we got a safe channel, didn’t go far, I saw a few rooms in several rooms. “Huawei, the F area of ​​this layer should be a warehouse, mother may be in the warehouse.”

“Qian Qian, if there, let’s pay attention to the door lock. If there is a trace of shaking, the aunt may be inside!”

After reading the warehouse of the entire East plane, the door lock did not have a trace.

“Go, east, there should be West level, let’s find it.” I said.


After I found the West, I didn’t go far. We found a warehouse door lock being smashed. The ordinary breath, then I took Qianqian’s hand in the middle of the small man who was in the middle of the shelf. I walked three award, and I saw it between the gaps of the cargo, I saw it. Lu Ayi’s hands and small arm supported on the platform of the shelf, and Xie Bo Kang took the back of the thigh from the back of the knee, and his appearance was constantly impacted between the two legs of Lu Ayi, two The plump breasts rolled forward, and the shirt pulled along the ribs in the air, and the upper part of the breast was unlocked.

“Oh … oh …” Lu Ayi bites the lower lips and strives to control the snoring.

Xie Bo Kang took the hardship: “Old Sao, ah … cool? … Want … Just aunt … call, dress … What … … ah!”

“… oh …” Lu Ayi didn’t pay attention to Xie Bo Kang’s insults, still bite the lower lips.

“You … Old Sao, Laozi … let you, let you … wear …”

“Oh … oh oh … ah … ah …” In the face of Xie Bo Kang’s strong attack, Lu Ayi finally collapsed, and the snoring became a scream. However, we feel more like screams.

“Old Sao, ah … not installed, haha ​​…” Xie Bo Kang is unscrupulous.

“This bastard, I will kill him now.” Qian Qian was unstormyed. Fortunately, I have thought, when Qian Qian talking, hold her mouth with hands.

“Qian Qian, not all said, now it is time to retaliate, you have to carefully, let alone, how do you kill him now? If you can’t kill, Xie Bo Kang will be more unspeakable, and we will be more passive, Lu Ayi is more It’s hard to get rid of the bitter sea! Even if you can kill him, you will definitely nothing, but after it? What will people see her? How do people look at her? How do people face Shao Shu and your grandfather, grandmother? You want Has it? “

I quietly said to Qian Qian.

“But can’t you watch my mother is bullied by the bastard?” Qianqian said in my hand.

“How can I do? We can solve the problem now?”

“That Huawei, what should we do now?” After the saying, Qian Qian’s tears flowed in my hand.

“To endure, now you must bear, the opportunity is always, we need to be patient and waiting, although this is difficult, but we must do this, understand?”

After I finished, Qianqian nodded very reluctant.

I gently kissed Qian Qian’s cheek and said, “Let’s go, Qian Qian, I am afraid that you can’t stand it, you can’t stand it!”

“No, I don’t go, I must see how the bastard is bullying my mother, and then I will let him come back!”

Qian Qian’s voice did not fall, he heard Lu Ayi said: “Ah … don’t, don’t, ah … don’t shoot in … I beg you … ah …”

Then Xie Bo Kang called a long called, we saw Xie Bo Kang’s topped in the top of Lu Ayi’s legs, and Lu Ayi had already tears, and Xie Bo Kang’s big cock slipped out of Lu Ayi. , The legs of Lu Ayi also rack on the plane of the shelf. After a while, the continent of Lu Ayi has flowed out a lot of semen.

When the semen is almost flowing, Lu Ayi said: “You are satisfied, let me down.”

Xie Bo Kang didn’t talk, directly holding the back of Lu Ayi, with the arm with his arm, standing on the ground.

After standing, Lu Ayi is preparing to put on the bra. I didn’t expect Xie Bo Kang to pinching a full breast saying: “Old Sao, this is over?”

“Ah? You are light, hurt. Both, what do you want?” Lu Ayi sorrows. “You look at the dick of Laozi, it is your kinky water, and it is cleaned up to Laozi.

“Ah! Don’t this!” Said that Lu Ayi pulled his hand, which made Xie Bo Kang more.

Under the helplessness, Lu Ayi ended the non-ritual of Xie Bo Kang, took out the noodlings from the bag, but did not want to be taken by Xie Bo Kang, and fell on the ground.

“Old Sao, want to use some towel to clean up?”

“What do you want?” Lu Ayi said helpless.

“Just now, you have the mouth of your mouth, you will clean up the mouth of Laozi now with your mouth.”

“Ah! You are too much!” Lu Ayi said yet, Xie Bo Kang bowed his body, a punch in the back of the knee of Lu Ayi, Lu Auntie, was awkward by Xie Bo Kang. Under the next pressure, Lu Ayi is in the Kaibang kneeling, he stretched the dick to the front of Lu Ayi, and Lu Ayi desperately dodge, and always closed his mouth, Xie Bo Kang tried a few times, all were defeated by Lu Ayi Hiding past, because Lu Ayi did not cooperate, make Xie Bo Kang angry anger.

“Old Sao, don’t cooperate, is it, look at Laozi to take photos, pass it to your husband!” That took out the phone.

“Don’t … Don’t shoot …” Lu Ayi said.

Xie Bo Kang took out the mobile phone, the camera was aligned with Lu Ayi, “said” Lao Sao, don’t you cooperate? “

“Hey …” Lu Ayi nodded helplessly, humiliating tears.

“This is almost the same.” Xie Bo Kang smiled and laughed, and the mobile phone camera was always on this aunt.

“Lao Sao, start, fast!” Xie Bo Kang ordered.

After Xie Bo Kang said, Lu Ayi helplessly looked at Xie Bo Kang, raised his dick with his hand, licking the mixture of prostitutes and semen residues.

Under the stimulation of Lu Ayi, Xie Boyang didn’t call it: “Ah … so cool …”

Lu Ayi is incomparable to the jealousy of Xie Bo Kang, say: “” This is your satisfaction? “

“Old Sao, Laozi is still cool enough, you are finished, continue, give Laozi.”

“Ah …, you don’t say that you are clean, there is nothing, how is it …” Lu Ayi defended.

“What is still? Hurry to blow Laozi, otherwise give it to you!”

The Lu Ayi, who was asked by Xie Boy, helplessly, once again raised the big cock of Xie Bo Kang, opened his mouth, including his glans, sucking.

“Old Sao, your mouth … ah … really dick …” said, Xie Bo Kang grabbed the hair of Lu Ayi, and the last mention, Lu Ayi had to start a head, thank you Bo Kang’s going to put the whole cock into the mouth of Lu Ayi, and Lu Ayi’s mouth was full.

“Hey …” Lu Ayi’s mouth can only make this sound.

Xie Bo Kang picked up the cock and came back and forth in the mouth of Lu Ayi.

“Ah … ah …, cool … 肏 … 肏 肏 你 …”

“Hey … …” Lu Ayi’s tear-eyed eyes were blushing, and it seems that there are some natural reactions in the throat.

Looking at the eyes of Lu Ayi, Xie Bo Kang did not have a little pity, still inserted in crazy.

Just when Lu Ayi just slowed a little, Xie Bo Kang took the back of Lu Ayi, and immediately taped the hair of Lu Ayi, and then put the dick into the mouth of Lu Ayi, low yelled. After a sound, the lower abdomen had a few times, and the big mouth of the big mouth gasped.

In a short while, the corner of Lu Ayi has flowed out a white liquid, and the tears that flow out of the eye is together.

Subsequently, Xie Bo Kang’s big cock slipped out of the mouth of Lu Ayi, and Lu Ayi is still half his mouth, and the tears will not stop, and it is very scary.

Xie Bo Kang saw that Lu Ayi was still unhappy, there was no angry in his eyes, it seems to be afraid, hurry to stand up, pick up the footprint package, helping the aunt cleaned the semen from the corner of mouth , Anxiously ask: “Dad, you are fine, don’t scare me!”

Listening to him, Lu Ayi is like a reaction, spitting the semen in his mouth, take a noodle paper, wipe the mouth and say: “I am nothing, I have something, you are dead!” I saw that Lu Ayi resumed the gods. Xie Bo Kang smiled and said: “Hey, Da Yan can be laughing, I am dead, who gives you cool?”

“Money in the bag, after getting it, you hurry.” Lu Ayi said on the edge of the bra.

“It’s good, big, I roll.” Said, go to the aunt’s bag.

When Xie Bo Kang’s second Ling Lu Ayi, Qian Qian has been dead, and there is no saying that from the beginning to the end, I have been flowing with tears, and I have no comfort.

“Qian Qian, this is over, let’s go, or you will be seen by the bastard and Lu Ayi.”

I said quietly.

Qianqian wiped tears and whispered: “I am not killing that babies, Huawei brother, you must help me.”

“Well, I will help you.”

“Thank you, Hua Wei brother!” Said, I have quietly quit the warehouse and Qianqian.

In the hotel’s parking, we stand in a parking parking space where you can see Lu Ayi, there is no hidden corner, I didn’t have a husband, I saw Xie Bo Kang into the parking lot, opened the car, and after a while, Lu Ayi walked into the parking lot, walking more slower than usual, and then also opened the car, left.

“Hua Wei brother, remember what you said, I will wait for you to practice it.” Qianqian looked at me with firm and expected eyes …

(6) Qian Qian’s plan of July is difficult to approach, in the morning, after a shower, it is rare cool to love bed.

Just when I was a dream, I received a call from Qian Qian, I went to her at my family at noon.

Faster, I slept, lazy downstairs went to her home.

“Huawei, just woke up?” Lu Ayi asked.

“Well!” I nodded.

“Hey, it’s a pair of live treasures, our little ancestors have just got up, washing your face!” Lu Ayi said.

“Hey, sleep is equal to beauty, aunt, you should sleep more.”

“I think it is, but I have time, Qian Qian Dad is going back today, I will not be prepared!”

“Some of time, I am in the car in the afternoon, what are you preparing in the morning?” Shao Shu said.

“It turned out that Shao Shu is going to go, the holiday is too fast, no wonder aunt is so hard.”

“Hey, I have worked hard for a morning, you grateful, you don’t eat lunch.” Lu Ayi said angry.

“Haha, don’t let your father eat, are you reluctant? Mom? Du Pak is not allowed to feed it, it is hard.”

Qianqian is cold and no secret.

“Hey, two people play together to bully me, I really doubt, is it owed to you in my life!”

“Qian Qian, don’t dig the aunt, busy a morning, how to thank you!”

“Well, I know, Huawei, thank you mother.”

“Don’t fight mouth, hurry to sit down and eat, Yanmei is hard, we are all grateful, thank you.” Shao Shu has played a round field.

“This is still almost.” Lu Ayi said that we greeted us all.

After dinner, Qian Qian said that he wants to watch a movie, pulling me away. At home, Qian Qian said: “The movie still starts, let’s go to a coffee house.”


Going to the coffee house, we chose a quiet corner. After sitting down, Qian Qian said to me: “Huawei, do you know why you will pull you out?”

“Isn’t it watching a movie?”

“Good stupid, a trip.” Qian Qian said with a smile.

“Ah?” I listened to halo.

“It’s not watching a movie. My father is going to go, my mother is reluctant, so give them a little time and space!”

“Is it …” Looks like a guessed.

“Well, yes, when you didn’t see it, my mother was more diligent, and I kept giving my father. It was still a bit of complaints.” I suddenly realized: “Oh, I understand, I have eaten Okay, you can’t wait to pull me out, the original is so! “

“Hey, unfortunately our Huawei students continue to be slow! But although it is very confused, the cooperation is very good. Oral praise once.”

“You have a girl, what do you want to do every day? Sorghum flowers in the head. Don’t watch movies, think about what afternoon? I can’t think of it, I went home to go online.”

“You know the Internet, in addition to the Internet, there is no more meaningful thing?” Qian Qian asked.

“So I only ask you?”

“Since you ask me, I have a good proposal, I don’t know if you dare not go with me.” Qian Qian looked very seriously.

I said: “Since it is a good proposal, then there is no reason?”

“Really? You agree” Qian Qian still looks at me seriously.

“Well, really, I agree. You hurry, let’s talk, my little aunt, don’t sell Guan Zi, no more, I went online!”

“Let’s go home together, Mom and Dad are definitely …” Qian Qian did not say, but it was full of red, I was also surprised by Qian Qian.

For a while, I said: “Ah? You are really an idiot, your parents are together … Do you have to watch?”

“Do you think I think? If Mom and Dad can also think that most of the family’s parents are together, I will not do this.” Qian Qian fights.

“But you can let them get together every day?” I asked.

“No, I mean that Dad didn’t come back, find a companion for my mother.”

“Ah? Uncle Aunt is so loving, you are not doing, isn’t you actively let the aunts derailed? In case it is found by Uncle, what do you do?” I asked again.

“So, I will let you go with me, you are really wood, why don’t you understand?” Qian Qian said anxious.

Looking at Qianqian’s expression, I am a bit unbelievable: “Is this companion … is me?”

“Yes!” Qian Qian nodded.

When I saw Qianqian nodded, I really don’t know how to answer her. If you can’t say an indignor like a guard, it is undoubtedly the biggest irony for yourself, because I have already on the bed of Lu Ayi, in In this case, I can’t reject; but if I truthfully like the trial, I don’t know if Qian Qian is joy or blow, although Qian Qian has already raised, but if Qianqian knows that her mother and fiance have already had a documented After relationship, I don’t know what she will do.

“Huawei, what are you staying? You will agree, let you choose you, let you see your parents …, just want you to see how much your mother needs and how long, she should need one It’s a companion, and Dad is unable to do in this regard; second, choose you because it is not easy to be discovered by Dad, it is much more secure than choosing another person; the third reason is that Xie Boyang is always bullying mother, yesterday and When Grandpa grandmother dinner, I have been working on my mother. If I listen to you, I have been hidden. Let you be with your mother, but also to protect your mother! Huawei brother, you promised me! “Qianqian Holding my hand, I really look at me.

When Qianqian said, I have been considering that I should not tell her that I have already had a relationship with Lu Ayi, because I’m not refused, although I am not a gentleman, but let me continue to conceal the fiancee at this time. I can’t do anything. Qianqian grabbed my hand and looked at Qianqian’s own eyes. I decided to tell Qianqian everything, no matter what the result, I will tell him everything.

“Qian Qian, before I promise you, I have to tell you something, and this matter, you must know, you know, you can accept it, any consequence, I am willing to bear ? “

I looked at Qianqian’s eyes, a word, said.

Qian Qian was excited: “Well, I said you promised. 嗬嗬, great.” And then said: “You said, Huawei!”

Subsequently, I told Qian Qian with a 519 how to take the relationship with Lu Ayi. After I finished, I waited quietly …

“It turns out, Huawei brother, why don’t you say it early? I know that you are already a mother’s companion. I still say so much nonsense.” Qian Qian said very easy. “You don’t ask this request today, I dare to say it?”

“Hey, I don’t mention this requirement, are you don’t still sneak it? From then on, you can be bright!” Qian Qian said with a smile.

“Color female, idiot! Lu Ayi must know that her daughter is so metamorphosis, not vomiting blood!”

“It’s just that my mother will be happy!”

“Only you will think so!”

“It’s true, the mother’s little husband is my tutor!” Qian Qian said.

Qian Qian once again let me stand tongue: “Ah? Your tutor, is a little husband of aunt, how much are you? Just learn to speak the media?”

“Not what you think!”

“What is that?”

“When I first first first, I was not very good. My mother gave me a big three students to do tutor, and a handsome young man, and later came with my mother.”

“It is definitely the bridge you give!” I ridicule.

“Take it, I don’t do it, I know that they are in unintentional.”

“Aunt is too unclear, it is too high if it is hitting the chance.”

“Hey, it’s really. However, I saw mother and family teacher in bed, I was surprisingly anger, I just ran out, I didn’t go home for a few days, I have never going to school, mother and class director to find around. I didn’t find it. “

“Where did you go?”

“Going outside during the day, go to the hospital at night, mother’s office! She is deadly looking for me, definitely not thinking that I am in her office, and then she is looking for me, rarely go.”

“Black!” I said that I am very admired.

“Thank you for the compliment!”

“Later?” I continued to ask.

“Later, the money is finished, I can’t eat it, I will go home. Mom saw me back, just want to raise my hand, see me crying, hug me tightly, crying to me” is a mother Ok, my mother shouldn’t do things that can’t get Qian Qian and Dad. I also thought a lot, and I slowly understood my mother’s loneliness, and I also understood that my mother did need someone. “

“…” I don’t have it.

“Later, I found a teacher who gave me a lesson, requested them to be together.”

“You can really do it? The aunt and the teachings are really together?”

“Yes. After graduating from junior high school, I went to the secondary school. I didn’t need a home to teach. He is not very suitable at home, and the big four is also busy with internship, and there is no time and energy, it is over.”

“Oh! I didn’t expect, there were so many stories!” I don’t have any feelings.

“Huawei, I said, I have said, you should know, let’s sit here for more than an hour, hurry back to my house!”


At the door of Qian Qianjia, Qianqian didn’t open the door, and then said to me: “Let’s go in, the action must be light.”

I nodded.

Entered the door, quietly entered the yard, see the window of the bedroom of the house was strict, but in order to be careful, we still take the hospital wall and the room slowly close to the main room, then Qian Qian again The light hand opened the door, we entered the corridor of the house, just entered, heard the bed sound of Lu Ayi. “Ah … Yi Cheng brother, ah … hurry … cool … cool dead …”

I smiled and Qianqian, Qian Qian said: “They are really, it is not the bedroom.”

“Guan Gate, let’s see anything.”

The probably Lu Ayi believes that the door and the gate gate are not lost, but she misses her baby daughter.

In the door of the bedroom, I saw the side of Lu Auntie, the upper body and the legs were in the inside of ninety. The left hand stretched into the body, and the right hand stretched into the genitals. It should be stroking his clitoris, and Shao Shu is in Lu Ayi. After the body, the front chest tight post with the back of the Lu Ayi, the left arms passed down from Lu Ayi, in the left arm of Lu Ayi, the right arm plundered the waist of Lu Ayi, right hand knead Lu Ayi’s two full breasts, the ankle is very rhythmically on Lu Ayi’s round ass, accompanied by each waist, you can clearly see that Shao Shu is soaked in the tail of the sinister, left thigh. Stoses the left leg of Lu Ayi, the knee is slightly curved, and the whole right leg is extended to the two legs of Lu Ayi. “Ah … Yi Cheng brother, too cool … ah …” Lu Ayi forgetting.

“… …, Xiaomei … … you are too good, … cool …” Shao Shu, the praise, kiss the earlobe of Lu Ayi.

Looking at the scenery of such a fortune, I quietly said to Qian Qian: “I am not watching the European and American A, the side level is not easy for the Chinese.”

“Is it? How much is it easy?”

“Must require the men’s genitals long enough, otherwise, they can’t meet the woman, and the European and American men can, Chinese men can do.”

“Oh, this said that Dad should be an exception, you see my mother’s cool.”

“Well, it should be exception, it’s hard!”

“嗬嗬 …” Qian Qian almost laughed.

I quickly smashed her mouth and said: “Little grandmother, don’t laugh!”

Qian Qian is embarrassed to look at me, nodded.

“… ah …, ah … ah … ah …, Yi Cheng brother, cool … ah … cool … ah … cool dead …”

Lu Ayi’s 呻 加 加 加 无.

“Hey … 嗷 … 嗷, Xiaomei, ah … it is shot … Ah …” Shao Shu’s ankle madly impacted the land of the land.

In Lu Ayi’s 夸 张, after the end of the last powerful shock, Shao Shu is completed on the buttocks of Lu Ayi, saying: “Xiaomei … I am shooting … “, finished, close your eyes, keep breathing.

Because of the problem of the angle, because the long hair of Lu Ayi sagizes, we can’t see Lu Ayi’s face, but after Shao Shu completed the launch, he saw Lu Ayi’s left hand to die, and the right hand was tightly passed. Uncle’s right thigh, followed by the body’s bursm, foot with half a minute.

“Xiaomei, you are also climax?” Shao Shushi asked weakly.

“Well!” Lu Ayi also had an angry answer.

“Yi Cheng brother, great, you have a rest.”

“Okay!” Shao Shu closed his eyes and breathed it.

“It seems that Dad is really tired, you can listen to Dad’s heavy gasping.”

“The daughter-in-law like aunt, is not tired?”

“Also, you have a deep experience!” Qian Qian said.

“Don’t tell me, Yan, Qian Qian, your parents have to rest, let’s withdraw.”

“What is this? Don’t arrive in three o’clock, just 15 minutes from home to the station, you can rest assured that there is still one?” Qian Qian said very certain.

“Ah? No, aunt wants to hollow uncle?”

“No, otherwise it is not a mother’s style!”

“…” I was completely speechless.

Just when I was confused Qian Qian, there was no possibility that Lu Ayi proved that Qian Qian did not understand.

Just when we talk, Shao Shu is already lying in bed, close to the eyes, seems to be in the nation, and it seems very tired. Lu Ayi squatted on the chest of Shao Uncle, sucking the nipples on the left of Shao Shu, after hearing that Shao Shu is gently snoring, the nipple on the right is the captive of Lu Ayi’s left hand finger.

In the continuous teasing of Lu Ayi and jade, Shao Shu’s snoring is getting more and more heavy, it is seen that Shao Shu is very enjoyable.

See Shao Uncle Shao gradually feels, Lu Ayi is divided into Shao Shu’s legs, squatting between the legs, grabbing the big chicken knead, the right hand gently kneaded, then leaned down, With the glans of Shao Uncle, the head is on the middle of the big butt, the big ass, the big ass, the lack of chrysanthemums and labians of Lu Ayi. Lu Ayi high-spirited big butt and his head blocked the line of sight. We can’t see how Lu Ayi played with Shao Uncle’s big cock, but didn’t have a time, Lu Ayi said to Shao Shu: ” Cheng Ge, you are so bad, big chickens come again! “

“Isn’t you bad? You don’t move it, is it?”

“I hate it, Yong Ge, people want!”

“Do you want? Which day doesn’t meet you? Today, come from eating, twice, Xiaomei, you can’t be greedy? Otherwise, murder?”

“Whether, after this holiday, you have no two months of vacation, people can’t see you three months, so I must have it!” Lu Ayi said.

“If you want you to go to Tianjin, you can’t live, you can’t go?” Shao Shu said.

“Don’t you go? One person doesn’t know, you are so busy, you can’t let you be too tired at night, I have been alive, I will not go!”

“嗬嗬, then there is no way!”

“So, Yongcheng brother, people still have to.” After finishing, turn over, the back of Shao, a butt, sitting on the big chicken of him.

For Lu Ayi, this sudden move, I and Qian Qian did not prepare, but when the big cock was inserted into the vagina vagina, it may be too satisfied, and Lu Ayi closed his eyes and enjoyed it. This happiness, otherwise, I will be seen by her with Qianqian.

“Good insurance!” I said whispered with Qian Qian, and then quickly flashed to the wall of the door.

“Hey, my mother is really, actually turned it!” Qian Qian complained.

“Fortunately, the aunt at the time at the time of Shao Shu, otherwise it will be too embarrassing!” I said that I have a sense of interest.

“Yeah! Check!”

“Qian Qian, let’s go out, Auntie has passed the body, we must not continue. Moreover, he also seen it, and it should be given to the uncle aunt belonging to their space and time!”

“All right!”

After coming from home, Qian Qian asked me: “Huawei, you know now, how much does your mother are needed and eager? Dad and mother are very loving, but because of various subjective and objective reasons, they are temporarily Can be together every day, so mother especially needs a companion, and you, my fiance is the best, and the most suitable candidate. “

“Qian Qian, since I promised you, I will definitely let the aunt happy, at least will not let Auntie tears because of the uncle!”

“Thank you! Huawei!” Qian Qianqi immediately hugged me again …

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