For high school students like me, learning is simply a kind of suffering, but what is this?

That day, I was caught in the class that day, I was caught by the teacher, because I was secretly seeing the pornographic magazine behind the classroom, and it is exactly a porn novel.

It’s frustrated by Mother. After school, I will call the teacher by the teacher. Teacher Wen is my class teacher. The name is Wen Lingshan. At the age of 38 this year, it is back to our high school. Not long after, it became the class teacher of our class.

Although the text is not young, it is a beautiful face, the slender body, occasionally wearing a seductive stockings and high heels, calculating a Peugeot’s beautiful woman.

If I estimate is good, in the school, there are certain students and teachers who are in the teacher. Hey, even I am a member of this camp.

But I don’t know why, I rarely see the smile of Teacher Wen, because the students call her cold beauty.

[Li Jun, look at the good things you do, when you go to class, even in the school, look at the yellow novel, or this metamorphosis …….

[Teacher, I am wrong, I will not dare to get next time, you will happen to my compassion. 】

Seeing the cold face of the teacher, I suddenly walked, scared, I was straight.

[Such a small child, how can you make this abnormality? Let’s see, what kind of novel you are watching. 】

[Teacher, I am really wrong. 】

[These ……. Mature women, red apricots, incest, what is the green mother, this is what, you metamorphosis. 】

Listening to the teacher’s shouting, I really bloom, my face keeps sweating, tears are swaying in my eyes.

[No, I must tell you the mother, let her go to school tomorrow, let your mother know what is her son is a bad child, hey, horses horses. 】

[Don’t, please tell me, don’t tell my mother. 】

I heard the teacher to tell my mother, I am afraid. If my mother knows that I am in class, I will be ignorant, I will do it, I will cut my mother and child. relation.

Let me talk about my family, a family, my father and mother and me, my father is a boss of an electronic company. Although the scale is not much, it is still quite rich.

Mom, I used to sit in the office, and later I have a full-time housewife at home. When you are young, it is a beautiful woman. Now you have a good job at home, plus comparison will maintenance, although the 40-year-old person, but it seems more charming more charming than younger.

Seeing that the teacher did not respond, I was kneeling in front of the teacher.

[Teacher, give me another chance, I promise will learn well in the future. How do you punish me? Don’t tell my mother. 】

[Li Jun, according to reason, you can take you away like you in the school. Hey, the teacher doesn’t want to do this, but you …….]

[Teacher, you will be compassionate, giving me the last chance, beg you. 】

[So, the teacher asks you a few questions. Only by honest answer, I think if I want to tell your mother, do you want to remove you. 】

[Thank you teacher, I must have anything to say, I will never conceal. 】

[Well, Li Jun, you see this book, but it is not just the reason for adolescence. 】


Although I saw a line of vitality, but the teacher’s question still made me feel red.

[Say the truth, since you like to watch this mature woman derailed and incest, is it because of your mother? Do you like your mother? 】

[Teacher, I ……. I … I don’t know how to answer, maybe there is a little bit, but only one thing. 】

After answering this problem, my face became more red, I didn’t dare to watch the teacher at all.

[Since you like your own mother, why will it still look at what is the kind of green mother? I found that there are a few articles on this type of article look very old, you have seen it over again. 】

[I ……. Mandarin teacher, I really do not know why, do not ask you to make life difficult for me. ] Trying to get to the office silent, but when I looked up, but found the teacher’s eyes seemed to warm up a lot, it seems that things turn for the better.

[Xiaojun, if the teacher said, I can help you achieve this desire, will you? 】

What? What the teacher say? I heard this faint, Yun Cai.

[Teacher, you say that? I do not quite understand. 】

[Little fool, teacher mean, let plot of the novel into a reality, teachers help you achieve the aspirations of incest and green mother. 】

I heard her correctly, is this really?

[Teacher, reading novels, I just fantasy and obscenity, but in real life, I can not do ah. 】

[You can, I believe that the teacher, the teacher also want to see you and your son incest look. Xiaojun, you just look down at what? Did you like the teacher’s feet? 】

[I ……. I can not say. 】

[Minced teachers do not like children, like to lick it, but you can not do anything else, can not touch the other places, you know. 】

What the teacher say? Am I not dreaming? US teacher even let me lick the feet of her black silk dress, my God.

[Teacher, I really can lick your feet? 】

【Um. 】

Just when I was still hesitant, a black silk enough meat has lifted, I treasure like squatting down, took off his teacher’s high-heeled shoes, the foot meat only dream of in his mouth greedy sucking up.

Oh my goodness, so delicious, sour, sweet, fleshy, a method can not describe the feeling. Then my dick like fast exploded, involuntarily put his right hand into his crotch. [Teacher, your feet good aroma, taste really thick. 】

[Small metamorphosis, fast shot it. 】

[Ah, like shot. 】

Help, and when the teacher throughout the United States and stockings feet are covered with my saliva, I shot countless sperm shot in the crotch.

[Too irritating. 】

[Oh, there are so stimulating it, so you see after his mother sent waves indulge in bed, when you put the big penis is inserted into the place where you were born, it would really stimulate it. 】

Think of the usual frosty, teacher went so far as to say so lewd words, did not think ah did not expect. I think the teacher is a better blueprint drawn, I could not help, it is too long for the people.

[Teacher, you really help me achieve the aspirations it? 】

[Of course, teachers need to lie to you? 】

Say is ah, the teacher lied to me what sense it, but I was a little surprised, why the teacher to help me?

[Teacher, I mean nothing else, is a bit strange, what you could ask for it? 】

[Oh, that time you will know, so after you and your mother incest mother and child, the teacher will give you a bigger surprise. 】

At the moment the teacher to speak, she is slightly lifted their skirts, in this moment, I saw the teacher wore a sexy red lace panties, just so people spurting.

Then there is ambiguous smile, in my mind, is still very rare teacher laughed. I rely on, is simply too cool, is it the teacher said the big surprise is her own?

Hey, the teacher must be like me, a biological mother is sexy, sexy cougar is a teacher, that time, my left arm around my mother, hug the right teacher, the operating end of this exercise, so fucking fantastic time.

[Teacher, then I need to do? 】

[When you only need to meet the teacher on the line, and quickly go back and eat it, your mother at home waiting How about you. Remember, this kind of thing can not tell someone oh. 】

[Know, I’m not a fool, the teacher will be assured, such a thing was impossible for me and other people say. 】

God, ah, is this a dream come true it is often said, when I walk on the way home, it also felt a little weird, you do all this is true.

Wen teacher’s meat stockings are beautiful, have been afraid of my lips. Originally, the teacher will tell my mother to watch the yellow book. At least I have to teach me, but I have never thought that it will be this result, so I am unexpected. When I got home, I found a hot meal on the table, and my mother was watching TV in the living room. Seriously, if today is not the words of the teacher to me, I may really have no incest ideas, even if there is only a novel, I am obscenity.

It is a bit different now. Is it true that the charm is really a thing in front of me.

Two days have passed, the wind is calm, everything is so normal, I am a little anxious, is it a teacher? It should not be.

That night, when I was a little anxious, the doorbell rang, just when I opened the security door, I found out that the door stood was a teacher.

[Teacher, is you. 】

【how? Don’t welcome the teacher. 】

【welcome. Mom, our class teacher is coming. 】

I heard my shout, my mother hurriedly came out of the bedroom.

[Yes Wen teacher, please come. 】

【sorry for disturbance. 】

[How are you so polite, like a thinner like a teacher, please don’t ask, is there any mistake in our family to make a mistake in the school. 】

When my mother asked this sentence, my heart mentioned the eyes, the teacher won’t pay back, telling my mother.

[Xiao Jun mother, you have more, this time I take the liberty, mainly want to help Xiao Jun to take a mathematics, because I think this child is a creative, as long as he is willing to learn, there will be something in the future. 】

[Oops, that is too thankful for the teacher, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to say. 】

When the teacher replaced slippers, when I walked into the living room, I found that the teacher actually worn is a black silk dress, the skirt just didn’t have a knee. Socks, the thin black stockings and the teacher’s slender legs are mixed together, it is simply the sky.

※ | JKF Czech Forum Sitting on the sofa of the living room, mother turned to the kitchen to give a cup of coffee.

[Xiao Jun Mom, don’t be busy, I don’t think. 】

[Wen teacher is not polite, told me to be beautiful. Our family is not sensible, there is a place to add trouble to you, I will tell me, I will teach him. 】

[No, Xiao Junping is very sensible in the school, just don’t know how, learning is not going, so I decided to give him a try. 】

Two people have a few words, and Teacher Wen returned to the bedroom.

[Teacher, how come you? 】

[Nonsense, give you a subscription. 】

[Teacher, last time you and what I said …….]

[Oh, why are you so worried. But it is no wonder, your mother is so beautiful, this old woman, she is also very good, no wonder you will have that idea for her. 】

I heard the teacher said that my face was red, and even a bit of fever. While shame, more is ready to move.

[Xiao Jun, learn first, the teacher will help you. 】

Learning, how can I learn, I hate to learn, there is no way, I have to hear Teacher. I have learned for a while, and Wen teacher took a shot of my shoulder.

[Xiao Jun, you learn, the teacher went to talk to your mother. 】

【OK. 】

I looked at the big buttocks twisted when I walked, I was excited, can the teacher really help me achieve the wish? Is these two aesthetic daughter really possible to be my woman?

After a while, I heard the living room came from the silver bell, and the teacher is very happy to talk to my mother.

[Son, come out to send the teacher. 】

When the teacher went home, when he left, the teacher did not say much, but I had to study well.

Playing with lying in bed, I can’t sleep, I always feel seven on the top eight, I should not take this step, but I want to go, facing these two beautiful women, especially them. And my special relationship, I feel very exciting. I finally made a decision, I have to have no refund, I have to try it anyway. But even if you can’t succeed, I must also give yourself a back, now the society, everything you have, you must leave more your eyes.

Thinking about thinking, the cock is hard, two women, one is my biological mother, the other is my stockings beautiful woman, is a white cooked meat, mother, fight.

Wake up in the morning, my mother smiled and waited for me to have breakfast, watching my mother in front of me, I have a little shake.

Do you really want to cross the Lei Po? I am a bit messy in my heart.

[Son, wake up, washing, prepare for breakfast. 】

Mothers in front of me seem to be a mature gorgeous woman, mother, woman, beautiful woman, water milk blending, these really should be marked?

[Mom, what are you talking to the teacher yesterday? 】

[Oh, bad kid, is it a set. Son, Wen teacher praises you yesterday, saying that you usually have a little indusual business, but overall is a good child, you have to work hard. 】

【Oh, I see. 】

In the evening of these days, Teacher Wen teacher also gave me a class at home. It was very wonderful. The teacher didn’t say much. I gave me a month, and then let me learn myself, and she is looking for my mother to chat. .

What can they talk? Can the teacher really tell the mother? Is it going to do my mother’s job? Don’t say, if your mother disagree with my mother and child incest, then our mother is not able to get along.

What made me a little depressed is that when I tried to touch the teacher’s big tits, I was refused, I only let me licked a while her stockings.

But even this is enough, it is enough to make me a big shot, and how to say, this is also the foot of the beautiful woman, too delicate.

It is also a night. After giving me a homework, the teacher came to chat with my mother to chat. After a while, I came to laughter, and the sound of the sound, what are they doing?

After a while, the teacher returned to my bedroom.

[Xiao Jun, have you arranged your homework to learn? 】

[Well, learning is almost the same. 】

[Oh, yes, it is quite used. 】

[Teacher, the plan you said before …]

[What have you always have an urgent, just took a shower, I wiped her back. 】

【Is it? 】

[Well, your mother’s body is really good, the breast is so big, even the nipple is pink, but the butt is also fat and fell, seeing your father does not often love her. 】

[Can you see it? 】

[Of course, the teacher can come over, there is such a beautiful and rich mother, no wonder you will have ideas for her. The teacher can feel, your mother’s sexual desire should be quite strong, don’t have to achieve your own desire for how long you don’t have to do it. 】

[Teacher Wen, is it really possible? 】

[Oh, of course, it is possible, this will see how the teacher will help you. 】

[Then I can thank my teacher too much. 】

【Humph. 】

[Teacher, what happened to you? 】

[No … There is nothing, the teacher should go back. 】

I don’t know how, I don’t want to feel the weirds of the teacher’s smile. I can’t manage so much. Since the teacher wants to help me, there is a possibility of success. If you think of these, there is an inexplicable excitement.

I dreamed in the night. It is exactly that it should be a dream. Hey, when will this fragrant scene will appear?

These days, the text teacher is still a case, remember that the day seems to be very late, I still get up to the teacher as usual.

[Teacher Wen teacher is so late, you go back, our mother is not trick, don’t you live in our house today, tomorrow morning you and Xiao Jun go to school, ok? 】

What? Mom wants to stay at home? Hey, I don’t want me to sleep with the teacher, then make big.

[But the show, is it convenient? 】

[What is inconvenient, we are all familiar. 】

[Well, then I will be welcome. 】

Hey, although it is an expectation, it is still a bit disappointing, and the text teacher has lived in the bedroom of my mother with my mother.

A person is lying on the bed, I have even a kind of impulse to rush into their bedroom. Take end, you can’t bear it.

Woke up in the morning, mom and Wen teacher is preparing for breakfast in the kitchen, two beautiful women say laughter, like girlfriends.

The teacher walked out of the house together, just got out of the unit, Wen teacher gave a bite on my forehead.

[Xiao Jun Jun, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to be incest with your mother, no week. 】

【Really? How did the teacher talk to my mother? 】

【secret. 】

[Teacher said so confident, what is your magic? 】

[Still secret, huh, huh. 】

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