I, ah Long, 25, joined the company two years ago, just retired, is an American company, a total of five branches in Taiwan, and we Hsinchu Branch, the unit in charge of a 55-year-old, two Miss (accounting Li Jie, 34, had married, small sound administrative unmarried, 25) both have in common is that the body particularly good, all my usual fantasy objects themselves, and this is the reason I do not want to leave, two businesses ( I and a 32-year-old Xiang brother) with an old driver, 52-year-old hair ah; because no cats, over time we will mix the familiar, feeling good. I rent it out myself, and because of this, Li Jie take care of me after get off work often called me to her house for dinner, for a long time, I told Mr. Li Jiede and children are very familiar; Li Jie out of the kitchen to go home the same as in , or the usual holiday I have something all right to run her home, and Li Jie also treated me like a brother the same. On this day Saturday morning about 10 o’clock, I was bored, so, as usual, to Li Jie home run. Li Jie to the house, I was downstairs by the bell, waited a bit lasts, no one opened the door; strange, usually her son would have opened the door to let me go; press, radio and finally out loud: “Who!? “(It was Li Jie’s voice). “Oh! Li Jie, I, I ah dragon.” Walkie-talkie: “You wait a minute, I’ll open the door.” All of a sudden, Li Jie down, but she opened the door, I was one of the bright eyes, she could still asleep embarrassed to let me wait too long, so down to open the door in his dressing gown (pink transparent coveralls, inside black underwear), a full see through, Li Jie showed off a beautiful body; estimates should be D cup (afterwards proved to be the case). “As early!” But I have already absence of (younger brother since the mutiny because no one has yet again girlfriend, only to see the beauty in the network diagram or A piece, I have not seen the real thing). I disappointed God, eyes pinned to see Li Jie body; and Li Jie also noted, but she probably has always been regarded me as a brother to look, so she knocked on my head, said: “too long thick … Oh I did not touch the girls, early!. ” I blushed and said: “As early!.” Into the living room, Li Jie went to the kitchen helped myself to a glass of water newspaper to me; but I played with upstairs from a door in the back Li Jie, my eyes had never left her, and my younger brother also play from a door on the flag a; and Li Jie showed me something back into the room and turned to go, this may be too embarrassed to continue to wear in front of me. And I was looking through the newspaper. Soon, Li Jie from the room out, white V-neck T ?, following the wearing sweatpants: “? Did not eat breakfast” “eaten, Jiege and well-off (Mr. Li Jie’s son) it?” I asked Li Jie: “they go on in their hometowns, and today the country in the fun, do they go back to eating the desk.” “Oh that Li Jie how u did not go back ah!?” Li Jie: “no, because I’m going pm students, and old school returned from abroad, not seen for a long time, a rare opportunity, so I did not go with them; to you, came so early, and looking for my husband said as she chess ah coffee? while she was sitting on my sofa opposite. when she bent down under the table to get coffee, V-neck T-shirt looming, a good figure D cup, and now in front of me. ‘er, right ah, I say early in the morning lacks something, trying to find Jiege chess, pass the pass the time. “edge said, my eyes have been inseparable from Li Jie’s V-neck. And I just relax and look from the top of the crotch. Li Jie: “Well, anyway, I empty is boring, I accompany you to play chess now, you go to the library board with pieces out!..” “Good!” I was the first cup of water to cool down, then got up and went into the take chess study; but wonder how today’s chess gone past are placed on the cabinet I casually asked: “Li Jie Chess how gone!?” Li Jie: “yesterday my husband for his friends to have to play! I put it close up. “then she came in and out on the other cupboard;. I may be told by her too into her back, she got a hit I turned around; touch! Chess will hand scattered everywhere. “Ah … I’m sorry!” I said. “It does not matter! Quickly pick up a pick up.” Li Jie said then bent over, hands and knees touch the ground, began to pick up chess. And I squatted down to pick up quickly; but from Lijie hit a bent her v-neck opening, D milk and now my eyes. I pick up the pieces with horses almost, not entirely left eye D milk, really beautiful. Picking picking up, Li Jie picking up along the direction of the pieces and turned into the hip to me while I’m behind her, a little disappointed; but look back, she was sort of a small ass, it makes me suffer could not; I could not bear it and decided to fight it. “! Li Jie” After my screams, as she squatting back to me, I will direct her panties and shorts pulled down between evil that her pussy into my eyes now; and Li Jie may also be scared, to take advantage of sitting on the ground immediately turned pants pulled up; I then rushed her to go to Li Jie to the ground; this time, the large animal hair, and Li Jie struggling, try to pull me away, but at the moment her how big it is possible to force me, it may also concern the fear is too strong to hurt me, so I easily suppressed her. “Long ah … ah … you do not fool around ah … I was Li Jie ah.” I listen to what’s inside; I had into his left hand across the bra in the clothes caught Li Jie of D milk, the right hand will quickly my pants receded, I hold back a long thick hateful, jumping about playing out; the thick penis pointed at Li Jie of the hole, is preparing top forward.

And Li Jie struggling, the heart of a radical, hand directly on a slap from my cheek: “ah long, you can not do this.” And I scared Li Jie suddenly pushed me away, pull up the pants since she turned to run into the room; touch, locked himself; I’m only disappointed God sitting den, now I scare myself, I do not know what to do? Lasts over, I got up and put on the pants, to Li Jie outside the room; “Li Jie, sorry!” I said. “You go, I do not want to see you again.” Li Jie in the room shouted, “Excuse me!” Then I straight away. Back home I always recall, although Li Jie very sorry, but Li Jie of D milk in the hands of the good feeling, so I made up a little brother maybe they had imagined, themselves. Since that incident, Li Jie for me became very cold, the company will not talk to me, let alone from get off work to find me to her house for dinner; over half a year later, to the company’s annual year-end banquet, because of our company in counties and cities have branches, so Beano travel agencies are handed over 2 days and 1 night travel; this year be held in Hualien Naruwan, 06:00 therefore necessary to set out a set of train station; and company events as long as the lineal descent are eligible to join; so Li Jie took her husband and children to participate. Early in the morning to the train station, waiting for a sudden someone asked me, “ah dragon …” I turned around and saw that it was her husband Li Jie. “!. Jiege early ah,” I replied, “Hey … you how early did not come to our house for so long, I thought you were leaving and asked Fang (Li Jie’s name) and she did not speak;! How recently it really Well, so will I then have the car to fight with chess a hundred rounds. “and I looked at chess, so I do want to go there, I thought, Li Jie should not get things to say, okay, or really do not know what to do; I turned around and looked at Shun Li Jie said: “Li Jie, early!” Li Jie turned around and ignored me dirty looks; only the well-off ran over and hugged me and said: “Why are you big brother so long did not come home to play, “Li Jie and well-off quickly put away when it comes to action:” you eat a hurry to eat breakfast, do not go to noisy people, “and then also to everyone on the train, all the way. bound for Hualien up. To the hotel, put away the luggage, ready to participate in a year-end banquet dinner. Year-end banquet, because you do not drive, and I dwell hotels, drunk directly back to the room to sleep, so every year the chairman have rushed to take the lead, and this year is no exception; usually after dinner, there is a child, my mother would bring back to the room to sleep because some continue to drink, every time got very late end, while Li Jie also early on with a well-off back to the room to sleep; after the wine had three follow, we almost drunk; in particular, Li Jie’s husband, poor drinker each also drunk the first one, from me into the company, every year I carry him back to the room to sleep; the end, I follow the conventional example, the Jiege Kanghui room “Ding Dong!” I ought to open the door bells Li Jie, he scolded: “drank like that, not your year-end banquet, drunk every year.” then, they put Jiege hand resting on the shoulders propped up, then we were together he came through the bed, and then Li Jie he then took off his shoes; and I was standing by the bed to help, and I will work together Li Jie Jiege clothes, pants removed to leave boxers; the process, I did not forget to look at the eyes from Li Jie collar look D milk; I could also see Li Jie drunk, first pour a cup of hot water to me, and then get a hot towel to wipe the body after the completion of Jiege. I speak: “Li Jie, one that I’m sorry …” I could at night to drink a lot of really, the moment I want to vomit, “do not say, you drunk, drinking hot tea hurried back to the room to sleep.” , they quickly rushed into the toilet to find the toilet; and Li Jie is now coming patted my back behind me; it comes: I took a towel to wipe the “Whatcha drink so much.”. Tuwan I got up, stumbled to the back room; Li Jie came and escorted me: stay put my hand on her, “You look at your man, is a kind, so fond of, I help you back into the house.” shoulders and asked me room number. “1306” Then I put the key to Li Jie, went to my room; to Li Jie insisted, intentionally or unintentionally promote my hand touched the chest Li Jie, Li Jie and the perfumed incense … I add bursts of body almost collapsed, I try to restrain myself, but for my instinctive reaction is a severe test, pants and cock my nerves, like the verge of collapse. Entering the room, she helped me to bed, I pretended to stumble a bit, rushed to her, with a flutter may be more accurate, and left hand on her D milk. Li Jie took the blame looked at me and said: “You do not fool around.” Alcoholic trouble, I finally could not contain himself, the bed will be stiff lower body against her in her lower body … no small surprise, hand desperately breaking my arm, to break free. I hugged Li Jie and mouth close to her ears, gently bite a bit, her body trembling, while his mouth issued a repressed Menheng, and fierce swing around, I want to break free. “Li Jie, I love you.” Having a hand to her hands tightly fastened, and the extension and compression on the bed, one hand sliding into her chest, the two breasts in my kneading next, bouncing a while together, separated for a while, and are free to change the shape, I have no control over the power of hands. Li Jie shouted: “Long Freeze ah, ah … do not,” but because of good sound equipment for the five-star hotel, I do not worry about her crying will be heard, I kissed her mouth strong, when my tongue and when her tongue entangled, desperately sucking, she only faint choking sound issued from the throat.

The more struggling, the more I put the body tight, my hand struck the abdomen from her chest, the flat and soft abdomen, accompanied by the urgent breathing, a tight, not much stay At the bottom of the belly, she struggled even more, but it didn’t help but inserted between her legs, and smashed her secret between her legs. She can’t make it strong, I can only struggle. “You let me go, I am, ah … don’t … … how can you … I … 呜 … um … Oh … let me go … um … oh … oh … ah … um … um … … … “” “Ah … Dragon … No … 要 … 呜 … oh … um … oh … ah … um …” In my soft and hardness, finally Li Sister was taking care of you, and the body began to cooperate with me; although the mouth I don’t want my care, but I’m gradually relaxing, I can’t struggle with force; at this time, I can easily take off Li Jie’s small panties, tease with your fingers in Li sister’s small hole, delay Lip around the lip. I first pinched the clitoris of Li Jie with my fingers. When I was inserted into the small hole with the middle finger, Li Sister also took the initiative to meet my intrusion. And two big fat milk, I will certainly not let go, suck it with your mouth. Not long after Li Jie’s vagina started secretion of obscene water, so that my finger is more convenient to insert, so I quickly took off his trousers; finally worked for a long time, once again played it, presented in front of Li sister; Give you the point of Li Jie’s point, ready to play forward. “No … line … Yeah … ah … Dragon … No …” Li Sister still showed the last woman’s should have. But at this time, I will not be slow, and the thick penis will advance the thick penis to Li sister. Finally, I came in, I said: “Li Sister … My beautiful sexy goddess … I finally drove to you … um … you are mine …” I use the whole body’s strength to enter Li Jie, hold tight Li Jie’s hip is inserted, and the mouth is still covered with D milk sucking. Enjoy the dream, beautiful and moving flesh. “Um … ah … Dragon … No … … ah … oh … um … oh …” I did dry, playing the breast, kissing the lips of Li Jie, sucking the tongue of Li, let me feel crazy Pump. “Zi … … … … … … 滋 … …” Jono pumped three, four hundred, very fast, I felt that Li Jie’s climax came: “Oh … ah … I … … Oh … I have to go … Oh … “Li Jie may still be embarrassed or embarrassed, so the whisper is called. At this time, I deliberately stopped, and Li Sister was losing reason to say: “Li Jie, what is it? What is it … What is it …” Say … ” The hard bar is not entering the hole. “Ah … you … so bad … um … I have a cheap and still sell it …” Li Sister said red. My heart is secretly said: “” Loud point … What do you want me … “Returned once again. Li Sister can’t stand the delivery of me, say: “Ah … I ask for me … ask you … Fast … give me … ah … um …” I am happy: Cheng, I have been completely conquered by me. “Um … um … oh … … … um … oh … … … um …” I accelerated. After about five minutes, it may be a relationship of drinking. I don’t feel the pain. I haven’t felt that I have to discharge the pain; so I will turn the sister to the bed, let me insert it from behind, let me The pleasure continues to be inserted. Gradually, I found that Li Jie’s call is getting bigger and bigger. “… is comfortable … Li Jie …” Side, I didn’t stop playing with Li sister D milk … “Um … um … um … um … um … um … um … um … um …” Li Jie and No sound, but from her hair, the expression and the sound should be able to know that her current situation is extremely enjoyed. There are big mirrors in the hotel, watching my and Li sister in the mirror, I am doing it in front of me, is one of my masturbation fantasies (the other is small); the mirror, Li Sister, mature And a moving body, the milk is shaken by me inserting the body; at this time, I looked at Li sister’s butt emerged another idea, Li Jie’s people were more conservative, and another hole should not let her husband. Played (after the event, I asked Li, I didn’t get it by Mr.), so I wanted to explore another private office of Li, and became the first man; so I took a hard bar, turned to Li Sister. Chrysanthemum part, advancement. “Well … don’t … hurt … don’t you … um …” Li Jie called, the body moved forward. And I have not stopped, and the hands caught the waist of Li Jie and slowly inserted the cock into the farth of Li. Tighten … “And Li Sister’s ass is probably being inserted by the cock in the first time, suffering from stimuli, let me almost vent it. Li Jie seems to be like a feeling, and the hands and feet began to struggle, but they were pressed. “Well … don’t … pain … don’t you … um … 呜 … 呜 …” I won’t take care of her, start to slow down, add more than ten times, at this time, Li Sister is slowly cooperated, my The plug speed is gradually accelerated. “Hey … … … … … … … …” The sound of the body, the whole room. It’s too tight, I feel that the turtle hair is hot, I know that I am going to shoot, accelerate the impact “Oh … ah … Li Jie … I … Fast … out … come out … Oh … Oh … alert to the brain, It is shot, shot hot fine semen into Li sister’s ass.

After shooting, I am squatting on Li Jie, the meat stick is still inserted into the butt, and the remaining rhyme after the climax. “It’s so comfortable … I feel great … Li Jie … I really a matter.” I turned over and said. At this time, Li Jie did not speak, but she cried came out: “You … 呜 … you … … 呜 …” 起 起 起 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进I fell asleep. “Bell … ring …” I am half-woking time: 07: 30 points; I originally a restaurant’s MorningCall, get up into the bathroom, although it is a bit drunk, my head is bitic, but I look at myself, I think myself last night. Passion, the meat stick immediately lifted his game and greeted him; and Li Sister went back to the house after rinse up last night. At this time, my psychology is struggling. I don’t know if I will meet Li Si will happen; she will spread things, tell me a strong place! ? Forget it, the head is good, I want to be unintentional, the boat is naturally straight to the bridge; if I understand my understanding of Li Jie, she should take care of her face and should not speak. After the shower, finishing the baggage and got to the hall. “Ah Dragon … Breakfast!” Turned to see that Li Sister came from afar, and Jie Ge said he greeted me. “Drunk last night, let you return to the room every year! You sleep well last night!” Jie Ge said. “Ok!” I replied; at this time I thought: Yes! It seems that Li Jie did not boast of things. And I looked at Li sister; I felt that Li Jie took the road to weird, I thought, I must have I engaged in Li sister’s ass last night, so that she is now uncomfortable to walk the way; Wush: “Early! Li Sister, what? I slept well last night!” And my mouth is slightly tight, satisfied with a smile. “Hey! I dare to say!” Li Jie replied, and then turned right away. After about five minutes, everyone also appeared in the hall; and I saw that Li Jie went to the lobby to the toilet, and the posture was still whim. I immediately followed the girl’s toilet. When I went to the toilet, I found that only Li Jie was in, there were no people in other rooms; I stood in Li Sikou to hear the sound, and the door was prepared to open, I pushed it in, I will launch me and Li Sister. In the forehead. “You still want to be numb! Not enough last night!?” Li Jie may be afraid that others have heard whispered. I deliberately said that by the way, I also explore the mouth of Li Jie: “I am to atone, I am really sorry last night, I am drunk, I am going to be self-defeated, give you a confidence.” “” Don’t say it, your Jiege him is a conservative, loyal and honest person, you speak my family to break it immediately. “Li Sister said nervous. “Then what I have to do!? I will not be able to condemn the condemnation.” I deliberately said. “No matter! As long as you don’t say things, I forgive you” Li Jie down helplessly said. Just gotting me, my psychology is very cool; immediately turn around, revealing the true face: “Reassure, Li Jie, you are so good to me, wait for me as your brother, as long as I cooperate with me, I don’t say anything. “What! I still want to dry numbness!? I was got by you last night. I am very uncomfortable now. You still want me to do something in the future! You are not afraid that I will call, tell you,” Li Sister is angry Speaking. “Hey! Small point, you are not afraid to be heard!” Then I said: “It doesn’t matter! Anyway, I am single, I don’t want to go in a close; and you don’t believe it. Don’t I hurt Jie Ge and Xiaokang’s heart? “” “You … how do you have so much, I really look at you today, thank you for the same, I’m still as good as you, look like a brother. Today, I said this. “” Don’t talk so much, the raw rice is ripe, I want to cooperate with me, or I am going to have a crime with Jie Ge … “I finished taking the way to open the door. Going out. Li Sister, I want to go out, a nervous and call: “Wait a minute!” In the semi-push half, Li Jie once opened again and said: “As long as you don’t say it, you will stop.” I saw that Li Sister has yet, said: “How is it in the future … I just said it … and then say it …” The side said, I’m going to touch the D milk before, it is really unable to master, so soft, lower body Also expanded. “As long as you don’t say it, how do you want me in the future, I have tested with you.” Li Sister said with a whisper. “Good! One words are customary.” After I finished my face, I was passed by Li Jie. Then I took off my trousers, so that I had a hard-selling meat stick now Qi Jie’s eyes; “Come … Help me, Seeing you in the morning, I think of the beautiful and mature and moving flesh, hurt me, I have been taking the joke. “Li Sister suspected, I am embarrassed to say” here!? So how to do it … “” Well! Ok, let’s help me with the beautiful double lips! “I didn’t talk about it. After that, I pressed the shoulders of Li Jie, let Li Sister squatted in front of me, the face is facing my firm meat stick. Then take the right hand of Li Jie to hold the meat stick. “How to do … Oral … I won’t …” Li Si’s face replied. “Ah … you marry Jie brother for so long … Didn’t help the Jiege mouth?” Normal position … “I think … really violent 天物 … Jie Ge is so waste?” It doesn’t matter! I teach, use the tongue and mouth, I think it is the same.

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