I have a female teacher named Song Na, twenty-five, is a standard of beauty, often wearing suits, and bring out the full breasts, her temperament very good, very thin legs, the sexiest her mouth, slightly up Alice, and she certainly got a kick kissing her habitual action is to diverge slightly at the time of writing on the blackboard legs, squat, her ass lines completely exposed. Very lewd lectures. I want to be with her making love must be very exciting.

My teacher is elusive objects of sexual fantasy. And especially by her large breasts, buttocks Alice was very hot, she often came to my house to sing karaoke OK, sometimes I sing love songs to accompany her, the good news is she still hot with the kind eyes and intentionally or unintentionally by Johnson sound to lure me, and made my little brother will salute several times. I often fantasize about her show with my cunt without the personnel fiercely Rougun speak from behind her.

The opportunity finally came, my birthday, I asked the teacher came home to eat something, drink a little drink, made to sing KTV, numerous liquor teacher in high spirits that day, so went to the KTV, singing for a while, the teacher could hold significant. I know the opportunity is ripe, will help the teacher to take a taxi home.

Help her open the door gently put her on the bed, watching her plump body like a work of art lay in bed, my little brother up feeling awful, I was a hot head slowly untied her coat, underwear and bra, big white milk, big tits, ah I want today had to taste like you, my mouth gently latch onto her nipple, tongue could not rhythmic spin clockwise, then she still humming a song in KTV, and he really fun!

I kissed her hand to her red panties is slowly removed, touched the soft thick pubic hair, pussy high teacher, said such a strong woman sexuality in the book, then touched her labia majora , the clitoris and chrysanthemums hole, his hands stroking up and down naturally, gradually follow the teacher’s ass touched my fingers, rub, press, squeeze, twist, dig, dig, plug, rhythmically twisted up. His mouth was issued with a gentle groan er ah, the sexual secretion flow a damn stimulate dead! I did not expect the teacher’s sexual secretion so much, but also very sweet! I can see she has a boring show-type character, so I missed a lot of opportunities, I thought today I’ll get you, make you cool to Sin!

Take this opportunity, the first time I touched the plump breasts good teacher soft, while touching side open her bra to kiss her big tits, I like the big tits, kiss kiss, a teacher in his mouth and said: ” I’m not drunk! “

Really listen to her cry was so excited! I was playing with her breasts almost fifty-six minutes to play, which fifty-six minutes for me is really too cool, my hand tired, when she was a drunk like a cat, I drag her long hair, pulled my dick in the pants when, facing the teacher goes face flush with excitement, slowly put my helping of chicken sent her little mouth, dragging her head back and forth twitching, I enjoy, wet, warm, feeling the itch, I was really cool to a fairy! The head teacher does not continue to listen to their own beck and call back and forth movement of the piston in my hands, my cock was also sometimes she threw up, may be inserted into the throat of it, it looks really interesting!

I went out to go into, I came out again to go into, this kind of teacher under my control I can not help tasting the delicious cock, so give me oral sex about ten minutes, I was not a drop left in the semen shot in her mouth, some slowly down her mouth slowly flow to the chin! The rest were all she should eat it, the first time I ejaculate in a woman’s mouth feel is really no words to describe.

Now my teacher was still half-drunk half awake in it, I do not waste this great opportunity, I’m out of red-hot cock teacher from the mouth, cock slowly soft down, I’ll own hand rub back and forth move, hey really have a role in my cock and head straight, and this time the teacher Roudong more sexual secretion was out of hand, I picked up dick cis-aligned Roudong force a teacher too loud moaning of er ah , as these sudden odd to moan makes me more motivated, and I stuck to speed back and forth, anxious to want to plug her little rotten cunt, ah good tight tunnel!

Slowly teachers have a strong reaction, her hands holding my ass, tight, pinch me also with nails, now still mark it! And also picked me! Teacher, hello strong ah, I was secretly say, I was excited to death and made her move, I desperately like thrusting my cock in her little cunt in about pumping more than twenty minutes, I obviously felt a sudden her ass, body flick, a surge of warm sex fluid shot in on my little brother, I’m cool to the fairy!

I was smoking a rhythmic, very experienced teachers to cater to the mature woman is not the same! Drunk sex in such a way or so on the road, I savor the joy of sex and teacher, this time I watch, wow!

Do a full half hour, and my little brother is still hard as steel, ha ha, see themselves so capable, I enjoy pumping speed ah, ah plug, suddenly the teacher is a tight little cunt, This time I really I could not stand up, in the spirit of extreme excitement case of a successful shot my second shares semen, the teacher I hold too tightly, for fear that she would run as a teacher it: weak head resting on my lazy shoulders. She did not sober up! Tonight’s the night she woke up tomorrow to be romantic that would not be a dream to do it, so hold three more minutes, I’m the teacher gently on the bed, take toilet paper for her clean pussy semen, kissed after her big tits, I gave her covered with blankets, tuck in when she opened his eyes and looked at me, and fell asleep.

The next afternoon, Song Na came to our classroom. Today she looks particularly good color, and wear sexy particular: translucent upper body wearing a white silk shirt, although the set with a flash of light blue tight-fitting dress, but still could not hide her huge breasts ready to come out . Pants wearing a black silk skirt, the hem of the skirt above the knee, and thigh to the side slit. As long as the legs wrapped in transparent flesh-colored stockings thigh, as well as a pair of smart black high heels, the thought of last night, and I cock it up hard, hard not to put her on the spot turned dry.

Before I could finish obscenity, already the get out of class was over. I looked at the back of Na Song, cock swelling unbearable. I decided to take action “epoch-making” today!

More than six in the evening, again in the autumn horizon sunset. School students and teachers have gone home, the teacher’s door was open, she was sitting at the desk to change jobs. “Song Na!” I politely called out, by the way bring the door.

“Oh, you come, come sit.” Song Na greeting I sat down on the sofa, “sit up ah!” Song Na patted the empty place around, like to see my shyness.

So excited, and think of themselves as early as the beautiful teacher curtain think endure so close. A method teacher long hair roots tilt slightly outwardly. Wearing a silver flash silk shirt, a thin, tightly wrapped around two huge temptation breasts, bra silk shirt which can only cover half of the breast clearly visible. The following material is also a teacher wearing a skirt of the same color, sitting on the sofa, was particularly tight skirt package extremely short skirt split at almost can see sling underwear, wearing light gray transparent stockings on legs, feet a pair of silver heels, like a parlor dressed to go out.

“Teacher, you want to go?” I was anxious to do today wasted.

“No, you come, the teacher can not wear pajamas Yeah!” The teacher full of provocative answer.

My cock secretly raised: “Teacher, you smell your body nice smell!” I regret to say this sentence.

“Really, the teacher is very fragrant it? Want to hear, just came over it!” The teacher’s tone was whine.

I leaned the long teacher’s body, enjoying the fragrant body of the young woman, a teacher saw ups and downs in the chest.

“Teacher, hello beautiful, I ……” I’m a little out of control, he kept up channeling cock.

“Little rascal, he does discuss teacher favor.” So saying, she deliberately stroke play their full white arms and legs. This is an and provocative in action.

Probably due to too close, the teacher’s fingers touched my cock.

“Yeah, you little devil!” Exclaimed the teacher deliberately. I suddenly felt too rude, head dizzy, his hands and hurried over his cock.

“Please sir, I’m really sorry ……”

“I crooked want to do, not like this, but the teacher is very serious yo!” The teacher put on a serious look.

“Teacher, I’m sorry, it is so beautiful you are too sexy, and whenever I think about yesterday when you make love with, I ……” I feel like I give something away.

“What?” The teacher suddenly became very nervous, “you yesterday what I’ve done?”

“Teacher, I did not mean it, I would not say out ……” repeated questioning teacher, I do lay it to tell her.

The teacher, after all, had the experience of a woman, know how to cope, not to mention the face of a high school student for his love of crazy teens.

“Since you have done, and teachers do not blame you, but in fact the teacher is also very interesting that you did it! This is a secret between you and the teacher Oh, since you are so loved teacher, as long as you keep it for teacher secret, the teacher what conditions will promise you. “The teacher very seriously pleaded.

“Teacher, I swear to the sky, I will definitely keep secrets! Teacher, what is your underwear?” I started to advance. “Do you want to see, you want, you will come!” Teacher slowly lying on the sofa. I was not polite, kneeling in the middle of the two legs separated, one hand to the short skirt of the teacher, one hand, the teacher wrapped in the beautiful legs of transparent stockings. I am so close to her, the feeling of tight and stimulating is hard to describe.

I finally saw the teacher’s underwear, it is the style of my dream: the front end is a layer of lace tulle, and the rest is made of silk, pure white, slippery, wearing a teacher Body, and pure. I have a pants, knead the teacher’s young, and another hand leaves up, put into the shirt, and knead the milk.

“Oh, don’t do this, the teacher itch is dead …!” The teacher twisted his body and cooperated with me. In a short while, the teacher’s obscene is wet, and the stick to my fingers. “Teacher, can you let me see your?” I got inch.

“The small colors, the people are not enough!”

I am not welcome to pull the shots of the trousers to the side, the teacher is full of love liquids, appearing in front of me.

“Teacher, your hair is shaped, teacher, your mouth is good!” I started talking.

“I blame you yesterday, I have been able to latency, I have to shave the hair …!”

“Teacher, can I 舔, do you lick your, the teacher is tender and powder, the juice is more good, must be very delicious.”

“Teacher’s little sister is used, can’t be lick, there is not clean! Don’t call my teacher again, call my sister?”

The teacher’s must not have been licked, don’t she know how to “Pin Yu Blowing”? So I decided to let the teacher taste unpredable pleasure!

I licking my teacher’s granulation, while using my fingers, I gently screamed with the teacher’s tender. It’s still a lot of mammills from time to time.

“Oh, oh … so comfortable, oh, um, my sister is going to die, fast, come in, oh …”

Teacher’s two eyes, how to live with my three-sided strikes, crying and calling the comfort of the big meat. Although I was also awkward at this time, I would like to have a teacher, but in order to completely conquer the teacher, I am still obscured.

“Oh, oh, my sister is not ok, my sister itch is dead … Hey, don’t get to you, oh, fast fucking sister, fast, sister wants to lose, throw, oh, …!”

With a happiness to the extreme, the teacher spurted a strong love liquid with a female hook, I blocked this Qingquan with his mouth, refused to waste a drop.

“Well, um, small colors, is more powerful than adults, my sister is killed by you, great!”

I still can’t stop the nectar. I don’t think I can’t think of it, I can only play a glamorous young woman with a beautiful young woman.

“Wife, are you still, my big meat rod is dead, let it come to kiss your.”

“Don’t have it, just let people lose your body, come to people … don’t play!” Teacher Subcience.

I can’t manage so much, and I will don’t hang it quickly. The big chicken is like iron bars.

“Wow, you are necrosis! The meat rod is so red, you have to die, people’s little … I can’t come …!”

I couldn’t help but got a teacher’s legs, first with the glans with the love liquid of the teacher, and then implanted the teacher’s young.

It’s so tight, although the teacher’s waves were taken up last night, I still feel that it is tight.

“Wife, your embarrassment is really good, it is so tight, it’s really” 极 “!”

“Little husband, your chicken is so hot, so enrichment, put my little squat, fast, express my glow!” The teacher waved.

I sometimes, I’m shallow, so I left the right diamond, and the teacher called the day.

“Oh, oh, you have to die … little husband, you are a good, chicken is so powerful … fast, fast, husband, fuck me, kill me. Plute to me … oh, …… Good husband, my is going to be over, oh, oh, my husband, I have to lose … Oh, oh … I have to lose, I have to lose … I do it, fuck me, oh, oh ……! “

And I am also obscenity: “Wife, you are so beautiful, your breast is big, good sexy … Your tender tight, exercise is so comfortable … cool to death … I want Your tits, I want your sorrow, I want your waves … I will kill you, fuck you, dry you …! “I worked hard for five or six hundred. I finally sent the teacher again to the day, I was extremely powerful, like the waves such as the teacher, I didn’t have a three or five. So I thought of a more exciting way, the teacher’s posture.

I turned over the exhausted teacher, lifted her snow and white, then unspeak the two sings of the wet silver white silk, and the teacher’s chrysanthemum is facing me.

“Beautiful daisy!” I can’t help but praise, “My good wife, let me play your chrysanthemum, ok?”

“Husband, people are killed by you, don’t …!”

“Wife, your Chrysanthemum is small and beautiful, let my husband will come to you!”

The teacher is unable to twist the lower body, and want to break free, but the more you turn it, the more tempting the gates, I do her desire is stronger.

I used to hold down the teacher’s hips. First, I will continue to laugh the gossion flower with the teacher’s waves, then, the glans live in the Chrysanthemum door and gently drill it.

“Wife, don’t be afraid, I will be light … Relax …!”

But even if this, the teacher still hurts, but it is invisibular to cooperate with my twice.

“Teacher, your post court is really tight, chrysanthemum is really tender, more comfortable, teacher, you are so good, let me play, let me know …!”

At this time, the teacher did not have the original pain: “Husband, you will play, people are so dead, hurry up, hurry, hold me …!”

The teacher seems to be like a prostitute, twisting the body, and makes the spring. When I arrived at the sprint, I can’t care about the teacher, I hold the teacher’s fat buttocks, I use my strength, and I will be exhausted.

“Teacher, you are tight … your chrysanthemum is tender, I am so comfortable … I want you, I want your sorrow, I want your waves … I will die, I don’t turn over You … …! “

I suddenly passed away, like a thousand miles of the Yellow River dike, rolling to the teacher’s Ju Rui, has been sprayed into the rectum, and there is 30 seconds. At this time, the teacher also loses his body in the third time. I am tired to press the teacher like a dead, I have been long.

Since then, the teacher became my woman. When you can hear the joy and intersection of our love during the evening campus.

One night, I quietly walked into the teacher’s office, hugging Song Na, took off the teacher’s dress, and pricked from the front skirt of the teacher.

“Good husband, don’t!” The teacher’s voice sounds very embarrassed.

“Work all day, let us come cool!” I threw the teacher’s dress on the chair, pulled the teacher’s breast, and another hand put the short skirt. The waist, show out The teacher is white.

“Don’t be seen, you have to be seen.” The teacher didn’t resist the meaning, but the twisted of the body.

“You, what are you afraid, others have returned to eat. I know that you are definitely” hungry “, special to feed your hi, huh, …!”

“You are alive, it is also bullying people …!”

“I am also to warm your lick!”

“I, don’t say it, people are embarrassed …!” Teacher continued to buy.

“Oh, little beauty, don’t be sorry, you see you, obscenity is already flooding, it is not so embarrassed, it is a small Sao …!”

I am getting more and more energetic, the teacher’s obscenity is covered with a black transparent silk lace small trousers, and the roots of the thigh are wet, and I wet my hand.

“Real big big big bag, you usually follow you, today, I have to have a good” reward reward “your sorrow …!”

My own big hair, very important, I am not usually, the teacher also sucked into my obscenity, turned a full odor.

I let the teacher be against the sofa, then quickly sagging my clothes, a black and long big meat sticks below.

The teacher was shocked, “Your dick is getting bigger and bigger, getting more and longer! So big, the sister of others is so small, how to eat!” The teacher pretended to use both hands to cover your own private parts. I have heard more, the big meat stick has also risen. “Don’t be afraid, my beauty … huh, huh, big meat stick is tapping! Today I want to turn your gover, when you are called cool, you can’t come …!”, I said, I will go to the teacher. The body is pressing, of course my hands will definitely not be idle, while holding a silk shirt, while kicking the low-grade of the teacher’s trousers, the teacher pink flows with a small lady in a list. Shift is presented.

“Oh, you are so long! I am so neat, beautiful, is it a daily card, the core is so powder, so tender, maintenance is so good, I want to seduce the man … huh, Then let me first enjoy the big meat stick first …! “My words, the more the flow.

“Don’t, people will be afraid of hurt … Hey …!”

I don’t care, the coarse meat stick is not inserted into the teacher’s private parts, and I don’t think of the moisturization of the prostitution of the teacher, and will definitely hurt the teacher.

“I don’t think you have been doing so many times, I am still so tight, huh, huh, so comfortable … I am still tender, tender, huh, huh …!” I don’t care about the death of the teacher, only Cool, and the roots are finished.

“Oh, oh, I, my sister can’t stand it, I … people have to be worn by you, oh …!”

The teacher hurts for mercy.

I deliberately slow down: “I know that I am so powerful, huh, huh, tell me what we are doing?”

“I, spare me, people are embarrassed to say!”

I am very dry.

“Hey, good husband is concerned about me … …!”


“Hey, good brother is on my top …!”

“No!” I am still inserting.

“Do I love your husband!”

“Love? You are so stinking, let me do so, S. …… “!”

The teacher completely gave up self-esteem, anyway, it has been carried out: “Good old public chicken puts my little Sao, my Sao, I like to let men, I am a big saucer …!” Teacher should say.

My beast has been completely satisfied: “You are cool, you are so tight, divey you, kill you … you are stinky, big Sao, so like to make people … , You are rotten, I want to kill you, put your tenderness, let you make a reappearance, let you buy it again …! “I madly sprint, after the oh, I went to the teacher’s body, I don’t know how many semen injected into the depths of the teacher’s uterus.

I don’t know the high 2 under the semester. My course is tight. Every weekend, I have time to die and die.

This evening, I found that the teacher’s office is also faintly lighting, and I walk to the door and listen to the side. It seems that there is a gasping voice, and it is soft, my dick is running, and my pants have supported it.

I knocked on the door, I came later, I came: “Who?” The voice trembled, and it is a teacher!

I reply: Teacher, is me! “After 2 minutes, the door opened, I saw the teacher’s face pan red, and the eyes were hungry. She asked:” Why don’t you go home, it’s so late.

I said: “I want to see you, take you for a while.”

She laughed: “Okay, come!” Said this sentence she is excited, but also flashed a laughter.

Before we came to the desk, she suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “Is your hand hot, is it a fever?”

I said: “No.”

She said: “I will give you some medicine.”

She opened the drawer, first of all, it is a masturbation.

I deliberately ask: “Teacher, what is this?”

She seems to be very excited and said: “Teacher said that it is very uncomfortable. If you don’t come to me, I can only use this to comfort.”

I said: “I am not stay with you.” I said and hugged her and began to undress her. She began to hand mold my dick. I said: “let you show!” I took off her skirt down. Since the summer, the clothes are my points quickly finished off. My clothes were she finished off.

I said: “Teacher, you are so lewd!” It took her to the desk. Her legs apart.

I saw the bushy pubic hair, you can vaguely see the labia. Her sexual secretion flow over the table.

I started my mouth to add her cunt. She began Yinjiao, and said: “ah …… …… good husband forced point ……

Come on …… teacher died soon comfortable …… hard …… ah ……! “

My hands began to touch her chest, she called more fierce: “ah …… teacher can not stand fast fast …… …… …… fuck me now I am almost itchy …… …… Fuck me!”

She said as she called, gasping, rub my dick.

I take the lead insert, I heard her cry, we gasp, “Zi pop” sound hybrid one. The more I worked, the more vigorously, she said: “Oh …… fast …… hard …… I’m thrilled done, good husband still so strong ……

And then forced …… do not stop …… hard …… ah …… ah …… I do not want you to go every day to do my …… ah ……

Um……! “

I Yue Ting the more cool her words, we put a 300 down, she was not the climax. Can not think of her sexuality so strong, she must be very hungry these days, I have to speak Shuangsi future, it will dry in a day five or six of her back.

Thought of this, my hands kept rubbing her clitoris, finally, after more than 500 inserted under, we also reached a climax. I put countless sperm shot into her uterus.

She gasped: “Zhenshuang ah …… …… …… long time not so comfortable after a while we come back after we have a chance, let you plug me!”

20 minutes later, I took off the table to hold her down. Her back to me, hand on the table, Ass.

We come to a behind-style, I used nine shallow a depth, and her exercise together. that’s all. We did more than two hours in the office and returned home. My legs walk. It seems there are more tasks to the future I finished, I will dry out and die her!

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