I have a female teacher, called Song Na, twenty-five, is a standard beauty, often wearing a decent suit, put the full chest, her temperament is very good, the legs are very fine, the most sexy is her mouth, slightly upward Harm, and her kissing must be very cool. Her habitual action is to open the legs in both legs, half, her butt line is completely exposed. Lecture is very sensual. I want to make love with her must be very exciting.

Teacher is an object I have a unacceptable fantasy. Especially her, the big tits, the helid is very embarrassing, she often comes to sing Karaoke, sometimes I want to accompany her to sing, and you can use the hot eyes and intentionally useless Silently lure me, I have a little brother who has given my little brother. I often imagine her sorrow from her back with my unpacked meat stick.

The opportunity is finally here. I have a birthday, I invited the teacher. After ate something at home, after drinking some small wine, put it out of KTV singing, and the teacher who is not bold is very high, so I went to KTV, sing For a while, the teacher couldn’t hold it. I know that the chance is mature, and the teacher who is helping the teacher home.

Helping her and put her on the bed, looked at her full of body like art, lying on the bed, my little brother rose well, my head is slowly solving her coat, underwear and Mask, white big milk, big tap, ah, I want to try it today, I am gently containing her nip with her mouth, and I can’t hold the rhythm in the tongue. Still singing in KTV songs, I am enjoying!

I kiss her, the hand slowed down to her red underwear, touched soft soft hair, the teacher is very high, the book says that this woman is very kind, and then touch her big labipings , Clitoris and chrysanthemum holes, two-hand natural upper and lower strokes, gradually teachers’ ass follow my fingers,, press, squeezes, dig, dig, plug, and rhythm twists. The mouth is constantly emitting, a gentle snoring, the prostitution flows a bed, the real mother’s stimulation is dead! I didn’t expect the teacher’s obscenity, and it was still very sweet! I have seen that she already has a soring personality, so many opportunities I have missed it, I think I will get you today, let you cool to fairy!

With this opportunity, I first touched the teacher’s full tits, and opened her breasts and kissed her big tits. I like the big tits, I also said, the teacher said: ” I am not drunk! “

I really listened to her so shouting, so excited! I played her tits for almost five or six minutes. This is really cool for five or six minutes. My hands are tired. At this time, she is still a drunken cat, I dragged her long. Hair I enjoy the feeling of wet, warm, itchy, I really refreshing! The teacher’s head continued to listen to the call to return to the spoken movement in my hand, sometimes my meat stick is still spit out, maybe it is in the throat, that is really interesting!

I came in, I will come in, come out again, and then put it in. This is the teacher who can’t taste my delicious meat under my control. It is about this to pay for ten minutes. I am shooting in her mouth, some slowly flowing slowly with her mouth! The rest should be all eaten by her, I feel that the first ejaculation is really unable to describe words in the woman’s mouth.

Now my teacher is still in the half-drunk semi-waken, I don’t waste this good opportunity, pick up my red and purple meat from the teacher’s mouth, slowly the meat stick is soft, I will use my hands back. Move, 嘿嘿 真 有, my meat stick is tall and tall, at this time, the teacher’s meat hole is more unpacking. I will pick up the dick to align the meat, the teacher is also a loud noise. For this eucalyptus, I have made me more powerful. I am accelerating the speed of the speed, I can’t wait to go to her little, ah, a good hole!

The slow teacher has a strong reaction, she holds my ass, tight, but also me, now I am still there! And I still hug me! Teacher, you are so strong, I am secretly said that I am also excited by her move, I use my meat stick to interste in her little, about more than 20 In a minute, I obviously felt suddenly her ass, the body shake, a warm yin refuge was on my little brother, I was cool to fairy!

I have a rhythm, the teacher is also very experienced, the mature woman is different! It’s so drunk so, I have so good, I quilly and the teacher to make love happiness, I am watching the table, wow!

I have been half an hour. My little brother is still hard as steel, haha, I have seen it so much, I am quickly smoking, plus, suddenly the teacher’s little bit is a tight, this I really I couldn’t stand, and I was successfully shot in the extreme excitement of my spirit. I took the teacher tightly. I am afraid that she will run the same, the teacher: I am weak, my lazy is in my Shoulder. She hasn’t waken yet! Tonight’s night’s day to wake up she wake up tomorrow, I have a dream, I have a three-minute walk, I put the teacher gently put it on the bed, take the thable. She wipes the semen of the phenanthus. After her big tap, I gave her a quilt. She also opened her eyes when I was covered with a quilt. I fell asleep.

The next afternoon, Song Na came to our classroom. Today, she looks particularly good, and the special sexy is wearing a white and translucent silk shirt, although there is a light blue flash of tights, but she still can’t hide the breasts of her huge call. . The lower body is wearing a black silk short skirt, and the skirt is placed above the knee, and one side is onto the root of the thigh. The beautiful legs are wrapped in the meat-colored transparent stockings that are long to the thigh roots, as well as the beautiful black high heels, think of lasting last night, my meat stick is hard, but you can’t do it on the spot.

I haven’t waited for my obscence, I have already get out of class. I looked at Song Na’s back, and the meat stick was unbearable. I decided to make a “era” action today!

At 6 o’clock in the evening, the sky in the autumn has started a sunset. Students and teachers in the school have been home, and the teacher’s door is open, she is sitting in the writing desk. “Song Na!” I am very polite, by the way.

“Oh, you are coming, come over.” Song Na said that I sat on the sofa, “Sitting over!” Song Na patted the empty position around him, as if she saw my shy.

It’s so excited, and the beautiful teacher who is thinking about it is so close. The teacher is a long method, and the root is slightly out of shape. Wearing a silver-gray flashing silk shirt, thin, tightly wrapped two huge tempting breasts, and only the silk shirt can only cover the silk bra clearly visible. The teacher wearing a colorful short skirt, sitting on the sofa, the skirt is very tight, the skirt can almost see the hanging belt of the underwear, the legs wearing a light gray transparent stockings, foot The last pair of silver-gray high-root shoes, it seems to be dressed in the meeting.

“Teacher, do you want to go out?” I am anxious, is it going to bubble it today.

“No, you are coming, the teacher can’t wear pajamas!” Teacher is a tempted answer.

My meat stick is dark: “Teacher, you, you are really good!” I regret this sentence.

“Is it, is the teacher very fragrant? I want to say, will you come over!” Teacher’s tone is very good.

I was long, and the teacher’s body and enjoy the body of the young woman and saw the teacher’s undulating chest.

“Teacher, you are so beautiful, I …” I am a little out of control, and the meat stick is stronger.

“Small bad guys, please feel free to say,” said, she deliberately stroked her snow white arm and full leg. This is a peaceful action.

It may be because of too close reasons, the teacher’s finger has encountered my meat stick.

“Yeah, your little ghost!” The teacher deliberately screamed. I suddenly felt too lost, my head was dizzy, and my hands hurriedly fell.

“Sorry, teachers, really sorry …”

“Don’t think, can not be like this, the teacher can be very serious!” Teacher is equipped with a look.

“Teacher, sorry, you are too beautiful too sexy, whenever I think of yesterday, I just …” I felt that I said that I said it.

“What?” The teacher became very nervous, “What did you do yesterday?”

“Teacher, I don’t want to deliberately, I will not say it …” I told her by one hundred and one ten questions at the teacher.

After all, the teacher has experienced a woman who has experienced how to cope, let alone facing the 189th-year-old high school students who love their own love.

“Since you have done it, the teacher will not blame you. In fact, the teacher is also very cool by you! This is the secret between the teacher and you. Since you love the teacher, as long as you keep this Secret, the teacher promised you. “Teacher is very pleading.

“Teacher, I swear to God, I will keep a secret! Teacher, your underwear is what?” I started to move forward Road. “If you want to see it, you want to come and collect your own thing!” The teacher slowly half lying on the sofa. I started blunt, squatting between the legs separated from the teacher, the teacher’s hand and roll up skirt, one hand rubbing from the teacher wrapped in transparent stockings legs. I was so close contact with her, the kind of tense and exciting feeling is indescribable.

Finally see the teacher’s underwear, and what I dreamed of the kind of style: the front is a layer of tulle lace hug empty, and the rest are made of pure silk, pure white light, the slippery feel, wear the teacher body, and pure and show. I looked out my Xieku, rubbing from the teacher to the young cunt, free up the other hand, into a shirt to wear, rubbing played Breasts come.

“Oh, do not do this, the teacher itchy ……!” The teacher squirmed with my movement. Soon, the teacher’s sexual secretion will be soaked Xieku, I put my finger Dounong sticky. “Teacher, can you let me see your cunt?” I am insatiable.

“Little goat, touched the people is not enough ah!”

I unceremoniously put Xieku comes crotch pull to the side, the teacher covered Aiye Sao cunt appeared in front of me.

“Teacher, your hair shaved, teacher, you cunt good powder Oh! Cunt incense Oh!” I began to sputter.

“I have to blame you speak sexual secretion DC yesterday, I had the hair shaved clean point ……!”

“Teacher, I can lick your cunt you, teacher cunt tender and pink, juicy and good news, some good food.”

“Teachers are used to exercise a little sister, can not lick, and there is not clean! Do not call me teacher, and told my sister, okay?”

Certainly not the teacher’s cunt was licked, or else she did not know how fun “products jade Chuixiao” it? So I decided to let the teacher to try an unprecedented thrill!

While I was licking teacher granulation, while gently with your fingers Kouzhuo teacher’s tender cunt. When a light is not a heavy rubbing his breasts.

“Oh, oh …… good comfortable ah, oh, ah, ah, my sister was going to die, quickly, come ah, oh ……”

Pan Chun teacher two, how I arrived maintained the attack on three sides, clamoring to big cock comfort. Although this time I also hard not immediately poke a poke teacher Sao cunt, but in order to completely conquer teacher, I still licking unknown.

“Oh, oh, my sister to die, my sister itchy …… Oh, do not torture my sister, oh, fast operation sister’s cunt, fast, sister to be lost, lost, oh, oh ……!”

With the caterwauling sound while being extremely happy point, the teacher of Sao cunt spouted with a deep sense of Aiye women Grievance, I blocked the mouth of this stock springs, refused to waste a drop.

“Ah, ah, little goat, made still worse than adults, lick your sister was dead, a good stick ah!”

I still never stops licking nectar. I wonder, my mouth alone, will be able to play a glamorous exquisite young woman vent body.

“Wife, you have it, my big cock up dead, it also came to kiss your cunt of it.”

“Do not be a, and let people just lost his body, came to the people …… do not play it!” The teacher like a baby.

I was not so, quickly stripped naked, big dick want to iron the same.

“Wow, you necrosis! Cock so much so red, dry out and die for the people, ah, people of little cunt …… …… not come up!”

I was without any explanation from the teacher’s legs, first with the glans dip stick teacher genitals Aiye, and then pop it implanted teacher bared young cunt.

Good tight ah, although teachers waves cunt fucked me last night, still feel it very tight.

“Wife, you cunt really powerful, good tight wet Oh good, really” cunt in Need “!”

“Little husband, your chicken and pressed the big yo, good full Oh, my little pussy stuffed full, fast, fast exercise my cunt!” Cried the teacher waves.

I sometimes nine shallow a depth, sometimes the left and right diamond grinding, inserted as the teacher called turn the day.

“Oh, oh, my husband was going to die …… small, you Terrific ah, the chicken was amazing ah …… fast, fast, husband, fuck my pussy, fuck me dead. I inserted through …… oh, oh …… good husband, my cunt you to be turned dry, oh, oh, a good husband, I have to lose …… oh, oh …… to lose, but also lost …… fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh ……! “

And I am also obscenity: “Wife, you are so beautiful, your breast is big, good sexy … Your tender tight, exercise is so comfortable … cool to death … I want Your tits, I want your sorrow, I want your waves … I will kill you, fuck you, dry you …! “I worked hard for five or six hundred. I finally sent the teacher again to the day, I was extremely powerful, like the waves such as the teacher, I didn’t have a three or five. So I thought of a more exciting way, the teacher’s posture.

I turned over the exhausted teacher, lifted her snow and white, then unspeak the two sings of the wet silver white silk, and the teacher’s chrysanthemum is facing me.

“Beautiful daisy!” I can’t help but praise, “My good wife, let me play your chrysanthemum, ok?”

“Husband, people are killed by you, don’t …!”

“Wife, your Chrysanthemum is small and beautiful, let my husband will come to you!”

The teacher is unable to twist the lower body, and want to break free, but the more you turn it, the more tempting the gates, I do her desire is stronger.

I used to hold down the teacher’s hips. First, I will continue to laugh the gossion flower with the teacher’s waves, then, the glans live in the Chrysanthemum door and gently drill it.

“Wife, don’t be afraid, I will be light … Relax …!”

But even if this, the teacher still hurts, but it is invisibular to cooperate with my twice.

“Teacher, your post court is really tight, chrysanthemum is really tender, more comfortable, teacher, you are so good, let me play, let me know …!”

At this time, the teacher did not have the original pain: “Husband, you will play, people are so dead, hurry up, hurry, hold me …!”

The teacher seems to be like a prostitute, twisting the body, and makes the spring. When I arrived at the sprint, I can’t care about the teacher, I hold the teacher’s fat buttocks, I use my strength, and I will be exhausted.

“Teacher, you are tight … your chrysanthemum is tender, I am so comfortable … I want you, I want your sorrow, I want your waves … I will die, I don’t turn over You … …! “

I suddenly passed away, like a thousand miles of the Yellow River dike, rolling to the teacher’s Ju Rui, has been sprayed into the rectum, and there is 30 seconds. At this time, the teacher also loses his body in the third time. I am tired to press the teacher like a dead, I have been long.

Since then, the teacher became my woman. When you can hear the joy and intersection of our love during the evening campus.

One night, I quietly walked into the teacher’s office, hugging Song Na, took off the teacher’s dress, and pricked from the front skirt of the teacher.

“Good husband, don’t!” The teacher’s voice sounds very embarrassed.

“Work all day, let us come cool!” I threw the teacher’s dress on the chair, pulled the teacher’s breast, and another hand put the short skirt. The waist, show out The teacher is white.

“Don’t be seen, you have to be seen.” The teacher didn’t resist the meaning, but the twisted of the body.

“You, what are you afraid, others have returned to eat. I know that you are definitely” hungry “, special to feed your hi, huh, …!”

“You are alive, it is also bullying people …!”

“I am also to warm your lick!”

“I, don’t say it, people are embarrassed …!” Teacher continued to buy.

“Oh, little beauty, don’t be sorry, you see you, obscenity is already flooding, it is not so embarrassed, it is a small Sao …!”

I am getting more and more energetic, the teacher’s obscenity is covered with a black transparent silk lace small trousers, and the roots of the thigh are wet, and I wet my hand.

“Real big big big bag, you usually follow you, today, I have to have a good” reward reward “your sorrow …!”

My own big hair, very important, I am not usually, the teacher also sucked into my obscenity, turned a full odor.

I let the teacher be against the sofa, then quickly sagging my clothes, a black and long big meat sticks below.

The teacher was shocked, “Your dick is getting bigger and bigger, getting more and longer! So big, the sister of others is so small, how to eat!” The teacher pretended to use both hands to cover your own private parts. I have heard more, the big meat stick has also risen. “Don’t be afraid, my beauty … huh, huh, big meat stick is tapping! Today I want to turn your gover, when you are called cool, you can’t come …!”, I said, I will go to the teacher. The body is pressing, of course my hands will definitely not be idle, while holding a silk shirt, while kicking the low-grade of the teacher’s trousers, the teacher pink flows with a small lady in a list. Shift is presented.

“Oh, you are so long! I am so neat, beautiful, is it a daily card, the core is so powder, so tender, maintenance is so good, I want to seduce the man … huh, Then let me first enjoy the big meat stick first …! “My words, the more the flow.

“Don’t, people will be afraid of hurt … Hey …!”

I don’t care, the coarse meat stick is not inserted into the teacher’s private parts, and I don’t think of the moisturization of the prostitution of the teacher, and will definitely hurt the teacher.

“I don’t think you have been doing so many times, I am still so tight, huh, huh, so comfortable … I am still tender, tender, huh, huh …!” I don’t care about the death of the teacher, only Cool, and the roots are finished.

“Oh, oh, I, my sister can’t stand it, I … people have to be worn by you, oh …!”

The teacher hurts for mercy.

I deliberately slow down: “I know that I am so powerful, huh, huh, tell me what we are doing?”

“I, spare me, people are embarrassed to say!”

I am very dry.

“Hey, good husband is concerned about me … …!”


“Hey, good brother is on my top …!”

“No!” I am still inserting.

“Do I love your husband!”

“Love? You are so stinking, let me do so, S. …… “!”

The teacher completely gave up self-esteem, anyway, it has been carried out: “Good old public chicken puts my little Sao, my Sao, I like to let men, I am a big saucer …!” Teacher should say.

My beast has been completely satisfied: “You are cool, you are so tight, divey you, kill you … you are stinky, big Sao, so like to make people … , You are rotten, I want to kill you, put your tenderness, let you make a reappearance, let you buy it again …! “I madly sprint, after the oh, I went to the teacher’s body, I don’t know how many semen injected into the depths of the teacher’s uterus.

I don’t know the high 2 under the semester. My course is tight. Every weekend, I have time to die and die.

This evening, I found that the teacher’s office is also faintly lighting, and I walk to the door and listen to the side. It seems that there is a gasping voice, and it is soft, my dick is running, and my pants have supported it.

I knocked on the door, I came later, I came: “Who?” The voice trembled, and it is a teacher!

I reply: Teacher, is me! “After 2 minutes, the door opened, I saw the teacher’s face pan red, and the eyes were hungry. She asked:” Why don’t you go home, it’s so late.

I said: “I want to see you, take you for a while.”

She laughed: “Okay, come!” Said this sentence she is excited, but also flashed a laughter.

Before we came to the desk, she suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “Is your hand hot, is it a fever?”

I said: “No.”

She said: “I will give you some medicine.”

She opened the drawer, first of all, it is a masturbation.

I deliberately ask: “Teacher, what is this?”

She seems to be very excited and said: “Teacher said that it is very uncomfortable. If you don’t come to me, I can only use this to comfort.”

I said: “I am not coming to accompany you.” After I finished her, I started taking her clothes. She also started my dick with her hand. I said: “Let you live again!” I took her skirt. Because of the summer, clothes were taken out by me. My clothes are also finished by her.

I said: “Teacher, you are still so sensual!” I took her to the desk. She separates the two legs.

I saw a thick hairy, and I can see the lips. Her prostitute flowed a table.

I started to add her mouth. She began to scream, said: “Well … good husband … hard point …

Faster … The teacher is so comfortable … Um … um …! “

My hand began to touch her chest, her called more fierce: “Ah … the teacher can’t stand it … I fuck me … Fast … I am itchy … Fuck me …!”

She said while calling, gasping, using my hand.

I opened her whip, I heard her voice, our gasp, “滋” sounds into a piece. The closer it, the more I strive, she said: “Oh … fast … hard … Dry me so cool, my husband is still so strong …

Don’t stop … don’t stop … make it hard … ah … ah … I don’t want you to go, do it every day … Ah ……

Um……! “

The more I listen to her, the more cool, we have plugged more than 300, and she has not arrived at a climax. I can’t think of her sexual desire, she must be very hungry in the past few days, I will die, I must do her five or six times a day later.

Thinking here, my hand does not stop her clitoris, and finally we have reached a climax after plugging more than 500. I took countless sperm into her uterus.

She breathed and said: “Ah … really cool … I haven’t been so comfortable for a long time … I will come again later. After we have a chance, let you insert me!”

After 20 minutes, I took her from the table. She is back to me, hand helping the table, picking the ass.

Let’s have a back, I use the brush and a deep, and she has an exercise. that’s all. We took home for more than 2 hours in the office. My legs are not moving. It seems that there is more tasks in the future to finish, I must die!

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