I have a female teacher, called Song Na, twenty-five, is a standard beauty, often wearing a decent suit, put the full chest, her temperament is very good, the legs are very fine, the most sexy is her mouth, slightly upward Harm, and her kissing must be very cool. Her habitual action is to open the legs in both legs, half, her butt line is completely exposed.

Lecture is very sensual. I want to make love with her must be very exciting. Teacher is an object I have a unacceptable fantasy.

Especially her, the big tits, the helid is very embarrassing, she often comes to sing Karaoke, sometimes I want to accompany her to sing, and you can use the hot eyes and intentionally useless Silently lure me, I have a little brother who has given my little brother.

I often imagine her sorrow from her back with my unpacked meat stick.

The opportunity is finally here. I have a birthday, I invited the teacher. After ate something at home, after drinking some small wine, put it out of KTV singing, and the teacher who is not bold is very high, so I went to KTV, sing For a while, the teacher couldn’t hold it.

I know that the chance is mature, and the teacher who is helping the teacher home.

Helping her and put her on the bed, looked at her full of body like art, lying on the bed, my little brother rose well, my head is slowly solving her coat, underwear and Mask, white big milk, big tap, ah, I want to try it today, I am gently containing her nip with her mouth, and I can’t hold the rhythm in the tongue. Still singing in KTV songs, I am enjoying! I kiss her, the hand slowed down to her red underwear, touched soft soft hair, the teacher is very high, the book says that this woman is very kind, and then touch her big labipings , Clitoris and chrysanthemum holes, two-hand natural upper and lower strokes, gradually teachers’ ass follow my fingers,, press, squeezes, dig, dig, plug, and rhythm twists.

The mouth is constantly emitting, a gentle snoring, the prostitution flows a bed, the real mother’s stimulation is dead!

I didn’t expect the teacher’s obscenity, and it was still very sweet! I have seen that she already has a soring personality, so many opportunities I have missed it, I think I will get you today, let you cool to fairy! With this opportunity, I first touched the teacher’s full tits, and opened her breasts and kissed her big tits. I like the big tits, I also said, the teacher said: ” I am not drunk! “

I really listened to her so shouting, so excited! I played her tits for almost five or six minutes. This is really cool for five or six minutes. My hands are tired. At this time, she is still a drunken cat, I dragged her long. Hair I enjoy the feeling of wet, warm, itchy, I really refreshing! The teacher’s head continued to listen to the call to return to the spoken movement in my hand, sometimes my meat stick is still spit out, maybe it is in the throat, that is really interesting! I came in, I will come in, come out again, and then put it in. This is the teacher who can’t taste my delicious meat under my control. It is about this to pay for ten minutes. I am shooting in her mouth, some slowly flowing slowly with her mouth! The rest should be all eaten by her, I feel that the first ejaculation is really unable to describe words in the woman’s mouth.

Now my teacher is still in the half-drunk semi-waken, I don’t waste this good opportunity, pick up my red and purple meat from the teacher’s mouth, slowly the meat stick is soft, I will use my hands back. Move, 嘿嘿 真 有, my meat stick is tall and tall, at this time, the teacher’s meat hole is more unpacking. I will pick up the dick to align the meat, the teacher is also a loud noise. For this eucalyptus, I have made me more powerful. I am accelerating the speed of the speed, I can’t wait to go to her little, ah, a good hole!

Slowly teachers have a strong reaction, her hands holding my ass, tight, pinch me also with nails, now still mark it! And also picked me! Teacher, hello strong ah, I was secretly say, I was excited to death and made her move, I desperately like thrusting my cock in her little cunt in about pumping more than twenty minutes, I obviously felt a sudden her ass, body flick, a surge of warm sex fluid shot in on my little brother, I’m cool to the fairy! I was smoking a rhythmic, very experienced teachers to cater to the mature woman is not the same! Drunk sex in such a way or so on the road, I savor the joy of sex and teacher, this time I watch, wow! Do a full half hour, and my little brother is still hard as steel, ha ha, see themselves so capable, I enjoy pumping speed ah, ah plug, suddenly the teacher is a tight little cunt, This time I really I could not stand up, in the spirit of extreme excitement case of a successful shot my second shares semen, the teacher I hold too tightly, for fear that she would run as a teacher it: weak head resting on my lazy shoulders. She did not sober up! Tonight’s the night she woke up tomorrow to be romantic that would not be a dream to do it, so hold three more minutes, I’m the teacher gently on the bed, take toilet paper for her clean pussy semen, kissed after her big tits, I gave her covered with blankets, tuck in when she opened his eyes and looked at me, and fell asleep.

“I did not think you were so many times, cunt is so tight, Oh, good comfortable ah …… cunt core also tender, tender and show, huh ……!”

I do not care teacher of life and death, forced reckless, just from cool, but do stud end.

“Oh, oh, my, my sister can not stand, I …… that little pussy to be your dry to wear, Oh ……!”

Teacher pain mercy.

I deliberately slowed down: “I know that much, huh, huh, tell me, are we doing?”

“I, give me a break, people embarrassed to say it!” I was reckless again.

“Oh, good husband care about me …… oh ……!” “No!” “Oh, good brother above me ……!”

“No!” I kept the hard insert. “I was in and kiss her husband making love you!”

“Making love? You bitch, let me also so gentle dry, tart, we should say so,” her husband with a large chicken operations to show my little cunt, cunt I like to make men good exercise, I’m a big show cunt …… ‘! “

The teacher gave up entirely self-esteem, anyway, has been fucked: “! Good husband with a large chicken to speak my small show cunt, my cunt like a good show so that men speak, I’m a big show cunt ……” the teacher answered them.

My vices been completely satisfied: “You speak up is cool waves cunt, cunt so tight, loose you speak, you speak to die …… You bitch, cunt big show, so people like cheap operation …… cunt, you are the rotten cunt, cunt swing I want to speak you die, your tender cunt picked up the cocoon, let you make cheap, so you buy show ……! “

I frantically sprint, after oh bang, collapsed on the teacher who knows how many sperm injected into the womb of the teacher.

Unknowingly to high second semester, my course tight, often to the weekend, and teachers have the time of intercourse some very tough battle.

That evening, I found the teachers’ office also faint trace of light, I went to the door softly, ear to listen.

There seems to pant voice, also called softly, my dick erection immediately, to hold my pants up.

I knocked on the door, for a while, came the sentence: “? Who”

Voice trembled, and she is a teacher! I replied: teacher, was I! “After 2 minutes, the door opened, I saw the teacher Lianfan blush, eyes reveals a hunger.

She asked: “how do you not go home so late.”

I said: “I wanted to see you, waiting to close with you.” She laughed to: “! Okay, come.”

Saying this she seemed excited, but also flashed Yin Xiao.

Before we went to the desk, she suddenly caught my hand and said: “? Your hand so hot, is not a fever.”

I said: “will not.” She said: “I’ll get you some medicine.”

She opened the drawer, first into the eyes of a dildo. I deliberately curious to ask: “Teacher, what is this?”

She seems very excited, said: “The teacher just very hard to accept, you are so long-suppressed to fuck me, I can only use it to look comfortable.”

I said: “I am not coming to accompany you.” After I finished her, I started taking her clothes. She also started my dick with her hand. I said: “Let you live again!” I took her skirt.

Because of the summer, clothes were taken out by me. My clothes are also finished by her.

I said: “Teacher, you are still so sensual!” I took her to the desk.

She separates the two legs. I saw a thick hairy, and I can see the lips.

Her prostitute flowed a table. I started to add her mouth.

She began to scream, said: “Um … good husband … hard point … Happy … The teacher is so comfortable … Um … um …!”

My hand began to touch her chest, her called more fierce: “Ah … the teacher can’t stand it … I fuck me … Fast … I am itchy … Fuck me …!”

She said while calling, gasping, using my hand.

I opened her whip, I heard her voice, our gasp, “滋” sounds into a piece.

The more I don’t work, she said: “Oh … fast … hard … Dry me so cool, my husband is still so strong … Reothermn … Don’t stop … make it hard … ah … ah … I Don’t walk, do it every day …

… ah … um …! “

The more I listen to her, the more cool, we have plugged more than 300, and she has not arrived at a climax.

I can’t think of her sexual desire, she must be very hungry in the past few days, I will die, I must do her five or six times a day later.

Thinking here, my hand does not stop her clitoris, and finally we have reached a climax after plugging more than 500.

I took countless sperm into her uterus.

She breathed and said: “Ah … really cool … I haven’t been so comfortable for a long time … I will come again later.

We will have a chance, let you insert me! “After 20 minutes, I took her from the table.

She is back to me, hand helping the table, picking the ass.

Let’s have a back, I use the brush, and I will play with her.

that’s all. We took home for more than 2 hours in the office.

My legs are not moving. It seems that there is more tasks in the future to finish, I must die!

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