Maggy is thinking about the next wave of promotion, suddenly the phone is ringing, the front of the boyfriend is small, Xiao Mao said that he is now nearby, is there a coffee together, Maggy thinks For now, there is only one you left in the office on the third floor, just have a small horse to chat, so don’t take time to find a place, especially now this dining time, this is not easy to find a place. !

After the phone is hung, almost five minutes, the room door sounds a few knocks! Maggy walked through the door, I have seen Xiao Mao and his two friends, it is quite familiar, a bell is called, and everyone calls him, a small section.

Although the third floor office in Maggy is not too small, suddenly I have come in three big men, and I seem to have a crowd. After taking the three chairs, I walked over to another, and I walked over to the office, preparing to put the coffee to drink, when she passed through the three people, she suddenly felt that someone touched her full hip one. Putting, she turned her past to Xiaoyao, she is very clear that this is a small habit of Xiaoyao, every time I see it, I have to touch her!

“Maggy, don’t be busy first, I will come to you today, I heard that you are ready to engage!”

“Basically, I am already engaged, have you regret it now?”

“No, I just want to bring your promise!”


“You promised me, if you didn’t marry me, then you can complete my wish before marriage ?! Forgot?”

“Hey! No, I still remember!”

“That’s good, today you only have to make love with us, let us satisfy, then you have completed the promise!”

“Here, three people ?!”

“is it not OK?”

Maggy nodded very simply. At this time, she passed the door of the office. Although she had left her office on the third floor, she still did not want someone to suddenly come in.

When she locked the door, I turned it, I saw that three people have stood up. She suddenly had a feeling of regret, but she immediately rushed out this idea.

She walked to them in a hurry. When she walked into the circle formed by the three people, she looked up at the chest and asked him with her eyes. “What are you going to play?”

“You jump in a dancing, let us take a look, then we will dry you well!”

Xiao Mao said very firmly, today’s Maggy is a special dressing because of its visit to visit. She wore a pink tight dress, there was a pinkey in front of the chest, and then wrapped her 36C’s chest; the hem of the skirt was about twelve centimeters, although she didn’t think how to stand up , When sitting down, then the whole pair can be said to be almost naked.

So this morning’s host has stared at her thigh. And there are on both sides of her skirt, so when she walks, the thigh is also a hidden! And today she also wear a pair of long white stockings, with a pair of red high heels, it looks good!

When she heard the requirements of Xiaoyao, she was in my heart full of the slow music, and her shoulders horing the music. She was originally shaped on shoulders used to resist the air-conditioned shawl in the office, soon Go to the ground.

Then she slowly used his fingers along his breasts in the painting circle, as if telling these three men, her attractive full-scale breasts!

At this time, her two legs were slightly separated, the thigh ran out from the onk of the skirt, let people see her curve exquisite and slender legs, her waist also begins to swing.

At this time, she began to slowly emit a beautiful, beautiful and lustful taste. Three men’s eyes began to slowly change!

Then Maggy slowly pulled the zipper in his chest, and the plump breasts could not wait to break away the shackles of the clothes, then ran out, she held a breast in both hands and gently smashed her nipple.

Then use a low sinking wave but very tempting tone: “which person uses force to suck me this for the breasts that lack men moisturize? Just ask you, come over!”

Xiao Mao showed A lot of small paragraphs, and the small section reached out and touched a few.

Then there is Api, but he also contains another milk tip, and then sucks hard, at this time, Maggy reached out and hugged the head of the two, and the head came back and enjoyed the moisturizing of two men!

At this time, Xiao Mao also walked to Maggy, seeing the Maggy’s hip has been towering up because the chest is sucking, so he will force the Maggy’s group.

At this time, Maggy leaving only the upper body clothes and sexy underwear, Xiao Mao took her underwear again, then squatted, licked her little hole with his tongue, this time, Maggy was raped in three men at the same time, and she I have already thrown the fiance outside the cloud! Imagine that the man can provide the thrill of three men to bring? After the small hair is almost almost, I got out of my own, and then inserted into the Maggy’s Sao, and then puff it like a revenue! After Maggy is inserted, plus two men in the chest, and will waves!

‘Ah ah ah ah ah……’

‘Cool … um …’

‘Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … good … good … brother … people … so sad … good … like … it …………’

Maggy quickly reached the first climax, but these three men still don’t plan to let her!

Xiao Mao wants to come over to take it with her small hole, then I have gone through Maggy, to have Maggy I have to live.

At this time, Maggy has always turned into a beautiful monster of pursuit of sexual love.

The instinctile is open, then contains the 屌, the tongue is smart, and the small rumor is licking. At this time, the small segment is using Maggy chest to clam the beauty of the milk to give himself one. Waiting experience with never had!

How long is it, Maggy reaches a climax! And Ashi also shot the first time in her point, so I was temporarily resting at this time, and the small section continued to get Maggy!

At this time, Xiaoyao also shot in the mouth of Maggy, Maggy is desperately swallowed, as if this is a delicious, and the smell of the lower body is still tapped quickly, and she pushes her to another wave!

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