Sometimes this is the case, it will never think of an early age because of an inexplicable event. I saw two Japanese XXX movies today, and the real mother’s Japanese woman is like a traitor, there is no fun. Can I have a true thing from Japan’s home, I don’t believe that the Japanese man is so good and their woman is so wood.

A tears of tears came from my heart, I remembered my affair in Peking University.

In fact, I remembered the long stone bench on the side of the sides of the Westward Bridge. Close to the grave of the foreigner.

That is a mid-night night, knowing the buzzard “蛐蛐” called. The sparse wood is free from several couples. I took a while with her in my dormitory. I can’t stand it, my second brother has risen, but I don’t dare to do that, the dormitory is to sit with someone else, and I decide to sit on the place where I like it. Good luck, actually the stone bench is empty.

He was barely inserted into her, because she didn’t see blood, she felt special, she stressed that she is a place.

Today, the whole topic is to discuss her husld female film. In fact, I don’t dare to expect her a woman.

I haven’t era.

No one in the dormitory yesterday afternoon, I decided to taste the ban. I don’t live, I have a lot of effort, and I will vent it. She said she hurts, and afterwards, I will force me to buy contraceptives. I have rushed to the West four, and I haven’t bought it.

I am the most natured, it is her beautiful face looking up. Usually I am sitting on the stool, she, just squat, press the brach on my two legs, sometimes she likes to put her face on my thigh, I use my legs to clamp her neck. She was bullied by her husband, and I didn’t read the enlightenment of Playboy, Penthouse or Cosmopolitan, and I didn’t know that the popular Fellatio (品) in American college students.

I really want to come, I am so funny.

When I sit down on the stone bench, she is going to play, and she is not sitting down. I am crazy about lying down. The kind of stool is just lying away, but it is only lie alone.

She, first sit to my chest, but then hidden, just in my embrace. This is a burst of hot, I took the meat on her butt, and later my hand was smooth, and I touched her very extremely thin labipings. Above we kiss, the two brothers can protest.

“Li, let me put it on you … Let them also kiss, I don’t want to go in!”

She finally agreed. Fortunately, she is wearing a long skirt, and the underwear is the kind of loose, I haven’t used it to arrive alone between her tender meat. She couldn’t help but independently.

In the happiness of the friction and twisting, I have already forgotten my two nets. I am inserted into it. She hit me tightly. I only knew it this time, and I was very deep. In this way, we have picked up a foot and three minutes. I shot the semen volcano in the day … I want the fairy to die, the soul is nine days in the morning, and I know the happiness of life.

Early the next morning, I haven’t got up yet, she will knock on the door. She pulled me to the corner of the campus, and she pulled out a group. It turned out to be her underwear she worn last night.

“Let’s take a look!” She is embarrassed to turn her face to one side. “It is optimistic, is it blood? It was found after I arrived at home.” I won’t care about the people around, I put her in the arms: “Dear, still hurt?”

In that summer, I have developed a few in the side of the birch forest, such as the side of the birch forest on the round garden, the pavilion in the central party school, the mountain forest of the cherry trench ……… no house I and her, I have stolen very happy.

For many years, I asked her to my best, she smiled: “Northern Stone Bench”.

I think of the year, it is really happy. I don’t know if I have developed my love, is it inherited by Peking University’s stupid children? Who is online brothers who are still in those places?

I am very none in Beijing, not only Peking University. The feeling of the home in Beijing, I didn’t experience it in the United States.

However, I have never dare to go to Tsinghua University to seek fun. One is the Tsinghua ‘s bachelor, two, go to a circle, it is rare to see a beautiful face. Still Northern Northern.

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