At midnight on Saturday, the Asian guns were stepped from the hotel. Just entertaining with customers, drinking a whiteland, there is a three-point wine.

He looks at the table, the time is early, remembered the previous, hurried to the contract, the next month’s business plan is still out, good, now return to the office, make it well.

Everyone in the office is working, and the company has no one in the air. He pushed his own office, and he found that the female secretary Xiaomi was still typing.

Xiaomi saw him in, but also shocked, she didn’t seem to think that her boss will return at this time.

“Why don’t you get off work, what is your diligent?” Asian guns laughed Xiao Mi.

“Oh! Nothing, I have seen this document today, since there is no date, I will relatively loosely today.” Xiaomi has a sweet tone response.

Fang Xiaomi, youth, beautiful, wonderful, work diligence, in the eyes of the Asian gun, is indeed its own power assistant. On the other hand, at the time of work, I saw her almost perfect body, she saved her daily, and there is a non-unique thought to her. In the rest of the wine, I thought, is it rare to give me a chance?

When sitting on your own business room table. The lively Xiaomi has quickly rushing the coffee, and the end is coming, the distance from the two is very close. But see her double peaks, Yangliu Xiaobai waist, can not help but make the Asian giant guns, it is difficult to keep itself.

“Mr. Asia, you are full of red, like drinking wine, is it?” Xiaomi’s concern.

“Hey, I just entertain with people, I only drink a little bit, I feel uncomfortable, my heart is hard, I am burnt, and the fierce jump!”

“Wine is your own drink, the wine is not good, you should drink less!” Xiao Mi said.

“There is no law, people are in trouble!”

Xiao Mi smiled and said: “You are alive!” Xiaomi, charming.

At this time, the Asian gunnifier has been reluctant, and the little waist of Xiaomi is taken.

Xiaomi Linglong curve, special sexy fuctile Town stay.

Xiaomi is very interesting, and has been in the spring heart, and the smile is pinched with a square sugar to feed it.

Asian guns are popular, and they are a bit panicked and chewed.

He does not wait for Xiaomi to answer, gently grain, let the half tribunchable, put it into the cherry mouth, Xiaomi is afraid to make the lipstick, pick up the lips, and use the tooth.

“Too sweet, drink some coffee to Run.” He dressed his face toward Xiaomi.

This is exactly the opportunity of flirting, the Asian giant guns are blooming, while full of bits, slowly in the mouth.

The coffee is a moist, and the sweet thirst is done, Xiaomi has smiled and lost, and he has been in his cheeks.

“Don’t die, there is a ghost, you have a ghost! I am a person, I should go to God!” “Xiaomi! We are happy to be happy tonight!”

This requirement, he used to fantasy, but there was no such simplicity to her directly to her.

“Heaven there? How to go?” Her eyes aimed at the man sitting.

Asian gunnille haha ​​smiled, he said to her ear.

Xiaomi faces on the micro-red, hesitating: “You are too stupid!” However, in the end, I nodded like the bride.

She seems to have just made makeup, the thick fat powder also plus a rich perfume smell, the close-fitting dress, the body curve, the advantageous, three inch half of high heels, walk, more dreams, in the light fire Under the reflection, there is really like a Tianxianhua, simply look daemon in the Asian gun.

He is sitting, only shouting “walk”, pull Xiaomi’s thin waist, straight outside, attitude is a bit nervous!

Two people cut a taxi and cracked pink.

The house is not big, but the fashioned, the dream is the double bed. It seems to have half the room, and the remaining is a small table. It is a small table.

Such a small room, in the view of the Asian giant gun, really feels not enough.

Since there is no opinion, he will naturally have something to say, he is slightly got a little, and it is also taken off the clothes shoes and holl into the bed.

Xiaomi is sitting on the bed, the tour is worth it, a little restraint.

“Mr. Asia …” said that it is pusher to turn, but it is attached to the thigh of the Asian gun.

“Xiaomi, I love you, I can’t leave you.”

“Me too…..”

Xiaomi said. In fact, doing love for her pleasure, but there is also a painful pain, but it is a lot of effort to compare the joy integrating with Asian guns.

“Sorry, I get your chastity.” “Hey … I am yours in this future.” Although she is not a virgin.

“you are pretty.”

“Don’t you stare at me like this!”

“I want to take you from the beginning to clear.”

“Is it sorry?”

“I don’t open the light?”

“do not want!”

He didn’t wait for her to answer, and the table lamp on the bed is opened. Xiaomi put down his arm and covered his face with her palm.

She felt that the sight of the Asian gunnifier was moving up and down, but he did not refuse because they had already had a deeper understanding of contact.

“Come, let me see your face.”

He pulled Xiaomi’s finger from his face, Xiaomi’s blush-red face is now in the light.

“you are so bad!”

Asian gunseins have long been in the string, hugging closely.

He is like an electric shock, and the arm is stretched, and the crisp is hocked.

Plenty of jade peaks, like two meat mountains, and press it in one hand, but it is also full enough, but he forgot to loose breasts, so it is still unfair.

He touched a while, hurriedly went to five points, there is a beast such as hungry and unwell, and he is stronger from the middle of the meat ditch.

The mask is made of size, the size is moderate, it is tight, suddenly hard drill into a palm, squeezing Xiaomi shouted again, Jiao said: “Oh! Don’t do this!” Is dead! “

Asian guns also feel that their palms have collapsed enough, and there is a soft late peak, and I have pickedly apologize, but I have not touched the nipple, I naturally be more reluctant to waste, see her delicateness u 峞A I have to say: “I haven’t touched it yet, please open it!”

She thought in her heart, and then said: “Behind!”

As Asian giant guns are like a correct answer, they are happy in the pink, the whole cream is opened, and it is filled with the powder.

In addition to the obstacles, Yu Feng is revealed, and there is such as two huge and unparalleled meat, and is listed together, and the sexy meat bomb on the screen is more realistic. I don’t know how to take it slowly, only to put it in the palm, pincal.

Sustile of the fire has risen, the stick has skyrocketed, twisting hard, in the crotch, is quite flavor.

He pulled down without hesitation.

The highlights of the glans are more enemies, and they are very straight, and they are stronger, and they are heavy, and they are all over the cavity of Xiaomi. The two meat are passed, want to fire, almost burner.

After dozens, the thrill was gradually procoised, the gut is large, and the insertion is enhanced. Gradually increase to the top, plug in the root.

Xiaomi’s cavity is obviously not a virgin, but it is very narrow, but he is in the first time, always feel tight, and the masher began to be full.

Interesting, the spirit is multiplied, let go and straight. Suddenly, the Machine is moved, and the Asian giant cannon quickly took a pillow, and the pad was on the honey hips.

In this way, the pussy has a much higher in invisible, and the meat stick can be inserted.

The insertion is deepened, the pressure is also strong, less than three minutes, Xiaomi was shocked to wake up.

She opened her eyes and said softly: “Why don’t you don’t have a sound!”

It was the most reluctant in sleep, and the Asian giant cannon and she didn’t want to be responsible.

“Hey! Who told you not to wake up! You are getting awkward than me!” He said in a martyrdom.

Side is still thrust.

晓 蜜 “Ah!” I have a slap in the skin, and I shouted: “Hey! What is the right mature, you are so heavy, let my leg bone is pressed!”

“No, there is nothing! Just! It is a soft pillow! I hope you feel comfortable!” He said the argument.

“Comfortable fart! People are sleeping in sleep, then I feel! Hey!”

Asian huge guns see her no more demand, but they are not polite to continue to add, and comfort and say: “Is it now good?” Then, “啐”, kissed it on the cherry.

Xiaomi was teased by him and laugh. He looked at him: “Okay! Time is too late, you should rest to rest!” She sorry, her legs, wrapped around the Asian gun On the back of the back, the pussy is bed up, and there is a vertical state in invisible.

Mei Kai Dui’s Asian, and the experience is also thus being inspired. He knows that this thing may be urgent, too fast, and the thrill is extremely short, it should be slowly entered, slowly taste.

He slightly plugged slowly, and the trend was much more, it was very moving, but also let the mask are topped inside, and soak it.

Xiaomi’s eyesight, took the initiative to spit out the lips, sucking the tightness in the Asian guns, the tight arm ring.

It will be more embarrassing, a very high hip u 璊 o rock rolling up, and the horses are full. Women are not afraid of tipping, I am afraid of Sao, I have met a woman, Iron Golden will also dissolve him into soft paste.

The masher is inserted, and it is quite enough to stimulate, plus the rock of your ass, affecting the cavity, makes it heavy, hits the walls, including the shadow, the thrust increase, the Asian giant fortune machine I swallowed a very sweet saliva, looking at her madness, like drunken whole body gods are numb!

In the high trend drama, when the firing is in turn, the pump is not worried, and you can’t wait to vent the copper wall.

She strives to sway with the waist, rolling the ass, try to meet his crazy offensive.

Both sides have entered the climax, and the fight will be warm and compact. It is really pleasant, the heart is blooming, and the face is overflowing.

Asian harbor is even more happy.

Due to the overnight, the two degree confrontation, and the application of tactics is quite appropriate, and the time is naturally long lasting.

Of course, with the experience of Asian guns, I have never appreciated it, I don’t know how to control the opportunity to control overall! He fiercely crazyly, like a rush horse, no stop.

After tens of tricks, the fierce back is a hemp, Shun Diantian rushed out of the horse, and the semen direct fire.

Xiaomi is proud of the leisurely, intoxicated in a sweet atmosphere, quietly enjoying this warm moment, 那 那 精 精 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 精 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入 入Flood over the Yin outlet.

The hard mask is in a close yin, although only twitching, it is quite comfortable enough, his heart is ambitious, tightly kissed!

He said in her ear, said: “Do you want to come again?”

Xiaomi opened his eyes to visit, just got a little bit, indicating that you can.

He is a pleasure, the throduction is slowly enhanced, and the draw is light, from Xu to disease, I finally smashed, the storm was unopened.

This bitterly Xiaomi, although there is a bit relaxing, but how can you not have such a wind and heavy rain. But see Xiaomi’s double eyebrows, can’t help.

But at this time, the Asian giant cannon is very excited, how can it stopped.

Dragonfly as he didn’t hear, continue to draw.

He straight straight, plugged in the bottom of the French, and touched the navel “啪”.

Xiaomi closed his eyes, and there was a sound in the mouth.

It seems that the pinear is too narrow, and the meat stick is unable to fight, he will vent after dozens.

Another concentrate, squeezing the flowers, Xiaomi opened his eyes, seeing him.

He gently spit a sigh of relief: “Ok, you go to wash and sleep!”

He has a powerful rolling bed.

Xiaomi’s grass packed up the residue and bowed in the arms of the Asian guns, and slept.

They forgot the world of the outside, and they care about it.

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