Such as jade, sounds very nice name, she was born in the government, she should have a happy life, but in the summer of her 12 years old, her two-year-old table Columbus has changed her. Destiny …:

“If you go to the garden, we go to the garden.”

“Okay! Come, what do you want to play?”

“play hide and seek?”

“Okay, I also like to play hide?”

“Let’s go!”

For example, Yu Xian is a ghost to play Lunwu, Musi hide far away, such as Yushu can’t catch up, look at the forehead of jade sweating, Lunwu is a bitache, then deliberately walk to the front of jade Let her catch it. This caught can be learned, and Lunwu is that it has become like a jade, the previous as jade, slender and weak; now she has a soft chest, although she is in her own, still can Clearly felt that there are two headed pearls in front of the jade chest, close to their chest.

I thought in Yunwu: “If Yu is like growing up, the chest is coming, my aunt and my aunts are not, I will enjoy enjoyment, taste the taste of the people.”

After about a while, if Jade wants to know, I said to Lunwu: “Take a brother, let’s take a break, ok?”

“If you are jade, are you tired?”

“No! I want to go to the hand!”

“Well, I am waiting for you.”


Lunwu looked at the back of the jade, thinking about: “Good chance, just now ….”

So Lunwu secretly followed the jade, such as Yuxi did not pay attention, and he was afraid that the cousin was bored, he did not go to the hunger, directly to the bus, take off his pants, then squatted down, Yunwu hide A big tree is behind, watching the small gums and white buttons far away.

“It’s really beautiful, so white buttocks, I want to be meatbeau.” I thought that while I thought, I was close to Jade. If Yuxi has just been completed, it is not hugged by Lunwu.

“Ah! Take a brother! You are scared me, people are still not good!”

“You lie to me, I can’t see it, you have already diapers.”

“But I haven’t worn it yet!”

“What is the relationship, anyway, is we not often playing together?”


“It’s okay! Do you still remember to play a home with wine when you are young?”

“Well! I remember.”

“Don’t we take it off for several times!”


“I just played hide and seek, now you are so hot, don’t wear clothes will be more cool!”

“But my mother said that the girl’s home can’t wear clothes in front of the outside.”

“Table brother is not outstanding!”


“I look at the weather so hot, it is better to go to your housing to play the player!”

“All right!”

So, like a jade peeled pants, and I went to the boudoir with Lunwu.

When I entered the jade room, I took off my clothes, leaving only one pants, said to Yan Yu, “If you are jade, are you not hot?”

“Of course, hot!”

“Then why don’t you take off your clothes?”

“People are embarrassed!”

“Is there any embarrassment? We now play a wine, I as Wu, you as a lady, ok?”

“Good wow!”

“Then I want the lady to take off the clothes cool, cool, so ascension, lady, do you say it?”

“Well! I will take off.” If the jade words are taking off the top: “This is okay! Master.”


“Why can’t it?”

“You still wear a pocket!”

“Don’t even take off your pocket?”

“Just this! Madame.”

“Okay! I will take off.” So I took off my apron again. At this time, the two pink pearls before the jade have given the Wuwu.

Lunwu said: “I said the lady! Are you not hot?”

“Listen to you, I’m really hot!” “Then take your pants!”

“Yes, my master!”

So, if the jade is standing in front of Lunwu, he looked at the martial arts.

“Table brother! What are you thinking?”


“Then, how do you only stare at people, don’t you say a word?”

“Oh! I didn’t expect this two years, you have changed.”

“No, how can people change?”

“Yes! First, your face has become beautiful and Peugeot, secondly, your tits have become a smooth, three of them …”

“What is the third?”

“It’s three … Your meat is also … I grew up with me … Baby …

“Your baby grows big?”

“Well! And big big big!” Said that you will take off your pants, “You see, is it!”

“Wow! It’s great!”

“If you are jade! Do you know why player home wine?”

“I have no idea.”

“In fact, the player’s home is just a big people, do you want to be adults?”

“I want it! But I have to be a few years!”

“I don’t have to use it for a few years, I have a way.”

“any solution?”

“If you want to become an adult, I can help you, but ….”

“But what?”

“I want to make a law, you will have a bit of pain when you start, do you stand?”

“I am willing to try it.”

“Well! Then you are lying in bed now, open your legs, getting better, knowing?”

“Well!” If Yu Yu is lying down, the snow white legs will open, and Lunwu carefully looks into every inch of the jade. For the jade pink meat, it is even more exciting. The legacy, then the words have the words, with some gestures, as if the truth will be practiced, then the hands are gently touching the small tits, such as jade children, and pinch the two little pearls with your fingers.

Lombard’s move so that Jade feels a little fun, but because of his tits, there is a little itchy, can’t help but laugh, say: “Table brother! You touched people itchy, do you really practice? “

“Of course, it will! Just massage your body first, just start the practice, so it can succeed!”

“Okay! But I only feel itchy.”

“Don’t worry, you can start it soon, but you can’t quarrel! Otherwise my spell will fail.”

“Well! I am not arguing, you are.”

So Lunwu then played with a small pearl like jade, and I will touch my hands in a while. I touched it, I touched the meat shell of Yushen’s pink, gently with his finger on the lips of the meat. On one side of friction, pinch it.

“If the meat of jade is really tender, it is comfortable.” Lunwu thought: “I will be very comfortable when my Bao is inserted, right! First use your fingers.” Miwu used the meat shell that was like a jade, and the middle finger slowly in the hole.

“Ah! Um …! Take a brother! People will hurt!”

“You take it, you will not hurt!”


“Of course it is true! Don’t I lie to you?”

“But people’s meat becomes good!”

“You don’t worry! It will be fine again.” Lunwu said and kneaded the meat in the thumb and index finger, “It’s not too painful! Now you have to do it!”

“What do you want me?”

“You have to help me now!”

“What is the instrument?”

Lunwu pointed to his own baby: “It is my big treasure!”

“How do I help you?”

“It’s very simple, you only need to kneel on the ground, use your lilac, gently squat, my big treasure is good.” “Is this good?”

“Yeah! Start! Every place in Dabao is got.”

If the jade listener is open, the small tongue is born with the big treasure of Lunwu. At this time, Lunwu still pretended to make a word, the big treasure is like a magic, and it will grow up in an instant. Wu Nukou includes Dabaoer, such as Yu Zhao’s words, Lunwu only felt softly around Dabao, both warm and crisp, only a while, Dabaoer is longer.

“Table brother! How can this big treasure be growing?”

“I am practicing, of course, will change!”

“Then how long does I have to have Dabao?”

“Just do it for a while?”

“Really? Your baby is so big, it’s a good mouth!”

“If you are jade, you will bear it again!”

“Well! I have a while again.” If you have finished the big treasure.

Lunwu strokes the cheeks of jade saying: “This is awkward!”

Lunwu once again held the head of the jade with both hands, and started to sway the lower body, Dabaoer stuffed into the small mouth of as jade.

“If you are jade, okay! You can don’t have to suck, now you are lying on the bed, try to open your legs, I want to turn you into adults.”

Such as Yu Yi is lying, Musi is holding Dabao, grinding the little meat shell, and thinking about: “” If the meat, the meat, the meat, is really fresh, will you will give up a lot of obscene juice. “

Sure enough, like Lombard, the small meat is really starting to come out of water, such as the whole body of Jade is grinded by the big treasure, can’t help but ask, “how to start hot?”

“Really? Then prove that my spell is effective.”

“Then I am adults?”

“Which is so fast, some of my baby is in the fairy Dan to feed the meat, and the spell is successful.”

“How do people don’t know how meat becomes eat?”

“You don’t know how much! Ok, don’t say more, if you exceed the time, it is not good.”

“Okay! Take a brother, I don’t ask.”

In this case, the Bibaoer is like a jade meat, and there is a pleasant plenary, and it is inserted in the end.

If you say that Jade is a 12-year-old girl, her fresh and juicy meat is still not completely growing, the cave is not big and flexible, and the tightness of the Bora, each If you are inserted, you may not be hard, perhaps because the meat is full of obscene juice. If the jade feels that the meat is full of feelings, it is not like the Wushang’s martial arts that will feel painful, so Yuxi, asked: “Table brother! Do you just say that people’s meat be will hurt? How do people don’t feel hurt, I feel very happy?”

“I just said that there will be a little pain when I started, I will not hurt, no you!”

“Well! People believe that it is! Come, do you have to feed meat?”


“It’s still more, people can’t wait for adults!”

“This fairy is not to say, be sure to take care of it, so your meat belly wants me to insert a few times, the longer the fairy, the more effective, know?”

“Okay! People know, watch brother, people’s meat belly, try to plug it! People are all by you.”

“Ha … ha …! Ok, I will try to put meat, feed the first season to her.”

So Lunwu was determined that the meat shell of jade didn’t hurt, and then felt it with confidence. Every time, the big treasure was squeezed into the depths of the meat, and if the jade feels that the Yusu is inserted and more comfortable. I said to Lunwu: “Table brother, your big treasure seems to plug in, the more comfortable people’s meat, the more comfortable!”

“Then I want to do more, such as jade, now you raise your legs, rack to my shoulders, to make you more comfortable, I will even even have my big treasure, you will not let me pull out. ! “

“How can I not let you pull out! Do you have to pull out Dabao? How do I get a dress?”

“Don’t say so early, you will know!”

“People don’t believe it!”

“Do you want to gamble?” “What?”

“If you wait later, you really have to go, then every time I come to play, your meat belly has to plug me, and I will do it in a few times.”

“Is it opposite?”

“When I came to play every time, I gave you a horse.”

“Really?” As a question.

“of course it’s true!”

“Well! Just say it, who is not allowed to regret.” In the child, this posture makes the martial arts feel more exciting, Dabaoer can play the ‘long’, and as jade really feels a sense of satisfaction from the depths of meat, such as jade this only regretted Wu bet, a little out of breath and said: “ah … you watch … ah … big brother … Boa … how … what … what … this powerful plug … too … people are … fast … breath … but … the air!!? coming.”

Lunwu also felt so deep, Dabao became abnormal, but also a bit breathing: “I … don’t go! Yes! You … must … Will not wait … My big … Boa … … I … every … times … Play … When you …, you … meat, … you … you have to give … I plug …

“Not …!! You … still … no … 要 … 把 … Dabao … child … pull … Go out, who … know … you … gamble … Win … is … 输 … …?” Such as jade Said.

“This … look! Then I … no … 要 … plug … meat, … child …, I … I have to pull it out ….”

If Yu said: “Okay …!! You … pull out … Go … Even if you … lose, you want … pull out … go … to … less … hell … ! “

“Well …! I … just … don’t … pull … come out, wait … Wait … see you … how …?

So Lunwu continued to push the meat shell, for a while, slow, sometimes inserted, sometimes shallow, plus the meat in the jade, is very happy, almost did not have a dizziness, meat Belle feels the law of the big treasure of Lombard, such as jade’s body has already boiled, and the hot meat is sprayed, such as jade, finally can’t help but say: “Table … brother! You … Boa … can … I really …! Meat … Beibai … in the first … live …, each … plug … once … Meat … child … … ‘big … Baby …’. “

“That … I ask you …, wait … will … but … will not … you have to put it … Dabao … 儿 出 … Come?”

“This is called … people … how do you …? … say it …!”

“After … I … Every … I’m here …, you … meat Babai … you have … give … I plug …, you want … don’t want …?”

“Good …! Take … After … Tsem … let’s … ……………………………….

“That is a … … set …

“Well …! Table … brother …! You … quick release … continued … Plug … Bei … child …! People … home … meat, … you … you … is …

“Okay, I … this … go … Continue … until … you … meat Babai … Shu … service … Jinding …

Jiemo added nearly three pillars, and Dabao finally refined the top, the most unique fairy, and a small meat in the jade. A burst of hot, big yelled: “Table … brother … ah! You … this fairy … Dan … you can … is a … hot … dead … …! 不 … 不 … … 家 的 … meat … Bei … Give … Xian Dan … hot everything … … …! “

“Then I … 把 … 儿 … … out …

“Don’t … Yeah …! Table …, you … you … don’t … now … put big … treasure … child give … pull out … go … Yeah!”

“Why not?”

“Because … is … Home … afraid in case … big … Baby … pull … go out …

“嘻 … 嘻 … 嘻 …! You must be … I can’t … my … Dabao, …! Don’t be afraid, later … I … Every time I come to play …, I will plug … you … meat “

“Not at all!”

“Okay! Nothing … I don’t accept … I recognize …, then I … I will not with you … play.”

“Good …! People … I’m admitted … Yes.”

When Musi’s meat shelled, such as the long work in Yujia, Xiu Xingxing just passed through the jade boudoir, heard the laughter of the launch of the lady in the room, and couldn’t help but poke on the window. The head is in front of it.

Shu Xingxing: “Hey! Is this not a small master? Hey! How did he not wear clothes? Oh! How did the lady do not wear clothes? ? I can turn over this. “

So Xuxing arrived in Lunwu this night, said tortward: “Summer grandfather, this slave is not understanding, and it is full of learning, and I will ask.”

“What? I know it must tell you.”

“I don’t know what crimes will be sentenced to Women in Women.”

“It may be only one death, but if the other party does not mention it, how can I not let you ….

“Table young master, you don’t misunderstand! How do I dare? Just …”

“What is just?”

“If someone abducts the lady of our family …”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Table Shaoye, you should know.”

“How many silver do you want?”

“The silver can do a scorpion, and the top can buy a dry-fried old meatbery.”

“Then what do you mean …?”

“I don’t do anything else, just … I also want to find a fresh and juicy meat.”

“Where do you want me to find?”

“If there is no lady in our family,”

“How is this?”

“Don’t do it, otherwise I will tell the master of this child, what do you do?” After the trip, he left, leaving a problem to Lunwu.

“How do you say this?”

Early the next morning, Musi went to find jade …:

“If you are jade! Do we go to play again today?”

“Not! Yesterday night, the meatbei’s whole hurt, I don’t want to go out!”

“This is wrong, the spell I have done is successful, should not hurt.”

“Then you are saying spells.”

“This is not necessarily, this way! You wait, I am going to find my brother.”

Lunwu flew to the Xingxing, and he would come to see the jade.

Such as jade is surprised: “Happy …! You are …?”

Lombard nodded and said: “Yes! It is him.”

Xunxing as a Wushen’s words: “Teacher, you must forget the most important thing.”

“what is the matter?”

“Master said, you have forgotten! When the practice, if the meat belle is full of obscene juice, the caster should take the prostitutes and do things.”

“Worse! I have forgotten.”

“Fortunately, I am, lady, we will go in the room!”

“What to do?”

“Of course it is a re-practice.”

“But the meat belly will hurt!”

“Nothing! Just do the mart, how can you hurt?”


“of course it’s true!”

“Well! People believe in you!”

So the people entered the room.

In the room, Shunxing said: “Miss, you rush to the clothes to bed!”

If the jade has to take a look at the light and lying on the bed, Xingxing also takes off the clothes to bed, hands with jade’s small tits, and lick to the little meat, bite, after a while, suck it again, take the soul of jade Both gave it to the sky, close your eyes, the prostitutes in the small meat are also rushing out, the snow white buttocks are shaking, as if they want to welcome the hush tongue.

“Didn’t want to … to people … home meat … Beibei … is … you can’t … it is hurt ….”

“Teacher, change you.”

“That brother?”

“I want to prepare the instrument!”

“Yes! Brother.”

Lunwu went to lick meat, sipping the jade of jade sweet fragrance, and Xingxing slammed in front of the jade chest: “Miss, I will help me prepare the law!”

If the jade opened his eyes, I was shocked and said: “Wow …! Happy … Your … Baby … How …?? … big?”

“Because my road is relatively high, Baoer naturally is much bigger.”

“Is it the same way yesterday?”


So, such as the big treasure of Yu Yu, the soft lilac is briskly swim in the head of Dabao, and the friction is excited, just don’t know, the big treasure of Xingxing, no! It should be said to be ‘giant Baoer’, and even the arm of the jade is generally thick. When I went to the bed, I stood up and took the jade, and I put the giant baby to put the small meat.

If Yu Ke is not an experienced woman, only the 12-year-old she can bear such a huge baby, and the mouth is called out: “Ah … ah …! This … big … 儿 … People … home … is being affected … not … … … …

Shunxing does not sympathetic, such as jade, but will also join.

Lunwu held Dabao, and it was a burst of the ass cave to the jade. This burst of flipping was boiling like jade.

“Table … brother … Ye …! You … how … even … fart … shares … all … take …

“If you are jade, don’t you like it?”

Such as jade shakes his head to answer: “No …! On … 要 … brother … like …, like jade … body … 子 … you … all …

Lunwu and Xingxing continue to plug in the jade fresh meat, until noon is only willing.

. ——–

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