Today, when I took a lunch break, I went outside and dinner in a certain food city. Seeing a female colleague who recently entered the company to accompany a mature woman to eat. When I greeted, I realized that the original mature woman and female colleague were the mother and daughter. The mature woman saw me and bowed down. I am somewhat laughing naturally. Female colleagues invited me to sit together, I had to say hello to female colleagues. The three people have their own packages, and they can be said!

It turned out that mature women were I know that there were three or four years.

The story is still slowly from the beginning!

My company office building is a high-level office building, with more than a dozen companies with big and small. My company is on the 18th floor of the office building. The company’s company is located on the 12th floor of the office building.

I am very dramatic with my mature women!

The mature woman is referred to as Wang Jie. Mature woman’s daughter is abbreviated. (With the father’s surname) facilitate narrative!

Knowing King sister is very dramatic. Drive in the morning to go to work, on the underground parking garage of the office building. See a BMW 3 Series in front of the park. I stopped in the back of the car, waiting for it to go into the library. The technology of driving may be generally general, there is no in turn, and it is necessary to return to the position of the car repeated.

I feel a little impatient, press the speaker. The BMW car stopped, when I got off the bus, the BMW car started. Just listen to the sound of hitting. The BMW car is not hesitant to hit the right side of my head.


When I saw a car accident, the BMW driver came down. It is actually a female driver. I am relieved. A mature woman. It is about 40 years old. Wearing a professional skirt.

The mature woman gets the sorry and sorry. I am also embarrassed.

There is insurance in the car, and there is no need to fight 110, agreed to go to the nearby motor vehicle inspection point to deal with damage.

Both parties left the contact information such as mobile phones. I also added her WeChat.

When I arrived at noon, I looked at her and said, still? The mature woman said, I invite you to eat, delay your time.

I said, I’m coming to ask.

Eat, chat around.


Wang Jie has a hot body, a pair of burst milk seems to squeeze the bra. Call!

I like.

In the chat, I learned that Wang Si was separated.

Wang Jie’s daughter is in college, usually only coming back on weekends. Usually, Wang Jie lives alone.

I am in my heart.

Seeing the mature smile of Wang Jie, I think in my heart, Wang Jie tells me this, there will be no story.

I follow the heart-resistant and stupid mind, and the soft voice chat with King Jie.

Because I moved my mind, I deliberately accompanied Wang Jie some emotional things.

Seeing that I and Wang Jie talking about laughing and laughing, I don’t know how I am old friend at party, who will think, we are friends just known.

Time flies, I am reluctantly in love with Wang Jie, I have driven 4S shop repairing.

Because I have the prince’s mobile phone number and WeChat code I am more assured.

Especially happy is that Wang Jie actually and I am a office building.

What happens to, Wang Jie lives alone.

When watching movies in the 4S shop lounge, I am illusion in my mind – I am shameless!

Didn’t think of the WeChat reminder sound, I saw that the kister was actively sent me information, and I apologized for this morning. I will comfort again.

When I went, we started talking others.

That’s in the middle of the king, I invited me at night, she invited me to eat.

I have been touched by it.

Seeing Wang Jie’s hospitality, my heart is dark, Wang Jie has some big!

I also belong to a lot of hazardous, and when the surface is quiet as water, in fact, the heart has already passed.

Thinking of the date of the king, I couldn’t live in my heart, and I loudly snort my favorite song.

I am in anxiously waiting for the 4S shop.

I watched the watch from time to time, I can’t wait to go to the time to eat with Wang Jie now!

In the 4S shop time, the car is very slow, the car doesn’t think it is so fast, I am bored to sit on the lounge’s massage chair, which is excited about what I have to happen. In fact, I also brought it to the company, and I also have to do investment department managers. I have talked about a few girlfriends, and I have been in bed with them, but those who have a young memory do not satisfy my one like this right away. Especially recently, I have just broken up my girlfriend, I am in the emotional emotional empty window. This is also sent to the door to delicious I naturally won’t let go. This is fascinated by four pm, the customer manager of the 4S shop notifies me, the car has been repaired. I said, I looked at WeChat. I saw that I didn’t read the information a few days. One is the kister’s, and she said that the location on the side of the Huangpu River, she set a Japanese package, address I have sent it, but also said that her company may be late, time is set at 8 o’clock in the evening.

I have time to watch time, I am not happy today, so I will return home, take a shower, adjust the alarm clock, and sleep. In the confusion, I saw Wang Jie, came to my office, first as if I was talking about business, suddenly everyone left, then the kings and me, she was very active, put the suit offset , Revealing the rich and proud figure, the upper body is tightly packaged in the white shirt, the two jade milk calls, and wear a piece of flesh stockings. Through stockings, I seem to touch the mysterious cave covered between the two legs. Just when I want to find further, the alarm is ringing. At this time, I have the idea of ​​alarm clock. After I woke up, I found that my saliva wets the sheets, and the following is hard as steel. Not only smile, I think it seems that the man can’t leave the woman there.

I haven’t seen more time, wearing it, and drive the next building and go to the meeting. When I arrived at the underground parking lot of the club, I saw that the BMW three series of Wang Jie has stopped there, and the heart could not help.

When I went straight to the elevator, after reporting the name of the box, the waiter took me directly to the room, Japanese-style private room, I saw a black high heel shoes at the door.

The waiter is slightly wooden door, then opened the wooden door, “Mr. Please”. I saw a beautiful figure standing in front of the window, I heard me, she returned, “Please take it, I am sorry, then let you come out to eat”, “It doesn’t matter, I usually do this.” In fact, this is actually this My mind, I have already wanted to put her in his arms. At this time, wait for life, come in to tea, and ask what we want to use. Wang Jie looked at me, I said that you look at it, I am. So Wang Jie flew soon. Not a minute over point, it appears that she is a frequent visitor here. She asked if I got some wine with her, I originally rejected the reason for driving, I thought that she also drove over, I was unimped to say. “Small, I’m like a look at her is looking at the peach blossom. I know that I said something wrong.

Soon the service life has a piece of slow sash with a variety of seafood, and also help me heat up the rear of the rear. After the waiter quit, she helped me with the wine glass, and the wine glasses. “Today, my sister gives you to pay sins, I will do it first.” I naturally can’t. ” Ever since two people chatting while drinking, eating delicious seafood.

Wang Jie said: “I want you to make up this age. Come to eat sea urchins.” I know that Wang Jie said, so I said that there is no woman around you, I have added it. “Oh, how can I see you a table talent, should not be lack of women, I am sighed,” I have a break in front. ” a few months, busy recently, we have no right around “” Do not worry, sister to help you pay attention to the king, “this time I inadvertently got hold of the hand of the king sister, two bedroom watching Wang sister. Wang sister looked a little shy of me, and I put her down beside me one, then hands down, I see the king sister did not mean to resist, so it is even greater courage.

Ms Wang fact, although there are around the age of 40, in fact, maintained pretty good, skin firming fine white, five black hair, rolled into the waves, water hyacinth, such as silk, reddish cheeks, red lips like honey, body the silk shirt, open collar, can already see a deep cleavage, lower body is black bag hip skirt, tightly wrapped Bottom, following a flesh-colored stockings. Look at the most early 30s.

Probably to a tipsy state, I was ignoring the hotel, go sister took the king threw himself on the tatami, physical pressure on her lips pressed against the king sister lips and began sucking Wang sister saliva, oral tongue trying to further the king’s sister, began her some resistance, clenching his teeth, but Jiabu Zhu my stalker, two spiritual tongue like a good wind, entangled, chase. Share each other’s body fluid.

For men who have not touched a woman in a few months, Wang Jie is the most fatty prey. My hand just explained the button of her first shirt, Wang Jie’s on huge jade milk towards the lack of lack Come? The bondage has long hoped to recover free happiness. At this time, knock on the door outside the door. Pulling me and kisiarian from the fire. Wang Jie sat back in place and took a shirt. The service student then opened, and the last dish’s colleague, it seems to sweep us with a weird eye. The face of Wang Jie at this time is red. Also in the mouth: “Check out.” We have eaten the food in front of the food. Pay the next floor. Along the way, I was tightly smashed, and she also went to my bad. “Where to go?”, “Go home!”. Wang Jie curiously looked at me with a pair of eager eyes. “Go to my house together, I live alone, it is a little chaotic at home.” Wang Jie shims nodded, tonight, we can’t open it, I raised a taxi. “The two rivers along the river”, the driver quickly opened the car, and I was sitting in the back row with the kister. I was holding Wang Jie, and one hand stretched into the inside of Wang Jie’s thigh. Wang Jie’s consciousness clamped his legs. At the same time, the mouth was nuts to the driver, meaning the driver will see. I seem to understand her mean, grabbing her hand, I’m hard to touch. When Wang Jie came into contact with my baby, the face showed a surprised expression.

Saying that my baby is not a artifact, but it also conquered many women. I am still quite confident, especially the current fire is growing, hard and huge. I encourage Wang Jie to open my pants chain, let her jade hand in my underwear, the coming back. My hand also touched her skirt. Wang Jie today’s flesh pantyhose, wearing a quite narrow tripage, although not a dip pants, but in the middle part of it can’t, deeply embedded in the flesh, I touched it, already wet I feel that I have just been emotional just now.

Taxi walking in the night, the lights on both sides are getting more and more scarce, I live in the high-end community in the suburbs, the surrounding environment is quite quiet, and close to the waterfront. After a while, I stopped my downstairs. I paid the car, the mart of the martyr got into the hall, pressed the stairs, after entering the stairs, I pressed the 10th floor, the elevator door automatic closed, Wang Jie’s landlord, I The neck, I also lick me again. I am also quite investment, especially the baby below, but I don’t feel that I have to get between the legs of the king.

The lift, the elevator quickly arrived on the top ten, I opened the door and the light, let Wang Jie enter the room. At the door, the two people quickly poured into the sofa, kissed, this time, I don’t have to avoid anything else, rudely taking off the small suit on the kings, almost tearned all the shirts. Button, a pair of peaches above the front of me, the king sister unsuccessful, the upper body is completely naked. I am also free, use the mouth to absorb the grapes on the peach, at this time, the prince’s uli is pink, and it is constantly expanding. Even if it is a bloom, the grapes of the heart are still standing, I will follow the hungry baby. It is allowed to make the nipple, I absorb the expression of Wang Jie in the side, maybe I am too hard, she is slightly painful.

I ended the absorption, I also felt my own disappearance, breathing of the big mouth. I asked if Wang sister went to take a shower, she said yes, and in front of my face the rest of the package hip skirt, stockings and high-heeled also off. I appreciate the naked naked sofa, the kings really maintain it very well, the body is tall, the front convex back, two slender, if the young teenage is absolutely a model of the model. Skin fine. Long hair shawl. After taking a circle in front of me, I went into the bathroom. I take the opportunity to manage prices a bit, the king replaced the sister’s clothes are folded on the sofa, and picked up a pair of pork, smell and smell, a body fragrance Qinru my heart, make people heart rate, but also This is the taste of the mature woman, and today I am such a very mature woman in front of me.

There is a crescent moon in heaven I took a bottle of wine from MUM and two champagne glasses, on the French window, opened the curtains the night Riverview appeared in front of me. This time I heard the sound of water inside stopped, I went to a pair of progressive sack of black stockings, and my white shirt. I like a woman dressed like that. Ms Wang also understand my ideas, so wear this set out, it appears to be both pure and sexy.

I touch a sister to the king of champagne, and she touched the cup, I say go take a shower, let the king sister a person to enjoy a break Riverview, Wang sister then immediately in chaise chair, lie down. My ex-girlfriend, also particularly like to lay watching the scenery.

I quickly put their wash clean, put on white cotton pants and vests group. This fully the reality of my size and strength, of course, also want the guy below can not hold.

I touched her and touched her. After chatting with her, I took the advantage of this house, Wang Jie opened his initiative, she let me stand before the sofa, she took her mouth. This makes me surprises, because I have almost unwilling to do it for me, I am very happy, I’m very happy, I’m hard to have a baby, and the king is in a bite. Live, start to swallow up and start being a glans, Wang Jie seriously licking the surface of the glans, then the baby’s side, finally, my baby confident is still very big, the next momentous, inserting her throat, Wang Jie began to show the nausea of ​​the instinct, I want to push it out, how can I keep going deep into the way, and gradually she adapts to this feeling, and the throat is in turn. I have been very comfortable, the whole jade stem is wrapped in the mouth of King, and the front has entered her throat. I slowly pushed up before and after, with the 啧 啧 in Wang Jie, my JJ feel I want to swear, no five minutes, one has not controlled, my body is impulsive, flourishing, straight to the throat of Wang Jie, she may not be ready, was smashed by my thick essence, no The cough stopped, I am bus drift my JJ, I don’t want to be hurt by her teeth. After the cough of Wang Jie, I apologized, I apologized, but Wang Jie was not dissatisfied, and I helped my JJ to help clean up with his mouth and tongue. I said “I haven’t done it for a long time, so I didn’t control it” “Nothing”. In order to make up for my apology, I put Wang Jie on the sofa. I kneel on the ground, let her hook your own legs, showing M-shaped, so the privacy of Kings has been clearly presented. Wang Jie usually pays attention to clean, although the two outer lips have been deep in color, but the tender buds in it are powder, it seems that the joy is not the kind of woman. There is no hazel around the abalone, and there is a small plug-in fur, and it is a woman who is always paying attention to the finishing. I started to be a sister, my sister is very surprised to look at me, my tongue is in touch Wang Jie’s lips, from the deep and low sorrow of Wang Jie’s throat, my tongue began to swim, absorb the past overflowing honey, faint, there is a fragrance, there is a little savory , Really and abalone are quite enjoyable. My tongue began to gradually, simulated this mask inserted. At this time, it is sour, surrounded by a smooth meat. As my movement accelerates, my sister’s body began to gradually tightened, I can feel that she is a bit slight, “comfortable, too comfortable, um, don’t stop, don’t … stop”

I know that Wang Sister began to enter the preior of the climax. I moved tightly, constantly licking her four walls, especially the woman’s most comfortable position. Suddenly, Wang Jie’s body smoked, and there was a loud shout in the mouth. At the same time, my tongue feels that her body twitch, with convulsions are a hot flow from inside. Wang Jie shot, in fact, women are not shot every time, if women can shoot, explain that her body must be very comfortable at this time. At the same time, the two black silk long legs and twitches.

At this time, I found yourself below, in the weak period of a wave of climax, I have passed, now I am now ready to move, I stood up, put the heavy head of the baby, insert the mysterious cave of the king, just still The king of the climax, was inserted by me. Due to the previous toss, Wang Jie has been wet into a wonderful ocean, and I am blocked by the big JJ, and the creek that is about to be dried. I only hear the ear. The sound of the side, constantly impacting this, and Wang Jie, Wang Jie is actually in the state of crazy, holding me to have the waist, so that my feet is eight snake guns, top to The deepest place, I am a deep side, gradually accelerating the rhythm, while putting her jade, get the mouth, and starts to absorb the black silk beauty of the king. My saliva is gradually covered with the stockings on the foot of the king. The JJ of the following is not stopped. My speed is getting faster and faster, I feel that the body of two people is constantly impact. After almost 5 minutes, my JJ urged again, and a heat shot into the depths of the sister’s body. The sister’s mouth is constantly emitting, ah, ah, ah.

After a hurry, we were soft, and my hands were also stroked on the kings, especially the jade and the legs. Wang Jie also enjoyed my touch, I know, after the gave birth, I like the man’s caress, such a psychological satisfaction is unbearable. Excitement. We continue to drink champagne and chat. Wang Jie very honestly and I talked about her family.

It turned out that there is almost 20 years old, there is a daughter who is studying university, her husband opened a foreign trade company, and the business is very good. Wang Jie is the financial. Another time, Wang Xi and her husband went to Jiangsu to urge the pen, when the end of the night, he hit the soil-talk of the earth, the husband was killed, and the husband was in the back row, but she was slight. On this king, Wang Jie closed his husband’s company, brought a little money, read the daughter, and appreciated the current company to do the financial executive, now the company’s finance director. Now the boss of this company has always been moving in the king sister. Wang Jie started to take care of her, how women are not helped by their own daughters, better life. Saving some behaviors of the boss, this boss is related to Wang Jie, and the promotion will be added, and she is in the company outside the company. Often overtime is late, will be in the company’s office, find Wang Jie vent. However, the boss did not let Wang Jie’s full satisfaction every time, usually it is cool, Wang Jie has not feeling. Wang Jie said that today is a woman who has made a woman in these years.

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