Mom’s diary ~ Office Dad lost a question in the mainland to give my mother, she wants her to seek the original workstuffs of IC design and communication owners in Taiwan, especially the original communication and design department, because mainland factories The new commodity is quantitatively produced, and the finished product has a flaw. After discussion, it is not very stable after the purchase of the wafer group and its own research and development. If the time limit is not resolved, the company is probably paying the customer’s large breach of contract, The mainland can’t find a suitable manufacturer, don’t talk about technical Australis, my mother has been bombed, and the father of the other end of the phone is broken, and he wants to think, saying that he is in the mainland, Taiwan’s company. I don’t care, I also asked Dads that Dad was not a continent, and I forgot anyone in the night and night. I said that I said that my father’s bed was only three minutes. Your secondary milk is to look at you, steal things Be said by my mother, my father didn’t dare to be a sound. The more addicted, the more I can’t afford my anger, and even the divorce moved out. Dad took my mother in the mainland Hu, the bad thing was guess I don’t dare to speak, it seems that I have to start choosing to choose my mother, or with my father.

Mom is returning, the company also cast a lot of hard blood, but the problem is coming, which manufacturer will be able to provide its own research and development technology. After a few days, my mother has visited several manufacturers, and the technology is not tight. It seems that the company’s operation has to be problematic, and the mother is full of stadium, thinking of the careful heart of Dad, the company is inexplicably reversed in a few years ago. I didn’t expect it to make it now. The human is, I have to pay my butt, this worship can’t find a workshop, that is bad, think about it, I can’t help but let it feel, I will make it a lot, this is happy, this If there is no result, there is no result, but although the mother’s mouth is broken, but the company is not good, it is not good for himself, walking into the meeting room, praying in the heart, looking at the god of luck, watching The people of the other company come in, a heart is uneasy.

“Hello Wang, you are smiling. After introducing itself, you hand on a business card.

“I didn’t expect Lin, the deputy is so young.” Wang always said that the mother of the OL, smiled, then said: “The deputy general of Lin, to my office, this meeting room is waiting. After finishing his mother to his office, personally hit the cup of coffee to give my mother: “The deputy of Lin is sitting in the sofa, I will handle some of the secretary.”

Mother’s own company’s chief office, compared with this office, Xiao Wizhou, I thought that the big company really bigger, I walked in, my mother took the information, got up and handed it to Wang: “I am really sorry, Wang That’s so busy, I still bother, I have to discuss the Huang Yellow of the company. He said that cooperation should have no problem. “

The deputy director of the Wang said, “Huang Manager has mentioned me, he also said the deputy general of the glory, young, the head of the beauty, the business insights, also said that there is a boss like you, the company employees must be full every day. gas.”

Mom smiled and said: “Wang always has a prize, you are very young, but I rarely go in the company, you have always called my deputy, I am not used to, I think you still call me Qian Yi.”

Wang Gong said: “Well, then I am 叫 妳 怡, I have been fifty, it is an old man.”

“Where, Wang always looks like it forty, the maturity is stable, must have a woman’s edge ………” Mama said that Wang always laughed.

“Qian Yi’s mouth is really sweet, my wife wants to be like you, then I will go home every day to have dinner.” Wang always said that two people laughed.

Mother saw Wang Tuanwen information, his brows were close, and he did not stop inquiring the details of the mother. It seems that it is not very smooth. In order to understand that the mother is sitting next to the king, while seeking technology transfer, while talking cooperation The profits of the two sides can gain, and Wang always listened for a while, and started to sway, and asked my mother several questions, and I was so embarrassed that the mother didn’t ask.

Wang Wen frowned and said: “Qian Yi, cooperation is no problem, but there is no way to complete it in the time required.” Mom was tight, and hurriedly asked: “How long does it take?”

Looking at my mother’s gods, Wang is always a face, a faint, faint: “The company’s design process has been full, if you first help, you will have half a month.” This is not a mother silence , What is going to do in my heart, Wang Mong suddenly said: “We are quite talking, this way, I can arrange the company to take the team.” Said that it is handed to my mother’s thigh. Tap , Don’t get together, but also touched it.

It’s really unhalinating, the mother is in the heart, I encountered pig brother, the company’s problem, I can’t let go, my mother smiled: “That’s really troubleshin.”

“There is a relationship, I will help me.” Wang Qian boldly pulled up my mother on his thigh, smiled and said: “Qian Yi, I have a few questions to ask.” “Human you said that people know no answer.” Mom greets your smile, but the heart is murdered, I really thought that you have a woman, I am! I will let people look down on the appetite.

Wang has begun to investigate his mother. Listen to her mother to say she is married, and I have this rabbit, a face is incredible, Wang always wants her mother to take off the coat, get up to a few laps, look at my mother turning circle Sir, I still don’t believe it, I heard that Dad often stayed in the mainland, the mouth exposed a silk smile, pulling my mother across his thigh, both hands are welcome, I will touch my mother’s chest. The pair of Wang has always touched the addiction, began to solve the button of the mother’s shirt. Mom is coming, how can I be eating tofu, watching Wang Purchase, and I don’t forget to remind cooperation, Wang Purong Promise, my mother feels like being perfunctory, and there is no sincerity. Wang Gong’s brain is now working with him. Waiting for the cooperation will be very close, beautiful, other things, slowly talk, mom The shirt button is unspeakable, and the king will pull a bra, and the pair of big milk shakes, which is more coveted.

Wang always touched his tits: “Qian Yi, the tits, the tits, are very soft, this is my big tits, I have seen the best.” After holding my mother, I went to the desk, let my mother on the upper body. Flat lay on the table, both hands and tits.

“Well … Wang always, you are treating guests like this … um …” For the company, mother had to take a step, and the sound is angry: “Wang Tong … um … you touched people … so comfortable … Um … “The mother who has suffering, his own tits are being devastated, the book should be shouted, I didn’t expect to have a low-spirited cooperation, the more I want to do it.

“Qian Yi is really can’t see, I will make you feel more comfortable.” Wang is always full of fascinating, hands playing with mother’s milk, it is already laughing.

“Then our cooperation …” Mom has not finished, Wang Mong buried her head, her mouth made a sound, “Um … not … to be like this … Well …” Mom decided to see the machine, although it is often White play, but there is no belred, the bottom line can be unfair, but this cooperation case is talking, then it is another matter, “Well … Wang Shi … you promise people’s things … Well … you must be honored … …… “

Wang always lifted his head and said, “Then, look at Qianyi’s performance.” Looking at the mother’s tits: “How can I get married and have a child, and the light is not like.” Wang always buried her head The tap, the claw began to reach the lower body of my mother.

Wang will roll to the waist mini skirt, stockings vain to see her mother, eliminating the need for action off the stockings, but is happy to laugh, mother of Wang just feel sick, but with the desires slowly being provoked, resist the force becomes small, hot body also begins to secrete sexual secretion was excited, Wang Yin Xiao pulled down her mother’s small briefs, mother Langxue hand to touch, sexual secretion followed by sticking a finger, Wang can not put up resistance, got off trousers, pulled out a long time have been erected dark guy, a treasure ass got into his chair, indicating the mother for its Roubang first to a warm-up exercise, the company mother to sacrifice ego, Wang obediently toward him, slowly squat body, hands holding the cock up and down Taonong, Wang seemed not satisfied with the service of the mother, clutching her mother’s head to rely on cock, I just want my mother to his mouth trumpet playing music.

Mom can do this unambiguous code, very much at home, but the thought of the event comes to an end later financial loss, not worth more than that, gently said: “ah …… Wang, why are you so anxious.” Having won Roubang playing against breast clip music.

“Oh …… Qian Yi’s really big breasts soft, cool … oh …” mother’s milk Gong Wang oh let’s call cool, could not help but close your eyes and enjoy this mother superior milk delivery service.

“Wang … ah … your big cock cool unhappy … ah …” Mother stopped breast movement, the hand holding the cock said: “Wang, before we sign a contract, and so will you what, people listen to you . “

After hearing first signing, Wang opened his eyes, eyes flickering: “Qian Yi, I promise u count certain things, like say u do not believe me, or else ………” then did not finish, internal telephone has been ringing , Wang press handsfree, head secretary told Mr. Zhu legislator has come to, just walked into the conference room. Wang hung up the phone, his face reluctantly say goodbye to the front of the beauty, it seems not to offend legislators Zhu head, got up to take care of clothing, said: “Qian Yi to wait here, I’ll be right back.” Then they lost her mother, hurried rush conference room.

Mom was throwing this, I don’t know if I have to do it, just the temperature of the body is very fast, I can’t help it, my mother is bitten under the lips, and I actually take it to the throne of Wang to knead my milk. The finger is going to put in the mouth, suddenly see a stack of documents on the Congress of the King, there is this information is not the last time to give Huang Manager, can’t help but drive, secretly smoke it, mother As the earth, this is the test report of the company’s commodity. The company’s company technology does not reach the requirements. The problem is still existed. After reading, the mother is stupid on the spot, and it will break the mouth, it is a profiteer, eat people do not spit the bones. Mom puts the information, organizes the Yizhen to come out of the office, but also the secretary of Wang’s secretary, saying that her problem has been resolved, and the head does not return. After coming out, my mother is dry in my heart, look at the watch, time is just right, and quickly go to the last manufacturer, or the last hope, my mother is angry, and it is already about the pigeon, and I am already put in pigeons. It is always vacant. When you want to leave, you still hit people’s employees. My information is scattered. My mother’s mood is bad to the bottom of the valley. I am angry in others. I don’t want to open it. I don’t want to open it. The employees hit by my mother are quite polite. Helping my mother packing the information, let my mother feel embarrassed, just want to open a mouth, look up, hitting it is Arong, I saw A Rong full, laughing, with my mother to his office, the title The dog card, only to be removed, the office is nearly 30 pings, I will have to be in the job, and I will know that this is the company of his Laozi. My mother suddenly came to come to Along. The ear of the ear, hurts his, mother’s future original committee tells him that the eyes are gradually flourishing, holding the Alidu actually weeping, harming the arrival of the Hande, can only pat the back of your mother, Also, she don’t cry, otherwise the people outside, I thought he did something bad, but the mother, the sky is not afraid, and the mouth is coming to death, and he must help.

Abong is like the younger brother who died. Mom specially took care of him, three days and two, I went to the electric cold, but I didn’t expect him to be a golden soup, it is not a beautiful, how to see it is a rich family, but His old man helped himan the position in the company, and he biased his stagnation. He came to the company to train, this morning, he didn’t come to the phone. He didn’t come to the show. Mom did not say, asked why he didn’t say it, she didn’t eat well these days. Steps, saying that my mother didn’t ask, and there is no need to take this out to show off, my mother looked at the honest Arong, I think it’s right, I am dead, I want my mother to sit, sign a few The file is good, I saw him holding a stylus, waving the pen on the touch-style computer panel, it seems that this is a completely e-established company, A Rui’s true look, let the mother can’t help but know more eye, then Look at this office, there should be, but put the general office of Wang.

Looking at the file, my mother smiled and took the information: “My good brother can talk about it.”

“Of course, I can.” Arong took the bottle of cold drink from the small refrigerator to my mother, she went to the mother’s side, carefully looked at the information of my mother, talking about the business, my mother also was eaten by the king to eat tofu I’m going to pay for it, but I have been laughing without retaining.

A raft turned his head and shook his head, got a foggy water, asked: “My good brother, what are you laughing? No problem!? …” Mom said, the body does not stop his body. Go on.

“Qian Yijie, when did you become a lady in Taiwan.” Arong smiled and lost his mother.

Arong one hand and the hand of her mother, Moxiang his chest, one hand to touch his groin to face with a teasing said: “If your company provides technical to me, you wonder how I will cooperate, if it does not provide technical to me, I really want to make money to go to the sea. “

Arong bluntly, breast fiercely to the mother of a claw, her mother called out loud, smiled and said: “Qian Yi sister in my mind the perfect image has been shattered, woo … woo …”

Arong looked so do look like crying, my mother could not help but smile: “my sister has always been to hurt his brother, let you touch a few times, as well as what you just laugh?” Then the hand and pulled Arong Moxiang his chest.

Arong quoted Wang in the sex industry, as well as their company’s situation, listening to my mother suddenly realized, but fortunately only the body is white touch, and if the white is a big loss, Arong said technology transfer is impossible, this mother’s mood while depressed, his mind flashed Wang violation of his, I thought this is not Arong also play this.

Looking at the look of Along, my mother quietly disserted the shirt button and bra buckle, took away the information on the hand to the table, so she took his thigh, said softly: “How do you want to People will promise. “Slowly straight up, two tits will go to the face of Along. “Qian Yijie, you will be mistaken …” A raft said half, mother suddenly took the tits to his mouth.

Mother squeezed the tits in Arong, and raising the scorpion: “What is misunderstood, your big company is not all like this.” Said the ass started to swing up and down.

Abong was made so for her mother, the pants convex, sucking tits for a while, and Al Rong suddenly bite a bite, let her mother shouted, and the tits don’t give you no obedience, and Ah Rong said: “Cooperation Of course, the problem is that it is impossible to transfer it. This technology is a government tube item. It can’t be transferred to the mainland. I will not control me. “I finished the talents sent by my mother in both hands.

“You … you still have a way, I want to have a way …” Mom is anxious, the previous desire is slowly picked up, but the butt is still on the bottom.

A raft smiled and wanted to sit well. Pick up the information of your mother company, self-buried on the computer, transferred to the company’s information, how to sit, go to him, roll high and narrow skirt Rongshan legs, grabbing him, kneading his own tits, mom looked at a computer showing a piece of circuit diagram, and an original IC.

My mother asked anxious: “Good brother, can’t you!?”

Arong said with mother’s tits: “Found, just we have the wafer in this area, and the distance is not far away, add it to the semi-finished products, you can test, Qian Yijie, you will first Clothing is dressed. “

There is a line of dawn, my mother can also pick up, but the body is hot, not scattered, the mother does not disdain: “No one can make a summary of the vice, you will be called individual, I am afraid that I am I will go to your bathroom to avoid. “Mom refused to put clothes, and took off the light, the clothes were thrown down, and she turned into a circle to show her tempting carcass.

Arong can see the heartbeat one hundred. It is even more than a mother. I don’t even have a loss. I pressed the inside to find someone. I will knock on the door, my mother is hiding under the table, let Al Rong smaked, only have to pull the leaning. Table, who knows that it is truck, and the mother’s hand opens the zipper of Arong pants. I gave a hard meat stick. I got up, I almost let Along called, and Along quickly assigned the subordinates. Mother’s mouth sucking, the force is still aggravating, and the next goes out of the office, my mother still fits the meat stick, and I will enjoy my mother’s mouth. I don’t forget to tell my mother. If I have passed, I have no problem, I will have a message before get off work. Sure enough, someone pulled a good job, I can’t sleep in a few nights. I finally went to sleep well, this made my mother excited news, I took a pair of tits, and didn’t sell the meat.

Mother spit out the meat stick, saying: “Um … I only have your brother, what about the sister …” Along the face suddenly red, it seems to be doing what is decided, but in the face of the mother’s bump, I can resist, No way to open the mouth: “When Qian Yijie is of course also to enjoy, let the younger brother help you.”

Mother saw Along preparing for action, two hands holding the table, the upper body slightly bend, the round ass is high, looking back to Along: “Um … good brother, my sister miss … um um … … “But I suddenly remembered the previous Along, courtesy, cold, cold, how did it change today, it will not be installed before, my mother thinks, Along the meat stick has been posted on the butt, the heat of the meat stick Hot, my mother can’t help but sneak, I want to see how I will see you.

Arong stretched his hand to the mother’s chest, gently smashing big milk, mother wants to catch Along, anti-pushing to suppress his desire to fire, let the tits who are caressing can not attacked tenderness, the tap gradually responded, slowly Get up, Arong is constantly kissing the pink neck of my mother. It doesn’t stop hammer at the ear. The heat of my mother is getting faster, the buttocks slowly swayed, and the meat rod wipes the spark, and the body is naturally put on a curved shape.

Arong put the stick in the buttock, played the meat of the trench, and fro a little low, kiss the fat buttocks, kiss the mother’s stocks, just to the mother’s ass, the tongue does not stop the inside Mom twisted his butt, the body has a short-touch, and the arrogance of my mother’s ass, the tip of the tongue is a helpful lubricant, and the two hands are swung in the mother’s share, and When the thigh roots and the acupoints are touched, but the finger does not enter the point, and the mother is too painful, comfortable to the extreme, and the heart has been appreciated by the skills of Along, and the skills of caress. It is just a lot of doubts, A How do you know that my ass is particularly sensitive? Don’t he have a special reason? Mom no longer think, I can’t help but the soft voice: “A … … Have … um … … is there … 喔 … um …” “Ah … Arong … What to do in, huh … …… “

Along didn’t return, it seems that someone is not worried, the greedy tongue is still sharp, and the mother can’t stand it. The mouth is getting more and more urgent. In addition to the butt, other places do not touch, it is Because I didn’t touch it, my mother’s ass is cool, but the waves are itchy, I want to open a good fortune, I only hide the same, and I have a little relief.

“Ah … … … good … cool … um good … um … you want to die … …” Mama’s buttocks are getting stronger and more strong, the movement of the swing is also more rhythm, suddenly a delicate道: “Hey … man … um um … don’t only play … assh eye um … Too …” Along is there, there is no understanding, one heart, the fart The hole seems to have a treasure, fighting forward.

Mother can’t bow to the fire, bend, and make a hand to reach into your own waves, stir the illegal water, do not stop, even stick to the black grassland, the mouth is not awkward, and Along stopped all the actions. , Get up and straighten your mother, after the body is close to the mother, the stick is vertically high, hot pressing the mother’s ass, the more I want to worry, the door does not lock, I really have to come in, but one Thinking, if someone comes in, I don’t know why, I am so excited. The more I want to wax, my right hand stretched with my ass, I hold the stick of Al Rong gently, I saw the arrival of the left, light Look at the mother’s milk, the right hand is looking into the hole, it is wetting by obscenity, like a black grassland, suddenly stopped, put on the black grasslands, I will come, I will come. I arrived at the acupuncture, Alifei opened her mother to pick his stick, let my mother play a woman who is idle, the right hand five fingers, walking down the mother’s body curve, directly out of the waves of the soil, start grinding Around the mouth, the mother is grinding, and the mother is in the body.

A Rong hand til on the hole, it officially explored the wet waves, stir the spring water, the mother was stirred in the spring heart, but the butt was not stopped, the push, the pair of feet, the buttocks, only hope The sticks on the buttocks are in the hole, and Ah Rong is not never, the finger is in the waves, constantly in the front vaginal wall of 2 ~ 3 cm, it seems to search for what, non-stop, pressed, try to explore the mother’s body Reaction, I heard that my mother is connected, and my finger is slowly added. The soft belt is just, just brought soft, my mother only felt Al Rong’s finger, special expansion.

“Ah … there … ah … ruling … good … good will … play the hole … … …” Mom feels that the body is getting more and more powerless, the feet are unstable, and the arrival of Along Said: “Hey … I … I have to … my sister … I love you … I will give my sister … 呜 …”

The weakness of the mother’s waves, was built by the Almong fingers, refreshing and cried, the butt, the two-handed rings were on the Argend, the two long kisss, the saliva changed, mother is Well, the nose continued, and a pair of tits were in the hands of the Almine, like an endless game, the hand was hit, and the fingers in the waves were urgently attached to the vaginal wall of the vaginal wall. The foreternal word of the trick, forced my mother’s body to tremble.

“A … … Sister … no … oh … ah … ah …”

“Okay, … ah … you have to die … small … 噢 …”

Mother’s body shakes, the waves spills the juice, the urinary tract is lie in the yellow liquid, and the arc is sprayed under the table, the mother is full of red, and the head is not dare to carry, mouth is constantly gasping. The pleasant pleasure spreads through the whole body. I only feel that I can’t make a little force. The body is happy. It has never been there. Arong still continues the same action, let the mother’s climax far grows far, a few minutes later The finger slowly extracts the waves, put it into your mouth, sucking the love liquid with sticky fingers, I will take advantage of my mother’s milk, my mother can’t help but give a deep hot kiss, two tongues are entangled. I didn’t think of Al Rong’s fingers, stretched with my mother’s ass, start another wave of massage.

My mother just lealed the body, unusually sensitive, and was caught in this, the whole body of the cells jumped, turned to support the table along the hand, and lowered the upper body to raise your ass, and arrogant, Hold the erect. The stick, arrogant, only to insert only a moving posture, who knows that my mother is holding the stick of Along, actually in the cave, the Amber can lane the water left in the fart, but A great lubricant, a centulence of a stick. “Ah … 唔 … … 好 … hm … um …” Mom said while screaming, but he didn’t help meat, but the buttocks shake, I only think that Along the meat stick, shell, can’t help Called: “Oh … well … Tap … … …”

Arong slowed down the speed of the ass, the left hand smashed the big milk, the right hand fingers felt the lotion, the fingers aroused the thrill of the waves, so that the mother forgot the feelings of the fart, Along speed plug-in The speed of the fart, the swing before and after the mother’s body is faster, the rogue finger suddenly suddenly sloppy, each time the vaginal wall, the soft vaginal wall is constantly irritating, buns, Along The finger is more strengthened, poke my mother’s spring heart.

“Hey … stinky … man … 喔 good … um hurt … fart … holes to give … you are um … …”

“Well … 噢 阿 … … Well … Well, good … Plug … Cave … 喔 … ah …”

Mother’s fingers suddenly inserted into their own waves, and Along the fingers in and out of the rod, the 滋 滋 的 水 水 水 水 水 滋 滋 滋 得 滋 滋 得 得 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋It seems to be torn, coupled with two fingers in the waves, and let the body go to the limit, hurry to make a big move, temporarily stopping the hole, the body is turned, but the butt is sitting in the table, double The feet are opened into the M-shaped, and the hand holds the meat sticks of Along, guiding the hole, the meat stick quickly entered and exit, the mother did not show weakness, and the neck of the neck of Arong, the butt, the butture The meat is tightly wrapped in the meat stick, and the arrival of Along is not to stop. The fingers still don’t forget the mother’s ass, the mother can’t bear it, and the waves of hunger have been hungry. It is even tight sticky stick.

“Oh … ok, A … glory … Well with your sister … Let’s be together … ah … ah, mother’s mouth is not self-satisfied, the body is slowly trembled, two feet are tightly wound Abong’s waist, the speed of A Rong stab is getting faster and faster, the stick has a roar, and the hot water is rushing, and the mother is hot.

“Oh … it’s good … ah … Harmony … um …”

My mother gasped, thinking that the waves did not have a meat stick in the long years, tonight, I was got to go to the climax, and the body finally got the liberation. Holding the arrogance of Ah, the lower part of the two was still closely intertwined, and the stick has not yet Fully softened, mother buttocks are not swinging, and they have not been irrigated by irrigated waves, enjoy more warmth, I don’t know how young people don’t have no pleasure. At this moment, I will reach it, and my heart suddenly intensive. It seems that life will change from this.

Two people rushed to the bathroom in the bathroom, my mother lost A Rong, saying that he must have played a lot of women, otherwise how the tongue is so smart, and Along shakes his head, saying that he has seen from magazine a few days ago. I just used my mother to stand on my mother, and I have a mother’s face red heartbeat, especially if I can’t get anything, I am afraid that I am afraid that I have a bad impression in my mother’s heart. Mom I have finished holding a rival. Siki, I have a half-sinter, but I gradually increase many strange ideas, my mother recalls the passion just now, N old, there is no meat stick, but I have been fed well, but the fart is a pain, I started to count, Arong If you listen to your own words, if you tune it … Holding Along, you have a lot of ideas, stealing a special smile.

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