She stands on the podium, the face is flush, the two eyebrows, the two leg clips are tight, refused to walk. If some students can see her skirt with the mirror, they will find the end of the black stockings, the top of the pink underwear, with a cylindrical protrusion.

That is a 15cm long massage stick, which has not been completed in her body. Due to the relationship between gravity and her body extrusion, massage sticks are struggling with the elasticity of panties, slightly, constantly moving, keeping her body and reason. Make her lectures have been very different, and the expression is not natural.

At the same time, a large number of white semen flows slowly from her body, slowly falling along the black stockings. The semen is rich and more, it is obviously more than one, two people’s fine fluid volume.

She didn’t dare to move the footsteps. After leaving the table, they were seen by the students to see the semen under the thigh. But at this time, a boys who have dyed yellow hair suddenly asked: “Teacher, why don’t you write a book today? You don’t write those words on the blackboard, I can’t remember.” After that, he is not good. Laughing.

“Teacher, you still write. Otherwise we can’t remember.” The following is a few students asked.

“How did the teacher stuffed the chalk to the stockings?” A little voice passed to her ear.

I only knew the thing that happened to night.

The wife didn’t give him a face, back to him: “I am waiting, I hope I will not let me wait too long.”

“Will n’t.” The child whose yellow hair shouted.

He really didn’t have any food.

“No, no.” The wife didn’t want to accept the student’s gift.

“I am ready, come with me. Give you a surprise.” Huang Mei said.

The wife is shocked, so it is calm. “What do you want to do?”

“Teacher, don’t worry. We also have gifts to give you.” Huang Mao also said.

“Is this cake not a gift?” Wife asked.

“This can not be easily got to get. I have to add some difficulty.” Huang Fu Road.

“Good. I guess.” The wife agreed to think almost.

“Teacher, you guess it. You have to promise us one thing.” Several students are happy.

“Let’s talk. What is it.” The wife is not awkward.

“Solving the buttons on your body.” The fat man smiled and said halfway.

“No.” The wife refused, but the tone is not so resolute.

“I have to solve it at least one.” Huang Mei gave his wife a step.

“This is not counted, this is not enough.” The students don’t think about it.

“Slow, teacher, you did not promise us 4th requirements.” Huang Mao smiled.

“I have finished, the 4th buck has been unspeakable.” The wife said.

“We didn’t ask for the fourth button, which is your own initiative to unlock.” Huang Fu Road.

“This we have to think about it.” Huang Mao fooled.

“No. That is too exposed.” The wife refused.

“What should I do? Do you want to eat?” The king asked.

Several boy stopped. I don’t know if she has just played the “resident” she just said.

“Send, the fifth box? Fast, come back. Then I should go home.” The wife said.

“Sister. There is only the last box left. Do we want to gamble?” Huang Xiang asked.

“How to gamble?” The wife strongly pressed his desire and asked.

“Then I lost?” Wife asked.

“Within a week, you listen to us, how?” King said.

“No.” The wife replied veryressed.

“Good.” The children were excited.

“Is it those means of the A film, can the teacher accept, and like?” Yellow Mao asked.

“Almost.” The hemp rod replied.

“Oh yeah.” Several boys were happy to take each other.

“Teacher, this is the gift I really want to give you.” Huang Mao said in his wife. “I like it.” Wife’s long-lasting Yu Yun has not passed.

“Then I will send you this gift in the future?”

“Okay. I hope every day.” The wife “sex” is so crazy.

Old, he said his wife’s belly, said: “I touched it here.”

“Don’t worry, let’s play the last game again. It is over.” Said the numb rod.

“Do you still have a stock?” The wife’s softened meat stick and asked.

So, there was a thing written in the foreman. The wife lost his face in front of the students.

When she gradually took this thing, when she took a break, Huang Mao came to her again.

“What do you have to find me?” The wife is deliberately asked.

“Teacher, we miss you.” The old hippie smiles.

The wife frowned and said: “That is the past, don’t mention it anymore.”

“Oh? How to help?” Wife asked.

“I also add a request. If you can do it, I will promise you.” The wife said.

“Let’s talk, let’s talk, we agree.” The 5 people said.

“Teacher, this is too difficult?” The expression on Huang Mao is crying.

“You can not agree.” The wife said.

Five young men listened, I was happy.

“Oh. Nothing, there is nothing.” She panicked.

I didn’t care, continue to see the prostitute wife series. I want to wait for a while to judge the roll and do one.

She thought about her mind, and the pen in her hand was changed, the hemp rod was in.

After all the beer sprinkled, all people became falling soup.

The small pepper is the secret of the king. Here, the king is very strong, and the heart is very strong.

The wife asked Huang Haid: “You are all finished? I am too tired, I can’t do anymore.”

“Can you still get it?” The wife will have him.

“Teacher, we can’t do it, but there are people.” Who said “Who?” Whispered.

“We.” The little pepper said, and it refers to another 2 girls.

“You? You have to be?” The wife was surprised.

“No, the teacher.” Many students have gone.

“Fast, stop.” Although the wife’s mouth does not let the hemp rod touch her, her hand does not block the hemp rod.

“Don’t you ignore me later? You don’t care about me.” Head said with a smile.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop.” The wife grabbed the hand of the jarrove and wanted to her body.

“Teacher, then you will ignore us in the future?” Journal of hemp rod.

“理, reason, fast, hurry, don’t stop.” The wife said anxiously.

“Don’t stop doing, then you have to promise us, you will come every time you meet.” The hemp rod said.

“I promised, I promised. Give it to me.” The wife shouted.

“It’s so strange, how can the teacher eat?” A boy called.

“Teacher’s body is very mysterious. What is it in the bottom?” The boy asked.

“The last time I put the dick into the uterus, it was really cool.” The old man said next to it.

“We also need to insert into the womb.” Several boys also called.

“What are you waiting for, quickly expand.” A group of people found a new game, excited.

“How to expand?” The little princess curiously came over and asked.

“Teacher didn’t wear stockings today.” The small pepper said.

“No, the underwear is too small, there is still a lot of talents.”

“My underwear and stockings are given to you.” The little princess handed his white underwear and stockings.

“Wow, pretty good sexy ah.” After reading everyone says that. “Teacher, let me feel your baby.” Little Princess also to touch his wife’s belly.

“Hey, teachers like child belly? And I taste the same?” Little Princess listened to it.

“Slut, do you still want?” Rotten peach stepped aside, while asked.

“Good.” Everyone agreed.

“Quick take out, I do not wear underwear.” His wife pleaded.

“You bad guys.” They were strapped to the side of his wife walked out, while muttering.

“Teacher, come, I take you back.” Rattus riding a motorcycle in the doorway he said.

“My husband, you will not be angry with me, right? Not hold anything against me?” His wife in my arms gently asked.

“No, but you later have this party, you must take me to.”

“No problem. I was their teacher, they dare not listen to me?” His wife readily agreed.

“Sometimes I go out to play, did not hear the chant.” She answered.

“You are what play did not hear?” I deliberately “play what” stressed a bit on these three words.

“Bad husband, I can not tell you.” She smiled and pinched my arm.

“Buy a new dress. Of course you have not seen.”

“I see how it is not like the new dress bought. Looks like through a period of time.” I said.

“Oh, do not ask so much. We go back to say.” She took my small strides.

“Do not ask, tell you to go home.” Wife hold down my hand, let me continue to touch her stomach.

“For.” She nodded. “Come on, my husband. You get to help me out. I really want you.”

I can not help it, flying pounced, to hold a one-month semen are deep injection into it.

“This is how the line? They put my wife’s body to play bad how to do?” I am anxious.


“Really, we tried.” His wife to finish the sentence, her face turned red again.

“You tried? Do not you played so many times?” I hear foreign words meaning wife.

“These days I am not at home, you come together a few times?” I asked.

“Not all.” My wife answered the same whisper.

“That’s who they are?” I asked.

“Oh, you do not ask. I do not know. They all got to play with.” Wife impatiently.

“I have to play the wife, why not let me ask.” I am anxious.

Under someone asked: “I have a friend who would like to join how to do?”

“How much?” I asked.

“Sister’s body much because she’s that play, and I have tried, but every few to die.”

“What are the play?” I asked.

“There are those programs?” I am most concerned about is this.

“Really ah?” I exclaimed.

I smiled, did not speak. Apart from a few central figure, most of the others do not know my identity.

Fat man laughed: “sister, today you enjoy it, do not be afraid crush me.”

His wife agreed to a cry, and then asked: “? Who today are on”

“A few days can not see the wound?” I asked Shunzui.

“Ah?!” I was shocked. We are not playing a total of 2,3 times, but playing once every two or three days.

“Holidays can be so play it, after school will certainly be less fun.” King said.

“Fast, she was going to orgasm. All of you to work harder.” Stick Road, next to the command.

I quickly stepped forward to a closer look and found no problem, in addition to some red, basically do not see the wound.

“What record?” I asked the little princess around.

“Uterus record.” Princess unhesitatingly said.

“Uterus record? What do you mean?”

“It’s how much it is to get in the record.” “Ah, this is this.” I suddenly realized.

“No problem. I feel that today is very good, I can break the record.” The wife lying there laughed and said.

“Good. Everyone collects the clothes.” The king told him. “Come over 2 people, help your sister.”

“Insert? Why is it going to stand?” I asked the little princess.

“Sedong West can be used to larine the uterus with a beer, so you can lubricate some.”

“Oh.” I promised, my eyes were inkwed by my wife.

I see that the beer bottle is all fog, it is estimated that I just took it out from the freezer, definitely cool.

“The wine can be cold. I can’t stand that low temperature.” The little princess said in my ear.

“You also tried?”

“Sister, it’s almost?” After the 5 bottles were filled, the hemp rod stopped.

“Tap, you have these bad guys, your sister’s belly is to be violent by you.” Wife squid.

“Don’t you like this strong stimulus?” Someone is weird.

“I hate.” The wife blocked his eyes with his hand. She is actually embarrassed.

“Can we start breaking the trip?” Journal of hemp rod.

“Ok, start.” The wife lie on the ground and nodded.

“10 pieces, 11 pieces, 12 pieces …”

“How many pieces are the last record?” I asked the little princess.

“The last 14 pieces, the highest record is 18 pieces.” The little princess said.

“How do you calculate the number of pieces?” I asked again.

“Stupid, you. After the girl’s plug, the boy is born.” The little princess said.

“The socks haven’t been to come in?” I asked quickly.

“18 …” encouraged the people around him, the hemp rod finally put the 18th clothes.

“Oh … succeeded.” Everyone cheered.

The wife squatted his belly, smiled and muttered: “Husband, I finally pregnant with your child.”

“Today is too exciting. Today’s performance is over.” The king announced.

“Today’s sister wants to perform a program from unforgettable, please see.” The king announced.

The wife called a warm. Then encourage rotten peaches and small peppers with your eyes to continue torture her.

“Today is a successful party. I announced that today’s party is over.” The king said.

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