My mother Huang Yan, this year is fifty years old, height is about one meter and six or five, weighs 120 pounds, some slight fat, belongs to the kind. I have just retired in the industrial unit half a year ago, and I have a full-time wife at home. Although our famine is very good, I don’t have to force, I can only go to the city’s three-school universities. I usually fade frequently and have a few brothers who go to the Internet cafes to play games. Now I am almost every day. In the Internet caf, my mother often asked me why I didn’t go online. She didn’t know how cool at the Internet cafes and friends. Therefore, my room has given my mother to go online, look at the TV series.

Just in this winter holiday, I was firm in the Internet. I just opened a few days in a row. Later, I saw it, I was completely subverting my imagination, this guy couldn’t be a one-year-old head, possibly In their gnomes, it is very strong, and when you look at the gym. Because he is very humorous, we give him a Chinese name Blackjake, the meaning of Blackjake, the clown in the poker card. Just in the afternoon, everyone said that I have a meal together. I have forgotten to bring your ID card. Because I am still far from my home, Black Jack takes the initiative to send me, I thought it was a small eDonkey, go out, I invited me. I was shocked when I got on the bus, and this kid actually opened a black Porsche Cayenne. When I got on the bus, I was too polite. I took the mineral water in the car and prepared to drink black Jack: “medicine, some medicine” put the bottle in the past, referring to repeating “some medicine” inside, his Chinese level is very general, But I can understand what I mean, “Is there a medicine?

What medicine? “

Black Jack: “Give Women” and then send out a woman’s voice: “Ah, ah”

I laugh: “Haha, understand, understand, beast”

Black Jack has rid of the face: “Beast?”

I waved: “It’s not awkward, the beast, the brothers are praise.”

Black Jack: “Oh, Beast”

I feel that he is particularly stupid, particularly fun, but sitting in such a car, there is such a strong black, and it is a bit like a big brother with the black. It is very energetic.

I opened a quarter of an hour, I invited Black Jack to go upstairs. He still sorry, and later followed it. After I opened the door, I found that he followed, the black brother’s thinking is different. I can’t say it, I still haven’t thought, I don’t think, open my house, at this time, my mom is in my room, I thought it was surprised that I suddenly came back, I didn’t expect that I looked up, my mom agreed. In half, the right hand holds the mouse, and the left hand is masturbating under the crotch.

I am going to open, my mother first opens: “Xiao Hui, my …”

I don’t know what to say, I can only say “My classmates are coming, I’m going to …”

Such awkward scenes, but the plot is my masturbation before the computer, my mother is coming in, it is actually such an ending after five years, it is quite awkward, my mother has no way, put the trousers, Go away. I took a role in front of the computer, I watched a computer, I used a film I downloaded before, I didn’t pay attention, turn it off, after all, there is a black brother outside. at this time.

My mom called “Ah” I passed, I have passed, and Black Jack in the bathroom is peeing, my mother is in the middle of the day, staying in the bathroom door, I quickly explain the door: “My friend, Africa people”

My mom: “Why don’t you say it, I am going in, more 尬?

I: “I didn’t come and said.”

My mom: “Okay, Xiao Hui, I just didn’t happen just now” My mother is very small and said that I am also very small. “I know”

I have been in a while: “I will take an ID card.”

My mom said: “Good” is estimated that now he is not allowed to go out, it is best going to take a few days, then Black Jack comes out from the bathroom: “Hey, aunt”

My mom nodded and smiled: “Hello”

I took a lot of black Jack. I talked a lot along all the way. Occasionally he mentioned that my mother was very beautiful, very full of money, then went to the Internet caf a winter holiday, Black Jack never came to my house, he wants to come I didn’t let, I have been rejection of euphemism. Black Jack came to my home again, I started school. On the first day of school, Black Jack actually turned to our class. I was still very curious, and later told me, this is what he arranged.

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