I am in love with my girlfriend in 4 years. My hometown is a small town in the northeast. My girlfriend is in the provincial capital of Jiangnan. It is very fortunate to graduate, we found a job in her parents in the city. Because we haven’t graduated, we have not had your own house. For three years before our marriage, I can’t reject it by the prospective parents. My father is really a very kind person. In these years, I have given me a lot of not until the child. When I write this article, I still have a little contradictory, I feel that I am a little less than I have. In addition to these evil ideas, I also filial piety like my father-in-law.

The girlfriend is a unique woman, so the parents are still forty years old, plus usually paying attention to maintenance, looks very young. My father-in-law in the government department in a unclear official, and treating their families very kind. Yue mother served as director of the department in the city of Levels, although nearly fifty years, but not lost young, it seems to be much young than the actual age. In the past, when you praise the girl, she always said that of course, there is a mother who must have his woman, and the mother-in-law is a beautiful woman. I also have seen the photos of my mother-in-law, and now my girlfriend looks like a person, just dressing relative to keep some. (Of course, this is the girlfriend after marriage, I will see the photo album that will look at the family, I still say, how about it, my mother is beautiful, I nodded, saying that my wife is blue and the blue is better than blue, my wife is happy Direct laughing, where is the silly girl knew that I have started a little sensuality of sensuality for my mother-in-law.

There have been more than three years in your girlfriend before marriage, and it is inevitable that there is some small episodes in a life.

The mother-in-law house is not small, I was arranged in a single room when I was moved, which was the next door of my girlfriend, because I haven’t got married, when Yue Parents will naturally arrange me with my girlfriend in a room, in fact they did not I know that my girlfriend has lived in school.

I was still honest for a week, but I have been with my girlfriend. I have begun to find a way. Later, I finally got a courage from the balcony to the girlfriend (my room and girlfriend’s room sharing a balcony ), Just starting our actions, it is more careful, maybe because I haven’t been together, we don’t consciously fierce, just when we feel that the climax is coming, I suddenly heard the voice of Yue Parents’ room, we Hurry and waited for a while, I heard the sound of slippers, and the voice of the poured water, my girlfriend whispered to tell me that she had been sleep well in recent years, and she is going to take medicine at night. After the mother-in-law returned to the room, we will continue to continue, then I found that the little brother has been frightened.

In the morning of the next morning, I turned back to my room. I got up when I slept, I wore it to push the door. The father-in-law has already got up to go to work, and the mother-in-law has given me breakfast with my girlfriend. I called the uncle’s aunt. I quickly walked into the bathroom to wash, my heart jumped straight. I didn’t know if they couldn’t feel that I went to the girlfriend in the girlfriend. My father-in-law had always been smiling and my mother blessed me. Which The road to pay attention to the other, and go to work.

My girlfriend said that his days had been sleep well. Because the girlfriend’s room and Yue parents’ room were separated. In the quiet night, I couldn’t comfort myself. They didn’t hear something last night. After all, we haven’t married it yet. In the next paragraph, all the wind is calm, I have dropped the window to the girlfriend in the room every day, and then turned back again next day.

Only one day girlfriend said very mysteriously, my husband, my mother is looking for me, she let us pay more attention to us, after all, we haven’t married it yet, first pregnant, I am afraid that I will be gossipped around.

But there is no clear saying that this kind of behavior is, of course, they also know what effect, there is no role, so it is a matter. Although the mother-in-law did not say anything to me, I always feel that my mother is a bit blame. Maybe it is my psychological role.

I started from my first contact with my mother-in-law, it was a holiday, and some people in my family were working. As a diligent son-in-law, I definitely show it, first, pack the room, and wipe the floor.

There are two bathrooms in the family, one is shared, one is a separate smart, when I mop, I first walked into the bathroom of my parents, this is the first touch of my mother-in-law, although I usually be on the balcony. One can see the mother-in-law to change the clothes, but in the balcony, the family is in the family, I have not observed. This time, the bathroom is in the bradymother, and there is no brass and underwear that have not been taken last night.

Under the curiosity, I carefully picked up my mother-in-law’s underwear. It was a beigeral panties that were still a bit conservative, and the secretions were still covered in the position of the crotch. Everyone knows that at this time, the undercuts have become hard because the secretions are hard, and the crotch is just retaining a certain shape. It is the shape of the gap to embedded in the mother-in-law, I think of my mother-in-law. Yin area. I feel that the body is congested, and I’m hard. That day is my first panties that I am looking like her naked. Therefore, I started the illegal mother, even when I was in the room with my girlfriend, my brain would imagine my mother’s naked. Whenever I heard my mother-in-law when I was in the rain and rain, I would not be nervous. Instead, it will feel more exciting. My girlfriend doesn’t know the matter, and the little voice said that her husband’s small voice, don’t let my parents heard, the more I move, the greater the movement, I don’t know what my mother is aware.

Although I often flipped into the girlfriend room, but I can only fall to the room every time, it is inconvenient. I sometimes will be solved by five girls in the room. Wolf friends know that the younger brother will always have some mouthwater to remain on the panties.

Once I wished my paper after I was wiped with my hand, I took the paper group on the edge of the bed, I thought I lost it next day, change my underwear. Maybe it’s tired after ejaculation, it’s a bit late until you wake up by my girlfriend, I went to work. The bed is not clean.

When I went home, I also went back because I want to come back to handle the dirt last night, but I found that my mother-in-law is already at home, and the home clothes wear are giving sanitation to the room. I didn’t go to work. She day. In rest (Wolf friends should know that the doctor is round, not as regular.) I changed, the underwear and paper group replaced last night were free.

My heart suddenly became nervous, I finally found the underwear after washing on the balcony. Yue mother must find that it is a fool to understand what I did last night. Mother called me to eat fruit, I said that Auntie has worked hard, I also help me to wash clothes. When I said this, I feel that my clothes, the word sound, I can’t hear it, I am embarrassed to say that there is export, But an underwear called clothes I feel funny.

Yue mother laughed and said at home. She just took a rest. I went to work. I took my clothes … At that time, I immediately felt that my face was hot … I am still washed. Mother-in-law should treat me as my son, and didn’t say anything else. Later, she said, I remember not very clear, and most of them want me to eat more fruits, don’t stay up late at night. Cloud cloud. Mothermother must know that my uglie is in that night.

I was ashamed for a few days, everything was relatively calm. Later, there have been a few embarrass things. For example, I am mistaken into the door of the door to find that my mother is in front of the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law sleeps in the living room sofa, and I will look back in detail later.

Here you must focus on the things in the days of our hospitalization.

That is a half-year time in Yue Parents, I have been exercised in the gym. When using the fitness, it is too powerful, so that the previously done surgery is recurring, and it is in the right scrotum to fall into a capsule. As a sharp pain, I almost fainted. I hurriedly called my girlfriend. She drove me to the hospital. At that time, the father-in-law was not at home. On the road, my girlfriend gave her to her mother to contact the remedial doctor, and his girlfriend stepped to the mother-in-law to describe my condition. In addition to the lower body pain, more is that the face is hot.

Have an acquaintance in the hospital, there is such a benefit, no matter how many hospital patients, an acquaintance does not have to register.

Mother-in-law quickly contacted the doctor, after the initial examination of the Urinary Director, the mother-in-law helped me to do B-ultrasound.

From the beginning to my surgery, the mother-in-law has been with the mother. In the urology examination, the doctor is a 50-or-right male doctor. When I went on my mother’s face, I pulled down the underwear to check the condition. It is even more exciting when making B timeout. At that time, the mother-in-law is also the director of the B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Chamber, a very good female doctor in four years, she holds the B-ultrasound probe on my bare scrotum, my mother is standing next to the director, I will ask this from time to time. What is the female teacher, next to a female student who has just been graduated, and the female director checks how many centimeters of the right testicular size, she touches my penis from time to time, let me have an impulse . Little girl is recorded.

Mupys asked questions from time to time, she should be too worried about me.

I have a closed eye, once quietly open your eyes, I just saw the mother-in-law gaze in my lower body. I quickly closed my eyes, I was afraid that she could find that she was more embarrassed. At the same time, I also control your brother, I am afraid that he does not know how to stand up, then I actually forgot pain, I admire myself. The bed with I did check it is that another girl is doing inspection, it should be in the vaginal B-ultrasound, I heard the doctor saying what pants said, legs, don’t be nervous. … because I was a bit urgent, I was rushing to find a color ultra-machine machine (should be mainly a female inspection room), and there are other women from time to time, even though there is a curtain, the summer due to air conditioning, The curtain is swung, and the two inspection beds are basically alone. I just took the initiative to feel the pain of this scrotum to suppress the younger brother. In the later is the blood test surgery, etc. In the process, I was very unfortunately by the female nurse to give your brother, encounter a female anesthesiot, and was harassed by the hospital woman by the hospital. There will be a chance to slow down.

Single said that the end of the hospital, because my home is in the northeast, I am still quite far from the city, I am afraid that my parents are worried that my parents have been hospitalized, and the father-in-law is going to be on the time. After two days, I will come back, so my girlfriend will take care of me. . Mother is working in the hospital, and the rest of the work often runs over to visit me.

Friends who have been hospitalized, know that the first night after surgery is a key, and the general patient will be launched by the urete, because the mother-in-law is in the hospital, many of the provinces will save, my It is a small surgery, didn’t get a catheter, bought a small pot pot for solving urinary mother.

The mother-in-law and girlfriend were first taking care of me in the ward. Their mother and female crowded at a hollow bed next to him. When the anesthesia was a wound cone, my forehead should be painful, and the mother-in-law gets up when the mother-in-life gets up. My situation, I saw my pain, she went out to find a doctor doctor, maybe she is a doctor, she found a pain relief, I haven’t come yet, let her open my body. The blanket, gently separate my legs, want me to put the hips, she puts up my scrotum softly, and put the little cap like a pain relief into my anus, then gently Put down my scrotum, and will find a dry towel again, stacked the mat to prevent falling of my pain in my scrotum.

The whole process, perhaps because the mother-in-law is a doctor, there is no taboo that these men and women don’t have anything else, but she is worried about my daughter, and I can’t bear to wake up, I am worried about the baby daughter of all day, so my mother is not Wake up your girlfriend to do these things for me. Due to pain, I didn’t have any evil idea. I didn’t refuse anything. I recruited it later after I was discussed. I was more evil ideas under hormones. I remembered that my brother was quickly congested.

Then, in the first week of hospitalization, occasionally did not have a diaper from my mother in my father and my girlfriend. I remember the next day, because I was a bit of a hanging needle, I was a bit amazing, and my girlfriend went out to eat and the father-in-law didn’t come back. The mother-in-law came to the ward to visit me to discover my sideline. Ask me, I want to think about it. Toilets, it is not very urgent, I have to be very urgent, my mother said that I can’t urinate now, I can’t care, she pulled the curtain under the role of maternal love, and holds the urine in one hand. Catching my penis into the kettle mouth, because the surgery is just after the operation, add tension, I don’t have the pain, but I can’t get it, I am in a hurry, I have been waiting for a long time, I can’t see the movement of the mother and the mother, and I look at it. Look at my lower body, ask if I can’t come out. I nod, so my mother-in-law found hot towel, gently covering my lower abdomen close to the prostate position, take a pot, gently massage in my lower abdomen, blew whistle, let me relax. (This method is really useful. When you encounter this situation, the wolf friend can test it), and I will finally have a very long urine.

The mother-in-law puts down the pot, and uses towels and alcohol cotton to help me scrub the urine left by the glance and the blood stains left when the scrotum and the groin are surgical, and my lower body is not obscured in front of the mother-in-law. At this time, the pain did not inhibit the erection of your brother. My penis was as shamed in the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law was slowly hard. When the mother-in-law was looking at my lower body, I was cleaning and disinfection.

When my penis just set up a angle, the mother-in-law took the blanket to cover my body, got up to the bathroom to pour my dirt. After a few minutes, my mother came over and said that she had to go to the department to see, I want to take a break, don’t think about it, there is a doctor. Yuemother must discover my satellite, guess my mind in my mind.

I have no secrets in front of my mother-in-law, I am very embarrassed, and comfort yourself maybe my mother is a doctor. There is no male or female in front of the doctor; maybe my mother is waiting for me, my son is more likely to be in front of the current. . Later, the days of hospitalization were their girlfriends and father-in-law, and the mother-in-law occasionally took the time to check my wound when I got the house. At that time, because of the cause of surgery, the scrotum edema was powerful. After the day, the mother-in-law told me that the doctor was checked for me, slowly dripping I weakened the shy of the lower body in front of his mother.

Later, successfully discharged, go home and rest. On the day after discharge, my girlfriend quietly told me that Mother-in-law wanted me to go to the hospital to check, mainly to be a sperm examination, she worried that my injury had an impact on the testicular, I fully understood The girlfriend is a single woman, and his mother-in-law hopes that he can have a grandchildren in the future, so there is too much worry, I can’t refuse, the next day is the weekend, I came to the hospital in the morning, my mother-in-law is from the test department. The bottle, bringing me to a relatively remote room, should be the lounge of the nurse, she let me lock the door in the door, she waited outside the door, waiting for me to take the specimen to the laboratory go.

I am in the lounge, my fool knows how to do it, I don’t know how many people do sperm check in the hospital. I am with them is that in the lounge of the nurse (most hospitals should be The odor smoked day is completed, and always wakes up the intrusion of others, endure the different eyes of others), the mother-in-law and girlfriend are guarded, I am masturbating in the room, there is wood ah. Soon shot, put a little-to-body temperature to pay a mother-in-law to the laboratory, what kind of feeling, there is wood, colleagues.

In the days of my hospitalization, my father-in-law gave me a little taking care of my child, which made me firmly filialize their determination. I am more diligent in doing housework, and I will buy gifts to Yue Parents. The relationship between a family is very harmonious. Everyone seems to have forgotten my anecdote in the hospital. At least I think so. Only my girlfriend’s girl, when I do love, I don’t forget to tease, my husband, how is you egg? The egg is bigger, the next time, if you have a small younger brother, you will not go to the hospital … so I caught me more violently … my mother’s shoulder inflammation, this should be a lot of doctors, When the pain is very powerful, what is the pain of the pain, the massage is not played, and the two shoulders are hard. The only way is that I and my father-in-law turns to my mother-in-law massage, my girlfriend is small, and the father-in-law is mainly to massage my mother-in-law.

It was in the summer, my mother-in-law sat on the sofa on the side of the short-sleeved pajamas, I stood in the back of my hands to massage shoulder, because I just took a shower, plus the summer, my mother did not wear a bra, from top to bottom My mother’s collar I can clearly see the full breasts of my mother-in-law, and I can see brown bream from time to time. I unknown my younger brother. Fortunately, I am standing behind my mother, and my girlfriend has not found my ugly.

The mother-in-law did not know, and continued by my breast side massage.

The mother-in-law is relatively conservative, and the summer pajamas is generally short-sleeved, the kind of trousers, and my girlfriend also bought a skirt pajamas for his mother-in-law, but rarely saw her wear. The only one-day-in-law wearing a sleeping skirt is a weekend, and my girlfriend went to a nearby attractions nearby. At that time, he didn’t go home at night, and he went home for one night, but later met her colleagues. So, I took the windmill rushed back home in the evening.

About more than 5 o’clock, I use my girlfriend to open the door with the key, my girlfriend is in a hurry, I will go to the living room to put the baggage, I find that my mother-in-law sleeps on the sofa, and the father-in-law has not come back. Mupu was wearing a light blue dress, maybe she thought that I didn’t come back and my girlfriend, I didn’t care, I was lying on the couch, she lied, her hands were in front of the chest, one leg Straight, one leg is bent, and the angle of the two legs is separated from about 30 degrees. On the other side of the night, you can see it in the upper position. The rice panties can see it. This piece is different from the article. It is not a flat-shaped trousers. It is the crotch. It should be the kind of style specialized in summer. So in the yin’s location, the black hairy is clearly visible. When you sleep, the mother-in-law moved the body, and her underwear is pulled upward, so that the net panties in the yin position have been pulled to the clitoris, because Summer, 5 o’clock indoor light is still very good, from the perspective of my station, you can clearly see the slight bumps of my mother-in-law clitoris, and the big labipings are also vague. It seems that the mother-in-law’s small labello is small, which can be seen. Black fungus bumps on the side.

I took carefully, I was not very worried about Woke up at the time. I have said that my mother-in-law is not good at night, so resting is often a tacit. Just as I would like to see the voice of my girlfriend, I heard the voice of my girlfriend, and I hurriedly gotting your face pretending to wake up. The water was woke up, and she was surprised to find that I was sorted out in the living room. She said how would you come back, I told her that the windmill came back in advance. The mother-in-law also discovered his spring leakage, pretending to put down the dress, put on her bedroom, and will change back to the conserved trousers pajamas. I don’t know if my mother is aware of my peeping behavior. Two years, I have a new house with my girlfriend in my parents (说,, 老族), I am convenient to work after the end of the decoration. The name will move the past, because I haven’t married, my girlfriend is only occasionally going to accompany me to play with me. Most of the time she still lives in her parents. One night, I lived in a new house for about 9 o’clock, I suddenly stopped electricity, I haven’t expected that I forgot to recharge in the electric card for a long time, and it is shameful to break the electricity. I will despise the electricity department, and it is At night, the grid business hall has long closed. My girlfriend is in a hurry to check the information. There is no way we have to get back to the mother-in-law.

Due to worry that they have already woken themselves, I opened the door with my girlfriend to open the door, the porch and the living room light were on, I saw the father-in-law on the study, but did not see the mother-in-law, think It is she already asleep, and our little voice is asked with his father-in-law, and his girlfriend will go to the computer with his father-in-law. I shoked to the living room sofa sitting down, then I heard my mother-in-law said XX (my father’s name), who did you talk?

I hope that my mother’s voice is looking at the living room, the door is open, I saw a scene that made me boiling, my mother is squatting in the bathroom, the lower body is completely exposed, but the butt is tall, It is a small plastic basin, and one of her mother-in-law is holding a small towel tired. It is cleaned in the genital position (the women in the south seem to have this habit. Even if they are not taken every day, but must be washed to wash the face. The fart (private place). The current winter, there is no heating at home, the cabinet air conditioner in the living room is open, so that other rooms will warm but not dry, maybe for this reason, don’t have anyone in the family, the mother-in-law is open The door of the bathroom is cleaning the cleaning of the genitals).

At that time, the mother-in-law’s upper body was still in warm underwear, but the lower body did not hang, and the white butt was dripped. My sudden appearance made my mother-in-law, I also saw my mother-in-law while I saw my mother-in-law, and everyone was staggered. When I heard the moment, I clearly saw the black mother’s mouth, in white flowers The hips and the big legs are extremely dazzling. Yue published in the mother-in-law, everyone knows, everyone knows that the general bathroom door is open, that is the small toilet of the master bedroom, the position of the mother-in-law just behind the door, to close the mother-in-law needs to move Can you turn the door, maybe it is a panic forgetting these logical relationships. Because it is in the back of the door, I have not been embarrassed to the door, she hurriedly turned into the body and half his body and pushed the door. That is At this time, I saw her positive part from the front.

Due to his feet on the ground, her legs were fork, I first saw the small labia lips that had been protruded from the mother-in-law, not very long, because I didn’t see the color because of the light and time. I was slow to hear the sound of the bathroom closing, and hurriedly turned to go to your room. My girlfriend and my father-in-law heard the sound asked what happened, I didn’t answer. Or my mother-in-law is mature, how do you come back in your bathroom? Go to sleep, I still have something to tell her. Later, I didn’t mention my mother-in-law, and everything was returned to normal after a few days.

The real relationship with the mother-in-law is later, one person who has had to mention is a little wife, and in the first week of my girlfriend, I have a relationship with this big woman. I also said in front, people are very beautiful, dressed in very fashionable, thinking avant-garde. That time I had just divorced my husband, the child followed my father. She lives alone in the unit of the dormitory. That day, I was overnight in the new house. When I was around 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, my mobile phone suddenly rang, and I was fascinated to press the answer button.

I suddenly woke a lot when I heard the other party’s voice. It is a little girl, she said xx, I am a little, I am sorry to come to you, you are so convenient, Xiao Gu is a little numb, I am outside the XX bar. That bar, I know, just on the streets opposite my new house, I heard that she often goes to the bar, and it is. This is what she called me for the first time. I worried that she really had an accident. I didn’t know when I had already started to get furnish. When I hesitated my girlfriend and my father-in-law, I wore clothes and ran to the street.

At the door of the bar, there are three or four people to stand. I walked over and saw the drunken look of Xiaogu and chatted with those people. I saw that I came to stand up. I feel so far, I will help her. She should drink too much. At the same time, she hooks my neck at me, and the three people around him say that you will go back, my brother will pick me up, I saw it at this time, it was two men and a woman, the woman’s age and the little mu, the two men were similar to me. Seeing that I came to them, I didn’t say anything, we pay attention to safety, and I drilled into the bar, and I left the drunken little. I said that Xiao Gu must call uncle (my father-in-law), let them pick you up, I will send you home. The little aunt stopped, and the body left on me. I saw me in my body. I said that I didn’t let me go to your new house. I haven’t been to your new home. I suddenly felt what happened tonight, although some nervous but still very expected. Due to the problem of Xiao Gu, the mother-in-law has told my girlfriend to oppose us with Xiaogu, but the little aunt is very young, I like to talk to my girlfriend. We are not good to refuse to return to the mother-in-law and Xiao Gu to eat to watch movies. Thinking of this, I have canceled my father and my girlfriend called the phone, and even the strap pushed the little girl to my new house.

Because it is in the summer, I have less and small aunts, and the small grunge body is frozen on me. I have aroused my strong desire. Of course, one hand on the way is not less taking the opportunity to squat. Going home, I put the little girl on the sofa and gave her pour, she suddenly stood up to the bathroom, I went to see her bent over and helped the toilet in vomiting, I quickly smashed the paper towel to her and smashed her hand. The back of the little mu.

After the little girl, I felt better, waving, telling me, I turned to take a cup to pour her mouth, and I saw the scene of vomiting from her. The little girl was smashed. That kind, she bent waist, from behind, I just saw the little pink lace underwear … just as I want to further voyeledge, Xiao Gu suddenly turned over, relative to me, I thought she would make it, who knows that she is charming Laughing laugh, said that it is still stupid, the little aunt is vast, help me find some clothes. In fact, the time is mainly, I live alone, my girlfriend leverages a few clothes in the new home, so I have been going to find a girlfriend to find a girlfriend to give Xiao Gu, she took it, laugh, I said, I am going out, I G.

I heard the sound of the bathroom in the living room. I imagined a small nude naked. After more than 20 minutes, the water stopped I heard the sound of the hair dryer. I pretend to watch TV while going to the bathroom. I will come out for a while, and it is a bloody scene, my girlfriend is more than the little aunt, her The pajamas wearing a little bit of a little buddh is simply an adult sexy underwear exhibition. Two breasts are outdooted, and the pajamas just have passed through the thigh roots. Oh, she holds the clothes that have just changed. I have to take it on it, I am so busy and talk to me, I will be too cold in the rain outside the rain, you don’t have a cold, I lost it to the washing machine. Xiao Gu’s wine has not returned, and handed my clothes to me.

I found out that there was still her bra and underwear, I didn’t give her underwear. I didn’t give you a shirt. I have been excited. I hurriedly saw her underwear. They are placed in the washing machine and set up to see the little mu. At this time, I saw her legs to sit on the sofa, holding a cup with a cup and drinking water, didn’t sleep. I said that Xiaogu, the outside is big, I will give you a cleanliness, you sleep, because it is a new house, except for the main bedbunk bed, there is no pavilion, I will join the box to take the quilt.

Xiao Gu said, XX, you don’t be busy, I will sleep on the sofa. In fact, I just worried that I have been buying newly purchased by my family, I have to get married. I hesitate to use it if it is unlucky, and the mother-in-law knows that it is not explained. So I said that I would like to sleep, you sleep, I will sleep. She agreed under the speck.

Simple chat, she went to the master bedroom to rest, because the night was woned, I was very sleepy, I was lying on the sofa, I slept on the upper body, slept, I didn’t know how long, I was called the tips of the washing machine Wake up, it turned out that the clothes were washed. I got up and get out of the clothes and put it out next to the sofa. I thought I would give a little aunts tomorrow. I suddenly felt urgency, I went to the toilet, then turned back to the room. Maybe it’s ambiguous, maybe it is a inertial behavior, I forgot the little rude, sleep in my bed, when I didn’t turn on the light, I suddenly woke up when I didn’t turn on the light. I suddenly woke up.

The little girl was touched and fascinated, and you don’t move, let me sleep. The good son is the ex-husband of Xiaozu. How did she forget to sleep in my family … still really drink too much. I didn’t dare to move, I was afraid that she found that I explained that I was unclear. When I hesitated, she turned over and hugged me. A thigh was on me. I didn’t dare to come out, wait. I didn’t respond, my gallblado suddenly got bigger, Xiao Guou must treat me as her ex-husband. Are they not divorced? How can they still understand that the thoughts of Xiao Gu is still more avant-garde, and the man is very good, public relations The ability is also very strong. How can she be the chairman of the Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation? She and her ex-husband were still normal. In the middle of the words, the little girl’s thigh just pressed in my waist position. I was lying flat. The younger brother was pressed below, slowly dripping my brother’s reaction, slowly erected as the missile launch, Hard droplets are on the top of the pants on the thigh of the little. When I was secret, Xiao Gu suddenly moved down, and her hair was held in my shorts. I am shocked, I don’t dare to move, I have passed the small meeting, Xiao Mu put his hand into my underwear, found my penis, holding it in hand. At this time, I can’t calm down, gently fade my shorts and underwear, let the little girl play my brother, my hand is also going deep into the bunk of the little girl, and the bottom is really vacuum, I touched the roots of the thigh Sliding liquid.

At this time, I still hesitate, I turned the legs of the child, holding a long gun, with the glans in her gap, and easily enjoys it in the liquid lubrication. At this time, Xiao Gu is like awake, open his eyes, don’t say anything, I quickly put it on the upper body, my mouth bites the lips of the little girl, the whole root is inserted, the little aunt is light, I want to speak, left and right, I want to talk. Perhaps it is alcohol, she is not big, I put the tongue to her mouth, Xiao Gui sent a sound, just started to struggle, I will hit my back with my hands, slightly Do your stay, I will force it.

Xiao Guys brought me, but didn’t scream, I know she is holding, I have a hands on my hands, put the little legs on the shoulder, insert it hard to pull out, this posture plug is more deep, I fake confused, my wife (my name for my girlfriend), you are cool, cool. I heard this little aunt, it was like a stunned, but she started slowly, and the voice was getting bigger and bigger. Until ejaculation, I didn’t replace my posture, because I didn’t come, I didn’t have to consider the trick, just want to accomplish the ejaculation before the smallu, when I saved a few days, I was deeply reflected in the depths of the small aunt, I suddenly poured on a small mu, I thought, I did it anyway, I have to blow it.

Seeing that I am still in her, Xiao Gu pushed me, stinking the boy, rolling up. Seeing that she is completely awake and speaks from the drunken and speaks. I was shocked. I quickly said that Xiaogu, no, my wife, I want to die, you are coming … Xiao Gu said that you still with me. Let’s get up. I have seen Xiaogu, I have someed to break me, but she is very gentle when she gets it. I rushed up and took out the soft brother from her vagina.

Hurry and apologize, Xiao Gu, how will,, really sorry, I thought it was xxx (my girlfriend).

After listening to the little, I smiled and said, really, I said how I suddenly worked around my hand. (Heaven and earth, who first started).

I just smirked, I don’t know what to say, this time is already a bit bright, and the dawn takes the curtains to the bedroom. I am naked, the little girl’s pair is pushed down to the abdomen. When she talks to me, her lower body is still naked in front of me, and the white semen I just just slowly drip. Xiao Gu suddenly laughed, get up, I went to wash it, it is a good thing for your smell. When I said this, her tone is very gentle. See this situation, I am also thick face, say that Xiao Gu, I will help you. Xiao Gu said that it is no, the hair is feet, where is the hand?

There is not much to describe the rest, then, anyway, I didn’t sleep anymore, I was lying on the bed, I talked about her unfortunate marriage, but also said that you didn’t think that you were bullied by me … Mother’s little secret (later in detail) Male is either in the woman’s posture.

Anyway, I finally trapped and tired, my waist couldn’t get up. It is Xiao Gu to give me a good breakfast. I have been in a hurry. I was worried that I was found to wash my girlfriend’s pajamas and bed lines. I was stunned when I was working in the morning. The colleague opened a joke and said that your kid overtime has been working with his wife last night. I laughed, didn’t, I have played a lot of mahjong … that is my first time and Xiao Gu, but I always want to find a chance again. She relive, but she never got along with me, the phone didn’t pick me again, it seems that all did not have the same, until now, we have no one to mention the night. Later, the next day, my wife found that her pajamas was washed and asked me. Isn’t it clean? Wash it, is it a woman who gives another woman, I am in my heart, I don’t want to think about her. Maybe I can know, so I accidentally put her pajamas on the wet floor when I was picked up, so I washed it. My girlfriend is not asking. At that accident, I had a relationship with the little aunt. I am constantly sneaking the tension and excitement at the time, more is more concern. I always worry that there is a little east window, I know that my girlfriend and my mother-in-law. This kind of fear has been accompanied by me married my girlfriend. After marriage, my wife soon became pregnant, and a family was quiet in the joy of new family members. To take care of my wife better, the mother-in-law as a doctor asked me to move back and live with their wife. When I moved, my mother-in-law was in the kitchen, and my mother-in-law told me that you have to have your own child now, you have to be responsible. I can’t be together later, and what is the case of this XXX (my wife), she can’t be angry or excited. I am busy point to say yes, please worry about my parents, I have to worry about this time. Yue mother laughed and said it should be.

Then she continued to tell me the pregnant women’s diet. But I don’t know if I said there, my mother suddenly told me that they have recently been found in several HIV infections. I didn’t know what to say. How did she tell these? As for the three months of pregnancy, I know, my wife said, my mother-in-law is so serious, the expression is still so serious. . I am looking at Mom, I will leave the kitchen. When I lost my garbage, I was ready to eat, and my family on the dinner table said and laughed.

Since the busy mother of my wife, the father-in-law, the father-in-law is busy with the day of my wife, and he has bought three meal recipes for pregnant women. Yuemother is busy with his wife to do a variety of regular inspections in the hospital. I also bought a book for pregnant pregnancy pregnancy. A family began life with my wife. Because my parents are far away, they are temporarily taking care of my wife’s mission. They are all borne. I am very embarrassed to look at Yue Parents. They are really very unhappy, good-president.

On the day of my mother-in-law, I spent a few thousand dollars from the mall counter from the mall counter to my mother-in-law. My wife arranges me to give my mother-in-law, I want to thank her for the hard work in half years. After dinner, when I sent a gift to my mother-in-law, she said that we spent money. But it is very happy to see. My father-in-law bought a short fur fur to give her mother, thank her to have such a well-behaved daughter. Under the wife’s 怂, the mother-in-law replaced the fur. When she came out, I was sanctious, there is a young beauty, and the mother-in-law is more amazing in addition to the kind of mother’s temperament. The mother-in-law’s body is very good, and the girlfriend is in many jackets and her mother-in-law before pregnancy. The family clapped, but the mother-in-law is as embarrassed as a little girl, saying that I don’t want to see you, the clothes are not bad, your dad’s credit.

I admitted my inner evil, who was banned for half a year, and I started the YY of my mother-in-law under the excess hormonal effect. My father-in-law, how long is their current life, is my father-in-law moisturizing my mother-in-law, I think that I am actually a little bit of vinegar.

I am a girlfriend to shoot, I will say that I am dumb, I am charming. I am so busy saying is yes.

After listening to the father-in-law and wife, I laughed, I immediately blush, secretly looked at the mother-in-law, she didn’t laugh, the cheeks were more red. I think if my father-in-law and my wife know the evil of my heart, they are estimated that I will kill me.

Days have passed every day, the wife’s belly is also bigger. I have more and more habitant hormones.

At noon two months before the wife of his wife, I found that they were already at home, and the atmosphere was a little dignified, and my mother and wife were obviously just crying. It turned out to be a mother-in-law’s sister was found to be admitted to the lung cancer. They lived in nearly five hundred kilometers away from us. Yue mother is in a hurry to visit her, but when the queue is the Spring Festival, they will not come to buy tickets, so I invite the fake to send the mother-in-law. My father-in-law is an important year meeting because of an important annual meeting. He is obviously unable to walk. Wife has something pregnant and can’t stand the rushing rush. So the father-in-law stayed, took care of my wife, I drove and my mother-in-law went to H. my mother’s sister. On the way to H City, I constantly comfort my mother, and tell her a few jokes from time to time, and finally let her break into laugh. After four hours of car, we arrived in Hoi before Hexia. He saw his mother’s sister, and his mother-in-law contacted the acquaintance experts from the local hospital. Later, a series of check chemotherapy. After two days of H, I had to return to my mother in the afternoon that afternoon, because I would have to go to work.

Winter is very clear during the day, and the weather is also particularly poor that day. When I walk half, I have been completely black. We have encountered a rare foggy weather, and the highway is also closed. There is no way, we are unable to continue to hurry in the weather, I have to stay in a small town, I have to go home. There are also many vehicles and we can’t access it in that town. Only a few decent hotels in the town have been full. It’s hard to find a room with only one room in a 7-day hotel, but the defendant is a single bed room. I said that you live here, I will come to find a small hotel. Mother is hesitating and said, forget it, I don’t try myself, I will drive again, will be one night.

After listening, I suddenly jumped acceleration, I feel something to happen tonight. But still saying that it is good, I am playing the shop. We are all stupid to the room. If you live for 7 days, you know that the so-called queen room is really a big bed, and it is almost 80% of the room. (This economical hotel fully reflects the sleeping function, in addition to the bed, the table and chairs, no other air is there). I know, I can’t make a shop. Close the room door, put down the baggage, the room was a little bit awkward, and the mother-in-law fashion dressed in her very young, we look like a mother and child. No wonder the little girl in the front desk looks a little strange, maybe she is a bride. Sitting on the bed, I didn’t tell my mother-in-law and chatted with my mother’s sister, and the mother-in-law tears. I quickly comforted her, saying that now, the sick is stable, there will be no more things, and some interesting things will be listened to the mother-in-law, and finally make her tease branches.

When I got to eat, my mother didn’t want to go out, so I called takeaway. After an hour, the door bell rang, I opened the door, I sent a takeaway, a middle-aged person, he looked at the house, said, row, brothers, Yan Fu, need a condom? I quickly pushed him, say no, talking.

Go back to the house, I put the takeaway and let my mom eat something. Yue mother did not say anything, gave the father-in-law, they played a call, and said that the road was turned off, and I won’t go in the evening. I secretly listened, my wife is asking the place where Mother’s lasting, my mother is still, it will be just a night. Then I handed me the phone, my wife wants to talk to me, I haven’t asked for a stupid girl, actually let me read Tang Poetry to the child in my belly, saying that I didn’t think about my father in two days. Hanging up the phone, I watched the TV while I was watching TV, I didn’t talk about it.

After packing the desk, the mother-in-law received the phone, the cousin and his mother-in-law were comforted in the phone. I sat on the chair to watch TV, maybe it’s too tired of these two days, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Wake up when you cover your clothes, it is the jacket of your mother-in-law. I didn’t see my mother’s shadow on the bed. I have been more than ten o’clock. The sound of the sound came in the bathroom. It turned out that my mother-in-law was taking a shower. Friends who have lived in this small hotel know that the general bathroom and bedroom are separated by a frosted glass, although it is not clear through the glass but can still see the figure of the white flowers. Mother-in-law thought I fell asleep, she hangs on the glass wall of my side with a bath towel, and starting the bath. The quick bath towel blocked the main part of the body. Only when the mother-in-law was bent over or turned, I could catch a little spring of her leak. There is no cover on the side of the small corridor, I know that as long as I quietly walk over the past, I should be able to smash my mother’s naked. But I thought about it, I woke up, we would be more embarrassed, I had to sit on the chair to elongate the landscape of the mother and the mother. When she washed out, I quickly continued to sleep. When the mother-in-law came, she should be accidentally encountered a table, and I sent a sound.

I took the opportunity to pretend to be awakened, thinking that I would see my mother’s spring, and I found that the mother-in-law has changed back to warm underwear. The tight thermal underwear highlights the slim of the mother-in-law, which is bumps, especially when I see the raised bumps of my mother-in-law, my lower body is quickly congested. Seeing me, my mother-in-law puts a knit sweater, saying to me, these two days have worked hard, go to wash and sleep. I said that Mom, I didn’t take a shower, and I was brushing to teeth the bubble foot. My mother said that the child is still embarrassed in front of me. I smirked to go to the bathroom, while brushing the eye on the side of the shower, I finally discovered several curled hair.

When we were officially slept, we met the problems, only one bed quilt in the bed. I said that you are covered, I will cover the coat. My mother has promised several times. This mother-in-law is covered with a warm underwear. I only take off the jacket and sleep in the side of the bed. It also mentioned before, Mother’s mother has been insomnia, she is lying in bed, she can’t sleep, and I can’t sleep. I just woke up, I didn’t sleep after washing my face. But I didn’t talk to my mother-in-law, and I was quietly lying down like a variety of myself like this in the night. After a long time, I still haven’t slept. Obviously my mother-in-law is also difficult to sleep, and she has forgotten drugs with sleep. At this time, I suddenly thought of the red wine sent by the car’s trunk, I haven’t come yet, I will drive it with my mother. It is also seen between my mother-in-law and drink a glass of red wine to promote sleep.

So I said that there is a red wine in the mother’s car. I will give it to you, you have drank it. Yue mother didn’t want me to go downstairs in half of the night but didn’t stop me. I quickly took a bottle and went to my mother’s glass. I also drank myself, I was smashing. After drinking less than two cups, I feel that the body started to heat, and my head began to faint. Mother-in-law is also almost the same as me. I don’t know if we fall asleep.

When I slept in the middle of the night, I was awakened, and the air conditioner in the small hotel was too weak. My leg begins cramps.

It hurts me to sit and take strength to press hard. At this time, my mother-in-law also woke up, she opened the light, let me stand hard.

After the pain is alleviated, I found out that I didn’t know when my mother had taken off the warm underwear, and only the dark blue thin sleeve of the trousers. The hair is getting more and more sexy.

Mother is telling you to sleep in the quilt. Take out the outer pants, the sky is too cold, will freeze it. So I turned to take off the trousers (I need to explain here, because it is in Jiangnan, I usually wear a few trousers in winter, in addition to the underwear, I only wear a jeans. Obviously one jeans are outside After a few days, especially after staying in the hospital for two days, I will directly drill into the nest for doctors’ professional disease – Jie’s mother-in-law.) When I take out the outer pants, I will wear the autumn clothes and I only wear a flat angle. When the panty, the mother-in-law was obviously surprised. She thought I would wear a trousers. But she quickly calmed down and said, I will sleep, I will get up early tomorrow, I will lie down. I turned off the lights, carefully wing and my mother drilled into the same cup. The mother-in-law is back to me, I am carefully lie on the chest, I really want to, but I am afraid to encounter my mother’s body.

At this time, I remembered the little secret about my mother-in-law. Mother is not good because of the cervical spine, so often go to a massage shop massage scraping. Also became the old coach there, there is always a little girl who often massages his mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law will not be left, but the recommended boss is recommended by a twenty-year-old young man to the mother-in-law. It’s okay to start, but later the kid may be a place, and suddenly, when my mother is squatting, she extends from behind to the underwear department, and the finger is estimated to plug in the Yuemother vagina.

The mother-in-law was shocked, very angry, rushed out, looking for the theory of boss. As a result, the boss did not distinguish the situation and his mother-in-law, saying that the mother-in-law wanted to put anything, which can angered his mother. Yue mother did not tell the family, calling to Xiao Gu, Xiaogu has a wider communication, a call called more than a dozen people smashed the store.

This matter also knows my mother-in-law and Xiao Gu. I didn’t think that the little girl had told me. I can’t think of my mother-in-law and therefore, I am a fear of my mother-in-law. I don’t know what kind of feeling when my mother is inserted by the young man into the vagina.

Thinking here, listening to the uniform breathing sound of my mother-in-law, my lower body is quickly congested. Hands have been in the chest, and the hand has sweat, and I will put it down in the hand. Hand has encountered soft things.

The mother-in-law is still back to me, my hand happened to the card between my waist and her hips, I was scared to move. I just moved my body, I wanted to put down the hand, and when the hand fell, I met a depressed position, and it was the stock part of my mother-in-law. I scared the atmosphere. At this time, my mother didn’t have a sound, and I was put on it there.

After a while, the mother-in-law still did not move. I infer my mother-in-law in the sleep. If she is moving, she will know what happened, she will be more embarrassing. She is waiting for myself to move. But I was gotten when I was in the desire. In this case, why don’t I look at my mother-in-law’s bottom line I have tolerate? So my little finger and the unnamed mesh are gently dripped, and the finger encounters the soft bump in the depressed portion, the parents of the mother-in-law. After the meeting, I didn’t find anything different from my mother. I used my fingers to gently massage the mother-in-law. Soon I felt the moisture of the Yinyu, and wet more and more worse. It turns out that my mother-in-law is emotional. Just as I want to act further, my mother is suddenly turned, moving out of the next flat. I want to pull back, but the outside of the finger is still pressed by my mother’s hips. I also moved out of the movement. Although the bed is a rice bed, the quilt does not seem to be so wider, I just left out, my quilt between my mothermother was pulled up, and suddenly felt the cool breeze into the quilt.

At this time, my mother-in-law talked, what is your child’s old move? So I carefully went back to my mother in my mother and my mother-in-law. In this way, I have discovered it, my mother’s hand didn’t know when it was also put down. The outside of my thigh was just in my mother’s hand (because my height was high, I deliberately lying down, so I don’t let The father-in-law is cold, because of this, my thigh is in the hands of the mother-in-law.). I didn’t dare to move again, but I obviously felt that she was trembled when I got to my mother.

After the mother-in-law turned back, back to me, the difference is that I obviously feel that her hips are nearby. So I pretend to let go again to put the hand in the middle of the mother-in-law hip. Slowly massage the vulva of the mother-in-law as just now. The humidity is getting stronger and stronger, and his mother’s breathing is slowly urgent. I know that my mother is feeling again. But she didn’t stop me, and I also lean my hips again. Is it … I got hint, so I also face behind my mother-in-law, and gently moved the waist forward, and the erect’s brother gently opened his mother’s depression. The mother-in-law trembled, still did not move. After a few minutes, I quietly pulpied my underwear and directly rubbed my mother’s parents. That kind of exciting feeling is difficult to speaking, suddenly the mother-in-law put his hand behind, and his hand met my naked lower body. I haven’t waited for me to think about the next step, she took her back. I don’t understand, what does this mean? The mother-in-law knows what I am doing, and I found out that I pulled down the underwear. What do she mean? No matter what, she didn’t say anything, and did not stop anything, this shows that she doesn’t rejection. I am.

When I arrived, I no longer hide, the body was close to the mother-in-law, and one hand was in the lower abdomen of my mother-in-law. The mother-in-law is very quiet, but the breathing is rushing. See this, I use my hands in my mother’s lower body, I slowly massage, and gradually move down, when I move my hands from the front position, I turned into the underwear, and I took the plush. Fresh hair. Mother’s hairy is very soft, but it is very strong.

Mother still does not move. I moved down and touched the bump between the hair and the flooding moist.

What are you waiting for? I moved my body behind him. I pulled my hands from behind my mother-in-law and underwear. I needed that my mother-in-law didn’t write like a lot of novels. Her underwear, instead, half-sitting hands and pulled down. But the card did not move in the knee, because the mother’s legs were always close together, and it is not easy to take off her underwear. I am worried that she has changed, and they have not continued. Find a hard-clay brother to find a humid depression and moved up. The moist is getting more and more stronger below. I used to force when I felt a depression in the gap. The long gun suddenly fell into half-cut, and it was slightly hard. The mother-in-law is gently. I put her lumbar light and picked up, accompanied by my mother-in-law, my pleasure shocks the brain. The mother-in-law is not very tight, but very warm, soft and slipping. The speed of my throduction is slow and fast, and the hand will take the mother’s waist for a while in the autumn clothes. Her breasts. During the period, I would like to take over her top, and I am tightly pulled. If you want to change your posture, even if you have a woman in the man. The mother-in-law will always breathe, but did not send a snoring. I know she is trying to suppress. After five minutes, I shot into my mother-in-law, and I took the semen into a place where my wife was.

I didn’t move after ejaculation, I didn’t move my mother-in-law, and the soft brother slept in the warm vagina in my mother-in-law.

After a while, my mother got up and drilled into the bathroom. Listening to her voice was scrub in the bathroom, I don’t know how to put it.

Yue mother did not turn on, she smeared back to bed, explored her trousers. Silent continues.

I am waiting for my mother-in-law.

Sure enough, suddenly the mother-in-law said that you have long known about the things of XX (the little girl of our wife). I was shocked and thought that I heard it wrong, I also said.

Mupu said that if your wife is pregnant, I don’t want to let her know that I have to hit your two slaps. How can you like this? I know the virtue of XX (Xiaogu), nor is it completely blame you, and you have to be old and old, know if you are in your own wife. I am so busy saying mom, I … I know is wrong, I don’t dare. Yue mother sighed, continue to say, XXX (wife) is pregnant for so long, I am coming to people, knowing your difficulties, but you are a man Han, do you have to take yourself. Originally, I am half sinking with you, I can’t think of you, you are called a mother, how can your child, how to educate your child in the future.

Couples should be loyal to each other. Today, I didn’t happen to do anything, I hope you can be so good, spend this day, follow the XXX (my wife). Do you know, your child is too sensible to have a second half, in more than three hours after my brother is cool, my mother is educating me for a while, crying for a while. I am sitting in an exclusive. And guarantee that you don’t dare. Finally, Maymother said that it is tired, and said that she relied on the bed, she didn’t have a sound, and she was frightened, near her, she fell asleep. I am really crying.

I only knew that, I actually made Xiao Gui also pregnant. She secretly went to the hospital to do the flow. It happened to give her a surgery. The mother-in-law’s friend recognized a little, and he told his mother-in-law. Educate Xiao Gu, saying something, saying that she does not live. As a result, Xiao Gu was said that he leaked his mouth. At that time, the mother-in-law was almost fainted, but the wife also found that there was something pregnant. Yue mother cryked for a long time, she thought of divorced me and my wife, but I thought that her grandchildren in his belly were never told with anyone. Tonight is the original intention to try to test me. As a result, I didn’t think that I had a big head, and I was already inserted when she was hesitant.

The next day, I didn’t eat breakfast with my mother in the morning, and I didn’t talk to anyone on the road.

Going home, my wife is stupid, how, I slept well last night, and then wrapped his mother-in-law to listen to the disease. Also said that you are so sad, your eyes are swollen. Mother is naturally answered with his wife.

I took the opportunity to go to work. Later, I took the initiative to give a short difference. After a week, I went home and found that she recovered the same enthusiasm for me.

Two months later, my son was born, and the whole family was immersed in happiness. Xiaogu has also come to Hexi, and it also brought her new fiance. Look at Xiao Gu, look at my mother, and then look at my wife. I have an unprecedented excitement and embarrassment.

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