In the evening of the evening, the two people stayed with the mother and the mother were tied to the magazine at home, and the babies were bored to turn the TV. Save the feathers put down the remote control, turned to look at Xiao Xiao: “Mom, Don’t Dad and your brother and my sister come back today? “

Xiaoshu put down the magazine: “Yeah! Today, your sister has a birthday, Dad and Xiaojie have to help him live birthday:” It’s good, it is bored this evening! “Xiao Shu smiled and said:” Small Wy I can’t help but I can’t help it in a night! “Heavenly Piu smiled and hugged your mother:” Don’t my mother don’t want it? Look at me to itch! “

Said that he said to the hand in the Xianshu skirt, and he gave him the lower body of Xiaoshu with his fingers. Xiaoshu boarded the cheek flush: “Small bad guys, watch your mother!” Xiao Shu did not want to show weakness, and also tried Body of the bailout. The mother and daughter played a while, they can’t drive.

Xiao Shu: “Xiaoyu, we play with the massage stick!” “” “” I don’t want, I want hot meat sticks and semen. “Xiao Shu:” But this! “」 纾 灵 灵机Mom, you are looking for Dad’s colleague! It is the people who are gang-raped! “Xiao Shu:” Others! How long is it, I still remember. “” “” “Our family is not because of the volume Mr. Li has changed. Dad is to looked at the volume of the video tape to rape me. “Xiaoshu recalls that time, can’t help spring, so I started to stand, I picked a number.

Dud …. After two, the phone is connected “Hello?” Things, people think that! “

“Hey ~~ Daxie is not dry! No problem” “Then you help me find three people come” “Three …. Daxie supported?” Pull out the feathers from the sofa: “To prepare to prepare!”

When the mother and daughter came to the game room, this hidden room was Li Jia used to place the kinky. Xiaoshu opened the wardrobe, there are dozens of sexy underwear, Xiao Xiao picks a black lace chest hollow strap Put, the bailout is picked up. Of course, there is no underwear part, and I have no one in Li Jia for a long time. The mother and the daughter will take each other’s long hair, then go Back to the living room, at this time, the doorbell is just ringing.

Help: “I will go to open the door” (I will open the door “to go to the pocket, open the door, the four people outside the door are a three-point, the little girl, can’t help but hop. Have a blessing:” Uncle, uncle! “Four men saw that the beads were getting down. One of them:” Is it taken off the shoes? “” “” “Shoes should take off, the pants should take off!” Have a pairing: “You are uncle Wang! I like your strong! One night, my mother is loud, let me help you take your pants!”

Dai Yu squatted down and took off the small king’s trousers, and the meat sticks that Xiao Wang had erectile hardfully in front of the bailout, and the bailout will take the impulse of the meat stick, stand up to put other three people. The pants also take off. Breakouts put four trousers on the cabinets at the door, said: “Please go in with the little girl.” From the side, he always stared at the big breasts and abdomen of the feathers and the four people who returned. , I will walk into the living room.

Www.jkforum.netjkf Czech Forum came to the living room, Hao Yu Station to Xiaoshu, holding Xiao Xiao’s hand, mother glamorous, daughter is pure, and the mother and daughter are standing together, when it is beautiful.

Xiao Shu said that “Xiaoyu is so slow! You have been inserted a few times at the door!” Said that turning his head, looking at the man in front of the front: “Sorry, this is me Daughter (“Where is it, people only help them take her, say:” Xiao Xiao Chen is not seeing to see her. “

Xiao Wang pointed at one of the words: “This is Ade” then pointed to another with glasses: “This is Xiaolin, they are all new colleagues, have not yet tasted the big.” Xiao Shu smiled and said: “Two handsome guys are good!” The two did not know what to answer. Xiaoshu looked at them to tease the handsome foot chaos, can’t help but smile. Save: “Mom” Why didn’t you ask guests to sit down? “Xiao Wang said:” It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter, I will get something first. “Xiao Wang takes the camera from the handbag, and then takes out the tripod frame. Xiaoshu saw a smile:” Dead ghost , I have to engage in the set of 」.” The king smiled: “Of course, every film you starring, you have seen people to praise! It’s hard to wait until you ask us to do it, of course, you have to take it. La!”

After that, Xiao Wang and Xiao Chen sat down on the right sofa, Ade and Xiaolin sat down on the sofa on the left. Because the sofa on the left and right is double seats, two big men are sitting below the next time. Additional seats. Xiao Shu said: “Two young handsome guys will take care of me, daughter, you are sitting on the leg of Wang Shu and Chen Shushu.” Xiaoshu’s full hips to take the middle of Adhe Xiaolin. The two people in soft buttocks are comfortable. Xiaoshu will open the two people to say: “Try to touch it! Have you seen my daughter is so cool?” Heavenly Piu sitting down Said that the full lips are hit by Xiao Chen, which is greedy, and Xiao Wang is not released by the babies, and the mouth is covered with the nipple, and kneading the other side of the breast.

Xiaoshu took the initiative to take the mouth to Adde, with Ad De, Xiaolin also played Xiao Xiao’s huge double milk. After taking advantage of the lips of defeat, I took a few cans from the tote bag. Beer, and will have two cans to Adhe, Xiaolin. Xiao Shu: “Why didn’t I?” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” The mouth said: “Two beautiful people should use our mouth to drink.” The mother and daughter are pretty face.

Xiao Wang picked up beer, first drank a bite, and then drink a mouth. Put the face to the face of defeat. Heavy feather will open the mouth, cover the closed lips of Xiao Wang. Accept a cold liquid In the exit, Xiao Wang will mix with his mouthful of water, and the balance will slowly drink the beer, and just finished, Xiao Chen also leaned the mouth, and the bangs will be swallowed. .

Xiaoshu also swallows a few times with the left and right, “said” We play some different! You raise my ass … and right, this is not to move! “Heavy feather will open your legs It reveals the sidelines in the middle of the legs. Xiao Wang saw the tits who looked out and said: “Xiaoxiai female mother is so fast to show the ass! Is it waiting unhappy?”

Xiaoshu picked up the beer, first with his fingers, poured the meat, and poured the beer into your own meat. Xiaoshu put the half can beer and smiled and said: “Who wants to drink! Ice honey sauce beer It is necessary to suck clean 喔 “Xiaolin took his mouth, cover Xiao Shu’s flesh, and then blended the beer in the meat. Until the beer was absorbed, Xiaolin still licked his eyes with his tongue Colored meat. Xiao Shu 吟: “Ah … ah … no 喔 …. Ade also drinks …………………………………….

Xiao Chen looked at Xiaoshu’s lascivious posture: “This is a powerful, little sister will you? Uncle also wants to drink honey beer!” Save the feathers don’t want to open the thighs, Xiao Wang and Xiao Chen also drink Honey sauce beer in defeat.

I have been drinking beer, Xiao Xiao and defeat feathers are also intoxicated because of the thrill of the meat, Xiao Wang puts the finger into the hole of the bailout: “Now we let this mother and daughter of the mother and daughter hot!” Xiao Xiao and Sui Yu’s meat is very fast, and the mother and daughter are getting faster when the mother and daughter are angry. As the finger moves, the sound is getting more and more fierce.

Xiao Chen proposal to say: “Let’s let these two obscenities vomit, the game is far away!” The other three people called, Xiao Shu’s hole did not know how many people did, so the two fingers showed very Easy is to be inserted inside. Shortly, the children were not said very much, so Xiao Wang was responsible for pumping, and Xiao Chen was responsible for teasing the granulation above the lab.

Xiao Shu and Sui Yu were completely indulge in the fierce arbitrarily stubborn, and the brain was blank. I only knew that the throat was called. After a while, the mother and the mother brought the body, four people simultaneously extracted the finger From the depth of the meat, the two silver lights were shot, and everyone cheered, watching a lot of turbid prostitution like a fountain.

Because Xiao Chen Xiao Wang’s “division cooperation”, the mouth of the defeat is farther, Xiao Wang will lift the right hand of defeat: “Sensual daughter wins!”

Xiao Chen touched the cheeks of the feat: “The sister, we let us so much, now you should turn our cool!” Say the bailout feathers legs, plug 棒The hole is really tight! It is a 16-year-old tender point. Hey, the cavity in front of the small prostitute is also very good, there is still a tongue! “

Xiaoshu scored because of the hundred battles, the tide was blown down: “You stand! For me to serve your meat stick.” Xiao Xiao held the meat stick in front of him, stretching the tongue left and right. Ade and Xiaolin While enjoying the pleasure of being lick, I watched the defeat of the feathers.

After a while, Xiao Lin touched the head: “Dad, my and Ad I want to play sandwiches?” Xiao Shu smiled: “Yes! Just you.” So Ade and Xiaolin are kneeling Before and behind. Xiaoshu first tilt, put the meat hole to the insertion, and then poured in Ade, let Xiaolin separated his double shares, show the chrysanthemum hole in the head. Xiaolin first low Looking at the chrysanthemum hole in front of him. After the water is covered with saliva, look up and slowly insert the meat stick. The two are tightly squeezed into the middle, Xiao Xiao’s non-stop twisting waist, Xiaolin And Ade also swapped in the exchange. Xiao Shu’s lips were sealed by Ade, although the whole living room fierce, he can’t hear the prostitution of the mother and daughter, only the physical collision is still From time to time from the praise of the man.

I haven’t known how long, Xiao Chen said: “Everyone, I can’t do it, this girl’s ass lets me too cool, I want to shoot” Xiaolin: “Chen Ge is waiting, I can’t do it, we do two three Shoot!”

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