“Big sister, come to my house!”

“No, change the day …”

“Come in sitting!”

Mrs. Cai is dead, and pulls the Zhuo Mrs. This belt three, forty, is a shipping company crew dormitory.

Mrs. Zhuo and Zhuo Wen are not yet in the years, but Zhuo Wenchao’s ship is an Atlantic route, and I can’t go home for average half a year.

This is indeed a very serious problem in some way.

As for Mr. Cai, Mr. Cai is serving on a Japanese line ship, because the reef is sinking, Mr. Cai is one of the death lists. She didn’t have children, and she had a good compensation, and one person wanted to live.

Mrs. Zhuo has recently heard that Mrs. Cai’s private life is not normal, even in Qin Chu, Ji Li Sheng Zhang. But heard is always like it, some people avoid Mrs. Cai because she has been about two million compensation, but how can they be red, and they also hope that her husband has misfortune.

Although Zhuo Mrs did not believe, Mrs. Cai was more alienated. Originally, Mrs. Cai, many times, please go to Caijia to play, she is borrowed.

Today, Mrs. Mrs. Cai is in the evening, and Mrs. Zhuo is in casual to enter Cai Jia. The Knowing Cai Jia actually has a guest.

“Hey! I will introduce … This is a Mrs. Mrs., this is my cousin, Jiangfushun …”

Cai Tailai said.

Mrs. Zhuo nodded, Jiang Fuhun took her a ninety-tie, and reached out to shake hands, but Mrs. Mrs did not reach out.

Mrs. Zhuo found this man about twenty-six, seven or twenty-seven, eight, anyway, no more than 30 years old, probably than Mrs. Cai Xiao 2, three years old. Mrs. Cai is thirty-one, saying that he is what she cousin is also possible. However, she seems to have seen this person. Second, but he did not listen to Mrs. Cai called him.

“What is the number of people who have someone else?”

Mrs. Mrs. Tell himself and take a while.

“Big sister, no matter how you eat this tonight, otherwise it is to look down on me.”

“No! Mrs. Cai, I am still …”

“You are also alone, what is it?”

“Really, I really have something …”

“Don’t see it. We are neighbors are also eating at sea, I? I have already wanted to pay your friends. As for saying that my brother is very admired …”

She went to Jiangfu, and he nodded from her.

“This person can be blame …”

Mr. Zhuo is a hop, I don’t know why this man makes people feel good.

In other words, he laughed a white tooth, and the eyes were very moving, and they would make people couldn’t help but like him …

“How can this?”

Mrs. Zhuo is thinking that I am a wife, and the outside world has a rumor in this new village, and Mrs. Zhuo is often alert to himself. Be careful everywhere.

“Big sister, let the cousin chat with you, I will go to cook.”

“No, Mrs. Cai, I have to go, I am really something.”

“Zhuo Mrs, the cousin is sincere, and I, if you don’t think taking the liberty, I also hope that you will leave a meal …”

“Thank you, Mr. Jiang, there is nothing to stay, I don’t care, I don’t care.”

“Big sister, what do you have?”

“This … is inconvenient to tell the big sister.”

“Big sister, you will push three blocks again, even my cousin is also despised, people can be the gentleman of the rules!”

The result was left, accompanied by Jiangfu Shun.

When eating, Mrs. Cai is coming to some wine, and Mrs. Zhuo naturally won’t drink, even Jiang Fushun does not drink, and still blame his cue: “The cousin, woman wine is still less …”

“did you see?”

Cai Tailai said: “What is this book? I only have someone, I have a little spiritual.”

Mrs. Zhuo said: “If it is not, it is not tight, and it is not tight.”

“If the cousin is like Zhuo Mrs.”

“How? You dare not go to the Taiwan sister in the face of the big sister.”

“The cousin, really, if you have a lot of Mrs. Hao …” “Ok, ok, I am not good! The big sister is good …”

After eating, Mrs. Cai went to wash the dishes, Jiang Fushun chatted with her, and the Mrs. Zhuo said.

Mrs. Zhuo was very regretted to regret Cai Jia, but now it is now, but it is a bit reluctant.

She felt that Jiang Fushun was very happy, very good, talking again, this is a very lonely lonely female mind, and lonely has increased a bit.

The next day, I met Mrs. Cai, she said: “The big sister, the cousin, said that I would like to ask you to say hello, he is very admired.”

“Mrs. Cai … You are talking about jokes.”

“How? Do you don’t believe? My cousin is doing things in the ocean. I can’t comment on the woman. I didn’t listen to him. After you left, he said that you have noble in the United States.”

“Hey! I am going to fainting.”

“Good! Good! Don’t believe it.”

“I said … I said that Mr. Jiang is so good?”

“He also said that if you are not married, he must not chase you, he also said that he will never forget you …”

Zhuo Mrs. Fang Hexin “Buib” slammed.

After another two days, Mrs. Cai took a big bag to find her, with Chen Pei, candy, advanced dry and ten big pears.

“Mrs. Cai, what is this doing?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I will not send you a gift, it is my cousin to send me to you.”

“I can’t receive it, I have seen it once, how can I receive this thick gift?”

“The cousin said that the ceremony is too thin. He is afraid that you will not accept it too thick. If you don’t accept it, I have to be clamped in the middle.”

“How can it be? If you are trouble, you will return it.”

“Return back? Hey, if you don’t accept me, I will eat light. The cousin is coming again, I didn’t send you, but leaving yourself.”

“No, I will testify for you if necessary.”


The Mrs. Zhuo calm down and decided. She thought that this thing is likely to be pre-arranged, so that she and Jiangfu shou.

“Big sister, you sincerely ask me to carry this black pot.”

“This can’t blame me, you should know that I will not accept this gift.”

“Big sister, you don’t charge me.”

“Mrs. Cai, you are a strong man, you are turning away, I still can’t receive it.”

Mrs. Cai didn’t work, she knew that the Mrs. Zhuo read the middle school, for the people, this way did not work.

But after four days, Mrs. Cai came to find Zhuo: “Big sister, how do you see? Sure enough, black pot?”

“How? Let the cousin say that you eat the gift?”

“He said that I didn’t send you at all, but I was eaten.”

“Is it explained to him?”

“It is useless to say that it is broken, unless you prove it for me.”

Mrs. Zhuo really reluctantly, because Cai Jia has a man to carefully check.

But Mrs. Cai is not to ask her to witness it, and the Mrs. Zhuo can’t always be unreasonable, and it is a misunderstanding of giving birth to her.

When I got to Caijia, I saw Jiangfu Shun. He is still so enthusiastic, polite, at this time he laughs more charming. It can also be said that this kid is more charm.

“Big sister, do you say that this can blame me? I will send you, you die, I will take it back and I am afraid of being wasting, just eat it …”

“It’s delicious.”

“Mr. Jiang, Mrs. Cai sent me this gift, I resolutely didn’t pay us almost turning his face, and she went back, so I can’t blame her.”

“I believe, but you don’t know, I am a good ghost, I can almost think of this consequence.”

Cai Taizai said: “I don’t believe it, if you want to get it, you will be eaten, will you send it?”

“Of course, this is a courteous, my heart is not accepted, then there is no way.”

“Big sister, not I said you, you are troublesome, I want to punish you.” Mrs. Cai, I have not made mistakes. “

“I also said yes, the cousin can not be a third party to marry me!”

“That is what you live.”

“Good wow, you are bullied by me, I don’t spare you …”

After the Mrs. Zhuo ran to Jiangfu, Mrs. Cai couldn’t catch it. She said: “No matter! I want to pay you to eat, I will go cook.”

“No! No! I have something.”

“I don’t care if you have anything.”

Mrs. Cai went out, and Mrs. Zhuo was going to keep out of the house.

Mrs. Zhuo is shaking. A woman who has long standing for a loneliness is a causing person.

“Mr. Jiang, you …”

She earned her hand.

“Su Lan … you can’t go.”

He pulled more tight, and called her very north, she was Hua Shlan.

A man calls her name and sounds more is a mess.

“Mr. Jiang, don’t do this, is Mrs. Cai who is embarrassed?”

“The cousin is not against I like you, she said that you have you match me.”

The flower is red, she is afraid of it, but this scene is not what she fantasy? A three-year-old young woman is more than a year, and her husband has been alive for more than half a year. She naturally felt, and naturally fantasy.

Recently, she often dreams, and there will be Jiangfushun in the dream.

“Su Lan, I love you, I can’t don’t have you, from the first time I met you, I was fascinated, I went back and I didn’t sleep, Su Lan, I know, you are alone, let us …… “

“No, fast, what is this?”

“You don’t pity me, I will never let go.”

“I have to call it.”

“Su Lan, I want to swear to you, I will not get to you, I would rather die.”

“Quickly, I beg you, I saw that Mrs. Cai saw I saw people.”

“Is this good? Let’s go outside, don’t let her see it, don’t let her know.”

He suddenly came to her waist as a cultivated land, kissing her lips, cheek, and neck.

Her defense line is completely tattoo, like a mud, in his arms.

At this time, he said in her ear: “Su Lan, the cousin this person is fast, still don’t let her know the good, you go first, we went to the hostel …”

Now she has completely listened to him, she walked out of the Caijia Gate and said: “Mrs. Cai, I am sorry, I can’t leave to eat, I have something to go back.”

Then they will be in the street, go to the hotel to open a room …

He looked at the room, just hit her charming body, kissed her lips down, and handed over her chest with her chest, and she was not self-tight. The tip of the tongue, and Jiang Fusun sucks in the mouth …

In the hot kisses, he told the clothes of her body. His mouth slipped to her crisp and bit her little tap.

Su Lan was teased by him, and she couldn’t help but took his long pants, the big mask has been tall. She saw his heart and jumping in his heart and took his underwear. “Bu” the ribbling ribbed mask is very bomb, she can see it.

He picked her and put it in bed. She was put on the bed in bed, she did not dare to face him with shame. At this time, Jiang Fusun has taken off the clothes of the upper body. He sits in her body, the double big hand is moving down on her …

He whispered: “A good masterpiece, you are beautiful.”

He kissed her dairy, smashed his dagger, and made her pussy constantly felt obscenity.

She said: “Oh … don’t succeed … I am so itching …”

He took the face to her lips. I saw that I was so water, and I continued to flow out. He reached out and licked her labi, yuki, taking her a burst, itch, crisp, she comfortable Fight in accordance with his head, the body trembles.

“Hey … Snow Snow … I have a good …”

She has been licking, but the butt is full. She is hungry: “Good brother … My good people … people want … There is a small hole, it is dead … … fast … Insert me … 快狠 插 插 死 我 … …”

He looked up, and volve to her body, and put the crude iglasses into her slippery points.

She is comfortable: “Wow … Snow Snow … Brother … I have a good night … my day … I am really cool and dead … I’m …”

He hit her crisp with tightly, and played. When he played for a while, he put her legs on his shoulders, hugged her powder, and the coarse mask was crazy.

This posture makes her happy, she knead his joy, calling: “唔 … Snow … Good brother … The little hole is dead … Snow Snow … Top of the top … …… “

At about 100, she changed her own fertilizer milk, and he saw that Jiang Fu Shun wants to be burned, a mask is even more rough.

He breathed him: “You are small, you are shackling … I killed you …”

Said, more faster and more quickly, top she lasted frequently, she twisted the fine waist, the water of the water stared at him.

She said: “Oh … I am so kiss … I am your little … Said! 荡 … 插 你 你 … Said …”

Jiang Fushun was fascinated by her, and at this time, he turned her into the dog climbing, let her greet a big snow butt, he kneel behind her butt, first kissing her fat buttock .

Her waves urge: “Good brother … My little hole is empty … I want to plug …”

He proudly put the mask to the hole: “Be careful, come …”

The words have not fallen, and the mask has been aligned in her points.

“Take, shoot, shoot …”

His belly has hit her snow white fat.

Her hole is full, her round buttocks also hit a collision, while the big hi is more deep into the pocket.

He inserted the hole, used it to her butt on her butt, touched her itch silk straight to his ass. He saw that he had a big increase, a rough mask madly slammed her small hole, and his hand turned into her butt, sometimes used to make her pain and happy …

This … Heavy meat! Root root! The two have reached a climax, and he hurts her fine waist and puts the big mask.

She suddenly called: “Wow … 哟 … over … you plug it again … I will … I will … I lost … Ah …”

At this time, Jiangfu Shun shake, a horse, a smooth water, and out …

Two people go down to bed, fell asleep …

Phazzanine is a decent woman, but it is pulled down in a bad environment. This can’t blame her.

Maybe someone will say: “Or is her will not be firm, if you insist on it, no one will treat her?”

This is also right, but even if you say this, you can’t hold it under the environment. This matter is like marking, once there is a second time, the third time … Once you eat the sweetness, sometimes a twice, three times, and even Jiangfu Shun will go to the Zhuo Mai home to sleep overnight, and the courage is getting bigger and bigger.

Su Lan gradually discovered that Jiangfu Shun is not a gentleman. In addition to making women in bed, there is no skill in the bed, of course, he has no career, and there is not much book. More terrible, there is a time she saw him from Cai Jia, and Jiang Fusun stretched a hand in the Mrs. Mrs., Mrs. Cai hit him, and the two will smile.

Su Lan is busy with the door, Mrs. Cai and Jiangfu have not found her. It seems that she suddenly fell into the snow, floating from the bottom of the heart. She knows that she has a circle of people, and she also believes that before she and Jiangfu have a relationship, he is not white with Cai. But why didn’t she be jealous, but it is Jiangliang?

This is a rare and abnormal event.

She is unresolved to be with Jiangfu, so returning to her family for ten days. When I came back, Jiang Fushun came to her, and opened the door. She said: “Mr. Jiang, don’t come back to me again.”


“We are all wrong, then, I have been married.”

“What is the relationship? How is life in the world? It is more than half a year. It is more than half a year. It has a few more than half a year. It is also unfair to keep it.” “Sorry, that is my business, Mr. Jiang, I have already The final decision was finally decided.

“You have decided, but I haven’t decided yet.”

He is laughing, this is very fascinating that it is very fascinating before.

“Touch”, she closes the door.

“Hualalan, you can think of me, deny that we have such a paragraph?”

“Jiangfu Shun, my husband will come back soon.”

“That’s fine!”

He said outside the door: “Mr. Zhuo came back, I must visit him.”

After a week, Hualan’s husband Zhuo Wen is really coming back. He is the two departments on the 10,000-ton-level carousel.

This makes Huashili are both happy and secretly worried. Like Jiangfushun this kind of person, it is likely to do something.

The next day, Zhuo Wenchao came out of Cai’s coming. Because Huashi Lan has known their relationship, he wore the people of Cai.

“Big sister, what is you?”

“I am not good?”

“Why don’t you reason me?”

Pharmaceutical Lanzi is a bitterness, but it is light: “Mrs. Cai, I am a husband, you don’t want a family to rupture?”

“Hey! Why do you say so serious?”

“Why isn’t it serious? Mrs. Cai, if you really treat me as a sister, you should review it.”

“Review? Why?”

“Ask yourself!”

“What is this? What did I do wrong?”

“If you don’t even know what it is wrong, then you will not talk.”

“Big sister, do you really think that you can get rid of him?”

“Mrs. Cai, are you threatening me?”

Mrs. Cai spurted a smoking ring and said: “Why do you say so hard?”

“Mrs. Cai, or, why do you want to get rid of this word? Women have a loss, how can I use these two words?”

“If you can’t say this, whoever eats this? It is necessary to stand different positions. You think you will suffer, some people say that the cousin is losing.”


“Why, you don’t believe? You got married, it is difficult to listen, it is incomplete, and the cousin has not been married, he is pure …”


Puncha is laughing.

“Can you laugh?”

“Why don’t you laugh? The pure cousin actually and the cousin …”

Mrs. Cai didn’t care, “How? Have you seen it?”

“I did not see it.”

“Even if the cousin and the cousin are not?”

“Do you have the relationship between the cousin and the cousin?”

Cai Taizhen knows that it can’t hold it, and the smoke is thrown with the foot, say: “If so, you can’t take us.”

“Mrs. Cai, you misunderstood, I don’t want to take care of you, I can’t see the model, pretending to be a gentleman and lady.”

“You are a gentleman? Are you a lady?”

“I am no longer, this is what I gave you Mrs. Cai, but from now on, I no longer flow.”

“Can’t do it.”

“What are you going?”

“Isn’t it what I want? It is Jiangfu Shun …”


“To find your gentleman Zhuo Yi …”

“Find … looking for him?”

She was shocked: “You probably be addictable to fight the lawsuit? Don’t forget, you have a good woman who seduce good women, dismantling the family.”

“It doesn’t matter, this kind of charge is not easy to set up, but you and Jiangfu let go, but you can’t let go, to check the record to check the record.”

“You … what do you want?” “Isn’t what I mean? … I am a voice, it is Jiangfu Shun hoping to take some shame …”


“” In the brain of Hualan, I almost fainted, she said: “A big man is going to the woman?”

“Of course, this is different from others, you are old goods, Fushun is a man who is not married.”


Hua Shi said: “What is a man, it is a male and female, shameless dog, go back and tell him that I am not afraid.”


“I am teasing you?”

“Well, the child is crying to his mother, I will turn this to him, this is made by Jiangfu Shun himself.”

On the two days after the noon, Huashi Lan is cooking, some people press the doorbell, Zhuo Wen Super should have a door.

“who are you looking for?”

“You are Mr. Zhuo?”


“I am a scholar next door, I will collect the money, my name is Jiangfu Shun …”

“Will money?”

Zhuo Wen Xiu wants a wife to participate in the meeting, this is also a good thing, he said: “Is it a meeting?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Then please come in, 祗 is that the inner people have not mentioned this thing …”

This two days of Hua Langti heart hamplely, afraid that Mrs. Cai and Jiangfu Shun will make a trick, so Zhuo Wenchao is out of the door, she listens at the door of the kitchen. He said that Jiang Fu Shun mouth, and her heartbeat jumped out. Then I heard that he is going to collect the money, it is not very shocked.

She and Zhuo Wenchao are unmarried and married. The husband and wife are very happy. Today, she wants to conceal her husband and then try to compensate for her husband. She acknowledged that she couldn’t afford her husband, but also convinced that he was working with Mrs. Cai to hook.

At this time, I heard her husband and Jiangfu, and she had a hole on the ground and also drilled in.

In the past, Zhuo Wenchao’s voice came in the living room: “Su Lan … Sprians …”


“Mr. Jiang came to collect money.”


She is anxious to ask himself: “What to do? What should I do?”

After a while, Zhuo Wenchao called once again, listened to the two people talking in the living room, Zhuo Wenchao Jiangfu Shun: “Mr. Jiang is there?”

“Well! The younger brother works in the insurance company, and Mr. Zhuo is two pairs on the boat. Must be very excited?”

“During the trust, I have been working for more than ten years. It is really tired, but it is easy to change and talk about Yi Yi! …”

“Yeah, there is a difficult thing if I have a problem, I have a difficult thing, the younger brother want to change, consider that I will not try it easily.”

Hua Shlan bite the teeth, go to the living room, this matter is early to uncover. If you don’t let your surname, you can’t even cover the cover.

She is almost the same as the mood of the death penalty, and she has not entered the living room. The devil has seen her, and immediately stood up: “Mrs. Zhuo, I know that you are busy cooking, I can come tomorrow.”

“Hey! Don’t tighten …”

She wanted to unveil, let her husband to decide whether the couple will continue. But I didn’t expect him to say this, and he would perform with him, maybe the husband can’t see it.

“This month, Mrs. Chen marked two thousand seven, you took 205,33, you know that you can be marked so cheap, have a few ladies you want to mark!”

She is not as sound, this is obviously “hidden fee”, which is two thousand three thousand three three thousand three, is obviously, equals a warning. If you don’t give it, he may reveal in front of his husband. This is also equal to the way to her, and she will go so. And she is a female inner, her bite, she bite, not followed by his direction, she said coldly: “Today is inconvenient, I will send you in tomorrow.”

“This … also became it.”

Jiangfu Station stood up.

Zhuo Wenchao found that Mr.’s look was very cold and felt. If she hates him, why do people come to collect money, Mrs. Is this attitude to people? I remember that my past is not like this. When Huashi Lan is sent to Jiangfu, Zhuowen super skill has heard their conversation, and his five dirty are tumbling. But he doesn’t have a sound, but he is secretly viewed.

On the morning of the morning, Hualan has a vegetable farm, and Zhuo Wen is called Cai’s door.

“Hey! It is Mr. Zhuo, please come in.”

Zhuo Wenchao is also welcome to enter the room, Mrs. Cai is not a good goods, see Zhuo Wenchao is also a table talent, and is more robust than Xiaojiang. I didn’t ask him, but the teasing of the eyebrows, and he also took the boat, and half an hour later, two people entered the bedroom.

Mrs. Cai puts a full body tightly. Zhuo Wenchao’s upper and lower attacks, she took her red dress, and she automatically released the remaining equipment, and the light light lying in bed put a charming posture. Zhuo Wenchao also shifted the clothing, the thick-hot mask was tall, she saw it.

She hung: “Mr. Zhuo … What is your things?”

Zhuo Wenchao puts the big mask in her lips asked: “Big! Is it good?”

She smells the man’s unique taste, and she has a madness in my heart. The breathing is also increasing, she blows hot air on the glans: “Big! Good, but I am afraid to eat … …”

Her words can’t say it. It turns out that Zhuo Wenchao will insert the big mask into her mouth. She also sucks up. After sucking, he wanted to use one hand to grind her yukuclear, grinding her, itchy, a pair of legs well.

She succeeded more, she gasped: “Zhuo Mr. … I’m itchy … Quickly insert me …”

Zhuo Wenchao deliberately said: “I am afraid that you can’t eat …”

Said, he turned the big glans on her hole, and her cavitation was very slightly smuggling, “Bu” a big hook has slipped into most half. Zhuo Wenchao is also insertion of the whole. She glanced over and glanced, and she immediately fake it.

She said: “Wow … too big … I am really afraid to eat …”

Her mouth said, but the fat butt is a group of groups, and the pussy is a very flying together. He can see the heart and smile, and deliberately withdraw the big hi. One is in her pussy.

She is hard to ask: “Good people … Why don’t you go in?” I itch dead? “

“I am afraid that you can’t eat …”

“No … I have been eliminated, really … I can’t wait for you to kill the holes …”

Zhuo Wenchao put the big hiwang into her points, and it was a madness of the big, and she was so cool. I was so cool. I was so cool … I was pulled by him to the bed, and she The two legs are highly mentioned, and a rough mask is unrecognizable.

Her two flapped tits will be shaken, and a mouth is very big, and it is breathed.

“Oh … good people … my big hi brother … You plug me like this … I will die … um … a good brother … …”

This woman can truly, she is in a dairy in both hands, as if it is not her, it is not honest.

Zhuo Wenchao got a big increase, and turned over and let her kneel on the bed, let the big hi are mad, and knead her two soft big tits.

She called: “Hey … Zhuo … You are killing me … I am also willing … good people … you can do it … I have already tied me … forty-five points … you still … then Brave … hehe … 哟 … cool … “

Zhuowen super rude play with her, I will hit it in her fat butt, but she is comfortable, but she is comfortable.

in this way……

When you come to me, I will walk around. As a result, she feels that Jiangfu Shun is more than three or four years old, but it is not as good as Zhuo Wenchao.

Therefore, when two people broke up, they also booked the date of the next date.

From Mrs. Cai, he figured out Jiang Fu Shun, he certainly did not have her brother, but he really had a bistess to live near.

So Zhuo Wen Chaowen went to visit Jiang Sakura.

Jiang Yichen is very moving twenty-nine years old, but because her husband has just been died soon.

“My name is Zhuo Wenchao, I have to tell Jiang Jiang.” “What?”

“The brothers lure the inside, hook the adventures, I am going to pay attention to him, because he is also extortion to the inner, equal to the second case.”


Jiang Yak panicked his hands and feet, said: “Mr. Zhuo … The younger brother is young and unrequited … you spare him!”

“This can just spare him? And say that he is so happy?”

“Mr. Zhuo, what is the way to compensate you?”

“Money, I am not very rich, I am not very rare in January 30,000.”

“What kind of compensation do you want?”

His eyes moved to her and made a few patrols. He said: “What I want to find? This is very fair.”

Jiang Yichen is coming over, naturally understands that she is not a woman of the Sanyilong, in order not to make your brother, she has to wrote.

“Mr. Zhuo is really solving forever?”

“Yes, this includes two parts, one is the compensation of the body, and on the other hand is the spiritual compensation.”

Jiang Yichen is a small widow. It is not rich. The husband is dead to support her brother. She will know the brother and Mrs. Mrs. Even the younger brother came from Mrs. Mrs., and also gave her eight or ninety-refined. If Jiang Fushun sat firm, her life was in a desperate.

“Zhuo Brother, you see, I have been waiting for you …”

“Don’t dare to be.”

Jiang Yichen went to pour tea, when he gave him, laughed to Zhuo Wen. The laughter is content, radiology.

There are a few old crew people who are not rising. Moreover, he is returned, he reaches a hand, she is sitting on his leg.

“Don’t … Zhu Zhuge …”

“You are very exciting.”

He said.

“Don’t … let go!”

“You are not lonely?”

He tightened her, she closed her eyes and mixed, breathing.

So he picked up her beautiful carcass to move inner.

She said: “Do you just ask compensation?”

“This is to ask yourself, do you just treat me as a creditor?”

“No … no … Zhuo Big, I … I want you …”

“me too……”

So Zhuo Wenchao hugged her into the bedroom, put her on the bed, kissed her scent lips, and she also extended the tongue to him.

He took a while, two tongues were entangled. She grabbed his hand on your own dairy. Zhuo Wenchao put his hand into her blouse, pinch her firm breast, knead her eyes like silk, and quickly.

“Hey … …”

She also said that he is like fire, he does not stop the whole body clothing. And she also automatically takes the clothing, just leave a small black mesh trip, he can see the big hi-tape.

He was buried on her breast, and he opened her mouth to bite her head, and the big mouth of the big mouth, the right hand kneaded her milk.

She is comfortable: “Ah … oh … um …”

His left hand explored her pussy, he found that her black trip is wet, and he took off her underwear, saying: “Small Saigue, the tribut is wet.”

She closed her eyes only slightly opened, her big one legged, holding his rough rough mask on his hole.

His butt is pressed down, and the thick big mask has slipped into her small hole and immediately adds it.

She is two legs on his ass, the evanescent twisted.

She is very big, called: “My … good lovers … Big Guo brother … I was inserted by you … The heart is so cool … um … I died, I’m going to count … ah … …… “

He hugged her ass, and the thick mask came down.

in this way……

A more important!

A lower than a deep!

It is like electricity! It is as heavy as the bell!

Take it, two, three times … seventy … Zhuo Wen super medicine, playing with her snow whisker meat!

Her waves called: “Ah … Snow Snow … Top me … Saozao … … Fly to the sky … 哟 … My brother … small hole … I have been a long time … Didn’t taste this … delicious … 哟 … good … so cool … “

Zhuo Wenchao knows that this son is not taking someone to do her. He took her two legs on the right side, and two hands hugged her thighs, and smashed the mask and smashed her is full of sauce.

Her two tits were turbulent, he saw colorful. He took a hand to knead her dairy and played her.

She said: “Oh … good brother … I am playing with you … The whole body is comfortable … I’m heavy … do it … a few …”

Zhuo Wenye listened to her, she took a breath, and she was like a ventrinated life. She did her pussy. It seems that I can’t hate her cave. But she is also afraid of it, and she seizes the sheets in the second hand, and the left and right of the left and right, she is crazy biting his shoulder.

He breathed: “You … Shu is uncomfortable?”

She said: “Zhuo … I … I am too … comfortable … Hey … My big hi brother … … I have to lose … I lost …”

Zhuo Wen super fierce a hot wave, his whole body shakes, the horse is also followed, he wants to control the fineness but it is too late.

“Puff puff……”

Yangji shot in her flower heart.


The two touched together, can’t move, quietly afraid of the pleasure.

Zhuo Wenchao is retaliated, looking for compensation, and initially planned, playing Mrs. Cai, Yang Fu Shun, playing Jiang Sakay, moving to Hong Kong, and still doing things.

However, he found that the woman of Jiang Sakura is very special. He can’t cut the house. He has to cancel the idea, but it is no longer talking to Cai.

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