My lover Wang Baoling and I am a colleague of the same company. How do we meet, exchanges to development is a lover, just say more, because it is more than a match, huh, huh. Here is just about our first office sex, it is really unforgettable.

The company we serve is very large, and there are many people in each office. Therefore, even though I have already determined a lover relationship, I usually have no intimate opportunities in the company who come to people. Until that time …

It is the time before, because it is already in November, it is close to the end, and our work has more, so some people have to overtime on the weekend, which also includes two.

Of course, we will set it in advance and work on Saturday. There are not many people working overtime that day, and their office has 3, 4, my office is only one.

Every morning everyone is working, and time will pass. At noon, after eating, some colleagues working together home, I went home, I didn’t go home, I also found a place to rest. I didn’t have to eat at all, and I paid a stomach with the convenience of pre-prepared, and continued to stay in the office.

When about 12 o’clock, Baoling came. I quickly greeted her, put the door of the office, the curtains were also pulled, so others will think that I have been afraid or go home.

It is very quiet outside, there is no one in the entire building, which makes us feel safe. I sat in my office chair. Bailing sat on my legs naturally, and we kissed.

I took a while, Baoling took the mouth and asked me: “Is there any food?”

I deliberately said: “Didn’t eat!”

“Oh, what should I do. Look for something to eat?”

“I want to eat you!”

“Bad guilty!” Baoling hit my head. I grabbed her neck and pulled her head over and we kiss again. Her tongue also stretched over, I contained it, sucked hard, until she “um, um” is called.

Although it is already November, we are almost the most southern China in China, the weather is still very warm, she is wearing or shirt. Baoling sat on my leg, I looked at her waist from her back, looked up and kissed her, and another hand went to solve her chest.

After a while, I didn’t have 3, 4, Baoling’s bra showed it. I pushed the bra, a pair of white 36D breasts played out. I had a nipple that took her shallow brove on the left side and sucking it. Then use the tongue in her whole breast, lick it, and use the tongue to cover her nipple.

Through the previous intimate, I already know that the breasts and nipples on the left of Baoling are most sensitive, so they are concentrated here. Soon, Baoling is asthid, and it is also stretched into my waist.

I first unlocked the belt on Baoling on the waist, and put her down and let her stand on the table, slightly bent over. I took her pants along with my pants. Her snow white butt is exposed to me.

Baoling’s butt is very round, strong, like a pear shape. Speaking of popular points, the butt is very big, I like it very much. I still sit on the chair and hold Baoling’s ass, I kiss it, kiss it, use the tongue to make my strength. Her holes also have water out.

I extended a finger in Baoling’s clitoris. Since she is a half-pose, the water flowing out in the small hole has flowed to Bailing’s clitoris and my hand, more and more slippery, my hands are getting faster and faster. In a short while, Baoling begged, called my name.

“Winter brother.” I am later than Baoling, so call me “brother”.


“I need to.”


“I want you to love me.”

Haha, this lover, still somewhat, just say “I want you to love me”. No matter how I hinted to her, reminding, Baoling will never say “dry me”.

No matter so much, don’t say it. I left Baoling’s body, unlocked my belt, and fetched the pants and underwear to the thigh. Bauling has also turned around, holding my knees, put my brother into the mouth, swallow.

To be honest, Bailing’s mouth is really good. After all, it is a 30-year-old person, and it has been married for many years. Unlike some women, I will only include my dick, I’m so tired, I don’t want to see it. Baoling is different. After a while, I will suck a few times. After a while, I will spit the chicken and use my tongue up and down. I will pack the head of the cock with my lips. I use the tongue to take a circle on the glans. That taste, a word: cool!

It’s a few minutes, I can’t help it. Push the head of Baoling and pull her up. She naturally contends, after leaving the pants, turned to my back, holding my dick to give her a small hole, slowly sat down.

哗! Comfortable. I believe that all men know that the insert is inserted, not only the woman is very cool, the man is also very comfortable.

Just like a humid little mouth, slowly put the dick into the same. After inserting, I held the waist of Baoling, shake it, she also twisted my buttocks around him. This method, the cock is not inserted, but in the opposite of the cavity, the glans rubbed the cavity from time to time, and the feeling is quite cool.

After a while, Bailing’s movements gradually became bigger. I know that she is really cool, I have two hands, grabbing her two breasts gently, rub her nipple with her hand.

Then put the mouth in the past, while licking the ears of Baoling, asked her on the side: “Baby, what are you doing?”

I know Baoling back to me, I can’t see my face, so it is not so shy.

Sure enough, Baoling answered me with a small voice. “” Is it in love. “

“doing what?”

“Do love!” The sound is slightly big. I have a great time, then ask: “Who is doing love?”

“Do love with the winter brother.”

Oh, listening to these words, I really make me feel happy.

But I think it is still not enough, and Baing let her stand up, and the upper body is on my desk. I looked at Baoling’s legs from the back, the snow white butt was high, I couldn’t help but move, let’s go, use the tongue on her clitoris.

Baoling’s legs shook, and there was a sound in his mouth. I won’t care about my cock, but I put it softly with my fingers on her clitoris, my tongue is on her labi, but I can’t stop it on my butt. Baoling is there, and the mouth is gently screaming, and it doesn’t move.

My tongue slowly went to Baoling’s chrysanthemums, when I arrived, I put the fingers who stroked her clitoris, and inserted her small hole. Baoling “Ah”, my tongue also took the opportunity to licked her chrysanthemum.

In the past, she always didn’t let me kiss her ass, it may be mentally obstacles. This time, perhaps the feeling of fresh stimuli, plus it is really cool, when I got to Baoling’s ass, she was only called, but did not move.

I can’t help but get big. First, try to secrete export water, wet the farting of Baoling, and then lick it, but also stunned in the fingers in her small hole. Baoling is also constantly “, 唔”, the gasping is getting more and more serious.

Finally, when I put the tip of the tongue into Baoling’s ass, she looked with a light shot, took the head and took a long gas, and then kneeling, it is moving out, and the small hole flows out. The water wets my whole palm.

I stood up and pulled the wet finger from Baoling’s small hole, and stroked on her ass. Then bend the waist, first take it on her face, then ask her: “Is it comfortable?”


“anything else?”


“anything else?”


I no longer ask because I knew Baoling’s first climax, and then stimulated her, the second time will come faster. But never tried the third climax, usually Bailing feels enough after two times, I don’t want to be. I went straight to the waist, I stood behind Bauling, separated her two petals with two hands, plugging that a little soft cock has pocked into her.

After a toss, it is already wet and hot, and I’m tightly covered my dick. Insert a few times, my dick is hard again, I also accelerate the speed, one side of Bauling’s small hole, one side with your fingers on her ass. “Well, um, oh, oh,” in Baing, is getting bigger and bigger, and the water flows to the thigh. In a short while, Baoling’s legs shake slightly, I know that she is coming, further accelerates the speed ofserting, my little belly is hit on her butt, “,, 啪” sounded. Finally, Baoling took out a long breath. I quickly put the dick to the deepest, squat in Baoling’s back, and her cave, I could clearly felt to wrap my cock. Tight, then let go slowly.

Then Bailing closed his eyes and didn’t move on the table.

I first squatted her a few times, then stand up, push the next chair to her, holding her, she finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

I sat on the table in front of Baoling, she immediately gave it, and I once again contacted my dick into my mouth, and I looked up. I fell a little later, put the table with two elbows, put the legs on the armrests on the balance chair, watching my dick in her mouth, watching Baoling slowly Take my eggs, then make the strength in the mouth, it is so enjoyable.

I think about Torry Towy today, I’m going to come out like this. Suddenly, I thought about it. I think she is finally willing to let me flew. Will I will help me?

Looking at Baoling and then sucking and swallowing, I felt that I came here, and I extended a hand and holding her head upside down. Baoling knows that I am coming, I have accelerated the rate of the throughput, and I also use my tongue to make my head on the glans. Every time I shake.

Finally, I can’t hold it, just put Bailing’s head and put the head of Baoling, she also understood what I meant, I just included my chicken, I used the tongue to turn on the lady on the head. .

I know Baoling is promised, and I can’t help but get big in my heart. At the same time, the cock has a mane, the finery is a loose, and a pleasure of electric shock is straight from the lower end. I will diarrhea in the mouth of Baoling.

This is the first time in our office, it is too unforgettable!

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