— Previous article — “Auntie, sun photo ass, I wake up.” Xiao Xu looked at me in bed.

In fact, I woke up just yelled on the bed, and the sunshine took my suite. I think, you should let the sun shot your own butt let it look at the sun.

When the daughter wrote his daughter, I knew that my daughter was in love. She often returned to the night, and the past three years has changed. I have seen it. She has a certain time. History. I am an open mother, recognizing the sexual behavior of my daughter, such a thing in this kind of society is not shameful, sex is an attempt and practice she should have. What kind of man is her boyfriend? I would like to ask, but I haven’t asked.

Until this year’s winter, a high temperature on Saturday, the daughter is very happy to lead my boyfriend. Although the daughter said in advance, I didn’t deliberately dress, just wearing a home, seeing the boyfriend of her daughter is not an important meeting. They met my husband and her daughter said: “Dad, Mom, this is Xiao Xu.”

I and Xiao Xu met like this. This boy tall, very strong. I think my daughter is not low, and they are highly equipped. The daughter’s skin is like me, but he is dark, I have detained them, this pair of men and women stand together, I can’t think about it. The face of the boy is thick, not handsome, can be used, and there is a man.

When he just saw us, the expression was not natural: “Uncle, aunt!” I heard that he called me aunt’s straight pronunciation.

I am a mother, then I need me to solish it. I nodded him and said: “Xiao Xu, the house is hot, drag the coat. We are collective heating, the heating is very good, it is enough to wear a thin dress in the house.”

Then, I chatted with him a few relaxed home, Xiao Xu’s look and more, I feel that I haven’t mentioned him, I said: “The weekend is my most busy, a family In addition, washing and washing, you and her dad talked, I have to go to work. “

Xiao Xu took my words: “Auntie, I will do it with you, I will do it.”

I said: “Don’t, you are the first time.”

I got into the bathroom, where there is a bunch of clothes to wash. Those who washed first? Those post-right? When I was picking, Xiao Xu was coming to me. He wants to help me to wash clothes, but I didn’t want him to come in, because there was a woman’s breasts and underwear, asked him to see indecent. I blocked more than half of the door, but he didn’t understand what I meant, or he intended to help me. I think: this child is still living in the eyes, thinking about it, then help me.

He helped me work, I feel unfair. Solid life, you have to bend your waist. A young man who meets the first time. When I am bent, I will pull the collar, and I am afraid to expose my breast. In fact, my collar is not low, just want to prevent him. When I visited every time I bend, I avoided his chest line, I twisted his back to him, but my rising ass touched him several times. This makes me very embarrassed, the woman’s ass encounters a strange man is an unwanted thing.

This is my ambition I met with him. I have asked him later: Is he deliberately touch my ass? He said: I touched him with my butt, deliberately teasing, and let him have a gut amount after. In fact, I had this idea, inadvertently understood, I have been got to my bed.

I was still called him out, and we had a meal together.

When I was eating, I asked him with her husband: “There is a family in the future, what are you planning.”

Xiao Xu talked about his future plan: he has set a beauty salon now, and it is very profitable. In addition, he also contacts several foreign cosmetics companies that can cooperate with them to distribute or agents. I didn’t care too much, because of his beauty salon, we also know some of his families. We want to observe whether this person is in the mouth, if the river is blowing some false affairs.

His tone is calm, the thinking is organized, the inch is very good, the expression is not exaggerated, but it is very sunshine.

I like this person! A very nice young man.

That night, my daughter and Xiao Xu went out of the door to say: “Mom, I don’t come back tonight, don’t wait for me.”

I didn’t respond to my husband, because there is nothing to say, and their one is clear about the matter between men and women.

After a long time, the husband slept, I was watching TV. The phone rang, I got up and saw a text message. SMS only four words: “Are you sleeping?”

who? Unfamiliar number. Maybe I don’t know the acquaintance of the number, I reply to the past: “Who?” The other party replied: “A people who have a friend who are emerging.”

I have seen the reply, what do I admire? It must be wrong. I reply :: “Do you make a mistake?”

The man replied: “Yes, it is you.” I thought: I am sure wrong. I closed my mobile phone.

From then on, my phone will receive similar: “I love you, very special love.” This text message. SMS is more, I am upset. Who is he? Wrong’s wrong number, is busy with the lover who is not a lover, it is not cold.

I really will remind him that don’t delay people.

I dialed the number: “Which one is you?” I am familiar with the voice from the phone, it is Xiao Xu! He said in the phone: “How do I call you? Since I see you, my heart has a hope, I can’t take it at night.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You are a good woman.” He replied.

I haven’t spoken him again. “If I said, I love you, will you be angry?”

Suddenly, let me say no.

The phone was quiet for a while, then he said: “I will make you more beautiful!”

What’s the meaning? Love me, let me change more?

I started jumping, jumping. Can a woman who come over? He wants to flirt with me! I then the judgment was right, but I didn’t return him at the time. Just thinking, his gallbladder is too big, and his daughter is falling, and he is a steady person.

I walked into the bedroom, my husband slept sweet. I walked out of the bedroom and kicked out the slippers, and I went back and forth. I think: it is good, see what the tricks will be willing to flirt with me, and the old girl is afraid.

I said to him: “Do you know? I know who you are, but I should not know, do you understand?”

Can I understand? I think.

He said: “I know, you don’t know who I am. Secret love, you are the beauty in my heart, shouldn’t be your burden.”

He understood what I meant, if we know each other, how can we continue. I hanged the phone and sat on the couch. I thought: my daughter hasn’t come back, they are together? Is it what they lying on the bed to call me? Then I am shameful.

I hurriedly dialed my daughter’s mobile phone, she told me on the phone, she is gathering with her classmates. From the microphone, I heard the sound from there, there is still a laughter of many people. This makes me rest assured, I tell her: “Go home early.”

That night, I took off my husband. I have lived for more than 20 years together, and I have never done it.

The next day, I hurriedly opened my mobile phone, there is a text message on the phone: “I heard your voice, really beautiful!”

“For me, you can choose, I can’t relieve you,”

The mobile phone is his text message, but some meat words. I want to reply to him, but I reach out but I don’t know how to reply to the fingers who want the button to stop. I want: Wait, for a few days, young people can’t last long. Besides, I can’t rank reply, I may not be caught by him, and I will harm me.

I don’t reply, just constantly collect his text message, he seems to have not stopped at all, like his text message: “Love you, don’t ask for results, because you are in my heart, I have open flowers in my heart.”

“Residual flower.” This is my first time to reply to him. What, I have a 40-year-old woman who still flowers.

“Full season in the season, mature open flowers.” He replied, and I didn’t reply.

Days have passed every day, his text message did not stop, and the text message gradually became a habit of me. Because of my daughter, I don’t want to reply to those SMS, but I have to admit: I start like these flirting text messages! Because a middle-aged woman suddenly loved by a young man, I would like to feel it, no matter what he is true.

The weather is warmed, and the statement he sent to me is also like this to turn warm, getting more hot.

I still don’t reply but I admit that his endurance is so good. I don’t oppose his text message, don’t reply. I didn’t have the true meaning of him, I just got a little comfort from his text message, my behavior is not over!

When I got off work a day, I rained. I and my colleagues looked at the windows of the windows and discuss: how to go home, it is difficult to play. I took out the mobile phone to inform my husband, I might have to go home later. Just then, the text message came in: “Rain, there is a red taxi downstairs, the last three numbers of the car number are 521. That is the car I will give you. You can go home. I have been paid! “I hurried around around it, as if he is by my side. No, only my colleagues. I walked downstairs, I saw a SMS, red taxi, car number 521.521 I read, I sent a homonym I love you. I am somewhat moving, I want to cry.

When I returned home, my husband had already come back. At this time he is sitting on the sofa on the newspaper. Seeing me to enter the door, he said to me: “Such a big rain, you said that you will come back late.” He continued to turn over his newspaper. I heard the mistake of her husband, I said that “” Take the car back. “

I changed my clothes and entered the kitchen. I felt a grievances: my husband, I have lived with him for more than 20 years. When did he care about me? Even if you say warm people, you are so embarrassed. I am carrying my husband and my daughter to lead people, no matter whether he is the idea of ​​my heart is still pure, I think about him.

My daughter went home, I asked her daughter: “How did you come back?”

The daughter threws next to it: “How can you come back? He is picking up, then send me back.”

I asked again: “What about others?”

The daughter said: “Give me to the downstairs.”

When I heard my daughter, I said, “Why don’t you call him up, it is true.

My daughter grabbed my lunny and said to me: “” People are very busy, how can they play with you. “

“This child, how to talk?” I also screamed her.

When I was eating, I always remember my mobile phone. I feel that there must be his text message. I have a ghost in my heart. My middle-aged woman and her daughter’s boyfriend secretly hook it. But SMS has become part of my daily life.

I took the mobile phone into the bathroom. I really have a text message: “The rain is very big, I am wet. What about you?”

I didn’t stop in the evening. I won’t be wet in the rain, I am also wet, and I don’t live the desire to take off the clothes to my husband: “I want!”

The husband said: “The old wife is doing anything throughout.”

I said: “No, I want, I don’t want to waste I should have to enjoy, I am a woman who needs a man.”

I touched her husband’s cock and soft soft. But the man arrived at my husband, this old experience is rich, the emotion is weak, the man should have less vitality, but the man’s cock is not love.

I won the husband’s dick to him: “Don’t move, let me come!”

I climbed to him with a cloud with his legs, put the breasts in his chest, touched his chest with the nipple, my body wanted a man. I used a woman’s full home to let him hard, I kissed his whole body, and the mouth contained his dick. He said exhausted words, so that the most sensual action, the husband’s dicks were finally hard. I said to my husband: “You see how much you look hard, like a big boy, you can be 肏.” I kept rubbing her husband’s dick, I was still tough, my legs across my husband, butt The chicken of the Shen Hao entered my vagina.

Ah, I am sigh: “Duo. There is a gap in the world, and the man is embedded in the woman’s embedding.” I rode his husband and said to him: “Beauty? I am a beautiful woman, beautiful. ? “I twisted the ass to feel the thrill of the cock insert, but I twisted two or three times, I was shot, it seems to be shot, but I didn’t feel that he had already quit my vagina.

I sighed, said to my husband: “Your thing is just the uterus.”

The husband is also sighing, he said: “Sleep, I don’t have that ability.”

The husband is not ignored by my body, but I need a man. I put her hand in my patent, my finger against the clipping legs, I let myself think that the cock of the root man is inserted into my, this is the only sexual pleasure that I can get in many years. It’s sad!

I am in the masturbation in the masturbation, I am a male, my daughter’s boyfriend — Xia Xu “I am with him, he inserted into my body, let me feel a young and powerful dick in my vagina Pass the throne to my heart. “

“Ah, ah, ah —” After my body twitch, masturbation made my climax. I am not gathered in my heart, my husband is sleeping, my daughter is closed. I came to the land window of the living room, naked, I saw the glass, a beautiful woman, a plump breast, wide, two white long legs, black velvet, I am A woman who is fascinated by a man, but he doesn’t understand me. I picked up the mobile phone to send my daughter’s boyfriend to the first text message only three words: “What?” He replied immediately: “I am too happy, you can take the initiative to send me a text message.”

I have a confessed man in my heart and a man in secret love, I reply: “I don’t reject you, continue to send me a text message, okay? Ask you!” I am going to the ground, as if I see the young dick is in me. In front of the year, I grateful to him and prayed for love.

He replied again: “I am grateful to accept me, kiss you! Kiss you whole body!”

I reply: “Well – my whole body – ah – ah – come!” I just want a man.

In the future, our SMS has changed, and there is less love and feelings. The final node of men and women love and love is the integration of sexual organs.

The next day, I walked out of the door without going to see his text message but I sent a text message directly: “What is it? I want a woman?”

He reply: “It’s all over the night.”

I reply: “Sexual intercourse?”

He replied: “Yes, shooting a bed for you.”

We have a tight conversation, and I am in the office in the office. I have retained it now.

“You are like a ripe sweet peach, holding it in your hand, in your mouth.”

I reply: “Don’t take it too much.”

“Your ripe body can sway your man’s eyes, they are watching you and I am love you.”

I reply: “Then you have to pick up the fruit.”

“You are the last blood of my heart, you are alive, I will live.”

I reply: “Can I shoot the last drop?”

“Your round, let me …”

I reply: “Then you should enjoy me.”

One day, his text message: “Last night, I kissed you again, the tongue is entangled together. I kiss you below, the clouds are posted with my lips, you guess how me?”

This text message made me feel a pleasant spring. I closed my eyes and imagined my legs clamped his face, and his lips were attached to my labia. I solved the waistband and stretch and masturbated until it passed the climax.

It seems that the text message can also make people feel comfort, and I can have no life in middle age, and I can enjoy modern life.

I replied: “You are ejaculation.”

That’s it, our text messages are more and more passionate, and one day, the daughter and the husband are not at home, and I will send text messages with him in the night. His text message told me: “I want to see your breast.”

I hesitate, I know that as long as I press the video button, the phone can see himself, but I don’t do that.

I reply: “You can’t see it, you can only describe, plump flexibility, no need to hang. Extreme purple.” I picked up your breast.

He reply: “Which your body?”

I replied to him: “Running white smooth, very woman.” I took off his pants lying on the sofa.

He reply: “Very woman’s body, I want to go to your place.”

I reply: “You reply every time I reply, I’m going to take part, now there is enough underwear, come here.”

He reply: “Ah, then you still hide the hairy?”

I reply: “It’s not awkward, it is masked, and finally masking.”

He reply: “If I go there, don’t hide, I have to find your channel.”

I feel like this, I can’t let me satisfy, I reply: “I took off my underwear, I can let you take the road, come to me.” I took off the clothes on the sofa. Take a stretch. I press several: “Ah – ah -.” The word sent.

Until we took the line, I remembered how he asked me, and I didn’t ask him. This is the relationship between my people and Xiao Xu. Some sensuality, but I don’t feel shameful, after all, this is just a private emotional transportation, did not do substantive things. — The middle article — Daughter tells me that weekends have to bring Xiao Xujia. I heard this matter, I took the drum in my heart, and I was afraid of some uncomfortable. I am afraid, SMS chat is not facing real people, once I see it, I will have embarrassing, then? In case, you can’t keep leaving the horse’s foot, let me make people in the future. It is not comfortable, the daughter’s boyfriend and I secretly flirt, I keep natural this in front of them, but I don’t want the husband present, I am in the middle of the two men, Xiao Xu is to engage my man. My husband doesn’t know how Xiao Xu will look at my husband? I thought about it, Xiao Xu should come home, I have to find a reason to put her husband, I don’t want these two men to meet.

Xiao Xu came to change the tight shirt, which can also show my body. And I also cut a short hair in advance, I think the previous hair will make me look too much solemn and dull, short hair is more dynamic.

I met with him for the second time. He also became generous as the last time, and he could not see anything. We know each other, and I am more sensitive, I am afraid of an error.

“Auntie,” he said to me: “I brought something, Wen Wen must bring me, I brought it.”

“What?” I asked.

The daughter said: “Cosmetics, you need it, the woman is alive is a face,” she turned her to Xiao Xu: “You give my mother to make a beauty, put her beautiful point.”

I said to them: “How old is how old, what kind of beauty, don’t present diligent.”

The daughter heard my words, the more I sent it, and I pushed my room to press me before she was sitting in her dressing table. She said: “Mom, you enjoy the happiness of enjoying beauty! I, go to you. Hey, Xiao Xu, I promise that before you didn’t work, I won’t come in, give me a surprise. “

The daughter squats to my shoulder: “Mom, wait for you to make a makeup, must be a big beauty that is reborn.”

The daughter walked out of the room and closed the door. Our first room, his look is a bit embarrassed, I also embarrassed, this is true face-to-face and virtual SMS has a distinctive difference.

Xiao Xu came with her palms. I don’t know how to do my face in front of me. I said, “You start, like your customers.”

He said: “Auntie, you are not usually a customer, let me nervous.”

I said, “What are you nervous? Don’t be afraid.” In fact, he stood in front of me, looking at me down, it should be tense. I have long described my body to him, I think my body is light, he is still nervous? I pulled his hand to him: “Come on.”

I am sitting in front of the dressing table, and his hand wiped the oil on my face. The hand is very gentle, maybe he doesn’t know, but I think this is my true skin. His two legs are standing next to me, and I have emitted a young enthusiasm. I feel that the sweat hole of the whisper is open, I am adsorbing his young and male smell, this male smell makes my heart to an anticogenic itching I am looking at this moment. I thought: If it is in the unmanned place, he will rape me, I will be weak to unrestrained, I like this young man too much. But this doesn’t blame me, women have freedom to fight for their own sex.

“Auntie,” he said to me, “” Your skin is extremely extreme, the facial is full of wrinkles, usually only needs a faint makeup, and you can do it. “

I said: “I have never had makeup.”

He said to me to my ear: “You are so beautiful, kind, aunt, I love you!”

This sentence “love” is not sending it to me, but he said in my ear. Enjoy a young man in the ear, I love me, I am beautiful in my heart.

I quietly said to Xiao Xu: “Don’t say love for me, two boats, women love to eat vinegar, do you understand?”

He looked at my cheek: “Aunt, love is different. Look at you, the mother, the manner, the weighing has a mother’s breath, this is the image of the mother, so I love!”

How much do you say, my mother? Mother! Mother! Mother that can be sexual intercourse! I am a woman. In fact, I also thought about my daughter and he flirted is an ethical defeat. However, if you think of sex as a plane, look at the love marriage family as another plane, they don’t alternately, they are single, I will not defeat. Sometimes I am a single woman, pursuing a woman’s pursuit. Sometimes I am a mother, be a duty of your mother. I think this child is still in front of me, still in front of me. I touched his hand asked: “What?” “Well?” He didn’t understand, very smart people, how did you make it now? Sometimes men will have a woman who is not allowed to think about him, I think: Is I in the active point, don’t waste time. I think of this, I solved two clothes buckles, crispy micro. This is different from me for the first time. At that time, I was taking the clothes, but it is a cloth.

He reflected it, we smiled from the mirror. He looked at my micro breast tangled to me: “Auntie, it is not comprehensive.”

I said: “Don’t worry, look good.”

He rushed me and blinked: “Auntie, give you this woman’s makeup really fever.” He held my face and stared at me. Do he want to kiss me? I won’t refuse my tongue is ready to meet him.

However, he didn’t kiss me, his hands extended from the collar into my breast. I deeply took a breath, ah – I spit it out.

He said: “Auntie, touch your breast.”

I slammed his head and said in the ear: “The word is too elegant, and the aunt doesn’t like it. In the future, you have to say that you will say, the penis should be said to be dick, popular, down, but stimulation.”

He said: “Okay, I said that this word is no problem, is you doing you?” He touched my milk, I have no men to touch me so for a long time.

I said to him: “What kind of words are too much to get used to it, the aunt’s milk is touched so comfortable!”

He said: “Auntie, your baby is hard.” Yes, my tip is hard, this is a woman’s sexual physiological character.

I said to him: “Xiao Xu, don’t touch the aunt’s tits, still have to work, don’t forget that there is still a woman outside.”

He also listened, took out his hand, squatted in front of me, helping my sub-amount, holding a brush, and his elbow has been taken on my double milk.

“I now give you a lip line, a touch of lip line, in line with your temperament.” He said to me: “Women’s lip line should not be too thick, otherwise the man can only see the sexy of your lips and will ignore it. Beautiful face. “

I said: “For makeup, I don’t understand, the aunt’s face gives you, just let it go!”

He quickly gave me the lip line stations: “Auntie, I will open the lights, you have seen, what is the difference in the past?”

He stood up to open the lamp on the dressing table, two legs were standing in front of me. I didn’t want to pay attention to what my lips would change, but pay attention to him two legs, this thing is in my mouth. Is it soft to hang? Still hard? I am thinking.

At this time, my daughter shouted outside: “Are you finished? I am fine.”

I heard my daughter’s shouts, I hurriedly responded: “Let’s get finished, wait until you will go out.” So I whispered Xiao Xu said: “Xia Xu, what do you do with me?”

Xiao Xu smiled and said to me: “Auntie, you said, I got your face, I also touched your tits.”

“Hey, you are really bold, there is another woman outside the door.” I said in my mouth: “Multi-excitement.” I handed a rapid expansive thing to his crotch.

I said he said: “The chicken is hard, I am a woman.”

He said: “Yes, aunt, you are a woman like my mother.”

I whispered: “Your Mom is also like this? It is a woman who is messy!” I didn’t think about what fucking is, but I can’t wait to reach into his crotch, hold his dick, very hard, Great. I said: “I want this chicken.”

He stopped my waist, and his hand said with my breast: “Auntie, I want — 肏 you!”

I have a hot rolling mucine out of the vagina. I grabbed his dick to make it. I said, “Well, Xiao Xu, you should come to me, 肏 肏.”

His hand should go to my trousers, I stop him say: “Xiao Xu, next time!” I got out of the door: “She is outside.”

I took my hand from his crotch, helped him to be a good belt, whole clothes, we quietly quiet, and walked out of the door. My daughter saw me very shocked, and I said, “Mom, you are really variable, big beauty.” I pushed her: “What, old, painting this, I don’t dare to go out.”

The daughter and Xiao Xu took a home. I am against the mirror, I didn’t see the changes of my face, and the change of the face was not important to me. I unlocked the shirt reveals the chest, this was touched by a man, and a happy happiness has been infected with me until it can’t be idle.

This time and Xiao Xu met our mutual flesh, the relationship forwarded a big step forward, and then we have to go forward and desire to meet again. However, we have not taken the initiative to meet each other, I have not rushing to let the daughter bring Xiao Xu to my home, because I am afraid that it is too eager to cause daughter’s doubts, bring trouble. Xiao Xu has not been rushing to my daughter to come to my house, and our ideas are very consistent.

Whenever I stay in the study, I have been in the study. This is my unmanned idle place. The daughter is closing the Internet. The husband wants to make money during the day. After a day, I will go home, I want to sleep, and the study will become the space I have exclusive. The reason I gave them is: Work needs, use a computer every night, no one is disturbing! What is my purpose? They are not here. Every time I put a good door, take out my mobile phone, my blood starts boiling. The text message between me and Xiao Xu is still still the same, like a strange man, does not spoiler, and the content of the SMS is the physical and sexual topic.

That time, we used a text message to fully enjoy the virtual sexual intercourse. He made love with me to make love with the video, I didn’t agree, I gave him a text message at the time; “It is better to see it, it is better to shoot it.”

When the summer is hot, my daughter puts forward to bring Xiao Xu to go home to agree to their marriage, then we have to meet with Xiao Xu’s parents. I said: “It is good, since you are right, you will take your wedding earlier.”

From then on, I started to wear a variety of skirts. Woman is a pleasant, I wore a skirt only for him. The short skirt can show my white thighs that make men plead. And the skirt is that he is also convenient when I am with him, this is my expectation. I put a short skirt in advance to make my daughter and her husband, I suddenly dress short skirts when he came, they would be strange.

The daughter does not ask me: “Mom, how do you like to wear a short skirt?”

I said: “I am older year old, no longer wear, there is empty.”

“Wear, very nice, my mother is a good body. Hey, you wear a hanging strap and better.” The daughter is very much appreciated, and I ran back to the room and took a few slings. It is a good woman’s clothing, and it is hidden on the shoulder.

But I said to my daughter: “I can’t wear it, too exposed.”

The daughter said: “Which does not want to expose now, unfortunately, they don’t, you have the following yourself, like me.” I know the daughter like my big breast, walking to the chest, a bit of charming.

I picked up a strap, took off the shirt, I watched it, my daughter looked at me: “You explain the bra out.”

“Oh”, I said: “That can’t, you can’t show it.”

The daughter didn’t pay attention to me. I opened my hanging belt, unlocking my bra words: “Don’t be old soil, wearing a hinge is like this, it is true. Don’t be afraid of a mother, you will habit, like me.” She picked up her sling, I saw her a pair of uncovered breasts. She said: “Just like this, it is not allowed to change.” She took my cream.

A short skirt covered with your ass, a layer of thin cloth, waiting for him to come, I don’t know if our mother and daughters are such a dress, I am married, or sell me. This time, I have no reason to put her husband’s house, what? I am in my heart. But I believe that he can work with me very well, and the heart is also calm.

On the day of his, I changed the end of the day, wearing a light blue but opaque sling and a pink short skirt are silky soft cloth, in the thin fabric, I only have a narrow underwear. Wrap my private parts. The daughter is even only in a skirt, I want to be with me. He saw a shock in his eyes, only I can see that he must be shocked by me. The round shoulders, semi-lap, white thighs, is a fresh and beautiful woman who is fresh than daughter.

After Xiaoyu, I took the flat skirt and sat down to his opposite husband. The daughter got tea on tea, I drunk tea listened to her husband and talk to him.

Husband said: “Xiao Xu, you and Wen Wen’s marriage, we want to listen to your arrangement first.” Xiao Xu has talked about some marriage arrangements, time, place, hotel, etc. After listening to her husband: “So what plans after you have a marriage, after all, it is necessary to think of the future, such as a house car.” I looked Xiao Xu.

Xiao Xu said: “This is the case, the house we have bought it, now the decoration is complete, this is a big thing to have its own home. The house is not far from my beauty salon, but it is far away from Wen Wen. Some, I and Wenwen think so, now she can go to work, I will open my car first. After all, I have been convenient, and we all think that a family doesn’t need too much car, this is not a problem, but more There are also more troubles. Maybe a year and a half, the family has stabilized Wen Wen can also go to the beauty salon to help me. I also need help, business is very busy, I haven’t considered it yet. “

Husband heard this time, I said: “Since I need help, still find one in my home, my business has to take care of my own people, I have to find a person who knows a business meeting.”

I know that my husband’s meaning: I want to push me into Xia Xu, I have been working for more than 30 years, Xiao Xu knows, if you want me, he said, even if you don’t say it. His reason, I can’t ask for it. Besides, my husband’s meaning is very clear, nothing more than letting me make money and intervene. How can this, a lot of family business is that the participation is, the more chaotic.

I interrupted their topics to Xiao Xu: “Xiao Xu, your thoughts are very good, the future needs to help Wen Wen is the best, and the small two jointly operate entrepreneurship is strong than any outsiders. Just, We Wen Wen It’s been being harmful from a child, and the temper is a bit digging, and you make her more. “

The daughter has grown his eyes to me. In fact, these words are as a mother’s passenger. I then said: “Xiao Xu, how many people can participate in your wedding, tell us how to arrange it early. In addition, about a time and your parents meet.”

Xiao Xu said: “Auntie, some things have not ordered my parents to meet next Sundays.”

“That’s okay, you will set the Sunday.” These things finished, I stood up: “What else is you slowly talk, I still have a lot of live to do.”, “, Aunt,” Xiao Xu Yile Tell me: “I am very relaxed today, then I will help you work.”

The daughter smiled: “You have to help, that is not finished, my mother is to wash this year’s clothes, the bathroom is full, I am afraid. Wash it out, cast it out I didn’t finish it. “

I interrupt my daughter’s words: “I didn’t let you do more mouth, walk Xiao Xu, you will help me to wash your clothes.”

The daughter said: “My mom can find the labor.” The husband did not say anything, opened his newspaper.

Xiao Xu said: “Auntie, the family is actually very fun.” He took off the shirt and the compassionate wrapped his robust chest muscles: “Auntie, I listen to you, you said how to do it,”

“How to do? I have to steal it!” I and he entered the bathroom, and I feel excited. When we entered the door, I got together. He just passed to my mouth, my tongue reached into his mouth and his crazy wet kiss. I hugged his waist, and the lower abdomen was close to his lower abdomen. He picked up my dress and touched my light back and buttocks.

We can’t kiss, retract my tongue, I still lick his waist to let him see him on the top of me, I said to him: “Auntie’s top you are wet.”

He touched my thigh and said: “Auntie, just listen to uncle, want you to go there? You can come, temporary, we can do it.”

I replied: “The young people don’t understand, the love and the fisher will mix together, I will don’t worry about you.” “」 “An indecent word, but which woman is behind Said, I can also say it with him.

“Auntie, you really have a demonstration, but I think your bad thing!” His hand reached to my thigh root, I apologized, let him touch my.

I asked: “Wet wet, think? Is this what you want most?”

He nodded: “Yes, think! Today?” He said to see the door.

I am sure: “Yes, today! Auntie makes you touched, let you see, let you be aunt!”

I looked back outside the door, loudly: “Take out the things behind the door!” After closing the door, according to the door. I looked at him to open my underwear, my fingers inserted into my vagina, and another hand touched my breast and body. “It’s a smooth meat,” he wants to pick my clothes. I stop him say: “Don’t, in addition to small panties, I am like a woman who didn’t wear clothes.” I kicked the clothes under the foot said: “This is what I have prepared, we have time.”

Someone outside, we quickly let the washing machine turns. I opened the door, there is no abnormality outside, reach out his dick, hard, red glans round, I am going down the waist and quickly use your lips. He is a tremble with a whole dick into my mouth. I like to give men, this misplaced sex can make me appreciate the man’s comfortable expression. But today I don’t dare to use your mouth to pick him with his cock, you can only point it. I picked up the skirt, pulled down the panty, and the black hairy: “Satisfied?” I asked.

After all, I was stolen with him. There was a husband outside the door, and we could only call some small actions on the other’s body, but not addictable but also fun. The clothes are completely finished, and the constant small movements have also completed a big thing. He almost touched my whole body, and men always love women’s body. And I didn’t let go of his chickens. This big cock, my rise of my butt, my underwear, said: “Come, yes, aunt makes you, fast.”

It’s fast, once we are exposed, it is big. My embarrassment is a small mouth, and his dick is inserted.

“Ah,” I screamed, squatting on the washing machine whispered: “I am, I am refreshing!”

At this time, what I think is, what is the woman’s, I should open it for a man who likes. His insert pulled out to make my heart, excited, but did not dare to make a sound, to inherit until he shot, shot into my body, I got my breath.

This is what I imagined to be completed today, let him embark on it, gender intelligence, what will be more beautiful than this. Although I can’t taste the pleasure and the pleasure of sexual intercourse, we have homogenized.

This time was washed, I didn’t live with my husband and my daughter in the past. Men and women match, work is not tired, it is the top right.

When Xiao Xu said, I said to me: “Auntie, if there is a life, I need to help me.” He handed me a note, I saw a big dick. I am free to put the paper in my hand and say: “Oh, Xiao Xu, it’s hard to have filial piety.”

──── The next article – autumn is coming, the daughter’s marriage has been set. My husband has to go back to his hometown every fall. I didn’t go with him this time, but let my daughter got with him.

On Friday afternoon, they left home, I only alone at home, I think I can live with my body, I will have a text message with him. If he has a demand, I can talk to him with him. The woman’s body is a man to appreciate, and I also want to appreciate him, tonight is a good opportunity. Think of this sweet silk.

I sent him a text message: “I am at home, you can send me a text message, if you have a request, I can satisfy you, let you enjoy.”

Soon he reply: “I am imagine that I love you. Hard! But I will be very busy with you all over the weekend, I can’t chat with you. Sorry!”

I saw that he said that he couldn’t chat with me, my heart is sinking, thinking: true fucking bastard!

Let go of your phone, I feel a pain in my heart. This is something that I have never had before, which is he rising than I still talk? I am full of passion, how can he be free? No, I think of it, there must be a woman who is not face, and now he, maybe I will reply to me on the woman’s chest. Then the woman laughed with his mobile phone with a breast: Look at the silly woman, the boss is not small, and the phone is also a cock.

I don’t dare to think about it, and I am a burst of regret. I am a woman with experience, how can my experience be easily broken by a boy? I am too long and a romantic, my body is too needed for men’s insert to alleviate my own sexual desire, otherwise I can only continue to have a hazy life, not fair to women! I don’t want to waste. But against him, I am sad, the woman is not a plaything that regulates men’s life, which is also a collision of another heart.

I can’t stand the man as a play, and stick to other women degrade me. I think: I should not come again, I will never let him marry his daughter. I fell angrily, I fell two cups, my heart collapsed, and my loop was on the sofa.

At this time, the doorbell rang. I am more annoying, who is this. I pressed the call button loudly: “Who?” Xiao Xu’s voice came from the microphone: “Auntie is me. Can I go?”

“Roll,” I haven’t said that I suddenly smiled, this kid tested my appetite. It is him, my heart is happy, and I am happy. I misunderstood him, he gave me a huge change of joys. My hand trembled, I wanted to press the button to open the button, but I received it back. I only have a woman in my family, let him come in, and the orphan men have never thought about it, and I am afraid.

At this time, he said: “Auntie, I know is that you are at home, just she has come to me, so I want to accompany you.”

The original daughter told him that I was at home, he found a good opportunity. But the family is messy, I need to clean up, a woman can’t make people see the chaotic side. I said: “You are waiting.” I think: I have to keep the woman’s help, let him not know what it is.

I have been put on trousers and shirts, I specifically tied a solid belt. When I organted my hair, my heart thought: this image is good, it is a woman, not like the last hanging short skirt so light floating.

After dressing up, I pressed the door button and hurriedly packed the glass fragment of the underground, and I can’t let him see my wolf. The elevator is on the floor, I observed only one of the corridors from the cat’s eye, this opened the door. I can’t let the neighboring family see him into my house.

He moved into the door, and his eyes said to me: “Auntie, you are beautiful, always like this.”

I smiled and said, “An old woman, which is beautiful. What do you want to drink?”

He said: “Auntie, you see, I brought it.”

He took out a bottle of red wine from the body, and a bunch of bright red roses.

He said: “Auntie, rose songs you. The red wine is a pure French wine, symbolizes aunt and my romance. Auntie, you see, this bottle has a special word, I specialize in people. Although the word is small, it is what I love you. This bottle wine, I want to save forever. “

I looked at him, I thought he was really hard to me. I went to, he made a flat bottle and scratched a line with your fingers in the bottle. It really had a bad word in a line of engraving: This is the color of your love, open, I am not refunded!

I have read this line, I was attracted by him, I was attracted to the body near him, and the woman was very fragile. I looked at him in front of him. He slipped through my nose with your fingers and said: “Aunt: Can you open this bottle of wine?”

I nodded: “Yes, we don’t have anxious, slowly.” I put the body on him and continue to say: “You also make me two difficult, how to do it?”

He listened to my hand to my shoulder to say “Auntie, I love you, is the love for my mother. I love her, that is the love of my wife. Auntie, I can grasp the different love, It can also handle our relationship between us. Most importantly, I can make me love to you, don’t let anyone know. “

I listened to him, I laughed: “You, really exhaust the machine? I hope you can handle the relationship between me and you.” We know that “she” is “” she”.

He kneelted, in front of me, he said: “Auntie, love to your love is in the following!” He volve in my two legs, reach out a red tongue makes my legs. action. This is not a movement that can do for my mother, but I am happy.

“You open this bottle bar.” I said.

I was very happy, he got me, then let me let me say, he excitedly said to me: “It’s too happy, aunt, I will open the wine!”

He carefully opened the bottle cover, I took two high cups and looked at him into the cup. His careless action made me feel a romantic of revision of the first love.

We sat to the table, on the wine glass, I looked at this red wine, and I also looked forward to me to drink my eyes. I raise a little bit, the taste is very good, and my taste is right. I said: “Very sweet, I like sweet wine.”

He also drank a wine and looked at me: “Auntie, I asked her, you like to drink sweet wine, such a woman is quiet and silent.

I listened to his words and asked: “Is this aunt? Quiet and peaceful? “I stared at his eyes. There is a calm smile in his eyes. This is my smile I have never seen before, it is a smile that can play a woman’s heart. His eyes Looking affectionately, I stretched out from the desktop, I also reached out and pulled with him.

He gave me half a cup of red wine, I licked the cup and drink a small mouth. He said: “Auntie, we have to be like this wine, and it is colorful. “Listening to him, I said to him:” The child, we are very colored, isn’t it? Go, go to the window. “We are sitting in front of the floor, watching the Wanjia Light outside the window, he said:” Auntie, you see this 10,000 lights, it is very warm. “” Yes. “

His arm holds my shoulders to tell me: “Auntie, I sometimes, I will face the lights in the window of the people in the window, you think, every window is warm, there is mother There is also a woman. “He said that his hand touched my ass. I said that he said to him:” It is not all warm, and there is more or less of each window. “My eyes are staring at him:” Isn’t we like this? “He said:” That enjoy us, my woman. “He started to solve my clothes, I calmly cooperated, he took off my shirt and threw away my breasts. I bare my breasts, let him hold my breasts. In the middle, it is soft, plead, from the nipples spread throughout the body.

My body is soft, watching him unveiled the firm belt of belt I just, I retired my trousers just put on the trousers, there is no resistance. The trousers retired my hips, leaking, I only have a narrow panties. I twisted the waist trousers to fall to my heel, helping him, let him take off the trousers and throw it. Ok, I have a shame left by him, I asked him: “Is it going to take off? Give me the last dignity. “He said:” Auntie, when you just entered the door, you are dignified women, now you want you, I want to take your dignity. “I said:” You are bad. “He finally took off my underwear, I was taken off. I was the first time I didn’t hang it in front of him. As a middle-aged woman who came over, I was ashamed. I just finger the window:” Pull the curtains? “He said:” Don’t, so more beautiful. Such a high stay is available. “Yes, more beautiful! I remembered that I first took the initiative to send him a text message, it is not to stand in front of this window, now he is here.

I naked in front of him and let him appreciate my carcass. In my heart, I can appreciate me, enjoy me, feeling is pleased.

He puts my body and watch it later. He said to me: “Auntie, you can be beautiful. Skin blows can be broken, the jade curve is exquisite, and the unevenness is caused. The round breast, the black black hairy is not unasshed. “I listened to his own words, and I was proud of my own body. I said:” You finally saw my whole picture, I got me, the purpose reached? ” “He said:” Yes, “He touched my ass to say:” If you don’t use your ass to tease me, I can’t imagine that there will be this day. “what did I say? Tell a hike, you will pick me first. “He said:” No, it is a few buttons when you wash your clothes, I feel that you are picking me, I dare to do it later. “”, “” I said: “What is this, then I thought you would deliberately touch me, I am unintentional. It seems just a misunderstanding but let’s get a piece. Regardless of those, hey, have you taken a few women like me?

He replied: “No, only you.” He hugged me in his arms like a little daughter in a light, and his hand was touched by me.

“Only me?” I looked up at him and said, “What about her?”

He brought me his lips: “Auntie, is she a woman like you?” I still want to talk, but he picked me on the table.

He separated my legs: “Auntie, this is my woman’s.” He reached out in my pussy: “Auntie, this is your most beautiful place, my little kiss.”

I think the woman is killed by a man who is smashed by the cock, and the lips are misplaced. Let me feel that he is respectful, not a sensual physiological behavior, and the stimulus brought by the mouth is more Winning. I can’t help but “ah – ah”, the body can’t live. Two people’s space we can have no bursts, how many years, the emptiness below is filled with him today, I am grateful to him.

I can’t help but say anything: “I love you, baby!”

He got up from my legs, and he was still unfained to extend his tongue. I lie down on my table, and he smashed my breast. I said to him: “Look at the aunt ugly?”

He said: “You are so beautiful, you really have a woman.” It will speak very much.

I pulled his body and took his chicken. “Take off, do you use a aunt moving?”

He is very short of clothes, I can’t help but sigh, this is a strong naked man, my favorite. I climbed up with a naked body soaked with naked little Xu, and the hand was not enough, the strong flesh, tough cock, I said: “Aunt really likes you, baby.” From that, I started to call Xiao Xu. Baby. Xiao Xu did not put himself “baby” but put my butt, I rushed me to the window: “Before the window and aunt make love the most romantic.”

I pulled his penis: “Child, Auntie La Your Cock.” Glass window reflects a pair of naked men and women, my short hair, middle-aged, long legs, milk round, abdominal, meat, white, black . He has been young and strong, chest wide, abdominal flat, hunting a towering big cock. Women and men like this naked correspondence. I think that the daughter is higher than me, but she is young, they are only the difference between a young men and women, but I am a middle-aged mature woman and a flesh contrast of young men. I looked at the quit things in his legs, this is a very stimulated middle-aged woman. Agricultural men have their motherhood, and he inserted into the mother.

The woman’s favorite thing is a man’s cock, I also love him this thing, and I can’t help but all the whole chest. I squatted to say to him: “You love aunt, Ayi loves this cock to the most affordable.”

I smashed his pussy, licking his dick, he was comfortable, this is a woman who is willing to see, play with him with his mouth. I contained in his dick. He pressed my head as a genitalist. He pulled out with his cock. He also said to me: “Women are really fun, Auntie, you are Bao.”

He pressed on the ground, although I am his elder, but I can only be a woman who is pleased with a man. If he wants to shoot the sperm to my face, I will open it. He played my face and mouth enough, caged my hair: “Auntie, you are a good woman.”

I said: “Child, I am a good woman.” I touched his scrotum: “You are full of sperm in this, I am.”

He took my hair and said to me verytely: “Well, shoot it inside.”

I said: “Don’t engage in big aunt’s belly!”

I put the double milk in his legs, let the man’s legs rubbed my breast. I have a chicken who lived his, I thought: I have a good one with men. He hugged me, desperately kissed, tongue entangled, I and his flesh, what I want is a man.

I lie down, two hands moved up my legs, gathered my little, he took me into my cock, and he was so dripping. I feel that his cock is pulled out, every time I have a heart, how beautiful! Woman is a man who wants to be like.

“- 嗷 – 嗷 呀 – -” I was screaming loudly by him, rolling the white meat on the ground. “Hey — 嗷 呀 – 肏 肏 啊 啊 – Baby – 肏 肏 – Ah – Ah – Ah – I am your woman – – 嗷 – 亚 – 肏 肏 肏 肏 肏- 肏 肏 – 肏 肏 – Dome – Baby – “

He looked up my waist, I know that he wants to work from behind, I combined with the rise of my buttocks on the window sill. During the night window, the lights were blocked, and Wanjia was quiet.

He squatted my breast on me. I said: “The night is deep, people are sleeping, but you are still making your mother mother!”

He said: “Mother, you are too stimulating me here.” He opened my butt and licked my ass. I grabbed his dick to my mouth and said: “Maybe not just let it, the middle-aged beauty may have some homes.”

Looking at the window, the son-in-law I said after me: “Come again, I – aunt is not enough …”

My breast was hit by him, and I like the feeling of breast swing. The man also likes to watch the woman, he will have a sense of accomplishment. The woman’s gratification is because his body can be loved by the man’s appreciation.

Xiaoxu and I have a realm of I want to die, in the living room, I don’t know how the climax makes me poured a few times, until we were tired, I took a shower, my husband’s big bed, he still I once. I have a self-satisfaction, I have been played out, and the bed is also a waste. The two people are unparalleled, I grabbed Xiaoxu’s dick.

The next day was Saturday, when I woke up, turned over to Xiao Xu. He leaned in the bed, seeing that I woke up, jumping out of the bed said: “Auntie, you will wash your best, I am ready for breakfast.”

I met the husband with her husband to change the man once, and there was a feeling in my heart and I couldn’t know how but joy. I touched Xia Xu’s dick to say: “Baby, this dick is honest today? Auntie is tired.” He said: “Auntie, I don’t want you to be tired, get up.”

I should nodded: “The aunt went to brush your teeth, wash your face, comb, I see what you will do.”

I got up and looked for clothes, Xiao Xu said: “Auntie, today we have a naked life one day.”

“Naked life?” This idea is very attractive. When I was young, I also had a husband with her husband. Now I think of it is already very distant past.

“But,” I thought: “No, the woman is different men vaginal exposed unsure, at least wearing the underwear.”

Xiao Xu said: “Auntie, I am ready to you.” He took out a packaging care paper package, and it was folded to me: “Auntie, wear this, can cover your yin, wet I changed my inclusion.

I saw it all the punch pants, I smiled and said, “Baby, how to let the aunt wear the ass full of butt.”

Xiao Xu took my ass to answer: “Auntie, big butt, nail pants, wear, give me a look.” I obey him, put on the punch pants in the mirror, he put me turned to the body, he said: “Auntie, you are more beautiful.”

I said: “In fact, this is no different from the light, and the hair can’t cover it.”

Wash, comb, smooth butt sitting on the chair, very unsuitable. Xiao Xu reached out to me: “Come to Auntie, I hold you.”

I said: “Do you feel special?”

I was hugged in my lap like a little woman, I and his ear. He touched my light, I have been holding his dick, this is the favorite of a woman. Women are water, men here are straw.

He appreciates my Li Zixiu, I want to love his robustness. I think of a boy who loves to say: 肏 Your mother!

I asked Xiao Xu: “If I am your mother, do you dare to do this?”

He said: “You are my mother, I have done with you! Yes, mother.”

“Okay, bold. Mom feeds you to eat milk.” I sent the milk into his mouth and said: “Call my mother!”

He called me in my breast: “Mom.” He included the nipple. The pizza brought to me makes me a long breath, and this man has become temporary.

I put his dick with his head, and his head is light and light. “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” Dome, baby. Eat it, the child is full, you can do your mother, the mother’s — “

“Ah – ah —- -” I felt Xia Xu’s dick against my little, I sucked my breath.

I thought: “This big cock is beautiful – I should have a woman like this. Plug in dry me, I am a good woman, I think so, not my fault, if my husband can meet my sexual life I will not be derailed. “

I rode to Xiaoxu Legs. His thick cock plugged into the top of my, stuffed with the lower body of my whole woman. “- 嗷 -” I want it that it doesn’t lose yourself to do women’s life.

My ass is like a grinding disc, it is so wonderful, and the female male is also a woman should choose when it is a woman, and the woman can use the cock with a man with a man. Find the focus of each suitable for you.

On this day, I changed a few pieces of pants. I was turned off by him, and we were doing love every day. I wanted to let him fill me. But our love is not a crazy sex and ejaculation, but at different corners of the house, even daughter’s bed, a different poses and movements of men and women love. This can extend the time and don’t hurt the body. More importantly, both men and women can learn more about the other’s body and body and mind more integrated.

I and he lied back in my daughter’s bed, but the throwing pants were thrown on the bed, I asked Xiao Xu: “Auntie and what kind of woman is more fun than?”

He replied: “Auntie, she is crazy without temperature, you are crazy but there is control.”

I said: “You have a little in our two, just don’t understand! Aunt knows more, you don’t say it.”

Sunday, I was photographed by Xiao Xu, “Auntie, Sun photo ass, I woke up.” Xiao Xu looked at me in bed.

In fact, I woke up just yelled on the bed, and the sunshine took my suite. I think, you should let the sun shot your own butt let it look at the sun. At this time, the phone rang, it was a daughter, she told me that they have been on, and I arrived at home in the afternoon.

“They have to come back, we should also wear clothes to pack up their homes.” I said to sit up.

Xiao Xu came again and touched my breasts “This is really a lot of tits, and I have a full and elasticity.”

I said: “If you get married, you have a reason to come often, don’t understand?”

“You are always at home.”

“Are you afraid of him? Is there a ghost in the woman’s woman? Are you not afraid when you get me in the bathroom? Rest assured, aunt has a way!”

We got up naked and saw that this home is messy, throwing my throwing pants I pass on, sofa, front, dining table and bedside, everywhere is the traces left with him.

I picked up a dip pants and said to Xiao Xu’s face and said: “What is your strength?”

Xiao Xu said: “Auntie, no, I will never be strong enough to you.” He took a dip pants from my hand and continued to say: “Auntie, I want to save these things, there is your taste.”

I said to him: “You don’t take it, I don’t dare to put it at home, that is a crime. The bottle I want to save it, what do you think?”

Xiao Xu said: “Of course I know that like a cock is because I bought this.”

I said: “So I have to keep it, you, you can’t come, I can use it.” I put the bottle on the ground, slowly squatting: “You can see it.” The bottle mouth is inserted into my vagina, I twisted the ass: “Is it fun? This is my most sexy actions since my life.”

Xiao Xu hurriedly helped me: “Auntie, don’t do this, as long as you need to find me, when you are all, you are my mother -“

I laughed: “You think I really want to be a thing. Woman also needs to be looked.”

It is noon. I said to Xiao Xu: “You are my child in the future, let Mom kiss your dick.” I pulled him, kiss: “We wear clothes.”

When he went out, I climbed in the eyes of the cat, no one in the corridor, opened the door. Xiao Xu said: “Mom! I still want you …”

I said: “Mom is already your woman, and it will be more convenient to cover it in the future.”

He walked out of the house and I closed the door. From that day, our text messages stopped, no one between each other, but all in the hearts. But our story is still continuing, there are frequent dating without having to flirt, don’t have to worry about the guns, it is really fleshy, it is good! Especially during the pregnancy of my daughter, Xiao Xu’s sexual life is all I will help him solve.

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