When the wife is pregnant, my daughter is on the second day. Because she sticks my wife from a child, I often put it in the middle to make a light bulb, and my hands don’t dare to move, so I will do less with my wife. Although I promised my wife, but I’m so difficult to fire, I have to hit my mind to my lovely daughter. In fact, I can feel that my daughter still likes me. She usually does not know unconsciously, for example, I will sneak with my eyes, and I am gently rubbing me. When walking with us, I will not help but evoke my arms, but I used to think that she is a child, I don’t know much, and I don’t want to think more. .

On this day, my wife went to the hospital to do the birth inspection, and I saw a fire at home, the doorbell rang, I opened the door, I turned out that my daughter came back. At this time, Xiaoyong said that he took a few her wife like listening downstairs, because his wife said to give birth to the future BB. I took a call to pick up the CD.

I went to the downstairs to think of it, the disc play machine is broadcasting the Japanese action film, there are two A pieces and a three-level film on the tea table, and the heart is not good. Is it not for me? I have a view, I can’t do it, I have to go back. But it is already late, wait for me to go home and open the door, my daughter has opened the TV to put it in a plate of Japanese A, I am appreciated, I am fainted. It is a plot in this film. In this minute, men and women are still flirting. I am busy grabbing the remote control to let her change the dish, but she has declined, but also the face, I am not a child, see this can also Learn knowledge. I put it … helpless, I have to go by her. In fact, the daughter is not high, 1 meter 6 is not only like, delicate and people, but the chest is very good, this is very clear in the past, there is no intentional body, I have already been very clear. Everything is like this, I have to sit down with her.

In the screen, a pair of traitor prostitutes have entered the position, in the hotel’s room, two people have begun to kiss, watching their skilled movements, really admire the AV level of Japan, next is the male protagonist I started using the tongue to kiss the woman’s ears and neck, and the woman sent a happy snoring in the teasing of the man. I used my eyes to describe my daughter and found that her face was red. It is estimated that it is also moving, I also have a desire and hard …

The heart is moving, quietly, she will go up next to her, temporarily in the soldiers, afraid to accoumn to her, affect the future plan. Soon, men and women in the screen took off their clothes, and began to understand, the male protagonist made a woman’s happiness that the woman constantly felt your woman. A pair of MMs were firmly held by men, and the nipples were hard to get rid of the man, and the lower abdomen continued to raise it. The male protagonist will enlocate the battlefield, which will focus on the offense of the lower body. The daughter can’t stand it at this time, and the two legs are getting tightened and tighter, and I have quietly twisted, I quietly put her in the arms and prepared to start working for her.

Suddenly, the mobile phone rang, the original wife met a female classmate, the two have a good relationship, gainting dinner together, don’t go home at night. I can rest assured that I will start offset. When the daughter struggled in the matter, although they were influenced by some emotions, they would resist the challenges of AV and Handshals. Not allowed, she has been soft in my arms. I bowed to her, and the first taste of the daughter’s ability to close the teeth, rejected me, I put the wolf claw to her chest, across the cotton bust Found her nipple, gently pinned, she screamed, I took the opportunity to put the tongue into it and looking for my first goal.

The virginity of the virgin is constantly stimulating my hills. On the side of the daughter’s inquiry, I will explore her brach behind her, so that the breasts of the B cup are completely captured. I gently rubbed my daughter’s nipple with my fingers, stopping the attack on her little mouth and turning to kiss her earlobe, very fast, my daughter lost awareness, and the whole fell into my control. When I was at a time, I pushed her treasure, and the lovely chest was exposed to the air, and she couldn’t help but she was clear, and immediately bowed her nose to suck. In the early summer, the weather is still very appropriate, the daughter’s body has a fine sweat on my play, and there is a faint savory savory. It breathes the tempting feeling, taste the taste of the tender milk. , I have already urged an additional plus, and my faces under the trousers began to stand up. I took off the pants and liberated my brothers and tradded my brother.

Without the person’s daughter knows that the original man’s thing is so huge, the hand holds a seven-inch giant gun, the nervousness, I will ask her gently, big? She replied with her face,, this, how? So big. I don’t give her a chance to refuse, picking her skirt, fading white cotton pants, kissed the lovely secret, and the lower body of the virgin is different, and only a few white hairs around the white tiger. Full-footed steamed buns tightly defended the secret of the girl, there is no smell of the small hole, some only have a moving body incense, I don’t care about her lower body, so that her lust has completely burst out. A sound and low, the words are endless, and the words will continue. At this moment, I will let this only slaughter the lamb … Look at the lower body of her, I have already prepared for me, I will ask her. It’s not good, it’s good, my daughter’s heart is also very complicated, but the virgin is holding her mouth, I can’t talk closely, I put it softly to her vaginal mouth and gently press it. After wipe it a few times, I found her clitoris, rubbed with the glans, and the daughter who did not taste the rain, there was so much stimulus, so that the lower body is turning a turbulent, trigger The first climax came, I couldn’t help it, I can’t help it, I can’t take her, I put the brother to the secret of the prostitution, and the body is sinking after alignment.

Wow, the body is different, and the thick old two is in the context of the tightened meat. It is only difficult to further, I don’t dare to act rashly, and I will cover her nipple again. While sucking the cute pepper, he turned lightly and turned the lower body. To further invade the full preparation, the lower body of the fascinating daughter, after adapting to the object, and secreted some love liquid, I saw that the momentum was very good, and she also started to gently put it again. When I went to three-thirds, I met an unidentified object, I understood that this is a prove that the daughter is a prove, long It’s better to have a short pain. After I feel that her vagina has been completely moist, she smashes the glans to the vaginal mouth, I took a sigh of relief, and the short pause made her daughter unclear, so I opened my eyes and looked at me. I suddenly sent it. Force, put her slight waist, inserted into it, huge pleasure, while the pain brought by the break, the daughter can’t prevent the daughter, Zhang Dao wants, I have to make her call, I kiss her little mouth, so that her voice is not coming, turning into a sultry …

I closed my eyes to enjoy the petite daughter. The lovely tenderness was tightly smashed with my big cock. The constant contraction in the vagina is like a small mouth in desperate sucking my brother. This feeling is that the wife cannot provide Thank you for giving me such a pure and lovely person. I have to take a second virgin in my life. Under my constant caress, my daughter’s suffocation has passed. Instead, she looks at me, she is shy, she holds my waist with her legs, and the lower body began to twist, I am for convenience In the future, the rape play, deliberately, and started to teach this. I asked my daughter. What happened to you, she replied, I was strange, just hurt, now I don’t hurt, but some Ma Ma, itchy, I don’t know what is going on. I understand, you can deliberately tease her, then don’t move it, just do it?

The daughter is anxious, and you are still gently moved, you are so big, you can’t support it, I have a full of you. I still don’t hurry, ask: Where? Where is it full? Daughter A: Below, it is below, it is broken, it is not coming. In order not to cold, I started to put the skilled inserts of the nine-shacks. Such a dry method, it is better to have a girl who just breaks the buddy, and very quickly, the daughter is sneaked by my daughter, and I will give myself. Well, 喔, 地, I love you, … um … 咛 … I will follow you forever.

Oh, no. I was very excited to listen to the daughter, I was very excited, but I could control my daughter’s body and mind, I was pumping down, and the cock pumped into the hole stopped the new toys. The daughter is eating, where can I let me go, my body keeps twisting, my ass, I will lift it, I hope to feel the thrill of swinging after insertion. But I will not let her wish, women, occupy a long time, have a long time to tune, today is the first lesson I gave her. I ask her to ask her, what do you want?

Daughter is red, you answer, you, you come in. I am not used to it.

I asked, what is coming in, where to go?

Where is my daughter is my rival opponent, and the pride of the girl is to be destroyed by me. But she still insisted that there is no chaos, I saw the hand to put her chest and vigorously squat, the lower body fierce into the bottom, the power is big, the insertion, I feel some of myself, I can clearly feel After the scratch of the glans and the uterine mouth, the daughter was defeated by me after being subjected to my sudden attack. She grabbed my neck, said in my ear, dad, you will be my husband later. ,I will love you forever. I heard such a love, I can’t bear to stop more, and I will try it with her, while asking her, what is it? My daughter answers, I am doing love with me, I am not right, it is. Her sound, I know, it is forced, I am in harmony, I am in use his big treasure to exercise his daughter, I see her is quite obedient, just seriously She, quickly sent her the second climax. Big dicks felt a burst of crafting in her vagina, could not help me out of a pride. I have a dark to give yourself, I must let her cool enough today, let her follow me, let me exercise. Let her become my sex slave! Hard tolerated the burst of the waist, after the idea that he had to launch, I slow down the rhythm, I went to kiss the red lips of my daughter, and my daughter was already can’t come. The climax to the climax completely let her experience the happiness of sex, and the only thing she can do now, I will ask for a happiness …

I looked up, and I made a slap in my little face. She was played by me, but I didn’t dare to get fire, Q & A, dad, how do you hit me, what I do? Yet? I asked him loudly, who is your man? She replied, of course, I dear, you, I slammed her a slap in the two times, this is more harmful than the last time, she has been well-clever, “地, no, my husband, my wife, I am not good, don’t you hit me? “

I slammed her nipple, and then said, I will be your master, you are my sex slave, do you know? The daughter stayed, and immediately reacted, and the tenderness of my neck is like water. I know, the master, I am your sex slave, you punish me, you will die. I laughed, this is like words, I don’t want to hit you so early. Hey, call me two good listening. My daughter immediately called me, my husband, I fuck me. I itching, I can’t help but pinched her chest and asked her so soon. She quickly changed his mouth: the owner, the little slave is a little bit itchy, the owner uses the big cock to help. I can’t stand it. I am very happy, I have a good time, I will no longer control my feelings, and I will have more than 100, and I will vent it in the climax of us. The income of the descendants of the descendants of more than three months will be taken into the daughter, and there is no more than one drop.

After about five minutes, my brother has already softened, I just thought of you, but my daughter laid my waist with my legs, I don’t let me move, I am amazing, my daughter said softly: master, slave It’s so comfortable, I want the owner to join me in a lifetime, never separated. After I heard, I couldn’t help but go to her hand. Soon the brothers recruited the wind, looked up again, and the blew between the heavy winds brought the new round of the battle with the top of the land semen and obscenity. At the same time For my cute daughter, a new round of sex, I will start now …

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