My daughter is 19 years old. I bought a computer last year. She is playing it every day.

One day, I occasionally opened her OICQ record, I was scared, and those who were talking about, those people talking about, it was simply to rape my daughter. However, I didn’t say my daughter, just quietly read my daughter’s OICQ record, I read me very excited every time, I didn’t seem to be in my arms, so I had to lean.

In the future, whenever night is quiet, the daughter’s room has passed out “” OICQ call, I know what is going on.

I seem to see my daughter to solve my clothes, just sit in the computer side, with the communication with strange boy, the more the small breasts rise, the nipples, she is not autonomous The separation of the two legs (“It is very open to very open” she said that she said to people), the original closed sewing opened a pink mouth.

My penis is either, and the nerves in it jump. My heart is going to rush from the mouth. I am in a hurry that I can’t control it. I desperately endure the desire to enter the daughter’s room, think about my daughter’s body While moving my own coarse penis, until the semen is shot like a fountain.

The next day, when my daughter was going to school, I always opened my daughter’s computer, transfer my daughter OICQ record, see my daughter and others describe my feelings, I always be excited to be self-suited, one side Read and masturbate.

I saw these conversations, I was really feeling, my daughter really grew up.

I am a company executive president, I have my own office and computer, my wife has long been married. Finally, one day, I will meet at ten o’clock in the evening, I think: is my daughter online online? So I opened the computer, call my daughter’s number with OICQ, I don’t want, my daughter’s avatar is very bright, and there is also response: “Who are you?” I told her: “I am an old man, wife left I am, I am at home. “Daughter replied:” Ah, like my father! “At the time, my heart was jumping, I asked her:” Can you accompany me? “Daughter immediately replied:” Yeah! “I said:” It’s just too small. “

Daughter replied: “How do you know?”

I said: “There is information!”

The daughter stopped and answered me: “Is there a relationship?”

I said: “Of course, there is no, have you really grow up?” Daughter answered me: “I grew up.” At this time, I understand that I can already communicate online with my daughter. Below is a copy of my and daughter’s conversation record: I: Did you grow up?

Daughter: Really.

I: There will be hair between the two legs, do you have?


I: Don’t close, say it!

Daughter: I have!

Me: What about your breast?

Daughter: also drums.

I: Her big?

Daughter: How do you say it? Bar.

I: Is there a sexual experience?

Daughter: How do you say it? It’s a shy problem, it’s not enough.

Me: What is it?

Daughter: It is … It is a man’s thing that has not really entered there.

Me: What is your own finger?

Daughter: Fingers … I have passed, when I got online, when I said excited, I will use my fingers.

I: Is it comfortable?

Daughter: It is a bit pain at the beginning, later … later … I need it.

Me: Do you have a boyfriend?

Daughter: Over, I am on high school.

I: Do you have a boy who likes it?

Daughter: Can’t talk, but …

I: Don’t tighten, boldly.

Daughter: I, I like my father!

At this time, my penis suddenly became more, and the heart was more powerful. It turns out that my daughter is like me! I have been excited and continue to ask her.

I: I like my own father can’t work.

Daughter: Well, I certainly know, but I think my father is good, there is a man’s style! Me: Can you like other boys?

Daughter: Unclear, Uncle Do you know?

Me: Well?

Daughter: One night, I dreamed, dreaming that I and my father do that.

Me: What is the situation?

Daughter: It is very shy, can’t say it.

I: It doesn’t matter, I can understand.

Daughter: Uncle is so good.

I: Say!

Daughter: That night, I dreamed that my father hugged me, he pressed in my body, then … I: What happened?

Daughter: Then I woke up.

Me: Is there still?

Daughter: When I woke up, my two legs were still separated, so unsight.

Me: What about it?

Daughter: Then … I put my fingers in, while plugging it, shouting gently: Dad.

At this time, I couldn’t be self-suited. I didn’t expect my daughter to have such feelings.

I have a big penis that has become a coarse penis, and I use my own language to kiss my daughter’s lips, touch my daughter’s breasts, and stroked the little leg between my daughter’s legs, or a tenderness.

Suddenly, my speaker came from the voice of my daughter. I was shocked. It turned out that my daughter’s microphone was boiled. OICQ passed her voice. I quickly unplug my microphone, prevent my voice from passing, and change the speaker to the headset, listening to the daughter’s snoring, continue to send a message.

I: My things have been everb.

Daughter: ah, it is terrible!

I: It points to the screen.

Daughter: Is it rough?

Me: Very thick and big, the head has risen.

Daughter: ah, I am excited!

I: You take your small panties away.

Daughter: I have already taken off!

Me: What is your posture now?

Daughter: I separate my legs and let that place facing the screen.

I: What is your place like that place?

Daughter: red, already swollen, itch is uncomfortable.

I: That little peas?

Daughter: It’s already very hard, hard, one jump.

Me: Your father is not at home? (I know so.)

Daughter: He went to meet yet.

I: Is there anyone else at home?

Daughter: No, I can’t come up now.

Me: Then you want to embrace!

Daughter: Ah … I want to make my uncle’s big earth.

I: Ok, I am now reaching out from the screen, plugging into your little things.

Daughter: ah … uncle …

At this time, the sound of a sound from the earphones, I know that my daughter has been excited to control, so I have sent a message from the past: I: I use my hand.

However, the daughter did not return information, but the snoring was getting more and more. So, I entered my daughter’s photo to the screen, faded her trousers to stand up, let the thick penis to the daughter’s beautiful face, while listening to the daughter’s embarrassment, I am moving my penis.

Finally, when my daughter reached the climax, I clearly heard my daughter shouted: “… My Dad …” My semen is also shot like a fountain, shot on the screen of the daughter on the screen.

After a while, I sent a message on the other side: Daughter: What is uncle?

I: I am ejaculation.

Daughter: How much?

I: a lot.

Daughter: It’s a pity!

I: Yes, it will shoot into your small body.

Daughter: Uncle is tired?

Me: Tired, you have to rest early. Daughter: Yes, I have to go to school tomorrow, my uncle is goodby!


When I returned home, my daughter had already asleep, I went back to my room and heard a uniform breathing of the daughter of the next room. Recalling the scene just now, my penis is coming again, not coming from the autonomous man.

Since then, I often use the opportunity to meet home, and communicate online online. After a while, I found that when I was at home, my daughter’s OICQ called less and less, sometimes, I quietly checked my daughter’s OICQ record, I found that other friends were getting less and less, and only I left. People’s record, I understand, I became a daughter’s true online lover.

One night, I used OICQ in the office to make my daughter reached two climax. When I got home, my daughter had already fell asleep, lying in bed, I suddenly thought, why can’t I see my daughter really body?

Thinking of this, my blood suddenly rushed to my head, my head sounded. I think, my daughter must now be very tired, I quietly look at it, I should not give my daughter. So, I climbed up and gently came to the daughter’s room. One push, the original daughter did not insert the door, I am a surprise, so I quietly came to my daughter bed, opened the lamp, I finally saw my daughter’s sleep posture.

The daughter really grows up, it becomes very beautiful, daughter in sleep, red, sometimes the mouth, it is itchy. So I gently opened her quilt and reached two orgasm. Due to fatigue, she had already died quite dying. She didn’t know if she was opened. She did not wear a huge, just wearing this A short vest, the girl’s breast, the snow, and the elastic force, the top of the small back is high.

I gently use your hand to touch, the skin is very smooth, I pressed by your fingers, my daughter’s breast is very flexible, I don’t dare to use a lot of strength, I am afraid to wake her, suddenly I see the pencil on her daughter desk. The knife, so the Ling Machine moved, and took the two straps of her vest and pulled it down, so the breast that daughter’s snow drums was completely revealed.

The daughter is really growing, the breast has already drums, but the nipple is still very small, like a child, it is pink, I can’t help but kick, my daughter in my sleep actually shake, I also sent it. A fascinating, the little nipple actually vertically. Seeing this situation, my penis suddenly got up, and the pants were high, and the breathing was rushing.

I think, I’m going to this point, simply take off my daughter’s shorts, I look at my daughter’s body masturbation, it should not be incest, so I started to take off my daughter’s trip. Unexpectedly, the daughter’s buttocks put the tripping trousers. I can’t get off. I am very urgent, I am afraid to wake up my daughter. I want to cut my daughter’s trousers with a knife. I don’t want to suddenly say a dream. After turning over the side, I have the opportunity to remove the half shorts of the daughter.

The half of the daughter came out, very round and tender, and I saw that my fire could not suppress the burning, the penis put the top of the pants, so I took off my shorts, the erect’s penis got the liberation, it’s high Vertical, pointing to the sky jump.

I haven’t chosen, I can only move my daughter’s shoulder. My gesture is very soft, and my daughter in my sleep is fascinated: “I hate”, turned to supine, then I have the opportunity The whole tripper of the daughter took off.

At this time, my daughter was already in the waist. I didn’t hang it. I saw her yin raw high, and I have already started to have a faint yin. In fact, my daughter did not have a good development, and there is not much haircut. It is not like this to say it on OICQ. I think my daughter probably I am afraid that she is not mature, told me that she has a lot of hairs.

I gently open her thighs. After all, my daughter is still a woman. Even if the thigh is opened, the crack is still closed, so I kneel off between the two legs of the daughter, and open her big labiping with both hands. . The daughter’s yin is still the kind of childish pink, even if the little lips, the vaginal small hole is also blocked by a pink meat, her little labia is also small, just the clitoris on the urethra, Already tall, it seems to be ready to meet the men’s things.

At this time, I have been excited to be kept, my penis has become very thick, I think, my daughter is so wonderful, I want to give another man to play really, I am not willing, so I took my penis to play Touch the daughter tall the clitoris.

At this time, my daughter’s body trembled, she woke up at once, when she saw her light, and I kneeling between her legs, the thick penis was touched her yin, she suddenly Scaes: “Dad, what are you doing?” At this time, my mind has been completely occupied by the devil. I caught the daughter, I hugged her petite body, the penis was young. The genitals, inserted into the miles, but the frightened daughter is generous, I can’t insert it.

The daughter moved his butt, hiding my penis, crying while crying, pleading: “Dad, Dad, don’t …” I have to occupy my own daughter. I took the daughter’s breast, bite her nipple with my mouth, at this time, I am not a daughter I have been a daughter, but a little woman.

Finally, I felt that my big glans moved his daughter’s tightly closed labipings, and had aligned the daughter’s tightened vaginal. So, I wove my daughter and prepared the last blow.

Suddenly, I feel that my daughter gave up against the resistance. Her body suddenly gone, and the head is back, the little mouth opened, the scattered hair has been attached to the tears and sweat, she closed her eyes, ready to accept this destiny s arrangement.

I daughter’s snow white long neck. At this time, I heard her daughter muttered: “Dad, ask you not to have me …” This is a delicate request to make me wake up, this is me Daughter! So I bite his teeth out, riding to the daughter’s snow, one hand, using the whole force to grasp the daughter’s breast, and the other hand starts yourself to move your penis. Finally, my semen shot like a ladle, shot to her daughter’s young breast and snow white neck.

Afterwards, my daughter is like a dead, I cleaned her body, even when I wiped her genitals with a towel, she did not blocked and avoided, her daughter has been shocked by everything happened tonight. Finally, I helped my daughter to cover the quilt, back to my room, look at time, have been three o’clock in the night.

The next morning, my daughter got up to see me, her face was red, and she washed his face and brush his teeth; I regretted, not good to say something, father and daughter, silently finished break, daughter will go go to school. Five or six days later, I didn’t have anything to my daughter, and the atmosphere at home was very nervous.

One night after a week, I have already slept, suddenly I feel someone around me, I woke up at once, I saw my daughter, I saw my daughter, I sat up and asked: “What is it?” I Opened the lamp and found the daughter crying. It’s very cold, I quickly pulled my daughter to the quilt, constantly asked her, my daughter just cried, did not speak. After talking about, my daughter said: “Dad doesn’t like me.” I understood, so I said: “Silly children, my father is too much to like you!” After I finished, I took her little face. I kiss it on my forehead and gradually put my mouth to the cherry.

The daughter’s body trembled, this is her primary kiss, pure and sweet.

Suddenly, I felt that I was hot and rushed to the lower body, and the thing like men’s power was erected.

I put my daughter down on the bed. My daughter is lying on the bed like a sleeping, she is so small, I have to make me feel bad. I took off my clothes, then leaned her hand to her chest to unlock the last button, and my daughter’s reflection suddenly used a small hand to grab my hand. I don’t move, just in her smart lips. . Her chest rises sharply, I can even feel her heart fiercely.

After a while, she calmly calmly, let go. I started to take off my daughter’s clothes. So, she didn’t resist, as a tamed lamb generally peeled into the coat, revealing the white seductive content, her smooth skin light, flashing water wave-like phosphorescent, Gain my eyes dilute.

The daughter is lying on the bed, the arms crossed double, I think I can’t wait, I reach out, pull my daughter to look up and lay on the bed, let her eyes go to me. I gently brought her hands and firmly, let her two round, have revealed, and the small milk houses of the snow.

I saw my daughter’s eyes, I closed my eyes, then I used my right hand from inserted in the middle of my daughter’s legs, separated her two legs, I saw my daughter just growing girl’s incapacity , The small launches of the genital snow white snow, the tender girl is shaking slightly in my sight.

At this time, I see very careful and careful, as if I am afraid to smash a piece of Baoyu worth even. Then I lied around her, when I met her body, I couldn’t stay in the stick, my daughter was trembled, first moved, then I understood anything, no longer, this I started to touch her. Suddenly, my daughter said: “Dad, I will be a little bit, I am afraid of pain.” I said: “I will be a little bit.” How can I not light? “

Under the bright light, I carefully admire my daughter’s body. I see my daughter who is still not complete, the skin is so white, the chest is only a cherry-like nipple, it is so small and cute, put it in that start Tightened on the drums of the drum. The 19-year-old girl has not really developed mature, fine slender waist, slender legs, and there is a charm of youth everywhere, and this charming center is the daughter’s pussy, in the flat lower belly two At the legs, the daughter’s glory is high, and there are some fluff just growing out.

I put my face on the yin yin of my daughter, smelling a virgin-specific fragrance, then I took the mouth to the daughter’s laborary, the daughter’s body shake, I am surprised, my daughter is erection The clitoris detects from the closed seam.

I stroked my daughter’s breasts slowly moved down. I found the slightly fed-open ditch. I slipped with the two fingers to slide down. I met the pointed tuning in the middle of the two large labia, I gently Use two fingers to clamp your daughter’s clitoris, slowly drive, for a while, I obviously feel that the daughter’s clitoris has risen, slowly hard, and the nerve inside jumps.

The body of the daughter lying in the bed is finally shake. She cries her teeth, and the two feet will play the lower body. The small pussy is immersed. It seems that two lips will be trembled when it is cold.

I looked at the pink crack between the shackles of the limits, the contour was very clear petals, revealing a light pink meat hole from the crack.

My fingers have pinched the granulation, and the daughter’s body is still young, but the clitoris is like adults. I think it is like a meat stick in the crotch.

The flush on the face of the daughter began to extend down the neck. After a while, the snow-white breast became pink, I went down. I was absorbed into the nipple of my daughter’s erection. At this time, I heard my daughter sent a dream-like snoring: “Dad … Dad …” I am very excited, say to her: “My good daughter, Dad is already excited I can’t stand it, my father wants to put this thing into your body. “The tears in the eyes of my daughter poured out of the eyes, I said:” I started. “The daughter just nodded, so I climbed to my daughter, gently Pressing, using your legs to open the daughter’s legs as much as possible, let the small genitals split a mouthful, hands gently grab the daughter, one hand open the daughter’s big lips, the other hand holds his penis , To the small cave of the daughter.

Then, my butt is gently sinking. I feel that the thick and hard penis will finally open the daughter’s small vagina. I slowly moved my ass to take advantage of it, so that the glans will enter the daughter’s body, daughter’s The vagina is very small, half of my penis head is halfway, and it is very large extrusion.

Suddenly, I feel that the force extruded is light, indicating that the glans has entered the daughter’s vagina, and when I re-use, I feel obvious resistance, which indicates that the penis has jeopardized to the daughter. I am delighted, although my daughter has passed through the vagina with a finger, but the hymen has not broken.

In order to prevent the pain of the female film, I pressed my daughter tightly, with the whole body strength, and the whole crude penis broke through the female film, all inserted into the small vagina that was not yet mature.

“Ah … Dad … hurt …” “” “pain made her daughter to make a daughter, her soft little body is as tight like a bow, but I have a trembling that can’t be controlled. The small vaginal spasm is contracted, but I have no other choice, I can only hold the daughter trembling body and put the penis inserted in.

Pain causing the daughter’s small body uncontrolled spasm. Excited, unparalleled excitement, could not be sluggments, I just got the body of my daughter and gasped, against the pleasure of the climax.

The daughter’s vagina clamping the praelings of the biological father like a climax, and finally let me also control myself, the same semen, with powerful impact, large stocks to shoot the daughter’s young and delicate flesh deep.

That night, I was asleep with my daughter holding the body.

The next morning, I woke up, I saw it first, I saw the daughter who was sleeping. I got a beautiful face of my daughter, I found that my daughter really grew up, her face is coming to the arch in me. In your arms, I still had a mouth, it seems to be exported to the water like a child. I tightly lick my daughter’s body, kissed her daughter’s hair, and the feelings of love couldn’t help but show it. I feel that my daughter is really the best gift for God to her daughter.

After a while, my daughter woke up, she suddenly understood that she was in my arms, her face became popular, she immediately sat up, took the bed, rushed to her room, put the door. I also had to get up in my clothes and came to my daughter’s room, gently knocked on the daughter’s door. But the daughter has no sound, I am very nervous, I don’t know what to do, I knock on the door, I didn’t expect my daughter’s door to open, my daughter has worn the school uniform, and the head is standing in front of me.

“What is it? Is it angry?”

The daughter red face shook his head.

“I am sorry, you are yelling at me.”

The daughter is still shaking his head. I really don’t know how to do it, the heart is passing, I only heard my daughter said: “Dad, I have to have breakfast.”

So I quickly gave my daughter to sit my best, and I was ready for the lunch in the afternoon (my daughter was taken at noon).

When I went through the whole day, my heart was in a mess, I am not a good father, my daughter is beautiful, I can’t do such a thing about my daughter? What if the daughter wants to do? The daughter is still small, I am damaging such a thing!

In the evening, I did dinner, waiting for my daughter to come back to eat, when my heart, my heart is nervous, how will my daughter will?

“Dad.” The daughter saw me shouted, my stones were put down, my daughter is really laughing, my big eyes are clear and transparent, she talks about the things in the school, it seems that there is no matter last night. In the case of the other, the father and the dinner have dinner, while eating, while talking other things.

After finishing the bowl, I found that my daughter didn’t return to my own room as usual, but I was sitting on the sofa of the living room. I saw me, so I sat to my daughter, holding my daughter’s little hand, gently The daughter said: “Good boy, I am wrong, you are yelling at me.” The daughter didn’t speak, just shake his head, unexpectedly, her daughter suddenly rushed to my arms, cried. I hurriedly hugged my daughter, rub my tears with my mouth, my daughter’s tears were salty, with a youthful breath, my penis suddenly shouted, my mouth naturally moved to her daughter. On your mouth, I didn’t think that my daughter’s little tongue actually stretched into my mouth.

At this time, my heart is full of touched, yes, my daughter grows up, remember when I went, I went to my daughter, let my daughter ride on my neck.

At that time, I was taking a bath for my daughter. The daughter likes to play water, always “劈 啪” is full of water. However, since the daughter grows up, the daughter and me are more and more alienated, I don’t want to be like this.

So I said to my daughter: “Good boy, you grow up, let Dad take a good look at you?” The daughter’s face became popular, just nodded, I pulled her to the big clothes in front of her. Let the daughter stand in front, I am behind her, my daughter leaned against my burly body, I found out that my daughter has long more than my shoulder, and my daughter is really more beautiful.

I started to solve my daughter’s button, slowly, I took the daughter’s clothes.

I saw a good stimulating picture, I still worn clothes, and my daughter didn’t hang, the skin is white, the breast is high, the snow-white mummy, two small or children’s nipples, it seems Transparent pink, shy is contrary to it.

I took my daughter behind my daughter, one hand touched her daughter’s breast, and another hand strokes between my husband’s husband, my daughter’s body has become soft, she can’t stand, only on me, put the head pillow On my shoulders, my daughter’s face became so hot, and my heart jumped as if I had to rush out from my mouth, my daughter’s breathing has become hot.

I found that my daughter’s breast is really big, and it is very strong, even if I don’t wear a breast, it is also tall. I stroke, knead, watch my daughter’s emotional expression, I feel that there is such a daughter really proud!

My erection is already on the daughter’s ass. Ah, so hard, good luck! The daughter’s butt has become soft, the daughter’s life is from my things, there are many lots of little brothers, little sisters, they also want to enter the sister’s body! I saw the daughter’s yin, the faint incapacity, shallow is shallowly distributed on the yin, the child’s lab, tightly synthesized a seam, the same thing on the small sprout above the crack, already Hardly, even if the two legs are close together, she also explored the head in the seam, showing a little bit of red red.

Ah, a good daughter, you look like this!

I used two hands to touch my daughter’s parents, separated the daughter’s flower room, my daughter is very young, I saw it is a touch of pink mucosa. My fingers slowly stroking the daughter’s little meat bud, everything that touches the daughter is like a touch-like bouncing, and the burst of current is also transmitted to my heart, my penis has become harder, more thick, breathing Pretty.

Ah, I can’t stand it! This feeling is so strong, I can’t stand it! The thick erection of the penis, stretched between the two legs behind the daughter butt, from the mirror, I saw the bright glans, stretched out between the two legs in front of the daughter, I felt that my hamma met. Daughter smooth buttocks.

The daughter seems to still stand, her chest is rolling because of the urgent wheezing, the exhaled air is hot, she uses her hands from behind the neck, the body is bent behind the bow, the breasts come out, Piennote it hard.

My finger entered my daughter’s vagina, deeply inserted, as if I had to lift my daughter’s body, I felt that I have touched the place where my daughter’s belly is deep, the beat of the ball, that will have to raise small in the future Baby place.

Suddenly, he warmd the body, I think I am going to be melted by this child.

The husband’s two legs have been wet, and the whole body is closed, the uterus is also a burst of creeps, I really can’t stand it, I just hold her daughter and hold her to bed. Daughter squatted into bed, holding a pillow, biting the pillow towel to the mouth and crying.

I crushed behind my daughter, and the weight of the whole body was pressed to the daughter’s delicate body.

what! The daughter’s lifted butt, so soft, I felt that I had a rigorous penis, and I directly encountered my daughter’s genitals behind my daughter’s butt.

what! My dear daughter, my father will be so excited on your back, I think the daughter’s body has been prepared to accept my things, and it is already very wet. So, I made a daughter’s legs, lifted up and adjusted it, and the coarse penis was deeply entered into the daughter’s vagina.

what! I can’t stand it, this posture is too irritating, my penis, directly from the daughter vagina, the daughter’s clitoris, the daughter is like a current, I have a ticking, my daughter’s body is not born with autonomous places! From the depths of the body, you will flow from the daughter’s little mouth. I know that my daughter is excited to be self-suited.

I lifted my daughter’s body slightly, hugged her to stroke my daughter’s breast, and another hand touched her daughter’s lips, and then reached into my daughter’s mouth to let her suck. And forced her daughter to return to his head to kiss him, “Ah!” The daughter can’t help but send happiness.

The daughter frowned and biting his teeth, and the two feet slammed the lower body and constantly crushed, resisting the thrill of the inside of the body.

In a confused, I found this posture to give my daughter so big, finally daughter took the initiative to go to kiss me, my head is already fainted, blood is boiling, heartbeat, want to rush out from the mouth, penis The twitching has been controlled by himself. I pressed on the back of my daughter. I took a word “Dad” in the back of my daughter.

Suddenly, I feel that my daughter is a small penaltie, and that itchy feels that I am proliferating into my body, I have more fierce.

Suddenly daughter hit a chill, a whole body trembled.

Ah, I can’t stand it! I bite my teeth and resist strong ejaculation desire. However, this is no longer able to resist it, I feel that the body’s nervous stop, and the coming is a climax of a pleasure. This kind of happiness is started by the glans and radiates the entire lower abdomen.

Ah, my daughter, my good daughter! Finally, the semen of the large stock takes a powerful impact, shot to the little body of the daughter. My finger is not contracted with autonomous, and I hold my daughter youth breasts.

The daughter’s body begins to spasm. In order to resist this paralysis, her daughter bites a pillow, two hands caught the sheets, but this kind of sputum is not controlled throughout the body, and in the end, even the little paters in the daughter also contracted. “Ah, Dad …” The daughter couldn’t help but have a sound, and her daughter has fallen into a half-state.

In the dizziness of ejaculation, I feel that my semen jet in a daughter body. what! That is my semen, there is my brother and sister in my daughter, I feel that the semen spread in their sister, it seems to have returned to her warm home.

My good daughter, she is originally here, she accepts her own! The daughter unexpectedly made a very happy embarrassment.

I took a lot of lots … my daughter also reached a climax, she was full of flush, she was spasm, she could not control, she finally got myself under a real man.

I awe, the expression of the daughter, the expression when I met the climax, that is a completely different expression, the sweat, the hair, the pink body of the thin sweat, this moment, I think I feel Fall in love with my good daughter, I will not tolerate anyone to see this expression, this is my own.

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