My daughter is a model. From the high school era, I started part-time job. After graduation, I was selected as a summer propaganda girl in a sports drink, and later became the image spokesperson of this company.

Work is very busy, but it is specially wearing swimming to do publicity.

She is worthy of being selected, her daughter has a white jade skin and tender and red, a plump and delicate body, slender willow waist, a straight and long hair, it seems special elegant and moving, drumful butthable hips, then Plus that silver-like sound.

Especially her first-class body, so far, in addition to my daughter, I have never seen such a good body slim but not full, the legs are very long, the waist is fine, especially when she wears a touchless white trousers. Slim. The most awakest is to have her own double milk, it is indeed a big bigger, I didn’t expect such a slim people, there is such a full breast. People who want to touch both hands, just want to fuck her.

There is such a beautiful daughter that looks a very happy but actually has a lot of trouble. Correctly said that there is too much trouble. For example, such a beautiful sexy daughter is done how to do it, and I haven’t touched her tale, do you think I can stop this?

Maybe I wish I am also, this summer I finally have a chance to fuck her.

Everyone can imagine that there is such a daughter, and the object of masturbation is only daughter.

Occasionally, I saw the curve of my daughter’s breasts and ass, I didn’t have a fragrant fragrance. When I was masturbated, the scene of the fantasy is completely daughter.

So I see that she will have a sense of jealousy, if the line of sight meets, my face will be red, my heart will jump.

But in this summer ……..

I first felt that there is no general people who are not imagined.

Make money is a good thing, but the cost of paying is quite large, the management of the model club is quite strict.

Because it is a new off, it is necessary to avoid any scandals.

In this past, there were several boyfriend, but also enjoyed the fun of sexual intercourse, but slowly went slowly or for the recruitment of the club, immediately forced her to end everything, and the new relationship is even more, the broker keeps up. At the side, back home from the workplace is completely monitored.

The poor daughter fell into the situation where the desire is dissatisfied, but it is a lucky opening for me.

Because I didn’t see my daughter’s masturbation, I thought she never had masturbation. If you have long habits, you won’t make this kind of thing.

Although this man is not very understanding, I feel that her masturbation seems to be quite fraud.

It is a thing in mid-July. After the day after get off work, I went home with my friends, I went home after 12 o’clock, although there is only a high school second grade, but it will not be banned in this case. It is not like other students to find a woman. I am still a good party, because I often see my daughter, the girls in the same year are very ugly, there is no way to generate interest. When I wanted to go to the bathroom, I heard the sound of the shower in it. I don’t know who is inside, I quietly push the door ….

The light in the bathroom will see the daughter’s figure through the hair glass. I am nervous to swallow the water, and my eyes are desperate.

The blurred shadow gradually formed outline, the black hair of the hair is like ink paintings, but the posture is a little strange, the daughter is facing the bathtub lifting a leg, the shower of the shower is blocked by the leg.

Was a woman in this posture? When you hear a slight snoring at this time.


The sound is mixed with the water. I put all the spirit on the ear and eyes. Just to wash your body, it is too long to use, and the movements of the head are also very strange.

The black hair is swinging before and after the waves, and the shadow of the chest is also swayed.

It’s hard to be a daughter …..

However, it is absolutely fault.

Hair swing is getting bigger and bigger, and the sound is getting more and more urgent. I quietly walked into the stripping room, and gently closed the door. My mood began in seven eight, and my daughter didn’t see the movement of I came in.

I have a breath, maybe I am not good at drinking, I have a little drunk relationship, there is a big plan in my heart.

I rushed to my body. After the body naked, I suddenly pushed the door to the bathroom.

“Ah …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The naked man of the penis rushed in, and his daughter’s surprises were of course not homogeneous, and the nozzles in the hand were lost. Good to call it.

“Baby doesn’t want to call, this situation is found by your mother, because I have been seeing what you do.”

Originally, the face of her daughter is ruddy. Now it is always pale, and she finds that she is naked, and the body is turned into the body to protect the chest.

“What are you doing this, I am still talking in a shower, too polite.”

But the daughter has no power, very clearly, she is afraid, seeing her daughter, I want to torture her.

“Is it a shower? What is daughter in the lotus head? It seems that there is only the following wet …”

The daughter is back to me, but she seems to be frightened, clamp the thigh to twist the waist.

I took my head and suddenly hugged my daughter’s back, put the penis on the daughter’s butt friction.

Catch the breast in one hand, spray the front daughter with the front daughter to keep up with the thigh covering.

“Don’t, what are you doing?”

The daughter twisted his body to resist, but her hands could not leave the position.

My penis is pressed in a soft buttock of her daughter, immediately opening the reaction.

“Daughter, I know. Because I am in masturbation every day. Don’t use a shower, let me cool it.”

I put the nozzle in the ground, inserted into my daughter’s hands, and I don’t want this … I don’t want to ….

The daughter desperately twisted the body and wanted to escape, I didn’t let her escape.

“Daughter, only with hand, no one will know, that is, daughter’s broker does not have a way to monitor things in the family.”


My daughter can’t support my weight. I hurriedly support the wall to maintain balance with both hands.

My hand immediately touched her daughter’s hands and liberated, the touch of the haired hairy was so beautiful.


I continued to use body weight, one hand touched the breast, and touch the haired hand to continue to look for the flesh. The daughter’s hands have been used in the wall. There is no way to resist my kinky and evil, and the penis in the ass groove has expanded to the limit.

“Ah … no, …”

Finding fingers sliding into the vagina of daughter. I am also very impatient. I will enter the meat hole. I will enter the deep place if I have an index. “”

The daughter’s body is also wet, but that is completely different from the water of the shower, sticky, hot, and the meat inside seems to melt.

I put two fingers into the meat hole, rubbed hard.

The daughter’s breathing is getting more and more urgent. Because someone suddenly broke into, the flesh that was not able to come out, it seems that I finally recovered the rhythm of the article, I was completely addressed in the friction of the penis. Close your eyes and touched the breasts and played the pussy. Enjoy the penis pressure on a plump buttock Feel. The daughter also began to intoxication in my finger.

She doesn’t have to stand firm, but still keep the original posture, I don’t want to push my hand is the best evidence.

Not only that, but the more and more urgent, it is relying on my shoulder. I am just like dreaming on the peak of happiness.

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of men looking at daughter wearing swimming posters masturbation. I am stroking the fleshy of those men, the penis is rubbing on her body.

I can do this is that I am only a person. It is the privilege of my father, but I have been very enough to me. At that time, I didn’t expect to have sex with my daughter.

“Ah ….. …”

Just got a big humming, then twitching. “Dad, don’t … I … is … you … daughter …….”

But at this time, my obscenity, she can’t hold her own, my cock will never insert the daughter’s tender hole will explode. I held my daughter in one hand, and the other hand opened her daughter’s legs, and he was tatty. “Dad, no …, I … is afraid …”

“Baby … I am afraid … I will … let you … I want … Dead want … Fairy. ….. “

“Ah … dad … Want … do … too … you have to go … bed ….. .go……”

I saw her daughter who wanted to be strong, and I rushed to the bedroom with my daughter. I still hugged her in bed and said: “Baby, I have never seen your jade body, let me appreciate it carefully. Ok, ok? “

“No … dad … Shame … dead, play is played by you, I have been played by you, what else is good?”

She said that the body is lying, I look at it carefully, her full body, the curve is revealed; the whole body, videos separated by two colors.

From the chest to the leg, the skin is extremely tender, showing white, and the yellow lining of the neck and legs is more white.

A pair of chest, with her nervous breathing, and the rise is. The milky nipples in the milky nipples are more beautiful, which makes me intoxicated and confused. The fine waist, the smooth lower abdomen, the scar is not, the waist is below, will gradually be wide.

Between the two, vaguely open, a red hairy, more charming. The pinear in the pussy is high, a bright red seam, from the perspective, and it is otherwise fascinated.

I saw this, the whole nerve tightened, and I immediately went back. At this time, I was a long-awaited bison. My hand, mouth, no one minute, I kiss, exhausted.

My hands are not polite, on her double peak, on the lower abdomen, on the thigh, there is the most ecstatic place, start search, and test.

Under the touch of my hands, her slightly red and black big lips, now it is the oil and light, I use my hand to open her two labips, I saw there in the small hole of the hidden, the hole exiting The moving lascivious water, I saw the low body that didn’t consider, kissed the yuki, and put the tongue into the small hole.

I am so fierce, her body trembled, and finally she couldn’t help: “Dad! I … good Dad … Dad, I … I can’t stand it. , Fast … fast … plug in, I … it is difficult to die. “

So I am no longer waiting, I deeply spit out a breath, double my knees into her legs, put her legs more, support the body with both hands, tall the hot big cock, to the Taoyuan hole mouth Gently grind, she knew that my hiji touched the pussy, busy reaching out her right hand, holding my cock, guiding me, my ass sinking, the whole glans stuffed into the pussy.

At this time, the red shade appeared on the red inner face, and the waters of the water showed a smile.

I am here, but I am not happy, but the ass suddens so heavy, and the seven inch how long the big cock has sent it to the heart. Since I have sex in the water, I don’t have a very happy because of the relationship of water, now I am now , Such as tiger, hard work.

I feel that the big cock is so comfortable in the pussy, and the glans is so good to be soaked.

I haven’t taken a lot of pump, I put the baby’s legs high on the shoulder, mention the big cock, and have a whole root.

“Bu!” And will come out again.

In this way, “Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” Big chickens.

Sure enough, this posture is sincere, the woman’s pussy is in great opening, the big cock can send it to the bottom of the flower heart, while the man stands, and the two-proof cases are slightly inserted.

When I looked at the big cock, I took the baby’s small hole to turn over, out of the other, and inserted it again, and included this point of points into the point.

This time, one turn, it is more interesting, I am more interesting, I want to be more fire, the faster the plug speed is, because I just leaked it once, so I was more durable this time.

Inserting a fast, the prostitutes in the point were hit by the big cock, but made a wonderful hit.

“Bu Tour! Bu Tour! Bu Tit! Bu Tour!” At this time, the baby also forth, loudly called: “Good Dad … Pupire … good husband … … Ah … I inserted me … I am very happy. “” Dad! You are my best pro-husband, parent brother … I am so comfortable, ah! So beautiful!”

“Oops … I want to go to day …”

“Dad …. Current weight …. ah … … I … have to … out … ……..Oh…….”

Sure enough, my glans is so uncomfortable, how beautiful is this, so much, I have been in so many women, I have tasted this taste in the first time, and I also appreciate the fun of sexual intercourse.

She kneys out, I put her legs down, I got my body, kissed her scent, and put on her double milk on her.

“Well! Soft, good, so full!” I stroked her double milk, I feel unlimited, I can’t help but call.

My big cock will be full of her small hole.

My mouth is tightly sealed.

She spit out the tongue and greet my hot kiss.

She twisted her body and adapted to my hands.

She contracted her vagina and with my big cock.

Because we all have ventilated, this reinforcing war is more fierce, and the fire burning is more fierce, the more you smoke, more and more, and she is also called, and beautiful and comfortable.

Www.jkforum.netjkf Czech Forum Suddenly she screamed: “Ah! Beautiful …. is so beautiful ………… The most beautiful realm of life is ……. I am dead …. Dad … You are too great … you give me …….. is too beautiful … Plug …. .

She is like a mother tiger, the soul is in nine, and she has got a climax.

I am like a hungry, hungry, don’t eat, exhausted the whole body.

At this time, she, the whole body trembled, a hot yin is sprayed, it is so beautiful, my glans are swaying, the whole body has trembled, the lower abdomen is tight, and a hot call in Dantian Sperm, like a fountain, full shot to her uterus.

“Ah …. is dead … Dad … I ….”

We are quietly embracing, enjoy this kind of aesthetics after this shooting. We slowly resumed reason. No, we are a father, this is incest.

“Dad, my mom is coming back, you have to come down, we can’t do this, otherwise I will wait for her, then everything is finished, I have to wear clothes, I am reluctant …”

I am silent with my daughter, it seems that there is something wrong, but I feel that it is right, my daughter is even a word, but I wore clothes silently and took a shower again.

At this time, I want to say something with my daughter, but I want to say that, I haven’t spoke each other.

This night, I couldn’t sleep all night. It was, my daughter’s beautiful face, the charming sea town, especially the situation of her and her, excited me all night, four I closed my eyes on five o’clock, and I slept for a while.

It’s hard to get the next day, I saw my wife to go to work, I was waiting to enter my daughter’s room, I saw her one person, I was busy, I was busy, laugh A sound.

“Dad, is you, scare me, jump.” The daughter smiled. After the daughter of the wind and rain last night, I met I was no longer so embarrassed. “

“Baby! You know that I am so difficult to wait!” I said.

“Is it hungry, just, I just warmly prepared for my work, don’t eat some.”

At this time, the daughter makes people love and love, and live away from a family of family.

“Baby, I don’t want to eat now, just want to … eat …” I said, one side pulled her on the bedside.

“Hey! Eat me, I will not give you to eat, see what you do”

“Okay, don’t you like this? I really love you very much, you will be compassionate, sympathize, sympathize with me.”


“Good wow!” It turned out to be teasing me, I was happy to take her, and kissed the past.

The daughter is also a master of love. It is more unfamiliar with the kiss. She is in turn, her hands, the fragrant tongue is light, and I am teased.

At this time, the daughter, began to be attentive, not only did not refuse my caress, but also a kind of enthusiasm, to get my heart, it is a sexy esteem, if not, how can I get her.

In this way, our two people kissed a moment, I am already the heart and speed, breathing is also urgent, busy saying: “Baby! Now it is all of our two, I still scruple what, I …. .. “

“No, dad we can’t do this.”

“No, good daughter, I haven’t dinked yet, I have to eat milk.”

Saying that I am not welcome to take off her inside and outside, only one underwear left.

I will continue to hold her, caress, baby, her soft, boneless jade hand, is also stroking my dick, and is sent.

“Hey! It’s so comfortable …….”

“Yeah! Too beautiful … Really …”

“Baby! I am also …….”

“Hey! Haha …”

The daughter’s cheeks started flourish, and the breathing begins to be urgent, and slowly started.

“Ah … ah … good … good me … I can’t stand it, my dad is fast … put …… Go in, fast me … good … brother ….. Dear husband! Let go in, okay? “

How can I don’t have it in it, I am not pulling out every day, I am busy with the only three-pool, the milk is taken off, and I will take my underwear.

Due to yesterday, the weather, people did not look carefully, herbs were doing things, today they didn’t worry, plus big day, light, and only see the baby on the bed.

Lying on the bed, face the boom, the red clouds, the mouthfuls.

White and tender skin, fine small waist, and round and big hips.

The red egg face, and more beautiful.

That high-spirited bread is like the bread that is being trained on successful ridge.

The little nipple is red and tender, like succulent peaches.

That smooth lower abdomen is like a bean flower that has not been broken.

The slender thigh, let people really want to touch it again.

Especially the roots of the thighs, the mouth is a one, and the waves, the temptation is extremely, enough to make any man to see, I want to go up to the horse.

I dialded her jade leg, ah! The mysterious imperial thing that is unheatherent is so cute, so fascinating, then the heartbeat accelerate … I use my hand to open the two pieces The hills of the mouth, ah!

Red, small, round, just like a meat is like the upper end of the hole, I kissed it, I went to pick up with my tongue.

Ah! Hot, salty.

I kissed! The rise of her kiss, put her small hole again, and greeted it, a mouth contained this meat.

“Ah … itch is dead …….. 酸 死 ……..”

At first, the baby still lived, until, kissed her little hole, she was a bit anxious.

She didn’t expect that I opened her legs and opened her mouth and kissed it with a tongue.

Suddenly, I kissed her most sensitive jerki, she shook, mixed.

She didn’t expect that I will bite her yukuclear, a while like an electric shock, and itchy, it is, and immediately leads to the whole body.

She can’t hit: “Ah … can’t …. Can’t bite again … …. 酸 …….. itch dead … .. “

At this time, the daughter has been biting the soap, the intention is coming, and the romance is big, and I can’t hold the laugh: “Oh …. Ha … itch …. “

“Hey! Dad! How can you like this, great ……..” “Call! That … isn’t … I saw it from the yellow book, is it comfortable? “

“It turns out that you also look at that thing, really, dad, you do this … Tongue, really … too beautiful … great …”

“I am also a person, if not, how can you make you feel comfortable?

She twisted his hips, while holding my cock, gently set, especially from time to time, nailing my glans, making my cock, more congestive, more inflated.

At this time, the daughter, the eyes became silk, delicate and sorrowful: “Dad! Your big cock has been big and big … You should kiss enough, let your big dicks have been addicted! “

I really kissed enough, and the sexual impulsive is very strong. I am stringing right away. On her body, the cock has arrived at the Taoyuan Dungee, my ass sinking, I don’t have a powerful! ” , One plugged in.

Since the daughter is also older, she is a high leg, hook my waist, is like something like it, the end of the uterus is allowed to put, the vagina is contracted, and my cock is so comfortable.

This is in her body, according to the soldiers, enjoy this sucking taste, my dick is sucking with her, excited a bit of a shortcoming trend, soon to take a breath, pull the chicken out, inhibit yang S fine.

“Dad … Dad! How do you … pull out … This will want me … The life, fast …. .. into. “

“Good one is a woman!” I started to be slow …. and fast …. Again …

Since the daughter is the old will, how can she make me alone? She doesn’t want to show weakness, the legs bend, support the butt, lift the hip, and shake it, together with my flipping.

At the same time, the waves are called, so that I am mad.

“Ah …. Good … brother …. Beautiful ……………………………………………………………………………………… …. This plug … inserted me …. So comfortable …. Brother … I shake it?……………………………………………………………………………. …. inserted to me to go to …. Even inserting me, I am going to do it … ah …. 唔 ……………………………………… … “.

After a while, she has been fine, put a hot and hot, poured, poured, and I was very comfortable.

Although she has been fine, but more romance, the yellow novel is good, women can do more than a few times.

I saw her more waves, I am also more crazy.

“Buzi! Bu Tour!” This is the war of our wars.

“Um … …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

“I …. Fast shot is fine … I …”

“No! You can’t shoot … You don’t …” She is afraid.

“No! I can’t help …. I ….”

Just feel that the waist is tight, one hemp, a hot ride, all shot in her uterus, flowers.

She is holding, afraid of losing me.

But I just tasted my anisotropy, but the golden gun is not falling. Although it is especially the fine, the big cock is still like a iron pillar, and it is hard to make a tight and warm end of the uterus, enjoy the pleasure after ejaculation.

“Dad! Continue to pump? I can be very hard, please!” Baby is in the heart of the heart, the sound said: “This is good, let my big chicken Bay will …. I use my hand for you Exquisite! “

When I finished, I climbed up and sat in my baby. I hugged her left hand. Press the right hand on her yin, the palm of the palm, the middle finger, sliding into the small hole, buckled above the small hole, the middle finger is also Yucai strokes.

Yuling is the most sensitive place for women’s sex. Now, I have finger a finger, she can’t help but lying on my thigh, let me enjoy, dig.

She lie down, my left hand was empty, so I put it in her breast. I will touch it for a while.

She is also not to be outdone, both holding my big dick, gently Taonong, occasionally with the tongue to lick me all the pores Zhang, very dumb. “Dad! You are very big, very thick, long Oh!”

“Really there are others like than how big it,” I Yin Xiao said.

“Dad! How you say it, I’ve never slept with someone else and do. I know how to how other people, I thought she must have been someone else speak, and I still listen to the daughter of the first man, more my big fat male. “

I was holding her hands Jiao Qu, big dick pointed at her pussy mouth, body sank, sit down, “AIDS!” Slamming, my big dick whole by her pussy to swallow inside.

“Ah! Very beautiful.”

Daughter laugh, laugh so proud, big dick in her efforts to reach the top, the top of her body tingling soft, burning very, very beautiful.

My legs a hard, put up a butt, big dick and quietly slipped out, and sets ass sank into it.

“Ah! …. so beautiful …. the United States.”

Pussy big dick and now again to eat inside.

“Ah! Dad! I’m your interpolation, so comfortable.”

www.jkforum.netJKF Czech forum I see her this spring to pay the waves look, feel very interesting, busy hands outstretched, playing on her breasts, sometimes looking at the big dick pussy sets look.

I saw her two labia, into a doubled, billowing red meat, very beautiful.

“Ah …. ha ha …. I plugged your father …. ….. I’m so happy you plug … ha ha … great …. good fun …. .. “

After three or four hundred times, and his daughter is Jiaochuan wave frequency warble hum: “ah …. ah .. pro …. husband died …. I …. well …. can .. .. can be a little heavier …. …… …. fast …. I want to rise …… days ……. “

I feel her pussy contracting waves, she wants to know the fine, busy out of the penis, and fell on her.

At this time the daughter, which is the climax, die happy occasion, I was such a drawn out, like she fell from the sky, it is extremely empty.

Watery eyes staring, puzzled, said: “Dad …… how fast you friends …… …. continued …..”

“Well …. come and …..”

“AIDS!” To cry, and my penis is inserted into her hot wet pussy, the whip fierce send stud in the end times and the bother.

It was so pumped up twenty minutes, and finally we both fine and vent.

As the saying goes: “not Sunday, good times never last in” When my daughter was drinking in the vortex of desire, can meet each other, no wonder people say: “envy the duck does not envy cents.” But the good days are always short of.

Just listen to the clock striking five, forced to separate, two talents, she kissed me, and I kiss her, two people reluctant to leave, because we both have to go to work because his wife often work overtime, so the family often only two of us. One day, I came back from the unit, she was sunbathing in the back yard, I did not hear the sound of the door, so I stood there quietly enjoy this piece of spring.

She was wearing a tiny white panties, Pazainaer, the entire bottom curve absolutely shattered presented in front of me, I can clearly see there are a few curly pubic hair exposed to the outside, it really makes me waves Roujin .

When she stand up, the whole big breasts completely before my eyes. Oh! What a big, white meat ball and rounded the charming, almost causing me to put the fine water shot out! ……

“Oh! Dad! …… I do not know you’re back!”

Her face floating color surge of shame, and grabbed the corset cover, only Nevertheless, her chest still most exposed. While she hand on the underwear, on the one hand and walked toward the door at the same time shy and said: “I have dinner ready, because the earlier it wanted the sun!”

When she noticed the tie top bra when, but forgot following buttons did not buckle, so the pants just like strippers in front of me slowly hanging down, the entire piece furry daughter’s pubic hair completely presented my eyes! The way to see her running around in circles, but also aroused my lust.

I rushed up, my hands hugged her, and our two mercenaries, I picked her to rush to the bedroom. Because she didn’t wear clothes, I have peeled her three times. Extremely light, the charming curve, breast, beautiful legs, hot carcass, smooth skin, let me hue, I feel a volcanic outbreak-like passion. We both kiss again, want to swallow us, I feel hard, thick … I am straight.

My hands are not idle, keeping with her very strong tits, the penis is slow and the regularity, one goes out, then slowly speed up, once a time accelerated … … I can’t help but speed up with her rhythm with her rhythm.

Finally, the daughter finally “um … 喔 … um … …” The snoring, the hands are not compliant with myself, and I spurt a large number of prostitutes to reach the climax.

And I was also in this time, a burst of meat, a lot of meat, a hot refrigeration, a lot of spurting, and gently squatting: “Hey … I … Love … you … I … I … put … thick … fine … full … vent … give … you … you … “

After a few minutes, I had already returned to God with my daughter, and we didn’t eat yet. I immediately put on the clothes and stand up. I went to the kitchen. I also hurried to the living room.

After a few minutes, my daughter wore a short-shirt, I went directly to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. When she shouted me to eat, I went to the restaurant, and I saw her small-eyed shirt through the lights. I didn’t wear a milk cover. Did not wear underwear, this kind of situation reminds me of beautiful and fascinating flesh that just didn’t wear clothes, let me not help but meat, the dick is big.

Of course, because of the just event, the whole dinner is silently eaten, and the eyes do not dare to touch each other. Grass After dinner, I quickly returned to the house to do my homework, leaving my daughter alone in the kitchen and living room packing.

About nine o’clock, I just sat slightly, I just stimulated such as a wave of emotions, I heard the gently buckle door, then the daughter pushed the door slowly, she was still wearing the short priests just now. A seductive thigh is open. From the chest of the highlights in the probular shirt, because there is no shade, the two nipples are more prominent, it seems to be very attractive to me, harm me again, the whole big cock, the whole big cock is big.

When she sat down on my bed, because of the relationship of the posture, the blood shirt was put down, not only can see the entire thigh, but also more than half of his butt exposed. From the thigh to look up, you can see a black molter! God! She … she still didn’t wear underwear! Just because of the legs and can’t see others, but just just this has made me crazy.

The daughter seems to know that her spring leaks make me a list, but she doesn’t have to cover it, and my eyes are attracted to the way, is it …

The daughter said in a secluded: “You can’t help me massage, let me relax so so good?” I don’t wait for me to answer, and I don’t wait for me to agree, my daughter is self-sufficient.

I certainly know how the next thing will develop, what will happen, I think that I am a meat, the old two has risen almost ruined …

So good things I will certainly agree, sit down to the bed, sit down next to my daughter, and then extend because of over excited and tremble, I startally grab it by the side. Although it is still in the clothes, you can still feel the softness, warmth, elasticity of the daughter, which is of course because she is maintained, and the relationship is diligent …

I massage for a while, grabbed, and my hand began to move below the shoulder. When I was massage, my daughter put the cheeks that were biased to the bed, constantly changed around.

“Well … um … um … really comfortable … Good … your craft … really … no … … um … Shu … … …” I take this off, it is more convenient to massage, ok? “

When I finished my daughter, I looked up my body and took a skill to easily contact the skin directly to do a massage. It’s just that she forgot this, my daughter is equal to the naked transward in front of me, my heart is also jumped on the jump, and I will suffocate!

The back of her daughter is very smooth, and her skin is full, ruddy, elasticity due to regular exercise and maintenance. I grabbed her back little massage, arrived at shoulders, and massage it again. The daughter’s mouth is still constant: “Um … um … Shu … service … um … um …” whispering.

When I massage to the side, my daughter naturally lifted his arm, and I continued to massage down. When I took my daughter, I kneaded down step by step, then I took her breast. “Well …” Yes … “daughter groaned, soft saying:” True … good ……… Shu … … … … … “

When I kneamed the breast, my daughter started her back. Of course, her breast is like a few hours ago, the entire presence is in front of my eyes. My hand strokes her warmth, soft, round, and elasticity like a small jade-like breast, that feeling is really unable to describe, that is a feeling that I have never tasted in this life!

My hand continued to squat into the breast. When I touched the nipple, I used the nap to gently and the middle finger. The nipple under my 搓 揉, slowly slammed it. At this time, my daughter raised his back and put her back to my chest, put the head on my shoulders, so my daughter is completely exposed in front of my eyes.

I continued to rub her nipple, just started to gently, and gradually stepped up after a while, then strokes her entire breast, the daughter still put the head in my shoulders, reclining in my arms In the mouth of the eyes: “Um … um … um … um …” The snoring, enjoy the happiness I greeted.

Looking at the romance of the daughter, listening to her lascivious sound, stroking her breast, I can’t stand it again, turn my daughter’s face and rush to me, kiss her lips, give her a deep The wet kiss, one I have never gave other people who have never been experienced. The daughter also responded to me with her hot and hot lips like me.

At first we kiss a kiss, then the lips were sticky together, the daughter stretched the tongue into my mouth, let me abscepted, I took the tongue into my daughter’s mouth. She sucks, and our lips are tightly joined together, and the tongue is sliding in each other’s mouth.

The daughter’s breathing hot is blowing on my face, just like a powerful nuclear bomb, let me unable to control myself, and the daughter knows this. When our tongue meets, they are naturally gently, and they will go straight to each other’s mouth, so that the other side is sucking …

When I stood up and prepared to take off my clothes, my eyes were still greedy, and the daughter was coveted with a daughter. When I took off the clothes, when I walked back to the bed, my daughter was lying on the bed, slowly separated her legs, letting me completely clearly appreciate her beauty and mysterious tender.

Although my dicks have been painful, I can’t insert her wonderful hole right away. I still don’t help but look at it. I look at it, I am a good appreciation, this is also my daughter hopes me. At this time, I found that she was not naked. She wore a little unable to be small. In fact, it can’t be said to be a pants, and the cloth can only cover her meat, and the rest is unable.

The daughter has a clustered brown brown brown, and the beautiful decoration is above the hole. When I brought it to it, I found a daughter’s body shock a shock.

Although the daughter wearing the pants that can’t be called pants, I didn’t hurry to take off it, but gently put the cloth one side. I found that due to the hustle and daughter, the daughter has already flowed a lot of obscene, and the whole pussy is covered with adhesive wet.

I extended her hands and start massaging my daughter’s thigh and roots, then gradually move my hands to stroking her, and I can’t touch my daughter.

The daughter’s hands tightly grabbed the edge of the bed and turned back, the eyes were closely closed, her butt was constantly moving down, it seems to be a riding a knight …

When my fingers are hard to get into the daughter’s tender, soft and gently decline in my middle fingers, my daughter can’t help but cry, beg to say: “Hey! Heaven! Hey … Dad … Dad …! Quick … Quick Daughter! … Please! … Come … Good … good … … dry … Daughter’s little bit! … Come … I want you … Ok … good … … do … heavy … heavy … … do … hard … … do … daughter … forced … help … I … stop … stop … …itch……”

I buried her face to her share, kiss her labi, with my tongue deeply into her holes, sucking her labians. My daughter lifted her ass with my tongue’s movement, I didn’t stop the bow, I also put her holes with my upper and lower, and I can insert a deep depth as much as possible. Sucking her labi and 汨汨 汨汨 …

Suddenly, the daughter got a trembling, a burst of lapievous, sprayed from the daughter’s hole, and most of my face was sprayed.

The daughter took off her little pants and I climbed up to put my body to my daughter, put her face close my daughter’s face, my daughter actually started gentle, she spurt her prostitute. A few minutes, when the daughter completed the prostitution on my face, pushed me stand up, and said with a near command: “Lying down!” I certainly obey her as soon as possible. After I lie down, my daughter slowly across my lower abdomen. He hit my big dick. When her lips came into contact with my glans, I can clearly feel that her waves are like a fire, this I feel that I am full, so that I have a deeper layer of sex.

When the daughter’s hole, she started to swallow her butt, she started to pull her butt, she was able to hook the big milk, and I quickly held her breast with my hands. .

After a while, my daughter took the body to me, I felt that my blood quickly rushed up, she also found that I quickly reached the climax, so speed up the speed of up and down …

When I ride, my daughter wrapped around my back, holding me tightly. Of course, my big dick is still inserted into her. Our body is stuck in the body, gratifying each other, and the lower body is constantly pumping into the sleeve, until I can’t help but I can’t help it. Spreading and concentrating. At this time, my daughter is tightly entangled in my legs. It seems that I am afraid that I will give it a concentrated to others …

The daughter continued to lying on my body, we mutually squatted, kissed, caress, we in this day, we put the lower body, hung, kissed and slept until the dawn …

From that day, I often do my family when I don’t think about my family, share each other’s feelings, enjoy each other’s body.

The good scene is not long, the daughter wants to participate in the fashion show, let me be alone at home, let me not be lonely, don’t work during the day, but at night, the night is deep, it is my chicken, especially the daughter, beautiful It is even more excited.

No, I am going to find her.

I am sitting on the city where the plane is going straight. Such a big literary activity saw people asking, so I quickly found my daughter, when she saw her, she was at the stage.

She wore a tight white trousers, I wore a sleeveless sling, ultra-thin and transparent meat stockings and nearly three-inch high heels, making her round slender legs more attractive, elegant long Plus a charming smile, beautiful, let me fluid.

At this time, I really want to rush forward, put her on the ground, and go to do her. But this is under the previse, and then there are people who have this idea, you can say that as long as it is a physiological man, there is this idea.

I suddenly wanted to give my daughter a surprise, so I ran to the background, I found the staff, saying that I am her father, let me go to her room waiting for her.

Since my daughter is a senior model, she has her own alone dressing room. The staff naturally didn’t feel sin, I met into the dressing room in succession.

In order to give the daughter a surprise, I hide the rear of the curtain. After a while, the woman came in a noble angel, because it was a performance, the daughter also spent a faint makeup more charming.

The daughter didn’t know my arrival. I came in and started to take off my clothes. She took off the tight white trousers, revealing the beautiful legs, then, she took off the hamousel, wow! She didn’t wear a milk, the suspenders came up, and the two white fat buns jumped out.

I thought she was going to take off, but I was wrong, she no longer took off and the way to pick up a white dress.

Can I stop this? Then I am not a white? I can’t rely again, and I have to explode again by my chicken. I rushed up and hugged her tightly. The hands did not consciously grabbed her dollar big tits.

“Save … Save …” I haven’t waited for her to shout out my lips. I tightly enclose her mouth.

When she came back, I saw that I was crazy. I almost suffocate.

“Dad, you … how do you … come …, you … know …? I am … how … I want … you …?”

“Good … good … daughter, I … I … is also, or … I am … thousand miles … come to … you …?”

I grabbed my daughter and put into her skirt and played her tender breast.

“Dear, I have to do it here.”

“Dad, this will be seen, there is a person outside?” The daughter is worried.

“Nothing, don’t have anyone” My hand reached into the daughter’s underwear: “Wow, daughter, you have flowed a lot of water!” I let my daughter helped her hands on a chair, pick up hips, I Lifting a daughter’s skirt, take off her underwear, a big butt of the snow whiten pink with me.

“Daughter, your ass is really tender!”

“Is it? Daughter is given to you.” The daughter began to be suspended.

“Followed!” I lick my daughter’s butt flesh, while touching the daughter’s clitoris, my daughter’s Sao points out of more obscenity.

“Dad, let go in, I want you …”

I stood up and put the huge cock on the daughter’s tender hole, and pushed it, and I didn’t enter my daughter. The daughter called “Ah” called …

I quickly dried my daughter, and I copied her hand to play two big tits.

“Dear, are you beautiful? Dad gets good?”

“Ah … dad … you are so powerful, daughter is so cool … You know … I am … two days … how … I think … you?”

“Daughter, you, I want to die!”

“Good … daughter is a slime goods, daughter wants dad to do me … daughter let … you die …”

Even more than 300 daughters were dried in the tenderness of the daughter, my daughter reached a few climax, I was also fine and opened, and I ram into my daughter’s jade body …

Get the vented of sexual desire, I am sitting on the carpet, let the half-naked daughter sitting in my arms, I kiss the daughter’s delicate cheek, put the white tits with daughters, and daughter jokes. Daughter’s red lips kiss me, we kiss together …

I stretched my hand to the daughter, touched my daughter’s anus, said to me: “Dad, I want to engage in you, can you?”

My daughter kissed me again and said softly: “Okay, my daughter gives you.”

Then the daughter took the initiative to squat on the weeds, showing the beautiful and sexy big butt. I lick my daughter’s anus. When I started to open, I took my daughter and put the big chicken and slow into the delicate anus. Mom’s anus was used as many times, still so tight, pack my thick dick. The daughter is really the best!

I am in an extremely pleasure and beautiful daughter anal, until I shoot my semen in her rectum …

I touched her double milk, lying on the carpet, holding her relative for a while, doing three times in the locker room and daughter three times, so cool! Although I can’t bear my daughter, my daughter will not be reluctant to me, but as a model, she must take her own.

At this time, the director called her outside: “Rong Rong, why can’t you come out, you get started!”

“Wait for a while, I will go.”

“Dad, you first go back to the hotel, I went to talk to you about the class, followed by” honor “me, okay?”

Finally, I confiscate my daughter was sexual secretion stick was soaked underwear, not to let his daughter go out on stage wearing underwear.

I harbored feelings reluctantly back to the hotel, such as the feeling of simply as the daughter of time degrees.

I finally saw my sweetheart from her hotel window, ah my sweetheart finally back.

Soon under the leadership of the waiter’s daughter found the room, a waiter will come at us with strange, she thought my daughter was looking for a prostitute, because the daughter too sexy.

“We are father and daughter Long time no see, we have much to say, do not call you, you do not have to come in.”

She got the message that we are father and daughter are away.

When the waiter door was closed, so I went and could not help, rushed to put her thrown around, my daughter Jiaochen gently hit me: “satyr, blame you, do not let me wear underwear, harm I have to wreck in a T-shaped stage, I put the water out of a first-class skirt wet, pervert who always laugh at me …… “

When a few hours and did not love her, my cock already up too thick and hard, daughter saw me, his eyes can not help but light up, fly me a wink.

I like to get a hint as swooped over and hugged her daughter, on the one hand kneading her little ass flexible, on the other hand had climbed up her tits.

Daughter hugged me, cloves uvula also crossing over through my lips, in my mouth, stirring constantly, small hands across my pants caught cock.

After a caravan, the daughter’s tongue left my mouth, my hand stroked her two legs in the middle of the middle. I looked at my daughter and asked: “Oh, miss me?”

Www.jkforum.netjkf Czech Forum “Though, want to die.” Daughter replied.

“You are a small saga, is it thinking about me, still thinking about my meat stick?” I asked in play.

The daughter’s face is red, shy to answer: “Of course I miss you, I miss your big dick.”

The first time I heard the word “cock” from the pure daughter’s mouth, my meat stick was more hard, and the daughter who did not expect us to say such a vocabulary.

“Little beauty … child … Do you know? I am … how much I want … you?”

“I hate, what do you think of me.”

“I think your tits … sweetheart.” Said that my hand touched her big tits, and the other hand stretched into her Taoyuan.

“Husband … Dad … Hold me … hold me … Hold me ……?”

The daughter spoiled into my arms, let me hug her to bed and watch the Chu Chu’s daughter can’t help but I can’t help it. When the sound is happy, the clouds are raining, and they are raped, they are broken, but they are also ashamed to take the initiative to call me to reverse the phoenix. I took the initiative to make a happiness, make love …….. .

I picked up her on the bed, slammed the lips where the daughter cherry red, took the opportunity to put the tongue into it, forcibly opened the girl’s white jade teeth, a crazy with apologies, sucking, licking .. ………..

It immediately blocked the daughter’s scent, but I had to send a beautiful breath from the pretty Yao nose ………

“Um …….. um … um …….. Um …….. ……. um … …Uh-huh……….”

My hand also seized the daughter’s slender and slippery, and the snow whispered beautiful legs were separated. She has already begun to attack, and she is ashamed, and she is shame. Jade leg ….

It turned out that she just borrowed a little, I took my daughter’s snow white smooth jade legs, and I mentioned before the waist, Chu Chu’s pure girl, the goddess, the sacred “Huaxi Taoyuan”, which has been completely exposed, I have already been obscene and moist there.

I played a thick mashed mask in the chest early, gently holding the “Yu Ditch” lips of the obscenity, first, first squeezing the smooth and delicate lips ….. …

The lower body is advanced, first put the glans into the pure girl narrow vaginal mouth, then force it to press down ………….

Because the vaginal “flower diameter” has long been humilian secretions, I have a deep place to go into the daughter’s vagina ————- my thick mask has been deeply , Completely enter her body, then stop …….

It has already been empty, and the daughter who wants to fire has finally hoped that the moment of wanting to die, I have already excited that the whole body snow muscle is more exciting, I seem to hear her heart, “怦,怦 」被 虽 虽 虽 张 大 大 大 了 大 了 了 张 大 大 是 是 大 张 张 是 张 喘 是 喘 喘 哼 哼 喘 哼 哼 娇 细 细 哼 哼 哼 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细..

“Um …….. um … um ……… 唔 ………. um ……. Um … um … um ………

I am free to spit out my daughter’s tender and sweet little daughter, and I still have a grunge jade breast milk that lives in my daughter. It is crazy to suck, rub it, and the emotional emotional emotional emotional emotion …….. …..

“Hey … ah …….. ah ……. ….. …………. ah … …..what……..”

When I left her Xiang Chun, that soft red lips finally Jiaoti out loud, she could be my daughter feels coarse “giant stick” gentle powerful body into her own heart shake the feeling confused rapture, dizziness dizziness, kind of gentle but firm into the top makes her Yuxianyusi ……………… I began thrusting up in her lower body ……

And gradually accelerated pace, the more heavily the top stimulate sensitive Zhi delicate moist inner wall of the vagina tight little narrow daughter ……..

Tutu shy girl at me shyly with Flanagan “big Rougun” coming and going, I feel like my penis than the first time I broke into the rough even when her body much longer and more hard … ..

Shy daughter enjoying unlimited continuous strong in her lower body out of jade in the hips, gently insert to stimulate Jiaoti, obscene groan Yin Yan ……….

“Well ….. ……. hey ….. Well …… light …. light ….. point …. hey ….. hey ……. hey …… light .. ah ….. light .. point ….. Well ……. hey …… Well .. ………

Well hey …… …….. …… you …. you … please lighter lighter ….. Well … Well …. Well …….. …… hey …… “

I courageously grappling, hilarious assault, destroy Huanglong efforts at Choucha, lovely, pure, pleasant Jiaoti mildly daughter again, moaning …… shy, extremely strong in, enervating pleasure stimulation, fighting back pain more than broken melon Fallen flowers, send cater very sheepishly shy, mildly Cheng Huan …….

When I thrusts nearly three hundred times in her daughter’s vagina, the daughter could not systemic The muscle spasms that burst of electric shock-like thrill, “ah -” Life’s pro-prostitution soon Jiaoti, daughter deep uterus twitch lower body, it is present within the vagina tight little narrow, delicate and gentle, kinky Zhi slippery wet wall tightly wrapped meat tenderizer gross huge cock body and out of the rod, while not restrain tighten doom ,shrink…..

That suddenly from deep innocent girl beauty such as Sin, the depths of the uterus dark holy Johnson ejected a thick smooth viscous sex fluid, vaginal straight outer rushing ……..

Diffuse through the thick penis, vagina and out of her mouth ……

I was pretty ingenue that hot sex fluid a shock, while the glans dumb horse eye, rushed feverishly against the daughter that young Johnson also slip a little shy of the cervix, penis while a small jump, thick and surge again hot, many and thick Yang Jing direct into the holy stunning girl suddenly deep fiery womb ……..

Decipher the climax of a beautiful girl was Yang Jing fiercely to the uterine wall a spray my many and hot, the body suddenly chattered with excitement, and that a pair of slender beautiful jade slippery snow stiff legs suddenly raised high and then melted and shy site after I share, I gripped the jade hip in …….

Soft without bone fibers slide has suddenly a slender waist up, like soft snow lotus Yubi tightly hoop on my shoulder, a pair of trembling anger towering Jiaoru firmly stick to my chest, fiery burst of unspeakable grinding action, at the same time, the vagina burst of fiery spasm, contraction, pressing Teignmouth wall tenderloin thick penis will doom ejaculation is tightened, it seems that every drop of semen you want to have a huge penis squeezed out .. ……….

“Hey —–” gave Johnson crisp meet, Life’s pro-prostitution Jiaoti, daughter naked, boneless, Crystal white jade carcass gluey tightly wound on my body, both men climbed up Huan female love, clouds and rain intercourse climax ……….

It had kinky fine Yuye, Fallen flowers little messy stains on the white sheets, but also a piece of Yujin Aiye, filthy …………

Enchanting, gentle Wan Shun, stunning spotlessly clean, pure, pleasant shy daughter once again I tease a strong physiological needs and fanatical lust kinky fire, raped, and her father Dianluandaofeng, rain clouds cloth, kinky love intercourse, intercourse fit ……..

Fit intercourse after the daughter Taosai orgasm blush, Meimou light alloys, fragrant perspiration dripping, Jiaochuan thin …..

A long long time ……

My mind went blank, after the attack stopped suddenly startled. Fell on her bare chest, his hands still gently caress her breasts.

Below, my jade should still stay in the daughter’s little point, extremely slow, enjoy the gentleness of the daughter’s young little and her lower abdomen friction. The daughter’s snoring is getting smaller and smaller … Finally, the daughter hugged my arms and released my arms. My soft jade stem is also unable to take out the daughter’s small hole.

The daughter turned lazy, we embracted tightly, and the four legs intersect, the yin is close, and the crisp is tight. I have a chaotic kiss and the two people sleep in the middle of the words. ……

The sun’s rays are illuminated by the thick curtains to our face. She woke up and found that she was naked naked with the same naked.

My jade stem is roughly topped in her yell, and my hand is already on her ass.

The four eyes are relatively, we both have some steps.

“Dad, you can have a long night, it is my dream.”

“The daughter, I am the same. Waiting for so many years, I finally played soon soon.”

The daughter holds my thick mask: “Dad, I have been fake. We can have fun for three days and two nights.”

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