In the hands of the group, I took the a piece borrowed with my colleagues, hurried into the room to open the computer, and I can’t wait to play, and the eye is actually my daughter’s face.

She is happy and male performance.

Only a thin white shirt on the body, the milk tip of my daughter’s chest is hidden, and the right hand holds the male strong penis and gently pull it.

The first chapter of the daughter has returned to come to the meal, I am sitting at the table, watching a table of dishes, Yin, but there is no appetite.

My wife is happy to have a rich dinner, and celebrate her daughter to study from Japan.

Husband, what is it? not comfortable? “

My wife saw me seems to be reluctant, and asked carefully.

Nothing, probably too tired today. “

That’s good, wait for Ling Ling, we will open a meal. After a few years, I finally came back. You still frowned, smiled ~ … My wife hugged me later, kiss my cheek, said soft, daughter back , We can’t be so big in the evening … Let me feel light biting my earlobe, then turn to the soup.

The stairs were ringing. My daughter Lingling jumped to run downstairs, wearing a small skirt, set a small vest to sit on the dinner table.

Dad, what happened? Your face is not good. “

Lingling jumped over, holding my back, knew my face.

The cuddle between this ordinary father and women, at this moment have become metastasis.

I have a picture of this afternoon in my mind.

Old Zhou, this film borrows you, the female inside is really like your daughter Lingling.


Old Zhang’s mouth, I am angry.

I took the film, the female excellent in the envelope is really like my daughter, the big double eyelid eyes are half-eyed, the nose of the nose, bite the lower lips and enjoy the look, one hand covers the full chest, only Just covering the mysterious nipple, the slim waist seems to work hard.

Then it is a female name, and the dizziness.

In addition, the seal is a personal sensation, and my daughter has a 90% image.

Let your mother’s fart, it is your mother! “

I am not angry, but I have some doubts in my heart.


If my mother is so positive, I first on her. “

Old saying is shameless.

After returning home, holding a film borrowed with colleagues in his hand, hurried into the study, could not wait to play, reflecting the eyes and is my daughter’s face.

She is happy and male performance.

There is only a thin white shirt on the body. If the milk tip of my daughter is hidden, the right hand holds the male and strong penis and gently pull it.

That should be similar.

I comfort yourself and then start to appreciate the content, the premium of women and male, is very hot, first is the girl’s bidding, breasts.

Then the man’s sublet girl’s breasts, the cover wrote a 34D cup, I was really 34D, I can’t help it, when I saw the male, the female, the female legs were dial, showing the charming pink and lip, I I saw a red birthmark on the inside of the female thigh.

I shocked! The shape color of the child is exactly the same as my daughter! People have similar, is it like this? That tire remember me, my daughter, I often laughed, my daughter can’t participate in the beauty.

I haven’t seen the birthmark in 20 years, I didn’t expect to see it in this situation.

The film is still playing, the lens is also magnified in the male tongue to tend to tease the women’s clitoris, the female is also a burst of armament.

Didn’t see people, listening to the sound, it is the voice of my daughter Lingling! Lei, I should stop the show immediately, but I stayed with a wooden chicken, and my daughter’s sickness, I saw my daughter’s face.

I actually accelerate the speed of masturbation.

There is an unprecedented example of the male, I am ejaculation when I have not inserted it.

My daughter became my sexual fantasy.

When I hugged my daughter, her 34D breasts pressing my back, I gradually found my crotch erection. Dinner that night I could not remember how the eating of.

I only know that after dinner I bathed in a daze in the library, until I recovered, it was midnight 2:00.

I got up and went to the door of the room Lingling, asked her if she wanted to shoot her in the end is not A piece in Japan, I was standing in her doorway stunned when she opened the door.

Wow! Dad, how the …

How do you stand here, you stay up? “

She looked at me in shock.

Nothing, just passing thought u were young, cute. “

I casually replied.


I’m still cute? “

Having another pose.


Cute, really cute. “

Tut! , Sleep problem, I go to the bathroom yet.

Good night, dad. “

I went back to the room, my thinking is full of Ling-Ling in the film house that expression of ecstasy and Jiaochuang Sheng, my crotch erection unconsciously, I reached into my pants, holding the penis slowly Taonong.

I Ce Toukan my wife, she was 45 years old, but well maintained, tender skin, often on the gym of her skin is still very flexible.

Plump breasts looming in silk pajamas, with the breath and downs.

I climb up, across her pajamas lick her nipples, instant on her nipples are stimulated to rise up.

I untied her pajamas, wanton lick her breasts, sucking her nipples, left hand on her inner thigh stroked wanton, my middle finger on her labia, gently rubbing until the overflow Aiye, she still sleep well cooked.

I took off my underwear, kneeling between her legs, holding the tall penis, her outer labia moist Aiye my penis, so I drive straight.


what’s wrong…

I want to get some sleep … “

When I insert my wife woke up.

I need to…


Began thrusting my eyes closed, my mind thinking about my daughter’s face, I was particularly stiff, thrusting more fierce! what…


My wife began emotionally, and began to whisper Yinjiao.

I want to come …

is coming…”

I accelerate Choucha, mind emerges out of the way Lingling climax, the half-blind eyes, bite the lower lip, clutching my arm, his legs song, constantly twitching.


Spray …

what…. “

I ejaculate, I stuck my wife, daughter and fantasize about sex.

Then I reach orgasm, and fell on my wife’s body.

However, my wife has no climax, she began masturbating.


I have not yet …


But how do you now today, the brave? “

She smiled and inserts a finger into her vagina began masturbating.

I lay beside her, began to play with her breasts, vain and tender breasts, covered above my saliva, fingerprints.

Looking at her breasts, my mind has emerged Lingling chest.

Her younger, more delicate, little pink nipples more attractive, people looked not help but wanted to tease it with his tongue.




I want to come … “

My wife cry, I will pull back from fantasy, I’m with her, the harder rub her breast.

Until she constantly twitching.

Then relax the body.

After my wife was cleaned, I didn’t fall asleep once. I am still awake, my mind is full of lingering, the appearance of the lascivious expression and the appearance of the waist, I can imagine if my penis is inserted in her young vagina, enjoying her large waist oscillate, then How is the soul, she seems to be swinging before and after it will never be tired, swing up and down, and you can quickly forced my semen.

There is also the slim little waist, round hips, and the posture of my ass.

I decided, I decided to start my college time, I’ll a secret life of the road, and spyed the private life of the school.

I decided to get my daughter.


The second chapter is the first old week, what happened? My thief is home? “

Old king of the film and television equipment store asked.

Hey, recently found that there is a ghosts outside, I don’t know if it is a thief.

A few lens insurance. “

I casually compiled an excuse.

This is good, super clear.

There is a clear eye, I’m afraid that you have no time to have his eyebrows. “

Holds a small shot in his hand.

You can also add a radio, and even the sound is recorded. “

The old king complements.


Fortunately, will n’t it be too expensive? “

rest assured! Old friends, how much do you say. “

The old king patted my shoulder.

Really fake, free! “

screw you! Don’t use this money? “

The old king gave me a punch.


Also, how much is it, give me eight, five fold, and send three radios. “

I laughed.

Have a 7% discount, at least give me a little water and electricity. “

The old king packs something.

Go home, my wife went to work.

Lingling said she went to her old friend Miao Lingjia to live a night, so there is no one in the family now, it is when I do your hands and feet.

I took the light in Lingling’s room to a small hole, hiding a lens, and you can see the whole room.

On the side of the bed on the bed, it also drill a small hole, which can overlook the entire bed.

The bookcase on the edge of the desk also installed the lens, which can monitor her movement in front of the computer.

A radio is placed behind the bedside table.

The two stunning rooms in the family also added a lens.

There are two shots in the room, and there is a radio.

My own room has also installed two and a radio.

All of these are all in my study, I can monitor everything in my computer.

You can peek my daughter Lingling’s privateness, or you can record me with my wife’s sexual event.

I am looking forward to the arrival of the night.

I am going to be less than three o’clock when I am ready, so I rushed a cool start.

When I slept in bed, my daughter came back when I fell asleep.

She and her good friend Miao Ling said that I laughed into the room, hip hop, didn’t find me too at home.

I hid in the room, I really regret that I just didn’t start the video device, and now I only have the opportunity to slip into the study.

They are not long after laughing and gradually fall.

I feel very strange, how is it so happy to be so quiet now? I quietly opened the door and found the Lingling’s door, but it still came out of a whisper.

I took this time and hurried into the study and opened the computer.

I immediately went to the picture, slowly fade my pants, took out my penis, holding it, slowly.

I saw it in the picture.

Lingling holds a wonderful spirit, lying in bed, the two are kissed, Lingling is very active, she kisses the wonderful lips, slowly move toward her neck, the wonderful spirit seems to be very enjoyable, her hand is holding Lingling The back neck and start touching the back of Lingling. Lingling’s tongue slides in the wonderful neck, the palm began to reach into the wonderful clothes, and she saw that she is stroking a wonderful chest.

Because the wonderful spirit began to open his mouth, began to disturb the body.

I turned on the radio and passed out the delicate puff.

Lingling, you are really powerful …

So comfortable … “

Wonderful said.

Wonderful, don’t lie to you, wait a moment you are comfortable. “

Lingling said.


So comfortable … “

Wonderful enjoyment.

Lingling is sitting up, reminding her her own hanging clothes, and there is no underwear.

She turned her back to the lens and took the wonderful clothes.

I am quickly converting the lens and looks over from the ceiling.

The wonderful spirit is lying, showing her good lace underwear, she started her chest, and then Lingling started to get rid of the pants, then the leggings, revealing her hair sparse.

Lingling leaned down, put his mouth, and the wonderful and natural open legs, hugging Lingling’s head, with a low breath.


Lingling …

So comfortable …

Help me, what about yourself? “


Wait a minute, do you help me? “

After saying that Lingling reached out her red tongue, went to the lips of the wonderful lips.

The wonderful bow got up, grabbed the sheets and sent a tempting.



Lingling …


Little … “

She issued a command.

Lingling is working hard, and the fingers are also working together. I started accelerating the set of my penis, I also started gasping.

Miao Spirit is my daughter of my old friend, I looked at her, looked at him ripe every day, became a lady by little girl.

Now, I looked at my daughter and my old friend’s daughter, my body caress, engaged in comrades love and masturbation.

Good stimulating feeling.

Lingling stands up, crossing the wonderful spirit, putting her honey points to the mouth of the gimmick, they started 69.

They began to lick each other, try their best to reach the climax.

I also look at the picture, the fast kit and the feeling of incest are constantly speeding up my ejaculation.

I saw that the wonderful spirit suddenly clamped the head of Lingling, and he opened the butt of his hands.

The pleasure of the climax in the throat.


Lingling …

I am coming…


She is very loud.



and also…


and also…

Lingling …

what. .

I am the second time … “

She grabs Lingling, I saw Lingling, still constantly igniting the honey points of the wonderful spirit, but not because she has climped.

I saw that the wonderful convulsions were larger, and they turned over white.

Constant embarrassment.

I can’t say it.

Lingling accelerates the stimulating clitoris.


here we go again…

what…. “

The wonderful spirit is completely ignorant.

Her vaginal emits a lot of liquids. I heard that it is called the tide.

I haven’t seen it yet.

Today, I finally saw it.

Lingling let go of the wonderful spirit, standing at the bedside, the wonderful spirit is completely lying, she is unable to lying on the bed, open the thigh, has not taken off the underwear.

Her eyes were stagnant, and there was a saliva on the side of the mouth.

The towel on the sheets is wet a large piece, and the wonderful is constant.

Lingling …

You are very powerful …

I first continuously climax three times …

I still spray so much … “

Miao Spirit is intermittent.

Wonderful, I haven’t come yet …

Is there anything else? “

Lingling lies around the wonderful spirit, while touching the wonderful breasts, keep rubbing their own labians.

Well, Lingling …

I’ll help you…”

After that, she barely climbs up, stuffed two fingers into Lingling’s honey, and started the movement.

Lingling slashes in the bed, open the legs as soon as possible, completely exposed the whole honey to the wonderful eyes.

I saw that the wonderful spirit, repeating the movement of Lingling, let Miao Ling play with her body, and the hands continue to squeeze her own 34D.

Then use the thumb with the forefinger to the nipple, constantly rotate, and elongate.

The pink small nipple was suddenly swollen.

She enjoys the teasing spirit of the wonderful spirit, indulging in her caress, she closed her eyes.

Close the lips.

A causing aphrocketable sound in the throat.




Love me…”

She is calling me! I have shocked! How did she say that it is so shocking?

My daughter is kinking, I called me.

Is it a fantasy to make love with me? Lingling …

Are you doing love with your dad? “

Wonderful asked is surprised.



Lingling loves you …

I want you…



Lingling accelerates her breast.


Daughter … “

I closed my eyes in my study.

Call for me with Lingling.

I am accelerating my penis.

My glans quickly entered my foreskin.

Have a lot of white love liquid.

I started to feel the penis.

I am very muscle.


Lingling …

Dad loves you …


My thick semen is fully raised in my hand.

I gasped.

Look at the screen.


Daughter is coming …

what…. “

Lingling screamed, she released all the desires savings in the body.

She twitch.



Clamping legs.

The mouth is hung in Sujin.

The side of the body continues to invade.



I love you…


She is delicate.

Stimulate my atrium. Impact me gradually soft.

My penis began to erect.

Just for my daughter, I am talking about me, my glans is coming again.

Lingling, your Dad knows that you don’t know if you want to love him … “

Qiao Spirit is curious.

he does not know…

he does not know…”

Lingling did not breathe, she reached out to cover her hg, and started slow touch, it seems to be afraid of the passion just now, as in fantasy I am stroking her the most exciting place.

When did you start to find yourself, you need him, he is a dad! “

Wonderful spirit does not seem to accept.

when? Since I saw my dad and my mother, I wanted my dad to love … “

Lingling began to recall.

ha? How to see, when? “

That is one night I went to Japan, I can’t sleep because I am excited, I am lying in bed, I suddenly hear my father’s low breath, with my mother’s excited bed sound. “

She continues to recall.

I secretly climbed up and went to the door. They didn’t take it. I turned into the door. I saw my father and brave, from my mother’s butt, my mother’s mouth was full of bed. “

Until my mom is climax, my dad is still inserted, I can see that my mom is three times! “

Lingling is more and more excited.

My mom is squatting on the bed, and the high butt is made by my dad! After my father shot, I also picked my mother, touching her every inch skin, constantly absorbing her milk clam … “


Your dad is so fierce …

No wonder I will fall in love with him. “

Wonderful looks like it.

From that night, my dad became the fantasy object of my masturbation.

Just think of my father’s strong chest muscle, hard belly, bravely swing, I will be excited … “

She finished, and she started to rub her honey.


Wonderful, sucking my nipple …


Lingling started masturbating, she closed her eyes, and immediately pinched her inside of her thigh, and quickly rubbed quickly.

Wonderful Spirit lengs her little tongue surround the Lingling’s nipple, and gently bite the cute pink small nipple of Lingling.


is coming…




Lingling once again trembled the whole body and kept trembling.

The mouth is spit out is a lustful snoring.

I am also at this time, watching my daughter’s climax, once again shot my semen.

I sat in front of the computer, and I went to the passion of Lingling and Wonderland.

Lingling, hungry, let’s eat sushi, I know that there is a cheap and delicious. “

Let’s go cool together, walk. “

Lingling picked up their two clothes and walked into the bathroom that was installed.

In the lens, the wonderful spirit will help Ling Ling, and Lingling is shower, and it is closed.

I quickly pressed the video.

Lingling, do you really do love with your father. “

Wonderful spirit helped her and asked.


I have no idea.

What do you want to think about it, what should I do if I gave him? “

Lingling worried.

That is right, not as good … “

Not as good as? Do you have any way? “

Lingling eyes are shining.

I don’t know, try it.

Because you do your dad, I also want to try it.

Hahaha … “The camera is behind, watching these two vibrant youth naked, constantly gently set my penis, listening to this sentence, my penis is higher.

what! Ok, Otherwise, I love him, I am looking away.

good or not? “

Queen Excited.

It is good, but how do you seduce him …?

Just off, because I don’t want to destroy the hosted mood.

What will I be seduce? I really look forward to it.

Chapter III Miao Spiritual Temptation One Night, I want to fire in my body to start burning. Wife sleeping around me, became my relief tool.

Her pink twiller is the red print I absorbed. She strongeously flexible thighs, wrapped around my waist, I am smashed with my wife, my mind is my daughter, I am fantasy She is fully dedicated to me under me. I gradually released the throat, and the low breath is gradually improved. I know that my daughter sleeps next door, I deliberately, I want to let her hear, I want her to be relieved.

My wife started to suppress snoring, but I was suffering from all sprints, waves, and she seems to be infected. I will pump every time, she will issue “ah … ah …”.. With my speeding, my wife’s legs, I know, I know that whenever she clasped me, her climax is coming. I am low, full speed, my wife is like crazy, my hands are on my chest, the lower body is tryable to raise my male root, I put my hands in bed, support my weight, fast throduction make me The man is gradually gone. My wife sent a tempting, long snoring, she trembled, and I was tight. I still don’t stop.

Suddenly, I screamed, “Ah … ah …” I feel that I want to fire with my semen, and I will shoot into my wife. She is in a climax honey, putting my semen dripper into the body. . I am still unfained slowly.

what. Wonderful. I turned over and I was lying on the bed, I was looking at the door. The door was opened. I know that my daughter must stand there. Although I have ejaculated, the male root starts soft,? ? But I think my daughter is stealing, my soft man root is quickly congested, and the male root is full, I turned to look at my wife, she still has soft, closed eyes, hands touching the chest, self-milk Below, the shining sweat is mixed with my saliva, she keeps caught his tits, put on my thigh, come back and touch, and invisibly touch my towering male root.

“Husband, how hard it … Do you want it? I will help you blow it?” Surprised her gentle asked me.

“Do you have strength? Forget it, sleep, I will take a shower.” I finished standing, putting a shorts, I can’t hear the footsteps and ran away. I know that my daughter runs back to the house.

After I passed the daughter’s room, I seem to hear two sounds inside, who would whispering my daughter? Should be her good friend Wonderful. I traveled into the cool room and started the shower. The male root of my tower is still very hard, I think about my daughter, will not just end my daughter, Wonderful spirit should also peek my wife and my wife.

Suddenly, the door of the shower room opened, I didn’t look back.

A pair of hands touch my back ridge, it is a pair of small hands, soiled. The little hand gently put my back ridge, I look back, I have a higher body.

The hands belong to the wonderful spirit, my daughter’s good friend, my old friend’s daughter. She is wearing a single white vest, the nipple is highlighted on a wet vest. A short night, wet sticky sticky on her slim thigh, she slowly leaning on my back, her body temperature, passing my body, feeling her chest is looking at my back.

“I started to seduce my plan …” I thought about it, my hands helped the wall, let the wonderful hands around my waist, her right hand cares up my lower abdomen, slowly move down. Her little hand slipped through my lower abdomen, touched my thick hairy, and then tied my male root. I shaken my body and took a deep breath. I low down, I saw her white little hands slowly set my penis, and she started her masturbation. She formed the most strong contrast with my green melon. She holds my male root, start slowly, and the left hand cares up my chest and tease my nipple. I took a deep breath and enjoyed her tender little hand and served for me.

I looked at my glans, in the kit, constantly entering from my foreskin, slender fingers, tender movements, I can’t help but start the waist. I turned around, put her into the arms, holding her delicate face, looking at her big eyes, looking at me, her tongue licking his lips, I hungry low kissed her Ear dragon, sliding along the ear, then sliding into her lips, her moist tongue responded to my kiss. Her hand keeps the set of my penis, which makes my lust rise. She uses hard to break my tip of my tongue, and the right hand keeps the roll of my male root. My glans should not hit the hit on her lower abdomen. I don’t carefully to the door, I found someone to stand there, it should be my daughter. She is voyes there? ? I and her good friends, watching her father is kissing her mother outside his mother, and is still her good friend. Her voyess, let me get a more powerful, I will put the wonderful spirit, let her kneel in front of my man root, I hold me tall the penis, rub with the glans in her tender face, my glans slipped over her eyes , Nose, then hold the male root, with my horse’s eyes on her lips, and diamond in her half-closed lips.

“Um …” She lipped slightly, and my penis was straight. Until her sore throat.

I hold her face with my hands, starting to swing, I have regularly draw her mouth. I feel that her tip of the tongue is rushing, whenever my penis is inserted into her throat, her tip is constantly stimulating my horse.

“Ah … Linger … You have a good skill …” I shouted her little name.

“Um … um …” her charming big eyes looked at me. Spring is relieved in the eyes.

I gradually accelerated my pumping speed, I saw the white liquor of the silk, mixing her inquiration. I took the male, helping her, let her kneel on the card, in the mirror, I saw the nipple under her white vest, if it hidden. I am mad, put her vest, throw it on the stage, her pink breasts are hanging on the chest, the stimulated pink nipple hangs on the tits, I stick out the right hand, take her right milk Soft kneading.

“Ah … uncle …” She is so promise me, I use my feet to open her legs, then hold my male root, put it in front of her honey point, insert a little, slowly rub.

“Ah … um …” She twisted down the waist, and the arrogant is high, then look back at me. She is full of sensual eyes, seems to be encouraged to insert.

I opened her laborary, the pink tenderness was completely exposed to my eyes, it was a young breath. . After her leather, my foreskin has already outdated white love liquid, mix her saliva, I hold the fire of the male root, gently put it outside her labipings.

“Ah … so hot … uncle … ah …” I slowly push.

“Ah … Linger …” I am fully inserted.

“Uncle … What is you so hot …” My male root completely invaded her honey, I enjoyed her tender honey, surrounded my male root, her honey hole slid and tender, light When I was shaking, my glans can feel the friction in her point. The tightly labips, blocked my foreskin, my whole glans felt her young atmosphere. I am reluctant. That is a good feeling. I haven’t had this feeling for a long time.

“Uncle … ah …” Her uncle is called, but also aroused my male desire, I started bravely. I put her breasts in my hands, keep kneading, soft feelings.

“Ah … ah … ah …” I put plugged in, she made a low snoring. I put it hard, so that her body is constantly rushing, so I have a hands with her hands and put it intosert.

My low breath, her lascivious snoring is full of the whole bathroom. In the mirror, I saw her double milk, constantly shaking, biting the lower lips, trying to suppress her snoring. She looked up, long hair, long hair, revealing her white neck, I lowered, sticking out the tip of the tongue, lasing her back and her ears, she helped her face, side face, I put it in one side, kiss her mouth, she reached out her red wet tongue, try to cater to my tongue, our tongue overlap, surround, she took my tongue to inhaled her mouth, we call out The gas spray on the opponent’s face, which makes us confused.

In my lips? ? Under the coverage, she contained my tongue, the snoring sent in the throat was more ecstasy.

I swayed, hit her hips, I sent “… … …”, her flexible hips constantly vibrate, slim, the waist is under my master, I have been continuously promoted, Push me an impact.

I started to feel the squash of the lower body, I accelerated speed.

“Ah … Linger …” I ejacited. I am shot in her point. At this moment, she was soft on the clipping table, and her honey tightly took my male. She also climax, she tightly grasped the side of the side, and his ass, constantly trembling. Her tender buttocks are full of fingerprints that I picked out.

We are constantly breathing. I am sitting on the toilet,? ? Her she is in his arms, she is like a bone, still in my body, still slightly trembling. I surround her waist, and the other hand does not stop her tumble. Her ass is pressed into a soft male root, I am still unfair, I am very stunned, just rubbing between her seams, her soft.

“Uncle … so comfortable … I am hard to hard?” She said in my ear.

“Why, do you want it?” I asked.

“Oh … so comfortable …” I lighted her nipple and gently teasing it.

“If you want, I am tied to your eyes, I will help you blow …” She said, reach out of the tongue, imitating the action of lasing my horse.

“Oh … tied your eyes, how to do it after blowing hard … I can shoot in your mouth?” I lick her earlobe and pulled it softly with my teeth.

“Blow hard, plug me again … I still want …” She looked at me with her eyes. I looked at her watery eyes, I can’t help but put my hand on her thigh, I came back to stroke, I have been touching her thigh. . That is where we just combined, warmth, my semen is overflowing, my palm is covered in her labip, starting slowly rubbing.

She clamped his legs, but the greasy said: “Oh … don’t … I want you to insert me … ah …” She grabbed my hand, I used to rub the fast rubbing. Her clitoris quickly congessed under my frustration, I felt that her labipings turned over in my hand. The middle refers to her vagina.

“Ah … don’t … ah …” She caught my hand, and the right hand began to touch her her own tits.

“Let you have a climax? Well?” I accelerated speed, and my left hand improved her breast. . .

“Ah … don’t … ah … another is coming … ah … come …” She is legged, holding my hand tightly. Start twitching. Leave a silk in Xiangzhou in his mouth. I extended out his tongue and put my mouth in my mouth. She exhaled. My tongue is tongue in her lips. .. The ear of her trembling snoring.

“Ah … uncle … uncle …” her weakness relies on my chest, for a long time, she holds the wall.

“I have to go back … Otherwise, I will doubt …” She wiped the body, she pure white skin, completely presented in front of my eyes, I looked at her charming body, afraid, the young body, is being I caught my body under my body. I have my body fluid at the moment. She will fall in love with me.

“Rin up quickly, too late to return to the house waiting for aunt to doubt …”

She thought she succeeded me, in fact, I am waiting for her and my daughter action. Just, I thought about my daughter’s daughter. .

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