My story and the teacher’s ecstasy night story took place in June 1994 I participated in the senior high school entrance examination, at the time, the outstanding student of our grade was led by the school leaders to the county’s secondary school unified examination. In the way, I will say a word, in our poor mountain, in that era, all students who have achieved excellent results are generally tested, because the family has no money to send high school, university is very distant.

After a few days of suffering, the students who approve the secondary school are joy or regret. The teacher of the exam stayed with 11 people left, and also participated in the interview after three days. The teacher left three, a school leader, a class teacher of our graduated class, and a female teacher, teaching us music, her purpose is to tutor our art (art sports) to meet the interview.

In fact, this is very ridiculous, at the time my school, in order to improve the upgrade rate, usual history, geography, physiological health, etc. Only music is another, because the teacher will have a little time. So there is a music such as music.

The tensions of the senior high school entrance examination finally passed. We have a long time, everyone is very happy. What tricks did not mean here, what kind of stimulation, I have been a psychology, and the burden of hard study has finally squatted. So the boys and girls meet shopping, and they are not afraid that the rumors are spread around.

For most of our classmates, the 14th or five-year-old city will be a broken head, so it is not excited, so I can’t sigh the bustling city, although it seems that the bustling is not worth mentioning at that time. We walked throughout the afternoon, the legs were soft, and the road to take the cement is better than walking.

After dinner, they met the teacher to watch movies. I didn’t go, because I didn’t have money, I stayed alone in the hotel, and I was very pleasant after I wash a hot bath. I watched TV. In fact, TV is the same fresh for me, and there is no TV from our home.

I still do another thing while watching TV, that is to appreciate my JJ. I always found that this little brother has become more and longer in the past two years. When it is very soft, it is not changed, just the glans gradually exposed. But in the morning, it became long and hard, and it was very uncomfortable.

I opened my underwear and looked at it. It’s hard, look at the TV ignored it, it’s soft, it is very interesting. I don’t know what it will use it if it is so long. Probably a man grew up, it must be talented to it.

I heard someone in the door, who is in the heart? I quickly wore clothes and opened the door. I made me ate. It is my music teacher. She is in the pink long skirt at the door (I know that a sleeping dress after many years). It is very charming.

In fact, my music teacher is very delicate, about five more than one meter, but it is very beautiful, chest and butt are always very old, very eye-catching. Her singing is really good, crisp, melodious and elegant. She will dance, before the school has a meeting, she jumps, there is a move to rejective the feet to the air, the skirt has been revealing the same legs, I saw it later, I took a cold gas. . real! With these talents, she married a director of the school, and it was very enviable.

There are a few times because of the music problem, I have to teach her, and she has a faint fragrance. There is no classmate in the class, and I only know that she has used high-end perfume. Oh, then I don’t know if there is too much.

Teacher is now standing in front of me. I smelled the faint fragrance like I met, only the two sings of the powder skirt on her white shoulders, the skirt was half a chest, and there was also a good leg. Looking at her faint smile, I was very embarrassed for a while, I said: “Teacher, you didn’t watch movies?”

She smiled slightly: “Of course, I didn’t go, you came here, I have something to say.”

I am like the door, follow her, the skirt is awkward, very a snoring, there is a sinful impulse in my heart, – if you can open the skirt … but I don’t dare. After a while, I went to the teacher’s room. (Because the female teacher, she lives, she lives.).

Her room is quite luxurious, I can’t help you get around. She closed the door and called me to sit down at the bed. I thought she would call me to review the content of the five-tarant, usually we have an answer question. Today, she told me to sit down, I am still not used to it.

I am uneasy, she also follows very elegant sitting opposite, very kind, ask me how to feel the recent exam, which subjects have been tested, those questions have not been done, if the results are very good, I plan to test those School, etc. I even asked my ideals in the future.

I first felt that the teacher from my distance was so close. I slowly released, and the words that said that he gradually became a lot. Unconsciously, the teacher suddenly asked me: “Lin, I heard that you have a girlfriend, is it true?” “Teacher, no, those who are classmates.”

To be honest, I don’t have a girlfriend because my parents have repeatedly gave me a girlfriend, I will also understand the situation of our family, that is, in addition to hard work, there is no way out, so I have always been Very heavy. There are a few beautiful female students in the class, I only have seen a few eyes. In fact, I have not been able to define it, why do I see more? I can’t figure it out.

“You are so handsome, the results are so good, and it is so active, it seems that the female classmate has been chasing you?”

“I know that I am more important, I don’t pay attention to it.” I am honest.

“Not this reason, your classmates say that your eyes are often unhappy, what are you talking about?” The teacher is close to me with a sweet smile, and I am very ridiculous.

It is really good to say that the curve of the body that is hooked out in the skirt of the truth. But I don’t dare to answer.

“Don’t say it? In fact, when you see a female classmate, they don’t blame you. I still want to see you.”

I puzzled: “No, I don’t feel that they are thinking about me?”

“What are they thinking, just say, your beard is so long, it is a big man, so think about girls …”

My ear is red.

“What is embarrassed, this is normal, don’t want to have problems.”

Suddenly I have an angry. I originally saw that girls were not sin. So I was very honest and honest – “Teacher, some girls are really good …”

The teacher smiled very bright. “Where is it?”

I didn’t answer my face.

“Do you have a teacher?”

“No, absolutely no.”

“Or usually do you see me?”

“Dare to see.”


“you are a teacher.”

“Want to see it?”

In the moment, my heart seems to have a fire in the burning, and that aunfire beats in the belly with the heart of the heart. I want to breathe, but I don’t dare to breathe. My face is popular, I can feel it.

I looked up at the teacher. I found that she is now beautiful, her eyes are so kind, her smile is so kind, her words are so gentle. I really want to hug her. But I don’t dare, I look at it.

The teacher looked at me, just like a ten-year-old child, very naughty laugh. She gently walked to me, reach out of her hands and blindfold my eyes, quietly said: “Get up, close your eyes, don’t open it.”

My honestly stood up, closing my eyes, I no longer think, because I have never seen the beautiful carcass of the woman, I will appear in front of my eyes, that moment, the moment will be eternal, then my moment me The heart will stop beating, maybe, I will cry at that moment …

I feel that the teacher is taking off my clothes, following my trousers, including my underwear. Teacher Silver hands stayed in my body, the feeling like me called me when I was crying, I gave me a touch. It is that gentleness. I am very embarrassing, I am going to sleep with my clothes pants, let me have a naked body in front of the teacher, and it is not surprised and uncomfortable.

I seem to listen to the teacher from the distant place to say: “Lin, your body is so good, many muscles, usually work, I am very working.”

I only loudly replied: “Well.”

“What is JJ usually have this?”


“It’s good, you will be long in the future.”


“Of course, I am so good.”

Suddenly, I feel that my JJ is bigger, almost swelling.

The teacher hugged me, her hot and soft breasts closed against my chest. I almost suffocated.

“Open your eyes.”

I gasped and opened my eyes, I saw the teacher languishing eyes, and crimson cheeks. Her clothes had faded to the waist, two huge breasts fully rendered in my eyes. She put breasts on my chest rub a bit, my first real contact with her like water tender body. We sit on the bed, holding my teacher’s waist, lying in her arms, like a child, watching her, enjoying this fantastic happiness. I use a hand gently stroked the teacher’s beautiful breasts. And still holding a hand to it, however. While I was kneading, watching the teacher as a flower smile. I can not describe it was a feeling of ecstasy is so, is so intoxicating. The teacher leaned over, that I was just round the nipple in his mouth, gently sucking me, my fear of accidentally destroyed such a beautiful work of art. I hear the teacher as fairy general gentle voice: “Teacher beautiful?”

“America, you’re beautiful teacher, under the sun There is nothing more beautiful than you people. The teacher, your breasts the most beautiful girls in the class of breasts are so small so small.”

“Really, do not be envious watching?”


“Then I dug your eyes.”

“Teacher, do not dig my eyes, let me Kan Ma, I’m not the bad guy. Teacher, later if someone bully you, I have to protect your eyes.”

The teacher smiles, sweet sweet.

“Teacher, breasts and no bones, how will quite so high ah?”

“Quite so high that let you see the thing. I do not know what is really a kid. Straight up, I can not hold you up.”

I got up from the teacher’s arms, and she was sitting face to face. Once again, I appreciate her firm breasts, normally I only see her under the collar that small piece of white skin, with this down will not know possession of such a beautiful work of art, in the middle there is a good deep well deep cleavage. My hands, grasp the breast, the teacher by the bed, straining rubbing. The teacher was very gentle lie down, eyes closed.

Her breasts really good white good white, good good soft and tender. Only addictive. For a while, I heard her moan softly. I said: “Teacher, I am pressing you feeling okay?”


“No, you do not feel I do not touched.”

The teacher smiled and sat up, my hand touched the water of JJ, asked me: “? Wrong with you.”

I felt surprisingly glans itch, the more itchy but the more comfortable. I said: “tickling it.”

“You touch my breasts, I feel the same way.”

“I hear you groan, I’m afraid pinching pain.”

“Idiot, if pinching pain, I will not tell you to do a little light?”

“Then I am going to touch you.”

“Not allowed to touch, and touch the morning it? Really good for nothing.”

I looked at the teacher, Zhengzhu long while, I want her touching their breasts, and if I have such a breast, I feel myself every day. It seems today is not a touch of the future certainly feel not become. I suddenly have an unprecedented loss. I almost want to cry out.

But I suddenly found that the teacher did not get angry, but added more red face. So I naughty said: “The teacher, the school opened the evening before when I saw your legs, white and long, I want to see.”

The teacher was very happy laugh, and Chen Dao: “good for nothing, not allowed to see.” Said a hand around the waist of a skirt hold.

“Forest is promising to see thing.” I’ll creak followed her armpits. The teacher could not help, he let go. I grabbed the skirt faded down. Teacher a hold of my hand, very serious, said: “Xu only see legs.”

“I promise it wants.” – In fact, I do not know except for the legs, what good-looking.

The teacher then again a hold of the skirt, said: “No, you certainly speak not count.”

I’m so bored Ne up, in addition to the legs, there will be nothing good look at it. Both men have a long JJ, because it is a man thing, women are not, but it does not mean it is not surprising ah. The teacher is not normal ah, I will not make a fuss.

I know the honest answer is no use of. Just scratch her itch, teacher free hand to stop me, I take advantage of her skirt slipped out. Flowers red panties and had two good plump white thighs exposed. I’m extremely excited, almost bite up.

I hugged her thigh and stressed, I felt the perfect curve of the teacher, and my excitement can’t be described. I forth in the teacher, hugged her, how much I hope she is my future wife, my lover. I said softly in the ear of the teacher: “Teacher, you are so beautiful, I kiss you.” I just kissed her crimson cheeks. The teacher also hugged me. We all breathed and kissed.

After a while, we stopped, I asked the teacher: “Teacher, I touched your thigh, do you feel comfortable?”

“How do I feel about your thigh?”

I know that the teacher is smiling again.

I suddenly found that my JJ has been soft. Usually this brother is always hard for a while, I don’t pay much. But I remembered that the teacher repeatedly said that I only saw her thighs, hey, her underwear is definitely good. Suddenly I remembered that the woman below is BB, that thing is certainly good.

How can I get it? I wonder it. I looked at the bed down, and then I said to the teacher. “Teacher, there is something in the ground, you will see.”

The teacher bowed back, his hands and supported the bed. He looked around. The two breasts hanging in the chest were trembled, just like a cow. I took care of it, sat up, and took her underwear.

The teacher “ah”, turned over and slammed me. I only take her, first pants, I will hug the teacher, say: “Good teacher, don’t hit me.” The teacher stopped, it was only breathed, and her chest is a vol., It looks like it.

“You don’t count.”

“Teacher, you are so beautiful, no long JJ, the following is definitely more beautiful.”

The teacher smiled happy: “Is your JJ not watch?”

“I don’t know if I am fine. But I am sure you will look good.”

The teacher holds the following, I am scratching her itch, waiting for her to relate, one of my hands in the past.

In addition to the soft meat and a slightly rough hairy on the top, I feel so wet. But I don’t resent.

I would like to say: “Teacher, you don’t have JJ, but it is still going to flow.”

“Intercourage, fool, there is no interest …” The teacher smiled and smiled. I played me a few punches. I accompanied her a few times, the teacher calmed down.

We are sitting in bed, I feel handped with her private parts, the teacher is very clear, I can see it more clearly. I remembered the BB of the neighbor’s little girl, but there is no hair and smaller. The teacher’s BB can look good, the flat lower belly is a vertical line to separate the two delicate meat and feel absolute symmetry and perfect.

I said: “Teacher, these two pieces of meat are really interesting,” Teacher just smiled and hit me.

Later I knew that is the lab. Separate the labia, I saw the pink two small labips and the place where the water was dried down, I tried to touch it, there is a mouth of the water, and I have explored it in the future. I stick to the water and slippery, I wiped the water on the upper and surrounded by the large lab. The teacher who once had passed.

I heard her voice, my JJ was hard. I don’t think about this, let the teacher itch itch. I am with my teacher and hold her waist, one hand puts water. I found that there is a raised place in the middle of her big labipings, the teacher’s snoring is the greatest. I mainly touched here.

Later I knew that name is the most sensitive place to sex, women. I can’t help but I can’t help, I know that the teacher will never marry me. When I came to the teacher, the two legs were moved, and the two labips below were also open, and they were very good.

My JJ also follows hot spicy pain. I want to plug in her BB. But I don’t know that the teacher is afraid. I tried to ask the teacher, “Teacher, I want to plug JJ to you.” The teacher laughed.

“You will be ejacited, I will get you first.”

The teacher put my iron hard JJ in his hand, and the water flowed out, rubbed back, not a few, I feel that the whole body countless bug is climbing, I only work hard to carry JJ forward, follow “” A, in addition to the itch of the absolute eccentric soul in JJ, I no longer breathe, my mind is blank, I don’t know anything.

About ten seconds passed, I grew up and went back to God. I rely on the semi-arms of the teacher, watching my own JJ and the teacher holding a lot of sticky things in the hands of the teacher, long gasping. The teacher said: “I have shot so much.” I asked what this is used. In fact, I think my problem is absolutely idiot, but I still asked.

Teacher, I am stupid: “” After the child is born, you will rely on it, that is, your JJ is inserted here, then shoot it inside, it is pregnant, pig. “

I have nodded. First find the water, wait for the teacher to wash his hand. Going to bed, I also touched the place where the teacher’s water is still moist. I said: “Teacher, if I insert it. Will you get pregnant?”

The teacher said, “No. I have contraceptive measures.”

I immediately excited, I pressed the teacher, and I would prepare to install. The teacher’s ass is twisted, I can’t get it. I threaten the teacher, “I want to scratch your itch.”

The teacher said, “You don’t let you go in.”

I immediately surrendered, “Then I don’t scream your itch,?”

The teacher then listened to the bed, lifted two legs, I bleached, lifting hard JJ, plugged in. The teacher is very gentle, she took one hand to help my JJ entry. The inside is so warm and moist. I can’t help but catch up. The teacher is embarrassing, while holding the lips, I feel that JJ is a bit tight, I don’t dare to be tight, I ask the teacher, “I am adding you no.” Comfortable? “

“Only the plug is inserted. As long as there is water, it is very comfortable. You are more embarrassed.” Teacher found a pillow pad under the back, one hand touched the lips, looked at me and walked back. I also remembered that she touched the teacher’s clitoris.

I put it for a while, I thought that she had to enjoy it, I was lying on the bed, let the teacher pushed the two legs, insert JJ from her two legs, this, I can take it from one hand. Her legs touch her clitoris, really effectively. The teacher’s snoring is bigger. I didn’t believe that she seems to be a painful expression. It is actually the most comfortable performance.

I also don’t care what the rhythm is, but the ability of the instinct, she breathes while teach me to touch the coldness of the clitoris. Say: “Light, a little bit, this is good.” I slowly learned to adjust, I am very happy to make the teacher satisfied with the best way.

After about five or six minutes, I heard the teacher’s breathing greater. My JJ is also clipped, almost improving, I am trying to collide. There is a feeling of thinking. But I know that when the teacher is most comfortable, I am shot once this time, how to get a teacher.

My self-blame occupies the wind in that special time, but the feeling of ejaculation is gone, JJ seems to be so hard. Not hard teacher can’t feel comfortable. I was hard to work hard, but I wanted to eat ejaculation. I am very urgent for a time. I have to slow down the speed, deeply insert, then slowly, try to make JJ feel less friction.

It is still very big in the teacher’s snoring. I think it now, it should be that one hand has been stroking her clitoris. When I was in the depth of shooting and not shot, she hugged me tightly, and then “ah”, then the whole body was spasm, and the BB seems to have suddenly appeared a strong muscle to put my JJ hard. External extrusion, butr is bent back …

Mr. Xue is calm down. She closed her eyes, breathing, like very tired. I put the pillow to her, let her lying well. I touched her black hair while enjoying the sweet sleeping position of the teacher. The teacher opened his eyes, very satisfied with me, ask: “I still want to swear?” I said.

I used the posture you just inserted, just touched the clitoris, she took my hand and took my hand, “You only worked comfortable, I have reached a climax.”

“Do you want to come again?”

“Don’t want it, then you can’t do it.” I really don’t have it. Because I just almost gone. So my JJ moved freely, relaxed in my heart, JJ refused to turn it out. It’s just hard. The teacher laughed at me, she let me lying on the bed, she sat on my thigh, smashed me with BB.

I once again appreciated her tremorial breasts. The water flowed out in BB still a lot, her speed is also very fast, gradually I feel ejaculation. But I found that the teacher is very tired, I still don’t want to shoot. I let her down, I use our first posture, squatting from her. I am concentrating, I am sighing the teacher’s laboray looks so good, while plugging while playing with hands. The teacher let me look in her, she hugged my waist, with me to interrupted deeper. Sure enough, this is too useful. I immediately have a feeling of imagination, I also want to add deeper. In an instant, I feel that JJ is like a gantry of the flood, and a semen that can’t stop will rush out. My ass also tightly goes forward. My mind is a blank, but I like this. For a while, I am relieved, and I will return to God. I am squatting on the teacher’s body, breathing. Refused to leave.

The teacher laughed and gently pushed me. I found it wiped her BB and my JJ, then touched my soft JJ, said: “You do this, I don’t know how much future Female classmates. “

I said, “We will give JJ together, let it only do things well, don’t do bad things, don’t you do?” Said it smiled.

Subsequently, we were lying on the bed and chatting, just like the sisters both talk, suddenly heard the speech of the students outside, they watched movies back! I quickly wear clothes and left. I didn’t sleep in that night. In the next two days, I accompanied the night’s night.

After that, I found some women from time to time, but I didn’t have the soul with the night’s night. I don’t know what this. But I have no chance to see you again. I heard that her husband promoted, she followed her place. I have always miss her. I have never blame the teacher to the seduce for me. After all, she is also a mortal with seven emotions, and she has church how I do a man after all.

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