When I first interviewed her, I felt that she had a sense of beauty, a wildestity of wild. Although the spoken language at the time of the interview should not be very smooth, but in the case of the lack of people, there is still a beautiful hair of her moving eyes and black and black, or ask her to report to work, and fight.

Her graduates have graduated more than a year, and the foreigners have lived in the suite rented in the student’s era. The 165 cent is a tall body, and the watery is charming, and there is a long and straight hair. The most important thing is There is a pair of well-known perfect jade legs, saying that I really want to see that she is also difficult!

At that time, I had a girlfriend for many years, and I also paid the marriage. Therefore, I just started to apply to her just pure appreciation, and I’ve been aware of the company’s male colleague, introducing an eye-catching crush to raise a job for everyone.

Over time, this eyebrow often reveals spring light inadvertently in the office. Because she only has a few shirts to replace, and the neckline is always slightly open, if it is bent again, or standing next to her, then the chest is really attractive! I didn’t think I didn’t think that I would like to pay attention to it, but I even deliberately put the sight of others, I hope to respect each other between the office colleagues. If the girlfriend makes her take off the light look, I want to be a gentleman, I don’t think about it, I really have a sense of morality!

Later, when the company was reviewing human resources, she had to ask her to leave, and I have a deep apology for her. Because she is introduced, but finally, I invite her. She also cooperated, silently handled the procedure. At that time, I thought that if there is a chance, I must help her arrange or introduce work, after all She still needs money alone outside. At the same time, I also want to keep in touch with her, and a beautiful friend is also good.

Finally, the chance is coming, my girlfriend moved away from my home, I just conversion, change the house to start. And new work needs an industrial reading. Of course, I will introduce her for a new life experience.

Since she has been unemployed, I can provide a nice industrial reading opportunity to give her, she is pleased. I am more close to her home. It is very convenient. The new work location is far from our residence, so even if you don’t go to get off work, I will invite her to take my car, let us have more opportunities.

The girlfriend is not around, and the beauty is nearby, I finally pressed the lonely heart and hunger, and stepped into her. Several travel, bubble, leaving a lot of beautiful and happy memories (of course, I don’t know if my girlfriend is not known !!) Later, she often comes to me to eat, watch DV, and even see asleep in my bed. I swallowed in the mouth, I couldn’t help but start! But I am worried that I will break down the bowl, I decide or slow down, and steady.

When the time was gradually mature, in a backhand of the night scene, I finally asked the key issue (I think if I don’t have to talk about my feelings, and the other party is a woman, then let people go!) She: Is it an adult? She replied directly, I said: Of course, I have been 18 years old! When she would be wrong, I had to directly ask her directly to directly: My adult is a sexual experience! She thought, watching me: Yes. This gives me the signal I can start! !

I asked her: Do you want to come to my house tonight? She said: Yes! I like it out, because she is not a woman, and I promised to come to my stay overnight, this will not have a misunderstanding of the chicken with ducks? ! I didn’t expect to go to my home, I repent, tell me she wants to go home, I want to go home; I have to go home with the heart of the head, and I will send her home.

A awakening, on the second day, she also vacated, calling her to ask her to go to the soup together? I didn’t expect her to promise, I know the opportunity again. Xingchong killed the reef, came to my favorite hotel, and immediately checkin entered the house.

Under such an atmosphere, first hugged her, then put her face on the bed, gently kissed her face, touch her head, ear, neck, clavicle, and then facing the bulge Chest touch, her eyes are slightly closed without resistance. Slowly add gravity, and then put your hand into the T-shirt and directly touch the soft and smooth breast. I thought: I have been watching for so long, I finally wished for a wish! Four her body is good, and slowly move your hand down.

It is a hot and humid wet! I am happy in my heart. She is a little kinky baby. It seems that it is not difficult to tune! ! Take her T-shirt, she is wearing my favorite French underwear, very humiliating; helping her denim dress, then discover her wear and jackets! Wearing like this and I will come to the soup, what is the representative? It turns out that she is also prepared!

Take over her underwear, kiss her breasts well with my mouth, bite and lightly honestly, her two eyes closed, the lips are tapped, and the prostity is proud. Slowly go to the lower abdomen, finally pull her butzing pants down, and surprised! She is actually a white tiger! I don’t know that she has habit of shaving, the first time I met the white tiger, I was shocked on the spot, I don’t know how it is good?

It is true that I have a dense forest, and I have always thought that this is a strong understanding of women’s desires. I didn’t expect this time to meet the white tiger, it is completely unable to use the look to judge whether her sexual desire is strong. At the same time, it feels like being like a schoolboy, even a hair is not, I feel strange.

But the situation at the time was already in the string, I really had to send it! Only when she is legged, her head is buried … She exclaimed: don’t! Will have a taste! At that time, I already had the heart, I can’t manage so much!

After you have a clean and flawless line of abalone, I will change myself. I am also very curious about her home girl, how is her sexual skill? Does the sex life are colorful? Just let her blow a little. I didn’t expect her to express my unexpectedly, completely put it, and I looked at it and made me feel unprecedented!

When the meat is standing upright, I will turn my body and overwhelmed her on the bed, and I went in the small hole of her very tight, I didn’t expect to go smoothly. Slowly, it was shallow to depth, gradually Well. After the reciprocal ten times, she actually said in my ear: very good! This sentence makes me a hundred times! I thought that my observation did not have to retreat, this seemingly homework, the little daughter, I was gave up, now I will be liberated by her, I will wait for the fun of you. ” She, she got me, behind, play, play all kinds of posture transformation, finally tired of the golden soldiers.

After the bed, I went to the bathroom to take a shower, mutilation came up and down his hand, and then she was blowing with me, and I used it for a while. Hands did not stop in her body, really tactful, Touching is very cool!

After dinner, a little bit rest, and then went to the soup. Saying that the soup has no bed, only use the bench of the bath and the bench of the makeup table, and the feeling of doing is very different. In the past one hour in the soup, it’s soft, it’s hard to play back, come back and return, a war square break.

Originally, I wanted to stay in spring, she still lacked the door and I want to go home. I have to reluctantly abandon the luxurious and comfortable hot spring restaurant, and I will go back to Taipei in the night, and I have ended my first hysteric touch …

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