My name is Hu Tao family living in China, Changchun City, Jilin Province, my parents are the cadres of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, they have a long age, but they are all inch, my father is in the office, my mother is in the bureau, I It is an only child, and the high school graduation test police school results have been selected.

In order to let me enter the public security bureau, my father found his comrades in the Municipal Armed Forces, and sent me to the Armed Police Force Shanghai Die, after three months of recruitment training, because I heated 1.83 meters. The long is also very handsome, saying that the southern comrades say: I have the advantage of northern tough guys, I am very fortunate to be divided into the best Shanghai Pongdong Airport for security work.

I came to the airport because I was serious, Inti-drying, soon improved to the squad leader, other benefits, I don’t know, I can’t stand in the job first. When I value the duty, I can also go all everywhere. Soon my luck again, in one When I went to the city, I caught a thief in the bus, with my physical and shed in the new soldiers. I took the thief uniform, grabbed the police station, just a newspaper on the car. I have reported my deeds, so I was rated as a third-class work by the forces.

I am red, the leader of the airport also gives me to the airport staff. At that time, there were many people in the Grand Gifts, including flight attendants and pilots, and mechanics …

I leave a small flat head, the black skin is robust, compared to those thin Shanghai men, how many times, with the end of my speech, a warm applause …

There are a lot of people outside Shanghai, the law and order is not good, many robbery events, the flight attendants and pilots of the airport are often grab, and there is a flight attendant being uncround …

In order to ensure the safety of the airport staff, our troops and airport leaders negotiated, and the armed police formed a group specially responsible for the essence of the night shift, and I was chosen as a leader …

I assured the troops to complete the task, and the troops also deliberately paid me a six-fourth pistol. I am proud of my heart, and I’m sure to do my work well …

My affair is also coming, it is a day night in mid-May, the escort is the last batch of employees, the soldiers have slept, I just have to rest, the phone rang, “Hello … Is Xiao Hu? ? “

“Oh … is me, you are?”

“I am the old Zhao, the airport!”

“Oh is Zhao Kemit … Do you have anything?”

“Oh, this is the case, there is a temporary unit to go to Hong Kong, you are responsible for sending, okay!”

“I am going to …”

I came to the bedroom of the soldiers, seeing the fragrance they slept, I really don’t want to disturb … what to do?

I touched the hand of the waist, well … I am alone …

Soon, I opened the Songhua Jiang Xiaoba to the employee lounge, there were a few people waiting, I got off the bus: “Do you have a few people?”

“Oh, I am the captain, we have a total of seven people, the route, I am talking about it …”

“Ok, come … come … come … everyone gets on the bus …”

“You first send Wang Na … The second sent Li Jun … The third sent Wu Min … finally sent me and Xia Jie.”


The employees have been sent, and finally came to the villa area. “Oh … Xiao Hu, I live in the first, you park this, oh … well, Xia Jie lived in the seventh.”

“Hey … comrades you should get off.”

“Oh …” Other people in the car have been chatting, and she didn’t say a word, “Hu Tao … Do you send me back home?”

This is what I heard the first sentence … Jiao Jiao soft is very nice, I am looking at the door with her, “Come … I will help you.” I lift her box, no Carefully touched her skull.

“Oh … Sorry.” She didn’t speak, she was going forward, looking at her slim figure, I thought what she was long, mentioning the box behind her …

I was shocked after entering the house, such a big house, divided into two floors, the decoration is very luxurious, “Where is your parents?”

“Oh … I live alone. Thank you, I will pour you the tea.” I sat on the big and soft sofa, “Come … Drink Tea …”

“Oh … thank you, your name is Xia Jie?”

“Yes, I know that you are Hu Tao, you have been reported to us …”

“Oh … is that time.” I replied her, and I looked at this flight attendant before I went to the airport. I have worked in the airport for a year, and the flight attendants in all over the world are also a lot, but Xia Jie is such a beautiful woman. Not more …

See her 1.70 meters of height, long hair, white skin, eyes great seem to speak, wear the sky blue skirt of the flight attendant, wear white shirt, the neckline is a black and white silk scarf, leg The upper set with the meat stockings, the feet wear black high-heeled shoes, her sitting position is very beautiful, it is a etiquette training, she is different from her other flight attendants, there is a very attractive temperament.

“Xia Jie – Can you earn so much money? Buy such a good house.”

“No … I … I … is my boyfriend to buy it, he is a Singaporean, 20 years old, this year, 45 years old this year, I have followed him for three years when I was 20 years old. He had a wife, we have last year. Break up, he sent me a house, I also gave me 2 million, I am working entirely in order to enrich life, I am not a bad woman? “

“No … no … this is nothing to do with me, I should go …”

“Don’t go, I have something to say to you …”

“You said.”

“I fell in love with you from you, but I haven’t had a chance. If you are willing to be with me, I can give you 3,000 yuan per month.”

※ | JKF Czech Forum “No … no … this is not good! Our troops have provisions …”

“You can don’t say anything, you have time to accompany me …”

Watching such a beautiful, can I don’t worry? “Ok! I promise you …”

“Really!” Summer is very happy, “come … come … come upstairs …”

We came to her bedroom, with 50 square meters, a big double bed, a dressing table and a few sofa, there is a small TV to put in the corner, there is a bathroom, you should take a shower first, I Take off the uniform and put on the sofa … I smiled and ran into the toilet and stood in the bathtub.

After 10 minutes, Xia Jie cited her own half-staple pajamas from outside the door, called me. Silk pajamas is attached to the body, like a flesh, smooth, comfortable.

I am lying in a wide soft bed watching TV, Xia Jie is taking a bath in it …

When she came out, I took her back and took a circle in the house. Xia Jie Jiao Loing whisper: “Oops! You hurt people! Let me go down.”

A aroma makes me fascinating, we will be embracing on the couch, kissing, hug, I put Xia Jie on my leg, her strong buttocks are pressed on my penis, then kiss her half The open wet little lips, the tongue is straight straight, separate two rows of snow-white teeth, stirring in her mouth. She began to react, constantly swallowed with saliva, very chest up and down. The two nipples on the shaped bowmark of the porcelain bowl gave a taller taller, I couldn’t help but bite one of them with your lips.

“Oh! Comfort!” Xia Jie opened his closed eyes, and said.

Let me look at the window. I have already pulled the curtains, so I don’t say that I will leave your hand back, and I will retreat from under her pajamas.

When pajamas returned, she was ashamed to grasp her eyes, I started slowly swept her whole body from her thinner neck, two red nipples were inlaid on the white double peak, her double breast, high It seems like two confrontation, echo, two pale nipples on the top of the mountain, there is ruddy and translucent, uneven small small peak.

There is a deep gorge, the next is a smoothie, soft abdomen, because of fat, plump the meat, the navel of the meat, is now a shallow slit, just under my nose Rock, I touched it with my hand, and Xia Jie snorted and turned the head.

Brush the smooth lower abdomen, see her hammer, her incapacity is rushed, they are thick, black, bright, curled into a piece, arranged on the hills like a hoe, a prominent clitoris, high hanging The top of the meat, the waist is full, full of body, a pair of jade legs, soft smooth, very fascinating …

I touched by my hand, “Ah … ah … yeah, really comfortable …” Xia Jie Yang started, my fingers were separated, found two thick and thick lips, slowly trapped, I touched it. Snoo. Summer was twitching, and he was grinned.

My penis has been very hard, and the front pajamas is separated, and they are on the buttocks of Xia Jie.

She turned, kneeling on me to pick up my penis, the white buttocks stood in front of me. I opened two buttons from her back, I saw her pussy hidden by the hidden half of the haired, this is the first time I watched the girl’s private part, so excited.

I slide along the pink in the middle of the pink, on the other end of the satobbee, I saw a small hole in the frustrated small hole, I haven’t waited for a lot of it, I found some liquids from inside.

You are wet, she looks back to see me, my face is red, “you come!” Xia Jie got up and pulled my hand to the bed, she lie in her bed, separated, pulled me Stations in her legs. My straightforward penis pointing to her head. She tangted it and looked up and said to me: “Good brother … Do you want to fuck your sister?”

I nodded in an excitement …

So, come! She lie down behind, and pulled me on her. I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to do next. She took my penis, pulled her pussy, first and down friction wet, then aligned That small hole you go to the top! She said to me.

I am strong, no, then I am strong, the coarse glans squeezes, “Ok … ah … ah … re-use!”

I slammed, “嗤”, the penis is inserted into a large half, “Ah! You are so good! Come! Don’t stop …”

She hugged my ass, pulling it hard, waiting for my penis that all did not enter, she made me out. Come back and forth, do you know? Small cheeks become red, a spring love because of excitement.

“Oh …” I started to horing …

“Are you a man?” She asked.


I feel that her vagina is very tight and tightly wraps my penis. I quickly pumped, and the body fluid in her vagina became more and more, gradually heard “汲」 “sound.

“A lot of water.” I said.

“Slide?” She asked.

“Slide. Very comfortable.” I answered. The glans fribly rubbed on the inner wall of the vagina, bringing me unlimited pleasure.

I kept on the ground, I suddenly picked the penis, and put the small hole “Zit”. Xiao Jie’s prostitution is also DC, a beautiful beauty is sent from the heart.

Xiao Jie screamed: “Hey … … big chicken brother … The heart is inserted by you … is dead … ah … oh … 唔 … I am dead …”

Xiaojie array, strengthened my move. I am in the waist, and I put it down, and the penis will be in turn. Xiao Jie’s small hole welcomes my throduction, and the thrill is high.

Xiao Jie sound waves: “Ah … ah … too wonderful … Oh … kiss … I am dead … you … you … you kill me … Hey ……”

I listened to her waves, even more brave, hate, can’t hurt the hole.

After a while, Xiao Jie suddenly became a lot of breath, and the whole body trembled. Her small hole contacted one, the whole person bones soft, and fare like the fairyland. I saw it, hurriedly stepped up, such as inserting a hare in the wind.

Suddenly, my ass slammed a few times, and a heat refined into the heart. Xiaojie was hot and hot, so he was unparalleled, so the legs were jealous, and the yin crucible also collapsed.

Xiao Jie is still hurt: “Love … My love … um … um … ah!”

Finally, our two people are naked, and everything is calm.

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