“Dr. Zhang, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

I looked up, I was strange to know me, suddenly my heart was shocked, it was her! My first love lover – sunny.

I hurriedly stood up, and the chair next to him was pushed down, and a lot of quite sounds.

The people of the whole hospital look at us, I have a fever on my face, I feel embarrassed, but I am really shocked, then pulling the sunny hand to the doctor’s office.

Just at this time, everyone else has dinner, and the big office is only all of them.

I hugged her, and my thoughts in the past few years have become the hug of this chapter.

We are tight.

“Let me look at your face” I look at her pretty face, “you still haven’t changed.”

“But you have changed” She said “you married.”

I put her back to her residence, a small a living unit, can’t see the nest of the country.

She opened the outer layer, took me into her residential unit.

Her living room is not big, put a sofa, and a TV, there are three doors, which are bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

I walked out to the balcony, the following street car horses, becoming a ribbon and red light belt under the dim light scene.

“She lives on the top ten.” I thought.

I appreciated it for about half an hour, she called me into the kitchen and prepared a sumptuous dinner for me.

I took two glasses of champagne and handed her.

“Even if we respect the thoughts in these years!” I said.

In the process of dinner, we have a look at it, silently eat, even smile.

After eating, she stood up and packing the dishes, I took the opportunity to hold her hand, like electric shock.

She smiled brightly and retracted her hand.

“You still like to touch my hand, just like you before.”

I hugged her from behind, holding her delicate breast over the clothes.

I softly smashed her, and our breath is gradually urgent.

“Hello soft,” I said.

I moved her hand to her waist and grabbed some of her top, and immediately stretched it again.

I slipped over her belly and touched her smooth skin.

She spiked her slightly.

I reached into her milk, the index finger and the neutral finger clamping her slightly hard-hard, I jeally took her, and the body was tightly leaning against her.

I breathe her hair, move the left hand to her thigh, pick up her skirt, and stroke her legs.

I extended her last defense, I dial her brother’s lower body, like itchy, loved her privacy position.

I am “attack” her chest, and the other hand wo around her lower body.

She is like enjoying my caress.

My left hand feels some slippery, that is her love.

Land, she turned, my hand was forced to leave her.

“Wait a minute …” She went to take a shower first in my chest. “

I am lying in her bathtub, but my heart seems to go back before, remember to be seven years.

Seven years ago, we are recognized couples. At that time, the last year of our medical school was in practice. She was just the research institute.

We have one year old, and we love each other, you will live in the same time, but we are just pure love.

Until I graduated a few days ago.

Because my hometown is in the south, she is a standard north, so the separation of our two is difficult.

She has been forcing me to go to her home to give her parents, but I didn’t dare to decide because of my parents.

Just on the next night of the graduation, we were sitting relative to her eyes, and her eyes were red, and they looked at me.

I promise that I will definitely marry her in the north after I go back to the south.

Just then, she turned off her coat, according to my skin, she was dreamer, so that when my face buried her breast, her breasts were tender and touched. Soft, gave me the first time she is.

When we stop from the violent, she has a little bit of dripping, the cherry red lips are slightly opened, tell me that she will always follow me, she is my person, she wants to be with me. Make up a sweet small family, she wants …

I went back to the south, my parents were naturally very welcome, but their family companies declared bankrupt because of their inconsistency, and they had to sell their families.

I don’t know these things at all, just suddenly losing contact.

After a few years, I learned from her old friends. She refused to find me is that I am a doctor, I don’t want to implicate me because of her father’s debt. After listening, I feel very sad. But it also protects my behavior for her, I believe in love is the reason why we combine. Why do she give me a love, but everything is ruined.

I took a towel she handed me, wiped the wet hair, she changed the standard dress, and changed to the light household costume.

Her chest can be obviously discovered is strong, because there is two pointed protrusions in front of the top, I think she will take the bra when she changed her clothes. I think that this is thinking about the situation, my “younger brother” reaction.

I noticed her, she was about to take off her clothes. Back to me, she slowly slipped out of the cloak, the bare skin of her fair complexion, she slightly turned, beautiful breasts looming, though not great, but it is reversed, pink nipples seem in tempted me to bite it, go suck it.

I approached her, hands tightly pressed on her shoulders, but feel the heart of hearts of acceleration, a hazy consciousness.

I turned to hold her live, hands clasped around her breasts, head buried in her hair, her hair a good soft along good, and incense.

I was close to her ear and said to her: “! You, it’s beautiful.”

I was a little nibble her ears, fingers tucked a lock of hair, a familiar feel, my heart heat up.

Us into bed, she dressed in a handsome white slacks, I lay in front of her, eyes scanning the scan from the beginning to the feet, palms touching cheeks from her slender appropriate to her seductive breasts, I felt she in the hardened nipples, shortness of breath gradually up.

This love this curtain, as if to imply that I am her mature body ready, my hands moved to her legs from her white breasts and pay haunt, I picked up her legs, her baggy pants off in the process off, I found she was not wearing panties, she seems to have planned to have sex in the matter.

My heart beat faster, like most of a child should not see the look of things.

Like white and smooth when her body still and I know her, obviously ups and downs all these years did not make her age, just add her mature beauty.

Handsome face, slightly plump breasts, nipple pink, slim Yao Zhi, white junk, relevance legs, and mouth-watering “sister”, it is crazy.

I took her off to the cleaners, then she got up to back then I unload clothes, her gentle, actually I had known the initiation of one kind of tears when she said Do not leave me, it should be to propose to her.

But now I was a married man, although Zhao Yi will not make me sick or anything, but she is a strong woman to pay the attitude that I have pressure, although I am somewhat dissatisfied with her, but nature is Mr. nice, I did not want to go care about it.

Zhao Yi and feel that something is missing, there is always such a strong feeling.

She crouches to me in response to my underwear, embarrassed, but she did not pretend to see, take it off, though my penis is not hard, but I feel the body heat, so she stood up some deliberately touched it with their bodies, that sudden feeling it slips straight.

She stood on tiptoe, on my forehead kiss, as if to tease me, and then she turned and climbed the bed, lying down the action so tempting.

She lay in bed, I was approached to go and climb the bed, hugged her, our lips close together, the two tongues already tangled in a piece of each other’s body fluid mixed with each other, while kiss, I will hand on her tender buttocks, or by touch, rub or use, or use pinch, gave me a delicious sense of hand a little reluctant to leave that white tender hip, Na Liangpian? small degree of fiber dome.

For a long time, she propped the body, the more closely aligns us below, but my penis is pushed up into her abdomen.

She should have felt, she slightly and shifted her abdomen, stimulate me there.

She twisted around the body, I Flanagan us caught in the abdomen, with the potential child, both will stimulate passions erupt.

I put her down on the bed stand, the heart of an intense desire to be provoked her completely.

Then she gently said to me: “Kiss me.”

I left her lips moved cheeks, ears, neck delicious, came to her chest, face buried in between the breasts.

I breathe her intoxicating bursts of frankincense, hand holding her breasts, climbing like nipples on the move, forced sucking her firm nipples.

Tongue nibble her nipples, baby learn to suck, she hugs in my head, stroking my hair.

But what interests me is the lower part of her body, I came across a soft pubic hair, I know that I have come to her private parts.

I softened her head with both feet, looking rosy pussy, some moist.

I kissed there, she was yelling up, legs pushed to my head.

Some spoiled scolded me: “hate!.”

I rushed forward in the past, she smiles tenderly out.

He grabbed her thighs, legs open again, that run red pussy seems to be a little familiar and unfamiliar.

Opening asked her: “This is seven years and then you do not have other men had sex?”

She was a little pathos smiled and said:. “I remember seven years ago that I was you, I’ll always be your man.”

I was about to say something, she covered her finger on my lips, shook her head, indicating that I will not tell anything.

That sad and moving action really makes love and affection, entirely original and warm my heart aroused passions.

He said: “I want to enter your body up.” Then change rapidly up action.

After adjusted the position I am forced to move forward, she uttered Di Hu. From her body she could feel she was trembling slightly, as if she was a virgin taste of the first test clouds and rain.

I was in her vagina, as before, is still feeling some warmth, some close.

One kind of feeling strong attack on the heart.

I slowly forward, stretching, originally her body a little stiff, legs clamped tightly involuntary my waist.

I have some pity, facing the bed, she said: “? It will be painful.”

She shook her head.

Later, she gradually became easily, and the hand clasped the sheets and relaxed. I am like a baby like her, she gradually releases her all the best, and “um … oh …” snoring.

At this point, the frequency of my pumping is gradually accelerated, and the action is also bigger.

She issued a low change, groan, and urged energy in my body, and like the volcano is about to break out. I accelerate the pump, reach the speed in the combination of action.

And she fellually to the most urgent, we finally reached the limit …

I feel that I am shouting, I quickly extracted the penis, white semen, such as a rope shot from the penis tip, and winding around her crow.

She is weak, I don’t know if she also tasted the kind of water milk blending.

After the excitement of a few batches, I was so sweating, and I slowly stood up and the bed was trapped.

I am from gods.

The fragrant sweaty is a large shape, the chest is slightly ups and downs. There is a semen I just shot in the abdomen, and I have a feeling of guilty.

Thirty-year-old woman, only my man.

I don’t know if I have a woman who silently sacrificed me, especially this woman is clear, although it is not very beautiful but make you soul.

She is actually impossible to me.

I first discovered that a woman would be so sacrificing for love.

I have a irregular menstruation for Zhaoyi. I have been self-reliant for two or three months, and the appearance of the appearance of the sun is given to me. One is that I finally know that my first love lover’s fall, the other is Solved my physiological needs.

After doing love, I held the sun and said, “Do you blame me?”

She shook her head, and she did not send it.

At this time, I saw the hanging clock, I have eight o’clock, I want Zhao Yi to go home.

I put my hands behind my mind, watching the sun, she is sweet, I am lying on my chest, I can’t bear to go to her. After doing love, women need to wait after the wait, if a man is only in the sky, she is going to sleep in the sky, and I can’t talk about the flesh of the men and women, and enjoy it. I don’t know how peacefulness after “Storm”, I think.

I crushed Qingwen, she said to me: “Can you accompany me?”

“Okay!” I still decided to accompany her.

I noticed that her face was red like a ripe apple.

I bowed my head biting her cheeks, but she did not respond to me lazy.

“Women’s gods can continue for several minutes” I am selfless. “

I reached out of her double breast, but it became very soft, and I was very good at making love.

I softly pinched her breast, played with her teat, handped her chest and abdomen, she didn’t make it again, but the face satisfied smile, “Well” sounded.

I picked her, walk into the bedroom, put her carefully in bed, and then I lied in bed, I held her, in a soft bed, I couldn’t think of falling asleep.

I have been waiting for me to get up.

“Oops! “

I quickly knew the bed, rushed into the bathroom to wash the smell of my body, I couldn’t be known to Zhaoyi and the “rape” of the sunny.

I walked out of the bathroom, and the sun was already got up. She sat in her legs, the body is covered with clothes.

“Sorry, I have harmed you” she said.

I hope to her, smile, “It doesn’t matter, I am not good.”

I went out and left her lonely.

Zhaoyi and I have been married for two years, I have been busy with her career, but it is said that it is a standard woman. It is no wonder that we are five years old and will inevitably have some age.

She can say that the university graduated from graduation, I have considered a child, but she does not agree that her career is starting to interrupt.

I heard here, I didn’t want to fight with her, but whenever I saw someone couples with their children, they were envious.

Every time I live with Zhaoyi, I think of this, I’m secretly, I deliberately hurt Zhao, but I have been hidden, she always thought it was too fierce, causing her to blame her in passion. .

Open the door, the lights of the hall did not illuminate, I got down, move into our bedroom.

Zhaoyi did not go home.

“She must work overtime, who told me to marry a woman who is very worried.”

I think.

It is a bit unpleasant.

After a few months, the case where Zhaoyi is responsible, the life is finally replied, and it is natural to have disappeared in an irregular problem.

“I will say it! It is caused by your work pressure.” I said to Zhaoyi.

She doesn’t take care of me.

I feel that I am in general.

After dinner, she left the dining room, leaving me alone.

“She must have a case in handling, being smashed.”

I clean up the tableware and think about it.

“I really don’t know if you work hard, it is not a lack of money.”

I screwed on the faucet in the kitchen, but the water did not stop.

I heard the sound of the water, the bathroom. She is preparing to take a shower.

I am flourishing, “I have not had good love for a few months, and she must also need to make love.”

The more fierce my physiologically respond, I want to have a fierce and happy sexual intercourse with Zhaoyi, say that she just hinted me to need.

I think about it, I will walk into the bedroom, I will walk into the bedroom, and I have to enter the bathroom. I hugged her.

I dreamed the face of Zhaoyi, and I started slipping to her hips from the back. I will reach my narrow skirt, and the tip of the tongue is in her mouth, just like a beautiful classical music.

I took off her underwear, and opened her shirt, pink bra wrapped a pair of full breasts strongly attracted me.

I have to care about her private parts, and she pushed me, hurry to pull the top, and patted the wrinkles on the clothes.

The mouth is cold and cold: “Don’t! People are uncomfortable today.”

After turning around and entered the bathroom, listened to the water that came into the bathroom sounded from the bathroom, and I was a husband, I was turned off outside the door, I feel a little irritating.

When I want to lose my temper, I suddenly flashed a thought.

“Forget it, find the sun, go ..”

I pushed the iron gate, I saw the sunny, I was tightly smashed with the sunny and her fierce kiss. After waiting for us to kiss the side, she gasped in my chest. superior.

I have a little urgent: “I need you, I want to make love, and you ..”

She is ashamed to come down.

“Promise me, ok?” I have an eager to ask her.

She nodded some shy, I hugged her out, and then on her cheeks.

Her shy red face is more pink at this time, and she seems to have lost a woman to have a woman who should be, I am embarrassed to ask me.

She only promised my request!

I pressed her on the wall, can’t wait to tear open her top, pulling her long skirt and underwear.

At the same time, she pulled my zipper and put my penis that started erect.

Then I lifted her leg right away. I saw that we would get into contact with the integrated hole, and we even loved, the feeling of starting, the feeling of the sun, the vagina, the vagina, the suddenness of my penis Instrusted to prepare enough love, I feel that her is sad, her snoring is greater than the past us.

“Call …” I pushed, but I made a sound in my mouth.

And she also responded to me, the low voice continued.

I started to gradually put the sun as my wife, in fact, whenever she lingering, I hope she is my lover, a slightly soft, good body, has a margin. Traces.

And the sunny top is already messy, the skirt is torn by me, and it is vague to show her thighs and hairs, as if they have just been raped.

I will hold hands into the bedroom.

I went down at the bed, she saw that I laughed with this stupid.

She threw me a pants, “I bought it for you, wear it.”

I got up and dress, after wearing it, reached out and pinched her stealing.

“I hate! Eat my tofu” she glanced me.

“It’s so fierce that I have just doing love, what is this tofu?” I am entertaining her.

“Change your clothes, you seem to have been raped by people.”

She plays the ghost face for me “to be raped is also raped by you!”

I watched TV in the bedroom, and she went out in the sun.

I looked at it, turned off the TV and went out.

The sun is going to cook in the room. I walked over, my hands held her double peak from behind, she returned with me, and the tongue of our tongue knotted each other. What will be, but we have just been loved, I just got to look at her.

It seems that we have changed from the pure love that I just met to the current love and desire.

“Why can’t you? Qi people’s blessing” I think.

Open the door, close to the room, the nose smells a faint aroma, which is the commonly used perfume of Zhaoyi.

“Don’t she come back?”

I will continue to go to the bedroom, Zhaoyi is lying in bed to sleep.

A message gave me a message on the bed cabinet.

Only just a few words: “Wake me after get off work.”

I finished reading, she slept is sweet.

I can’t bear to wake up her, so I solved the tie and prepared the dressing clothes and took a shower.

Water is very suitable, not cold.

After I washed my body, I changed my pajamas. When I sat in the bed, I had a hand suddenly hugged me.

Zhaoyi kissed my chest, holding my chest, her chest sticker on my back, moved slowly from time to time, the oppression feels tempting me, clearly ask me, I picked her, I picked her. She struggled my embrace.

Some mysteries and 地 said: “Wait until I took a shower.”

Then she faded her body in the room, and she was not hung into the bathroom.

The light, who had just stripped, has made my blood, I am sitting in bed, and finally I can’t stand the sleek temptation of just now, I rushed into the bathroom. Zhaoyi called, when I saw it is me, I will have a blind eye, I don’t let her have an opportunity to force her mouth, then I take off the pajamas, enter into the bath, adjust the posture, and then Masterway.

The water of the bath was rippling with me, and the sound of the soul of the bones were elapsed in Zhaoyi. I think her call is bigger than the sun, maybe because she is a husband and wife, I am a woman, unlike Sunny and I am private, afraid that others speak.

Thinking of this, I apologize for Zhaoyi, but not long, the guilt is expelled.

When she arrived at a climax, her snoring became very exaggerated. Because I used the position behind it, her buttocks had a very fierce, and the dramatic grinding made me and Zhaoyi forgot me, lying in sexual intercourse. In the thrill, my glans inside her vagina, the soft vagina makes hard it into the unmanned place, I hold her waist with my hands, use the waist and the push force forward to telescopic, she is squatting on the bath Hand hold the bath side, my front body is close to her back, the water is full to my penis below the three centers, each hit, there is a meat wave, passing to her chest, make her double After the milk, the water was fluctuated, and the water was splashed on our body from time to time.

In this environment, consciousness is completely blurred, and there is only a way to reach a climax in the future.

“Don’t stop … don’t stop … ah … ah, ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I am sweaty, the sweat of the nose drops to her back hips.

When she arrived at a climax, her snoring became very exaggerated. Because I used the position behind it, her buttocks had a very fierce, and the dramatic grinding made me and Zhaoyi forgot me, lying in sexual intercourse. In the thrill, my glans inside her vagina, the soft vagina makes hard it into the unmanned place, I hold her waist with my hands, use the waist and the push force forward to telescopic, she is squatting on the bath Hand hold the bath side, my front body is close to her back, the water is full to my penis below the three centers, each hit, there is a meat wave, passing to her chest, make her double After the milk, the water was fluctuated, and the water was splashed on our body from time to time.

In this environment, consciousness is completely blurred, and there is only a way to reach a climax in the future.

“Don’t stop … don’t stop … ah … ah, ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I am sweaty, the sweat of the nose drops to her back hips.

After some minutes, I gradually becomarded from the heart, I finally couldn’t help, and I called it low, and I quickly quit from her body.

I habitually put out the penis, let the semen go on her beautiful buttocks.

Because I promise her, I can consider the birth of the child in her career. I don’t want to use the safety case, and I don’t want Zhaoyi to eat contraceptives, so I use the safest “sexual intercourse”.

Everything calm down, she turned over in the bath, her eyes closed and her lips were also, as if told me to satisfy her.

I am still kneeling, the penis has been soft, and a liquid dripping on the pool at the tip.

She opened his eyes slightly and said to me: “Hold me.”

So I lie in the water, she attached her lips, I took her hot kiss, my tongue is in the mouth, I am still unfained …

I opened my mouth, let the love flow from my tongue into my oral cavity, I use my fingers to separate two labips on the lips, press the index finger in the yin nuclear, sometimes clamped with the thumb, sometimes use the tongue to lick it, sometimes Biting it, every action makes her pleasure, and I am tightly integrated.

I played with her private parts, she patted her hips. She was lying on the body. After coming to my lower body, she held it, and she took the slide and strokes several times, and she pan between my two legs. I care about my penis, use the tongue to lick the glans, just like a thoughts, more mouthfuls of the mouth root into her mouth, simulate the vagina, one, stimulate me to make me feel comfortable, the penis is played hard by her I have also begun to do it.

So I stood up, she lie down on the bed, opened the two legs, and the white body on the boulder, and the pink door was opened for my penis.

I used my hand to pick my glans several times, my knees were bent before the front of her.

Sometimes I use my tongue to lick my glans, sometimes round her hacklips come back and down to make a move.

I support her two hips, move her down to my face, and began to make her “pleasure”.

I extended her tongue, and her labia has flowed with crystal love.

I can’t help it, the semen shot from the glans, and she is full of her face, and the hot white constellation is slowly moved from her nose. She reached out and squatted.

Because it is a doctor, I know that the semen contains a very rich protein, but for the semen, beauty, beauty, but only one smile.

She lick, and then her mouth included with the penis that had been hanging, and sucking with his mouth.

She seems to be very understanding how to please me.

I touched her hair, some gently said: “No, I will love it with you next time!” After shooting, I have been very tired, but wait for me to go back home. So I have to take a shower early to remove the sunny flavor of the sun, and the sweat taste that has just been sweating.

I am lying in the bath, sunny is also sitting in naked.

She picked up the soap, helping me wash your body, I lay in warm water, and a woman who was a beloved woman was serving me, this sensory excitement and comfortable comfort is really unsoups.

After I wash, I walked out of the bathroom, wiped to the body of the water, and the two were lying on the bed of the bedroom.

I said to the sun: “I want to divorce Zhaoyi, I want to marry you.”

Surprised in the sun: “Why?”

I am answering her: “Because I love you, I like it is a woman like you, let alone, I will promise you first in seven years ago.”

She said that she said: “I will be with you with you, just in order to renew our passed love, don’t give me any guarantee, I don’t want to destroy your family,” The sound starts to intermittent , “I … I can accompany me, cook me, watch TV, and me … do love …, I don’t care, I am not your wife …, I want to fight “

I asked her: “Don’t you feel very bitter? Why don’t you promise me, seven years ago, we are not signed a ‘lifelong contract’, have you forgotten?”

She climbed the bed and walked to the dressing platform, turning against me, somewhat, answer me: “The time I volunteered to give up, I love you, but I can’t ask you to jump from another woman to me. , Recently I and you, I am sorry for your wife, I don’t want to destroy the ‘bad woman’ of the family. “

I walked out, she had been excited, I grabbed her, “Don’t worry, you are not bad woman. You will always be my cutest sun.”

She was excited to cry, “How I hope I am your wife now, every time I see others into a double, I am envious, I look at the ceiling every night, I hope you can Next to me, holding me … “

I hugged her tightly, and I was in my heart.

“But I can’t, I am just your lover, Zhaoyi is your wife. Promise me, don’t do this?”

Going home, I didn’t say a word. Anyway, I have fewed few words I have ever and Zhaoyi. I only ask her to ask for help or she asks for the joy to say that there.

In a few days, I just got up the bed. I woken up. I went to work. I began to doubt whether I had a patient about Zhaoyi. We usually have a lot of family members. Wake up her, such a woman and sunny are a far away, I will go home from get off work, she has never cooked for me, she is a strong woman, but when a competent wife is very bad, I Suddenly, I was very tired of her, and the appearance of the sun is not a change to my life. I only have the warmth of A. I am in the middle of the small apartment. Is I marry Zhaoyi’s maternity machine, no! She I don’t even have to touch her!

After get off work, the performance of the old husband and the old lady in the hospital is very envious of the performance of the old and the old lady, although the old state dragon bell but they have very much love.

“This is love, marriage,” I am self-rigid “Zhaoyi, will she? Hey!”

I drove home, Zhaoyi left a note, she wants to participate in an important entertainment, I will prepare for her down.

I received this left, I couldn’t help but burn in anger. “What do you mean! She thought that I am!”

I hate and retaliate.

I suddenly thought of sunny, “Find the sun!”

I opened the car and went straight to the small apartment of Qingwen, I needed her to give my family warmth!

I think about how to show a showdown with Zhaoyi in the car, but my heart is very emotional. I have changed, is it the influence of sunny?

“Will n’t, she is so good.” I thought of Zhaoyi, I actually had some guilty.

I vigorously shake my head, “Take her.” I think.

She saw me and was happy to hold me, and kiss with my enthusiasm.

“What? Is there any trouble?”

I have brought the past, she saw that I don’t want to say, and I will not continue to ask.

Sunny and I sat quietly, eat dinner.

After the dinner end, she got up and packing the dishes and went in the kitchen clean.

“Shasha ..” The water sounded, I walked into the kitchen, she is there.

I hugged forward, the dishes in her hand slipped into the sink and provoked a wave of water.

In her ear, I need you … “

I lie on the floor, and I have a beautiful breast. She sits on my hard penis. When the hips are swim, I am rubbing it in her body, and the feeling of comforting is really happy. I said to the sunny. “Today, I want to see how you serve me”

She didn’t have a cavity, but her face had a little fried expression. Sometimes the mouth sent a sound because of the great movement, I could clearly feel the pleasure of my glans and her vaginal wall.

Just at the moment I am about to break out, I will exit from her body. When I do hot, I will need some perseverance and tolerance from your lover. I said to the sunny sunny: “I have to be touched once today, twice, three times …”

She looked so beautiful, we walked out of the bedroom. After twirling the TV, he turned over the bed, and it was a hot kiss. After a while, I used her hands from her breast, I can Didn’t be idle, put her double breasts caress, reluctantly put down, and hide each other.

Then I have been half an hour, like the heart, I have a heart, I will hide, kiss, caress, and make love.

My body is on, her body is under, two naked human intersection keeps shaking.

Two of us have sex once every hour, I am going to take out. I don’t want to go back to see Zhaoyi. In the years, the grievances come out in the appearance of the sun, and the grievances of these years have become my current ventilation.

I am lying on the bed, sunny Wenyo is in me.

The crystal brighter liquid is covered, which is her secreted love.

Time is the past, my physical strength is also incredible, but when I saw the sunny taste lying on the ground, I was turned down by the “pumping” of me, I can’t bear to reduce my impulse.

I push it hard, gradually she started to grab me.

The mouth is no longer, replaced is a burst of wischable.

I am also intoxicated in this world of love and want.

Everything is stopped, everything is disappeared, I have only the excitement and excitement between me and the sun, and the stimuli has been constantly incorporated into my mind from me. I will push me to illustrate. The peak.

I changed the position of love with the sun, and changed from behind her body.

She is squatting on the floor of the bathroom, I hope.

Her two flesime hit my lower body and brought me a little pleasure.

“It’s so cool!” I think.

I reached out to hold her hanging from the half-air, I used the two groups of beautiful and attractive “meats”, she fiercely called.

“Ah .. ah ..”

The water of the lotus head sprayed, and her elegant long hair was already wet, and we were brushing on the water, as if it was a gentle touch.

I forward, backward.

That place was covered by her “small hole”, a kind of warmth, I can’t say it, the more fierce, the more he screamed.

Finally, I finally picked up to the peak.

We both reached a climax at that moment.

I can feel very clear that I am a bit in my body, a burst of time, I am fantasy, I must be very fast and very straight into her uterus, then stick to her. The walls of the vaginal, hundreds of millions of hilarious worms to complete them to find the egg and complete the task of continuing life.

I feel excited, pleasure, and a feeling that I can’t say.

The sun is like a relaxed, it is no longer embarrassed.

She just opened his mouth, and her lips gasped slightly.

I have been “venting” in her body, but I am still in her body, I let go of her legs, kiss her.

I gently said in her ear: “Are you happy? Is this ok?”

She nodded, staring at me with a satisfied smile, so beautiful.

I picked up the whole body of soft sunny, walk out of the bathroom, sleep in the bed, sleeping in bed.

I step into the home, and Zhaoyi waited for me overnight, and I lied on the sofa on the sofa.

She was quarreled by the door of my bedroom, and I came over and challenged me all night. Why didn’t she explain my business?

I ignored her, she smashed me a slap, for a time, all time seems to be frozen here.

I am not hitting a woman after all, this is my principle.

But I am very angry, so I use it to take your suitcase to her feet, I am coldly, and I express my anger to her.

She is standing in a strange thing, then she is crying.

I walked alone in the study.

Such a day.

In the next few days, I reached the top of the Cold War of Zhaoyi, but I have passed, about seven, eight days, she is softened by her strong people!

She is like me, I am very wrong, I don’t want to go home on time, I have done for me, I don’t want to hurt her heart, and the two silently silently sitting.

After eating, walk into the bedroom of our two.

Since she is not with my cold war, there is no need to be such a cold war again.

But she doesn’t doubt whether I have an affair or how she is still believed in my personality, maybe my previous behavior is too standard.

I lay in bed, my eyes looked at the ceiling. At this time, the door was opened, I looked there, found Zhaoyi wearing a translucent pajamas close, and the translucent pajamas could not cover her mature body, pointed Breast, dark lower body, slender jade leg, she only has that piece.

She holds my hand, some is ashamed but says to me: “I want.”

Said to close your eyes, let your face come over, and kiss it with me.

But I am grouped with my face.

She thought I was still angry and further leaned by the body.

I pushed her, cold and said: “Go away! Don’t touch me!”

When she heard the whole person changed, she first called me, but my indifference made her feel cold. So her attitude turned sharply, usually on the high, and the strong people who could not inviolably were gone.

I first felt that she was so fragile under the mask of a strong person.

She jumped out of bed, and her eyes began to be with tears. She said to me in front of my eyes. She couldn’t stand the other words. She asked me, why didn’t you care about her, Did I lose her fascination?

I want to show up with her, but I watched the sunny, maybe I will break with me again, I don’t lose her.

I got up and walked out of the bedroom.

She is crying in the room.

I will lock the door of the room because I don’t want to say anything more.

I went into the cotton, but it was a bit of erection because of the scene just now.

I have taken a head and say: “How can I think guy?”

But I have begun to produce desires, “I will find the sun tomorrow.”

She is coming to me in Zhaoyi all night.

I drove to the sunny living unit, she is not there.

After about a week, I went to her every day.

“How to do it? Will there will happen?”

I have not been right, driving to her service middle school.

I took a near office, I saw her female colleague, I went to ask, she answered me.

I am not dead, go out of the teacher’s office, and I found that the sun is going to go out, I will rush forward to catch her.

I grabbed her arm and took her to the body. The pale face showed an unsatisfactory sadness. She looked at me when she greeted her, she ran away. Master, I packed the legs, she threw a sentence: “I love you!”

Subsequently, she sat into her colleague, I threw me about the fire.

I lost my days lost, and Zhaoyi, she also invited a long holiday.

Although I no longer talk to her, Zhaoyi is indiscriminately taking care of me, she knows what I will have something to make me, and she really thinks if there is an affair, but she is gentle My position gradually sank.

We were separated in the room, I heard the Silent Night to weep, I think she is so in the heart, I need to comfort her, why she wants to suppress me like a woman.

I used to divorce her, but she ran into the room and crying in the room. I can’t bear it, I also thought I didn’t qualify to hurt a wife who loved my wife.

She and I have never seen it, I am like the boat that lost the rudder. I put forward the application for sick leave to the hospital. I didn’t know what I happened. I thought I was duty at the time of duty yesterday. Patients in a car accident cannot save his life.

After half a year, my mood is already a lot, I started working.

Zhaoyi also resigned for me, resigned from her beloved.

She is currently taking care of me, I have eased a lot with her.

In a conversation with Zhaoyi, I know that she is going to be equipped with a woman, she doesn’t want to be too “spoiled”, her doctor is very romantic, will be cold to his wife. Only “management” can not make the husband.

I only have a bitter laugh.

Time can cure a person’s trauma is really right, I have begun to blur the impression of the sun.

I still miss her ill.

“Is it a cancer?” I don’t want to think about her status “, there is still a rescue … I am not necessarily misjudic, I am not sick, just a general illness.”

And Zhaoyi is in a low tide state for about seven months, and finally ends after a kiss.

I am so embarrassed to apologize to her, she is happy to cry, and I will cry.

We both further sex after kissing, will endure the seven months of lust completely released, and made a “vigorous” sexual intercourse.

I am in Zhaoyi body.

She promised me to give me a white fat child.

Say goodbye to the sun, but changed Zhaoyi, I don’t know if it is sad.

After a year, the sun did not appear again.

In the torrent of my memory, the days in the same time, I have made the past cloud smoke, I and Zhaoyi also finished the day before I met the sunny days, but this time, I am more lively, marriage life is very sweet. The concentrated is not open.

These are all I can’t imagine before.

Perhaps, I would like to thank Qingwen.

I lie down, facing the breasts of Zhaoyi, the big mouth gasped.

Zhaoyi she gently stroked my hair, the small sweat beads from our skin surface.

We have just made your love.

“You just have rude, I almost hurt me.”

“How do I control it? You just like this.”

“Hate! “

I hugged her from behind, gently caressing her, I smoked her breast, gently touched the place you just handed.

I asked her “I still hurt?”

She shook her head.

I turned over to press her, bite her tip with his mouth, put it in the mouth.

“I have never been like this before.” She said, “You just go to sleep after you have been doing love, I don’t know how to make beautiful.” I used the tip of the tongue to hurt her teap.

“Well .. So I don’t want to pay you with you …”

I kissed her lips.

“Why don’t you tell me your feelings and ideas? As long as you say it early, you won’t happen.” I have done “our previous fatal injury is poor communication …”

She said, “At that time, I will say to these and you?”

She smirk.

“Don’t say” I seal her with the lips “, let it go!”

I put the tongue righteous her mouth, my hands moved away the jade legs on both sides, making me in the middle of her legs.

She laughed out “You are not already done, isn’t you?”

I moved the position of the body, it will be again straight, “I am seduct like this,” I am willing to do it once? “

One day, I read a book in the study, and she came in.

Zhaoyi said that she knows that I know all the days and the sun, but I hinted that she is not going.

I know that I am in her words, but I am not worried about anxious, I just want to know what happened in the sun, where is it?

I asked her to ask her, eagerly asked.

Zhaoyi stationed in front of my eyes, some bitter self-proclaimed, “Hey! He or ..”

She told her to go to a place with a weak and humane accent.

I went out with her, I saw Zhaoyi four-month-old belly, I started some unclear how to deal with this marriage.

“I will break up with Qingwen” I have some pain in my heart “or and Zhaoyi?”

The hospital I got nearby, there were many life-free things every day. When I first came in this hospital, I have died for a patient’s patient, but I have seen many sadness. Things, I also paralyzed, I always thought that I can’t have something to be sad, but in fact, I have failed – because I have been sad because I have lost the sun.

I saw a person who covered the face with a white cover, “State?”

I am surprised, I will go, I see what she tried to tell me, but I can’t issue any sound.

Xiao Li told me on the side: “The end of blood cancer. Even if you are her attending doctor, the same is no.”

I looked at him, but my heart was unlimited.

“Xiao Zhang, what you can do is, you can accompany her, so that she is not in the world.” He took my shoulder and said.

“I will accompany you, you will not die, absolutely not …” I said sadly.

When you use her to show my eyes, I look at me. In the eyes of the eyes, it is a relaxed and gentle feeling. I don’t know why she shows this kind of eye, she reached the palm, for a long time No, her palm has lost his enthusiasm in the past, and it is dry and unable to dry.

She took me with the weak hand, and I didn’t have a lot of palms slipped from my hands.

I am calling out: “Sunny!”

I screamed to Zhaoyi and Qingwen’s colleagues: “You are hidden, she is ill, why not tell me, do you know how she needs me?”

The tears are not fast, I have to grab the Zhaoyi, “You … you …”

At this time, she also cried his eyes, swaying his head silently, my hand stressed, the whole person squatted to tears dropped in the floor, Zhaoyi walked recently, I went to her arms.

“I am a doctor, why don’t she say she gets cancer?”

Zhaoyi was crying, although she knew that I was unfaithful to her, but she like a kind mother like a sorrowful child at comfort.

The sunny death will not let me see her face, and weak life, just as she is giving me the last letter, the day gotting along with me is an unforgettable memories of her last life, no matter the university. The times, or a few months …

I held a bunch of flowers, followed by Zhaoyi and the son of our two, put it in front of the sunny tomb.

The thing is over, I have never finished my commitment to the sun.

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