“Little St., go to the office after school!”

Hey ~ I am unlucky. As the class of the class, I have learned every book, that is, English is really not good. This city quality inspection English is not bad. Although I rely on other subjects hard to support me 20 in the year, but this is even more I don’t feel that I don’t give English teacher, so I was called again.

Speaking of the English teacher, she is a teacher who has just graduated from the school this year. It is still very beautiful, and the melon face, the big eyes, the eyes, the mouth, the mouth is small and thin. But I really hate the English. So there is no good feeling about English teachers. After school, I deliberately dragged the pull and pulled it for a long time.

The office door is covered, I will push it in, I see the teacher is on the desk, the body seems to be twitching, will not cry? I carefully called: “Teacher.” She didn’t respond, so I raised my scorpion and called: “Teacher.” She finally slowly raised his head, her face had obvious tears, she looked at me Silence for a few minutes, the advantage is said: “Otherwise, come back next time.” I would like to ask what the teacher happened, but she didn’t have to be left, and I don’t want to have a lot of things, I am old and old. Exited the office.

First go to the cafeteria, I have a meal, go back to the dormitory, I sit in my bed but find the psychology a bit uneasy, what is going on? I don’t know myself, in short, I feel that I am selfish, I don’t ask the teacher. I can’t sleep in the bed, I can’t sleep, so I made a decision to see the teacher in the dormitory! As the city’s key middle school, the teacher’s treatment is very good, the teacher is a single-room dormitory. Before I came to the dormitory, I gently knocked the door, no one promised, and knocked it again, still didn’t respond. So I pushed the door, the door didn’t lock, but the scene of the eyes made me scared. I saw the teacher lying on the bed, poured a few wine bottles under the bed. I cried before I cedied: “Teacher.” Seeing there is nothing to respond, turning around is ready to leave.

Suddenly, my body trembled. Because it is in the summer, the teacher drinks again, the body may be too hot, she unspeak several buttons of the shirt. I saw two slices of snow in front of the teacher. I said that although it is high, I haven’t paid a girlfriend, and I have been grabbing the school. I haven’t had a big time, so I saw that the teacher exposed half of the breasts. I trembled, gently extended to the teacher’s chest, gently touch, soft, my lower body is hard, full of heat, full of sweat. I added my strength and more powerfully pressed the teacher’s chest. My heart has already felt that I have to come out, I really want to run, but my feet are not listening. I am more bold, I stretched the whole palm, the whole breast is in my hand. I feel particularly comfortable, I gently put it down, put it in the hand, and gently put the nipple and gently do a circular action. Feel special comfort.

Just when I feel this beautiful feeling, the teacher suddenly snorted, I was shocked, but I didn’t dare to do big movements, I could only stay in stood. The whole heart seems to be bullied. NS. The teacher also took tears, and the face was born, the whole face was red and red, it was really hooks. But when I had time to think about it, I gently took back my hand under the bra, but suddenly put my hand on the chest. I also shouted, “Build, don’t, I don’t want to break up.” I didn’t dare to move, and I was so eager to live. I saw that the teacher came out again. I thought about it again, my loyal, I want to Listening to her, the other hand of the teacher suddenly took, my whole person squatted to her, my heart is still so fast, but I have different feelings.

The teacher started to kiss in my face, I didn’t dare to avoid it. It seems that the teacher is still drunk, but the lower body is already hard, I still have the first time to get close to the girl? I have kissed the teacher, the teacher didn’t open it, I felt behind a mouth, I actually kissed it. I have something to fly. The teacher’s legs began to support my body. I lost my reason. The other hand stretched into the teacher’s body, pulled up the teacher’s skirt, in the teacher’s private parts. Move your entire body to the teacher.

※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum teachers actually extended to me, and the whole of our sports pants. She shocked my meat stick, I was crazy, pulled down my pants, opened the teacher’s underwear, with it to move the meat stick to the teacher’s lower body, I don’t know if there is any plug, desperately stand up. The other two hands are boldly open the teacher’s bra, squeezing the teacher’s breasts, and the teacher is softly called. But because it is the first time, I am very excited, I think the heat of the lower body is rushing out, I have shot. But because it is the first time, I am hard. This time I adjusted my breathing, no longer so urgent, gently, I took my hand and put it in the teacher, just put the meat stick, this time I can guarantee I have entered, I closed my eyes, I feel that the teacher’s minced wall is close to my meat stick. It’s a bit of comfort, the teacher is more crazy, and the tongue has reached into my mouth. I will absorb it. The teacher’s tongue, the whole person seems to have arrived in the fairy world, what is honest, worried, worrying. Finally, I shot again, the teacher was also satisfied, “big” is lying on the bed and has already slept. A smile is still hanging on the face of the red lotus. I am afraid of it, what should I do tomorrow?

Although I really want everyone to be happy, I said that my average appeal begins, but telling the truth, starting from the sky, I have never seeing this teacher.

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