A summer afternoon, I was sitting under an umbrella with an outdoor cafe, a ice cartridge.

“Are you coming?” Alison asked.

“Of course, how can I not come.” I answered.

But, Elena may be there. “

“It doesn’t matter. That has passed.”

I am a year of KEVIN, a year of New York University. My friend Alison, who has just completed her first year at Columbia University. We are all coming from New Jersey. At the age of 9, I met her since the domestic family came to the United States. As the only Asian face on the small town, no one is willing to play with me, no one is willing to be a group with me. They are always onlookers or whispers, or whispering or whispering, and whenever I try to talk to them. My parents can’t take into account because I am busy with work.

At that time, she is the only person who has not launched me. On the contrary, she first extended her friendship. I have grateful for this. Over the years, I have gradually integrated into the environment, and I have given many sincere friends, but no matter how the outside world changes, our friendship has never been affected, but from the beginning.

We all think of the other party as the best friend, no matter what happens to give each other’s greatest help and support. From primary schools, we are all fortunate to the same class, even if university is in the same city. I am very glad in New York, I can see each other in New York, of course, when we are not crushed by various exams and the thesis. I can’t imagine what these years have to be like a companionship.

On the July day after the end of the year of college vegetarians, one of my friends held a birthday party in his new apartment, and I and Alison were invited to go. The truth is that my friend’s roommates met Alison on a party, and then she seems to wipe a little blossom, so insisted that she was invited. My friend is just a good friend of Elena, that is my former.

There is something, never know. I have had a fanatic obsession with Alison, when we were 13 years old. Let us frankly say, worship the impulsive impulse and all kinds of hormones that we went in our body, all men have long play with women in their children. The same feeling. It’s even like this sweet girl.

One day in the eighth grade, the school organized a performance, and the girls of their class jumped ballet. I will always remember, at that time, Alison in my heart became a little girl in a pigtail skirt and rainbow socks. Well, it was a little girl because she never had a high price of 1 inches, but other places. But it is never small. I have begun to notice that she is ashamed of her chest, and gradually began to have a hip of the charming arc. That is also my first time I feel erection.

I just started to stubbornly think I was just physiologically attracted by her, but I gradually told that she was as fascinated by champagne! She always has a sweet smile. Even in high school periods, there are inevitable cars, but no one dares to destroy or distress Alison, she is so good and dazzling, she smiles, the brilliant light is to take anyone else. Good thought and feel happy from the bottom of your heart.

This foam-like early love has given me, let me swear down, sleep uneasy, just like many other people’s first love, I am confident! Of course, I have never made any action, because I don’t want our friendship to be threatened. The only one-time move, that is, a group of people played in a group of people in the 9th year, she had to kiss me. That is a kiss that I am in my life.

Over time, these feelings gradually fade, and we have dated to others. She has always had a very high popularity, and the boys who want to interact with her can be placed from Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge. Her date record is higher than me, there is almost 9 boyfriend in high school, but there is no one is serious, and the average is almost two months. I often make a smack she has no ability to retain men.

And I didn’t care about love, I didn’t care about love, until I started to be with the Eldna.

Elena is one of the popular school girls, often called model. Said model because she is thin like root model, almost no chest but has a pair of lips who have been born.

At that time, everyone thought that I was bright, but in fact, we never did anything. But I don’t mind, because I really like this girl, I was very serious about this feeling. She and Alison have a common friend, but they have never really like each other, always seeing each other. Alison may look into her face tolerate her, but she will hold the mouth when she is going to help the Eldna. Eldnah has always been quite gratong to my friendship with Alison. I firmly believe that it is because of Alison, in the smart body of her 5-foot 1, there is a seductive chest httock, and Eldna, even if she has 5 feet 8 high, almost no-fold is Zhangmen board. Of course, add the red lips that will always be gorgeous. But Alison never show off your own body. Although she has been chasing the fashion but she always covers her own very strict, as a girl with model potential, it is always liked to take a shirt and always try to expose as possible without causing trouble. Multi-skin.

The words retired, long-distance short. Elena smashed me in the previous week before the graduation ball, and it was said to have “people” amateur photographers in the model. The rumors pointed out that they went to the hotel in the first time. Don’t have to say, that night is one of the most dark nights in my life. Thanks to the summer of God, I was busy, I have already moved to New York City, I have encountered a person in the school, but there is no success. Later, I was on the land familiar in New Jersey after I was in the first school year. It feels good at home, especially if you can see old friends, share our story in this year.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Alison asked about that party.

“No, still can’t. When did you go?” I asked.

“About 8 points,” she said. “I told him that I will arrive at 7:30,” I said, “So we will see it when we arrived?”

“Ok. But you know what you should do? You should put your iPhone in a basket of Lena photos. She is very hot and has a smart melon. This will definitely take an loud slap in Lianna. ! “

She suggested like this.

“I won’t be so good,” I told her, “” Moreover, I have no longer see Lena. “

“With you, Kev,” she said, “Just a suggestion …”

We have finished drinking a drink and then go home.

That night, I wore a simple lattice shirt and jeans alone, an apartment whirled rock, a ipod connected a few huge speakers. There are about 15 people are living living rooms, chewing looks like a pizza, and french fries, and you can count on various junk foods that you can think of in the student party.

Everyone looks cool, but my friend’s roommates have refreshed my taste lower limit.

That is it is a fools who add from the big mad! Wearing a black striped shirt, white suit, white tie, a ridiculous sunglasses and a ridiculous hat in the room. What is the most disgusting is a bunch of hanging face, and then riding through his mouth, I finally falling on the chin, it is crying. “I am a rogue metamorphosis !!” I am now not Believe alison will date with this person.

I greeted people as usual, hit, and chatted until I came from the kitchen. Then, suddenly, I saw Elena fell out, holding a half bottle of beer in his hand, blushing like a tomato.

She is fat than high school. Perhaps it is a unordered life of the first year, maybe her so-called model career is not based on the plan, she is like being blown up. On the way out of the kitchen, she poured the remaining half bottle of beer in his stomach, and loudly hicked. Once the face of the knife, the face of fat is fat, revealing a pair of drunken and sluggish eyes.

I don’t have malicious speculation may be such a indulgence life. This is what she has always wanted. She now has a clear baby convex, I hope this is just a fat, because I am very happy, I have a bottle of beer. She turned, saw me.

“Hey !!!!!!!! Kevin !!!” She screamed.

“Hey …” I have some embarrassing response, “I am very happy to see you again, Eldna.”

“Sorry, my friend said,” I forgot to tell you that she will come. “” It doesn’t matter, “I told him,” I don’t worry. “

I turned my head, suddenly I saw a huge, the guy who was happier, and pushed the tongue into the throat of Elena. I have a stomach in my mind.

Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice saying, “Wow! When is your predecessor I have been engaged in a big beach?”

This is Alison, Bodhisattva compassion, she looks very positive! often! She is wearing a little ditch, and the whole body is tailoring very fit, smartly of her body curve, making all heads in the house twisted in a variety of normal abnormal ways. I never remember to have seen her cleret, even if it was last year’s graduation dance.

Her hair is no longer a familiar ponytail, but separated from the middle, naturally hanging down, slightly. She looks much higher than normal, because a pair of boots have added 3 inches for her. Mr. Rogue James welcomes her tried to kiss, but she turned her head to let the kiss falling on the cheek.

I greet her, squeezed my eyes – not, not the kind of “! Baby ~” squeezing, but “What do you tease? He ?!”

“Hey?” She said. “Okay, I know that you can learn art in Columbia, the group may really”. But, right? He? “I unbelievable asked.

“When did you get this food from this time?”

“Hey, you have made comments on my dating object, and as your best friend, don’t I have the same right?”

“We have no dating,” she explained, “I just came to participate in his party.”

“This is really a party dress,” I said, I got her up and down.

The gradually more guest arrived, I and Alison were squeezed, and Party officially started. I have been trying to enjoy this Party, but no matter where I go, Elaine and her “people” boyfriend will always take it out, do your mouth. They both exude a strong taste, the man’s sweat gland was very sensitive, and he urgently needed to take a shower. I think since I constantly hit them two, I should try to talk.

“So, when did you start?”

“It’s almost two months ago,” Elena said. “That is a difficult period, I lost love, sad, I thought about suicide. Then kiss Pauly baby appeared, he was so gentleman, elegant, simply like a knight. And he is very, if you understand what I am Say what.”

This “Pauly Baby” is really a wonderful person, Zhang is a big mouth, “Oh, she has fucking the most tight asshole. Uh!”

It’s just a great, I think. Two years ago, I also loved her, and she still had a still figure, but I didn’t get it. Soon, this long hauff now, she is already in his bears.

“Pauly Baby” will then ask me, “So how do you know Elaine?”

I simply don’t know how to cope with this issue. So I got up and said, “I will take some drinks.”

“Meditate give us one person with some?” Pauly asked.

I agreed with this request, I suddenly asked before the request, “Elina, you are not pregnant?”

“How could it be !!” Pauly rushed to reply, “I have pulled out every time.”

I have a little stunned, accompanied by the roar in my head, turning into the kitchen. Alison and the roommate are sitting inside. From her look at me, I understand that she has clearly seen the whole thing.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I am fine …” I am not good at all, she can see.

“Let’s go?” She proposed. “No, no need, I am very good.” I told her.

“Hey, if you are very good, please ask the arm, jumping, singing the butt glow, as long as you are afraid,” I am a rogue.

“James, shut up!” Alison shouted.

“No, he is right. I should not bother you.” I told her.

“Do not bother me. Take care of yourself, if you need, I’m right here.” She said, while bypassing handle my shoulder and gave me a hug. When she let go, I said blankly, “so Elaine will be expected to give birth and who would only bear children after six months.”

“Really?!?!?!?!” Alison asked, “Well, can not be absolutely sure,” I replied, “but it seems from their male lack of knowledge of effective contraceptive methods as well as the sickening babies, which is most likely, of course, if she really was pregnant and still drinking as like her, she either will flow in, or will give birth to a monkey. “

Alison was amused giggled. I did not look how happy she looked at my face and stopped. But she champagne-like charisma really like an epidemic, I could not help myself chuckle again.

I pulled out a beer from the refrigerator, just when I just took a sip, I heard the front Elaine Mr. Xiang Zhao auly baby spit one. I am almost the whole wine sprayed out. Alison looked very happy to see her so miserable.

“Dude, you’ve had about that stuff ??” I was a rogue, Mr. James said, “It seems that I should not have any hope for your fashion sense.”

“Oh, no person can have more beautiful goatee than you!” I said ironically, seeing his face deteriorates, Alison kind of embarrassing to him very happy.

“Really, you glasses that how was it?” She asked, “We’re in the room !!”

Her shining light watering me, after that I no longer feel the tough.

Towards the end of the evening, I was visiting my friend’s room, Alison also slipped in to escape the hustle and bustle outside. I appreciate the graduation wall, awards, medals, and prom photos.

“Could not believe have been a year, is not it?” She said, “Yes ah, just like yesterday.”

I recall the “What regrets do?” She asked. “No,” I said, “In high school I had a lot of good memories, we have experienced a lot of things, the ultimate success survived, also entered a great university. and my best friend is still my best friend. What more can you ask me? “

She nearly stepped on my body let me hold her hand ring. I homeopathic pulled her closer to my head resting on her head. We stared at the wall, letting the pictures on the wall will drown in our memories.

I poked at her waist, she suddenly jumped up and uttered a scream.

I was laughing.

“Absolutely effective!” I laughed and said “not funny!” She said, trying to pretend to frighten me very angry, but that just makes even more funny, because she is only a little bit. Really, if Alison and I want to try to fight it, she will win – because I will first died laughing.

“Do you regret it?” I asked her, “I do not mind performance at the ball a little better,” she said, “my partner did not stay to the end of the song, because he had to leave. And that happens to be my most favorite song! “

I grunted from the nose, while she angry with his elbow knocked at my waist.

“At least you and your boyfriend dating.”

“That dirt dumped you is a good thing.”

Suddenly, those noisy hip-hop music stopped, sounded a burst of gentle waltz. Perhaps that iPod owners set the wrong playlist, perhaps someone kindly gods of heaven to me mercy, because this music is just Alison missed prom last song, YouandMe from the Lifehouse.

I put surrounded by Alison hand away, step back and feet together, one hand behind the forward single-handedly made a gentleman’s invitation gesture, “I am willing to dance with you, pretty lady?”

She looked at me somewhat perplexed, so I said, “I may not dressed in a tuxedo, but at least you are wearing a beautiful gown sparkling.”

She laughed, elegant reached out, and took it with me. She put her head on my shoulder, lost her high heels, helping her to barely arrived. In JasonWade’s magnetic thick voice, we slowly turn around, don’t say more, we work together to seamless. Just like, no matter what happens, we will always be around. Her body is very hot, I can feel the more and more heart of her jump, just like a swelling chest from her next moment. Gently, I printed a kiss at her forehead. I hope that this moment will never end, Alas, this music is interrupted by some hip hip hiprograms in the living room, replacing the brain heavy metal in the earth. And when I was ready to stop, Alison cuddled up, so we continued to turn slowly, immersed in our world, ignored the surroundings.

At about 11 o’clock, I decided to take the work, Alison decided to join me. “What about james?”

I asked. “Ah, I think he will not say something”. I didn’t see him in the room, so I greeted my friend and left.

There must be a rain outside, and the mud on the street is. We are stroll, send Alison home.

“Unfortunately, I still have to say that I have no sense of James,” I told her, “Not just because of his stupid goat Hu.”

“It is well analyzed,” she said, “I am not too sensitive before.”

“It is true that you look at it.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Ok, I have never seen you into this.”

“Who said that I am doing this for him to do this?” She said with a smile.

“Ah, if your purpose is to let Elaine are crazy, I think I will love you,”

I tease her, and she laughed up “” There is always someone needs to see yourself, “she said, I am smiling,” I am very sorry, I don’t want … I said, things are not completely like you want The development of development but I know you still … “

“No,” I said, “This is nothing, you are right. I really need someone to pull her ridiculous arrogance.”

“By the way, I still can’t believe that you tell me, when she actually 我 妒 妒?”

“Why isn’t it?”

“Well, I think that she is the hot model, and I am just … I.

“What happened to you?”

“Maybe it’s nothing. But I am not a hot model girl. She has a pile of worshipers, very high popularity, and a fox, a fox, which is not forgive, of course, no one will come.

And what can I care about? “

I thought for a while, I only represented, “A temperament that makes people is free.”

She looked at me, with the true meaning of the answer to my answer.

“Yes, she is really very special. But I got it, open it, many times she is really hard. She is always coming to compare with you this point. I guess that the high school era has passed So she doesn’t need to work hard to face you. Perhaps the drunkenness, the vomiting is not known to be something, is the real Elena, after so many years, it is finally released. ” I have made a bold conclusion, try not to be too arbitrary. Extremely.”

“Haha! If I am very charming, why have you never been about me?”

A buzzing atmosphere shrouded us, suddenly, the sudden rain is under, and the little scared of Alison is. We ran to the house at the end of the street, then found the key in the rain.

When she finally entered the house, she began to complain about us.

“Small point,” I told her, “You will wake your family.”

“They are not at home, little fool,” she told me, “they went to the West Coast.”

We rushed into her room together, where she gave me a tight sweater. Her father is very small, so when I see what she wants to do, I said, “You must be joking?” “” I only have this! “She said,” Is there a shirt? ” I asked her, “I don’t have anything you can enhance it here. Unless you want to try my corset ??

“To say, you are a man! I used to see you naked half. Now I have to take a shower before you have a cold. The bathroom is in the corridor. You can put dirty clothes into the ladle. , I am turning back and give it to you. “

I went to the bathroom and put the clothes into the shower under the wash pool and drilled into the shower. The feeling of warm water rushing is really wonderful, gradually I feel comfortable. After enjoying this for ten minutes, I wiped myself and put on her tight card, and then walked back to her room waiting for her. I carefully sit in her bed, the bed is full of bra. She is 34C, which is bigger than I think.

I have always thought that she won’t exceed B.

Curiously driven, I look around, the main gaze stay at the table and the wall filled with Alison school photos, from a child until now. These photos have opened the memory of memory once, reminds me of her first time and I say hello, thinking about how she is willing to sit in the fifth grade, and what she is? Teach me a variety of American customs, such as Trickortreat, Halloween.

I still remember that I was stopped by the school because I was defeated by a classmate and sprained his knees, the cause was that the boy hit the ice cream on the hand of alison. That time, I had a good training, but I don’t regret it at all. I feel that it is the king of the world, like the prince who protects the beautiful princess and fighting the fight against the fight.

Then I turned my eyes to her slowly growing photos until the graduation dance, graduation ceremony, at that moment, my head suddenly waved, my best friend actually really I have ever seen. Beautiful beautiful people. It is not only because of her moving figure, but the sum of the whole people, and all the flash points in her body have gathered a girl in such a perfect girl. I am very surprised that she can keep single after entering the university.

I heard the sound of the water, after a few minutes, she wrapped a bath towel out.

“Old Master, why didn’t you put on clothes inside?” I asked her “Sorry ~ habits ~~ Say, hey, this is my room.” She said that I turned to make her change clothes. ” Do not peek, small metamorphosis. “She said with a joke. I use the photos on the wall to transfer my attention, and in the mirror of the photo frame, faintly reflect Alison’s nude. I felt a impulse to think about some other things to make the idea in the mind.

After a while, she told me. I turned and found her wearing a loose T-Shirt and a shorts. I can definitely don’t wear a chest because of her nipples, it seems to be drilled out.

“Are you still reconsion?” She asked “Nothing, just enjoy your beautiful face.” I answered.

She smiled shallow. What is this flirting?

“Do you want?” She asked “It’s a bit. At that time, I feel that everything is simple. But the university is still much better than high school.” I told her.

“Do you miss her?” She looked at me and waited for my answer.

“I thought,” I started to say this, “I don’t want to lie. I have thought that if I can make some other choices, if I can make her not to tell me, if I can choose not to leave. It is me What did you do? What is the end of our final breakup? All these questions I have been entangled with themselves for several weeks. “

“You don’t need to change anything,” she told me. “Especially don’t have to change something like her. She is the fool of the wrong thing. I must not doubt yourself.”

“I know now,” I told her. “After seeing him on Party on Party today, we belong to different worlds. I am not likely to be together with Ellenna.”

She hugged me on my shoulder. A burst of thunder was burst out of the window. “It seems that you have to be sleep here?” She said, “I don’t want to provoke you,” I told her, “Do you have an umbrella?”

“You have to go home half naked,” she said, “Add more, this is thunderstorm. It can sometimes be very dangerous in the empty place in New Jersey.” “Do you make sure I won’t bother to you?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, this is on Saturday night,” she said, “I don’t have to do anything tomorrow.”

Just when I was ready to sit in her bed, I realized the top of the underwear.

“OOPS!” She smiled softly, “I am sorry.” She grabbed them on a chair next to the wardrobe.

“They are very ……… colorful,” I said, “You a metamorphosis,” she said that we lie on the bed in the bed, the foot hanging outside the bed, and the rain of the rain and the thunder of the time from time to time Talk. Our conversation is mainly concentrated in our common high school era, and then she mentioned the kiss of our truth-telling adventure.

“I can’t believe that you actually do it,” I told her, “I worried that I was afraid for a long time because I always thought that you would say that I have a scorpion or what I will dare. Close to me! “

“First of all, we have nine grades,” she said, “I have already scared it with the scorpion. Second, I am very fortunate that is you, for example, the pusty face Brian. Oh, I think about it. If you do that, a generic is suddenly broken! “

Thinking that the scene, we have no temperate hilarious.

“Add, we are the best friends, so that is not very strange. Especially the color gods that are full of brain pus are compared. Ah, you can’t forget a fact: you can really kiss.” She Said “Ha thank you,” I have to smile and say it, “I have always struggled to do it best.”

“Really,” she said, “You have three in front of you.”

“Have you worried about me?” I said that she didn’t answer, maybe she thought I just said. After a while, then she asked, “kevin, trutoordare?”

In order not to be smashed by her, I still have to take Zhang Zhao, I chose “the truth.”

“You have not answered my previous question … Why didn’t you have I have been about me?” She asked.

I thought for a while. I looked at her and thinking about what trap would be hidden in this question.

“I am a little worried,” I said, “I am worried that if something happens … such as you said no or, I’m going to care, you said Yes and we will lose you because I break up, then I will lose you. I said, you are …

… you have always been my best friend. You have become complete in the way I have never experienced in others.

I can’t take this insurance. “

“So … have you really thought?” She asked, “Yes.” I replied to me, kissed it on my cheek. That feels quite good. She didn’t move back and continued to squeeze with me.

“Truth or big adventure?” I asked her “umm … big adventure!” She replied.

“So I want you to call,” I told her.

She looked at me some confusedly until I poked her belly, she screamed and jumped.

“EeeeiiiIIEeeeeeeeek !!!!!!!!!!”

“I said that I didn’t want to call!” I laughed and said she rushed to make my arm. And I am more joyful.

“You play the rack like a chipmunk,” I told her.

When she was trying to hammer me, she slidged her face after taking a shower and smoothed her face. I looked down, revealing the most lovely face in this world, “Okay, since you have no Completed, I have a chance. Truth or big adventure? “

“True.” She said, I decided to play on this, “Do you masturbate?”

“Wow! You are true!” She said. “So?” I asked.

“I won’t say anything!” She said. “Well, I guess I have to come to find the answer.” I told her.

I started from the bed and began to look at her drawer. “I guess, maybe I can find some special toys here?” I said.

“Kevin, you are too stupid,” she laughed.

“Does anyone think about it when I am alone?” I continued to tease her “Oh God, that is too disgusting!” She also got up from the bed, trying to stop me from going to her drawer. When we were pulling, we finally twisted into a group and laughed soft. She didn’t know how to push me in bed, but I was also poured down immediately. When she fell down, her face was just on my face and our lips came together. Suddenly, the memory of the kiss was in the nine-grade memory into my mind.

She was shocked by her happening.

Suddenly, I made stupid move. I used your hand to hold her hair, and kissed her lips.

This is an extremely crazy and especially stupid impulse, because I have a ten-year unparalleled friendship as dangerous. But really crazy is, I didn’t feel a little resistance. In fact. I found that her arms were surrounded my neck.

I hugged her, pulling us two, her hand shrewd in my chest, my heart beats the dance of our lips. I withdrew my head, I want to see if I am doing a dream. I saw her bright eyes, she also looked at me. We looked so quietly, my hand wrapped around her shoulder, filling the sound of the sound. Time seems to become incomparable and finally, I broke the silence.

“Please say something,” I tried to make the sound look humor.

“How is this long?” She asked with a sweet. At that moment, her sweet wine rod melted my heart.

“Me? Um … I have a feeling that you want to hit me,” I said “Kevin …” she said gently, “I started thinking that it is just a stupidity. I even tried other The boys dated but … never succeeded. I came to my head. I think I have always known, you are the person I want to be together. “

“How long have you feel?” I asked.

“From me 11 years old …” she replied.

“11 years old?!?!?!?!” I showed out. She was red and then laughed.

I can not believe it! So long time. Under so many pursuits, she actually interested me? With her appearance and personality, she can easily reach anyone and what she wants is me? Oh, I’m looking at me, I will have to suffer together with Elena! I have never discovered it in so long!

“So … if you really want to cross me, like you, what would it be?” She asked.

“It is possible to be in the nine grade.” I told her, “I noticed from the eighth grade. I have seen it for you. I saw that you danced in the dance performance of the school rally, I noticed ……Uh……

Ok, let’s talk, I found you very charming. “

“Oh, don’t tell me that you are a young woman!” She said.

“No, not that,” I said, “What is actually … I said, your tight dance skirt provides some … The modification of the shape is put on the shape.” I put the hand in the chest. Make a cup. .

“You really are really a metamorphosis !!” She giggle.

“Hey, spare me, I was just a twelve-year-old boy,” I said, “I said, just started because of those, but I noticed that you are so far.” You will always Sunlight, very friendly for everyone. No matter what happens, you are always with me. “

“Ah! How good a girl!” She smiled and said. “So you have to become a lace for her?”

I am trying.

“You are a idiot, in order not to have a trip,” she said.

“I can give you back now.” I smiled and said.

We kissed together again, with a beautiful dream, finally come true. I have never thought that this may become fact. The enthusiasm between us is not hindered, it is so natural, just like we are born. I took care of her as a silk-like hair, and the other hand passed softly to explore her back. Our tongue dances between the lips, difficult to understand, and it has brought a trembling of the whole body. This is just like a dream.

Then she climbed my neck along my face, caught my earlobe with her cherry. She bite bites, and at the same time, she slowly took her collar, revealing her perfect shoulder and sexy clavicle. The skin under the clothes is like the best cream-like lubrication. My lips and tongue are greedy to explore her neck and shoulder, and suddenly, she bite my earlobe. “Ah !!!” I called, “Is this why?”

“You can know that this is dreamed of dreaming.” She is like a smitted small cock. In order to retaliate, I suddenly fell her in bed at once, and she was scared. I took her on the bed, grabbing her wrist, and pulled her nose and then started a wide range of kisses her scent.

I kissed every place in her neck until she had a little bit below her place, she was shaken, and tried to break free from my control. So I have a rhythm to increase the pressure sucking, and when I use my tongue, she obviously aggravates breathing. After I let her let go, there is a purple kiss. I sat on her.

“How do you feel?” I teased her.

“Not bad,” she said, “but I have better.”

She is sitting up, and the legs are still underbidden. She reached out and took my face near my chest, and sheroided a small palace. So she touched my chest with the tongue and spin on the nipple. She is right – this feeling is really better! In each wet-humid rotation, she will suck it, which is simply pulling me.

At the same time, she played another nipple with her hand. I can feel my penis struggle and trapped it, I want to show it. Every time she or the teasing, the teasing is more urgent to breathe. My penis is just because of excitement.

“It seems that my magic is successful,” she said. “But this is really unfair – here I still do it well.”

With a fast and complete action, she took off her T-Shirt, unveiled the face of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Their shape is like a tearful, and the spirit is angry, and the top is blocked, the crazy pink flower bud. They bring a burst of ripples with her actions, and the flower buds are gently shaken.

I only imagine them in my dreams, and the real scene is better than my imagination.

I can’t remove my eyes at all, I can’t move. Even if we just have a close contact, I can only be as stupid as a gum, I don’t know how to take it to me.

“Can I?” I asked “Of course, do you think why I put them out.” She said.

I carefully reach out and start with the fingertips to feel this pair of unparalleled fullness, which touchs her body over electro-shaking. Then I don’t have the palm of your palm, giving them a curved massage with a thumb to give her nipple, which makes her gradually enters better.

I took her and kissed her chest while kissing. Then, I used the left hand to stand behind, I found the best angle and height, start kissing her cleans and gradually turned to the right breast, and forgetting each corner, followed each arc. The landing is outlined.

Slowly, I started close to her nipple. I used the tip of the tongue to surveillance pink uli, and I am very resolutely bypassing that more glowing flower buds. She continues to make sigh, and every time I will go to the top. When there is no choice but to hop, she is already going to be mad.

“Don’t play rogue, suck it!”

How can I reject this for such a request? I took a deep breath, and I wet her bud with my tongue and then gently blow it. The effect was immediate. It stood up at once, it seems to break the soil. Then I deeply contained it in my mouth, mix wet saliva, and pose each sensitive nerve end with my tongue. I still contain the nipple in my mouth, I gently let her fell on the bed, with the index finger to go back to another nipple.

Alison started a whisper. I once again sucked the whole breast as much as possible and suck it hard.

It is more than ten minutes, I am addicted to this unparalleled beauty and the tongue on the tongue, and she is constantly twisted, grasping my hair, back, sheets, and trying to slow down the skin of this sweet.

I put a pink flower between the upper and lower teeth and gently biting it. She immediately issued a voice, “Ah ~~ Yes, bite it, bite … bite …” Her nipple is really It is very sensitive, and every touch makes her sensitive nerves on the verge of collapse. This scene is indulging in it. It can’t extricate it. So have never thought about me to do what we are doing now and Alison. I finally stopped this torture, let her breathe a little, then pulled her up with her mouth. Our hands love each other in the body, I taste her upper lips, she licks my lower lips. My hand slipped into her shorts and pulled it down and revealed a completely wetted black cotton underwear. I put a finger in the highest point of the wet range, slightly press, and slammed her gap.

“Wow …” She breathed “Oh, I haven’t said you.” I told her.

I took over her inside and outside, revealing a pink flesh that did not have any hair covered, and smashing a shiny pearl. Her fragrance is very attractive, I am completely resistant to the desire to taste her. I turned over and kneel on the knee, let her kneel his shoulders with her lovely hips, then sitting next to her, behind her.

I first gave her hotmother, gently massage her clitoris with the thumb, and then inserted her very moist but very tight vaginal mouth. I am very fast in it, I feel my fingers. I feel that it is fully full of liquids there.

“Kevin, you are great!” She yelled.

The finger is still showing their magic, I leaned over the body to kiss her back. She tried to turn her head, starting from my stomach, I have arrived at my left nipple, then clen it with your mouth. She constantly makes a pleasant snoring and my erection has come to the edge of the explosion.

I feel that there are more and more liquids in my hand, and it seems that every inch of the pink meat in her vaginal is desperately released. Then suddenly, she suddenly stabbed in a needle, and the body was dramatically shaken. I withdrew my finger and Alison was poured on the bed.

“Your urine,” I smiled and joke. “You are a stupid,” her face is red back, “Oh, this is really too shame!”

“Not shameful,” I told her, “Your beautiful.” I gave her a sniper kiss, and I couldn’t help but taste her lips.

“Why do I have the only person who didn’t wear clothes here?” She asked.

“Good question,” I said, “this shorts have made me to endure the limit, especially there is such a hard thing.”

“Oh ………………………………………………………

I poked her belly made her screaming again and jumped.

“This is for your sorrowful words.”

“So, if you want to wear that pants, it is really very hard” … “I stared at her and raised a finger threatened. “It is a coincidence!” She called. “But why don’t you take off it?”

I don’t want to be shy now. So I took off my pants. The firm meat stick jumped out immediately, straight to the sky, and the celebration of Yaowu Yangwei celebrated his glory freedom.

“My God!” She called “?”

“How is so big!”

“I don’t want to lie, I thought it would be almost 4 inches too … because you are … you know.”

“Alison, I am not a dwarf family. Why do you think so?”

“Hey, you are Asian …”

“This is a very bad misunderstanding and prejudice, you should think about it.” I told her and then poked her belly again, making her scream and jumped.

“I apologize, I apologize, I sincerely admit mistakes!”

She stared at him with a vision of surprised curiosity and appreciation. I made him waving, rushing in Alison. “Oh, kevin!” She called, I laughed. “You have seen it like you have never seen a meat.” I told her.

“Oh, I have never seen such …”

“What do you mean?” I asked, “I thought you and Daniel …?”

“No, Daniel never successfully made it stand up,” she told me, “He is a worst instance of a premature ejaculation, plus he is the kind of physical condition that does not leak without the mountain without erection … so In fact, I didn’t even have seen a ball. “” Are you talking about me is your first …? “

“um, yes!”

“How poor girl.”

“Shut up!” She called, “Wait,” Wait, you and Eldna …?

“No!” I tried, “NO, I have never passed, no!”

“That’s it, because I don’t want to pick up her leftovers.” She smiled.

I pulled her to kiss her. We hugged each other, kissed, until my hard little brother poked her stomach, making her jump again.

“Oh, wow! This is great!” I said. “You are enough to play in my fear of itchy !!”

She shouted. She also saw my penis and was surprised again, “Can I touch him?”

“Of course, don’t I take it out to do it?” I still had a mouth, and she said she said the same tone when she was breast. She used her soft right hand surrounded my protrus, just held it for a while, and then began to get carefully. Then she took the mouth up my right nipple and started biting with the sprinkle of the tumble. Her frank tongue winding the nipple plus her soft little hand is too fierce combination, I have to push her on. “What happened?” She asked.

“I just want to slow down,” I said, “I am not as you, the boys need time to charge every afterwards, and I still don’t want to let you go.”

I let her kiss her on the bed and start slowly move down. Gently suck her neck, bite her swelling nipple, rolled her stomach with a moist tongue, arrived at her full crack on the full crack. I got her right leg, starting to kiss from crystal, until the roots of her thighs, then I started to make a purple lips like it in front of her neck. Let her tremble.

I used the tongue through the lower half of her flesh, sweeping the inside of the sweet and labi, and then got it on the clitoris. I sucked it, this made her sparked straight and issued a sound of “ah ~ !! …”. Then I took the whole pine in my mouth and started sucking, and I followed the more full of pearls.

“Oh God,” she groaned, I am bruised with her sweet glycohol, and I also scratched her closed beautiful ass, not letting any drip from the liquid flowing from her body. She is full of musk, let me be almost crazy, constantly extracting the nectar flowing out, and seizes the tongue in the middle of her yin. Then I sucked my clitoris again and smashed her double milk with her hands to be hardened, so that they changed the various shapes, and the plug-in pinched her nipple and then rotated. To give her a little stimulus with pain.

After a while, she couldn’t stand it. A spring water was strong from her vagina, and I was full of spray, and I got the treasure, I took all the visible liquids. .

I sat up and asked, “Alison, do you have a condom?”

“No, it doesn’t matter,” she said, “I use contraceptives. I don’t want our first layer of rubber.”

I put my penis in the opening of her vagina, and then slowly pushed.

I feel that she is powerful in her vaginal wall, she is very relaxed, let me go smoothly. But when I just inserted the entire glans, she was reflectively contracted tightly to prevent the invasion of the foreign matter, but the result is just holding my huge glans, so that the two are so exctest.

Subsequently, I drums, and the waist worked at all inserted her body.

“Oh oh oh, oh …” She released a long time I started slowly, and my lips were kissing with each time. Soon, I started accelerating, and her firm vagina glared with my penis, but this is not a big problem, because she has a full lubrication of her juice. I low below, with more forceful twitching to tear her breast, and she issued a voice of ecstasy.

She firmly attached to a very narrow corridor on my swollen Frot, and our hands and lips also become increasingly frenzied, forced exploring each other and each place has not been met, grab a bite mark on countless. Her pink Taoyuan cave seems to be out of a hole in the spring, with every hit bored out of my mind in mind a splash seductive sound. Continue to do so after a while, I picked her up and let her stand up kneeling on the bed, entering from behind. She has the world’s most lovely buttocks, plump and very Alice just right. With each shock, I tried hard kneading her buttocks, occasionally waving photographed with stunning waves from the waves and waves of non-compliance Jiaodia language. Our lower body quickly fit into the perfect rhythm.

She tried to play in the upper body, hand’s wrapped around my neck, and then with the sound of moaning and helpless looked down. My hand ravage her nipples, and the other is massaging her clitoris. “Oh …… oh God, I can not feel my legs!” She screamed long, almost sobbed and cried, “Alison, you’re so beautiful, you are wonderful.” I told her.

“You are.” She said softly, still with my increasingly violent rhythm, crooning bursts.

Warm juice down her legs continue to flow out, and I continue to vigorously thrusting her had become muddy pink cunt. A few minutes later, I began to feel tired, may erupt at any time, we get it all wet because of this movement. I will stop the urge to break out, she found my embarrassing predicament, considerate want me to take a rest, then climbed up my body, began to grind them yourself.

Her clitoris and rub my pubic stick together, next to my penis lush Mao sent her greatly stimulated.

Then she played in the legs crouched on the bed, still maintains inserted state, his hands behind his back, he began to bounce up and down like the action, make my penis straight down on her body. Every time I can feel poked a little rough spot then rubbed into the depths of the insert, extract, hit again to that point then is rubbed in depth.

Alison’s voice with each insertion, from shallow crooning voice gradually became screams with impunity, and the frequency more quickly, every sound high, “Ah!” Were involuntary for oxygen demand interrupted, then the higher the sound “ah!” then I heard the sound of breathing again endless scream getting shorter, more and more rapidly, and I decided to help her, put his hand on her clitoris attempt give her a better kick. She suddenly found my attempt, violent open my hand and cried, “ten million …… ah !! !! I will not hold water …… …… ah !!”

So I had obediently lying down, enjoying as she whipped up and down every beat of breasts, she gradually becomes red body, I do not know and are extremely happy and show pain or extreme absence expression beautiful face.

Watching this scene, I definitely feel that my avatar in her body to become more rigid the. With her more and more intense action, gradually approaching her climax, body fluids uncontrolled outflow, my whole hip by her disheveled musk juice soaked.

After not a moment, I felt like my penis was like all of a sudden hoop clenched, unable to move, and she burst out a cry is never appeared treble scream, then suddenly grabbed his neck like a human being, like came to an end, I saw her body suddenly became stiff, whole body muscle tangled up, mouth long great, like trying to breathe but can not want to do.

A few seconds later, her body is no law of shake up, to see every piece of minimal muscle tremor, with a loud crushing gradually falling from a height ravine like a long sigh, she sank down on me, eyes closed heavy panting.

“Honey, I can still recharge your batteries Oh.”

I simmering bad stomach full of water in front of her ear softly whisper something, hold her buttocks when she was still confused confused eyes looked at me and I let her better fit, while the waist force suddenly struggling upward and bumping. It made her mouth bursts scream loudly whispered, they immediately because this has been extremely acid up pussy was interrupted by a huge cock rude friction brought about by the wonderful experience again, opened his mouth to speak but no sound .

She was trying to escape from the hips want this torture, but how can I let her succeed, hold her hand tightly caudal so she can not get up, while the right hand is out into the crack in her buttocks and from time to time in massage shallow insertion her chrysanthemums. This makes her brow wrinkled, it seems to bear great pain, and mouth smile seemed to say she really enjoyed.

I saw her grabbed the buddle, and the legs could not be copied from my legs, and I was desperately clamped. I can feel that the tender meat inside her vagina has started an irregular beating again, and her upper body has made an amazing power, even if I still hold, slowly bow. The more frown she laminated, the more wrinkled, the hands of the hands of the hands were spurred, and every breathing was enduring any huge pain or pleasure. It seems that it seems that it is possible to fully load the lungs. Join more air while trying to rely on effort to releasing the pressure and must not make a law.

At this time, my left hand can’t hold her, so I extended my hand to the gap caused by her bow, accurately found her a very swollen clitoris, slightly rude clamping and 以pinch. This moment pierced her last line of defense, and the stunning of the shock was stunned, but the mouth did not motion any sound, and even the breath even after a speed of the breath. It seems to stop.

I will continue my hands and use it to stimulate the clitoris and ass. I also swollen the stems that I also swollen to the edge of the outbreak. I am not politely inserting her, and the vagina that is tightened again. Crazy rubby her tried to take me to take me. The vagina of the penis. This made her completely collapsed.

After a few seconds, I felt that the imprisonment on the penis was released, and she finally screamed with a very high sound thorn, almost instantly drained the lung gas, and then she was red like iron ketone body. Take it on my body, a sharp and low breath, and the sound of the throat.

I am still a little bit, so I will continue to move. After discovering my attempt, she put together the whole body strength, cover her hand on my face, breathed a breath, “Don’t … stop …”

I am a definitive feeling that she is really unleaned, and her beauty is piercing the long-awaiting, and it is extremely attractive, so that I really have to destroy her again, but the heart is full of happiness. I am grateful for the moment that I finally arrived so many years. I gently squatted her wet hair, dialing them into the ear, holding her hands and satisfying the sweet face of the eyes, gently printing a kiss on the wine nest.

This makes her open eyes, how much moving eyes! We have paved the four eyes and saw the full obsession, deep gratitude, and very loving love. I started at her mouth and then let her continue to put her head in my chest and caress her with hand. In this way, I have forgotten my branching and still standing in her body until she slightly moves into the vaginal muscle.

Her head suddenly set up, and the little deer was staring at me nervously. I fully understand her nervous, I smiled and shook his head and gently patted her little hips, said that I am fine. She climbed down from me and told me to stand up.

I stood up from the bed and she sat in my lap. Our height is just to put her as a perfect point of view of my penis. She looked at me in her appearance, I watched the open mouth of her without hesitation to swallow. I have already been very soft, and I have reached a very swollen point due to the surrounding mood.

My length makes her unlikely, so she uses one hand in the bottom of my hi, the other hand holding my ass, and the mouth is kept absorbing, and uses the tongue Terain I extremely sensitive exit lower end. I can feel a heavy torrent flooded to my lower body. I tried to warn her.

“Alison … I will …”

She is like I have not heard, no matter how fast the speed is used, I feel like I suck my glans, it seems that my semen from inside. I took a lot of huge white floods into her mouth, filled her entire mouth and throat with white cream, and she swallowed all the semen.

But this is not finished yet. Before my meat rod, she slammed me in my lap and started with my nurture, and the hand was quickly set with my meat stick. Then she started to deal with my two nipples with both hands, and immediately took my meat stick again, I can feel the coming of another wave of climax.

I grabbed her lying down and worked with her hand. She was hung in the extremely sexy breasts of the air, and she became more and more quickly and hard to succumb, like I want to succeed in a few seconds. The same ice cream. I felt a tremble, more semen spurt, this time she fails to take all, was sprayed by the remaining semen. We were soft, lie quietly, she still squatted on me, and my arm was surrounded by her.

The rain outside the house is getting smaller, the only thing I can hear is the heavy breathing of our two. “So … I think we are no longer a friend.” She said her naughty.

“We have never been a friend,” I told her, “I think, somehow, in the deep heart, we all know this. Just like I said, you have never been unparalleled The way I made me complete. “

I heard here, she gave me a kiss and then returned the head on my body and hugged me. I went to her face and still wet the ear, and I looked down with her arm.

“I love you, alison …” I told her.

She was red, and the probe kissed my face, then said, “I love you, Kevin. Have been all.”

I was gentlely told her, kissed her enthusiasm. We slept all night on the other side. Since then, I and Alison began dating, life has never been so beautiful.

I have always believed that Alison is so special and knows what happens, she will occupy an important position in my life. After two years after graduation, we were married. The story after that, basically like a fairy tale: from that, the prince and the princess happily lived.

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