God … Every night, the first thing I sleep is to pray to God, give me a beautiful woman!

A young, lively, irritance, sexy beauty, let her naked lying on my side … At this time, I often fantasize really a beauty in me – this beautiful face is often imagined into Zhang Yujia, our school School flowers – fantasy she is squatting, smashing, white breast tremor, brittle thighs twisted, thin, white and tenderssing, with her own red beans, a silk flashes The honey liquid of the rays is constantly overflowing from honey pot …

My little brother is in an angry in this peach-lustful fantasy …

Ding zero … The voice of alarm clock is broken down, relying on! I fought again last night!

I looked at the essence on the sheet, I couldn’t help but shook his head. Who told me now is the most popular amateur 18?

I scratched my head, I waten around the four weeks – the messy bedding, the loft, the loft, the pillow is a roll of chaotic toilet paper, the computer is still open, the adult page is constantly changing The advertisement blinks, the wall is posting is a sexy girl who is exposed, this is my bedroom, full of adolescents.

Anyway, Dad is in foreign abroad, only comes back twice a year, I just need to express a pure little boys in the two weeks of them, and when the rest is completely free!

Before they go abroad, they originally hired a home to serve myself, but I was too old and ugly. Self-propelled, I changed a baby nanny called Xia sweet – Xiaofu, although it is a rural girl, but I carefully take She could go to the store to pick the popular fashion of the foot, and let her go to the city’s famous ladies, she carefully studied how to maintain and dress themselves. After such careful packaging, one full face is beautiful, the body is irritating Modern urban girls.

Of course, in addition to thorough changing her values ​​and outlook on life. Of course, I don’t forget to make spring weather-like sex education, let her gradually realize that it is not so ugly and 龌龊 she imagined, but the basic needs of people and beauty enjoyment.

She did not dare to take off her clothes from the initial evening, and they can finally accompany me to see the AV dishes, and when I watched AV with me, I couldn’t help me with my unremitting efforts. .

From that day, she is not only my babysitter, but also my beautiful female slave.

Every night we almost do love, her aunt came, and when I want, she will pick my semen with her mouth, or with her pair of milk, I will continue to rub my meat, let I am in her snow white breasts …

I had something to go back in her home, and the house was calm down. However, my little brother is still refused to be free, and it is eager to hung’s soft and wet mouse pockets every day.

Recalling the spring dream last night, as Zhang Yujia was a climax of my long in bed, the honey lotus is everywhere … Oh, I think this, my little brother is hard.

But when you look at time, Mom, it’s almost late, if you don’t hurry, you will be teach by the old woman’s class teacher!

I think of the old woman, my little brother is turned off, and it is soft.

I am finished with my heart, I caught the bag, and I ran to the Tao Tao tea shop downstairs. I took the door and shouted: Beauty! hurry up! Give me my breakfast! !

All customers were shocked by this hungry mourning.

When a short-haired beauty in the store suddenly blush, I glanced at me, fell a box from the counter: pay the money!

I am playing haha. Don’t be so fierce, you will not look good, she returns to your mouth: you want to manage.

A snow white soft palm stretched out – this beautiful and clean girl called Snow, is the outer girl of the storeman, 17 years old, about 1.60 cm, the body is very good, belongs to the kind, a pair The apricot eyes are beautiful, and the long eyelashes are very awkward. Since I saw her, I didn’t go to other stores to buy breakfast. When I took the money, my fingers were interested when I was in her hand. Slide her slim, gently knead – this is my little secret between me, I don’t know when to start, our palms always have to be installed. Sickle it.

I don’t know when I can find the opportunity to open her.

Thinking of this, I don’t know where it is, I will immediately let go of it, I have been grabbing her soft little hand – girl is like this, you respect her, respect for her, and she will definitely You will treat each other, passenger gas, want to further happen to be thin water; however, your face is a little, directly chasing her lust, maybe she can go to bed with you soon. Seeing that I didn’t make a release, she took a shock, I looked at me, I like a laugh and laugh, her face immediately red to the ear, and I wanted to take it out. I held it tightly. I didn’t succeed twice.

As if it is gently, her snow-white teeth bite the lips, whispered: What do you do, let go!

I released her, my heart jumped straight, and I had a feeling of stealing.

The snow was returned to the palm of the palm of the hot injury, and his face was red, a full chest, and used a very strange look. After I walked into the body, I went into the middle. I thought she was angry, a bit of a little, and walked out of the store.

(- Later, Snow told me that, in fact, she felt that she didn’t look at it in the morning, she was very uncomfortable, and she was very excited. When I came, I especially wanted to touch my hand – Xiao Ni Spring heart .

As a result, I actually hold her hands in my palm! At that time, she immediately sore, the heartbeat is like a drum, and I am afraid that I will take a long time to go back to the Rheater. I have come back to God. At this time, I found that Xiaomi is actually moist, and that is uncomfortable This little girl who is strong, and the little girl who is harmful does not want to do it. It is comfortable to hide in the room.

I rushed out of Tao, I bite a snack while flying to school.

It’s still five minutes to get the door. If you don’t hurry, you must be held by the old woman, but also to be treated by the teaching director, I think that the bald old wolf is full of sensuality I can’t help but want to spit it out.

A slang ran, I can see the school door as long as I rush through the corner of the front street!

I excitedly called, with my speed, I can rush into the campus instantly in the school gate Xu Xuan. You can also look back in the door of the door to squeeze your eyes, then in his 狠 目A slip run into the classroom.

Just as I rushed through the corner of the rushing speed, I came from the corner of the street. The ear came from the scream, followed by a soft and fragrant body, and the beauty was a petitude. Chaotian.

At first glance, I know that she is a school girl in our school, because the city only has such sexy short skirts (masterpieces of the Old Color Wolf Teaching Director).

I just have to apologize, I can see that her pair of lap in the thighs of the skirt skirt, I can’t help but say anything.

Since she fell to the ground, the skirt naturally turned up, my thief’s eyes can extend up with her white and sexy thighs to her legs.

Just in the moment of she was flying, I have seen the thick and glamorous pink stamen in the deep leg – she didn’t wear underwear!

My mind is hot, my nosebleed is almost sprayed out.

Oh ~~~~ I hate! Human people hit! She is screaming. The slender fingers seem to beat dust, and naturally put the skirt to the original position.

sorry! sorry! I apologize while helping her. A young woman’s vain is brought into the nose.

– She knows that I found her secrets? I couldn’t help but sneak at her, just asked her to spray my eyes and touched it.

Wow, a good woman! Long shawl hair, angel’s face, eyebrow bending seems to the new moon, the nose is straight, the lips are rusted, the most eye-catching is that her eyes are beautiful and soft, vivid and her pure face is extremely uniform. Wy!

With my eyes, her face immediately flew two red dizziness, and the eyes seem to drop the water, but strongly mount a very innocent expression – she knew that I saw it! This appearance is pure and pure, the actual sensuality, last night, I don’t know if it is self-touched, so there is not only late in the morning, but also shakes the underwear.

I couldn’t help but a look, her chest, obscene, she won’t even have a bra.

The chest of this little girl is not average full, at least a d cup. Tight the tightly stretched the tight uniforms, revealing her devil curve! The old high-color ghost put the girl’s upset, so when I held her slowly, I saw her snow white naked, all round. My eyes are almost shot on her breast. I can’t think of this school actually there is such a sexy, more than Zhang Yujia is really Chunlan Qiuju, each has good farm! I have never seen her before!

She just stood straight, suddenly the feet were soft, 哟 ~~ A plump and soft body actually fell in my chest, I feel a burst of milk waves! I rely on – this is not dreaming! Where is the younger brother?

Immediately harden the border, topped on her belly.

She bounces hard, and I am in a glance. I whispered a sentence: I hate, pick up the book, run to the school door.

I was so taking it for a while, and I called it: I am sorry! Excuse me, what’s your name!

She is going to stop, look back: don’t tell you! You have to be late!

I wake up like a dream, yelling! I ran. But late, I watched her school door that he jumped into a small deer.

When I arrived, I came to face the teacher’s ugly face …

Due to the lucky flight, this time finally fell in the hands of the old man, making him a sense of “French Network”, and the stink of the face, but also ordered me to check, then waved my way.

When the head is fascinated by the classroom, I heard the voice of the old people: this is a new school student, Lin Anqi classmates, everyone welcomes.

I saw a look at it, I couldn’t help but I have, the vacuum little girl I hit on my school is Lin Anqi.

The old woman returned to see me, very unexpected no fire: Duan Ming! How are you late? The teacher said that you have said!

I haven’t changed at all, but I still have anything, I am still going to the seat!

This and the wind and rain are simply different from the sound of the sound.

I returned to my last seat with the fastest speed. It is being surprised to the old woman is not the nerve to take the wrong line, and I think it is a big disaster prelude.

Then, a word of the old woman did not let me be happy: Lin Anqi, Duan Ming is a vacancy, you take the past.

The colors in the class suddenly became a disturbance, and the eyes of the eyes were looked at the water, and Lin Anqi, who had an angel’s face, sitting on the side.

Didn’t wait for me enough, the old people opened again: Classmates, this is the last class of this semester to you.

I almost laughed, my heart silently prayed: Teacher, you go to heaven. We will not miss you.

My vicious guessment is when the old woman is suffering from uterine cancer or ovarian cancer.

A three-eighth girl asked: Teacher, why?

The old man is waiting for this sentence, making a happiness. “Because the teacher wants to be a new woman.

This classic old man is a high three (8) class, including the new Lin Anqi, the collective anti-stomach is three days. I am thinking that the man is suffering from what kind of violent and sexual abuse, I was forced to promise her.

However, there is no 2 minutes, my attention is turned to Lin Anqi.

Her body exudes a faint aroma, I am squatting at the table, hiding the textbook, stealing her, looking away from the desk, she slept the snow white legs slightly, the short skirt Cover the two-thirds of the thigh, this pair of naked legs are very sexy, but when you know that her thin short skirt is not inch, then this pair of legs are full of obscene and lust. tease.

I imagine the completely exposed soft curly silky, wet and tender honey, and the snowy hips, and the little brother tall.

Lin Anqi did not turn his eyes, watching the blackboard, as if I didn’t find me at all, I was obscending her.

However, from her gradually began irregular breathing and her faint red halo can see this chick.

I moved the machine, I wrote a note to her: I just hurt you. Sorry, I don’t want to deliberate. She glanced at me, back to a note: it is hurt ~~~~ How do you pay someone ~ I want me to accompany? How do you accompany you at night: hate ~~ Who wants you to accompany, you have to pay ~~ A more bold idea has emerged in my mind. I can’t help but do the tongue, my heart is speeding up, my little brother can’t help but become harder.

Just in my heart, I still have to fight for the plan, my hand has quietly put it on my thigh, the fingertips are only 0.005cm from Lin Anqi’s legs – as my death party is said. Others are the head commanding the body, but I am the gantry commanding the body.

My palm edge has touched Lin Anqi’s skin. She seems to know my plan, slightly moved, but didn’t move the leg, as if I am eager to make her further teasing.

I am dark: Ok, you are enough to be happy! The trail of the palm of the palm is straight to her thighs – this girl is warm and humid legs …

Lin Anqi was shocked! She may only think that I am oily, I don’t think I will be so bold and awkward until I get rid of my hot palm. When she comes to her soft thigh, she reacts, and her face is red. On the table, one hand is separated by my pockets, stopping it from going deep, the other hand, her mouth, low, low, can’t affectionate: Well ~~ Don’t ~~~ My The seat is located in the remote corner of the last row of Shanli zero. It is the wall behind the classroom. When the old woman wrote the board, I took the mouth to Lin Anqi, gently blowing a breath: morning – I – see – arrived – this sentence seems to a curse, sudden Let the little beauty are softer, I will add another fang: Yesterday, are you – hand – kinky – get to sleep very late? She is a sexy ruddy lips and keeps touching slightly.

My hand slowly broke through her defense, inserted into her plumpy thigh gap, finger separated her soft, soft, gently, shouted with her petals, pink, tender lips.

Oh ~~ Xiaomei sent a desperate throat, the body trembled as the electric shock.

She is full of round and hips, I want to avoid my fingers so obscene, but I am familiar with the gimmick of the A piece, yellow novel, adult pictures, and how to immerse the smart in Xiaoxiang countless. Each sensitive part of the lower body.

The finger is buckled in the yinqi and legs of her lamb, and the water spirit of her wet soft meat is touched, the intersection of two petals, the fingertips Pink the honey solution that is not self-discovered, press 捺 on her delicate and sensitive pink clitoris.

The honey hole layer stacked the tender meat in my plumbed Zhang Wei, the packed honey liquid continued to flow out …

In the sacred class, under the eyelids of teachers and classmates, they were so surpassing to play with their most pleasing honey, this scene is just imagined, and it is enough to make her moist.

Lin Anqi is like a fire, his nose is awkward, she gasped, bites the lips, written in the paper: You are bad!

Looking at this little girl in the prevailing of the hunger, the hunger of the obscenity DC, I couldn’t help but fill the same fat and full of labipings, the fingers deeply wet the mouth of the soft and hot cavity, in a piece of bond Slowly insert.

This strong pleasure makes the little beauty almost rushed over. A hot honey sprayed out from her flowers and wet my palm.

At this moment, the bells were not suitable for starting. I quickly pumped back, and I heard the snoring of she couldn’t help but sent it.

Then she immediately closed his mouth, the first one rushed out of the classroom.

I turned back from her back and found that there was a wet water in her seat. I quietly took out the paper towel and wipe it clean.

Until the next section took the class bell to start, she returned to the seat. I quietly asked her: Where did you go?

She hated me: toilet!

I rushed to her slight smile, my eyes looked at the blackboard, handed her with a note: I want to make love with you.

After almost more than ten minutes, she returned the note back: Time? Place?

I immediately turned to see her, her curved eyes also laughed at me, angel’s face, her eyes were so waves. I will reply immediately: at night, my home.

She reply: There is a condition.


Don’t touch me again during the day!


So we were as easy as a relaxed and happy talking, I knew that she was originally a city, and Mom and Dad were divorced. She and her sister had a mother to live together, and the home is not far from my home. Two streets outside.

I quietly asked her when no one was paying attention: isn’t you masturbating last night?

She hit me with the textbook, and completely killed my last curiosity.

Since the two are expected to come to the evening, the body has gradually changed over time.

Her face is often inexplicably red, and the chest is a voluntary gasping. The eyes are getting more and more water, and I will exchange my eyes with me.

I can’t help but speed, the blood is boiling, the little brother will continue to reveal, I have some regrets why I don’t set time at noon, although I can’t go home at noon school, but I can always find the teaching building, gymnasium, warehouse and other secluded places Do love, maybe in my subconscious, I want to play with her, but I don’t want to rush and urgently.

Time is too slow. It’s hard to get late. I haven’t read the book at all, and the rest of the fire, Lin Anqi is just right, and meticulous is doing homework.

I can’t help but admire her, I have received my heart, and I will take out the class to prepare to use the job to send time.

Just once I opened my homework, the bright fluorescent lamp in the classroom swayed, extinguished.

Power off! ! ! !

The scream of the girl and the horses of the boys resounded throughout the classroom.

If it is usually, I must be the most sounded one of boys. This time, when I became a dark, my heart couldn’t help but I can’t help it, and I slammed the slim waist, and a warm and soft body suddenly rushed to my arms. .

The beauty of the arms came, and there was no resistance. I certainly won’t be polite, the finger lights touched the peach in her short skirt.

She trembled in my arms, and the warm and implied honey solution continued to overflow.

Suddenly, a little girl biting my shoulder, my pain, just scream, two pieces sweet and moist, spit the warmth of the lips on my lips.

It turned out that she was so quietly like water, but also so embarrassed volcano!

I tightened her slender waist, tongue and her sliding soft tongue crazy entangled, hand lifted her skirt, let her snow white sexy hips exposed in the chill of black night, she sat on my thigh Kiss me warmly.

My hand slipped into her front, she didn’t have a bra, two full-filled snow filled with the unique elasticity of the girl’s carcass.

The palm is full of soft and soft teenage skin. I took care of her towering lotus peak, and the palm was pressed against her pink and tender tip.

Her lotus and small sweet are up and down.

She continued to make a whispering 呻吟 in my ear: Ah ~~~ Oh ~~~ I ~ I am hot ~~~ Good wet ~ ~ wet ~~ Good ~~ Stimulating ~ My little brother has already been high It’s up, one handpiece, and pull the zipper and pull it directly from underwear.

It seems that I can’t supply it in a time, because a teacher runs in to let everyone quiet. This is a rare city power failure.

I can’t control these, Lin Anqi’s flexible finger is gentle, and it is constantly caressing. She seems to know that every hidden point of my lust is, and it is hitting the penis stem. , Sometimes with a thumb, pressing the hard talents, the long-term Lan refer to the sensitive flesh of the meat under the meat, sometimes put the meat stick, and use the soft and hot palm to return.

My meat stick has long been tolder as steel, and has a long and thick erection, and her two hands can hold it completely.

She holds my penis, let it highlight the ceiling, and the body quietly moves in the dark.

Suddenly, the glans feeling that there is a difficult mesteousness, the sensitive meat has been on top of a soft and humid hot, followed by a whole, wet, hot meat, is surrounded. I am so comfortable, and the meat stick is harpet in a bad sputum in the genitals.

Lin Anqi’s hand tightly grabbed my shoulder, and the fat round hip sat down, the girl wet closely vaginal in the stylus glaboul crown, tightly wrapped around the penis.

Until the glans has been with delicate flowers, she has a long time in the low low.

The discussion and conversation of other students are in the ear. In this unilateral dark, my big meat stick is inserted under their eyelids, and the small beauty Lin Anqi obscenity is in a honey point, the waves of the waves.

I slowly tall her hips, was applied to her honey liquid by her delicate meat, rubbing the soft meat slowly, slowly retreating to the meat. At the time, I slammed her down and the glans whistled the wavy meat.

The hunger of the hanger is suddenly satisfied, Lin Anqi is almost impressed in me, and her mouth has been breathing in my ear. Whenever I have turned into it, she touched me like me, biting his lips, and issued a low larynge.

This kind of mobility of love makes me very excited. Because she can’t see her in the dark, the energy is completely concentrated in friction in the skin and the iron, so that this raw stimulus has greatly enhanced.

I feel that the younger brother is extremely angry, with a slight “” “water sound, which is powerful and in-depth in her narrow pockets.

I continuously impact, so that Xiao Ni is fascinating, can’t help it several times, I can’t help but hurt.

Fortunately, in the classroom, I am sitting in the corner with her, no one pays attention to the wave of the ecstasy.

Lin Anqi’s honey is really tender, and the warm and punched prostitute has been overflowing, moisturizing my big cock.

This kind of tight and sliding feels almost unable to insert the slows, my heart is full of male brutal and conquest.

Lin Anqi just waited at this time, 嗲嗲 呻: 嗲嗲 ~~ um ~ ~ husband ~~ I ~ I am very comfortable ~~ You are dead ~ I have a low, I picked her. Pressing to the desk, putting her full-scale thighs, and the thick meat stick is on her soft honey point, and the end of it. Although her holes have been fully lubricated and pioneering, however, this hurting tear average insertion still makes her scream, and the finger is very tightly in the ridge.

I don’t give her a chance to breathe, and it is directly inserted.

Every time I returned to the head. Every time I entered the root, the slutty soft meat was contracted, and the honey was wet and the legs of the two people under the fierce collision. A pair of big hands ruthfully opened her front, hard to rub her a pair of risks such as hemisphere, and the elastic is extremely crispy.

Lin Anqi was directly pushed into a climax in this fierce attack, and the honey solution was covered with her white hips.

She kept shaking in my body, tightly biting the collar and didn’t let myself shout, and put it into my clothes. I hardly grabbed my back muscle, and the fat hips began to move.

She is immersed in this unfolky joy, she gasped at the air, repeatedly issued a few syllables: fast, fast ~~ deep ~~~ Ah ~~ Um ~ ~ fierce collision sent a sound, However, I can’t think of stopping the action at all, but I just want to make love! More violent love! Let your youth’s lust breakthrough morality, fiercely released.

Lin Anqi slammed, a pair of playful legs tightly with my waist, the pointed nails into my meat, she was crawling, whispered in my ear: Don’t stop! Well ~~ I beg you ~~ Don’t stop ~~ Um ~~ I feel her vagina in a burst of convulsions, every inserting gives my meat stick to the huge pleasure, my mind is faint, as if Hypoxia is general. The younger brother’s array of currents continued to pass, I really want to shoot quickly.

However, the desire to conquer this beauty made me bite the teeth, exhausted her last strength, I know, under the continuous impact of my giant, her bliss’s door is to open!

She suddenly rushed to my arms, biting my shoulder, the small throat screaming as if it is a happy joy. Pain is temporarily scattered, making my ejaculation desire slightly, continue to sprint her, her tender honey has constantly contracted, powerful suction put my meat ribs want to die.

Lin Anqi Zhang’s moist mouth, in my ear, like a fascinating breath: shooting … give me … with semen … filled … small hole … Her body is a short spasm, spending heart A large stock is warm and incomparable hot, water is watered on my sensitive talents.

I suddenly made a cold battle, and a strong pleasure burst out of the spinal cord. I tighten her soft carcass, the big meat stick continued to twitched on her warm and soft, gentle, and put a thick semen Powerful shot into her uterus.

She started, the warm and humid lips were looking for my lips. We madly kissed together, and the tip of the tongue is like a flexible snake.

I owe my body, pumping the meat stick from her slightly bloomed two petals, and put her soft and feet and I wore me.

Lin Anqi has been lying in my arms and let me actions. After I packed the venor, I got closed her hair. Although her face couldn’t see it in the dark, I think the face is so beautiful.

Thinking of this, I can’t help but gently sip on her face.

She gently, if she thought.

I asked her softly: What happened?

She twisted her body in my arms, buried her face on my chest, grabbing my hand on her waist, but I did not send.

I looked at her floral waist, sniffing her fragrance, gentle and abundant, don’t have a flavor, I can’t help but stay at once.

After a while, she kissed me lightly, said: Waiting for me, do I go home?

That is of course, it is so dark outside -, wrong, are you not promised to go to my house at night? I am not satisfied, we will continue in the evening. Wife?

She is ashamed, I am a punch: send people home!

I promised.

After a while, she gently sent his mouth to my ear: I hate you!

I quickly asked: why?

Because … because … because people will be more wanting later …

I heard such a charming girl in the spring of the spring, my little brother is almost born.

I tighten her: that is good, go to me at night, I will feed you.

Well ~~~ She is screaming in my arms, don’t!

Why, don’t you want it?

Because … because this evening … I … go there again … I will be dead … I will be dead …

Just like just now … I thought it was already dead …

I couldn’t help but quish in my heart, I know that this little beauty is completely conquered.

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