Occasionally found this chame, let me go straight nosebleed, suddenly moved to the experience of high school students, add this article, slightly modified into sister, join the purity is what happened during the rented house of the student era! Please Netizens can enjoy it!

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I have a sister to read this year, but her body has been well developed, height 165, the surrounding thing is really hidden; Her chest is slightly protruded, the nipple is always, I want to go, not …

The upper t-shirt is thin, and it is often a small trousers when you walk or sit down, and you can live a little pants’ trousers, and the style is also more, often there will be four or five follow-up. Run out to cool. It is my sister ….. otherw, I will fuck her early!

The sister has a small panties in a transparent Thunder, tied two thin lines on the waist, and I like to see her. Whenever she saw her wearing this pants pants pants, I couldn’t help but fantasize the two thin lines that tied the sister on my sister ………

When we often play together, sometimes she will do my legs, I will do it on my legs, I will sit on my old second, but she didn’t find it at all.

Today, the sister t-shirt is put down, and there is a small panties. I suddenly discovered that she wore me today, I watched the thunders pants trousers trousers trousers, when I was awkward, I couldn’t help but reach the two thin lines of the trousers …

That charming underwear has been out of the goddess, wow! I finally saw the charming zone that I thought about, and I only rub it with my little brother with my shorts, oh! This feeling is really Too cool!

I am afraid that my sister immediately discovered that her trousers had been loose, I deliberately constantly going to her waist!

My sister couldn’t help it itchy, and smiled and smiled. I hid my hands, my legs continued to raise me. When my sister, the little hole was opened, and I couldn’t remove it again. . I also saw the pink little hole in the midish sister in the inconsistent, there was a touch of water.

According to the impulse, I caught my sister’s legs left and right. I oppressed my sister, constantly itching, the whole body pressure on my sister, and the erect’s second is tightly short of shorts and my sister’s pink hole. Mouth rubbing.

Sister is constantly moving hard because it is afraid of the waist and hips, the sister laughs, the sister is unable to push it, I am so worried my waist, my hips are supported, I want to open me!

At this time, my sister found that her underwear has fallen, only the other is hung on the left leg. My sister turned over and tied my pants pants, but I was attracted to my hips by my sister.

After my sister worn, I turned over and suddenly pressed me to attack me. I don’t know how my sister feels? But I almost controlled and cumshot …

There is a very exciting experience that has occurred:

On Saturday afternoon, our family is no one, leaving my sister and me. I feel very tired, I want to go to sleep, but I think about it five o’clock, so I will tell me that my sister wants me to get up.

I wore this very short shorts to sleep, but it is too tired, so I will fall into sleep. Usually the boy is sleeping when he is sleeping, I am often like this, this time I don’t seem to have done in my sleep, the penis is hard, and because the pants are short, so the penis runs out of the pants Come, and it’s quite quite …

Later, I felt like someone came in. I really think of it but it’s too tired, there is no reaction, but I can’t know that my sister came in. When she came in, she saw that I showed a penis that was shocked. She called my name softly, and I didn’t react to bed.

Suddenly, the lower body was very pleasant. I was shocked, but I was very smart and pretended to be sleepy. It turned out that my sister took my hand to hold my penis in front and down!

After she sets a while, she first hesitated a while, and then with his mouth with my glans. When I swallowed the penis into my mouth, I happened to be a burst of a burst of coming, I didn’t dare to move. I am afraid that she is watching the embarrassment that I am awake, I am playing with her penis.

Later, I really couldn’t help but suddenly shot into her mouth. She didn’t come to the reaction almost halfway to my throat! Later, she quickly cleaned up with toilet paper and then called me to get up, and didn’t look like it …

“God, you just got me, now I want to ask me to get up, you don’t know if you don’t know, I haven’t returned it yet.” I was lazy and ignored her.

It’s not enough, I’m going to get the wrong body, I don’t know that the little girl is sitting in the bed at this time. When I turned over, I just pressed her hand below, and I didn’t skillfully, my “meat stick” is on her hand. Squeezes on her hand on her hand.

She quickly recovered, I looked at my eyes, I saw that she pulled the face paper to prepare to wipe, but I thought about it, I licked with my tongue.

“Ha, when I am a three-year-old child, so good.” At this time, I am tired to die, I will continue to sleep.

I feel coldly, I feel that there is a wind blow. My rice looks, okay, sitting around me, I have to see if you want to make a trick. I saw my sister into me, see if I fell asleep, the breath of breath was introduced into my ear, “Oh, I am very excited to look! It seems that your” male “friend will make you tune you very well. Well. “I will continue to sleep.

My sister is probably identified, so I started touched it, itchy, I touched it, gradually, she moved to the bottom, I got up my brother, I started to draw up, “Well, good , Well-trained look “I started a little excited.

It is probably wearing the relationship of underwear, so her actions are a bit limited, she seems to be a little anxious, pull my underwear, and I will turn my body flat, she is scared. After retreating, after a while, I didn’t move, so I rely again.

This time, it’s not playing with your hand, but I used the tongue. “Okay, even this trick will, what can I don’t pay attention to your friend?”

Then, she began to contain my brother into his mouth, and smashed the head with the tongue.

And her hands are not too disappointing, smashing her private parts, but also putting the underwear, showing a black rod, “Wow! Good spectacular black forest, I don’t know she is so mature.” My mouth is different from the water difference, but it is still unable to have actions, lest it. So I followed the impulse and continued to see her performance.

I have calculated that I have never given her service recently, so I have a little hunger, I have a cheap.

After a while, she climbed to me, the two legs sat in my lower body, and started to rub my brother with her sister. “Why don’t you put it? Do you have this?” I I can’t hold it, so I reached out to her waist.

When this moved, the sister stopped, and the two didn’t send a word for a long time. Finally, I opened it. “I said my sister, you have to play, you don’t know, you have to play it, you take me Toy? “

“Brother … I …. I …. I don’t deliberately, I thought you fell asleep …., so I only …” Sister defend himself, Attempt to hide your own behavior.

“Oh, so you only treat me as your mouth, do you take me?” I was angry with her.

“To …. Sorry, do you want? I will take a lot of money to pay you well.” It seems that my sister seems to be a bit angry. I think her mouth is probably being ride very uncomfortable, so it flashed She, let her vent, I have turned into her outlet.

“Hey, I take your zero money, I can buy a lot of efforts, and you just let me launch once, are you enough?”

“Who told you that you don’t close the door, but only wear underwear, there is also the dead Aki, I don’t know where to died, I …”

“Oh, that is, I am not alive, I didn’t take your mouth, let you vent, and I don’t close the door, I only wear underwear, let you be uncomfortable, I am sinful.”

“I …. I didn’t say that, I just …” It seems that I don’t know what to pick up, I will pinch my waist in both hands.

“Hey, then pinch it will be black.”

“What should you say?” The sister looked at me impatiently.

“Oh, you gave my younger brother, asked what I should do.” I made it in her waist.

“Oh, it turns out that you play me, hey, I don’t play.” The sister said that he was prepared to leave.

“Hey, just do it, only half of the yeah.” I pulled her back, “No one helped you pour the fire, I am not responsible.”

“Who told you that” my sister is white.

“How is it, you are first.” My hand didn’t worry about her tits, huh, finally let me catch the opportunity.

When she was smashed, she also came close to me, I started playing my brother with hands, so I let my sister span me, but my ass, I use my hands and tongue to make her private parts, my sister is called.

“Is it comfortable?” I asked. Two hands stretched out the breasts that smootted before, this posture makes the breast look bigger.

“Oh …. good …. Good news …. Brother … You are really powerful,” The sister snorted, his mouth kept breathed my brother, and the right hand played my two meat balls. .

“Hey, sister, why do you won’t be so wet, is it.”

“Well …. um …. I want …. I want ….” The sister does not wait for me, and I have turned over my brother. Insert it in it.

Hey, it is still very tight, I have a little pain, but I am hurt by pleasure soon, so I hold her waist and start shaking.

My sister didn’t seem to be satisfied, I took my hands to her chest, I would like it, “Ah …. …. Um … um” It seems that she is very satisfied.

“Change a posture” I sat up, by the way, put her legs on my shoulder, two hands holding her hips before and after, “um …. ah …. ………. .. “My sister was embarrassed.

After a while, I think my hand is a little sour, so letting her down, let her raise a foot, I put it into her two legs, the two crossed continued to draw. “Well …. um …. Brother, change your posture? Um … um ….” The sister climbed up, 跪 卧 示 示 要 我 我 去 去 去 进 要 示I joked it, I plugged in; oh, this can nest deeper, and the throne hit, so that I accelerate the speed.

“Oh …. ah …. ah …. 好 …… 喔 …” Sister is called, my hand slippery her breasts that have become big due to congestion. .

“Brother …. You haven’t …. 喔 …… 喔 …. People I …. Can’t go …. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ..what….”

I haven’t finished my private part, I think about her, I want to have a climax, seeing her straight and cold sweat, it should be right.

It is probably that I have just launched once, so the younger brother has a bit more slow, and I can’t get a climax. So I turned over the sister of excitement, let her lying in bed, I use normal I entered, because I am more likely to be climax.

Inserted again, I finally felt it. I quickly accelerated, I saw my sister called the gum, “Oh … Oh …. Fast …. Fast shot …. “I breathe my mouth.

Finally, a burst of warm liquid, from my brother, spray her deepest place, after a few seconds, I was tired of her body, the younger brother soften and continued to insert her private parts. …….

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