On this day, Lin Yizhen just tied to finally, when she walked over the playground in the playground with a relaxed mood, and turned their attention to this fever girl.

“See you! Isn’t she Lin Yi? Look at her two legs!”

“It’s really her! Her palace can be really big enough, I really want to grab it in one hand …”

“Your hand is so small, you can only use it to insert his little sister, ha!”

Those men’s colorful eyes, look at Linyi’s eyes, I only launched her to pull the upper and smiled, and more clarified, and losing the boy’s meat sticks. Lin Yizhen smiled in his heart, then stepped out of the school gate to go home to Linyi’s breast-enhancement, it is really possible to make the world of male hearts, including …

Lin Yi returned home and saw her the most beloved father is reading, so she went to his father and relieve him.

“Little Apricot, do you have a home to get into your father, don’t you have finished?”

“Just completed it today! Dad, our family is good to travel in the summer vacation?”

“Haha! It turned out to be a purpose to Dad, to go to Japan to play, but you have to see if you have no time to decide!”

“I don’t use … I haven’t been traveling for a long time. I also want my father to increase my feelings with my mother. Dad ~ Dad ~”

“Oh … Dad always enemies don’t have my good daughter, then I propose to my mother!”

“Great! Dad, I love you!”

At this time, Lin Yizhen hugged his father, and the plump tits were closely stuck in his chest, and the thoughts of her daughter killed a rape daughter left her arms. She went to the room to dress, her father still afraid. The lashes in the elastic heart of the girl’s breasts is more powerful …

He fantasy in the room, his daughter is taking off the cream, two plump meatballs are exposed to the air and then hold a pair of breasts in the hands.

His fantasy daughter made another obscenity action, kept challenged to him, his meat stick is tall, and the father who wants to fire has to go back to the room to solve sex.

“Ah … little apricots … Dad wants to do it, I really want to do it …”

He is no longer a thought of obscenes to his daughter.

Since he gave the whole business to the wife and his son to take care, he thought that he can leave this shopping mall in his mall but the lady’s career, but the relationship is getting more and more alienated. He has already remembered his last time. When the day is, although he is a kind, gentle father, but in fact, the inner miles are also a sense of sexual desire since the daughter began to develop, and the desire of his bunge daughter has become more and more Only his father and women in the family, relative, each time the daughter’s breasts have passed by the light pace, he really can’t wait to push the little apricot immediately on the table!

Now he has shot, but his desire is not able to work, his penis is still taniment, and his desire can only be vented from his daughter, so he stepped into a daughter in a step by step …

Lin Yizhen has been replaced with pajamas, preparing for a small bed moment, suddenly opened, and people are her favorite father …

At this time, she didn’t wear a milk in her pajamas. The two teats were unspeakable, and they saw the scenes of the father.

“Dad? What?”

“Little Apricot, do you love Dad?” At this point, he used the strong arms to put Jiang Huannprude.

“Ah … I love very much love!”

Jiang Huannproved was held tightly his father, there is a very sense of security, and there is a sense of spring heart.

She is a 18-year-old girl, very curious and desire for sex. She may be that there is a laxative of the lascivious character. At this time, Jiang Huannprude has an idea who wants to make love with his father.

In this narrow room, the father wants to fire, the daughter wants to welcome, everything is often, the two have begun to throw the brain …

“Little Apricot, Dad … I really want to have a body …” His hand has visited Jiang Huannproud’s pajamas.

Jiang Huannprnow did not confirm whether he was really willing to dedicate it to his father, I had to have to resist the resistance: “Dad … can’t … this is incest …”

“Incest” two words listen in his ear, it is simply the most prominent words in the world, especially in your mouth, he is not eager to be incest with daughters every day. His desire is more high, to a kiss to her daughter, hands with her daughter caress.

Jiang Huannproved apricots under the proficiency of his father, and she also began to estrine. She found that she was so happy to give her man, so she also put it in the whole love, accepting my father brought him a harabo.

I saw that my daughter had already released everything, he quickly took off his daughter’s clothes as a father, he would bring his greatest happiness now, when he saw his daughter tall and full of breasts he had completely Magic.

“Little apricots, the breasts are really beautiful!”

“Don’t smile your little apricot! Xiaoyu’s grandmother is a code in your mother.”

Jiang Huannprude is very uncomfortable, flat, and it is very cute.

“But the little grandmother is still in development, now let Dad give you grandmother!”

“Dad, you are bad!”

Two parents are quiet in bed, so uncomfortable. He enjoys his daughter’s breasts, and he reached out to the daughter’s banned place. When he took off his daughter’s underwear, he saw that the unknown virgin is always hungry, eigsted to open the small Taoyuan hole, although closely closely. But the surrounded is full of water, this situation is very attractive.

He took off the L, let the meat stick in the swell, see the father’s thick meat stick, because it is shy and not dare, but secretly sneaked with the heart of the fantasy in the heart of this tempting. There will be more comforts in the inner scouring, she is really a sensuality, he is also anxiously, he is still in the face of his daughter, and the stem is slowed down to the daughter.

“Little apricots, how do you feel? Dad’s meat stick has entered a lot.”

“Little apricots feel … it is a bit pain … and some comfort is … ah …”

The father is bringing the daughter to the happiness of sex, his sators in the daughter’s virgin, it is really urgent and warm, he wants to bring more happiness to his daughter and yourself, so put the heart and put the penis deeper. .

“Ah … Dad … good pain … The lower of the little apricots is very painful … Ask you to stop …”

“Little apricots … Dad is now bringing you happiness, patience!”

He began to draw in the daughter, and loved her daughter under the sprint of her daughter under his sprint, slowly turned into a burst of praise to a burst of praise to make her feel a father who hugged in her body.

“Ah … Dad … The feeling of small apricots is very strange … it is very uncomfortable … but it is very comfortable … ah …”

“My good daughter knows how to enjoy the climax? It is a lascivious daughter …”

“Don’t laugh at the little apricot … Ah … people really feel very comfortable …”

“Who do you do your little apricot so comfortable?”

“Hey … ah … Dad is really … bad … ah … you want to be a little definitely ……

It is a big chicken with Dad to be a little bit comfortable … ah … Dad … Chicken is so bad …

For a while, around it, I am going to swim, you want to dry the little apricots … “

“What is the bad little apricot?”

“Ah … Dad is really bad …”

Although the daughter’s expression is shy, but the body is happy to meet his father’s pumping ginger under the pumping of his father. He is tightly holding his father. He also feels that his daughter’s secret should be contracted and tightened his meat stick, so Deliver the meat stick to the daughter’s vaginal poured a lot of ansilic liquid, stimulated his glans he couldn’t stand the deeper of the daughter’s uterus.

“Little apricot … Do you feel comfortable?”

“Just now Xiaozixian feels very strange … and hear … When Dad … shoot in, Xiaoyao feels like hesitation.”

“The name is called a cagma, and very few girls will reach the climax in the first time, and it is also very strong, but the father is very cool by the little pockets of Xiao Xing!”

At this time, he took the soft meat stick from his daughter, the yum, semen and virgin blood slowly poured from the honey pocket of Xiaoxichao, and several fathers can see their semen from the daughter’s honey. The scene saw this lascivious scene, his meat rod is still awkward.

“Little apricot … Let Dad do it again once?” “Dad …”

Jiang Huannproud did not answer, she has completely handed her father to her father, let him bring her sex.

After a lustful afternoon, the relationship between their father and women had completely changed, turned into a chaotic sexual love that was treated once again and again, giving them a true pleasure of sex.

Jiang Huannprnow’s body is more mature under the opening of his father. She also knows how to make a happy method under his father’s happiness. Every sex, also makes his father crazy. She is born, she is induced by her own fathers at this time.

“Ah … Dad … don’t … Xiao Xing just played back … Merry sweat … Do not take a small apricot to take a bath and give Dad …”

Just finished from the outside of the tennis back, I wore a touch of jacket, and I still had a short skirt breast-breast leg, plus the movement of the sweaty, seeing in my father’s eyes, it is a good fortune. daughter.

“Little Apricot, Dad saw that this is dressed, let Dad bring you!”

The father has already reached the daughter’s top, gently rubbed two white meatballs. He knew that this kind of breast is teasing, his daughter can’t stand it.

“Hey … Dad … You make people very uncomfortable … ah …”

“Is it uncomfortable? So Dad doesn’t get it, take a bath!”

“Ah … don’t stop … daughter wants … Want … ah …”

“My good daughter, what is going on? I said to my father.”

“Ah … I … I want my father’s big daughter … Let’s have your lascivious daughter … ah … people can’t stand it …”

The father’s hand is digging, and Jiang Huannprude has died by his father’s skill, and the prostitute has poured out that the father and daughter who wants to fire, making this narrow bathroom, full of lustful atmosphere.

The father saw the opportunity to mature, and they sat on the toilet, indicating that the daughter sat in his thigh, ginger, ginger, seeing his father, gotting straight meat, naturally, sitting, holding his father’s penis slowly His born daughter’s hot honey, my father’s meat stick entered half. Jiang Huannproud felt very enrichment, she slowly twisted his hips, only, the hot turtle head mill rubbed his vaginal, gave her a buzz Silk pleasure she has accelerated to twist the waist and hips, and ask for greater pleasure!

“Ah … Yeah … very cool … Hey … Dad … ah, ah …”

Ginger’s fusement beats with her moves on his own father, certain, certainly reached out to taste the daughter, the soft double peak is in hand, he feels that her milk is like the past. This is relying on him to “体 gymnastics” made to the daughter every day!

Looking at the daughter a whitening meat, and the sight of the skeptical twisted waist made his meat stick in the daughter’s urgent small hole.

“Ah … Dad’s chicken daddy is big, yeah … the top of the people … ah …”

The daughter’s movement is getting more and more intense, making the body have brought a bigger father who has already caught the daughter. The sensual action is determined to be the main, and the daughter who picked up the sway indicates that she was helped in the edge of the bath. This lascivious daughter.

“Yeah … great … Dad … Hey … This posture is really dry and dead … ah …

This is so cool … ah … “

Jiang Huannproved apricots quickly brought a climax, and the coarse meat stick really brought a strong sense of prostitution in the vagina, sprinkled on his father’s penis, stimulating him immediately pulling a large number of semen On the daughter’s beautiful buttocks.

He took the next to the toilet, looked at the beauty after sexual love, and the ginger of the ginger in the ground, holding the bathtock, the back perfect curve, the pair of things, with her Jiao Aunt, the semen he just passed slowly from the round hips to the place where the anus and the vaginal port that did not clogabulous, there was another seductive beauty. state.

“Little Apricot, you can take a shower now.”

“Dad … is not as washed with us …”

In the evening, this has changed back to the father and women back to normal relationships, from the appearance, the same as the father and daughter of the general family, but who knows that they have made it feels uncomfortable, and it is extremely prominent? In the past few years, everyone is very recognized in the company’s performance. I believe it is now the time that the company will make the company to make more thinking, Jiang Huannprude, the mother decided to give the business to his son, one heart, to make a housewife put down business After the burden, the mother’s mood has also become cheerful, relaxed, and more ease of sexual love, the more you want to ask for a woman in the middle age, such as a woman in the week, Jiang Huannprude and father can’t be like the past Hu was mixed at home every day.

Take sexual love, ginger, now there is no father with her with her every day, and the heart is like a thousand ants, and this is often in the mind of the 18-year-old girl. When you have a friend of your own biological father, there is a impulse that I want to pounce, and I will have a father with him, but the mother is often sticky with my father, so that this little girl’s desire has not been vented.

Jiang Huannprnow has a uncle, the boss of a restaurant, has a wife in the early years, and a child has a son of Jiang Huannprnow that he has learned that he recently sprained the left foot, so he is ordered to visit this injured uncle. In fact, Jiang Huannprude and this uncle is not very familiar. I only remember that I have been attending my aunt, I still remember that there is a cousin that I will study the same school in myself …

Jiang Huannao thought about thinking, I didn’t know if I had walked to my father’s house.

“Hey, I am a little apricot, my mother told me to bring something to you.”

“Please wait, I will open the door.”

When the uncle opened the door, the girl in front of the girl made him glance in front of the original ginger, ginger, and a small vest. The curve of the breast was revealed.

“Xiao Xi, there is a big sister, the body is as hot!”

Jiang Huannprpropry found that the eyes of the pornography were concentrated on the breasts of their own, but she also found that the uncle’s crotch is up, Jiang Huannadh suddenly turned, breathing has become a rapid breast, and the breathing is slightly down, very Seductive.

In the eyes of the uncle, I only felt that this lascivious little baby didn’t know the shame of him. He was in the face of his wife. Moreover, she also has an eager look, it is better to let him send a gun on himself!

“Little Apricot, I think of the dress in the room, can you help me?”

At this time, Jiang Huannproved apricots seems to have a uncle’s mind. If you don’t say it, you will slowly use your hand to stand your father’s waist, and you will take him to the room ginger’s bun. If you are interested, you will not intend to arrive at the father’s body. Heats, he took the opportunity to gently put it on the slim waist of Jiang Huannprude, I hope that her heart is scared by the uncle, and the uncle’s hand is gently gestured. She started the spring heart. I also understand the intention of my uncle, the body can’t help but get closer to Jiang Huannprude, this kind of movement makes the uncle, the color of the color is awkward to Jiang Huannprude, the beautiful buttocks are not for a while, they have come to the room.

The two in the room have been accepted, and the uncle is sitting on the bed. And the pants, the meat sticks of the pants, the father and meat sticks and rough, and lure ginger, itchy, the lower body is also itchy, she can’t help but put the waist, and rub the tempting meat stick. In the face of the girl who is breast, add a girl’s donkey, make the uncle’s meat sticks further expand!

The two people want to fire to the extreme, Jiang Huannproved apricots, let him lying on the bed by Jiang Huannprude, take off his tight panties, then get off the panties, slowly sit in the uncle’s meat stick, although the father is five The meat sticks can’t be with the buddhism of the father, but the girls who have not been able to say this early opening!

On her uncle, she shakes up and down, and the eye is half closed, a wave shocks in her small hole.

“Ah … 舅 舅 人 小 骚 麻 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 … … … … … … … … … … …

“I can’t think of it from small to big, the little prostitute is a little priest, so in bed is so flying!”

“Ah … all are a bad family, the top of the people … Hey! … this is really cool …”

The uncle pulls the neckline of her vest, then take off her cream, watch her a pair of beautiful milk, only two full and snow-white late peaks, with ginger’s apricot, very seductive, uncle, reach this pair , 揉 揉 焕 正 正 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 快 舒 舒 舒 舒 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 上 倾 倾 倾 向 向 向 她 向 向 向 倾 她 着Beautiful buttocks. “Ah … a bad father … ah … very cool …”

When Jiang Huannprude arrived at the climax, the uncle will also have to break out, so Jiang Huan down the embankment out of the uncle’s meat stick and put the jade hand in this, and the purple meat rod is attached. The semen made ginger’s face, the breast and the lower abdomen were white. Enjoy the ginger of the climax, volts on the uncle, a pair of breasts, and the two people enjoy the long rhyme of the climax.

Just under such a lustful atmosphere, the door of the two rooms did not open the original uncle’s son – 即 即 姜 杏 杏 的 表 表 弟 弟 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表Board of behavior, it is more frightened by the scene in front of you!

The neckstream of the cousin is that the neckline of Jiang Huannprude blouse was pulled down, a pair of big breasts made him a clear two Chu her short skirt although she was still in the lower body, but she still saw the place where the two bonded. And dyed The white liquid on ginger is also letting the cousin know that they are doing that.

Jiang Huannprnow was scared by this sudden cousin, panicked with hands, and immediately left the uncle’s body back to the cousin and taressed his clothes.

“Dad, how can you have a doctor …”

“Son … Since your mother died, Dad has been very lonely, and Dad can’t stand in a time, but the little apricot …

And this is a little priest, I am not raped. In fact, men have love, you love, I hope everyone is also required, I hope you can understand the needs of Dad. “

“So … if I also need it, I can …”

At this point, the cousin came to Jiang Huannprude, and his hands caressted her breast. This cousin was early, and now there is a good opportunity to be in place. He is not satisfied with the ginger. What’s more, there are two men now do her, think of this lustful scene, and let her sway, want to rise.

The cousin took off the clothes of Jiang Huannprude, Jiang Huannprude a snow white muscles, the wonderful body curve seems to be the purest fairy avatar, but a pair of girls who have a little too much smaller than the same year, it is really awkward. The person is going to infringe on this shaking fairy cousin for the first time, in the face of this feminine woman, feels unparalleled, the meat stick has reached the most hard level.

“The meat stick of the cousin is more big than the uncle … ah …”

Jiang Huannprude was secretly, but he did not dare to express the inner surprise, she understood that the man’s size of his guys didn’t care about it. It was a natural educational vibrate, knowing male psychology.

“Come! Little apricots, go to suck a small piece of meat stick!”

Jiang Huannprnow was sitting on the bed, buried in the cousin, first put the cousin’s glans softly and slowly put the meat stick in the mouth of the cousin, I feel very warm, humid, and her little tongue His glans rolling is so comfortable!

The uncle of the bystand saw the incest behavior of the two tables, but also banned the set of her meat sticks.

In the first time you accept the cousin of female blowjob, how can you endure this strong sexual stimulus? After a while, I have arrived at the climax ginger and spit into the meat stick to the peak, and then the semen of the cousin sprayed out and sprinkled on the face of ginger.

“Ah … hate … full shot on the face of people … Make people’s face is full of semen.”

“Little apricot! You will come to disable fire.”

Jiang Huannproved apricot in the bed, tall, while her beautiful butthal is tall, and she is like the brother’s brother to twist the beautiful butthal, she has reached the peak of the peak Along the thighs slowly stream to the bed, the brothers and hands caress the hip of ginger, and sent his meat stick into ginger.

“Ah … my good chenicle … ah … Why don’t you know the pity?

Don’t be such a small hole of the soverene people … Your meat rod is so thick … you have to do it to do it … 嗳 …

…Oh oh oh……”

The cousin has never been able to make love experience. After getting the guidance of Jiang Huannprude, he knows how to add the skill, Jiang Huannprnow, and the cousin can make the fairy, the meat stick is thick, and every piece of thrust brings her full pleasure. This pleasure made her plus two points of meat in the uncle, and his two fathers sons did so after the lattice girl. Perhaps the uncle has been discounted once before the cousin, so this time is longer, after 20 minutes ginger in the middle of the two people, hold the two people with the two people, let the two shots in their own body Jiang Huannproved apricots in bed, it is also a semen, and then the brother complicated with her pair of breast milk, and they got each other, slowly got the fire. Dry the hole again on the body of Ginger.

Later, my uncle was again added again. As a result, the three in the afternoon did not know how many times, ginger in the evening, the mother thought she became radiant, I didn’t understand what the reason was.

Since then, Jiang Huannprude is often arrived in the family and enjoy the sexual love of the three people.

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