I have arrived at 5 o’clock when I arrived at the hospital in the hospital, and there was no one in the whole building.

Wife has some pain in these days, so I appoint gynecologists yesterday. Take her to the hospital today.

I didn’t want to go to the road, and this doctor I have probably have already got off work.

Since it is here, you can’t get back. My wife is in a hurry to go upstairs, and go to the door of the gynecological examination room.

Pushed the door with force, the door was opened. The table is sitting next to a man playing a mobile phone, this is the doctor I appoint.

The wife whispered: “How is a male doctor?”

I explained to her: “The men’s woman is very common, and the doctor is the best gynecologist in the hospital.” The wife also understood these things, so he didn’t speak again.

Dr. Wang saw us and complained: “How come you come?” And then got up to us, smiling and gotting down my wife.

The wife and doctor met the first time, her generous reach out and the doctor shake hands, said: “My name is Xiao Xing, I will be yours all the people.”

The wife is 32 years old, and the appearance is neutralized, but in the “love” moisture, the breast fat hip is made, and the body is well-known, the skin is red, and it has a females. She saw the doctor’s burdication, the five senses, so he deliberately speaking a doctor.

The doctor’s mouth is scared, and the wife is guarded: “Take off the clothes pants.”

The wife is somewhat surprised, ask: “Is it going to take off?”

The doctor affirmed the answer: “All take off.”

The wife turned around me, I encouraged: “Doctors let the whole trunk must have his truth, listen to the doctor!”

I added: “Dr. Wang is the best gynecologist here, and the woman who has seen it will go, don’t be embarrassed.”

The wife took off her clothes, and she was unpisped to stand in the center of the room, waiting for the doctor’s next step. Looking at the naked naked in front of the strange man, there is a silky excitement from the chest and concentrates on the crotch.

“Lying on the bed, I want to start referring to the test.” Doctor’s instruction. “Reflection” is that the doctor puts the finger into the female vagina, and the inspection of the touch pressing inside the vagina.

I understand what the wife “refers to the test” is what the male doctor “refers”. I hope that my wife will experience the feeling of strange men’s fingers, but as a husband, this is absolutely unable to say. So I didn’t move, and I saw how my wife reacted.

The wife took 2 seconds and then lied down the bed. Doctors who don’t mean, with a legs to expose the flesh.

I don’t know how my wife’s thinking process is very happy to think about her. The wife’s body is naked in front of two men, and the flesh is presented to a strange man without shaking. It is waiting for the violation of this man’s finger.

The doctor walked to the bed, knead his wife’s labip with thumb and forefinger. I don’t know if there is this step in “refers to inspect.” Since I went to the hospital to believe in doctors. “So quietly looking at the doctor’s inspection.

I don’t know what my wife is feeling, the most securely sensitive part is in the face of her husband, and the man outside the husband is ignorant. Is it very comfortable?

The doctor suddenly asked: “How long do you have to live?”

The doctor said such a question, I remembered that I haven’t had a good breath with my wife for a month. The doctor pointed to a white secretion of the wife’s vaginal mouth and said: “Women above 30 years old should maintain a continuous sex life, otherwise it will introduce insufficient endocrine. Did you see white? Your wife is sick.”

“Isn’t this a white belt?” I asked the doctor.

“There are several reasons for the formation of vaginal, your wife’s white belt is brought ash, guessing is that the endocrine is not declined, and the uterus may have inflammation.” Doctor explained. “I have to do further check.” Doctor added.

I faintly feel that this doctor is flickering me, but I will think about it: “This is a doctor, he is a doctor.

The doctor has not politely brought the finger into his wife’s vagina. The wife whispering “嘤”, as a husband, I am very clear, this is the voice that the wife presses the pleasure of the genital stimulus. This is not blamed, because the vagina is extremely sensitive, especially when it is stimulated by a strange man, it is more difficult to restrain.

I know that this doctor is definitely not the second man who stroked his wife. I don’t want to figure out how many men are in bed.

I always encourage her to enjoy a woman’s fun, and she always refuses. I understand that this is not her real thoughts, it is in a binding, and I don’t dare to smash the window paper. So the opportunity of my gynecological examination gives his wife a male doctor. She understands, I also understand, the two people do not answer. The doctor’s finger agitated in the vagina’s vagina, his wife breathed, his eyes were pressing, his lips were bite, and he couldn’t help her husband.

From the wife’s reaction, I can guess the doctor’s finger must be in the front wall of the vaginal, must be in the cervical painting, must be touching the vaginal pleats. I won’t stop the doctor’s actions, as long as my wife is happy, everything is fine.

The doctor is such a “rape” for ten minutes, only to extract the finger from the vagina, and the finger is full of prostitute.

The wife is lying in the bed and gasping. The pussy is like being worked in the dick. The hole has opened a pink tender meat, and the milky octopurization flows into a small river.

The doctor said seriously: “The disease is very serious, if it is not treated in time, it may have no sexual desire for life.”

After listening to this, I can make sure the doctor is flicking. But I want to see what he wants to do. I think: “The worst case is that the wife is dried by this doctor.” This result is a husband who encourages me to find a woman’s fun. Such an idea cannot be too obvious in front of the doctor, so I asked the doctor coldly: “How to treat?”

The doctor saw me hook, then said: “It is very simple, carry strong sexual stimuli, and retransmit the mid-to-endocrine back to normal level.”

I almost guessed his treatment, my psychology: “Isn’t it just want to do my wife!” I looked at the naked wife on my bed, I didn’t fall asleep. However, it is impossible to fall asleep in the current situation. “Come on your treatment, we have unconditionally cooperated.” I followed the boat to answer.

However, I guess it wrong. The doctor played a phone, at least 20 men came into the room after a few minutes.

The footsteps of the squat awakened the wife of “sleeping”.

I thought that the wife saw that many men would be surprised or scared. After all, now, it is not hanging, such as the lamb in the wolves. But at this moment, she responded unusually calm and calm and intriguing.

“They are doctors who help the treatment.” Dr. Wang is crying to me. Then to this group of people: “The vision of the opposite naked visual stimuli can produce estrogen, so everyone takes off the pants to show the first step for our patient.”

The voice did not fall, and this group of men took off their trousers, 20 roots angry.

The wife’s model is looking at the bed, walks into the middle of the man, not at the next, and start forgetting the meat stick to men. In exchange, the wife’s behavior can be understood, if I was surrounded by 20 naked women, I will also forget the pleasure.

“Are you ready? We began to formally treated!” Doctor’s command. Everyone seven hands paid the wife to the bed and started “treatment”.

The things that will happen will have no suspense, although I encourage my wife and other men, but now is 1 pair 20. I can’t help but worry about whether she can withstand 20 men?

The wife’s legs were slammed by men, and the husband’s exclusive part was really cut by 20 men. I understand that this is just the beginning, the wives of the wife will be inserted into 20 forms of meat sticks and incident into the semen, the wife’s prostitute will mix with these semen, become white turbid liquid from the vagina.

The wife became a toy of men and handed each inch skin to men. I can’t believe that this is a woman who is ashamed even in underwear. But I believe that I will go out of this room, my wife will change back to a cold woman who can only be far away.

“Color” is the human nature, the same men and women, I don’t want the wife to suppress demand. As a husband, I am very proud, because I gave her Wang Hou to have the best enjoyment. At this moment, there is a voice in my heart shout: “Men, insert your meat stick, shoot your semen, and reach the peak together.”

Like the feeling of mind, the wife grabs the men’s meat sticks to start. This is a preparatory activity that is ready to insert. I have some sorrowful wife, because when she is playing 5 naked men’s meat sticks, I have never played 5 naked women.

Finally, there is a man to insert the red purple meat stick into the vagina, his wife is growing. I know my wife, I know that she is not because the man’s meat stick is too thick, because the meat stick fills the empty emperience of the vaginal itch.

Visually measure the length of the meat stick, and it is estimated that every piece of pump can poke his wife’s homework. It is said that the longest feeling of lasting in the climax of women is the uterus climax. I hope that this man can stick to, send my wife to the climax, then ejaculate. But the matter is willing to violate, the men have disappeared women who can’t live, this man is inserting more than 100 times, ejecting in the vagina’s vagina. But there is no relationship, there are 20 men here, even if the car is war, you can send your wife to the peak.

Women breathe, the wife’s pussy ushered in the second meat stick, the wife’s vagina gentle wraps this meat stick, the vagina is also rubbed with meat sticks. At this moment, the wife and this unfamiliar man are integrated, and the man’s liquid flows in his wife. I am not a woman, I can’t imagine this feeling.

In this way, in the 4 hours behind, the wife’s repetition is integrated with 20 men. I am very surprised that my wife is so worried, it is really “only the exhausted cattle, there is no cultivated land.” Maybe there may be 20 men, she can also deal with it. I love such a wife, I want her to become the happiest and happy woman.

I decided to make my wife before 33 years old, I realized at least 1000 a variety of meat sticks, with an average of 3 per day. Of course, it is impossible to do this every day, I will arrange 18 meat sticks a week ago to complete the task on Sunday.

When 20 men were horses, the wife climbed to me, unlocked my pants and started sucking my meat stick. I am jealous: “Now I think of your pro, is there no one hurts no one love?”

The wife is a playful smile: “Husband, I know how to make you cool.”

I shook my head and said, “You don’t understand your wife.”

“I understand. I will pick me up.” The wife ordered.

I picked my wife from behind, my wife opened his legs to everyone, shouted: “Green Hood husband likes his wife, everyone is coming to fuck me.”

The next scene is unforgettable. I hug 20 men in 20 men. I am shamelessly ejaculate in the wife. Learn about me or my wife.

There is a wife, what is the husband?

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