The code is temporarily called Yan Jie, I just went to the Division, I am 31 years old. She is 165cm, married, the long phase is 6.7 points in the young woman, C cup, but there is a little extension, and there is still a Dow in the intersection.

The most important thing is that she likes to wear a black silk short skirt, this three is hard to refuse. As the saying goes, there is a master’s dry food, although YY, but I don’t dare to start, I will gradually be familiar, the chat topic is also released, and I know more.

Her husband has become, some people outside, because the two people are also traminated, and they play each other.

This is the live so-called union series, this is not a bit sorry for your hobby.

Usually, it is not intentional to give a small snack. It is unintentionally going to get off work, and you can say that you can say that you can say the road and senior Guo Degang. Will not chat, the topic can be opened, and it is expected that it is not far from success.

For a week, it is so repetitive every day. I can’t stop, take the initiative to talk to me, perfunctory a few words, look like she is slightly unhappy, for the night’s general attack and back quickly.

In the evening, take the initiative to chat, of course, the two-sex topics are indispensable, and that night is called from Yan Sister into the baby.

When I went back, I found out that she wore a modal’s bag butt skirt, the inner trail of the underwear was clear, the black silk high heel, I wanted to put her on the ground, I can’t eat hot tofu, endured. Then there is something to go to her side to turn around, in order to detective firepower and about the power, I pinched it when she took the butt water, did not have a smile, hey, this is stable.

WeChat first sent her a bad expression, and then sent a kiss, reply is also fast, it is also a kind, fast knife, straight, I will ask for a meal at night, then go to my home to help me How is your idea to renovate.

The young woman is still free, I will ask me how to decorate it. I am not stupid, I have returned it directly, I want to give your legs to make a massage.

When you get off work, when you eat, how can you feel so long. This is not particularly urgent, which can only be bored.

Finally finished eating, in the elevator, in the upstream of her ass, when she opened the door, she twisted me later: “You are really necrotic!”

Entering the door, I will return to her, “How did I be bad?”

“Do you have a hairdryer in your home, my underwear is wet!”

——- This sentence says, what is it, a hug, put it on the sofa, grab a legs one by hand, look at the panties a water stain, I will licked the stockings and underwear. A few times, there is no need in elegance at this time, it is the rough sturdy!

She presses my head, put it down, I am also welcome, the tongue walks in the underwear and the thigh root, and the two hands are constantly touching her legs, she can’t make a mistake, causing.

The two fingers were fingertips, and the power of the flood was torn. In addition, the number of sexual life will be black, and later understand the skin, the probability of the fungus will be large).

With your hair, you will take a fur, and the tongue reached into the fungus and fettered. The next step is plugged in with your fingers. It is a burst of spot check. The clitoris is also obvious. Can’t stand it, I am also hard, quickly take it off myself, and take her away from black silk underwear and underwear.

Young woman, there have been no seen, we are directly on the sofa 69, probably my play is enough, she also came to desire, feeling extra hot in the mouth, the water is more water, and there is a kind of comfort, Her mouth is smooth, flowing with my cock, flowing into the egg to the buttock. Although it is very enjoyable, it is necessary to give her a deep impression in a long time.

Get up and put her on the table, plugged in, and swallowed the cock on the bottom, the water in the water, and vigorously pumped the butt, one hand pressed the chest. Insert dozens, turn her over, two hands played on her chest, pinched the nipple, and kissed her, the tongue wrapped. Caught a silk feet, the dick is again inserted again, with the tongue on her silk, but the stockings should be understood, at this time, a 10-dollar cock will become 12 points.

She called her, I lifted two feet together, and I want to pick up which one. (There is still a good thing in two feet is that the fungus will be tight if you want to have this effect, don’t let her take off the underwear. So on the sofa, let her take the dick, take it up, stand in front of the mirror Holding her, let her look at the mirror, let her see what she is dry. Maybe this posture is too stimulated, maybe too physical strength, no four or fifty, just changed to post, use your hand with her ass, the thumb, her chrysanthemum, I can feel her nervous, my fungus also tight. Pine, get super comfortable.

I feel shot when I am cool. At this time, I suddenly remembered that there was no set. I wiped, hurry to let her give me a picture, she asked what I did, I said no sets could not be included! She said that the aunt just took two days, and she was in the inside. (Said here again, 8 days before the big aunt, the incident pregnancy is very small, but not 100%, this is the first seven-eight) sure So, what is bought, it’s a sprint, a sprinkle, and I feel that a lot of liquid is sprayed, and it is quickly and powerful to spray in her body. Even if you shoot, it is still a for a while, it’s a sprint that it is a thorough soft.

Holding her face, is a crazy for the lips and tongue, her face is very ruddy, completely not recovering in the attack. Then directly princess hit on the sofa, put her on my leg, hand on the black silk, occasionally knead a few times, in exchange for her a few shy, just don’t talk, don’t talk There is a quarter of an hour.

When we completely recovered, I left her torn black silk, put it into the sealing bag in the drawer.

Originally, I wanted to stay in the night. She insisted that she had to go back, she all came in this step, she can’t be stinky with fresh fish, and the green hill left is still afraid of firewood? I went home to go home, all kinds of sweet words all the way, and she got off the bus is also unsolved. Finally, she watched her into the unit door. At this time, she couldn’t go, because she would see you, and see her Her family has appeared, rushed to me, if you can’t see you at this time, this disappointment will quickly exceed the beauty of just now, fortunately I understand.

When I returned home, I thought that I was so crazy that I just had endless aftertaste. I took out the black silk of her body, and I took a tube, I feel that myself will gradually cool down.

Then WeChat gives her a sweet words, praise her body technology, causing her very happy, then satisfied with each other.

As for later, it is about two or three times, I have done in my car, every time I must wear black silk high, because this is my hobby.

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