My husband works well in the organs, very busy, often has entertainment, so we basically live up to four or five times a month, although he can make me enjoy the climax, but I still feel Not satisfied. I started thinking that her husband was too tired, but he still had no previous passion, as if the physical condition is not good. I am worried, but more is helpless. After all, I am also a woman, it is normal, I am afraid that there will be a happiness of enjoyment. But more, I was worried about the 14-year-old daughter, she has been in the holiday for 2 years, is in the strong period of development, just on the second day. She can’t worry, she suddenly became heavy, and the academic performance is also declined. Sudden changes to the daughter, I was very surprised when I started, my husband was very urgent. But after all, I also came over from her, and now the child’s development has also been a lot in advance, and I am also suffering from hungry, I know that she is also because of sexual hungry, there is such a situation. But I didn’t have any way at the time. But the decline in husband’s ability is not known why. Until one day I saw an article online, I knew that her husband was mainly because our sexual life was too monotonous, and the sexual life gradually lost interest. I tried to change the pattern to stimulate him, and there is no effect. Until one day I saw an article that made her daughter to enjoy the sexual happiness, he suddenly had the idea of ​​making her husband and daughter. But I didn’t say it again, I decided to give my daughter, I only hope that my daughter quickly replied to the normal people, and I said to a junior high school girl, the golden years of life, should not be In the pain and depression, your tragedy should not happen to her daughter.

I will sleep with my daughter at night, implement my plan. When I first gave her masturbation, I perhaps because I had foreign objects inserted into her body, her petite body trembled, her daughter wet mucosa surround her fingers. I heard a hurranty breathing, I know that she has a strong reaction, and she will continue to insert my finger into. Although it is already very humid, it feels very tight. I inserted a little bit, then smoke it, and slowly slowly … The finger seems to be magic, gradually disappearing in her crack, and finally insert the whole finger to insert her body. The daughter’s vaginal cavity is tightly packaged with my finger. No, it is like being tightly grabbed, the daughter’s vagina is tightly twisted my finger. I suddenly suspected that it is several times more than the finger, how do you insert such a narrow crack?

“Ah …” The daughter is dramatically trembled, because I found a small meat ball in the depths of the vagina, this may be a cervix, my novel is teasing with a finger. “Pain … pain …” The daughter shouted, she took me in one hand, and she was in my chest.

“Well …” I comforted her and didn’t dare to play again. It is like sexual almost, I slowly twitch my fingers in my daughter’s vagina, and the hot mucosa took the daughter’s movement.

“Ah … ah …”

The daughter raised his head, turned over white eyes, and the mouth really hanged the crystal water drops, I also hugged her, so she won’t fall on the floor. I played her private parts while paying attention to the movement outside the door (afraid that the husband suddenly came in).

After a while, “Um … um …” The little butt of daughter twisted like a motor, I tried to keep your fingers. “Oh … ah … um …” The daughter finally finally in my arms, I know that my daughter reached a climax. I touched her apple-like cheek with her juice, listening to her little mouth, asked her comfortable? She gently hit my chest with her head. Since then, I often give her masturbation, but also make her own masturbation, I know that masturbation is actually harmful, but it still feels no real hobby. After more than a month, I am determined to make my husband and daughter to make love, but also to arouse his interest in sexual life by stimulating her husband. I first solved my daughter’s opinion, I didn’t expect my daughter. I tried to persuade my husband, because I thought of this, I will have a strong impulse. I first gave him a daughter’s desire. He felt hard to love, I gave him a sexual tiger, and he finally agreed. We decided to choose the third day after daughter’s holiday (Sunday) during the day, let the daughter enjoy real sexual happiness, because this doesn’t have to take contraceptive measures, let the daughter’s first feel more comfortable. It is more clear during the day, let the daughter’s beautiful body give her husband more intense sensory stimulus to achieve my goals.

That day, I was prepared for my daughter to get toilet paper and Yunnan white medicine (prevent her bleeding) He bowed his head and kissed his daughter’s round breasts. I found the daughter’s nipples very petite and pink, although delicate, but nipple Because the husband’s kiss is standing and standing, he then pulled his daughter’s round button, slowly pulling underwear, and he suddenly surprised his sight, he saw his daughter’s sparse and soft scribe, and dark red The clitoris, he may not think that his daughter has already growing into a real girl. He made his fingers on the girl’s scrutty, reach out, after the girl’s big labip, pressed, fingers, the lips were concave, the fingers were soone, and the lips immediately rebounded. After the daughter’s white big lips, after the ruddy, release the finger, it can clearly see a round white print that appears in the finger press, there is a clear boundary with the sideline, due to the circulation of blood, white print quickly shrinks And disappear. Because of the previous friction, the daughter’s inner labi has completely covered her sweet juice. He lifted his daughter’s left foot, and he could clearly see her hot part. He was obviously excited, like a lost beast, quickly remove all clothes, then lifted his daughter’s thigh leaning against his own Head, he can feel the soft touch with both ears. He hurts the tongue into the private parts of the daughter, and kisses the lips, he first licks her daughter’s rich and juited labie, trembled her in the entrance, Tryard your best, then explore the tongue into the lower end of daughter’s gap and then lick until the sensitive point of the upper end until your face is covered with her juice. The daughter excitedly twisted her body and quickly breathed. I took a while, he took the daughter’s little muscle, pulled very long, the daughter’s little lips were tight and thin, like a sheet of paper to reveal, a leather, tightened little labia I played back, my daughter appeared in the window. I played back, pull it out, and repeated several times. He changed the direction, this time, the two small labbs of the daughter were pulled by two hands, opened the second side, exposing the daughter’s yin. The color of the daughter is very beautiful, it is difficult to say which color is pleased. For the color near the female vaginal mouth, there are all kinds of different statements, some people say that they are tender red, some people say that they are pink, in the eyes of the daughter, these two statements are indispensable, the woman should be a relatively close blood The color of the clouds is very similar to the color inside the eyelid. He pulled his daughter’s little muscipated lips, showing her vaginal mouth, urethral mouth and clitoris, her daughter’s vagina is still relatively close, because he is more powerful, the daughter’s vaginal mouth is pulled into a thin line, the urethra is clearly seen Go to a small hole in a pea, the top of the pussy, the clitoris is embedded there. Probably a stimulus, the daughter’s vagina shrinks from time to time, like a baby, a small mouth, with the contraction of the vagina, the pea-like urethra is also tightened, the pearl clitoris is outward A transparent secretion slowly overflows from her pussy, squatting down the gap of the lip. The daughter is a daughter, where is the world to find a wonderful object than the daughter?

I have to tell you this detail because I saw the scenarius that I saw very dynamic. I thought about it. This is a dynamic process, and it is a gradual process. This process gives people an imagination Real feelings, it is not a disc or a video that can be expressed. Only when you have seen this scenario, you can truly understand the wonderfulness, what is more exciting than this scenario? Of course, the husband who handles his finger in the daughter in the daughter, and his feelings must be more strong than daughter. Looking at the lustful model of the father, my body can’t help but get it hot, the genital is itchy. Suddenly I have never been excited, excited and pleasant, and I don’t know when I just took a shower, I have already been wet, and I have been wet, immediately in the jaca of the pulsation in the tripper.

His penis was so hard, then he couldn’t wait to open his daughter’s legs *, where he had already wet, he broke the two lips with his hand. It is unfarest to support the mask, and the vaginal mouth of the daughter is slowly inserted. The daughter frowned and bite his lips, grabbed my hand, she felt the pain below. The husband stopped and started slowly, after a while, she seems to feel the wonderful pleasure, the face became flushing, and the breathing is rushing. I saw the prostitute under the daughter, and the blood continued to flow out, and the prostitute became a light red. The husband saw her daughter comfortable, and she started to push it. The husband hit the daughter’s genitals, and the sound was sent …. ……….. I also feel that I have never had a stimulus, I can’t be lying on my daughter, let my daughter’s fingers in my vagina, so that every husband is inserted, will pass the daughter’s finger to my vagina, very fast Just reach a climax, that stimuli and pleasure are unable to describe the language. After a while, I feel that my husband is more and more fierce. In the end, I took a few times, and I took my daughter, my daughter also took him with him, and I didn’t move. The daughter also used hard to stand straight, almost stopped breathing, after a few seconds, I sent a suppression of the suppression, closed my eyes, I was so angry, and my body was shaking, my husband People are soft in their daughters. I know that my daughter also enjoys a great pleasure of sexual climax. Since then, we will often make love together, and the husband is also like recovery of youth. It will be two or three times a week. Sometimes I do once a night; my daughter has become a lively, but also more cute, Learning achievements are also rapidly improved, and our three relationships are more intimate.

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