The first chapter is shot, then emit it out

Chapter 2 I pretend to her husband

Chapter 3 Mommy, I want to go to you

Chapter 4 Beautiful Temptation

The reason for the fifth chapter is

Chapter VI Mei Miyu Mother

The seventh chapter is also a prostitute beast

Chapter 8 Mommy’s New Desire

Chapter IX Animed Mother Club

Chapter 10 Beautiful Female Teacher

Chapter 11 Purchasing Purpose

The first chapter is shot, then shot!

Since the summer vacation of the EIA, I started this story after I came into contact with the first A film. . . .

I remember that afternoon, Xiaolong mysteriously played a call to me, I want to go to his home. When it is there, the first item that is introduced into the eye is the volume video.

“This is my father rent!” Xiaolong said excitedly to me. “Today, you are cool!”

Then he put the volume record. This is a big stimulus for never seeing! I still remember that the content is a man who describes a sexual clinical treatment office and a sector. Looking at the male and female in the screen, my little brother suddenly convinced into a red volcano, and there will be an outbreak anytime, anywhere! But just like the gates,

“Was bad, my dad!” Xiaolong hurriedly took it out and put it back to the drawer. . . . . .

When I returned home at night, I was still excited, and I have a few guns to sleep. After that, I asked him to see me, until one day, his Korean stepmon came to Taiwan. . . . . .

The father of Xiaolong seems to love Korean women, so Xiaolong’s maternal and stepmother is Korean, and Xiaolong is Chinese and Korean mixed blood. Say that Xiaolong’s stepmon is not used to Taiwan’s climate, so there is half a year to live in South Korea. But she is beautiful! There is an oriental temperament, with a exquisite figure, and the hair of the shoulders, although the year has been 30, but the Xu Niang is half old, the charm stills! Especially her pair of uncomfortable legs, I don’t want to touch her! As for her double peak, although it is big, it seems that the whole year is slightly drooping, and the whole chest is slightly sagged, and it is in the shortage of beauty.

On a day of afternoon, I have nothing to find a little dragon to see the film, but only his brother who reads the kindergarten is at home.

“Then I will go in and wait for him.” Just like this Xiaolong’s brother opened the secret key.

(I really want someone to watch a piece of gun!)

With this thought, I took 200 yuan and half pushed half of the younger brother who wanted Xiaolong to go out to play, and the money will come back. The little dragon stupid brother went out. My heartbeat accelerates, shooting in someone else, this kind of bad thing is exciting. I immediately went to Xiaolong father to play a picture of the picture to find, but I found no half branches.

(How can there be such a bird !!)

I am not willing to find it everywhere, the cabinet, the bed, under the table, Xiaolong’s room can’t find it, really urged me again! Finally, I decided to check the wardrobe. Searched for a long time, when I opened a small drawer inside, suddenly the eyes were bright!

(This, this is not inner …)

In the sense of adrenaline secretion, I picked up with a slight shit. It was a very good silk pink underwear that tacked, spread it in the palm of the palm, lace, with a floral decoration, I deeply Sniff,

(It’s a intoxicated fragrance. It’s hard to imagine women to wear such a small panties, and let my little brother wear it!)

If you don’t say, I immediately took out my swelling her meat stick, enjoy the pleasure of rubbing women’s underwear, and I touched me with black silk and white cotton underwear, wearing it on the head and contained in the mouth, try chewing Female taste. I am lying in bed and enjoying this, and my hands are quickly twitching. . . . . .

(喔, 喔, 喔,)

At the highest point! A very fast white thick liquid is completely shot on three panties, and when it is still unfair, he suddenly heard the sound of the door.

(Bad !!) A arrow, I quickly turn the wardrobe, and I grabbed three underwear to hide under the bottom of the bed.

(Who is coming back? Ah, I am coming, it is the stepmother of Xiaolong !!)

She seems to be exhausted, and when they are in the room, they will sleep. At this time, I thank you, I hope she falls asleep after 30 minutes, I can leave.

Time passed, I quietly climbed out of the bed to the door, I wanted to go back and look back, it is really beautiful! ! Xiaolong’s stepmother is lying on me, pink set with white stockings, a slightly revealed tribed pants and cleans, let me originally scared and weak little brother immediately become a big meat stick.

(Really cool, earning!)

So I crept to the edge of the bed, slowly proper exploration of the handle into her body rocked and found her gently snoring significantly. After determining her sleeping I took the right hand slowly touched on her legs, feeling the light back and forth from the instep to the calf to thigh. Further pitching hand, marching toward her breasts, the cleavage direction gradually extends into the lace bra, moving towards Rufeng. When I finally touched the nipples the size of soybeans, such as being moved, her body suddenly the side a little, I hurriedly plunged into the bed. (As if not to wake up.)

I found my heart skip a stop, just think back side left in the hands touch, the second child was about to break through his pants. Wearing stockings legs to touch the really exciting! So I put the cock to dig out, shake ah shake it out of my body shake ah shake to re-do Fam exploration.

The dragons stepmother back to me, so I gently turned her body lie flat, then slowly her legs open, I saw the shadow of the Black Forest! I noticed that my little brother needs, I will be her right hand holding my cock, my right hand and thigh wandering outside her Black Forest. My cock was gentle with her soft hand, my hand around her hand on my cock back and forth Cuonong forward.

(喔, 喔, 喔,)

Suddenly her hands thrown a bit, I found that she seemed to wake up fast, so I quickly slipped into bed. But has been going out, where there is reason to let go, I took the pocket took out three sets of underwear on the cock, rapid twitching hand. . . . . .

(喔, 喔, 喔,)

At the highest point! White viscous liquid completely again incident on three of the undergarment. At the same time, the dragons have stepmother woke up, she seemed to feel a bit strange, but it seems to have not found my existence. But evidently short time can not leave here.

(Fired two shots, tired!)

Since we can not leave, have nothing to do, I will dizzy and fatigued and fell asleep. . . . . .

Chapter I pretended her husband!

In sleep, I dreamed of just a good thing to be found, and brutally beat up. I was scared the whole body sweating, suddenly woke up, found that four weeks in complete darkness, and because the relationship seems to have opened air-conditioned, speak chills. Wait a few seconds to adapt to the eyes, look at his watch, originally passed midnight.

Fear welled heart, fearing a dream come true, I am anxious to emerge here. After determining no movement in four weeks, I slowly climbed out of bed, gently opened the door, she glanced out in front of the bed, thinking there will be two, but only one person to see the dragons stepmother. Seem not want to be disturbed, eye goggles hanging of sleep, also covered with seemingly quite heavy quilts.

I slipped out the door and find dragons with his brother in another room asleep. I walked quickly to the door dragons, before going out, I felt in my pocket in semen stained panties, my heart suddenly floated the idea of ​​an evil, I walked back to the room. . . . . .

The stepmother looked at the dragons, revealing only the appearance of lips, my heart beats faster and faster, little brother also gradually broke veins. Proximity to slowly to the bed, I carefully opened it after a heavy quilt. Oh oh oh! ! ! Xieyi strap style black silk, coupled with fancy openwork black cotton knit underwear, is tantamount to my little brother is a heavy blow, it is hard to endure! !

I took off his pants lying on the bed, how sideways against dragons stepmother, thinking to enjoy this feast.

I put my middle finger into the aunt’s mouth with her tongue agitation, and then back into my mouth to taste her saliva incense; his hands palm aunt’s arm and then travel again to move her weak shoulders. She then moved to the small Man Yao gradually move up, along with Xie Yi pulled, and finally shook hands on the chest Aunt gently back and forth around the circle Cuonong with; and then to her mouth Qingchuai Rufeng, along Munakata do with a complete line of tongue. At this point her body microseismic a little, my mouth and hands could not bear to leave my aunt that has been contaminated with saliva breast.

So for a while, they can determine when tackling, let me hand willfully aunt legs wavering a bit, memorable evening of fun, the goal is to come to me at night and think of forests Mixue! After slowly opened her feet, I put my hand gently press on the mysterious black areas, mixed with a touch of black cotton underwear that pleasure, I carefully rub the outer labia, gradually Na Liangpian hypertrophy Rouchun Yulai the more moist. Suddenly her hand grabbed my hand!

“Can not tonight.” When she speaks a word heavy with muddy Korean chamber I was really shocked, but calmed down she wondered not very tough attitude, I think she thought it was the father of dragons playing with her, so I decided to lamb.

I lightly brushed aside her hand, ignoring her request, lips close to her lips and kissed aunt and bold tongue in-depth, two tongues entwined, I Qingchuai her tongue, and let her suck my tongue, oh! Talk to a woman older than I do kiss the soul of this French-style, I was touched to tremble.

After kissing, my hand is still moving to the mysterious black forest entrance. Her hand suddenly holds my meat stick, I am with myself, I finally decided to put my hand into her trousers. Go to the rich yin, my meat stick is bloated; when I touched the honey pocket of my honey juice! The meat stick expands to the maximum. I easily dial the labians of the aunt’s congestion, stamped her fat and beautiful cavity, the finger has always been in the upper edge, touched the woman’s sensitive jerkin, the fingers are completely inserted, finally touched the uterine mouth, with the pointer to the uterus Around the mouth, the uncle is excited to have the whole hip uphysque.

“Well ~ um ~ 喔 ~ um ~”

Listening to the laminate of the aunt. I also got up to put my big meat stick into her mouth, one hand and her pussy, one hand, took her head to send me all the meat into her mouth. Her hands is to get my hips to make my meat stick can enter her throat to pick up, with her dexterous tongue, lick your grievance, feel like it can get the biggest satisfaction in her mouth.

When I feel that I have to eat, I took the meat stick into her warm and humid little mouth. Let me stand her waist, use the tongue to taste the love liquid, and suddenly go deep into her lumen, little tongue Submitted the function of the big meat stick. At this point, put her finger on her chrysanthemum bud, slowly inserted the final ban on the Aunt, and I feel that her body trembled. I tomb my fingers and tongue, and I crushed the tip of the love liquid into the chrysanthemum bud. middle.

“Well ~ um ~ 喔 ~ um ~”

Another loud wave called, I heard me, I immediately put the meat stick into the unpassive hole of the aunt, saved, put her moist and extremely small hole, hard to lose it again, and finally use the lower body The power sprint, the last one,

(Oh! Hey! Hey!) Put the full semen in the uterus of the Aunt.

She looked at the bed and enjoyed the scatter after the climax. I got up and took away the black cotton knitted fancy hollow underwear with aunt’s love liquid.

Chapter II Mommy, I want to go to you!

Since the last time I took a small trousers, I had a strong interest in the women’s underwear. Frequent Mummy and sorrow, steal into them, pick up their underwear and dead; imagine the picture with Mommy and the sister, often make me excited. Gradually, I have a high degree of interest in Mommy’s body. . . . . .

Mommy is a standard to work, wearing a fashionable clothing in the morning. When you go to get off work, you will come back home to cook, and all mature women’s charm and the face of the mother, do not lose the body of young women, let anyone want to engage in One! I am particularly fortunate to have such moma; sometimes I don’t pay attention to my mother’s mimic, and I will use the small mirror to peek into the temple in the mother. The tempting scenery of the transparent stockings, sometimes luck It can even be smashed directly, you can sneak around the mum skirt, it is really cool! Sometimes the mother is taking a piece of mummy to take a piece of clothing, then take his breast, then take my breast, absolutely brought me another scene of prostitution. Difficulty!

I wanted to make love with Mommy every day, but I have been suffering. Finally, one day, in the father told us that he was going to transfer to the United States to the United States, I learned the opportunity!

The father walked in the first night, I struggled to the night of Mommy in two o’clock in the evening. I gently set off the quilty, I didn’t touch the breast enhancement of Mommy, I feel that Mommy seems to be awake. In the case of not give up this attack, I don’t want to touch it. Mommy’s silk underwear back to the house.

The next day, I deliberately dragged Mommy to visit the department store, and went to the large store to shop, tired Mommy a night, once again sneak into the Mommy Room again, this time I finally be able to touch Mommy’s long-haired hair. Black forest, I want to take off my mad panties or fail. This time Mommy seems to be awake, I didn’t live back to the room, and I was almost finished. So I didn’t dare to move in the third day, and I only watched a self-relief. The story of the heroine in the film is really deep! !

The next day, I spent a lot of time, running through the large and small pharmacy in the urban area, spending the lip tongue, finally giving me four, five sleeping pills, I put them into powder. Mommy drinks hot milk before going to bed, gives me a big convenience. I took the initiative to bubb to milk, and I added special “nutrition”, and Mommy also praised me very well today. This cup of milk is particularly good. I heard the praise of Mommy, my little brother couldn’t help but put my trousers. Looking at Mommy to happily drinking my special modulated milk, I know that I have to get it tonight!

After midnight, I have already honestly flying to the room that will be, I will see Mommy sleep. I gently shake Mummy, and I don’t have a good response. I am excitedly opened. Cotton, Mommy wears her sexy white transparent silk pajamas today, the glamorous sleeping position, let my little brother stand up immediately. I immediately faded all my trousers, climbed to the bed to close the beautiful body of Mommy. Gently rubbing the madeware without the breast milk in the silk pajamas, I feel that I can’t say the wonderful. Looking at the mother’s sexy lips, I can’t help but make my mouth and kissed my mom, and carefully extended my tongue to explore in Mommy’s mouth, and then smoked Mommy’s tongue deeply sucking Let’s take a little bit of the lips of Mommy, I can’t help but kiss the little mouth of Mommy, I feel exciting! I picked up Mommy’s pajamas. Mommy is a white lace trousers. The transparent is not like thin, faintly faded out the original shape of Mommy Black Forest. If the hidden honey, I suddenly like it. Desperately explore the tongue, turn over the thin layer of cloth, move directly to Mummy’s fat and beautiful, there is a faint obscenity in the entrance to the honey, and there is a faint obscenity in the mouth. My taste and smell, which makes me unusually excited . I used the tongue to the small hole of Mommy. At this time, Mommy’s mouth sent a snoring. I didn’t know that Mommy was doing spring dreams or sleeping pills. She didn’t wake up. The sensuality, stimulating my meat stick spit out the transparent lubricant, watching Mommy’s little mouth, can’t help but send me a big meat stick, hold the head of Mommy, before and after the front and after Then stop, see the mouth of the Mommy’s mouth, hard is a few hundred, and the elegant difference is shot, and it is very cool.

At this point, I put my big meat stick inserted into the small hole of Mommy, and the warm hole in the Mommy was tightly wrapped in my root, Mommy’s lascivious water and my aqueous water and the meat stick. I hit the sorrows and sorrows, and I am more exciting, I am more exciting, and after the top of the top, I will shoot the water into Mommy. During the depths, I gave a break in Mommy’s body, and I packed back to the room to sleep.

Mommy got the sky, and the milk that I bubble was very effective, so that she made a good dream, I have to breed her next day. Of course, I am happy to answer! Because some are ignorant; mum, isn’t it?

Chapter 4 Beautiful Temptation

The father has been abroad is the fifth day. After the bold mother and child last night, he not only didn’t calm my desire. At all, I thought about the obscene scene of Mommy, I really want to engage in my mother. That has a honey pocket. However, when I ran to buy a sleeping pill, I was rejected by the pharmacy owner. I am disappointed, I returned to my home, I saw Mommy’s back shadow in the kitchen dish, there was no ready to go to work, the pink short jacket I like, plus a slightly transparent white shirt, the lower body is a light fluttering white Silk short skirt, with transparent flesh stockings, in the beautiful legs of Mommy, make unlimited,

(If you can move the Mommy in the work station, you can push Mad.

My trousers don’t feel consistent with my fantasy and bulge, I really want to insert it behind Mum. . .

Suddenly I thought of a way to solve my unsatisfactory, so I quietly pulled the zipper, took out my hi, loudly, said that I came back! I immediately hugged the body of Mommy from the rear:

“Mummy, today I am going to solve the math question to everyone, the teacher is very good, saying that I am very smart!”

(Yeah …, Mommy’s body is good … The meat stick frictions the mad silk short skirt feeling … I put my legs with my legs, slightly rubbing the transparent meat Silitter Mommy’s legs, cool …)

“That’s very good,” Mommy said, “To continue to keep it!”

(喔 …, you will continue to keep this, slowly moving the waist, spools my meat sticks in the mummy, two scholars, and hitting the mummy swings. ..)

“Well … Oh … ah, I will continue … Keep it …”

(The feeling of keeping it is so good, the opening of the crude meat has flowed out of the water because it is too stimulated …)

“Are you uncomfortable, how to get moving, the voice is also weird.” Mummy issued questions about me.

(It’s too comfortable, ah … Fast, fast!)

“Nothing, Mommy, my body is a little itchy, probably giving mosquitoes.”

I gently lifted the corner of the Mummy skirt, tightly wrap the roast hot dogs big launch countdown! In fast Cuonong Mummy silk skirt and fingers palm, more and more stimulation. I slumped out of the thick hot finish, shot on Mummy pink jacket and white silk skirt, whole body at once felt smooth, but Mommy was not aware of. Because Mommy wash the dishes and vegetables ready to cook, and I quickly swelling will still trembling little brother to recover in the pants, “Mommy, I returned to the library to read.”

Huidaofangzhong seated at the desk, just recall profane succeed, brother and swell up, so just been pondered for the scene from the discharge opening side of the hand, and he just few fine water emitted. . . . . .

As the sister went to see a movie tonight does not come back, I only eat dinner with two Mummy, Mummy see behind semen blot, and little brother standing in pain. The result was a little over-indulgence de-force, chopsticks accidentally fall to the ground, and when I bent down to pick up, open the napkin, was surprised to find Mommy’s lower body facing me, beautiful legs in the middle of the gap exposed white lace hollow outside the underwear, pubic hair still a few obscene emerge lace, causing me pain and swelling little brother has doubled. And looking hard to see that. . . ,That is. . . . . .

(Carving type is flesh-colored transparent stockings !!)

Legend had only heard of the type of carving empty stockings actually in front of me with indecently exposed! I do not know when Mommy went to buy? Mummy around the lower body opened a kinky hole, although there are posted outside the underwear, but still can feel the magic of the call that deep, I was getting more and more fascinated. . . . . .

“Azhi how you pick up a chopstick so long?”

I did not hear the call out Mommy reluctantly got up, but the whole body is full of evil lust. Mommy quickly deep into the room pretending to return to the room after dinner, while Mummy clean up the dishes clean up after her usual place Xieyi drawer searching for a while, and finally discovered that the type of Carving transparent flesh-colored stockings, take the moment something still unopened flesh-colored stockings and a black silk lace Xieku, immediately slipped back into the room.

Unpacking, I am excited and trembling hands carved out a space-type stockings, a closer look at the empty carved inlaid carved inside as well as attractive. I then put the dream of this type of Carving stockings; soft silk feel, with an attractive carved inlaid, carved empty I would enjoy attractive cool in bed, eyes closed, trying to recall Mummy lower body in the dining table that type of carving transparent flesh-colored stockings exposing the most lustful sexual organs; stroking the inside of an attractive carved inlaid carved empty, imagine being stroked Mummy attractive body and legs. Roubang the black silk lace Xieku enjoying the stimulation of touch, imagine being forced to fuck the kinky Rouxue Mommy, until the climax of the lubricating fluid and emits only water in fine black silk lace Xieku Mommy, pleasure to speak to and the passage of body fatigue, generalized weakness lying in bed will Shuisi past.

The reason for the fifth chapter is

Early the next morning in a trance suddenly thought of Eve fell asleep and did not clean up after myself, so wake up. After it was found wearing eagle empty stockings, mom adhesions have my semen black silk lace panties hanging on my little brother swelling. So the mom’s underwear thrown into the bed, I was late too late to eat breakfast then rushed to the school to go.

Mommy came home from school to listen to the message also said that his father internship in a foreign country more than a month to come back, I am really excited, so I have more time to get their hands on the beautiful mother, it is best to become a slave of me. . . . . .

The next few days, as long as there is a chance I would have hugged from behind Mommy, Mommy buttocks through clothing on top of prostitution across the skirt or trousers desperately against the Mummy Juhua Lei stamp position with the cock swelling, or a good excuse viewing scenery under the skirt slipped under the table Mummy, Mummy and intentionally touching legs wearing stockings.

“Mommy get me borrow your body and let me down after fire extinction want to concentrate on reading!”

I made the suggestion innocently pretending to Mommy. Mummy was originally rebuffed, and advised me to want to focus on somewhere else, and that I have such as puberty sex drive, after a while all right. But I said to my mom really lost patience; after a week I kept harassing Mummy, Mummy seems to be fed up I am convinced; on Saturday night after a week, Mommy to inside my room, his face solemn says she can find a way to satisfy my sexual desire, but can not require sexual intercourse, otherwise incest.

“I have oral sex gang.” I ask for it.

Mommy consider for a moment can not decide, finally hear me say just once can be spelled probably want to eliminate the fire before agreeing to a mummy. So I spread out pants revealing positive root of that day, and ask Mummy to strip naked. Mommy says undressing agreed, but said not allowed to see only touched her body, and I pretended to agree. Mommy looked beautiful piece off her clothes, my cock really excited.

Mommy first kneeling in front of me, using hands on my thigh, slowly lasing my meat stick; then use the tongue to liche your meat, then slowly contain my big meat stick into her The charming small mouth is swallowed up and down, and the sake of her sliced ​​tongue wounds the edge of the meat, and I will absorb the meat stick. I will be more excited; I will spit out of the mask in my meat root. I use her sexy double lips. Then Into my male root. Mommy’s mouth is really very good. I excitedly grabbed Mommy’s hair to put her head to the meat stick roots into the throat, my meat stick was deeply wonderful and wonderful in the mummy, until Mommy’s red The lip touchs my root; look at Mommy to include my big meat stick, I think the meat is swollen and bigger; so the deep throat is over dozens of times, let me almost shoot. Mommy also spit out the meat stick, my size, put the slender finger, and finally put into my ass pointer.

I excitedly grabbed the macity of Mommy and didn’t live, Mommy gave me the eye but did not refuse. My hands will be moving in Mommy, and knead the beautiful double hips, but I will go to Mommy’s chrysanthemum bud, she stops me with her hand, and I can’t use your eyes. Therefore, I deliberately grabbed Mommy’s head with a meat stick to enter and fell out of her mouth and fell to dozens of demonstrations.

Finally, I feel that I have to shoot, I put the big meat stick into the deep sore throat; more intensely grabbed Mummy’s head like a meat, like a mummy sexy, filling The sound, when I reached the highest wave, I roughly got a big meat stick. The whole two meat bags made Mummy to swallow. Mommy’s little mouth can’t spit out my meat stick, so that Mommy has only drinking my semen without a way. So I used to force the hot water paste to scattered the deep place of Mommy’s throat; so that my semen Thai is swallowed as a nutrition, there is a part of the mouth, Mom The like is like a prostitute,

“Is it satisfied?” Mommy said while wiping the semen from the mouth of the mouth with a finger.

“Well, thank you Mummy!” I happily said and kissed my mom.

Mummy’s weak body slowly cleaned the scattered clothes, and I walked out of the door, and I was sleeping with a smile.

I have already woken up in the morning, and the first thing I thought is how to use Mommy’s beautiful body to meet my endless sexual desire. Just think it is very cool, let alone do it. . . . . .

Chapter VI Mei Miyu Mother

The first thing you get up in the morning is what you want Mommy’s body to make an abnormality; so I decided not to endure the way to go to the toilet and want to ask Mummy to ask for blowjob. In the Mommy Room, I found that Mommy was in the toilet. I was half-forced to go to the bathroom to the bathroom. I went to my meat stick into Mommy’s little mouth. After dozens of nozzles, I suddenly asked the beautiful mom to drink the hot flow to be released. Mommy swayed her head and wanted to break away from my meat stick, but Mommy’s head was tightly caught, I had to let me give it for what I want, barely drink the heat flow and let it flow from the mouth angle. out. While overflowing the hot flow in Mommy’s mouth, I will continue to take my mother’s lingering and enjoy the pleasure of the down.

Mommy also released her hot flow at this time. I am very excited to raise Mommy and stick to Mommy’s lascap. In the beauty of Mummy, Mommy took a foot on the belly to catering my tip of the tongue. I don’t know if I have to resist me. After enjoying sweet honey, I am excited to insert Mommy’s fat, but Mommy stops me with a reason that I can’t incest.

“But my meat stick wants to insert!” I protest.

“Forget it, come from behind the anus, it will not be incest.” Mommy said redness helplessly.

I heard Mommy said that I felt the whole body, because there was no anal sex, I only felt that it would be very cool.

“Well, don’t you incest?”

I am a smile, because I have already got a meat hole of Mommy, but Mommy is not unique. And I want to try Mommy’s future wishes, and now I can tell you from Mommy’s mouth is really exciting!

“But you must first wash your body first.” Mommy said.

“Can you wear a carved empty stockings?” I asked, but Mommy didn’t answer me.

After washing the whole body, I came to Mommy’s room. Mommy lied in bed. After opening the cotton quarter, I found that Mommy wore a silky dress.

“Is it worn?” I asked Mommy.

Mommy slowly picked up the long skirt showed a seductive legs. He has been to the roots of the thigh. Mommy really has taken my requirements to wear engulfed transparent fleshy stockings, I feel very conquering pleasure. So I first took off the whole body’s clothes to show up the biggest weapon of men, slowly getting up, sitting on the bed, and faded her pink fluff inherent, and put her brilliant hips toward me. “Xiao Zhi is gentle, Mommy has never been done in this kind of thing …” Mommy’s face is asked if the woman is asked. I found that I will be the fact that the first person in Mommy’s King’s opening is true, and there is a lot of roots.

I slowly pick Mommy’s long skirt until the waist, the beauty of the eyes is the warm-in-law of the warm-free mummy stockings, which is excited to be excited, and specially seductively The beautiful chrysanthemum bud is completely exposed to my feet in front of me, and the body that doesn’t have a bra swayed in front.

My hands took the beautiful legs of Mom to explore her compact ankle to the interior of the carved stockings, the smell of the mouth wrapped around the mouth around the carved carved. Mummy requires that other parts of her rear courts can’t touch, she covers her small hole, I have to move your mouth to the back court to play with my mouth.

When the tip of the tongue, Mommy’s body was shaken like a moving shock, it seems that this is the sexy belt she has not yet been found. At the same time, I crowded into the mother’s back hole, Mommy couldn’t help but creep her abdomen catering my tongue root, I grabbed Mommy’s beautiful buttocks with her creeps. Mi wonderful rear oscillating taste is difficult to say. Mommy seems to be more exciting, and the hand that is originally covering the hole is now as a self-sufficiency. So I went to the tongue root that enjoyed the osmosho bud, and pulled the sweet honey juice. The hands were moving with the beautiful chest movement with Mommy.

With lubrication, it is blessed by the kneeling of Mummy, one hand, and the two fingers as a hi, and the other hand, the other is not idle, and the fummy is Mommy. I play myself. At this time, Mom is sitting like an from time to time, as if it is a beautiful desert.

The moist is extremely, and I will take the meat stick into the rear of Mommy. Regardless of the scream of Mommy, I struggled to look forward to the rear court of a long time, pumping the meat stick to the flesh of the flesh of the mad, the maid, the macity of the inexplicable carvings, 狠Mommy’s chrysanthemum lace did not have a touch of full swing. The lustful meat tightly included my thick meat stick, greedily sucked me to the mother’s flesh. . . . . . .

I only heard Mommy turned into a more sensual snoring, as if her flesh obscenity in the most sensual sensation. Mommy really is a prostitute girl who has a hurt in the rumor. At the same time, I also found a rare deception. With the rear of Mommy, it is more than 7 or eight times.

I sent my fingers into my grandpoint and lapse, and the mourning of the mushroom was not stopped and the saliva was filled with mami, and even the carved transparent fleshy stockings and the sheets were completely wet. I continued to be a long time for Mommy’s kinky, in the final climax, completely interlocate the macrise of Mommy in the mummy, and taking all the yang out of the blapping. The depth of Mommy anus; I am not intended to take the meat stick, but let Mommy’s prostitute can’t breathe, and hold the flesh of Mommy’s gods to sleep.

Since then, when I want to meet me with my mouth and behind, when I want to play Mommy’s black forest, I want to get a sleeping pill, and I will eat sleeping pills when I sleep. Mommy hugged into my room, the pleasure of pleasing, I sent back to the room, so lasting for a few months; until one day. . . . . .

The seventh chapter is also a prostitute beast

Today, I often let Mommy have a sleeping pill to sleep, and I will hold back to my room. After the empty transparent meat stockings, I hugged back to my room mad, Mommy’s mouth and front and rear. Enjoy the wonderful pleasure of the mother and child! Mommy, who continues to be sleep, the soul of the soul, while it is going to shoot. . . . . .

“Azhi you doing !!”

(Is the voice of the sister!)

I immediately jumped into the bed of Mommy to the bed, I saw me at the door of the Tiger.

“I watched you with good Azhi Mommy has for quite a while, and you can be really audacious!”

Sister accused my biggest secret to me the cold sweats. I want to be open at the same time want to excuse, sister spoke again:

“You read in adolescence high sex drive do not blame you, as long as you let me join your game I will not tell anyone.”

Heard the usual dignified and beautiful 18-year-old sister tell by her fair face, mouth words that I was shocked, then realized that she deserves to be with me had the same color blood kinky sister!


I said that I was close to the sister, and the rude peeling her pajamas was retaliated to make my climax. Fadious pajamas, Her he found that he was wearing a white lace with a sling, a white-transparent stockings that displaced a fluorescent white, and the extent of the glamorous level! (It is a beautiful mommy to be happy!)

Don’t stay, I will use my semen, and the black silk trousers that belong to Mommy will make her unable to speak, and the hemp rope of usually tied Mu Bundle on the ground, and tied Mommy’s lunarily full of angry eyes.

I have hugged your sister, rubbed the flesh of the white lace hollow senior silk hawk with the beautiful and beautiful white-transparent stockings, fully enjoy the friction brings brought by the silk clothing. It also used the tongue to patrol the young powder different from Mommy, and enjoyed the pink young nipple while enjoying the mouth, I have sent a snoring at this time. I immediately explained the buckle of the silk bunch, and naked the young pink kinky, and the sweet lascitation was out. I am siping more sweet and sorrowful water than Mommy, using the tongue, the sister’s hypothyroid, with the snoring, the belly of my tongue, the rhythm of my tongue, I am more embarrassing Oh, you have a beautiful meat, and you are not the same! !

The chrysanthemum buds are also special, and they have a strange obscenity, so that my Yang root is no longer moving. I took the bed forced my mami’s fat, I started to send a unwilling voice. When I was a young and young pink, I was a while, I got the active licked Mummy. Macquard, and Mummy also sent a sensuality, stimulating my roots, I will turn the body into the position inverted with Mommy’s head, and send thermal swearing into Mommy. The little mouth and one hand holding the head of Mommy, one hand, in the hands of the old waist, hunting the greement, the sister, the meat hole.

Suddenly I thought that I bought new stuff, I quickly took it out of the head. That is a mask for sexual abuse, and only a small hole left in the mouth of the sister can make the tongue out. I was excited to suck the tongue of the tongue to enjoy the beauty of the sate, and then more combined with the meat ribs into the small prostitution of the small hole. This sexual abuse is really quite. Excitement. I still reluctantly put the meat roots, I was very excited about ten minutes, I was very excited! At the end of the climax, throw the fine water into the sister’s mouth; looked at the slutty of the white thick semen from the small hole, I sent a talented man root to the holes. Then it is hard to be inserted, and you will bring me another climax of another.

Since then, when I want to contend, I must find a piece of homing. One, a total of six kinds of prostitutes, and I feel that there is a pleasant pleasure with you. When you are alone with Mommy or anger, they are in their backscheon and small lingering into their anus and laryngeal depths. Sometimes I will find a way to make a sleep with Mommy to eat sleeping pills as the same night, so you can admire the faint, and my mother is the most fascinating! Each time the water is taken into the uterus of Mommy and the sogi, the unlimited mother and the wonderful pleasure, but it is even more often, I can’t have yourself for a long time. . . . . .

Chapter 8 Mommy’s New Desire

On a high school, a little Mommy was pregnant, but he was referred to as the father of Mommy and asked to divorce. In the case of Mommy, she looked at me, she had to pay attention to her father’s request. After that, I followed my mother and stayed with my father in different places. However, I didn’t have a slightest, because I didn’t have to rely on sleeping pills before they were divided into sleeping pills. After a long time, I have to ask for the same bed with Mommy. Just wake up every night, I will insert the kink into Mommy’s hypothyroid or rear court, or send Mummy’s little prostitution In the middle, I went straight to Mommy to wake up, and then asked her to wear sexual abuse leather prostitution or sexy lunarily, and it was good to get into the dawn. Mummy is also trained into a lascivious name; I have been with Mommy, I have been a mother and wife, and I also live.

After a few months, my mother’s stomach gradually became bigger. Mommy used the fetal safety to let me not let me have a prostitute, which can only carefully take her back court, or deep rooted throat. pay. Although the mother of pregnant women has different pleasure, it is gradually increasingly boring. I have time, sometimes I will find a woman who has been inserted to insert the fat and beautiful hypothyroid cavity for a long time; but he is safe for me in her kinky in front of her, only shot in her, behind him. In the middle of the prostitution, avoid step on the mother’s reasons.

(That’s not the same as the lascivious poachet of the Mommy, it is better to go home to the Mommy’s Saozao and the pleasure of pregnant women!)

Soon after Mommy, I brought my sister. After my daughter; from the past, the prostitute is unliked, and there is no feeling, but it is Mummy because I am in the past. I often lose myself, so that I have no more than a while, I have never used the kind of flesh of the mother and child, or put the kind of meat that muma.

One day, I didn’t see the little dragon, talked to the previous life, excited, I told him the fact that he had raped his stepmother, and he also told me that he was also peeking in the door in the door that night. Since Xiaolong also wanted to say his stepmother once, he tried to be a blessing of him. He had to make the next mother. The first before and after a total of more than 20 twenty times. Later, I didn’t know whether his father or a small dragon or a small dragon. My child. Later, Xiaolong’s stepmother demanded back to South Korea, so Xiaolong’s family returned to South Korea in addition to him.

“Why didn’t you go?” I asked.

“Because my mother is in Taiwan.” Xiaolong replied.

Under the question, I knew that Xiaolong’s maternal was a female dentist in Taiwan, and Xiaolong had a love of his maternal, so there was only to stay and live together. Xiaolong also emphasized that his maternal mother was very beautiful, and it was too much than the second mother.

(It turned out to be a beautiful lascivious female doctor …)

“So you have …” I asked Xiaolong with a strange smile.

“What are you thinking, I am very good for my mother.” Xiaolong answered me loudly.

“Then do you want to think?” I asked again.


The silence of Xiaolong represents everything, which makes me excited.

“I will help you achieve your wishes!” I was excited to talk to Xiaolong.

The day of the day, I met Xiaolong’s mom in the home of Xiaolong. I really can’t see it. This is really beautiful in the woman I have ever seen. Although he has a young advantage, it is still slightly less than Mummy’s mummy. The mature and charming face is covered by black bright hair, and the first-level body is estimated to have a crisp chest of the F cup cover. There is no signs; a pair of beautiful hips are so tempting; no silk socks can be embedded The legs have no natural luster without flawlessness. As long as she approaches a natural kinky, there is a natural prostitution, and I can’t stand it! ! It seems that a goddess is very forward.

Xiaolong’s mummy wears a lightweight home, sometimes I can see the depths of the culge, tease my visual nerve numbness, can only look at it, can’t be moved; I have been hit by the small dragon elbow.

(Xiaolong’s Mommy said what she also figured out …)

After the mind is determined, you will take a small dragon to his Mommy’s clinic to make anesthesia of the whole body anesthetic, so use it in the next week;

“This is not very good.” Xiaolong issued a doubt.

“No problem, everything is on me” I am excited.

Back to home Xiaolong Mummy’s temptation can’t be dispersed for a long time, so the nightmium is wearing the most sexy lie, it is the bra’s bra, and there is a hole with underwear, and the white lace garter belt with my fans. Transparent white stockings, there is only one small hole in the cover, bringing an eye mask.

I fantasy is a mammy of Xiaolong, first use hard to kneel the milk, absorb the milk of Mommy’s nipple to feed the breast milk, and then sip the sweetness of the sweet spirits flowing in Mommy’s pockets, tongue roots I slammed my mackeryl buds; I will insert meat into the macility of Mommy, grabbing Mommy’s head and go deep into the throat. I stood up and put my meat and put down the crazy thrust. Top of the mushroom of the mummy, and then turned the mummy roughly to the table, and I will be moist by Mommy Water by Mommy Water. The big meat stick is all round into the back of Mommy, and enjoy the pleasure of frictional embarrassment, and the deepest sphincter of the excessive anus.

When Mommy clen her obscenity, makes the final obscenity, everything goes into Mommy’s hypogne, and then takes the meat roots to the small kneeling mouth, climax timbered mommy Deep throat, sprayed the most thick hot water filled with mami’s little prostitution.

When you flow from the mask small hole, when you can’t take the yang, you will be excited to look at Mumi’s little mouth, and you will get into the back of Mommy. After the god, I still lost my fine, and then I smashed the mastinge big meat acupoint in front of the Memao, and then advanced into the meat stick and the two meat bags into Mommy’s fat and beautiful. Deep incense meat. The meat stick is not put, and the glamorous flesh of Mommy has been sleeping to Tianming. . . . . .

Finally, I was on Saturday. I am ready to go to the little dragon. I have to do a good job in the night. . . .

Chapter IX Animed Mother Club

On the night, I was with Xiaolong as a child, looked at Xiaolong Mummy, a beautiful face, kitly prepared dinner and dessert for us, my trousers bloveed a big pill, I don’t know how many toilets running. Come to urinate. Until the good night, Xiaolong’s Mommy back home into the bath, I am going to take a shower, I have already held a free undressed show. Looking at the mum of Xiaolong faded the clothes, first, the full breast jumped into the eyelids. We widened the eyes and looked at the beauty of Xiaolong Mummy, and then took off the silk trousers. While revealing the prosthesis, our hands continue to make their respective masks, watching the Mommy of the Dragon, rinse the fascinating flesh, obscene, and hips. . . Also wash the beauty meat. . . . . .

I am with Xiaolong to pick up the meat root. However, no one wants to waste a ejaculation ability, waiting for the mum of Dragon to wash our dormitory, lying on the bed, thinking about the scenery. Xiaolong’s Mummy has come to see how we slept, and covered with us. I am squinting with the little bird’s pink half-transparent silky pajamas, thinking that I can play with her well, my trousers are stimulated.

“It’s almost the time!”

Xiaolong looks better than me! Urges me to get up and have a task. At the bedroom of Xiaolong Mummy, Xiaolong saw the sleeping mum immediately took out anesthesia syringe, and cooked in the body of the anesthetic injected into his mummy. Listening to Xiaolong, he also specially urged his mommy to take a needle, it is a good child! !

After a few minutes, Xiaolong first had difficult, first determined that his Mummy won’t wake up, he took off all the clothes, slipped on the bed, Xiaolong seems to be very excited about the imperial imperial mommy. He is full of shakingly, starting to lick his Mommy’s beautiful foot finger, a root does not let, the feet, ankles, and the back. . . I have been licked the knee and even the thigh roots. His Mommy’s skin Xiaolong did not let the little dragon, leaving the tooth marks, and the tempting beautiful legs of Xiaolong Mummy almost covered with Xiaolong. Salivation or red printing.

“Hey, feed! Leave some to me!”

The rapid movement of Xiaolong moved to me, I was busy taking off the clothes and joined the battle. First, the hands are holding the glamorous double milk that is not bra, and then bites the nipple to suck, and enjoy the taste of the high-grade silky clothes, and then slowly fading the shoulder strap to naked the original shape. It is always slow to feel the deepest layers for this advanced singer.

I put one of the beautiful milk in the mouth, and I took the other one, and I took the other one. I took the finger into the small mouth of Mommy in Xiaolong. After a pair of beauty, after the hands of my hand, I may have the pair of glamorous slutty, my mouth, my mouth, the little mouth, the little mouth, kiss the sexy lips, and tick her tongue with the tongue Deep sucking until the root, do a perfect tour inside the Fengrun mouth of the tongue to move the Xiaolong Mommy, enjoy her delicious ballast. And again, she scatched her humilis meat, so that she was so reborn, I really want to put the immersive meat entrance of Xiaolong Mummy.

At the same time, Xiaolong fadeched her Mommy’s pants, and the two lips of fat and beautiful were slowly revealed because the little dragon fails. Xiaolong first licked her mammy’s mess, and then kissed the two skeptic lips of her mouth and kissed. He was first greedily sucking, and then dial two slices with the tongue and revealed the entrance to the black forest; The entrance to the wet shadow, and then looking for a yukucleot with the tip of the tongue. After a bit bite, he took the tongue into her Mommy’s prostitute. Finally, Xiaolong held her rapid oscillation of her Mommy’s legs, and the tongue had a fat, and sent it to the sweetest honey.

Perhaps the anesthetic is insufficient, the Mommy of Xiaolong has made the soul of the soul, I saw it and couldn’t help but influenzen the bluntly fettered lapunction into the small kneeling mouth of Xiaolong Mummy, first and down. The mouth is covered with a circle, and then slowly feed the crown into the deep pendant, and it is increasingly accelerated. Sometimes I completely take the meat stick to shoot the little Dragon Mommy and delicate face, sometimes suddenly rapidly enter the deep throat of Xiaolong Mommy, and she will take her head. The roots of the roots are sometimes more refreshing than the caves; the most exciting thing is that I am smashing her sorrow, this obscene is the most stimulating nerve.

Xiaolong said that he also had a small kneeling mouth of his Mommy, so I can’t get a few times after I can’t take a few times. I found that Xiaolong Mummy seems to be a female place, and the results of the middle finger in the chrysanthemum buds are really tight, which makes me have an inexplicable impulse; I don’t say that I am quickly moving the mouth to close the back court. Flower, a little bit, I tasted a unknown sorrowful and stimuli, I was completely squeezed into the lady bud, and I enjoy a rare delicious. Only when I was in the delivery, I only heard the mammy of the little dragon; I stayed with my saliva completely wet her post-court flower, she took my meat stick with Xiaolong Mommy’s unknown siping, and align the meat The chrysanthemum buds are deeply in-depth, because the whole body is anesthetized, the mum of Xiaolong is not sad. After thinking about this, I will push her kinky hole, and the meat that is tightened and the meat is more inserted into the meat stick, but I have gone after my Yanggen is completely incomplete. Big fastest! I think the little dragon’s Mommy is only a slightly feeling of the G point in the vagina; Xiaolong sees that I have begun to enter the hypogne, and he doesn’t give it weakly to insert his moat into his Mummy. Since the two masks are inserted in a place where the film is laid, and the friction with each other’s root is greatly pleasant. At the same time, I found that the snoring of Xiaolong Mommy was more and more loud. It seems that the effect of anesthesia gradually disappeared because we kept in this beautiful body.

Later, Xiaolong’s mum finally woke up, but because two obscenities were stimulated by the stimulus, they showed a phenomenon of god because of the number of lost bans. I and Xiaolong took a double-shot into the warmth of the warmth of the small dragon Mommy in the deep dragon mummy, and I fell asleep in the macity of the little dragon Mummy.

On the morning, we got up in the morning, Xiaolong’s Mommy was still sleeping. In order to think about us, we decided to teach her to become our sex slave, so we will put the meat stick into the two caves in three obscenities, do not let She has a chance to breathe. And three days I was talking to his mum with Xiaolong. Blocissed in her full body, the result of our cooperation; on the face of Xiaolong Mummy, the mouth and two lascites fill the spermous water, and let us exciterate a long time.

Not long ago, I decided four people with Xiaolong to live together, and he particularly loved my mommy’s hypogne, and I especially liked Xiao Dragon Mummy. Sometimes I like to go out of the mum of Xiaolong, in the toilet of the train, I will take her little kneeling mouth. After I shoot, let Yang Yan flow out from her mouth, I can’t wipe it out of the toilet; return to the seat Looking at her lustful looks again, she slammed her back. And Xiao Dragon prefers the short skirt of my Mommy on the crowded bus, and she worn with the jacketed transparent meat stockings. After ejaculation, let the hot yang essentially wrapped in the roots of the thigh. The stream to the high heels; or deliberately want Mommy to sit near his position and Xiaolong stands with a macrostic mouth of Mommy, and the yang is also allowed by the corner of the mouth.

Although there are often other people’s side, it is really possible to satisfy the unpailed metamorphosis desires in public places.

But when I upgrade to the year, the school came to a glamorous young female teacher. When the tutor in my class, everything was different. . . . . .

Chapter 10 Beautiful Female Teacher

This habit is probably developed when the country is three. . . . . . .

I remember that time because I had to test the high school trick, I stayed at the school every night after school, I have been going to take more than ten o’clock to step out of the school, so I am very accustomed to quietly unscrupulous desolate. In the counseling class in a certain day, I have to take a small examination, but because of the negligence of the teacher, I will give me the key to I forget the test paper. When I opened the door, I found that the two doors of the office were not locked, and when I was ready to prepare, I saw the seat of the female tutor. I suddenly wanted to see something in her drawer, so I opened it. Where the flat drawer under the desktop is locked, however, three on the right can be opened.

(It’s really, there is no interesting thing.)

Only one of the previous two drawers, only put some test paper, but when I opened the third larger drawer, I turned over the bottom, I found the female tutor in the school’s spare stockings, for this discovery I feel extremely happy. But can’t delay for too long, so I took a pair and took the drawer to take the test paper back to the classroom exam.

When the counseling class completely returned to the home, immediately took out the trophy. After removing the package, I know that I got it is white. I don’t say that I immediately put on them to enjoy the wonderful touch of the skin, and touch it with hand, fantasize I am touching a female tutor’s legs, masturbation, take a lot of semen after masturbation. . . .

In the next few days, I tried to confirm my guess. Sure enough, yes! The office door is not locked outside the holiday. Every time I will sneak into the office, such as shopping on the street, I have searched the drawers of each female teacher. Sometimes the luck can find the female teacher to leave a spare close-fitting clothing. I will not be welcome to go home. Skoing, then put it back in the morning; of course, usually the laundry used by the kinky is more or less with my white turbidity. . . . . . At high school, of course, the past style is maintained. But only the coupling of the counsel room, I will never have to climb the window, but my main purpose is to meet the pleasure of me to peek and industries, I am not doing the money of the teachers or the test paper. of.

The summer vacation has been adjusted from other teachers, which is very similar to the AV female. Later, we became the tutor of our class in our class, and everyone became very fond of tutoring time. Since she is in a short skirt every time she is going to class, whenever she walks with her lectures under the stage, her classmates are human hand, peeking with the scenery of the teacher. When you are in class, everyone is a housings, and the teacher is not letting her go, and even discharged the sequence table that can hide behind her, and smashed the monarchy. teacher.

I remember that when I walked, she worked with a red silk skirt that day, and the place where the thigh root and the middle of the knee; I first squatted down with the head of the teacher. It was found that she wore a pink system today, the whole pink lace hollow white cotton trousers and the tempting red powder transparent garter with pink-nest transparent seductive stockings, so that my Yanggen swollen; by classmates I deliberately collided with the help of the push, my hands can touch the glamorous bisteony in the skirt and the legs that are not covered by the pink socks. When I find that the teacher’s incapacity has a few plugs. , I am even more excited and carefully put the hand into the skirt and enjoy the thrill of her prostitute through the fingertips; I even smashed two fast-breaking lusts, put it in the mouth and played with the tongue. . Finally, in front of the satisfaction of the appetite, it has not been missed, and the prosthesis of the teacher is increasingly enhanced, and struggling to shoot the fine water into the part of her trousers. If you think about it, you should be more cool. . . . . .

I still have to be a long time after the teacher has not appeared after the class, but I found that she was sitting in the couch in the unmanned lounge. Seeing the machine, I quickly squatted to her and pulled out the mask, but also turned out the short skirt of the teacher, sterile, the beautiful legs wearing transparent stockings and the lace of lace shallow trousers; holding her jacket 搓 揉Your meat stick, finally and excitedly shot hot essence in the jacket of the teacher, touch the tactful silk, which is erased back to the short skirt and wake up the teacher to go to class. Walking behind the teacher, watching her hips, the little brother is a stir.

The most exciting experience is to invade her lives alone on that night. . . . . .

Chapter 11 Purchasing Purpose

When I habitually entered the office search, I found a large string key in the drawer of our female counseling teacher. When I think this may be her homes, I will quickly take the whole stroke to copy, expect in my heart. I can have a chance to enter her home. So I was separated from a worship that I found a basic information watch of all teachers in another teacher’s drawer, I found the address of our female teacher and wrote the words “1 person living” in the note bar. Excited, I was so busy out of the school, and I went to the school, and moved toward the beautiful female teacher.

After spending a time to try the key, I finally got to go. When I went, I went to the face, and the beautiful woman didn’t especially carefully! The furnishings in the whole house will be a beautiful woman’s residence. Because there is no compartment in the house, I first excitedly slammed into the bed and hugged the cotton being imagined to be a beautiful female teacher. After a while, I started to take the whole room, and I walked the West to see how the curious open the refrigerator and watching the teacher how beautiful. A bottle of honey and a box of cream have been found, and many high-calorie foods that will have to lose weight will be overweight. No wonder someone says how thin people eat, eat and not eat. I closed the door of the refrigerator for a while, and finally finally let me find the drawer of the teacher to release the trousers, and I am surprised that she has three or forty a variety of dazzling, it seems to be The female teacher apparently has different persistence and hobbies to her inner beauty.

The drawer is taken out on the bed, I really have no choice, each one has a unique attraction, I want to be a teacher when the teacher is going to be worn. I put it up in order to pick up to the face crazy to enjoy the special flavor and touch, and put every piece of trousers that I have exposed to the teacher’s beautiful and eye-catching, fantasy is licking Holding a teacher, fat, beautiful meat. I suddenly thought of what is rushed to the bathroom. Sure enough, I found that the teacher passed through the unhoeined trousers. I trembled and looked at the location of the teacher’s labia. Will, I don’t know if the teacher’s obscene is still behind, the honey is left behind; there is a few teachers’ lower body yin, which makes me look complete excitement. I quickly took them into the nose and slammed the smell of the sensuality, and lick the residual obscenity and obscenity. There is a kind of inertiality to bring one of her obscene, cotton trousers that inertially have her obscenity, smell, especially rich cotton trousers, to enjoy the sophisticated taste; put another piece While making a spoke with a brother with a bruised meat stick with a teacher’s hole. In the sophistication of the teacher, the smell of the teacher is being caught in the same time, and all the heat of the heat can be shot whole. After a while, I picked a few female teachers after the lunge trousers, I went back to cool for two or three days.

A few days later, under the temptation of the prostitution of the teacher, I had to have a anesthesia gun, I decided to advance to the female teacher tonight.

At the outside of the teacher’s residence, I finally attacked after two o’clock behind the teacher. After opening the door of the desire, the odor of the indoor sputum became a fascinating. I was close to the sleeping teacher, saw her sweet sleep face, let me kiss her, and she also turned all because of the reaction.

(Tonight should be a lustful night!)

Once the heart has a thoughts, it is only a short-term inhibition of meditation. Now I, trembling the anesthesia gun to take a shot of the teacher’s neck, I saw that she was shaken after she moved her body. I excitedly took off my clothes, and vigorously opened the cotton that was covered in the teacher. Hey, this is not! The teacher is lying in bed at all naked.

For the beautiful female teacher likes the fact that it is true, but all men can not move quietly after listening, let alone me, instant little brothers immediately on top of the navel! After a while, I decided not to let this survature woman, I remembered a bottle of honey in the food of the refrigerator. I immediately took to the teacher’s follow-up, this could be played!

First, put the honey on the face of the teacher’s beautiful face, with the tongue to eat her eyebrows, eyelids, and cute ears and nose, of course, there is her tempting small mouth; go deep into her mouth in her mouth in the deep mouth of her mouth Hold her wet native tongue, enjoy the pleasure of inhalation. In the case of her crisp with the armpits, lick the sparse sweet mane, and taste the beauty of honey, greedily contained the emulsion and the nipples. It seems to take the milk. Then pull her legs, let the teacher lose the lascivious lace, then open the two sophisticated meat, put the honey into the governor, slowly flow out, bite two sophisticated meat with mouth, It’s like eating honey sauce ham to enjoy this rare delicious, and then sip with the hypognee, and the honey and kinky smell of the tip of the tongue are all until completely lane. However, at this time, the tip of the tongue seems to have an obstacle, it seems to be the legendary female film! This makes me fiercely spread honey in her body, and rudely lick the skin of the teacher’s beautiful flesh.

After I know or a woman’s fact, I quickly put all her trousers under her hips, so I can real her blood after her melon. Then took the cream in the refrigerator on the meat stick, I hope to insert her the women who have never developed.

The first time I know that the woman’s vagina can be so tight! I am very hard to put my thick meat stick into the teacher’s prostitute, I suddenly feel that there is a strong suction to include the sun root, which is more strong than anyone you interrupted. After smashing inserting, I have to pull the Yang root that you want to shoot out of the teacher’s tie, and it is really a female hypotomy! Sure enough, I found it under her body.

(Then, her back court is not …)

I didn’t say that the cream is inserted into her chrysanthemum bud, and then she is struggling to make the big meat stick into the teacher’s prostitution. Sure enough, there is no tightness that does not lose the female prostitute. I kept twisting in front of me, and quickly pulled into the teacher’s little kinky mouth in the small kinky mouth, and finally, the meat rod included in the deep throat of the teacher. Let the hot thick Yang Jing deeply blurred into her small prostitution. With the Yangtze Roots from the corner of the teacher, my Yanggen supplements the energy again, and the number of female prostitutes, and the top of her uterine meat, and I will shoot the last water into the teacher. The deep flesh is exploded deep. After meeting the prostitution of the teacher, he went to the trousers who had a bloody trousers dyed in her.

Since then, I will take advantage of the night of the female teacher from time to time, and I really like her dream relationship between her dreams; or sometimes with Xiaolong and her mommy with my mommy to play hybrid Sex. As for the small stimuli in the classroom, I will let my classmates enjoy it.

I haven’t enjoyed the two moms, essays, and the unconscious female teachers, and I have been waiting until I recognize a young and beautiful flight attendant as a dry. It is tried to ramer her in the washroom of the aircraft; but instead of being wrapped in the last marriage and immigrants, the days of hybrid incest gradually went to me. But after more than ten years, I am so angry that Mommy will move to Australia. Because I know, the girl I don’t know what to call my sister or a daughter, I have been tempted by Mommy and can come to tune. . . . . .

However, that is another story. . . . . . .


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