I am shocked by the rotating restaurant reaching the top floor, how can be her? ! I have a computers with a long time. Is it all her!

Her evening is clearly a deer’s evening dress, she said very clear! I think she may know me, I am timid! I didn’t pay attention to me, I walked down. But I hesitated to the first floor.

She may not know me! Yes, there are more than one person in our class, and the student knows that teachers can do not necessarily understand students! Gamble!

I went up to her seat again.

“Little deer?” I asked whispered. She smiled and told her head: “Please sit!” The pleasing voice is different from the classroom, adding a little charm and a little picking. She doesn’t know me! I secretly celebrate. I chat with her with her identity.

Her husband went to Beijing two weeks before going to Beijing, she didn’t be almost two weeks! I finally talked about sex.

“Can you talk about it? I opened the room on the fourth floor.” She said.

“As long as you are willing! I … respect is not as good as the life.”

We joined hands to the fourth floor and arrived in the room that had already opened.

“You wait for a while I will replace clothes.”

“Please.” I took the couch to the living room and replied.

After five minutes, she came out of the locker room. A pair of mysterious fashion shoes, a pair of black fishnets, twenty-five cm mini skirts, tight surroundings do not wear a bra.

She walked straight to the wine cabinet, picked up two buckles in the wine pan clipped in the finger and middle finger between the finger and the unnamed finger, fell two glasses of red roses. Then sit into my side: “Come, dry a cup. Then we continue to say.”

I took a drink, and I didn’t drink it.

She put the wine just sent to the mouth and poured into my cup and then went to a cup. This will also mention the bottle to the sofa.

We touched a cup and got a bite. “I just said it?” She looked down on me.

When her left leg puts up to the right leg, I saw her pink small panties, and the top is embroidered with a yellow line.

I said: “Say it!” I finished using the hand holding a cup.

“you are so bad!”

“No, no, it is a puppy!” I went wrong.

“She is very embarrassing, you touched!”

I got courage and put the hand in that place. My hand is shaking, I accidentally I met her inside of her thigh.

A powerful current shocked my whole body. I hurriedly turned back and took a deep breath.

“How? I never touched a woman? See you is not much like me, don’t you say that I am your girlfriend?”

“It is virtual on the Internet, but now it is a real person, I am a little fear.”

“There is no other person here, only we are two. We are just in the Internet! Well?” Said she gently pressed the lips on my lips.

The tongue has dials my lips and open my teeth, tightly wraps my tongue. The wine glasses fell to the ground, I finally lost.

I haven’t breathed it, we are tightly wrapped together. I imagine the look of a film, hit her double milk, two index fingers lick her nipple. Use your mouth to absorb her mouth. Legs are coming back in her thigh.

“My brother, I can’t! Yeah … Yeah, below, below! I want to eat you below.”

“Okay, the deer you licked …” My old second earlier has bun.

Speaking that the little deer swallows my big meat stick.

The deer put the meat stick in the cherry mouth, enter and out, busy, it seems to be tired.

But I seem to be supported, “Xiaofe … fast … fast … don’t stop … make it hard … I will … well … love …

You … you … you … “

“Really fragrant! I haven’t eaten it for a long time.” The little deer is said.

“do not stop!”


Full of fairy … 哧 哧 … 哧 哧 …

“Small deer … fast … work hard … I … want to … you want … shot … Don’t stop … Fast … ah … Oh … shot ……”

A yellow jewelry is sprayed from my huge great stick, and the accumulation of twenty years is like a note. In the mouth of the deer, on the face, there is a white thorn …

“Sorry, I am the first time. I … I …”

“I know……”

I don’t know when she has taken me off, she is delicate, let me take her off. I hugged her and threw it into the bed.

Then like a small movie, kiss the stroke while slowly give her a wide coat. When I finished taking it, I have kissed her whole body, and my old two rigorously.

When I lifted the last clothes on the deer, I took a half step, and I carefully appreciate the body of the deer. I saw that I was shocked. I couldn’t help but put the little deer into the arms. Operation kissed the deer. Face, earlobe, pink neck, shoulder. I sometimes lick, and sometimes the tongue, sometimes bite, hands holding a little deer, so that the deer will stick to me.

I have already very hard meat sticks, but also in the lower body of the deer. Exactly a master.

Little deer is intoxicated, and it is possible to feel the strong hard object, and it is hitting the hips in the yin, and it is very mysterious. She touched my hard meat stick. With the excitement of exciting emotions, there is a long-awaited hot flow in the vagina of the deer, not only the lower body is wet, but even the yin outdoors, my meat stick is also bleated.

I felt a burst of wet heat, I couldn’t help but bow my head, I saw that the black halamal like the deer was like water.

I am squatting between her legs, just putting a small leg in the deer high, using the shoulders, let the lower body of the deer are completely exposed to the eyes.

Fluffy hairy, rich labipings, open hole – I just love does not release.

I also found that the little deer’s honeydown mouth is open like a “o” shape, and it is like a breathing, and the prostitute flows out from there. Traces of the trace. I am near the thigh of the deer, sticking out the tongue and licking those obscenes, and slowly move.

The scorpion of the deer is getting stronger and more strong. With my tongue’s contact, the body is trembled, shakes, and it is trembled.

The deer reached out and took my head, let my face stuck in the pussy, turn the lower limbs, and shrug the hob, as if I want to put my head into the vagina. In the snoring of the deer, I can’t hear the blurry “… I want … I want …”, but may not, because the sound of the deer is too vague.

I think the illusory of the deer has been high. I slowly climb the body, I still have the legs of the deer, so that the hole is great, the other hand holds the waist of the deer, the very hard meat stick to the pocket of the deer At the entrance, first tightly, turn one turn.

Gas Shen Datian, force the meat, then smoldering, exhaling, drinking a lot of waist, “滋!” The meat stick should be in, and the whole root is not.

I feel so tight, the truthful hoop is so tight, and the vagina of the deer is so warm, just like the furnace generally meat the meat; I also feel a strong deer. Attractive, the glans are being sucked with the meat stick.

I have a powerful hip of the waist of the deer. The bracelet of the deer hugged my neck; his legs wrapped my waistline. I pressed her below and pushed it.

At about one hour, I felt that a semen came out. I think the book is said to change this posture.

I took a deep breath, abdomen, very chest, clamping the legs, taking it back, I can’t let her think that I have to shoot again.

I can’t lose to her. I took the penis.

“No, don’t, don’t come out, fast, hurry up …”

“Change a posture! Come to a puppy exercise B!”

I have caught her waist in both hands, and I dressed her on the bed, and then pulled it behind, forcing her to kneel.

Two fresh labs are presented in front of me. The pink asshole, and the blusted liquid is soaked.

I can’t help but eat it (relax.

“Oh, oh, oh, delicious! Really fragrant!” I never thought that prostitution is really like a book, I am admire.

I have been eating a hairy from the tail bone, and I didn’t fall down. Finally, I put my mind to her private parts, and the tongue passed softly to pull two labians, and switched softly. Front and then fruked, in the outside. “Fast, fast, … eat her! … bite her! … plug her! My husband … Say that the dirty … from … never eaten.

Day … Next … only you are … True husband. I … Pupire, … Good brother, you … you are so good, you are more than him … strong … 100 times … thousand! … Yeah … … good … good … Yes … I … kiss … husband! “

I don’t believe it! Only ghosts believe this ghost. I looked at the old two almost returned, still kneeling up, helping her waist, the meat stick is in the mouth, and the life is inserted.

Just listen to her “Ye”, then swayed before and after my rhythm, she catering my slings.

Her movements are getting faster and faster, and the level of shaking is half a minute. It is said that she is going to come climax according to the book.

I also accelerated the pumping speed and cooperate with her climax (after all, it was the first conquer woman in life).

I can feel her vagina contraction once, she is interested in giving a climax. She is coming, the muscle circle is tight than once, and I have a short time than one contract.

“Yeah … … Yeah … … Yeah … … … … Hey …

Along with the screaming, she squatted to bed. She reached a climax!

I am squatting next to her, kissing her gliitive carcass and gently stroking her fat hips. Sweet, her liquid.

She is immersed in happiness. I hope that she needs it! I love my computer teacher!

For a long time, she lifted his side, I also lie down. We kissed each other and worps each other and looked at the other’s body.

My old two has not changed, I am waiting for the third round of war.

My hand has been going down from her breasts, I gently caress your lower abdomen, and play with her hairy. That is a fascinating hairy, and they are called what the hills of the protrusions of the book are really beautiful! I put it downright. Going down, the top of the two labi, it should be clitoris. The book says that it is the secret of a woman, it is a magical thing.

When my hand just hit it, her body suddenly trembled: “Tap! You don’t know how to pity! That is me, you are a bad thing!” I didn’t care, continue to explore.

Then there is a small hole in the upper part between the two hypertrophy. I tried it, just got a small thumb.

“Not there! Bad things!” She is delicate.

I am thinking that there must be urethra, don’t move her. It’s just again! I don’t hesitate to put the food into it.

“You, you are slow, so fast people can’t stand! Oh, oh, 唔,, 嗷, 嗷 …”

She also accompanied my finger into and out. After a while, she has flowed out of prostitution.

I learned a film, took the legs on her, and put it on my waist with your arm.

This happens to be in front of my old two. I step up my legs, I hard to force it, and I haven’t brought it to the old two.

She lowered my low. We started to reverse the phoenix.

This time she hit my lower body than the previous one, and the genitals crazy hit my lower body. It seemed to have all squeezed into her vagina.

I certainly don’t show weakness, the general bow, and sympathetic.

I didn’t expect that she came so quickly, and I had a gave birth to a climax. I am gumping, I have to share the imagustic beauty with her.

But see her closed their eyes, frowned, and the two arms hugged me, holding me tightly, getting tightening. I accelerate the topping, waist hips.

Suddenly, her arms pine, shot. I also made a white essence, and I also sprayed into her vagina.

We are embracing together, caress each other, kiss each other …

“Teacher, I love you, I am willing to serve you to the horse.”

She ate it, suddenly sat up: “What do you call me? How do you know me?”

I said my identity.

“You … you … you!” She hurried to the bed and rushed into the locker room. “From now on, I don’t know you, you don’t know the deer! If you want to graduate!” She dressed in the evening, came out to me.

After that, she rushed out, did not forget to search for my student card from my trouser pocket!

I am awkward, I don’t know what to do, what can I do?

Teacher, you still have a student card, you are not a little deer!

I am still missing the deer, the lascivious deer – my computer teacher!

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