Wi Fu’s wife wrote the true story of the wife to the northwest, now introduced the wife’s sexual love experience to the you. This article and the previous article of the northwest are my original, once published in the 69 couple park, now, officially transferred to the Spring Festival Sihe. In the future, I hope to communicate with everyone here.

Wife Personal: In 1965, it is a high school English teacher. We are brothers and brows, she is 13 years older than me. Height is 1 meter 63, weighs 48 kg. The wife is very beautiful, a pair of big eyes are particularly fascinating, and the body is also a sense of sexy. In their school, they have always been a character.

Wife people have a lot of people, have been many men, I know that men have twenty-eighth. Three students, four netizens, our relatives and friends around them, and their school leaders.

We are married fifteen years ago, my wife and I have two marriages, and there is a daughter with the ex-husband, and I have a son.

The wife was originally my community neighbors. At that time, I just graduated. Later, she was discovered by her ex-husband. She was divorced after a throwing. At that time, she took care of me, after divorce, I often Help her, then she is also very gentle and soft to me, we love it, and later married.

I often say that my wife is an old age, her more than her face, her 20-year-old attitude, a girl body in the 189th year old.

Wife himself said that I have lived in the middle of the age of 18, I have been living in love for love, and I have been alive for the man’s big cock in the age of 30.

The following is the lascivious thing I have summed up in the years, not in accordance with time. Please forgive details, one is to worry about the disclosure of personal privacy, the second is to let everyone have an imagination space. If there is a friend, you can write a wonderful novel through these plots, it is better.

Special statement: The wife’s student lover is already 18 years old, so it will never involve the issue of violations.

The following is the personality guarantee, all of which are real life records!

1. When his wife is teaching, his students are in love with their student teachers and students, and they will break up, marry their ex-husband, but their daughter is her child with the boys. This is she knows that after my green hat, tell me. Our son is actually unclear.

2, his wife once in a few years ago, and a boy is particularly good, there is a good sense of each other, and it has also peeled that the student imagined her masturbation, but unfortunately did not develop. Later, the wife decided, there is a good student to eat, save the future will regret. The previous year, later, under my encouragement, she had a relationship with that student (already returned to his hometown). They first communicated in the phone. At the beginning, they became very intimate, and they also started their husband and wife. I also caught my wife and his call masturbation. The work of this student often travels often. Every time, when the wife is cold and summer vacation, I have let her accompany this student. She told me that when I was in the field, some people thought they were sister (my wife 51, students 28), and they were surprised when they were asking for two people.

3, the reason why his wife puts English and practicing English out of the morning exercise, the wife is in a tight dress, there is no underwear. The male student wearing stretch sports shorts, hips and dicks were very obvious. Every time I came out, my wife saw the DC water, my face was red, my mouth was squatting, I couldn’t help but he was I am in the corridor of my house. They were in the wild, the wife wearing a dress, it was light, and the English book pad on the ground, his wife was on top, and his ass, he was student, and the student was in her side. Switching on the buttock and swearing her.

4, I let the wretched man in the wife and the workers are love, let the teacher of the key middle school are not a man, I also let her say who is in the end of the way, use their name and occupation and asked road.

5, his wife wrapped his student living in our home, and the result was dying. The students were discovered that nights were not home, and they were punished. The wife sprinkled with the students back to our family, she said with my ass, shy to the student, now she serves free to dispose of the boys; let him make the strength and humiliate yourself, if it is still uncomfortable, even my husband is humiliated As long as he is gone, you can.

6, the wife graduated from the students organized the classmates, about her, pretending to the toilet in the middle, and then made love in the male toilet. The wife also asked, her forced and the year were not more tight.

7, the wife’s stealing boys participated in the parent meeting, the parents praise the wife, in fact, where is her son’s semen moisturized his wife.

8, when the wife and student were pulled, and the student wrote that the student was written in English. For example, I am a people’s teacher, but at the same time, I am a scorpion that needs men’s big cock. 9, wife and students make love to the climax, once, I called her home, she couldn’t let the students walk, and they also used the students to use the most grave posture, waiting for me to come back, I am very excited, still and They play together, wait for them, so, our matter let her student know.

10, the wife lights, let the students move in her body, give him a batch of rolls, and the students have been sitting on the wife, soon she is excited, while quickly getting moving, while giving him a resection .

11, the wife wrote a few questions on their ass, such as the wife is a big saucer? Wife likes to do with your own student? Is my husband of my wife? When you are with your students, let the students play the pen on the question, let him violent myself on the question.

12, wife and I have talked about her students at home, when we dinner, I took her intimate and sex. When I fed, let her touch the student’s dick, she is embarrassed. The students must kiss her, she also turned the head to the other side. After I finished my finish, I steal, my wife took the initiative to kiss, let him exercise himself.

13. The wife’s student loves the university to come back to see her, let’s 3p together. After that, his girlfriend came to see him, on the way to the station, his wife and her student lover were in the car again, I gave them a wind. After receiving his girlfriend, she looked at his wife almost 50 years old but still dressed so bad, he warned the student, saying that his teacher is a scorpion, let him stay away from the teacher.

14. When the wife’s students are in the physical examination, a female doctor who is a good wife will tell his wife, and a boy in her class is particularly big, this attracts his wife. The next day, she found a reason, fined that student went to the office, she only wore a short skirt, did not wear underwear, just sitting on the students, but also deliberately shaking the legs, intentionally shaking Later, later, the student was seduce it in the office.

15. The wife’s school prepares a literary performance, and his wife’s class is the main force. Every night, it is very late, and then the wife will leave her little love with the name of the wife. Then go back to our home together. They live in the master bedroom, I am resting in the study. In the morning, I am going to work first, and they must first play it first, and then pack the school. Basically, every time they are in the body, they go to school.

16, the wife’s student is going to the university, his wife insisted on sending him to report, when the train is about to arrive at the destination, the two people have loved in the bathroom, and the wife said, this student is in love, he is here. The first ejaculation of the city also has to be shot in her body.

17, when the wife and the little boys stared, when the little boys were forced, I called me with a little boys, and I listened to the live broadcast on the phone.

18, the wife is a very cultivated female teacher, usually talking about the standard Mandarin, and never swear. As a result, the young guys didn’t call, and the swearing and local words were called bed.

19. The wife participated in the graduate classmates, and she stole his student in the bits, and a student lover in the bakery. The students heard the sound, but also very curious, which girl and boys are dry. When I saw that my wife and the male student were gone, they spit each other.

20, wife and I have sex, for the taste, let her call the favorite boy, the result, we did not hang up the phone, was heard by the boy, he said with him with him. We surely let him play his wife.

21. I often let the wife’s students eat with our nephew and our friends, when they are in the middle, he will go to the toilet with his wife, in the male toilet.

22, wife and students have a bush grass in the park, she is called my husband, I thought it was called me, the result is a student. Later, I was sitting in front of the bushes and sitting on the bushes, she sat in the student, then moved a move, and gave me a chicken masturbation.

23, the wife’s student lover and his girlfriend rented a house, sometimes, his wife ran to the student’s house and he was forced to him, was ejacited in his body. Once, the wife used the power of the class to let his girlfriend out to do things, and then he fad with him. As a result, the girl came back early, they hurriedly woven that the girl didn’t see it, but the wife’s semen was still flowing. 24, the wife is to be appointed as the director or vice president of the Academic Affairs Office, but it is rejected by her. Because only continuing to do the class teacher in the first line, she can touch the male students, seduce more boys and her forced adultery.

25, the wife and the owner played in the field in the grass, I took off my pants and squatted. If someone comes, I will go, it seems to be I am inucking. The owner hides. Because we are husband and wife, there is no big problem.

26, although the wife is my favorite, deeply affected people’s teachers, can be in the eyes of her rogue, she is not worth cherishing, as calling. When the wife often went to his phone when he was in class, he also had to pay another teacher.

27, the wife made her students sweeping the snow and she went to the tool room to take a tool. Others were sweeping snow. They were doing love, and after the student was smashed into her office, she added her honey for the students.

28, the wife has a lot of wild men outside, sometimes she is tired of it, if this man is still entangled, let me show it. If you can’t, let other men hit this man.

29, these years, the wife often and other men have access to our home, intimate, wearing exposed, on the street, wife and they kiss hot, I as outsperses. We are in the back of the people, saying that she is broken shoes, saying that I am a green hat.

30, the wife participated in the square dance, and the son of the big sister in the dance team, when her son came to see them, she made the boy in the grass in the square.

31, the wife will pick up the men, wear down jacket, supement and boots. After picking up a single man, open the down jacket in the corridor, the suprests just from the foot to the knee, the thighs and buttons and forced are bare, the two are in the corridor.

32, the wife has been forty years old, the eyes start spend, she and netizen videos or with her student are worn, they are all stimulating and eating.

33, the wife took her love to live, and said to my relatives and relatives is her cousin. It is my cousin to her relatives and friends.

34, the wife and I took a single man in the community in the community, and greeted the acquaintances; I went to the corridor, I pulled my wife’s skirt, forced her and single male in the corridor, I for them Wind.

35. Wife and I have talked about her students at home. When we dinner, I took her intimate and sex. When I fed her, let her touch the student’s cock, she is embarrassed. The students must kiss her, she also turned the head to the other side. After I finished my finish, I steal, my wife took the initiative to kiss, let him exercise himself.

36. I have recorded two part of the video, and a part is when the wife is in class, a part is when the wife is fucking by a man. In the video, the wife is a teacher’s teacher, and the old experience is full of stimulation.

37. Every time I travel, my wife is reluctant; since she began to have another man, she is very excited to every time I am going, it seems to be hoped to go out early.

38. After I returned home, my wife and student have been over, and there is no one in my family. At the environment full of learning atmosphere, there is a sensuality. The semen traces on the test, etc., full of metamorphosis desires.

39, the wife wearing a long dress to the students’ home and his steady, the students were curious about why she took the skirt and took off the skirt, and she didn’t hang it. She said that she was so good, Stealing is safe and convenient.

40, the wife’s school is cleaned, and his wife as a class teacher and commands everyone to clean. In the middle, the wife made her student lover her, and she was looking for a tool to clear the door, and she was crazy.

41, the wife and the student have trained, like a little girl in front of him, in front of her students, as the image of the class teacher, and the relationship between the male student is spoiled, the relationship between the two people has become open secret.

42. Once I fleate my wife from the hotel, she walked along the hotel, and we had to say that it was a feet. 43, I have an oblimentary relationship with my wife, it is also reflected in public. In our life circle, the wife has begun to blame, insults, even doing my slap, etc., I have no interest, but also the excellent man’s excellence.

44. I use milk to give my wife to my wife and ass every day, it is to make her more people’s favorite.

45, wife is a literary and art woman, especially sensitive and emotional, she loves poetry; so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, force.

46, there have been several times, I went to the floor when I came home at night, I will see her and seeing her and other men began to force. Seeing me. Let me help her take bags to facilitate her. It is said that other men will help the bag when they go shopping, I am helping the bag when I am a wife.

47, the wife often believes that men come to my house to eat. Eating, my wife is light, sitting on the legs of the man, kicking the man’s chicken, she directly let the man inserted, every time she picks up or drink, I will let the dick in the body. It is always moving, doing it, two people are on the table, I just appreciate it.

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