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Chapter 27 When Li Shumin came out from the room, she actually saw that I appeared here, saying: “Light rain, how are you here?”

I saw a panic in my eyes, I calmly: “I have seen the text message of your mobile phone, you said why I appeared here?”

“Ah … Light rain, you listen to me!” When he heard the text message of the mobile phone, the mother was chaotic.

“Do you understand what it is in order to pay for it, it is nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t have this ability. “

I turned around, I left the opposite direction.

Li Shu Min’s tears looked at the backs of the moving away, feel the surrounding breath, a huge fear and desolate shrouded her thin, at that moment, she felt that the whole world has died with me!

She used the final strength to chase, but when I just ran two steps, I turned to the foot on the ground. She looked at the broken shoes, and the tears poured again, and she didn’t care about the weird eyes. Don’t care about the whisper of others, I don’t pay attention to the commentary of the watchman, and I’m hurt: “Little rain …”

When I was drunk and returned home, I found that my mother was crying and crying gently on the sofa. When I found out that I got home, I immediately stood up, I put into my arms, I said that I said. sorry.

I know that this is not a mother’s mistake, I know that this is not a mother’s fault, I only blame me. If I have the ability, my mother will not sell it for money. After I want to pass, I said to my mother: “Mom, not yours Wrong, I am useless. “

I heard me saying this, my mother had long comfortable, then actually fiercely kissed my lips and said: “Light rain, I want you, I want your semen.”

I heard the maionmarks of my mother, I couldn’t help but licked my tongue. I wanted to fire, I was so crazy in her perfect jade face, whitening white skin, kissed on the chest. .

The mature beautiful woman’s skin is soft and fragrant, almost let me hold, I am crazy, venting the desire to be in my heart …

After my mad wolf kissed a while, I still had a long comfortable. At this time, my mother came to jade neck, and the powder face was my saliva. It may be because of the cause of the fierce crazy kiss, Mom? The little face is red, delicate.

Emotional women are generally more sensitive than usual, and the mother’s original white and innocent skin is slightly pink and red, and the water is tenderly.

I looked at the tempting and emotional mother, my heart was very excited, with exciting mood, trembled to start the mother’s clothes, but the button was unspeakable, and it was the full towering. For the best jade peak, the purple bra is elegant, tightly wrapped the double peak of white and full.

I looked at my mother’s mature beautiful woman, I saw her jade arm, the lower abdomen is flat, her chest is full of chest, absolutely mature sexy carcass.

I am low, tightly grate my mother into my arms, and the two are naked, and the skin is blind.

I opened my mouth and squatted to my mother’s cherry.

His chest tightly passed the mother’s towering best double peak, gently rubbed with the chest, and felt the change of the cherries of the mother’s crisp chest.

Mom’s body is more and more soft, it is getting more and more hot, and the snowy skin is shame.

A hand is gently stroked with the beautiful and white pink, one hand shaking, climbs the holy sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sac. It is very wonderful to start, and people can’t help but stop.

The mother of the arms began to intermittent “um, oh, oh” unconscious, make me more stimulated, blood for blood.

I called a breath, just kissed my mother, I didn’t even breathe, and her stunned little mouth is too wonderful, and the tempting pink tongue also took the initiative.

Head down, my nose is deeply stinking, my mother’s jade smell is very fragrant, and the white blizzard is still very stimulating the visual feelings of people, especially to me so zero-distance appreciation, that stimulates It is more intense.

I am not the first time to watch my mother’s full-scale crisp chest, but I found out that this time did not have the previous stimulus. Gently kiss on the seductive crisp chest, I feel that I am inxicating in the passionate pleasure, my mouth is constantly kissing on the mother’s best double peak, and the other hand continues to touch the soft, it is not Kissing crisp.

“Um … don’t … so sad …”

I can’t help but look up, I can’t help but looked up, I watched the mother of red halo, hey, the body is still so sensitive …

After the mother’s towering, the chest is all my kiss, he turned his mother and took out the whole clothes, and the eyes were filled with the legs of the pork stockings, the mature woman’s legs When the round is long, I will have a person who enchanting her people, Feng Yu, and tempting.

Mom wearing a purple sexy lace underwear with brass colored, although not a very exposed trousers trousers, but it is tightly tightly bumbler, can only barely cover mature women half a powder hip, The grass of the grass is slightly raised, and there is a wire in the crotch.

I can’t stand this fragrant stimulation. The head is getting up to my mother’s legs. I look at the sexy small panties and the bits of the bumps. He reached out to the mother’s legs, and the head is a mad kiss, one I only stroked her round aroma, and I walked up in the perfect beautiful legs.

Woman’s sexy belt is generally a crisp chest and a thousand private penalty, in general, the sensitivity of private parts of the legs is far more than the bispan of the chest. A tender and delicate woman, it has been in the same sex, and there will be some sexual reactions, let alone mother’s body-sensitive beauty, she is a very sensitive and sauceful mature woman.

At this time, because of the sin, mature beautiful mother’s mother’s body is extremely sensitive. When I kissed her, the tempting Glen has begun to extract liquid.

I kissed the tempting small pantry in my mother, I kissed for a while, the purple small panties were completely wet, with beautiful people’s letters, with my saliva.

I have a mother’s illness in my mouth, the taste of the illegal flavor is very clear, I can’t say that the fragrance is sweet, but it is undoubtedly the taste of this taste is very exciting people’s desires, which is more powerful than that.

I am directly swallowed into my mouth, just like a drink of Xianlu Joan pulp, excited, my excitement slowly fade the tempting underwear, a tempting pink Glen is reflected in the eye, and the smell of stintr is slightly thick.

Looking at that perfect and innocent, I pressed the forced to press the impulse on the sofa in the living room, took my mother to the bed of the bedroom.

Open the dim light in the bedroom, and the bright shining is full of warmth of the bedroom. Under the dim light, the mature beauty is humiliated, and the lazy lying is in bed.

I looked at my mother’s perfect, I was unrestrained, it was too perfect, too seductive, this is the naked jade of mature young women!

I can’t help but I don’t hesitate to squat in my mother, pressing my mother under the body, the mature beautiful woman is hot, and there is a lot of money.

Although my mother took the initiative to tease himself, I looked at the jade body of her, I was already very excited. I didn’t need more speech and body.

I have experienced a lot of skill, and my technique is skillful with her mother’s jade. The mother responds dramatically. The three words of the small mouth are like “um, oh, ah …” Jiao, the mature jade is still disturbing.

I smiled, I knew that my mother was emotionally, I couldn’t help but get the flat little belly. Directly softly the fragrance of the fragrance, it feels soft, so hot, there is a feeling of slightness.

On the bed, I was shattered, my mother’s petist, my mother was flowing with the fragrant jade, my mother is unbearable, the two kinds of flips are so fragrant, on my waist, the little mouth muttered: “Little rain I want , Give people! “

At this time, I couldn’t help it again. I screamed, and I was tall and talked. I piled into the mother’s legs.


It is like the sound of the sound of the sound, my mother is a juvenile, my beautiful woman, I don’t have any other scruples, start the horsepower, regardless of everything, and suddenly the feeling of speech is close to each other. The part is connected to the respective body.

I looked at the mother’s lascivious, I couldn’t help but boil, and I took my hands to hold my mother’s hip tip, and my legs joined her white jade legs, and the meat rod straight into her gully. I am going to the full movement of the beautiful buttocks, my mother will breathe, loudly, and the eyebrows are very strong. The pretty eyes are smooth, the tempting thin lips are tapped, and the lips of the silk are spit out.

After the mother’s jade arm arrived in my head, the ten slender jade fingers tied my back. The lower body was in a hurry to move forward, and the squad of the squadron violently hit the egg in my mouth. The two people are entangled together in the lower body of wild.

Mother’s soft guru wall a wave of strong contraction, caught my thick meat stick.

I saw the grandmother’s glamorous blur, a thrill of a wave of rumors made her screaming into a heavy gasping and comfortable.

I looked back in my mouth and looked at my mother’s soft and tender cherry. Mom immediately reached out with a sweet and soft tip of the tongue, and tangled with my tongue.

I am greedy, the mother’s warm Xiangjin jade liquid, my mother also swallowed my Jinluo, and the battle between the two people has entered the white heat, only feel that the lower body of the two is completely bonded, can’t Who is who is below?

“Ah … ah …”

Mom cheeks flourished with a delicate red tide, in the heavy squat, stunned with his cheeky hips and slammed my egg.

My meat bar is hard to stand the flower of the mother’s womb, only feel that the core of the mother’s womb raised smooth meat ball in a strong twist stringer, just like a honey kiss. With my glans, the strong combination of reliends is quickly spread through the obscenities on the gated glans.

At the moment, my brain was congested, and the whole body got a burst of chicken.

At the same time, a strong slight spring water continued to be shot from the small mouth of the mother, my meat stick was solened by the hot spring water of the mother, and it seems to be sucked by a soft and warm sponge. Like live.

The soft tender meat on the Mother’s Glen, is like eating a popsicle. The non-stop creep is grinding my whole meat stick, my mother’s climax continues, and the high-tech beauty is flourishing.

I have a strong meat stick, and I have a honey sauce, and I have a honey sauce, and I have a solemn and slender, and the grandpoint of the mother’s womb has been hit by my mask. Immediately Mixed butt, couldn’t help but snort.

My palm grabbed the mother’s full white breast, and I went to a mouth with a slightly red bead. My mother’s milk bead was wrapped around my tongue, and the warmth of the tongue is moist. A hard cherry.

Mom instinctive movement of the squad, catering my flip, the tenderness of the Glen Show like a small mouth, the minced meat stick I came in my mother.

I looked at the crazy mother on the bed, I suddenly felt that the hips were tightly buckled by her fibrin, making my thick dragon bonded with her beauty.

Mom slightly from the radical 170 Ben kept on top of my pubic knead mill, my penis has become even more robust, like a piston-like stop in the United States and out of the hole.


Mom was done by me, like a dream cat’s eyes, my mouth, my tongue is a soft tongue.

Then my mother’s very hot as the valley-like fever, deep in her womb Ruixin ejected final warm nectar and pour over my huge cock, both dense phase affixed thigh leg muscle twitching tender mother came , rapid contraction of piping hot valley, I will have to rely on crude quite cock with her beauty cave seems completely Ronghe, my penis in her mother slippery Jinzhai Glen folder mill at sucking, blowing thrill of charge on the forehead, and then can not help, a surge of thick scalding magma like a volcano eruptions injected into the mother’s Ruixin so my mother again groaning.


I’m happy to a roar, the release of the essence in the mother body, has been the climax of three mothers in my strong outbreak was brought to the pinnacle again.

I reached out and stroked her mother’s something more to say Xiangtun, but her mother just crazy twist the body to cater to their own it, it looks really charming coquettish sensuality, to see how emotional Fasao mothers are not in school to see that superior teachers.

Such a fierce sex, mature beautiful mother is actually dizzy, after a while, there is no sign of waking, I panting, then got up to the bathroom, I took a towel and wiped my mother and wipe the mouth. There is a sound inside: “Wet into this, the mother’s water is really much.” The next day.

I woke up, I saw my mother, my eyes were slightly closed, lingering in my own arms, beautiful and straight nose, micro-pilot, beautiful little chin, white, jade neck, all the way The snow-white clever ditch is a clear and seductive, full of pearmia trembling, high tower.

At this time, my mother was moving, it was estimated to be woke up, I closed my eyes, fake it, my mother’s body is over, I feel that my mother is naked, my mother is put on me. On the waist, put on the chest of the leaves in the hand, the head is in my hand, a beautiful voice came from her mouth: “Light rain, don’t sleep, I know you wake up.”

“Oh, I will know that you are pretending, how is the mother’s taste yesterday!”

I have a bit embarrassed in my heart. After all, I have happened to her.


I touched the nose and smiled.

“Okay, yesterday is my mother to compensate you!”

Mom smiled.


I am looking at my mother in front of my eyes, I am simple.

“Look at what, I haven’t seen enough yesterday!”

Mom’s petty dripping gave me a charming eye, after a night of the romantic, our mother and child seems to have returned.

“Oh, of course, I don’t look enough, I am not enough to see my life.”

I laughed.

“This is almost the same!”

Mom heard me, I got some nodded.

“In this case, wife, yesterday, I haven’t worry enough, today we will come again!”

I laughed, kissed the beautiful red lips of glamorous mom, and my hand began to touch her chest.

“Oh! Odor boy! The method is really powerful!”

Mom has a reaction, fierce responding to me, I am a force, press my mother in bed.

“Your woman is flowing!”

I took a huge meat stick, my mother lies in bed. Couting her waist and kisses her lips.

My right hand is not idle, busy with the holy peak. Then, kiss the jade milk with the lips, and the right hand down the mountain to Taoyuan hole. My mother has long been flooding in water, and then teasing, but also can’t be cleaned. My right hand refers to the inverse water, and I have grown in front of the hole. At this time, my mother has already separated my legs and welcomes me.

I saw it knowing that it was time, so I stand in front of the bed, with the old man cart, holding the giant dragon against the grinding of the jet nucleus. Mom is grinded, shame, shame, pant, spring love, eye-catching, 奇 奇, 道: “Baby … The whole body is so uncomfortable … Don’t grind … Don’t pick it again …… I can’t help … Quick … Insert … Come on …… “

I was stressed by my mother’s charming, the blood of the meat rods suddenly rose, with a force forward, nourishing, and the big meat stick should be.

I feel that the meat stick is puspeted with a thick and tender meat. In the hot, I have a deep kiss that my mother’s cherry is deeply kissed. I put the butt, the meat stick has entered three inches.

“Little rain … so much … um … all … … husband … 家 … 要 … is you …

… … … 被 被 硕 北 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆Packed, mastensity, rushing.

Although I was so fainted by me, I still played the spirit in tiredness and fight against it. Mother squatting on my shoulder, the pussy is very up, I use my hand to carry my mother’s jade buttocks, the speed of the pumping is gradually accelerated, and every time I deeply stimulate the mysterious place.

Mom was hit by a happy pleasure, and I began to forget to move. I increase the speed to the limit and continue. Mom is shaking, the meat is rushing, suddenly screaming, the whole body is stiff, and the strong climax is hit, the whole body is shaking, full of pleasure, full of pleasure.

I feel that the walls in the cave are caught, and a unprecedented impulse raises from the small abdomen, a burst of sputum, the glans is a burst of merits, and I am so hot in her small hole, and the big talent rose. I have to extend into my mother’s womb, I have been hot and hot, a hot rushing, suddenly shot into the depths of my mother’s uterus, making my mother a trembling, two hot flesh simultaneously Sorry is intoxicated in the sedation of this flesh. I was soft in my mother’s jade body, my mother stretched the jade arm, holding me tightly, caressing my back, kissing my lips, with a satisfied smile.

She knows that she won’t lose her baby son, because Xiao Yu is a man after her or her father.

Continued by the same person] My Michiga Teacher (Chapter 28)

[Continued by the same person] My Maternal Teacher Original: WDW5201314 Continued Writer: Z76488 (Separate)

2015/10/24 Published in: Chapter 28 of Spring Festival, “Liu Yue classmates, sleep comfort?”

Lin Lin asked tone, and his eyes look quite unhappy.

I have no words, it’s low, because yesterday and my mother’s continuous war, today I really want to sleep.

“Liu Yu students, wait for the next!”

“Depressed …!”

After the get out of class, “Yes Liu Yu, come in,” Lin Lin said.

After I opened the door, I saw that Lin Lin was in the office, sitting in the chair, the pair of white feet overlapped, have to say that Lin Lin is a big beauty, good body, the skin white, the key is the chest It’s quite big, although you can’t be more than your mother, but there is C.

Mr. Lin Lin saw me and didn’t talk. I felt anything. She found it along my gaze. She stayed in her chest. Some shy, even busy hands into the chest: “Liu Yue classmates, why do you sleep? “

“It’s too late last night, so …” I explained, I can’t say that I am too late yesterday, so I want to sleep?

“Oh, it turned out to be such a thing, I know that you are learning, but also pay attention to rest, know?”

When I heard me too late, Lin Lin took a nod, and a few words made me back to the classroom.

When I heard a few words, I was going to turn around, I found Lin Lin’s cross to cross the spring light, especially the two wrapped black silk transparent stockings, the snow whitening jade legs, more destined The red sexy pants between jade legs is not allowed to hide the gully.

“Lin Lin teacher, you are so beautiful? I laughed, barely relieve the shock stimulus brought about by visual.

“Small color wolf, where to see?” Lin Lin teacher heard that this sentence, realizing that she has been haunted, and I will put down the snow-white jade leg.

In the face of the soil stimulus, I can’t get a tent high, although Lin Lin’s teacher puts her legs, but the smooth calf looks at the smooth calf, and the slim calf is evenly called, and seductive through the black silk transparent stockings. The luster, look at her thigh, full, and tender.

God, just seeing the silk spring light, there is a bit of meat stick, now I can’t see the spring light, I will see the pair of legs, making my heart more jumping, unconsciously extended hands.

I gently caress the tiled of Lin Lin, the sleeve of the black silk transparent stockings, too tender, her panty, I will move, I will continue to caress the stockings of Linlin teacher, sure Gring your face friction on her feet of her black silk transparent stockings, even if his face is in stockings, he can still feel the tenderness of Lin Lin, and I can’t help but stick to her feet. I kissed the black silk transparent stockings, I feel very slippery.

“Liu Yu, what are you doing, stop it!” Lin Lin’s eyes were blurred, and she did not know what she changed in this kind of thing.

When I arrived in this time, I would like to break out, I still stop.

I kissed her calf in a transparent stockings, and then to the thigh, soft. I have been kissing between her legs, coming to her two thighs, oh, thin black silk transparent tube trousers stockings are tightly enclosed in her round hips and slender and meticulous jade legs. The red sexy is in the absence of the taboo game under the darkness. I slowly reached into the short skirt of Lin Lin, approaching her legs, kissing her inside of her rigid thigh, isolated on black silk transparent long tube, stockings kept grinding, rubbing, soft and tender , Feng Yu is round, too cool. I have been kissing the roots of Lin Lin teacher’s thigh, gradually came to her mysterious zone with a black silk transparent stockings that was thin, and the red sexual pants could not cover the mysterious triangle. When I approached her The thigh root, her breathing is also soothing, I can’t help but explore the jade leg of Lin Lin, I will open her red sexy, the inside is smooth, the convex and exquisite, the fat, it seems to be completely ripe Peach, bright crystal, water. I can’t help but use it to explore it, and stroke.

“Ah … Liu Yiu don’t … your finger … ah … too deep … ah … someone will come!” Lin Lin’s nose has passed a burst of 咿 咿, although said in his mouth Don’t, but she is up and the white thighs are as separated as possible, let my color hand more convenient and deeper, and the rich and round beautiful buttocks are moving with my fingers. On the occasion of the cherry, there is a fragrant fragrant in the fragrance, and the fragrance calls out since her fragrance and the Qiong nasal, sprayed on my face itchy, hot, and straightforward, let people feel fascinating In addition, Lin Lin teacher is a charming, which is harmful, and even more emotions.

Teacher Lin Lin slammed into me, the cherry lips were slightly opened, and if the lips were rubbed, if they were rubbed away, they were like Lan Jianshi, and the eyes looked at me, and the jade hand was liberated. Love is smashed, the eyebrows are full of spring, “Little bad guys, do you do this is aware of the law? Are you not afraid?”

“Teacher Lin Lin, even if I am breaking the law, you will not stop, you are so beautiful, even if you are worth it, I am also worth it.” I stroked Lin Lin’s full legs.

Mr. Lin Lin did not stop, and smiled. NS.

“Light, don’t make this, you can’t put it in this way. I have a heavy breathing. I hugged Lin Lin’s willow, and I took the way straight and smiled and smiled.” Linlin teacher is really big and white, the texture is good. “” Little bad guy, so bad, you are really our woman’s gratitude. “Lin Lin’s voice is delicate.

“Where do I break, Lin Lin teacher?” I am skilled and wildly smile with Lin Lin, a soft latex, although it is still full of rapid elasticity, I am obscene, I am smile: Lin Lin teacher, you The chest is big, I have to make a wolf now.

Teacher Lin Lin felt unparalleled pleasure, from the breast to every place, passing to the depths of the carcass, she is astantable, the sound, and the eyebrows are full of spring. “” Small bad guys, people are afraid of you, You this big wolf. “

“Is there a multi-color?” My Lu Mountain’s claws unwind clothes, explored the unscrupulous mountain peaks of Lin Lin, and smiled. “Isn’t the case, just called a color wolf?”

“Bad guys, I am so comfortable.” Lin Lin teacher is awarded: “Little bad guy, you like my mother?”

“I like it.” I picked up the big cock in the jade hand of Lin Lin, and laughed: “The teacher will be my wife.”

“Small bad guys.” Lin Lin said that I said this, she has been spring heart, spring love, spring tide flood, separate snow white jade legs across my thighs, 芊 手ly hold my big dick alignment Grinding, smashing like a silk: “Do you really want me to be your wife?”

Of course, ah, a good wife, and now I have to do things between husband and wife yo, I gnawed teacher Lin Lin soft white soft earlobe obscene whispered, and then his hands clasped teacher Lin Lin narrow waist down by a , waist up very moving, teacher Lin Lin suddenly entered the vagina into.

Lin Lin teacher’s powder is falling, and I feel that my majestic and hard big chicken is like a broken bamboo. She can’t help but grow up: “Little rain … good husband is so big … so deep …” She hugged emotionally My neck took the initiative to kiss, spit out a sweet and sluggish tongue, entangled in my tongue, her willow waist, pink, beautiful buttocks, indulgence. I looked at Lin Lin’s lascivious style, turned over to put her under the body, wildly knead her rich and white jade milk, bowed with sucking bites, swallowing full of soft sterling into the mouth Grouting, moving the waist, the big meat stick began to take it, and fierce into the body, rudely and rudely, quickly and vigorously send a command: My lascivine Lin Lin wife, your husband, I am stick?

“Harness … good husband … You have to be a teacher’s life …” Lin Lin teacher is boring, it is difficult, soft and weak, it is difficult, and it is unclear that it is full of snow white latex by me. Pain, or the pain between the jade legs, the painful gourns, were hit by my violent hit, just felt this rude violent stimuli that she had an unprecedented pleasant wave and a wave of invading her body and mind, holding two Black silk transparent stockings wrapped in the snow whitening jade legs tightly wrapped around my waist hip, the body was sharply conviced, the spring water was flowing, and the jade trembled, and the sounds were shaking, and the sound: ” Husband … I flew … Fly … oh … so worried … Pro-husband … you plug ……

Oh … I want … I lost … I’m … I am dead … ah … vent … vent … vent … husband … oh … um 哼 … ah … ah … ah …… Ye … Pro-husband … My little kiss …

Teacher can let you … the day is getting a day … Ah … I have a good husband … Teacher … Teacher … It is going to fly … I have made it … I am … day … day … … … ah … pro, you … I killed me … I am so hurt … I want … discharge … vent …………………………………………………….. … is got by you … Big cocks … Hey … I am really going to be killed … I am so happy … “

I still want to stand up and stand up, let Lin Lin goes over the lounge chair, I still entered her. Teacher Lin Lin has been weak, let me ravine, I feel that his color hand strokes a wet spring water between her jade legs, and then wipes her hips between her hips, and her hands. “啪Take a beautiful buttocks with her snow.

“Husband, what are you doing? Lin Lin teachers whispered.

I used my fingers to talk to Lin Lin teacher tighten the wrinkled Julei. After the lubrication of spring water, I entered it, and I went out: “Good teacher, I want to give you it.”

“Ah … don’t … there is no thing … Xiaoyong … Your finger … Lin Lin teaches the tremble, and the gourn Guru is more tidal as a flooding, and it is sought to say:” Just ask you … …

Good husband … Pumper your fingers … Ah … “Well, I not only pumped my fingers, even the baby is smiled. I smiled and took out the big cock of the hard Bangbang to the teacher to take the teacher of Lin Lin. The delicate ass grind.

“Husband, what are you doing? Why do you smoke the big meat stick? Mr. Mi Lin Lin suddenly felt emptiness, can’t help but twist the body whisper:” Faster, give the teacher a big meat stick … good husband … I want big Meat stick …

“Good teacher wife, I will give you.” I grabbed Lin Lin’s snow white hip tip stunned, and the huge glans entered her little ass.

“Painful … big bad guy … big meat stick husband … don’t … good pain … can’t …

Ah … “Mr. Lin Lin felt that beautiful buttocks like torn the same pain. The plump round carcass suddenly became tight, and it was like frozen, from the ass., It is painful, but I still don’t care The waist will be deeply in the end.

“Good teacher wife … your ass is so tightened … It’s so narrow …” I violently picked this chicken Par to Lin Lin’s ass hit the ass.

Mr. Lin Lin listened to the little abdomen of “啪”, from his own lascivious sound, I feel that every time I have hit it in the deep place of her carcass, I am bitic, and the pain is gradually reduced, and it comes It is a fascinating pleasure, and she is a vulnerability of twenty-six years. She began to call: “Ah … ah … so comfortable … so beautiful … how to be so comfortable … …move…

… ah … I want … good husband … good … a big cock hard … hard … insert me … insert my ass … well … good … itchy … Well … Well …… Ah … ah … ah … … fast … hard … in power … so fun … good … a big dick … Insert the ass … well … cool …

… ass … it’s cool … ah … ah … so enrich … ah … … I am fine … I like …

… big cock … good … a good man … good husband … “

After I was inserted, I took the big meat stick from Lin Lin’s ass, turned down and lie down, and used the big meat stick to Zi Lin Lin, the teacher, I killed the big dick into the vagina, violent Upward.

After the pump is inserted, Mr. Lin Lin knows that the little husband I have expanded, she knows that I broke out, hurriedly and sorrowful: “Good husband, ask you not to shoot inside, people this Two days is a dangerous period. “

Well, open your cherry. I took the big meat stick to the front of the cherry of Lin Lin. She was warmly opened to open the scarlet sexy cherry, I took the big chicken, I took the head of Lin Lin, and vigorously pulled the end of her warm and humid oral cavity. A few deep deep sorrows, finally dramatically shake, as if the volcano broke out, the hot magma sprayed Lin Lin’s mouth, and the young girl after the development, sausing, with a sweet and sleepled stunned tongue The filled milky white magma searched back in the mouth, the throat moved to swallow, and the rich and rounded carcass ranked a sexy seductive pink.

“Good teacher wife, you are a charming, I love you.” I hugged Lin Lin teacher soft-talk, Lu Mushan’s claws rubbed her fruitful white latex.

“Little husband, do you think that my wife is too obscenity?” Mr. Lin Lin suddenly stunned.

“In fact, people don’t know what is going on today, actually will so lascivious, usually people are not like this.”

“Good wife, I like your lascivious.” I comforted: “Maybe I am the grate on you, let you see me, I will become sensual.”

“Do you really abandon me?” Mr. Lin Lin said faintly.

“I love you, I still haven’t come, how can I disappear?” I hugged Lin Lin’s soft words and said softly: “Do you feel happy now?”

“Very happiness, there is no such happy today.” Lin Lin, the bird bird relied in the chest of Alilang, I loved him with a strong chest, and the eyebrows said: “I want to Seeking a wide chest, a warm embrace, a harbor for me to avoid rain, a real man who hurts me loves me, light rain, are you willing to continue to give me happiness? “

“Wife, have you been happy?” I caress, took the fruitful white pearmies of Lin Lin, and looked at her peaks in his hands. My warmth asked: “Wife, you are willing to follow Do I continue to enjoy happiness? “

Twenty-six years, but I just knew what is the thrill of wanting to die, what is the ultra-emptiness of the soul. Teacher Lin Lin’s jade hand mastered the old husband of Love and Lang, even if he just had a big war, he had a unparalleled dick. I remembered that I was thrilling, she couldn’t help but hit the big meat stick, I can’t let go, my heart Invoion, eye-catching, kissing Ki Lang, my husband, I’m whispered, people are willing to follow you, just afraid that you will abandon people?

“Wife, you look at the reaction of my meat stick, it is very interested in Yunrun, which is full of Yuegu Pearl.” I have already can’t help but get the big chicken, the big chicken, the power of the dragon, and I can’t help the sessile hand in Lin Lin. The gourn in the gully between the legs is caressing and smiling. “Wife, you will be my wife, I am.”

Lin Lin, watched me like a smooth man, and the eyebrows were lowered to spit out the sweet and sluggish tongue licked the love of Allant, my super big meat stick, she lifted the heared of the love of Alilang. Upper and down, I include my two round balls and use it clean, and I still have a lot of my chrysanthemum, and the sleeve and soft incense tongue stimulates my muscles to shrink sharply. I’m almost ignorant. In the end, she once again entered the gentle sucking and deepening.

“Good wife, I can’t think of you, I will wait for the people, haha.” I am very comfortable and uncomfortable: “The wife is so powerful, is it still what I want?”

Mr. Lin Lin hurriedly spurped out my big cock. The crystal-clear mouth is connected, and the eyes are like silk. And swollen, it is not all your little bad guy Hu Tianhui Hui, good husband, I will spare people in today, ok? Waiting for a lesson. “” Well, let you put you today. I extended out the big hand caressing the gourn between Lin Lin’s jade legs, the hot weather massage, Ironed Lin Lin, was very comfortable. Teacher Lin Lin helped me wear a good clothes, so I waved it to eat tofu by me, and I stroked Lin Lin, Yuxi gasped, got a blush.

“Husband, change your day, come to my home, is it inconvenient here?” Lin Lin’s eyebrows contained Spring Jiao Pause.

“Okay, I want to fight with you to Deniang, hehe.” I won the laugh.

“Little bad guy, do you want to die?” Lin Lin teacher, jade hand, hit it on my crotch, and smashed.

“Why, kiss your little wife, don’t want it?” Said that my big meat stick has also opened the following.

“Ah, wait for someone to finish, Xiaogong, next time, give you a good next time?” I saw my meat stick hard, she thought that I had to make love, so I quickly Claim.

“Okay.” I also know that I have been in the office. In case it is found, and my mother is still in a school. Finally, I will leave Lin Lin’s teach.

(to be continued)

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