My mathematics teacher, super good figure, should there be a C or D cup?

Every time you go to class, you are watching! It’s not concentrated! It is staring at her body tightly!

There is no mathematics class today! I am really disappointed .. But I think of the lesson! There is three sessions in the day after tomorrow!

I am so happy ~~ I can enjoy the body of the Mathematics teacher!

My name is Xiaowei! The results are not bad in the class ~ Every time I will ask the mathematics teacher! In the peek look at her bra ~~ and my grades are not bad, I have no doubts !!!

Today, there are three mathematics courses! I have a topic, I won’t look at the blackboard ~ By the way, I appreciate the teacher’s body is really great !!! I have passed three lessons !!

I am also tired, two eyes stare at the two meat balls !!

Although our math teachers are married !! But still very young!!

Sometimes I am a little sleepy. ~ I think that her husband has repeatedly with him last night !?

One day!! Mathematics class is the last section ~ I finished the class, I will take the question of “serious” asking for the teacher, I also seriously look at his chest !! But today teachers seem to be very tired !! Answer my tone I have been very tired, I asked the teacher: Teacher, what happened? Are you tired? So I will ask again tomorrow!

The teacher said: What question is there nothing?

I thought: should it be too tired? Also taught so many lessons, I will answer the teacher: I haven’t had a teacher to go home!

Just like this, the teacher is gone! I also collect the book bag ready to go home!!

Just as I went out of the classroom, I found out that the teacher’s textbook didn’t take !! So I took the teacher’s textbook to the office to find a teacher !! Take the textbook to the teacher, I am going to go home, the teacher suddenly called. Live me!!

The teacher said: Xiao Wei and so on.

I said: Do you have a pen? I didn’t see the yeah !!

The teacher said: Then you will take it back!

I said: OK!

Because I am always going !! So I am responsible for the key to open the key to go! He will first give me the key to the classroom !! Teacher can’t find the pen! So I will help the teacher to find a pen!

The teacher seems to be a little, there is no one !! Take directly to the waist to find the chest and have been seen by me !! His chest seems to fall out of the bra !!! It is really big !!!

At this time !! The teacher suddenly was hot !! took off his OL’s coat !!

I said: Teacher is very hot? Do you want me to open a fan?

Teacher said: Ok, trouble you!

The teacher seems to be really particularly tired. It seems that it is really a bit faint !!

I hurriedly ran to call: Teacher! Teacher! What happened?

The teacher said: Nothing ….

I also born because of the two big meat bodies of the teacher !!

I am afraid that the teacher is angry, so I quickly harvested!!

I didn’t expect the teacher even to grab my hand !! I suddenly said on him: I am hot …

So I took off the top !! At that time, I didn’t have a campus at the campus !!

The teacher took off the top !! I walked over to lock the door !!!

Then I ran over and said that Xiao Wei wants to see the teacher’s body?

I am a little incredible to watch her: The teacher didn’t joke ….

Teacher said: The teacher is not a joke !! At this time, I took the bra with the two big meatballs in front of my eyes. I didn’t seem to live with him !! The teacher took off the skirt and underwear. The thick girlfriends and moist caves also appeared in front of me …

The teacher seems to have couldn’t help but grasp the past asked me, you are not hot!

I didn’t take off!! But I really want to take off!!!

Pakistan can’t hit her!!!

At this time, my meat stick has long been hard. I didn’t take it !!! So helping me take off !!!!! After seeing my meat stick: It turns out that you have already been hard!!! !!!

You don’t like the teacher !! I replied: I like the teacher, I said: That takes your meat stick inserting my small hole. Teacher will let you taste my chest. I have found it ~~ I will mean I have taken my meat stick to pick up the small hole !!! The super small hole clamping my meat stick, I don’t want to get married ?? Her husband has not been above him ?? True stupid !!!!

Just when I wanted to take a difference, my teacher whispered at this time: um … vigorous … don’t stop … Continue … um … ah ~ um …

…. Um … ah ……

So the snoring is getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!

I also shot!!

I will tell the teacher !! I am running quickly !!

The teacher said that it didn’t matter in it !!!! Teacher is now a safe period!!!

So I quickly shot the moment !!! Teacher also climax!!

After I shot !!! I lie on the teacher, I looked at the teacher teacher, I’m looking for it !!

Just like a classroom in school !! I got my most important math teacher !!!!

Since the last time I got up my most important math teacher, the school was also holding the teacher and student relationship. I didn’t mention this matter to anyone. I often go to the teacher to ask questions …. Teacher also needs to find it. I…

He may know that I don’t refuse it ….??

Teacher’s clothes are wearing OL series clothes and a pair of black high heels..

However, since I got my teacher, the teacher seems to have a bit changed to the shape of a more cool dress.

Start wearing a short skirt .. Sleeveless clothes even pass through the “Super” short skirt..

Our school management teachers are not very stringent … so the teacher changed the shape and did not cause anyone’s attention ..

I will leave school as usual, I will stay asking questions because the teacher sometimes wears a miniskirt, I also started watching his underwear, but I found out that I would look at his bra but didn’t cause the teacher too much surprise. Take it. Which is related? Right ..

Today, the teacher worn the miniskirt and the teacher wearing a black lace today and black underwear !! Should it be a set of @@?

It’s still a little bit of cleansing, it looks real sexy …

Teacher know that I will peek after her bra..

The teacher said: What are you doing Xiaowei?

I said: No .. No ..

Teacher said: Do you peek at the teacher’s bra?

I am silent. I only answer: Yes … the teacher sorry ..

The teacher said: It doesn’t matter if the teacher is still unclear.?

Obviously the teacher wants it !! It is intentionally to tease me !! It’s true ..

I low-headed, I didn’t say that the teacher was also said to say: I don’t want to see it clearer?

I still don’t speak ..

Teacher said: Is there a problem?

I said: There is also ..

The teacher said: to the teacher’s house to ask it !!

I was shocked .. Is not it her husband?

The teacher seemed to see I’m a little scared like the teacher said: rest assured that no one can ask the teacher’s home Enough I nodded and sat the teacher’s car followed the teacher back in the car and handed the phone to my teacher asked me to tell his family home late I also play home to tell my family to go to teacher’s house late to go back over all of a sudden the teacher’s home to the teacher’s home …. very very luxurious and I think she should have her husband so busy with work no time to “accompany” the teacher, right ??

I was surprised to say: the teacher your house so big it !!!

The teacher began to tease me: Yes, ah your husband are busy with work so teachers do not have time to accompany me or I will find how How about you?

I smiled and said: You’re looking for that today I do it?

The teacher seemed to shy up and say: Come on do not ask inside it !!

I went in with the teacher to go to the teacher, I opened the cold air and took off the jacket. I found that the teacher didn’t only wear the blind ditch. I didn’t want to go to the toilet. I asked the teacher to the toilet. I said: Go straight to the left. Into the toilet .. I was shocked. It was the teacher’s underwear and clothes. I didn’t always finish the pile “. The teacher was shocked and said: What is Xiao Wei? I said: Do you not find me? What can I do?

The teacher turned over and also hugged my clothes. I didn’t wear me. I was 169cm teachers. I was about 165cm. So I was more than the teacher, I took me to take me into the room. I have to take out the safety case .. I want me to wait I didn’t think that the teacher didn’t think that the teacher didn’t have a child because she didn’t grow up. He also wore a insurance set. I didn’t know how to enjoy it. I took the teacher to bed because I won’t use the safety sleeve. Directly wear it first, first with the teacher a tongue ..

Then it is to take off the teacher’s bra is the sucking teacher’s C cup. The ear is taking the teacher’s ear. I will tease him. The next step is the small hole of the teacher, I will take the teacher’s pants and find it early and I will be wet. I will be a piece of teacher. Said: What did you have to want?

The teacher did not speak, it was clearly indulged to enjoy “sex”, I took the picture of the A piece of the story, the teacher’s small hole, poked a poke with the teacher, I didn’t help but start.. Itch ..

I laughed and said: Is it really itchy?

The teacher is shy: I am really bad, you!!

I continued to lick the teacher’s small hole to play the lips of the lips. The last teacher couldn’t help but be more and more loud: um .. .. ….

The teacher seems to have to have my penis into his small hole ..

Say: Don’t play, hurry to go in the little hole .. Teacher can’t help but say: Ok .. Don’t be can’t stand it. The climax, the more the more, the more sound, the teacher, the teacher, the teacher, the teacher, lying in the bed, I will continue to push it into me, after I shoot, I also weak lying on the teacher, I will continue to play his talents. Lying in bed without reacting, looking at me with a lustful expression, I don’t respond to my tits.

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